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Description: Sasha is in the middle of her therapy session with Josephine when she starts talking about her fear of tiny alien creatures that can control your mind. Josephine tries to reassure her, but as they speak, one of these creatures begins to creep into the room. To help calm Sasha, Josephine suggests listening to some relaxing music. As Sasha focuses on the music, the alien creature slips into the therapist, driving her into a sexual frenzy!

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But, as the events leading up to this moment flash before her eyes, Jenna's guilt eats her from the inside...

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Description: Helena reached out to The Pope to push every limit she has, and after one day in the books, this is what happened the second day. Day one was with rope bondage, and today she will suffer helplessly in device bondage. The Pope decides that the first day was her warm up, so today we get straight to it. Helena is perched on a wooden pussy wedge with her arms strapped behind her with leather straps, and her ankles shackled in leather cuffs and chained to the floor. First there are nipple clamps and weights to get the juices flowing, and then the cattle prod is brought out, and Helena is made to beg for her punishment. Next, Helena is on her back on the floor with her feet up and locked into a device for ultimate bastinado. Leather crop, cane, and much more is used to inflict optimal suffering before using a hand held fucking machine to push her over the edge. The final scene is the clincher as The Pope unleashes all of his fury on Helena, and finally gets her where she has wanted to be for the last two days. Destroyed, dripping wet, and several tears later Helena has completed her journeyfor now.

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