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Pure Taboo

Pure Taboo - Destiny Cruz - Clean Up Your Life

File: 2c3qwnaputadescrun6cfnlhb8v.mp4
Size: 853.19 MB
Duration: 44:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Tina Destiny Cruz arrives at the house her older sibling, Sophie Vanessa Vega, shares with her boyfriend, Rick Jessy Jones. Tina has just been through a bad breakup and loss of employment, and will be staying with them until she gets back on her feet. Unfortunately, it only seems like things are about to get more stressful because the siblings not-so-secretly hold resentment towards each other.

Over the next few days, the resentment becomes much more obvious as the siblings take jabs at each other. Sophie is frustrated that Tina isn't trying to get a new job and Tina feels like Sophie is riding her. But eventually, they can't hold back anymore as they get into a heated argument. It's revealed that Sophie is resentful for always having to clean up Tina's messes, while Tina feels that Sophie looks down on her...

After Sophie storms out of the room. Tina is furious... and hatches a plan to get back at Sophie.

Later that night, Rick is in bed reading alongside a dozing Sophie. That's when Tina enters the room and quietly tells Rick she needs to talk to him. Rick is concerned for her but when Tina confesses an attraction to him, he's stunned. She starts planting seeds of doubt in his mind as well about how Sophie treats him. Although he's loyal to Sophie, once Tina turns on the charm, he's unable to resist... even though Sophie is right there beside them.

Pure Taboo - Dee Williams & Natalie Brooks - Playing God

File: 11g6cnaputadeenatpmdcx6nu4x.mp4
Size: 844.69 MB
Duration: 55:32
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS to a dinner, where Carson Ryan Driller and Kim Dee Williams have invited their goddaughter Kelly Natalie Brooks and her parents George John Legendary and Eleonore Kiki D'Aire over for a home-cooked meal.

As the dinner progresses, Carson and Kim grow concerned for Kelly as her parents do and say questionable things towards her, scolding and body-shaming her. When Kelly is eventually slapped on the hand for reaching across the table, a withdrawn Kelly excuses herself to use the bathroom while Carson and Kim agree that they cannot hold their silence any longer...

Carson and Kim confront George and Eleonore about their behavior towards Kelly. George and Eleonore become defensive, reminding Carson and Kim that they're only Kelly's godparents and have no say in how they raise Kelly. When Kelly returns, George and Eleonore get up with her and leave.

Left alone in the aftermath of this disturbing situation, Carson and Kim decide that THEY could treat Kelly so much better if she were THEIRS. They exchange a silent agreement George and Eleonore need to be out of the picture. For good.


A few weeks later, Carson, Kim, and Kelly all walk into the same home together with Kelly's suitcase. The atmosphere is solemn. It turns out that Kelly's parents were killed in a freak accident just a few days before and that she's staying with Carson and Kim for support.

That night, Kelly visits Carson and Kim in their bedroom, unable to get some shut-eye. A welcoming Carson and Kim comfort her as she expresses her grief over the loss of her parents.

To her surprise, Carson and Kim start badmouthing Kelly's parents and the ways they treated her. She's confused at first but Carson and Kim start flattering her, showing her a compassion she's never felt before with her actual parents. Carson and Kim hug and kiss her on the cheek, insisting she can have all the affection she wants from them.

Carson and Kim then kiss in a sexual way to express how they love EACH OTHER, which startles and unexpectedly arouses Kelly. She's certainly never seen her parents do THAT. Carson and Kim offer to kiss Kelly in the same way. Kelly is flustered and a bit hesitant but after some coaxing, her curiosity gets the best of her and she agrees to trying a kiss.

Kelly makes out with Carson and Kim, who insist that it's normal for a family to be affectionate around each other. As they flatter and arouse Kelly further, she can't resist an offer to push this affection to its intimate limits in a night of sexual abandon.

Pure Taboo - Charlotte Sins - Sex Addicts Anonymous: Relapse

File: uetbmnaputachasinlqagst6tc7.mp4
Size: 941.23 MB
Duration: 49:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

SCENE OPENS on Robert Seth Gamble, as he sits in a modest office and writes in his recovery journal. He acknowledges that he abused his role as a counselor by using the program as a hunting ground to manipulate vulnerable women into sex. He has cleaned up his act since the fateful encounter that led to his dismissal. He knows what he did was wrong. But, he has since re-completed his steps. Another stint in rehab, regular sessions with a therapist, and a fresh start in a new city have helped him achieve almost two years of sobriety. Now he volunteers at a private treatment center as an intake counselor...

A fellow counselor stops by Robert's desk, telling him that his new intake has arrived. Robert takes a measured breath before asking if it is a voluntary commitment. Robert pops a piece of chewing gum into his mouth. This has become a little trick Robert has developed to cope during triggering conversations. The co-worker tells Robert that the patient is 19 years old and has elected to do the intake independently. Robert chews slowly for a moment, controlling his impulses, before telling the co-worker to show her in.


The door opens and Amy Charlotte Sins is led into the room by the co-worker. She is wearing a short mini skirt, crop top, and high heels. Robert's co-worker introduces Amy to Robert as Robert stands up to greet her. As she is introduced, Amy anxiously tugs at her skirt, as if unable to keep her hands from touching herself. She smiles flirtatiously at Robert as the co-worker leaves the room.

Robert maintains his composure, but inside he is already frazzled as he goes over the formalities of the intake and his role in the process. It's clear Amy is thinking about something else, her hands wandering and intentionally catching Robert's attention. He finally has to sit down to put some distance between them and hide the growing erection in his pants. He pops another piece of chewing gum. He has two pieces left.

Robert continues, encouraging Amy to share her story with him. Amy bites her lip and nods, slowly pulling her chair forward. She begins to tell him her story. By all accounts, she had a normal upbringing. Amy explains that, one day while using the laptop of one of her parents, she discovered his pornography collection. She describes in graphic detail how watching the porn made her feel and how she began to mimic what she saw the women in the videos doing obsessively. Amy admits that she would masturbate constantly. She just COULDN'T stop touching her pussy. She masturbated SO much that she got a callus on her pussy. Amy suggestively asks Robert if he wants to see. She lifts up her skirt and flashes her pussy at Robert, who abruptly turns away. A bead of sweat trickles down the side of his cheek as he reaches for more gum. One piece remains.

Amy sits back suggestively and pouts, watching Robert like a hawk. She asks him why he's so jumpy. Robert clears his throat and tells her that she just caught him off guard. His role does not include any physical evaluations, so she can save that for when she meets the actual doctor. Amy stands up and announces that she feels uncomfortable in her clothing and removes her top, exposing her breasts. Robert is shellshocked. He explains that he is just a volunteer here. He is in recovery too. She leans over the desk at Robert, her tits inches from him. His breath quickens and he scrambles for a piece of gum. But the young woman grabs his pack and deposits it amongst her things instead, as she slips off her skirt and shoes. She is now completely naked.

Robert is extremely on edge. A naked horny woman is two feet from him, behind closed doors. She notices the recovery journal and picks it up. Robert grabs for it and the two make physical contact for the first time. Several intense flashbacks of his past exploits flood his mind and he abruptly lets go. Feeling a rush of excitement, Amy opens the last entry and begins to read Robert's notes as she gyrates in front of him. He puts his head in his hands. Treating the recovery journal as if it were erotica, Amy becomes very aroused and even more suggestive in what she is reading. Robert also becomes unbearably aroused. Instinctively, he begins to rub himself. Amy sees him weakening and slides her hand down to assist. She pulls his hard cock out and looks him right in the eye. Robert loses his composure and growls that he wants to shove his cock down her throat so badly. It's taking all of his willpower to resist her. Smiling, she gets down on her knees in front of his desk and begs him to do it. Finally, after being baited for a few minutes, something snaps inside Robert. That same old grin comes across his face. He looks down at the open mouth girl kneeling in front of him and he gives in to his temptation.

Robert is about to find out what a relapse is really like

Pure Taboo - Brooklyn Gray - It's Better To Be Sure

File: 8hutonaputabrograxuhceufxba.mp4
Size: 909.33 MB
Duration: 45:11
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: A young lesbian couple, Candice Brooklyn Gray and Abby Phoenix Askani, are hanging out together. As Candice lovingly brushes and styles Abby's hair, they don't notice they are being observed by one of Abby's parents, Ethan Ryan Driller, who is hungrily admiring Candice's body. When the couple finally addresses Ethan by asking him how Abby looks with her hair styled, he cracks a silly joke, so that they don't suspect a thing.

A few days later, Abby looks upset about something, and Ethan asks what's wrong. Abby replies that she and Candice had been invited to a friend's house for a slumber party, but then the friend's bigoted parents canceled the invitation because Abby and Candice are lesbians. Ethan suggests that Abby can invite Candice over tonight, so they can have their own little slumber party instead. Abby is delighted, not realizing that Ethan has an ulterior motive...

That night, as Candice and Abby doze together on Abby's bed, Ethan tosses a pillow in Candice's direction and then ducks out into the hallway. Candice becomes alert but uncertain of what happened, and wanders out into the hall, running into Ethan. He asks if everything is okay, and Candice says it must have been a bad dream. Ethan offers to have a friendly chat in the living room, to help Candice relax. They make some small talk, and conversation turns to Candice's relationship with Abby. Ethan asks if Candice is really close with Abby. Candice believes that to be true, but Ethan plants a little seed of doubt by bringing up things about Abby that he knows because he raised her, and then acting surprised when Candice admits to not knowing those things.

Ethan asks if maybe Candice and Abby are more like friends rather than girlfriends, and questions how Candice is sure about being a lesbian. He explains that it's better to be sure before their relationship becomes even more serious, because he doesn't want Abby to end up too heartbroken later. He adds that he thinks Candice is a really nice person too, so he doesn't want Candice to get hurt by putting too much time and energy into a mistake either. Candice becomes worried, and Ethan asks if Candice has ever even tried having sex with a guy.

Candice admits to never having had sex with a man, and Ethan suggests that's something worth trying, to see if Candice is really a lesbian. Candice is surprised at the idea of seeking out a guy just to do that, plus it would feel like betraying Abby. Ethan then offers to be the one to have sex with Candice, which shocks Candice even more. Ethan says it's safer to do this with someone trustworthy, and since he's doing this as a concerned parent trying to ensure Abby's happiness, it's not a betrayal. He keeps up the sweet talk and seduction, until Candice agrees. It's all for Abby's sake... right?

Pure Taboo - Nicole Sage - Anything Goes

File: oo4fqnaputanicsag23yy7itkb2.mp4
Size: 659.57 MB
Duration: 34:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: ANYTHING GOES

Claire Nicole Sage welcomes her friend Randy Oliver Davis to her home. They are both nervously excited about something they have met up to do, something that will net them a 'huge' pool.

It turns out that their group of friends including their significant others has always teased them about their chemistry together, eventually creating a pool to entice Claire and Randy to go on a date. The pool has since escalated to what they are about to do today Claire and Randy will livestream their date to their group of friends, and the friends will be able to make anonymous requests throughout. There is only one rule anything goes...

A few minutes later, Randy has set up a laptop in front of the couch, informing Claire that the stream is ready to begin. They will hear the requests from their friends in the form of a computerized voice. The livestream begins, and as Randy and Claire get their first anonymous requests, it instantly becomes clear that they will be having sex on the livestream. Following the anonymous requests, Claire and Randy kiss, then get undressed. The next request is for Claire to suck Randy's cock, and the requests just get raunchier from there. Claire and Randy seem to be enjoying themselves, but will this make things awkward with their friends afterwards?

Pure Taboo - Mona Wales - Like What You See?

File: 3jembnaputamonwalipxmlrhaa1.mp4
Size: 1.07 GB
Duration: 31:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?

A wholesome family is getting ready to have dinner together. Timothy Davon Drake is a friend of the family's son, Max, and is staying over that night. Max's parents, Natasha Mona Wales and Cyrus Mike Mancini, are happy to have Timothy over, always enjoying seeing Max's friends...

But as the dinner continues, it seems Timothy is particularly drawn to Natasha... And is it his imagination or is Natasha being a bit flirty with him that night? It seems like everyone else is oblivious to it, so surely it has to be all in Timothy's head.

Later that night, Timothy's unable to get any shut-eye. As he gets up to shake off the restlessness, he hears sounds coming from a nearby room. His curiosity gets the best of him as he creeps down the hallway and opens the door, peeking inside the room. To his surprise, he catches Natasha and Cyrus having sex!

Timothy stares a moment too long and is caught by Cyrus. But instead of being mad, the adventurous couple invites Timothy to join them. Natasha just can't get enough cock, so Cyrus could use a bit of extra help

Pure Taboo - Kit Mercer - Pushover

File: 1ifpgnaputakitmerrfpr4knfag.mp4
Size: 1.21 GB
Duration: 43:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: PUSHOVER

SCENE OPENS to Nora Kit Mercer fussing with her outfit and not looking completely happy with it. Her husband Roger Jimmy Broadway tries to reassure her by saying that she looks great, but Nora still appears unsatisfied. Roger and Nora are recently married, and Roger's boy Nora's new stepson Mark Alex Jett is coming home from college today. Nora glares at Roger, saying it's HIS fault that her new dress didn't arrive on time. If he had paid for faster shipping instead of using the CHEAPEST shipping method, she wouldn't be in this situation. Roger is desperate to keep Nora happy, and offers to take her out on a shopping spree sometime, to make it up to her...

Later, Mark arrives, pulling up to the house where Nora and Roger are waiting for him.

Everyone exchanges greetings, with Mark and Nora introducing themselves to each other. Roger seems happy to see Mark, while Mark's reaction to Roger is pleasant but more reserved. Mark and Nora are warmer to each other, with Nora especially seeming to like what she sees.

Nora hugs Mark, and then Mark says that he still has some more of his belongings in the car and that he'll be right back. As Mark walks away, Nora points at him, with a hungry expression on her face. Nora tells Roger that instead of the shopping spree, she wants... Mark.


Roger is in disbelief that Nora wants to have sex with Mark. She asks Roger if he's refusing her request, but he is unable to stand up to her. Nora says that Roger will watch while she has Mark for 'dessert' after they eat.

A little later, Nora and Mark are relaxing on the couch after the meal. Roger is sitting with them as well, but he looks nervous. Mark says that he still can't get over how good Nora's cooking was, and smiles fondly at her. Nora smiles back, and says that now would be a good time for the dessert surprise. Nora then tells Roger that HE should be the one to explain the surprise to Mark.

Roger looks horrified and ashamed at the idea of being the one to tell Mark about this. Nora continues to look at Roger expectantly, while Mark seems puzzled. Roger regretfully tries to explain to Mark what Nora wants, but he can't and ends up stammering.

Nora then impatiently steps in and tells Mark about the 'surprise' instead, saying that she wants to have sex with him right in front of Roger. At first, Mark is taken aback, but it quickly becomes clear that he resents Roger and decides to give Nora what she wants.

Roger's about to pay the price for being a pushover

Pure Taboo - Alexia Anders - Freely Given

File: owwganaputaaleand2l8alv5pfg.mp4
Size: 836.03 MB
Duration: 52:08
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: FREELY GIVEN

SCENE OPENS to Karina Alexia Anders, heading home after class. One of her teachers, Mr. Davis Ryan Mclane, stops her on her way out, saying she did a good job in class today. He says that hard work is one of the most important ways to honor God, so he's pleased that she's so devoted to her studies.

Karina seems happy with the compliment, clearly having a lot of respect for Mr. Davis. She thanks him for helping her to understand God's will. Mr. Davis quickly glances around to make sure nobody else is there, then tells Karina that before she goes home for the day, he would actually like to talk to her about something. He asks if they can go back inside the classroom for this discussion. Karina readily agrees...

A few minutes later, Mr. Davis and Karina arrive at the door to a classroom. Karina is curious, but not suspicious, asking why they are going into Mrs. Gilberto's room instead of their regular homeroom.

Mr. Davis says that what they're about to discuss is very important, and since Mrs. Gilberto is away, this room will give them the privacy they need. Karina unquestioningly accepts this explanation, and Mr. Davis gestures for her to go in first. She walks through the doorway, then Mr. Davis follows and closes the door behind them.

Mr. Davis tells Karina that the school has educated her about the word of God and sheltered her from the world's evils, but now that she's 18, she'll soon be exposed to evil people out there who want to steal her most precious gift, her virginity.

Mr. Davis smiles reassuringly and says that as her teacher, he feels an obligation to protect her, while he still can. He wants to do something to make sure she doesn't have her virginity taken cruelly from her. He has an idea of how he could help, even though it's a bit unusual.

'Your virginity. I want you to give it to me,' Mr. Davis says softly.


Karina is taken aback for a moment, and she asks if Mr. Davis is really sure if that's the right thing to do. If it's such a precious gift, should she really give it up to Mr. Davis so easily? Doesn't God, and the school, teach them to be abstinent?

As Mr. Davis answers her, Karina listens dutifully to her teacher. Her trust in Mr. Davis wins out, and she agrees to give him her virginity.

Mr. Davis tells her that in order for this plan to work, she has to keep it a secret. Karina promises Mr. Davis not to tell anybody about this meeting, or about giving him her virginity. Mr. Davis says that the sooner they get started, the sooner she'll be safe, so Karina agrees to go through with it now.

Mr. Davis is going to do whatever he can to get what he wants

Pure Taboo - Lila Lovely - Trigger Word

File: i1ce7naputalillovs3iynlfckr.mp4
Size: 1.48 GB
Duration: 38:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Daisy Lila Lovely and Nick, a married couple, are stuck in their everyday routine. They don't really make the time to get as intimate anymore but want to change that. That's when they decide on a little... game... where any time they hear a certain trigger word, they have to drop everything and have sex. It's meant to make them more daring and spice things up, so they choose the word 'chance' and decide to roll with it...

Things seem to be going well, a spark reignited between the couple as they get frisky in all KINDS of places over the next few weeks... until Daisy one day hears the trigger word while she's stuck at work. She tries hard to ignore the heat coursing through her body, knowing that she won't be able to go home and see Nick anytime soon.

But it soon becomes clear that there's no way she'll be able to make it through the rest of the day without some kind of relief. When she hides away to masturbate in desperation, an unsuspecting office janitor Derrick Pierce happens across her. Daisy's been conditioned to crave wild sex now and, without her husband around... well, what is she SUPPOSED to do?

Pure Taboo - Lydia Black - The Uncomfortable Truth

File: umy8tnaputalydbla9doadwq3i6.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 34:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Roger Ryan McLane is browsing online, spending a bit of time looking at an escort site. He seems surprised and uncertain when he notices the photo of one of the escorts, Mercedes. She's a little TOO familiar to him and, to his horror, he realizes that Mercedes is actually a young woman named Melanie Lydia Black, who is the daughter of his best friend and business partner, Joe...

Plagued by his sense of loyalty to Joe, he goes over to Joe's house to tell him about his daughter. But when he arrives, Joe isn't home and he's greeted by Melanie instead. Instead of leaving, he angrily confronts Melanie, but Melanie is having none of it. She has nothing to be ashamed of and it's because of people like Roger that she even has to keep being an escort a secret. Besides, why does Roger care so much about defending Joe, anyway? Especially since she doesn't think Joe DESERVES such loyalty?

The more they talk, the more Roger realizes that Joe isn't the honorable man he thought he was. He's devastated and torn about what to do now... and that's when Melanie suggests getting together so that they can give Joe the ultimate middle finger.

Pure Taboo - Natasha Nice & London River - Happy Household

File: pexxhnaputanatlonc5eidwfnk4.mp4
Size: 1.16 GB
Duration: 59:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Anne Natasha Nice is at the cafe with her friend, Claudia London River. It's been awhile since they've had a chance to catch up and they both easily chat, including lamenting about how much they both hate messy houses. But when they get on the topic of a favorite television show and come to a disagreement, they make a bet with each other. To make things more interesting, whoever loses has to clean the other's house for a week. Unfortunately for Anne, she's the loser, and they make plans for her to clean Claudia's house the next day.

But little does Anne know, this seemingly innocent bet is about to change her life forever...

When Anne shows up at Claudia's house, she's greeted by both Claudia and her husband, Mitch Seth Gamble. True to her word, she begins cleaning the house while Claudia and Mitch watch her. At first, it's a bit awkward for Anne, but the thought of having other people watching her while she serves them oddly titillates her, sparking something new inside. This spark and curiosity only intensifies when, over the week, Mitch begins getting flirty with her as well when Claudia isn't around...

Feeling a bit guilty and concerned for Claudia, Anne goes to her and admits that Mitch's been eyeing her. But instead of being upset, Claudia is more concerned for Anne. Anne is a bit conflicted as she admits that she was a bit turned on by the attention, even though he's married to Claudia.

Claudia is still calm and unbothered, though begins sneaking Anne flirty looks of her own. She admits that the couple has actually been enjoying having her around to clean and has a kinky idea what if Anne cleaned for them NAKED?

Anne is shocked by the suggestion, which is FAR out of her comfort zone AND something she never expected her friend to say. But Claudia doesn't press her, encouraging her to think about it as Anne leaves for the day.

While Anne takes some time to think about it, the exciting feelings that have been stirred up just won't go away... But will she stop this nonsense now or give into temptation and explore a new side of her that she's never known?

Pure Taboo - Anny Aurora - Our Special Night

File: swxkcnaputaannaurs8n69tluhl.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 29:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

SCENE OPENS on Marie Anny Aurora seeing her step-uncle Daniel Brad Newman and his wife Sandra Karla Lane, who are both dressed for a night out, to the door. Marie is sitting for Daniel and Sandra, who are going out to celebrate their wedding anniversary. As the three of them briefly chat, Marie looks at Daniel with a hint of attraction, although no one else seems to notice it.

As Sandra and Daniel leave, Marie takes a deep breath, biting her lip. She's obviously very attracted to Daniel.


A little later, Marie is surprised when Daniel and Sandra come home early. Sandra celebrated a bit too much too early, so they had to call it an early night. Daniel, who didn't have even a sip, leads Sandra off to bed.

A few minutes later, Daniel comes back into the room, sitting on the couch with Marie. Marie seems to sense an opportunity that she then decides to take. She begins to get slightly flirty with Daniel.

As they continue to chat, Marie steadily ramps up her flirtations. Soon, Daniel realizes what Marie is after. He becomes more and more tempted, but tries to resist his urges. But eventually, Daniel can no longer resist Marie's seduction tactics.

Marie is going to make sure that Daniel NEVER forgets his special night

Pure Taboo - Alex Coal & Bunny Colby - Don't Go Through With This

File: 2ar7nnaputaalebunbfvkl657na.mp4
Size: 1.11 GB
Duration: 49:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

A bride named Prudence Bunny Colby is having a private moment in a bathroom during her wedding reception. She is upset and clearly looks like she'd rather be anywhere else but there. But Prudence's breakdown is interrupted by another woman, Eliza Alex Coal, soon walking into the bathroom.

Prudence is stunned to see Eliza, who is an old friend AND her husband's sibling-- not only because Eliza wasn't invited to the wedding and reception, but because there's been drama in her past. In fact, Eliza was excommunicated from their strict religious community years ago because she's a lesbian. But the more they talk, the more it seems as though Eliza has shown up specifically to rescue Prudence from a life of repression.

Prudence is nervous as the pieces come together to reveal that she's a lesbian as well, although she had to marry a man to appease her family and community. Eliza tries to convince Prudence to run away with her and be who she really is, but Prudence is unsure. Can she REALLY give up EVERYTHING in order to live as her true self? And as things heat up between them and sparks fly, is Eliza really doing it all from the goodness of her heart?

Pure Taboo - Vanessa Vega - How Far Are You Willing To Go?

File: unymxnaputavanvegjm857rgrfv.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 40:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Erin Vanessa Vega nervously visits her doctor, Dr. Brown, in his private office. The air is thick with tension as he solemnly tells her that her test results came back -- she does, in fact, need the surgery that they discussed on a previous visit.

Erin is devastated by the news since she can't afford the surgery. When she was with her last girlfriend, she was covered under her insurance, but now that they've broken up, Erin's completely on her own. What can she possibly do?

Dr. Brown is thoughtful as he says that he has an idea of how he can help Erin. He then calls in another of his patients, Stan Donny Sins, who was in the waiting room. Although Stan is a bit nervous to be so personal around Erin, with Dr. Brown's encouragement, he reveals that he also needs surgery but can't afford it.

That's when Dr. Brown slowly grins and cryptically asks them how far they are willing to go for his help

Pure Taboo - Ember Snow - Anyone Will Do

File: az8gsnaputaembsnoldivqghi5h.mp4
Size: 896.38 MB
Duration: 37:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jennie Ember Snow has been planning to become a single parent for several months, with an adoption lined up that is expected any day now. As she puts the finishing touches on the nursery she has set up in her small apartment, she receives an unexpected call from the adoption agency. The agency director informs her that the person who was supposed to put the baby up for adoption has had a change of heart and now Jennie will return to the waiting list...


Devastated by the news, Jennie has an emotional breakdown, as flashbacks of her many past failed attempts to get pregnant flood her mind, while she destroys the baby items she has bought in a rage. In the end, her bedroom and make-shift nursery are destroyed.

Impulsively, Jennie grabs her laptop and scrolls to a classifieds website. She doesn't care about doing things 'the right way' anymore and wants to get pregnant NOW. Jennie creates a post to advertise that she wants someone to come to her house and cum inside of her, anyone will do.

Later that night, Jennie answers the door to a man named Brandon Seth Gamble, who is responding to her ad. She impatiently pulls him inside, ripping her clothes off her body and begging him to fill her up inside. He is more than happy to oblige.

Jennie's going to get what she wants...no matter WHAT it takes.

Pure Taboo - Lulu Chu - Make Every Moment Count

File: hxdofnaputalulchus9lrard5fe.mp4
Size: 1.93 GB
Duration: 58:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS to Patrick Ryan McLane leading Felicia Lulu Chu into a bedroom. Felicia looks stressed, though sighs with relief once they are in the room with the door closed behind her. She thanks Patrick for rescuing her from the stress of the wake that is taking place in the house.

Pure Taboo - Dee Williams & Katie Morgan - Codependent

File: i66r9naputadeekatg7hbrw9trm.mp4
Size: 1.99 GB
Duration: 01:03:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: CODEPENDENT

SCENE OPENS to two women, Clara Dee Williams and Beth Katie Morgan, sitting across from each other at a table. Beth remarks anxiously that Spencer is late again, and hopes that they won't have to wait as long this time. For their last joint prayer session, he was TWO HOURS late.

Finally, Spencer Dick Chibbles arrives. It quickly becomes clear that he is married to both Clara and Beth. To their shock, he says that the reason for his lateness is that he's been seeing another woman, and he wants to make her his third wife...


Days later, at Clara's house, her doorbell rings. Clara approaches her front door and opens it, letting Beth in. Beth thanks Clara for inviting her over. Clara admits this feels weird, because they usually only get together for situations that are supposed to include Spencer, such as their joint prayer sessions. But she doesn't have anybody else she can talk to about their situation. Beth says she feels the same way, and Clara leads her further into the house.

A short time later, Clara and Beth are sitting apart from each other on the couch, complaining about Spencer neglecting them. They realize that Spencer might have encouraged some rivalry between them, and decide to put that rivalry aside.

Over the course of the next several weeks, Clara and Beth spend more and more time with each other, and their bond strengthens. Finally, one day, Clara and Beth are sitting right next to each other on the couch in Clara's living room. They bond some more, and decide they don't need Spencer's attention if they have each other.

Beth rests her head in Clara's lap, looking up at her. Clara looks a bit surprised, but then smiles and begins to affectionately stroke Beth's hair. After a few minutes of this, Clara's free hand clasps one of Beth's hands, and they both smile. Eventually, Beth gets up and moves in for a kiss, but then stops for a moment. Clara takes a deep breath for courage, and then nods at her. They kiss, which leads to them having sweet, passionate sex.

Even though Beth and Clara have found solace in each other, they can't keep their affair from Spencer forever. But what WILL he do when he finds out?

Pure Taboo - Siri Dahl - Third Wheel: The Insemination Of Elizabeth

File: dwtl9naputasirdahwagcgf4uxk.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 01:04:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Six months after the events of 'Third Wheel,' where Elizabeth Siri Dahl's wife, Terri, convinced her to have sex with a man to get pregnant and then stole the pregnancy herself, Elizabeth remains a broken women. Terri is now expecting 'their baby' and has been begging Elizabeth to come home. But, the estranged Elizabeth cannot get past the betrayal. At least not until she can become pregnant as well...

Elizabeth books an appointment with an unusual medical professional, Dr. Torrance Tommy Pistol, who specializes in extreme insemination. She drains the couple's life savings and arrives at his home office for their consultation, and Dr. Torrance is happy to help Elizabeth, taking her through the steps of how he'll get Elizabeth pregnant. Elizabeth is willing to do anything and EVERYTHING at this point without hesitation, in order to get what she wants.

After doing a thorough body exam, Dr. Torrance brings her to his patented breeding bench to begin the strenuous procedure. Nervous but determined, Elizabeth bends over and is ready to take every ounce of cum the doctor prescribes. Maybe now, she can FINALLY go home and have the family she's wanted all along.

Pure Taboo - Jane Wilde - Consummating The Marriage

File: 37vbjnaputajanwilzzr7mltpv5.mp4
Size: 802.78 MB
Duration: 37:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Dahlia Jane Wilde is looking over a contract intently while an older man, Roger, silently sits across from her. The atmosphere is business-like as Dahlia flips through the pages, although the discomfort between them is undeniable.

It's soon revealed that Roger is her parent and that, nearing retirement, he has agreed to sign over his company worth billions to Dahlia. But there is a condition... Dahlia is a lesbian, and Roger, a man of dated convictions, refuses to sign over the company until Dahlia marries and consummates the marriage with a man, with the expectation that Dahlia will produce an heir. To that end, they have drawn up a contract, and if Dahlia wants to continue enjoying her luxurious lifestyle, she'll have to agree to the terms. But as Dahlia finally signs the papers, there is a defiant glint to her eyes...

Weeks later, Dahlia brings her new husband, Rick Dante Colle, to see Roger and demonstrate she's honored her part of the contract. But it's clear that their marriage is only one of convenience, though Roger doesn't seem to notice or care, only concerned with his terms being met. However, Roger DOES notice that something is amiss when Dahlia easily states that they've consummated their marriage, especially given how defiant she was before. That's when Dahlia flippantly offers to let Roger watch them do the deed again if he doesn't believe her.

Instead of acting like she's joking, Roger accepts Dahlia's offer to watch them, his agenda is more important to him than his discomfort, after all. Little does he know, he's playing right into Dahlia and Rick's hands

Pure Taboo - Whitney Wright - More Like Your Old Man

File: vm5jenaputawhiwriohunwyzlno.mp4
Size: 733.22 MB
Duration: 33:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Doug Hamilton Nathan Bronson enters the office of his stepfather and boss, Ed Hamilton Derrick Pierce. Ed is the owner of a company and is training Doug to take over for him one day. However, so far Ed isn't very pleased, saying that Doug isn't assertive enough. He orders Doug to shadow him all day, and do what he does.

Ed's secretary Becky Whitney Wright enters. Ed leers at her and has her go get him a cup of coffee. Ed's sleazy gaze makes Doug uncomfortable. When Becky returns with the coffee, she asks Ed if there's anything else she can do for him. Ed suggestively tells her that she KNOWS what to do, and Doug is shocked as she obediently gets on her knees, about to suck Ed's cock. As a twisted way of teaching Doug something about running the company, Ed tells Doug to watch him fuck Becky. Doug sheepishly agrees.

Ed fucks Becky's mouth, then puts her on his desk so he can fuck her pussy, all as Doug watches. After Ed is done, he tells Doug that now it's HIS turn to have sex with Becky. Doug is stunned, and Ed reminds him that he's supposed to be shadowing him all day, and doing EVERYTHING that he does. After some initial hesitation, Doug agrees. Doug's first lesson in becoming more like Ed is about to begin...

Pure Taboo - Paige Owens - Watch Your Step

File: jdjawnaputapaiowebql4uspo87.mp4
Size: 602.91 MB
Duration: 45:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: WATCH YOUR STEP

SCENE OPENS on Bill John Strong in his bedroom. He seems nervous and anxious as he puts the finishing touches on the room, smoothing out wrinkles on the bed and arranging the pillows in a very specific way. He looks around the room, appraising all the details. He notices something is slightly off, there is a pillow where it shouldn't be on the bed. He rushes over, putting the pillow slightly askew. Judging by the care he is taking, it's clear that he is staging a very specific scene.

At that moment, the doorbell rings. Bill takes a deep breath, smoothing out his clothes as he goes to answer the door.

Bill answers the door, meeting Amanda Paige Owens, an escort, for the first time. Bill has given her very specific instructions including how to dress for a roleplay fantasy.

Bill leads Amanda inside past a set of stairs to the living room. Bill is oddly insistent about Amanda not using the stairs.

As they talk, it becomes clear that Amanda will be roleplaying as Bill's stepdaughter, Darcy. But something seems off about Bill as he tells Amanda to meet him in his bedroom. As Bill gets up and leaves, Amanda watches him go, a hint of nervousness showing on her face now. What has she gotten herself INTO?


A few moments later, the roleplay begins. Bill is sitting on his bed when there is a knock at his door. He calls for the person to come in. Amanda pops her head in.

Amanda comes in and sits next to him on the bed, putting her knapsack down. Bill smiles, brushing a hair tenderly away from Amanda's face. She smiles back at him. Bill then tells Amanda roleplaying as Darcy that he has feelings for her Darcy. As per Bill's instructions, 'Darcy' reciprocates these feelings. They share an intense kiss.

But soon Amanda is going to find out WHY Bill seems so off...can she handle the revelation?

Pure Taboo - Natasha Nice & Kenzie Reeves - Silk Anniversary

File: jwgchnaputanatken4jhnepdzvv.mp4
Size: 1014.33 MB
Duration: 40:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Four years after the events of BRONZE ANNIVERSARY, Mr. Walker Charles Dera is continuing his annual tradition of bringing home an attractive young lover for his wife Mrs. Walker Natasha Nice, as her anniversary gift. However, this time Mr. Walker has a twist planned...

SCENE OPENS to Mr. Walker impatiently waiting for his wife to return home. When Mrs. Walker arrives, he tells her she's late, but she doesn't seem very apologetic about it. They stiffly wish each other a happy 12th anniversary, and then Mrs. Walker demands to know where her gift is. Mr. Walker tells her that she's in the other room. Mrs. Walker is confused and suspicious as she repeats, 'SHE?'


Mrs. Walker enters the bedroom and is outraged to see a young woman, Candy Kenzie Reeves waiting on the bed. Mrs. Walker tells her husband that THIS isn't the arrangement they agreed upon... it's supposed to be a GUY each year for her. Candy cheekily speaks up, saying that Mr. Walker told her all about their anniversary arrangement, and that it was getting... stale. So Candy is here to mix things up. Mrs. Walker angrily points out that she's straight, but Mr. Walker accuses her of being close-minded and says that HE'S going to start things with Candy.

As Mr. Walker and Candy start to touch each other, Mrs. Walker becomes uncomfortable and a bit less combative, as if realizing that their anniversary arrangement, and even their marriage, is potentially in trouble since she doesn't have any leverage to keep her husband faithful if he doesn't want to be. She begrudgingly agrees to accept the gift in order to appease Mr. Walker, and has sex with Candy while Mr. Walker hungrily observes.

Mrs. Walker is inexperienced at lesbian sex and unsure of what to do, needing some guidance. Mr. Walker is happy to join in and help, which was part of his plan all along

Pure Taboo - Natasha Nice - Bronze Anniversary

File: ivhbhnaputanatnic1pvjrtxp9w.mp4
Size: 1.67 GB
Duration: 42:13
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4

SCENE OPENS on Mrs. Walker Natasha Nice. Wearing some sexy lingerie, Mrs. Walker paces around the room impatiently. Finally, she hears the front door opening and excitedly sits down on the couch. A moment later, Mr. Walker Charles Dera walks into the room. He sits down next to Mrs. Walker, wishing her a happy 8th anniversary.

He moves in to kiss her, but she stops him by placing a finger on his lips, saying teasingly that she hopes he hasn't forgotten her gift. Mr. Walker laughs and assures her that he would never forget their yearly tradition, and her gift should be arriving soon. Mrs. Walker is delighted, saying that she's looking forward to her SPECIAL treat...

There is the sound of the doorbell ringing, and Mr. and Mrs. Walker both grin. Mr. Walker leaves the room to answer the door.


Mr. Walker, a college professor, opens the front door, revealing that the visitor is one of his students, Jason Dante Colle. Jason thanks Mr. Walker for inviting him to his home to help him study for midterms. Jason feels honored that his professor is taking such an unusual step to give him extra help, and Mr. Walker assures him that it's a pleasure to do this for one of his most promising students.

Mr. Walker brings Jason into the living room, and Mrs. Walker rises from the couch to greet them. Mrs. Walker looks intensely intrigued as Mr. Walker introduces Jason to her. Jason seems a bit taken aback by how much interest Mrs. Walker has towards him. She walks around Jason as if inspecting him from all angles, telling her husband that he brought home a good one.

Mr. Walker invites Jason to sit down. As they all sit on the couch, Mrs. Walker continues to gaze at Jason as if inspecting him, and asks him to talk about himself. Jason talks a bit about his interests and his hopes for the future, but starts to get nervous and flustered as Mrs. Walker keeps gazing intently at him. Jason looks over at Mr. Walker, but Mr. Walker is just observing the whole thing with amusement. Eventually, Mrs. Walker chuckles and tells her husband that it's time to let him know what's going on.

Jason's about to find out that HE'S Mrs. Walker's anniversary gift...and Mr. Walker will be there EVERY step of the way as his wife enjoys her special trea

Pure Taboo - Joanna Angel & Aliya Brynn - Swapping Secretaries

File: av89lnaputajoaalitybtw1qxli.mp4
Size: 1.26 GB
Duration: 34:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Miranda Joanna Angel and Gloria Kayla Paige are two wealthy, powerful business owners. Longtime friends, they have just finished eating lunch together at Gloria's office. Gloria's personal assistant, Naomi Aliya Brynn, is also there, silent and subservient, waiting at Gloria's beck and call.

As Miranda and Gloria chat, it quickly becomes clear how elitist and arrogant they are. They are casually catty and demeaning towards each other, but are especially mean-spirited when they talk about other people, ESPECIALLY their own assistants. They even start badmouthing Naomi, even though she is right there with them, although she is powerless to speak up...

Eventually, Naomi gets a bit of a break as the businesswomen move onto talking about a movie they're both interested in. But things get heated when they argue about who the main actress is, both adamant that they are right. Finally, they decide to settle it with a bet whoever is right will get the other's personal assistant for a day. Naomi is taken aback about being used as some kind of poker chip, though there is secretly something a little thrilling about it as well...

Who will win the bet and what will it mean for Naomi?

Pure Taboo - Vanna Bardot - Deny It All You Want

File: vdr8onaputavanbarthmhwmtfqp.mp4
Size: 600.43 MB
Duration: 45:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Richard Steve Holmes is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his stepdaughter, Natalie Vanna Bardot. She's moving in for the summer but he hasn't been around Natalie since the wedding. With his wife out of town, he'll have to make Natalie feel at home completely on his own, which he is a bit nervous about.

When Natalie arrives, although he tries to be warm and welcoming, Natalie is very cold towards him. He tries to be a nice guy, but Natalie is already proving to be a handful. Even when he offers to bring in her suitcases, she's convinced he's only doing it because he doesn't think a full-grown woman can take care of herself...

Despite the rocky start, Richard keeps trying to be a well-meaning parental figure. But no matter what he does, he somehow keeps finding himself in... compromising situations. It's almost like Natalie WANTS him to see her in a sexual light!

Finally, when he one day finds Natalie's bra hanging on his door, he realizes that she's doing EVERYTHING on purpose. But when he confronts Natalie about it, it's obvious that she's not done messing with him yet

Pure Taboo - Gabbie Carter & Lauren Phillips - Idolized

File: 8isqwnaputagablaupcmkxnugba.mp4
Size: 905.54 MB
Duration: 42:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Gabbie Carter, a babysitter, as she is let into a home by her clients, Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley Tommy Pistol and Lauren Phillips. They are warm and familiar with each other since she's been babysitting for them for a few months now. Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley are both excited for a night out, reminding Gabbie that she can help herself to anything in the fridge, rent movies, call her friends, she's over 18, and they have lots of trust in her, she's the most responsible babysitter they've ever had. However, before they leave, they remind Gabbie not to go into Mr. Kingsley's office since he has some private things there. Gabbie easily agrees and wishes her favorite clients a good night as Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley leave...


Later that night, Gabbie is fretting. The baby monitor's batteries are dead. She can't find the charger ANYWHERE, having already checked EVERYWHERE else in the house... except for the office.

Gabbie frets even more as she debates going into the office, although she knows she's not supposed to. Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley have been nothing but good to her and she doesn't want to ruin their trust. Finally, although she's nervous, she decides to quickly check the office. She promises to herself she'll just peek in, take a quick look, and leave without disturbing anything.

Gabbie carefully and quietly enters the office, which isn't locked. But when she walks in and sees what's in the room, her jaw drops with shock and horror. On the far side of the room, there sits a shrine dedicated to HER on a nearby shelf. It's filled with all sorts of creepy things, a hoodie she left there once, a vial with one of her hairs in it, personal trinkets of hers, and pictures of her. After staring for a few moments, she hastily runs out of the room and slams the door.

A while later, Gabbie seems distressed as she waits for Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley to return home. They finally return home and Gabbie tries to keep calm and show that nothing's wrong. However, she keeps nervously looking at Mr. Kingsley. She makes small talk with them but then casually asks if she can speak to Mrs. Kingsley alone for a moment about... girl stuff. Mr. Kingsley pleasantly laughs and excuses himself, leaving Mrs. Kingsley with her.

Gabbie nervously leads Mrs. Kingsley into the office, pointing to the shrine. She's still freaked out, insisting that she thinks it's all Mr. Kingsley's doing.

Mrs. Kingsley is oddly quiet. After a moment, Gabbie turns towards her. As she turns around, she is shocked to find Mr. Kingsley standing eerily in the doorway with Mrs. Kingsley. Gabbie looks startled, and unnerved at how casual Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley are acting. Mrs. Kingsley approaches and comforts Gabbie, insisting that it's NOT what Gabbie thinks. They lead Gabbie into the living room, where they explain that they BOTH have come to love and admire Gabbie. This is their way of having Gabbie CLOSE even when she's not babysitting for them.

They already spoil her rotten as a babysitter, imagine what life would be like if she'd let them spoil her as a lover? Gabbie is unsure, but after admitting to them that she's always found THEM attractive too, easily agrees to join them for a wild threesome.

Gabbie's about to find out what it's really like to be idolized

Pure Taboo - Casey Calvert & Charlotte Sartre - Law Abiding Citizen

File: vixmfnaputacaschaptk9gjmksy.mp4
Size: 857.85 MB
Duration: 49:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Charlie Charlotte Sartre is looking to pay the bills and lead a better life but things haven't been easy. No matter where she goes and how hard she tries to escape her past, it always catches up with her. But when she goes to yet another promising job interview, only to be turned down because of her criminal record, it's clear that playing by the rules isn't helping her.

That's when she calls her old partner in crime, Mia Casey Calvert with an offer.

Later that night, Charlie and Mia meet to come up with a way to make a bit of extra money that isn't exactly on the up-and-up. Since Charlie's on probation, this is absolutely the last thing she should be doing but desperate times call for desperate measures. What makes it even more risky is that she shouldn't be in Mia's company either since she also has a criminal record.

It isn't long before things go from bad to worse as Charlie's sleazy probation officer, Tony Jason Moody, shows up. Thinking on the fly, Charlie and Mia pretend to be girlfriends, even though they are both straight, but Tony isn't buying it. If Charlie and Mia want to distract Tony from what they're REALLY doing, they'll have to do whatever it takes to convince Tony that they are indeed a couple

Pure Taboo - Nikky Thorne - The Urge

File: wic7onaputaniktho5lub9iax6x.mp4
Size: 1.93 GB
Duration: 50:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: THE URGE

SCENE OPENS on Dr. Ross Nikky Thorne, who walks into her office and sits down at her desk. Dr. Ross, a psychologist, begins to write in her journal, recounting the strange events of the day. She was visited earlier by an exhausted and fearful-looking woman named Molly Nelly Kent. She told Dr. Ross that she desperately needed to speak to a psychologist and had found Dr. Ross online. Dr. Ross invited her in.


In the safety of the office, Molly told Dr. Ross why she had sought her out. Molly described a dark, disturbing fantasy...a fantasy that she claimed had dominated her thoughts. In this fantasy, Molly found herself in a room. In that room was a man Raul Costa. When he approached Molly, a hunger came over her, an insatiable urge that consumed her. An urge to be...FILLED...in every sense of the word.

Continuing to write in her journal about her encounter with Molly, Dr. Ross muses that she's never seen anything quite like this case before. But she has to admit that it has piqued her curiosity in a way that she has not felt for a very long time.

But Dr. Ross has no idea what she's gotten herself into...because soon, the urge will consume HER too..

Pure Taboo - Gianna Dior - Can Never Make It Up To You

File: f7l9qnaputagiadiohowzb6lle1.mp4
Size: 1.37 GB
Duration: 51:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

It's a quiet day when a young woman, Wendy Gianna Dior, receives a surprise visit at home from a stranger, Robert Will Pounder, whom she has never met before. She has no idea who he is but he insists he NEEDS to talk to her. Though she is tempted to turn him away, this stranger's solemn expression tells her that this is serious... and that she has to hear what he has to say.

Once inside, it's revealed that Wendy's parents were killed in a car accident... and that it was Robert's wife behind the wheel. Wendy is shocked and devastated as she learns of his true identity, demanding to know why he'd show his face after that. As far as Wendy is concerned, Robert is as much to blame as his wife since he was on the passenger's side that fateful day. Surprisingly, Robert feels the same -- that he is partially to blame -- which is why he's there. With his wife still in jail, he wants to help Wendy however he can to try and make amends.

Wendy's torn. While Robert seems sincere, she can't put aside all the hurt and grief. Nothing he does matters, anyway, since it'll never bring her parents back. While she's non-committal as she shows him out, she has a feeling it won't be the last she sees of him.

Over the next few weeks, a strange sort of friendship begins blooming between them. It starts when Robert brings her a home-cooked meal and takes off from there. As they spend more time together, Wendy starts being able to look past the terrible tragedy between them. Instead, her feelings of resentment towards him are replaced with something much more genuine attraction.

But just when Wendy's wounds are starting to heal, Robert drops a bombshell and Wendy's world is once again turned upside-down.

Pure Taboo - Cherie DeVille & Joanna Angel - Unqualified

File: lrjq3naputachejoacuipjepyyi.mp4
Size: 1.75 GB
Duration: 56:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: SCENE OPENS on Cherie DeVille's office. She is an important CEO, talking on the phone. Dante Colle, the new employee, peeks into her office holding a bunch of papers. She waves him in and ends the phone call. She signs the papers Dante brought her, saying that she has to sign off on pretty much everything in this company, but he doesn't have to be afraid of her. She likes employees with initiative. Dante says he will do his best, because he wants to do a good job. Before he leaves, Cherie admires how he looks from behind...


We fade in on Dante later in the day, sitting at his desk and looking rather busy. Joanna Angel from HR stops by, introducing herself and saying that it's her job to make sure all employees are treated properly, so he can talk to her if he needs help with anything. He can think of her as a friend. Dante thanks her for the information.

Over the next few days, as Dante has further encounters with Cherie while working, she behaves in ways that are increasingly bold. She calls him 'sweetie', tells him that she's not wearing a bra, and even leaves a racy photo of herself on his desk. Eventually, Dante has a meeting with Joanna, and is shocked to see that Cherie is there as well. The two women laugh at him, saying that he is totally unqualified for this job, they hired him because they liked his BODY. So if he wants to keep this job, he'll have to show just what kind of a... team player he is. Dante is willing to do anything to keep his job, so he agrees to please the ladies in every possible way