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Pure Taboo

Pure Taboo - Lexi Lore & Katrina Colt - Earning Her Badges

File: jombenaputalexkat4qcpzgfplv.mp4
Size: 885.10 MB
Duration: 48:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lauren Lexi Lore is one of the most promising Preparedness Scouts in her unit, so imagine her delight when her scout leader, Claudia Katrina Colt takes her to meet their district commissioner Mr. Melville Nathan Bronson for a private meeting. Lauren can't believe how fortunate she is for this opportunity, and once Claudia leaves her alone with Mr. Melville, she's more than ready to see what he has in store for her. That is... until Mr. Melville does the unthinkable and makes a move on her.

Lauren exits the house, feeling vulnerable and afraid. Luckily for her, Claudia hasn't left yet, and is just pulling out of the driveway. Lauren manages to stop her, and she tells Claudia about what happened. Claudia supportively tells Lauren that they will get to the bottom of this- but instead of leaving with Lauren, she brings her back into the house to confront Mr. Melville directly. Lauren is taken aback, but she trusts Claudia, so she goes along with it.

There's a strange energy when they go back inside, and Mr. Melville seems distinctly disappointed. Strangely, however, Claudia seems to be more on Mr. Melville's side than Lauren's, and as the moments go by, a nefarious and manipulative arrangement unravels that Lauren could never have prepared for. Will Lauren hold true to her morals, or will she succumb to pleasuring Mr. Melville and Claudia so that she can earn her badges without worry?

Pure Taboo - Gal Ritchie - Overachiever

File: fpztdnaputagalritp3kdsscyux.mp4
Size: 1.78 GB
Duration: 44:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mr. Richards Vince Karter, a high school vice principal, is relaxing in the teacher's lounge when Kimberly Gal Ritchie, a student, sneaks in to speak with him. Mr. Richards can't help but grin, knowing that Kimberly must be here for a favor of some sort. Indeed, Kimberly explains that she is trying to qualify for a scholarship, but since she's been doing so many extracurriculars, her grades have dropped. She'll lose the scholarship unless Mr. Richards is willing to alter the grade she got on a recent exam.

Mr. Richards is amused- this isn't the first time Kimberly has asked him for such an... unconventional favor. The last time she did, he got something in return her virginity. So, if he's going to have to step in and save her once more, what could she possibly offer him that he hasn't already gotten from her? Kimberly is stunned, but in a moment of sheer desperation, comes up with an offer Mr. Richards can't refuse. If he helps her, she'll let him not only fuck her again, but she'll let him cum inside her too.

Mr. Richards can't say no to that. He hikes up her skirt and starts fucking there and then in the teacher's lounge, with a shocked yet willing Kimberly going with it. Even when another teacher Daniel Shar comes in to grab some coffee, Mr. Richards continues without hesitation, chatting away with the teacher as if nothing was awry. After some free-use sex and a good pounding, Mr. Richards finishes with satisfaction, leaving Kimberly panting and breathless in the lounge.

Pure Taboo - Jane Wilde & Charlie Forde - Swapped In Secret

File: v4uh8naputajanchajerb4vome6.mp4
Size: 2.06 GB
Duration: 47:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Phil Seth Gamble arrives home one day to find a strange girl, Tracy Jane Wilde, claiming he's her parent. Phil is shocked and confused but grows even more disturbed when his wife, Nancy Charlie Forde, seems to be playing along. It's revealed that Nancy orchestrated a swap with another household so that Phil could live out his daddystepdaughter porn fantasies, which she discovered in his internet history.

Phil is shocked and repulsed, and storms off. Tracy is saddened but Nancy assures her that Phil will come around...

Multiple times later, Phil is lured in to have family moments that include Tracy, although he's not very happy about it. He's even more conflicted when there are growing hints of Tracy trying to seduce him, knowing it's part of his secret fantasy. Phil keeps trying to deny his twisted urges, wanting to keep his fantasy just a fantasy in his head, but it becomes harder and harder to resist...

One night, as Phil is lying in bed, Tracy enters the room and climbs into bed with him, claiming to have just had a nightmare. Her real intentions, however, are to fully seduce Phil once and for all. She starts to cuddle into him and fawn all over him, trying to win Phil over. Although Phil is initially hesitant, his resolve finally crumbles as he gives into the part of him that he'd been denying the entire time. But little does he know, his sneaky wife Nancy still has one more thing up her sleeve.

Pure Taboo - Kendra Sunderland - In Loving Memory

File: fiutmnaputakensunxpmic1oxh8.mp4
Size: 1.20 GB
Duration: 37:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Casey Kendra Sunderland arrives at her boyfriend's home alone to innocently look for something... and ends up finding a secret sex doll stashed away in her boyfriend's closet.

When Morgan Nathan Bronson later returns home, she confronts him about the sex doll. To her shock, she learns that the sex doll is in the likeness of Morgan's late wife and that having it makes him feel close to her still. He insists that if Casey wants their relationship to continue, she has to accept him AND the doll.

Casey is stunned and conflicted but doesn't want the relationship to end yet, so she agrees to try and accept it, starting with having sex that includes the doll. Morgan is delighted and they have a sensual threesome with the doll... but will it be enough to save the relationship?

Pure Taboo - Madi Collins - A Loving Home Environment

File: tknlxnaputamadcolvkpuokjffw.mp4
Size: 1.99 GB
Duration: 53:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: George Tommy Pistol is busy homeschooling his stepdaughter, Madi Madi Collins. But they're interrupted when a social worker, Sean Seth Gamble, checks on them, due to a tip from a concerned neighbor. George is nervous, especially as Madi innocently joins him at the door, but allows Sean inside to talk.

As Sean asks Madi some questions, he learns that she's incredibly naive and that there's definitely more to the story than they're letting on. It soon becomes very obvious that George and Madi are involved in a sexual relationship, although George tries to deny this but fails miserably.

Madi senses that they may be in deep trouble and that there's a chance she may be separated from her stepfather. That's when Sean finally shows his own sleazy true colors...

Pure Taboo - Adria Rae - Active Listening

File: yzovqnaputaadrraedppzprgoxp.mp4
Size: 1.26 GB
Duration: 42:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Misty Adria Rae, a babysitter, is tidying up when she's startled by a grown man's lewd voice coming through a monitor receiver. She doesn't initially recognize the voice and panics, thinking someone's in the house. She rushes to make sure that the house is free of intruders and is relieved but confused to find everything safe and sound. She cautiously returns to the living room where the monitor is.

Once again, the same voice comes through the monitor and calls her by her name. The voice then taunts her and says he's not at the house... yet. Misty is horrified and realizes that the voice belongs to Tyson Green Charles Dera, who is her married client. He's away on a date right now but is shamefully toying with Misty at the same time while he has the unique opportunity to. Tyson tells Misty he's going to give her filthy instructions that she must follow, with him fucking her when he gets home. Misty is stunned but, after some hesitation, becomes intrigued and decides to go along with it.

Misty gets caught up in the moment, dutifully doing everything she's told, starting by touching herself. 'REALLY get your fingers in that tight little pussy...' Tyson orders her. She's only left wanting more and more each time there's radio silence, eagerly waiting for what sinful act she'll be told to do next.

The last time Tyson contacts her, he tells her to remain naked for when he returns home from his date. Misty, feeling a rush from his words, obeys...

Pure Taboo - Sophia Burns & Charlie Forde - Expecting

File: ytpalnaputasopchamzhsbwctho.mp4
Size: 1.85 GB
Duration: 48:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lenny and Martha Seth Gamble and Charlie Forde are a happily married couple, though have never been able to conceive. As such, they decided to enlist the help of Sandra Sophia Burns, a surrogate parent who would carry their offspring to term. The day has finally come for them to meet their new family member, and they set up their living room with decorations and fanfare, barely containing their excitement. But when Sandra knocks at their door, they are surprised to see she's arrived empty-handed. Their surprise turns to shock, however, when Sandra informs them that she's changed her mind. She's decided to keep their offspring for herself, and there's nothing Lenny and Martha can do to change her mind...

Martha breaks down at the news, panicking and inconsolable. After all this waiting... all this effort and support that they've given to Sandra... how could she destroy their lives like this? Lenny takes a more direct approach, offering various things to Sandra in an attempt to help her see reason. But no matter what Lenny offers, Sandra won't budge. The truth is, Lenny and Martha can't give her what she wants a family of her own. When Lenny hears this, however, the beginnings of an idea form in his mind. Perhaps... he and Martha COULD give Sandra a family...

Lenny makes a striking and unorthodox offer to Sandra. Why doesn't she stay and live with them? She could become a part of their family, and she'd never have to leave the offspring alone. She'd always be a part of its life. Sandra is intrigued, but she worries that this offer is only half-full. Will she ever truly be of equal standing as Lenny and Martha in this radical new household arrangement that they're proposing? Or will she simply become a glorified housemaid? But Lenny and Martha surround Sandra, promising that they can prove to her just how committed they are to this idea. In fact, they'll prove it to her right now... by offering her the same intimacy they'd usually reserve for themselves.

Pure Taboo - Dana Vespoli - Family's Final Salute

File: 6nb9anaputadanvesr4cvkqlhrx.mp4
Size: 1.39 GB
Duration: 51:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A man who served in the military has recently passed away, leaving his loving wife, Laurie Dana Vespoli, and her stepson, Andrew Oliver Flynn, behind. Laurie is devastated and unsure how she'll continue on, though Andrew is there to help her however he can, even if he's dealing with his own grief of having lost a parent...

One day Laurie solemnly brings her husband's military uniform to Andrew as they reflect upon what a wonderful man he was. Eventually, Laurie insists that Oliver try on the uniform, saying it'd make his parent proud. Although Andrew is a little unsure since he's worried about being disrespectful, Laurie assures him that his parent would WANT him to wear the uniform -- he'd be honoring the memory in the most wonderful way.

Andrew delicately puts on the uniform and stands tall and silent before Laurie. Laurie is hit with a mix of emotions but likes what she sees, unexpectedly becoming aroused and longing for her own stepson in place of her husband. Caught up in the moment, she makes a bold move on Andrew, although he's shocked as he gently holds her back. That's when Laurie gives into her desperation and grief, telling Andrew that this fleeting moment between them is EXACTLY what she needs to finally be able to move on

Pure Taboo - Natasha Nice & Lauren Phillips - Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

File: hxbpznaputanatlauasmc8gikna.mp4
Size: 1.44 GB
Duration: 38:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Julie Lauren Phillips arrives at the home of her next-door neighbor, Carol Natasha Nice, saying that she has something important to talk about. Julie reveals that she's noticed attractive young women leaving Carol's house at suspicious hours, so Carol's husband must be cheating on Carol. Although Julie is acting concerned, there's a subtle hint of relish as she reveals this information, it's clear that Julie is the neighborhood busybody. But to Julie's shock, Carol reveals that SHE is the one having secret affairs with women.

Julie apologizes, saying that she shouldn't have gotten involved. But Carol suspects that since Julie is such a blabbermouth, she might tell Carol's husband about the affairs. Although Julie says she won't tell, Carol doesn't believe her, and drops a few hints that she knows multiple compromising secrets about Julie.

Not wanting her own secrets to be revealed, Julie swears that she won't tell Carol's husband anything. Carol says that's a good start, but it still seems unfair that she has to keep quiet about MULTIPLE secrets, while Julie only has to keep quiet about ONE. Carol says that she wants one more thing in order to make it an even deal sex. Julie is shocked, but begrudgingly agrees.

Pure Taboo - Victoria Voxxx - Smile For The Camera

File: 3arienaputavicvoxotdepmzkpg.mp4
Size: 1.49 GB
Duration: 43:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kyle Johnny Goodluck is waiting on the bed, longingly gazing at pictures of a beautiful woman. Then another gorgeous woman, Trish Victoria Voxxx emerges from the bathroom to join him. However, as soon as Kyle sees Trish, he becomes extremely upset because Trish's makeup is ALL WRONG and she's NOT wearing the dress he wanted her to.

Trish is startled by his strong reaction and confronts Kyle about his bad attitude, questioning WHY she has to play dress up and WHO she's even supposed to be. That's when Kyle reveals that Trish looks a lot like his wife. He misses her SO MUCH and can't stop thinking about her, which is why he wants Trish to go the extra mile and become a true lookalike. He knows he came on strong but it's important to him that EVERYTHING about their encounter is PERFECT, so that he can feel close to his wife again. After that, Trish will be set for life. But Trish isn't so sure that Kyle's obsession will ever truly be satisfied...

Pure Taboo - Ember Snow & Dana Vespoli - Highly Recommended

File: se5a8naputaembdanngvjucxhpi.mp4
Size: 1.69 GB
Duration: 45:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Peter Oliver Davis and his fiancee Tina Dana Vespoli are having a conversation about Sharon Ember Snow, a wedding planner they just finished meeting with. As they discuss whether or not to choose Sharon as their wedding planner, Peter admits that he's a little uncertain about Sharon, she seemed VERY focused on him, which weirded him out a bit. Tina disagrees, saying that she liked how Sharon was connecting with them, Sharon seemed to really take an interest in them, and what they wanted for the wedding. Peter says that Sharon seemed a little TOO interested in him, but Tina is dismissive, saying they WANT a wedding planner who is enthusiastic and will take the job seriously... Besides, Sharon came HIGHLY recommended by a few couples they know. Peter still looks a little uncertain, but tells Tina that he'll trust her judgment.

A few weeks later, Sharon, Peter, and Tina get together for a planning session. Throughout the session, Sharon does lots of subtle flirting with Peter, especially when Tina is distracted. After Sharon leaves, Peter raises his concerns about Sharon's behavior again, saying that Sharon was ALL OVER him. But Tina is unconvinced and she even chuckles, teasing that MAYBE he's just longing to feel like he's still attractive, especially with a slightly younger woman like Sharon. Tina playfully assures him that he's still a charmer, after all, she's MARRYING him. However, Peter still seems a bit uneasy about Sharon.

A week later, Peter is alone at home when he gets a surprise visit from Sharon. He is shocked as Sharon comes on to him, acting much more seductive than before. Peter says that he TRIED to warn Tina, but Tina didn't believe him. Sharon ramps up her seduction, saying that if he tried to warn Tina and she didn't listen, then what comes next is kind of her fault, isn't it? Peter is clearly at his wits' end, trying so hard to resist temptation but unable to refuse what Sharon is offering him. Sharon tells him that it's just one last romp before he ties the knot, and he finally relents.

As Peter and Sharon are having sex, Tina suddenly comes in through the door, and is shocked and upset at what she sees. Peter tries to defend himself, telling Tina that he TRIED to warn her this would happen. Tina is furious, asking how he could do this to her, but Peter tries to insist it's Sharon's fault. Sharon is completely unashamed, telling Tina and Peter to calm down, they've already put so much work into this wedding, so it'd be a shame for it to fall through NOW. Wouldn't it be easier to just stay the course and still get married? Acting generous, Sharon says that she'll even help bridge the gap, and invites Tina to join the sex, that way, it's not even REALLY like Peter cheated, it's more like... Peter and Tina both agreed to a threesome. Sharon says that if they say it enough times, maybe they'll even start to believe it. Peter and Tina both look ashamed, but clearly don't want their futures disrupted, so they agree to the idea. But little do they know that Sharon has one more surprise left in store for them after the sex..

Pure Taboo - Alexis Tae - No Good Deed

File: 2mkzxnaputaaletaew1iwr24zkr.mp4
Size: 1.50 GB
Duration: 44:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Phil Seth Gamble is watching TV one afternoon when his stepdaughter Lara Kimmy Kimm comes to him with a surprising request. It seems that her new friend from school, Tanya Alexis Tae, is in a bit of a tough spot, with her parents having apparently kicked her out of the house for something as little as having a small car accident. Given this, Lara would like to see if Phil would accept having Tanya stay with them for a few days, just until Tanya can sort things out and not be living out on the streets.

Phil is resistant to the idea, to say the least, but after some pleading from Lara, he relents. When he finally meets Tanya in person, however, all his reservations fade as he notices how attractive she is. Tanya doesn't seem to mind Phil's flirty gaze and, if anything, she seems to encourage it, flirting with Phil as if Lara isn't even there. Over the course of the next few days, Tanya gets more heavy-handed with the flirting, causing Lara to grow frustrated and concerned that Tanya is manipulating her family.

Indeed, when Lara confronts Tanya about her behavior, she's shocked to learn that Tanya's apparent sob story involving her parents is not as innocent as it seems. When it comes to the accident, it's revealed that Tanya doesn't even have a license to drive. And to add fuel to the fire, she's somehow managed to get Phil to lend her the keys to his car, even when Phil never lets Lara use it. The next day, Lara learns from one of Tanya's parents that not only did Tanya's car accident occur due to reckless driving, but that she also stole the family car. Armed with this information, Lara goes to tell her stepdad, only to find him dick-deep in Tanya's pussy. Lara can't believe what she's seeing and pleads for Phil to rethink his actions but to no avail. Shocked and emotionally destroyed, Lara runs off, leaving her stepdad to keep fucking someone who she genuinely thought was her friend.

Pure Taboo - Khloe Kingsley - I'll Cut You A Deal

File: ul5egnaputakhlkinpclgxlogby.mp4
Size: 1.47 GB
Duration: 44:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hannah Khloe Kingsley is trying to leave for a party while wearing a revealing dress. She puts on a coat to conceal the dress and calls out to her stepdad, Don Charles Dera, that she's leaving. However, Don stops her before she can make it to the front door.

Don is suspicious, and tells Hannah to remove her coat. When he sees Hannah's revealing outfit, he is adamant that she can't go out dressed like that. After a heated argument, Hannah still refuses to change, defiantly saying if Don wants this dress off of her then he'll have to RIP it off.

Undeterred, Don grabs a nearby pair of scissors, stating he'll take her up on that challenge unless she cooperates. Hannah refuses, not believing that Don will actually go through with it. To her shock, he uses the scissors to make a first cut into her dress with an ominous SNIP.

But it doesn't stop there as Don continues using the scissors to gleefully cut the dress off of Hannah. She's stunned as she clutches at a tattered piece of fabric in an attempt to keep her chest covered. Furious, Hannah says she's already had sex -- if THAT'S what he's worried about -- so it doesn't matter HOW she dresses. Don quips that having sex with boyfriends isn't the same as showing her body to strangers who could make a move on her. Hannah insists that maybe that's what she WANTS.

Don scoffs and questions if she can really handle any type of stranger making a move on her, even an older man. Hannah boldly insists she can, not backing down. This seems to give Don an idea Hannah can prove it by having sex with HIM. If she DOES, he'll let her wear whatever she wants from now on...

Pure Taboo - Whitney Wright & Dee Williams - When Men Were Men

File: ionibnaputawhideemv78hzks9y.mp4
Size: 1.56 GB
Duration: 42:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A husband and wife, Bryan Pierce Paris and Emma Whitney Wright, dread having to talk to their landlady, Josephine Dee Williams, who is about to arrive. It's revealed that there is tension between the couple and the old-fashioned landlady.

When Josephine arrives, all smiles, Bryan and Emma ask Josephine for the THIRD time to change the name on their mailbox to Emma's last name since Emma's name is displayed wrong. Josephine doesn't see what the big problem is and insists it'd be easier if Emma just took Bryan's name since it's tradition. Emma becomes angry but Bryan steps in to defuse the situation. Thankfully, once Bryan directly asks Josephine to change the name himself, Josephine is much more receptive and leaves to do exactly that.

But things only get worse from there as various encounters with Josephine make Emma and Bryan more and more uncomfortable because of her outdated and sexist ideals. It's clear that Josephine thinks that Emma's not playing the appropriate role of a doting housewife. She also doesn't think that Bryan isn't stepping up to be the man of the house. Despite this, it seems like Bryan has Josephine's attention...

Finally, Josephine visits Bryan while he's alone one day in order to half-heartedly apologize for causing such a strain between the couple. But it's clearly a ruse as she questions why Bryan doesn't want to be more assertive and in control. That's when she starts coming onto Bryan, under the guise of wanting a 'real' man as she simultaneously tries to make him doubt his marriage.

Bryan is uncomfortable and confused. This only fuels the flame and Josephone comes onto him more, trying to get him riled up to act on his primal desires. She talks Bryan up and describes what sex with HER would be like, including anal sex. Although Bryan tries to resist, Josephine's words get to him and his resolve finally crumbles.

They have passionate, primal sex but are soon interrupted when Emma returns home. Emma is furious but Bryan doesn't seem to have any remorse, Josephine's words having finally gotten to him. Bryan confronts Emma about being controlling and never letting him have what he wants. Although Emma denies this, Bryan wants Emma to bend over and JOIN them to PROVE it once and for all.

Pure Taboo - Leana Lovings - The Boy Who Cried Step

File: 4nnt5naputalealovxxvzb49jdw.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 47:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Spencer Max Fills is busy reading from his tablet when his stepsister, Violet Leana Lovings, enters. Spencer spots her and looks a bit tentative as if he doesn't like her very much. Violet asks Spencer what he's reading, and he replies that it's a fantasy story. She mischievously asks him why he's reading about fantasy when he can experience the real thing, and lowers her top to reveal her bare breasts. Spencer is exasperated, complaining about her repeated attempts to seduce him...

Just then, the front door of the house opens and Spencer's stepdad Michael Vegas enters, coming home from work. Spencer leaps up and points back to Violet, telling his stepdad to look at what Violet is doing. But when his stepdad and Spencer look back at Violet, Violet is on her phone with her shirt back in place and her breasts are covered, as if nothing just happened. Violet acts insulted, claiming that Spencer is always blaming her for things she didn't do. Spencer's stepdad immediately sides with Violet and begins to harshly criticize Spencer. Spencer insists that Violet really is trying to seduce him, and whenever anybody else is here, she pretends to be innocent. Obviously, Violet has been doing a good job of keeping up the ruse, since Spencer's stepdad doesn't believe a word of what Spencer is saying. His stepdad says that Spencer had better not lie about Violet again, or there will be consequences. Spencer looks rattled and shocked.

Later that day, Spencer is in his room when Violet barges in, seductively teasing him by claiming that she needs help fastening her bra. Spencer begins to get angry that Violet is still trying to tempt him, but she confidently replies that he should watch how he talks to her. After all, he's not all that popular with their parents at the moment, and they'll believe WHATEVER she tells them. She has the advantage here, and Spencer knows it. Spencer is dismayed, but Violet smirks and says there's an easy way to get her to quit messing with him... all he has to do is fuck her.

Pure Taboo - Victoria Voxxx - Troubleshooting

File: xuiwbnaputavicvoxafpvaym1pg.mp4
Size: 1.87 GB
Duration: 50:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A woman, Helen Victoria Voxxx, is having trouble with her work computer, so she contacts her company's IT rep, Trevor Jay Smooth, to try and fix it remotely. As they speak over the phone, things quickly go south as his troubleshooting questions go from innocent to inappropriate, making Helen more and more uncomfortable. But she desperately needs her computer fixed, so she doesn't confront him outright, and even allows him to get access to her webcam when he requests it under the guise of needing to troubleshoot more. Unfortunately for Helen, he can't seem to find the problem remotely, which means he needs to pay her a home visit. Although Helen is majorly creeped out by the guy, she doesn't want to miss more work, so allows him over.

When Trevor shows up and takes a look at the laptop in person, Helen is horrified when he uncovers porn she had stashed away. Trevor is delighted and taunts Helen, insisting that if she wants to let loose and have some fun, he's down. It's clear he wants to fuck Helen and that that was his goal the entire time. Although Helen is disgusted, she decides to give in, as long as her computer gets fixed and he gets out of her face for good.

Pure Taboo - Penny Barber - Rock Bottom

File: nusg5naputapenbar5gtrbu5wfi.mp4
Size: 1.85 GB
Duration: 48:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Monica Penny Barber and Jared Robby Apples, a married couple at the peak of their success, are celebrating moving into their new house when they get some horrible news. The cryptocurrency market has crashed, putting their entire livelihoods up in the air. Suddenly, the dream they were living becomes nothing but a neverending nightmare.

A few months later, Monica and Jared are in dire straits, having been fired from their company not long after the crash. They're getting desperate, with none of Jared's recent investments paying off and nobody wanting to hire them. That's when Jared gets an idea what if Monica became an escort? It COULD be a way to temporarily help them get back on their feet. Monica is disgusted and feels betrayed that Jared would suggest such a thing, though bitterly agrees to think it over...

Months later, it's revealed that Monica took Jared's suggestion. Since they are now back on track, Jared wants to go back to their old lives and revive their old dream. But to his horror, Monica doesn't want to go back at all since she's been THRIVING. Monica demands to know why she should risk HER success to try to get back her old life, which ultimately put her in this mess in the first place?

Jared makes a last, desperate plea for Monica to change her mind, but she spits it back in his face. THIS is her dream life now and she refuses to have everything stripped away from her again. She's successful and has all the skills she could ever need that will NEVER let her down. That's when Monica decides to put her sniveling husband in place by SHOWING him just how talented she REALLY is.

Pure Taboo - Haley Spades & Skyler Storm - You Jealous Cuz

File: wsglhnaputahalskyteu7mwdq4j.mp4
Size: 1.78 GB
Duration: 44:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Amy Charlotte Skyler Storm Haley Spades are hanging out when Charlotte's stepcousin, Logan Nathan Bronson, arrives at the house. It turns out that Logan will be staying with Charlotte's family for the weekend, though Charlotte wants nothing to do with him. Charlotte's surprised, however, when Amy invites Logan to join them. It's clear sparks are flying between Amy and Logan, which is the last thing Charlotte wants. But, not wanting to be too much of a downer, she goes along with it.

The three of them start playing cards, with Logan sitting square in the middle of Charlotte and Amy. Charlotte would perhaps be able to tolerate her stepcousin's company if he wasn't openly hitting on Amy, who does nothing to stop his advances. In fact, Amy makes no secret of liking the attention, egging Logan on and not caring in the least bit about her friend's reservations. Before long, Logan boldly asks if Amy would like to accompany him to the bedroom, and Amy seems into it. But this is where Charlotte draws a line.

Charlotte gets in their faces, forbidding Logan and Amy from fucking in her house. Logan and Amy scoff, mocking her for being such a bummer. If they didn't know any better... it would almost seem like Charlotte was jealous. Charlotte denies this accusation, but the other two decide to put this to the test by having sex right in front of Charlotte. She can do nothing to stop it, and almost leaves the room... but something makes her stay behind. Her eyes can't look away from her stepcousin fucking her best friend with his hard cock, and she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the scene. Maybe she is jealous... so the question is what is Charlotte going to do about it?

Pure Taboo - Vanna Bardot - What's Good For The Gander

File: oqzronaputavanbar4h7bl2wphm.mp4
Size: 1.27 GB
Duration: 42:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Maya Vanna Bardot is preparing to do laundry when she finds something among her husband Phil's clothes. The object turns out to be a matchbook for a strip club, with an address and flirty message inside written by someone named Blake. Maya is distraught, and tries to decide whether or not to confront Phil about this apparent affair. She decides to go confront Blake first to see if an affair actually took place...

A little later that day, Maya arrives at Blake's address. But to her shock, Blake is a man Dante Colle. Blake realizes that Maya must be the wife of one of his hookups, and invites her inside. Once they've gotten settled in the living room, Blake explains he's a dancer at the strip club, and he sometimes invites clients to his house for hookups. Maya uses her cellphone to show Blake a picture of Phil, and Blake confirms that Phil is cheating on Maya.

Maya is distraught, wondering if Phil is gay and if their marriage is a lie. Blake says that he himself is bi, but he doesn't know about Phil. Blake expresses his sympathies, saying he's a bit of a 'slut' but would never cheat. Blake suggests that Maya could get revenge on Phil by giving him a taste of his own medicine... in other words, by having sex with Blake. Maya is shocked, but Blake manages to convince her that what's good for the gander is good for the goose.

Pure Taboo - Ana Foxxx & Coco Lovelock - Aged Out: A Coco Story

File: ptptqnaputaanacochmjcwqnx8x.mp4
Size: 1.68 GB
Duration: 44:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Coco Lovelock has had a troubled past, having been sent from home to home as she's traveled through the merciless foster system. Luckily, she's now stumbled upon a loving husband and wife who have agreed to take her in, Isiah Maxwell and Ana Foxxx. This will be a transitionary home for Coco, a place that she'll be able to use as a jumping-off point for the rest of her life.

Ana and Isiah have had struggles of their own, no less. Although they've been trying desperately to conceive for some time now, they just haven't had any luck. That's why they're thrilled to be able to expand their family by letting Coco into their home... as unconventional as it is. But as the days go by, Ana can't help but detect some odd behavior from Coco. She just can't put her finger on it... but there seems to be something wrong with this girl.

One day, Ana's worst fears are confirmed when Coco dresses up in some sensual clothes and makes a move on Isiah while Ana's not home. Isiah tries to resist Coco's strange charms but eventually falls victim to her game. They have intense sex, just as Ana learns the horrifying truth of Coco's origins. Will Ana get back home on time to stop what's about to happen, or will she be too late?

Pure Taboo - Dee Williams & Lulu Chu - We Mustn't Upset Him

File: etbusnaputadeelulb9go5em5st.mp4
Size: 1.78 GB
Duration: 49:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Lulu Chu has just lost her parents in a tragic accident so she moves in with an estranged family friend, Wanda Dee Williams, and Wanda's husband Harold. Wanda's husband is apparently away on a business trip, so Katie doesn't have a chance to meet him when she arrives, but Wanda makes a point to inform Katie that Harold has a strict set of rules in his household. Katie finds this to be a bit overbearing, but she's thankful to have some refuge, so she takes it in stride...

Over the following weeks, however, Katie never manages to so much as catch a glimpse of Harold. He's always just leaving, or away on another business trip... But that doesn't mean that Katie doesn't actually feel his presence in other ways. What starts off as an innocent living arrangement becomes increasingly tense for Katie as Wanda puts more and more limitations on her freedom, all for the sake of Harold's 'house rules'.

Eventually, Katie surmises that Wanda must be trapped in an emotionally abusive marriage, which seems to be causing Wanda torrents of anguish and anxiety. Katie decides to confront Wanda about it, offering to let Wanda spank her as a way for Wanda to work through her demons... and ultimately free herself from Harold's shadow. Wanda and Katie end up having intense, energetic lesbian sex together, which thankfully seems to give Wanda a new perspective on her life. But the question is... what will Harold think about all this?

Pure Taboo - Stevie Moon - Good Twin, Bad Twin

File: qnzblnaputastemoophyrepw4ii.mp4
Size: 1.21 GB
Duration: 43:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Elise Stevie Moon is finishing up her shift at a coffee shop when Ryder Lucky Fate, a client she's never seen before, enters and makes an order. There's something off about Ryder, and when Elise goes to bring him his coffee, her suspicions are confirmed as he starts spewing rude and offensive comments toward her. Elise tries to diffuse the situation, but Ryder goes too far, prompting Elise to slap him as a gut reaction. Ryder storms out of the cafe, leaving Elise reeling.

Just then, Ryder's twin, Chris Lucky Fate, rushes into the cafe and goes up to Elise with concern. He apologizes for what happened, explaining that his twin, Ryder, can be quite the asshole. There's no excuse for what he did, and Chris offers to make it up to Elise in whatever way he can. In a strange turn of events, Elise ends up charmed by this good twin, and even agrees to go on a date with him after her shift. It seems like every cloud really does have a silver lining...

But when they go back to Chris' house after their date, Elise can't help but notice that there's something just a bit off about Chris as well, though she just can't quite put her finger on it. Still, the night was pleasant enough, and Elise could certainly use some cheering up after what happened with Ryder, so she agrees to fool around. As they fuck, however, Chris seems more and more unhinged, even asking for anal sex, which Elise agrees to. But Elise still can't shake the feeling that she's been duped somehow... and that this twin's apparent sincerity just might be too good to be true.

Pure Taboo - Anna Claire Clouds & Maddy May - Abandoned

File: qnjg2naputaannmadluq1bht1g3.mp4
Size: 2.04 GB
Duration: 53:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kristi Anna Claire Clouds and Ben Seth Gamble have been trying so hard to conceive, but they just haven't seemed to have any luck. As Kristi sits on the toilet once again, waiting for the results of her latest pregnancy test, she has a glimmer of hope in her eyes. But when the fated single line appears on the stick, she can't help but feel disillusioned and guilty. Ben assures her that it's okay- they'll keep trying and it'll all work out. Kristi smiles and nods but, deep down, she's a total mess.

To make matters worse, Kristi's estranged stepsister, Ruby Maddie May, shows up one day asking for a place to stay. Kristi is angry- Ruby totally disappeared and no one's heard from her since. She's caused Krisi's family a ton of grief, and now she wants to come back and ask for favors as if nothing even happened? But Ruby is desperate, and in dire need of help, so Kristi relents and lets her stay the night.

Later that day, Ruby wants to take a bath, so Kristi brings her a clean towel. But when Kristi witnesses Ruby getting undressed, old and forbidden emotions suddenly flood her being. She finds herself aroused by her stepsister's naked body and starts to masturbate as she spies Ruby through a slit in the door. Before long, the two stepsisters have gotten back to their naughty old ways, but what will happen when Ben comes back home and discovers them? Will he be angry or... perhaps, intrigued?

Pure Taboo - Victoria Voxxx - Long Time, No Stalk

File: xse4wnaputavicvoxdf66lfb1cr.mp4
Size: 1.62 GB
Duration: 49:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cora Victoria Voxxx opens her front door to get her morning paper, only to be shocked when she spots Marcus Robby Apples looming over her. It turns out that Marcus is a man who stalked her when she used to live in another state, though Cora never got enough proof for a restraining order. Cora moved here just to get away from him, but it seems all her efforts were for naught since Marcus has followed her and moved in right next door.

Over the next few days, Marcus creepily spies on Cora as she tries to live her life. He watches her when she gardens... after she's taken a shower... and even creeps up to her living room window to try and get a closer look inside her home as she tidies up. And when Cora later finds a fresh set of footprints outside this window, she decides to call the authorities again, though they still won't help her. She's on her own, it seems.

The next day, Marcus shows up at Cora's front door, carrying one of her packages. He claims it was delivered to him by mistake, but Cora can see right through his disgusting smirk. She demands to know what it will take for him to move away and leave her alone for good. Marcus muses that it would be a massive inconvenience for him to move away so soon after arriving, though hints that he COULD consider it if she makes it worth his while... Cora can hardly believe her ears, though decides to take a risk and give Marcus what he's always craved so that she can finally be rid of him forever.

Pure Taboo - Kenna James & Dee Williams - I Can't Cum Without Her

File: 1pqv8naputakendeesq9z9neigs.mp4
Size: 1.72 GB
Duration: 44:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kate and Trevor Kenna James and Alex Mack, a married couple, are paying a visit to Trevor's stepmom, Leslie Dee Williams. They had called Leslie ahead of time to make sure she was home, letting her know that they have something important they need to talk with her about. And when Leslie opens the door to greet them, it's clear that there's something troubling weighing on their minds.

Leslie tries to keep things pleasant, offering for them to join her in the living room and share their news. Kate takes the lead, tentatively explaining to Leslie that, unfortunately, Trevor hasn't been able to finish with her during intercourse, making their attempts at having a family in vain. Leslie is shocked to hear this but tries to remain supportive of her stepson and his wife. After all, this is quite a difficult thing to have to deal with for a newly married couple...

But when Kate explains WHY Trevor can't finish, Leslie is even more shocked and embarrassed. It's revealed that Trevor and Leslie had a taboo relationship when Trevor was a younger man, something that Trevor had kept a secret from Kate until these problems surfaced. Ever since that relationship, Trevor has never been able to cum with anyone else- something he's secretly resented his stepmom for. However, Kate and Trevor have thought of a way for Leslie to right her wrongs... by helping Trevor cum right now as he and Kate fuck in front of her.

Leslie is shocked and flustered... but her guilt is too much for her to ignore. She agrees to stay by their side as they make love in the living room, touching and motivating Trevor throughout so that he can finally impregnate Kate. But will this be enough for Trevor and Kate to ultimately forgive her?

Pure Taboo - Leana Lovings - Mustn't Tell Teacher

File: dzcdwnaputalealovyo9fnriuiy.mp4
Size: 2.08 GB
Duration: 57:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cameron Tommy Pistol, a school administrator at a local high school, arrives at the house of one of the teachers, Mrs. Williams Marie McCray, to help her with an upcoming school fundraiser. After they finish up the work, Mrs. Williams' teen Leana Leana Lovings returns home. Leana is happy to see Cameron, because she secretly has a crush on him.

Cameron then excuses himself to head home, and Mrs. Williams says she'll walk out with him since she has an errand she has to run. Leana doesn't want Cameron to leave yet, and instantly leaps into action. Leana claims that she's trying to do some more extracurricular activities to help with her college application, but there's so much to choose from and she's a bit overwhelmed. Since Cameron is in charge of the school's extracurricular activities, she's hoping he can help her. Cameron clearly doesn't mind helping but looks towards Mrs. Williams for permission. Mrs. Williams tells him to go right ahead...

Mrs. Williams then leaves the house, and Leana leads Cameron towards her bedroom where she has her materials spread out. Once they're in Leana's room, she pulls out some school flyers. Leana starts asking questions about various extracurriculars, but then she eventually admits that she has feelings for Cameron and wants to be with him. Cameron acts surprised, saying he's flattered but that it wouldn't be appropriate to do anything. He tries to leave, but Leana reveals that she knows he's been intimate with some of her classmates, and she has proof... but she won't say anything if he makes love to her, too. Realizing that Leana knows too much, Cameron shocks her by showing a much darker side of himself. It looks like Leana's about to get what she wants, but will it turn out to be more than she can handle?

Pure Taboo - Aria Valencia - Homeschooling

File: urltanaputaarival1f1adatnx1.mp4
Size: 1.72 GB
Duration: 50:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Neil Clarke Kent, a single stepfather, has been homeschooling his stepdaughter Sarah Aria Valencia, and today they will be focusing on the subject of home economics. As they settle in, it seems like their familial relationship is PERFECT, although there's something unsettling about it. Sarah seems EXTREMELY naive and sheltered while Neil's overly chummy and chipper attitude borders on creepy. It's clear that they both spend a lot of time together, maybe a little TOO much.

When they open the textbook to the current chapter, they find an exercise where two students pretend to be husband and wife for the day and do chores together. Since Sarah has no classmates, Neil convinces Sarah to do the exercise with him instead. Without hesitation, she excitedly and innocently scurries away to grab an apron. As she does, she misses the lustful glint in Neil's eyes.

For the first chore, Neil and Sarah do the dishes together. Neil gets playfully flirty, using the fact that they're supposed to be roleplaying as husband and wife as an excuse. Although she's a bit taken aback, Sarah easily goes along with Neil's requests, which includes referring to him as 'dear.'

But as they do more and more chores together, Neil becomes even flirtier and bolder. By the end of the day, Neil and Sarah perform their seemingly last chore making the bed together. But when Sarah thinks she's done for the day, Neil convinces her to do one more 'chore' spend the night in bed with him.

Pure Taboo - Penny Barber & Coco Lovelock - Pampering Our Sitter

File: kqsy3naputapencocbjqzo7htny.mp4
Size: 1.98 GB
Duration: 51:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Chelsea Coco Lovelock arrives at a luxurious house, enviously admiring it while reflecting on how rough her life is right now, especially when it comes to the relationship she has with her parents. She then meets Lydia Penny Barber and Anthony Seth Gamble, a married couple, who warmly invite her inside...

Lydia and Anthony begin interviewing Chelsea, seemingly to be their new babysitter. Chelsea is earnest and honest, though she unintentionally reveals a hint of an unhappy home life during the conversation. As the interview continues, it seems like Lydia and Anthony don't have a family yet but are in the process of trying to conceive. That's when Chelsea starts to become weirded out by their doting mannerisms, especially when they start asking her strange, personal questions.

Lydia and Anthony soon reveal that they don't intend to have their own family -- they want HER to be their family! They promise that they'll take good care of Chelsea if she'll help them live out their family fantasy. Although Chelsea's shocked by all of this, she soon becomes tempted by the idea of a new, perfect life

Pure Taboo - Jazmin Luv & Spencer Scott - Take Care Of Yourself

File: c4pvrnaputajazspelaqx8i6uq9.mp4
Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 50:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Amy Jazmin Luv pulls up to an upscale estate. She's a bit stressed out since she's late for an orientation for a prospective job as a live-in caretaker. Amy hasn't exactly had it easy of late, having struggled to find employment and even provide a decent place to live for her and her offspring. But today, she's certain that everything is about to change. She's closer than she's ever been to landing a decent job, and she won't let this one slip through her fingers.

Amy is welcomed into the home by Mrs. and Mr. Dent Spencer Scott and Seth Gamble. Mrs. Dent is bubbly and welcoming though, strangely, Mr. Dent appears to be rather quiet and brooding. He even eyes Amy strangely, though Amy shrugs it off as best as she can. They give Amy a tour of the home, including the rooms where she and hers would be staying. Amy is floored by the luxury of the place, as well as the prospect of finally being able to provide a safe haven for her own family.

The Dents then bring Amy to the couch, where they prepare to go over the finer details of the arrangement. But Amy is perplexed- where IS the patient that she is supposed to be caring for? Mrs. Dent smiles, and then motions to Mr. Dent, who has shockingly taken his cock out and is stroking it. It turns out that Amy has already MET the person she'll be caring for, and this particular person has very special needs...

It's all up to Amy. Will she accept the terms and service Mr. Dent's every fancy, sexual or otherwise? Or will she go back to the life of despair and struggle that she's been desperately trying to claw her way out from?

Pure Taboo - Lola Fae - Terms And Conditions

File: sudmvnaputalolfaerkokqwll7n.mp4
Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 40:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Laura Lola Fae is surprised when a representative, Fred Nathan Bronson, from a dating site she recently subscribed to shows up at her door. Although she tries to shoo him away, Fred insists that he needs to talk to her, so he's allowed inside. That's when Fred explains that the 'terms and conditions' that Laura signed when registering for the dating site included a clause that grants him free use of her body at any time.

Laura is shocked, insisting that there's no way that's possible. However, Fred is cocky as he reminds her that if she would have actually READ the contract, she would have realized what she was signing. Not wanting to complicate the situation any further, Laura eventually agrees to let him have his way with her now and whenever he wants in the future...

Pure Taboo - Coco Lovelock - Protecting Her Chastity

File: jcaawnaputacoclovmqkvensiq8.mp4
Size: 1.55 GB
Duration: 50:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Edward Derrick Pierce is worried about protecting his teen stepdaughter Rosie Coco Lovelock's innocence while she's dating. One day he brings her a gift a chastity belt. Although Rosie is surprised, she doesn't want to disappoint her stepfather, so she agrees to put on the belt. But as Edward helps her put the chastity belt on, he has impure thoughts about her that soon leads to an obsession...

Over the next few weeks, Edward secretly watches Rosie, fixated on the chastity belt as his lust steadily grows, until she one night asks for it to be removed so that she can please herself. She insists that she's been a good girl and that she still has needs that can't be ignored. Edward allows this, as long as he can stay to watch. Although stunned, Rosie is too horny from weeks of denial to resist and allows it. But then Edward finally gives in and hungrily comes onto her, offering to have sex as the ultimate relief...

Pure Taboo - Katrina Colt - Collect Call

File: uwugbnaputakatcolq9blqaqnmz.mp4
Size: 1.54 GB
Duration: 43:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sloan's Katrina Colt life has fallen to shambles, with her husband Eric David Lord having been convicted and sent to the state penitentiary. To make matters worse, Eric's sibling Hank Alex Jones was the one who ratted him out, taking a plea deal in exchange for his freedom. And when Sloan gets a visit from Hank on her very doorstep, she's not shy to let him know just how much of a coward he is.

But Hank sees things a different way. Yes, he ratted out his own family, but he did it for good reasons. He wants to be there to protect Sloan, especially since Eric will surely be away for years now. Life won't ever be the same, but at least Hank can provide some form of support to his in-law. Sloan rejects all of his attempts to reason with her, severely disgusted by Hank's actions. But just when it seems like she's about to kick him out for good, Hank reveals what he TRULY feels. He loves Sloan, and he always has.

Sloan is floored by this revelation, and can't help but admit that she's had similar feelings for Hank as well. But can she really betray her husband like this? It's so... wrong. Try as she might to deny her arousal, however, she is soon won over by Hank's fawning and persistent words. They have energetic sex, which is interrupted by a collect call from Eric. Sloan keeps him on the line, offering him words of encouragement as Hank stays beside- and INSIDE- her.

Pure Taboo - Kenna James & Kenzie Anne - A Kenzie Anne Story

File: rurupnaputakenkenm3queeq6al.mp4
Size: 1.59 GB
Duration: 44:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A beautiful camgirl, Amy Kenzie Anne, finishes up one of her cam shows. She chats with fans and exudes an infectious bubbly charm. When she signs off, her demeanor changes, and she seems lonely as she begins to remove her makeup.

After a few silent moments, the phone rings. It's Jay Isiah Maxwell, a new man in Amy's life. They've been seeing each other for only a few weeks but, so far, it's been a ray of sunshine. Someone who gives Amy butterflies and actually seems to care about what she thinks, not just how she looks. She eagerly answers the phone, and Jay invites her over to his house. He says that he has a proposal for her... something they've been chatting about that he wants to make official. But he won't say what it is until they're in person. A smile crosses Amy's face. She yearns for romance and is sure that tonight's the night Jay will ask her to be his girlfriend. She agrees and gets off the phone in a rush to get ready.

Later that day, Amy arrives at Jay's house. He talks about how beautiful Amy is, how much fun they've been having together, and how he never thought about people in her profession before. Sure, he's jerked off to porn, but he never really thought about the actual girls in the videos. Amy feels a little awkward but ultimately takes these as compliments. She tells him how much she appreciates being respected as a person and not just for the work she does. That's why she likes him so much. But Jay seems to be only half-listening, still preoccupied with his side of the conversation. He tells her that he's thought a lot about her lately and he's ready to take things to the next level. Amy can barely contain her happiness and she takes his hands in hers. He continues ... saying that some of their recent conversations, especially those in the bedroom, have sparked his curiosity. He particularly liked the idea of her bringing a friend over to join them.

Amy's face falls. This was not the proposal she was expecting. Her body language changes immediately, despite Jay being oblivious. He excitedly asks Amy to impress him with her favorite girl, a toy they can play with together tonight. He slides his hands all over her body as he hypes her up and makes her feel empty inside. He says that he would love to meet Amy's blonde friend who she sometimes does shows with. Amy flatly says that she can call her, but maybe another night. Jay encourages Amy to call her now. He shoves a phone into her hands,telling her that he wants them to have fun tonight. Feeling resigned, Amy phones her friend Lindsey Kenna James and asks her to come over for a play date.

Pure Taboo - Kitana Lure - A Score To Settle

File: heq99naputakitlurcdkkpayl2k.mp4
Size: 1.29 GB
Duration: 42:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lily Kitana Lure purposefully struts up her home's driveway and goes through her front door. As she walks, there are snippets in her head of a heated confrontation between Lily and her husband Simon Dean Van Damme that took place yesterday. From these snippets, it becomes clear that Simon cheated on Lily with his secretary. Although Simon seemed regretful and promised to turn over a new leaf, Lily isn't convinced...

Finally, she finds Simon sitting down, and stands triumphantly and vindictively over him. Lily declares that she was up all night tossing and turning, what he confessed yesterday made her SICK. But she is almost ready to forgive him... ALMOST. She points out that he didn't dare tell her how many times he had cheated on her, but luckily for her, Simon had let it slip that all of his 'business trips' were times when he was actually having an affair with his secretary. So last night, during her insomnia, Lily checked their shared calendar and counted all the 'business trips' he had taken in the past year. Based on that, she counted 10 times he must have cheated on her. So she thought of a way to make things right, tit for tat, one infidelity of HERS for every one of HIS. That's only fair, right?

Simon looks shocked and confused, begging for her to reconsider, saying that that will only make her stoop to HIS level. He says that they can get through this another way without her resorting to revenge. But Lily ruefully laughs and says, 'Where do you think I just came BACK from?'

Simon is still perplexed... until he finally sees a drip of cum from beneath her skirt.

And here's Lily's ultimatum Simon has to fuck her while she still has all those strangers' cum inside her. If Simon does that, she'll forgive him. And if he DOESN'T... Well...

Pure Taboo - Jewelz Blu - Seller's Remorse

File: pxmjcnaputajewbluaigsjlhfb9.mp4
Size: 1.29 GB
Duration: 38:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Angela Jewelz Blu is furious with her boyfriend, Brody Tony Fontana, because she found out that he's been cheating on her. Brody claims that the cheating was a mistake, and that Angela is the only one for him. Angela doesn't believe him at all, since actions speak louder than words, and his action was CHEATING. But before they can argue any further, a vehicle pulls up in front of the house. Brody recognizes the vehicle, and goes outside alone to confront the driver.

The driver is one of Brody's troublesome relatives, Rick Seth Gamble. Rick has a habit of seducing Brody's girlfriends, and since Rick heard about Brody cheating on Angela, it's clear that Rick is here to make a move on her. Brody tells Rick to leave, saying that Angela is the woman he hopes to spend the rest of his life with, so he doesn't want Rick going anywhere near her. But Rick is unconvinced, saying that if Angela is really 'the one' for Brody, then why did Brody cheat on her just like he cheated on all his past girlfriends? They continue to argue, but then Angela comes outside to see what's going on. This is her first time meeting Rick, so she asks who he is.

Brody quickly lies, claiming that Rick is a potential buyer interested in purchasing their old bed. Angela falls for it, and invites Rick to come inside so he can see the bed. Once they're all inside the house, Brody shows Rick the bed in order to keep up the pretense, but Rick starts to get flirty with Angela, which she finds flattering. Not wanting Rick to steal his girlfriend, Brody tries to convince Angela to leave so he can make the sale alone. But Rick cleverly says that Angela shares ownership of the bed, so she should be involved in the transaction. Brody is annoyed, which pleases Angela since she's still angry at him, so she agrees she should be here for the sale.

Rick says he wants to test the bed first, since it'll be getting a lot of action if he buys it. Angela understands his game and wants to get revenge on Brody, so she sits on the bed and invites Rick to join her. Rick and Angela lie down together on the bed, and then Angela does some sultry poses for Rick, so they can aggravate Brody even further. Brody finally snaps, demanding to know if Rick is going to buy the bed or not. Rick claims that Brody's hostility is getting in the way of testing the bed and completing the sale. Angela agrees, and kicks Brody out of the house... so she can have revenge-fueled sex with Rick.

Pure Taboo - Maya Woulfe & Gizelle Blanco - You'll Be Safe Here

File: nrkrnnaputamaygizucotxpfrh4.mp4
Size: 1.62 GB
Duration: 47:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Violet Hazel Moore is surprised when her secret girlfriend Amelia Maya Woulfe unexpectedly comes over. Amelia explains that her parents found out she's a lesbian, and kicked her out. The girls don't want Violet's parents to find out that Violet is also a lesbian, so they sneak off to hide in Violet's room. But on their way to Violet's room, they run into Violet's older sibling, Florence Gizelle Blanco. Violet lies and says that Amelia is a friend from school who came over to study...

Once Violet and Amelia are alone in Violet's room, they discuss what they should do. Violet decides that Amelia can hide in her room for now, including setting up some bedding for Amelia in the closet so Violet's family won't find out. However, Florence is spying on Violet and Amelia through a crack in the door, watching them and listening to their conversation.

Over the next few days, Florence spies on Violet's room so she can keep gazing at Amelia, including ogling Amelia as she gets dressed after a shower. One day, Florence enters Violet's room while Violet is away, and opens the closet to confront Amelia. Florence says that she knows Amelia's been staying here, and says that she wants Amelia.

Amelia is surprised to find out that Florence is also secretly a lesbian, but turns Florence down since she doesn't want to betray Violet. But Florence gets petty and suggests that she might not keep Amelia's secret anymore... which means that Violet would also be outed to her parents. Amelia desperately agrees to give Florence what she wants, as long as Violet never hears about it because it would break her heart.