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Pure Taboo

Pure Taboo - Spencer Bradley & Mona Azar - Thou Shalt Not Covet

File: daaiknaputaspemonnuwqg6qsd5.mp4
Size: 2.48 GB
Duration: 56:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mina Spencer Bradley arrives at the home of her priest Michael Vegas, and introduces him to a woman, Valerie Mona Azar. Although the priest is expecting Mina, he seems a bit confused by Valerie's presence, but still invites them inside. As they talk, it is revealed that the priest previously agreed to officiate Mina's wedding. However, when he finds out that Mina will be marrying Valerie, he becomes disgusted and refuses to take part in the wedding after all...

The priest says that lesbian relationships are sinful. Mina and Valerie are hurt and angry, but the priest insists that they should repent before they doom their souls. Mina and Valerie accuse the priest of just wanting everyone else to be miserable like him, since he is required to be celibate. He gets offended, and the women realize they've struck a nerve, he clearly resents women he can't have, especially lesbians.

The women are sure the priest is so pent up that ANY temptation will make him falter. He claims that he won't give in no matter what they do, so they work together to start seducing him, determined to see his holier-than-thou attitude crumble. Mina and Valerie ramp up the seduction, until the priest gives in...

Pure Taboo - Serene Siren & Jewelz Blu - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

File: uhvknnaputaserjew5xupqso1su.mp4
Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 46:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two girlfriends, Kaylee Alison Rey and Isabelle Jewelz Blu, show up at a loft they are now renting together. They are excited about the move, especially since their landlady, Henrietta Serene Siren, is also a lesbian. Henrietta greets the young women, meeting Isabelle for the first time. There are hints of attraction from Henrietta towards Isabelle...

As the days go by, Kaylee and Isabelle's relationship goes through several misfortunes. First, they have to cancel their date night after Henrietta claims that the dryer malfunctioned, and shows them that Kaylee's nice clothes got all shredded. On another day, Kaylee and Isabelle are about to have sex, but have to stop when Kaylee starts to feel unwell, realizing that she's having an allergic reaction. Days later, Kaylee and Isabelle are hanging out when Kaylee gets an angry phone call from her parent, who is upset to have just found out through an unknown source that Kaylee is a lesbian.

Kaylee says she'll have to go talk to her parent in person. Isabelle is shocked and offers to go as support, but Kaylee tells her it's best that she goes alone. Isabelle is hurt but understanding, as Kaylee leaves. Henrietta then peeks into the loft, pretending to be concerned for Isabelle. Unbeknownst to Kaylee and Isabelle, Henrietta is responsible for all their relationship woes... and now that Isabelle is alone, it's time for Henrietta to get what she wants.

Pure Taboo - Emma Jade - A Night You'll Remember

File: fukxinaputaemmjad2o3erej8xn.mp4
Size: 1.44 GB
Duration: 42:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tara Emma Jade is expecting her boyfriend Charlie to pick her up for prom, and is surprised when Charlie's parent Mr. Nichols Charles Dera arrives at her door instead. Mr. Nichols says that Charlie is running late, so he offered to pick up Tara. She accepts this explanation, and gets into Mr. Nichols' car. As Mr. Nichols drives, he says that he wants to take this time alone to get to know Tara better, especially since she's gotten more serious with Charlie...

While they drive and talk, Mr. Nichols subtly finds ways to get into Tara's personal space. When Tara tries to downplay the seriousness of her and Charlie's relationship, Mr. Nichols reveals that he knows they rented a hotel room for the night in order to have sex. Mr. Nichols inquires if Tara is 'taking precautions' to avoid getting pregnant. She confirms that she is, which pleases Mr. Nichols.

Mr. Nichols puts his hand on Tara's knee, and Tara mentions that she is nervous about him only using one hand to drive. Mr. Nichols stops the car in a secluded area so that they can chat more. Mr. Nichols insinuates that he'd like to have sex with Tara, slyly leveraging his approval of her against the success of her relationship with Charlie. After some initial hesitation, Tara gives in, and they have sex inside and outside of the car.

Pure Taboo - Ella Reese - Matters Into Her Own Hands

File: hetqanaputaellreeumiwzcgaeh.mp4
Size: 1.94 GB
Duration: 54:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sarah Ella Reese is having a heated argument over the phone with her husband, Donnie Quinton James, who is currently out-of-town. It's revealed that Sarah cluelessly did insider trading because of a friend and that a government investigator is now being sent to their house that day to check their finances. Donnie is in utter disbelief over his wife's careless actions, which has now landed them BOTH in hot water.

Sarah tries to calm Donnie down and insists she'll get them out of this mess by seducing the investigator. Donnie thinks it's a terrible idea and tells her that he'll handle it once he's back in town. When Donnie orders her NOT to do anything, Sarah decides she doesn't want to be bossed around anymore and hangs up on him...

Sarah Ella Reese is having a heated argument over the phone with her husband, Donnie Quinton James, who is currently out-of-town. It's revealed that Sarah cluelessly did insider trading because of a friend and that a government investigator is now being sent to their house that day to check their finances. Donnie is in utter disbelief over his wife's careless actions, which has now landed them BOTH in hot water.

Sarah tries to calm Donnie down and insists she'll get them out of this mess by seducing the investigator. Donnie thinks it's a terrible idea and tells her that he'll handle it once he's back in town. When Donnie orders her NOT to do anything, Sarah decides she doesn't want to be bossed around anymore and hangs up on him.

Hours later, the investigator, John Robby Echo, is sorting through files in the living room. Sarah watches from afar then starts feeling him out by being a little seductive, which John is receptive to. As they flirt a little, it's revealed that John is willing to negotiate a little to get Sarah out of this mess...

Things get hot and heavy between them as Sarah takes matters into her own hands. But that's when Donnie, having rushed home, steps inside and catches them in the act.

Donnie confronts Sarah, furious that she defied his orders. Meanwhile, Sarah is angry that Donnie is so bossy and underestimates her. Meanwhile, John is thoroughly amused by the argument, telling them that he enjoys taking on cases involving couples because of just how far couples are often willing to go. That's when he starts taunting Donnie, wondering how far HE'LL go, which leads to an all-out threesome.

Pure Taboo - Hazel Moore - All Natural Nubile

File: zrpnynaputahazmoockbtxf4rxn.mp4
Size: 1.14 GB
Duration: 43:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Suzie Hazel Moore is relaxing in her room when her parent, Alice Jamie Michelle, comes into the room to talk to her. Alice explains that she will be going on a work retreat for two weeks, so she would like Suzie to stay with Kevin John Strong, Alice's ex-husband and Suzie's stepfather. Suzie is very understanding but also a bit nervous since she hasn't seen her stepfather in a while, and wonders if he's going to be okay with having her around. Alice assures her that Kevin is very happy with the idea of Suzie staying at his place, Alice and Kevin's divorce was because of their incompatible personalities, and nothing to do with Suzie. Alice is sure they'll both have a good time...

A few days later, Kevin opens his front door for Suzie. They're both a bit awkward but also warm as they greet each other, and he takes her suitcase and invites her in. He tells her to make herself comfortable, and he'll take care of EVERYTHING. As Suzie walks past Kevin, he hungrily looks her up and down, but she doesn't notice.

A couple of days later, Suzie is relaxing on the couch when Kevin enters the room with two boutique bags. He apologizes, saying that he accidentally ruined all her clothes in the wash because he used too much bleach, BUT he bought a bunch of new clothes to make it up to her. Suzie sees that the new garments are very revealing, and hesitantly says those kinds of clothes aren't... really her style. Kevin acts bashful, apologizing and claiming that he asked the store clerk what girls her age might wear, and this is what she showed him. This makes Suzie feel bad for him, so she assures him it's the thought that counts, and tries on some of the clothes. Kevin praises how she looks in the new outfit, giving her a confidence boost. She says that maybe this kind of style isn't so bad after all. Kevin grins lustily, although Suzie doesn't notice.

Later that day, Kevin and Suzie decide to watch a movie together, but Suzie is surprised when Kevin suggests that she can sit on his lap. Suzie asks if she's a little old for that. Kevin looks crestfallen, saying he supposes she's right. It's just that he's missed out on so many special moments with her, and wanted to make up for lost time. Feeling bad for him, Suzie agrees to sit on his lap, not realizing that this is all part of his plan

Pure Taboo - Reagan Foxx - All We Have Is Each Other

File: rnleynaputareafoxpxefixjgrc.mp4
Size: 1.78 GB
Duration: 45:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Danny Sam Solo is a quiet, shy college student who has decided to return home for the summer to live with his stepmom, Nancy Reagan Foxx. Even though they are not related, Nancy has always been a loving parental figure to Danny and seemed so lonely and isolated on the family's ranch.

When he arrives, Nancy is so grateful to have the company and helps Danny settle in. But, over the course of the following days, a series of unfortunate events happens to Danny. His glasses break, impairing his eyesight. Nancy tries to tape them together, but they fall apart. Then, Danny burns his hands on the stove. Nancy helps bandage him up, but he can no longer grip anything...

Danny tries to take a shower but she has to help him wash himself, before offering to put lotion on his body. Danny has an allergic reaction and becomes so itchy that he can't wear any clothing. When Nancy tries to help him out of the bathroom, he slips and injures his ankle, rendering him unable to walk.

At her wits end, Nancy tries to call the doctor but no one answers. She will simply have to take care of her beloved stepson herself.

Perhaps that was the plan all along.

Naked and propped up in bed, Nancy dotes on Danny. She is so loving and caring that Danny unintentionally gets hard. It's embarrassing. But, not for Nancy. She is happy to help take care of Danny in whatever way she can

Pure Taboo - Vanessa Vega - Past His Prime

File: bgwnanaputavanveglw8ubpexf4.mp4
Size: 1.88 GB
Duration: 54:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Vanessa Vega and her former teacher, Mr. Harris Clarke Kent, enter Nicole's old classroom. A class reunion is happening in the gymnasium, but Nicole asked Mr. Harris to let her into the classroom so she can reminisce. Mr. Harris warmly says that he's really not supposed to unlock any of the classrooms at night, but Nicole had always been so studious and even helped to organize the class reunion, so how could he say 'no' to her? To his surprise, Nicole becomes resentful and says he didn't have any problem saying 'no' to her when she was his student...

Mr. Harris is confused, so Nicole clarifies that she's talking about back when she was 18 and told him that she WANTED him... but he rejected her. Mr. Harris claims that he turned her down because it would have been inappropriate for a teacher to have a sexual encounter with a student, but Nicole doesn't believe him. She angrily reveals it was an open secret that Mr. Harris was having sex with plenty of other 18-year-olds in her class, so why not HER?

Mr. Harris admits that he simply wasn't attracted to Nicole back then, because she used to be too nerdy for his tastes. Nicole says that she suspected as much, but over the years she's learned to be more confident and love herself. Nicole smugly adds that the years clearly HAVEN'T been as good to Mr. Harris, who has definitely aged and must have a harder time seducing students now. Mr. Harris admits that she's right, but Nicole says she has an offer for him. She states that she wants the closure of knowing that Mr. Harris never should have said 'no' to her, so she is offering him sex one final time

Pure Taboo - Spencer Bradley & Jennifer White - Too Close For Comfort

File: 8rsmqnaputaspejenbmir6waaty.mp4
Size: 1.66 GB
Duration: 46:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Casey Spencer Bradley and her husband, Shane Lucas Frost, are waiting for Shane's stepmother, Marilyn Jennifer White, to arrive. Shane's excited to see his stepmom, though Casey, on the other hand, is a little nervous about it. Casey admits that she doesn't feel like Marilyn likes her very much. Whenever they're in the same room, it always seems like Marilyn is competing with Casey over Shane's attention. Shane insists that's not true and that they just need to spend more time together, which is why he's glad Marilyn's visiting. Casey isn't sold but before she can say anything else, Marilyn arrives, lugging her suitcases through the door and greeting Shane with a kiss on the lips. Casey is taken aback by this but doesn't call them out on it. Though Marilyn is obviously smitten with Shane, it's clear that she harbors little to no goodwill towards Casey, whom she treats rather coldly...

Over the next few days, Casey catches Shane and Marilyn in various seemingly lustful situations that make her pause. The first time, Casey catches Marilyn whispering conspiratorially in Shane's ear while sending her mocking glances. Shane insists they were just planning dinner, so Casey shrugs it off. The second time, Casey spots Marilyn checking out Shane's physique, though she doesn't confront them about it. But when she spots them a third time, caressing each other sensually on the couch, she can't hold her tongue any longer. 'What the FUCK are you doing?' she demands.

Shane pulls away from his stepmom, an anguished look of shame carved out on his face. Marilyn, on the other hand, doesn't feel like she needs to hide anything, and proudly declares that she and Shane are sexually involved. Casey can't believe her ears- this is simply too much. How could Shane DO this to her? Shane explains that he tried to call it off after he got married to Casey, but whenever he's around Marilyn he just can't help himself. At the same time, he loves Casey and hates himself for not being able to control this taboo urge of his.

Casey takes this all in and then realizes that no matter what she does, Shane will always crawl back to Marilyn. And if she can't compete with Marilyn, then maybe she can join her and Shane in their lovemaking. Marilyn is at first hesitant, but after Casey pleads with her to let her in, she allows it. They have an energetic threesome, with Casey doing all she can to save her marriage from the dominating grip of Marilyn.

Pure Taboo - Paige Owens - Living Well

File: dqaaunaputapaiowebeyi1xywah.mp4
Size: 1.47 GB
Duration: 40:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two successful lawyers who are also friends, Paul Tommy Pistol and Brian Alex Mack, walk into a cafe. They place their orders with an attractive young server, Amy Paige Owens. Paul and Brian get a little flirty with Amy, especially Paul, who says he can tell that Amy is new here because he would have remembered if he'd seen such a pretty face before. Amy is amused and flattered, and goes to get their orders ready...

Another man then walks into the cafe. He recognizes Brian and introduces himself as Jason Black Clarke Kent, someone who went to the same high school as Brian. Paul seems shocked to hear the name. Brian and Jason chat a bit to catch up, and then Brian introduces Jason to Paul, saying he went to the same high school as them, maybe Jason knows Paul, too? Paul guardedly says that he DID know Jason. Although Jason seems amused to see Paul, it doesn't seem that Paul feels the same way.

Amy then approaches the table, and cheerfully asks Jason what he's doing here. It turns out that Jason is her parent, and Jason happily introduces Amy as his brilliant little angel, proudly saying that she's a hardworking student with excellent grades. Jason then tells Amy that Brian and Paul actually went to the same high school as him, and Amy seems delighted that the three men are having a little reunion.

After Amy and Jason leave Brian and Paul alone, Paul looks upset. He reveals to Brian that Jason was his high school bully and put him through hell. Paul is still angry and resentful about what Jason did to him, and even though it's clear from their brief reunion that Paul is living a much more successful life than Jason now, Paul isn't satisfied with the idea that 'the best revenge is living well'. Hatching a plan, Paul suggests to Brian that a MUCH more satisfying form of revenge would be if they both fuck Amy

Pure Taboo - Lily Larimar - Star Quality

File: hqas3naputalillarxjnxnvq3hy.mp4
Size: 795.50 MB
Duration: 48:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: STAR QUALITY

Mr. Mitchell Ryan Driller keeps one of his students, Kerri Lily Larimar, after class to talk to her about the school drama club. Kerri is the club president and Mr. Mitchell is the teacher chaperoning the club, which means that they've worked together a lot for various school activities.

Mr. Mitchell butters her up by saying she's the most talented performer, and Kerri is more than willing to take these compliments. He says that he has a special project in mind, explaining that he wants to use his phone to film an 'acting reel' of the two of them. Mr. Mitchell then shows Kerri a box of props, saying that he will give her various 'acting prompts', and film the performances. He emphasizes that she has to stay in character for each prompt. She agrees to it, eager to show off her acting talents...

He starts filming and Kerri's first role is a wholesome virgin. It's clear to Kerri that he's having her act out various pervy fantasies of his, but she remains eager to please and goes along with it. She wears a headband from the props box to play the role and Mr. Mitchell soon 'teaches' her how to kiss... and more.

But Kerri isn't as innocent as she seems, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to keep Mr. Mitchell's attention. As she cycles between being the wholesome virgin, slutty cheerleader, and nerdy schoolgirl, she plays up every tantalizing fantasy Mr. Mitchell has ever had... But as they near the end of their lustful encounter, Mr. Mitchell is about to rudely snap back to reality.

Pure Taboo - Ana Foxxx - Unfinished Business

File: waxqbnaputaanafoxlaj6wmmloa.mp4
Size: 603.27 MB
Duration: 42:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Abigail Ana Foxxx and her boyfriend, Malcolm Alex Mack, are relaxing and watching a romantic holiday movie together. Things seem to be going well until Abigail brings up how they're seeing her family for the holidays. That's when the mood changes, as Malcolm becomes standoffish and states that he's changed his mind -- he wants to stay home for the holidays instead.

Abigail is confused as Malcolm makes flimsy excuses for his change of heart. She tries to protest, revealing Malcolm's troubling habit of keeping her isolated, though Malcolm denies everything and convinces her that she's just overreacting. Abigail is troubled and tries to pretend that everything is okay, but the moment Malcolm leaves the room, she decides enough is enough...

Abigail rushes to pack a bag, determined to get herself out of this situation once and for all. But when she turns around and sees Malcolm angrily approaching her, she knows it's too late.

Months later, the scene set is much the same, except that Malcolm is with a new girlfriend, Lindsay. Although Lindsay is happy to be with him, she's concerned that she's just a rebound since Abigail tragically passed not long ago. But Malcolm assures her that, although he misses Abigail, he loves Lindsay now.

But Malcolm starts to become haunted by his actions of the past. Over multiple days, he catches ghostly glimpses of a mysterious woman in white drifting silently through his house. Whether it's movement from the corner of his eye or a figure shrouded in mist at the end of the hallway, Malcolm's world is turned upside down. It doesn't help that whenever he brings it up with Lindsay, she claims she doesn't see a thing.

One night, as Malcolm lies in bed, he's once again visited by the mysterious woman in white. But this time, it's painfully clear that the mysterious woman is Abigail. She's there to get Malcolm to admit the truth of how she came to pass, although Malcolm is adamant that he had nothing to do with it. That's when Abigail begins seducing him, assuring him that once he lets everything go and admits his wrongdoing, then he'll finally be free

Pure Taboo - Vanna Bardot - Trust The Process

File: s2ulunaputavanbaryn9dpdfqz6.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 43:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Sacha, the plaintiff in a jury trial, meets with her lawyer, Bill, while accompanied by her sibling, Linda Vanna Bardot. Both women are frustrated because the jury hasn't reached a verdict yet. Linda is confident that one particular juror, Juror 11, has been voting against the majority. Not only that, but he seems like a total sleazeball to her as well...

Bill reminds them that they have to trust the legal process, then warns them that, despite their best efforts, they may still lose the case. Linda, refusing to let Sacha lose because of one juror's ignorance, resolves to take matters into her OWN hands...

A day later, Linda spots Juror 11, named Seth Will Pounder near the courthouse and pretends to bump into him. Linda then puts her plan into action, pretending to flirt and fawn over him, which causes Seth to take an interest in her. Claiming that she is writing an article on the trial for her college newspaper, Linda manages to get Seth to invite her over to his house to talk more about the proceedings though it's clear from the way he checks her out that he wants to do more than talk.

Shortly after, Seth brings Linda into his home and they start talking about his role in the trial. Seth admits he wishes the trial could end so that he could go back to his normal life, causing him to confirm to Linda that he is indeed the juror holding back the verdict. NOW it's time for Linda to do whatever it takes to sneakily convince Seth into changing his verdict

Pure Taboo - Spencer Bradley - When Your Past Comes Knocking

File: 5fomonaputaspebrakb8fwwa5lj.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 48:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Your Past Coming Knocking

Kayla Spencer Bradley gets a knock on her door, and it's revealed to be her sibling, Adam Billy Boston. She's overjoyed that he came to visit, as they haven't seen each other in a while. Adam doesn't seem as relaxed as Kayla, however, as he reveals that he's just stopping by to say goodbye. He appears anxious as he explains that he lost his job and things aren't going well for him, so he's decided to live off the grid for a while and get a fresh start. Kayla is perplexed and worried about Adam. She asks for details, but he remains cryptic, hinting that there may be more to his misfortune than he's letting on. Kayla eventually convinces Adam to stay with her for a bit, and after some hesitation, Adam agrees...

Some weeks later, Kayla and Adam are lounging in the living room when suddenly an intimidating man Derrick Pierce shows up at the house and lets himself in with a look of pure, determined malice in his gritty eyes. To Kayla's shock, the man seems to be looking for Adam, who appears immediately frightened of the man and claims that he was going to call him. It becomes very clear that Adam hasn't only lost his job... but has gotten into deep water with the WRONG kind of people. Kayla tries to reason with the man, offering her paintings, cars- anything she can to get Adam off the hook. Unfortunately, the man won't bite. He's only interested in getting back what's owed to him, and if that's not possible, then Adam is going to have to come with him and pay some other way.

Kayla, desperate to protect Adam, comes up with a last-ditch idea. She begins seducing the man, offering to have sex with him in return for Adam's freedom. The man agrees but takes pleasure in reminding Adam of how weak and cowardly he is to let Kayla fight his battles for him time and time again. Adam won't have the privilege of leaving the room as the man fucks Kayla- the man makes sure that Adam stays in the room to watch. The man and Kayla have intense, energetic sex on her couch, all while Adam sits on the sidelines, shamed for the mess he's caused.

Pure Taboo - Kyler Quinn - His 100th Foster

File: scn4jnaputakylquiknabey1kiv.mp4
Size: 1.46 GB
Duration: 36:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Penny Kyler Quinn arrives at the beautiful home of Charlie Foster Rachael Cavalli. However, the woman who greets Penny at the door is not Charlie but Jacqueline Aiden Ashley, who doesn't seem too fond of Penny. As Jacqueline leads Penny through the house and explains the rules, it is revealed that Charlie likes to rescue homeless girls by inviting them to join her harem. Charlie is into family roleplay, so she requires that the girls in the harem refer to her as a parental figure and refer to each other as siblings, even though none of them are actually related. Jacqueline is the eldest 'sibling', and Penny is the newest one. In fact, Penny is the 100th girl...

As the tour of the home continues, Penny meets some of her fellow siblings Nadia Noja, Paris White, Hadley Haze, Rebecca Vanguard, Sage Foxx, Penelope Woods, Kate Bloom, who all seem to like Penny. Jacqueline becomes jealous, and insists that Penny needs to prove herself. Eager to please, Penny takes off her panties to fit in with the home's dress code, and tries to show off a bold, sexual side, which includes kissing Jacqueline.

Although Jacqueline likes Penny's initiative, she's still not convinced. Penny offers to have sex with her in order to convince her. Jacqueline agrees, insisting that the other girls watch. They have sex on the couch, with Jacqueline taking charge and trying to humiliate Penny in front of the others. However, the sex is eventually interrupted when Charlie enters. She's unimpressed with Jacqueline's attitude and decides to put Jacqueline in her place, having Jacqueline please her in front of everyone. Charlie then invites Penny to join them, in order to give her a proper welcome into this growing 'family'.

Pure Taboo - Lily Larimar - Once He's Out Of The Way

File: ndiplnaputalillarzulcskfiq6.mp4
Size: 1.38 GB
Duration: 44:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Beth Lily Larimar is just about to head out when her parent, Leonard Clarke Kent, stops her. She's been going out a lot lately and Leonard is concerned about her. Beth is hesitant to tell him anything, but after some coaxing, she nervously admits that she has a new boyfriend. Leonard is pleased and insists on meeting the boyfriend.

A few days later, Beth's boyfriend Jake Romeo Mancini comes over to meet Leonard. But to Leonard's shock and disgust, it turns out that Jake is a much older man. Leonard is furious with Beth for dating someone so much older, and he also angrily confronts Jake for dating an 18-year-old. Tensions are high, and Jake leaves before the argument can get even worse. Beth, still shocked, says she needs time to think and leaves, with Leonard warning her she's not welcome back home if she chooses to be with Jake.

Later that same day, Beth is in Jake's bedroom. She is heartbroken, while Jake tries to comfort her. Leonard is the only family that Beth has, so she doesn't know what to do about Leonard's ultimatum. But Jake seems to become inspired. He starts trying to convince Beth that they need Leonard out of the picture in order to be happy together. Beth is shocked and conflicted, as Jake suggests that they could get Leonard out of the way by getting him into serious trouble. Beth isn't sure she wants to go that far, but Jake is very persuasive

Pure Taboo - Sophia Burns - Never Meet Your Heroes

File: hcijbnaputasopbursf2j14nqoc.mp4
Size: 1.43 GB
Duration: 41:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Never Meet Your Heroes

SCENE OPENS on Alexa Sophia Burns, a political intern, arriving at a lofty home. She is a little nervous as she is led into the living room where she waits with bated breath as her political idol, Eleanore Cadwin Rachael Cavalli, comes down the stairs and greets her with a warm smile. It is revealed that Alexa is a promising intern working for Eleanore's political campaign. She has called Alexa to her home for a special meeting with her husband Mel Seth Gamble...

Alexa gushes over Eleanore, praising her political mission as something she truly believes in. Alexa wants to do EVERYTHING in her power to help get Eleanore elected, stating that too many women go ignored in politics. It's been a dream of hers since she first started studying political sciences to work on Eleanore's campaign and help make a difference for every citizen in this country. Eleanore is apparently honored by Alexa's commitment but soon gets down to business, elaborating that she has singled Alexa out for a VERY special project.

Mel and Eleanore explain that they would like to end their marriage of convenience, which hasn't been as fruitful as they imagined, by setting up an affair between Mel and another woman. Eleanore would use this fabricated scandal for political gain, currying the favor of female voters across the country by turning Eleanore into a symbol of a 'woman striving against adversity'. When Alexa wonders why they are telling her this, it is revealed that Eleanore and Mel want HER to be the scapegoat for the fabricated affair.

Alexa is disgusted, threatening to walk out. But she is stopped by Eleanore, who convinces her to stay and hear her out. Eleanore explains how this unorthodox plan could be the turning point for her campaign, slowly convincing Alexa that her participation in it will make more of a difference than her regular internship ever could. Nobody would ever know of Alexa's sacrifice, since she'll be painted as a villain, but in secret, she will become a hero for her country. After all, if Eleanore is put into office, she can actually put her political ideas to work and improve the lives of all. Convinced by Eleanore's silver tongue, Alexa agrees to the plan. She has energetic, intense sex with Mel, all while Eleanore films it with her cellphone, manufacturing a video that will then 'accidentally' be leaked to the public.

Pure Taboo - Charly Summer - The Big Game

File: muwgwnaputachasumq4lp5fkiab.mp4
Size: 1.97 GB
Duration: 49:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Jessica Charly Summer wants nothing more than to get attention from her stepfather, Ryan Seth Gamble. He's confident, cool, and stable... everything that she wants in a parent figure. But Ryan is a typical alpha male when it comes to all things football, meaning that whenever the game's on, no women are allowed in his man cave, not even Jessica...

But no matter how much Ryan pushes her away, Jessica does everything she can to try and win him over. All she wants is for him to LIKE her, although she's starting to run out of ideas. Given that her trying to be sweet and accommodating isn't doing the trick, it's time to push herself further than ever.

The morning of the big game, Ryan barks at Jessica to get out of the house so that he can enjoy the game in peace. Although Jessica agrees, she slyly changes into revealing loungewear and casually enters the man cave. Ryan is immediately startled to see Jessica's hot body, trying to keep himself in check as he orders her to go get changed. But instead of slipping into something conservative, Jessica instead returns in a skimpy football uniform and fishnet stockings.

Again, Ryan is floored, barely able to keep his eyes off her. Jessica is playful as she asks if she can stay and watch the game. Although Ryan reminds her that she was SUPPOSED to leave, he grunts that he supposes she can stay around... as long as she's quiet.

Jessica, feeling braver than ever, settles in next to him. She KNOWS this is her moment and seizes it. Emboldened, she spreads her legs a little and begins touching herself, clearly wanting Ryan to catch her in the act. When he finally does, he's shocked and tries to scold her, but Jessica sees the primal lust in his eyes.

As Jessica tells him to loosen up, Ryan's resolve starts to crumble as hunger takes over.

Pure Taboo - Laney Grey & Penny Barber - Some Ground Rules...

File: 58elunaputalanpenx1yuo6bl8x.mp4
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Duration: 47:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Emily Laney Grey nervously enters the office of a youth shelter worker, Donna Penny Barber. It's soon revealed that Emily is pregnant but unsure if she will keep it, given that she's living on the streets. While Donna is caring throughout the conversation, she admits that she and her husband, Alex John Legendary, are trying to adopt but are running into obstacles. That's when Donna offers to take care of Emily at home -- all expenses paid -- throughout her pregnancy... as long as Emily agrees to let THEM become the new parents.

Emily is surprised but jumps at the opportunity. However, Donna warns her that they have strict rules at the house, though Emily isn't deterred, obliviously agreeing to everything in her excitement...

The next day, Emily arrives to live with Donna and Alex, excited to see how her life will change from that point on. Of course, she's not prepared for when Donna and Alex greet her completely in the nude. That's when they reveal that they are nudists, though they didn't mention it earlier because they didn't want to scare Emily away.

Although Emily is a little off-put at first, she can't let this opportunity of a lifetime pass her by. When they lay down some ground rules, including having to adopt the nudist lifestyle herself, Emily goes along with it. She's sure in time she'll get used to it.

Little does Emily know, there are even more rules to come

Pure Taboo - Cadence Lux & Hazel Moore - Soaking

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Duration: 39:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: SOAKING

Clara and Brighten Cadence Lux and Hazel Moore, two members of a conservative rural family, are having dinner with their parents at their family home. As they sit through grace, Brighten kicks Clara under the table, whispering that she needs to speak with her privately once their parents leave for errands later. Clara quietly agrees though she's perplexed as to what Brighten could need so urgently...

Later that day, Brighten knocks on Clara's door, who invites her inside. With their parents gone for a few hours, Brighten feels comfortable talking to Clara about what's on her mind- though she makes her promise she won't tell anyone about what she's about to share. Clara agrees, though is shocked when Brighten invites Elijah Seth Gamble, her boyfriend, inside.

Brighten explains that although she and Elijah are committed to each other and plan to wed after college, they are having trouble staying chaste until then. Elijah expresses how, despite his faith, he's caught himself having filthy thoughts and even watching adult films online. Clara is appalled... she has no idea what to say. Brighten mentions, however, that they believe they have found an adequate solution to their predicament SOAKING.

An apparent loophole within their faith, soaking involves a man inserting his penis in a woman's vagina and not moving it. It's a way that other couples their age have gotten around breaking their vow of pre-marital abstinence. The only thing is that there needs to be a third party present to physically move the other two so that they can achieve sexual gratification. To Clara's shock, Brighten and Elijah want HER to move them during intercourse.

Clara is hesitant, asking Brighten if this is what she REALLY wants. Brighten admits that Clara is the only person she truly trusts, and it would mean the world to her if she helped them out with this one thing. Clara finally agrees, and assists Elijah and Brighten through their first sexual encounter, hoping to God she won't be forsaken for what she has agreed to.

Pure Taboo - Laney Grey - The Responsible One

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Duration: 41:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Holly Laney Grey is surprised when her older sibling Andrea comes home early from her waitressing job. After some probing from Holly, it turns out that Andrea has been fired for irresponsible behavior. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Andrea's come home jobless. In fact, it's the third job she lost this year!

Their rent is due soon, and Holly is frustrated and disappointed that Andrea isn't trying to either get her job back or get a new one. It doesn't seem like Andrea's willing or able to pull her weight, and Holly's feeling backed into a corner. After a heated confrontation, Holly angrily leaves, saying that she'll clean up Andrea's mess...

A short time later, Holly approaches Mr. Lewis Seth Gamble, the owner of the restaurant that Andrea just got fired from. She pleads for Andrea to be given her job back, explaining that they're orphans and desperately need this job. Although he's sympathetic, Mr. Lewis says that he's given Andrea too many chances already. She's a liability... though he notes that HOLLY seems more level-headed -- and pretty, too.

That's when Holly offers to take over Andrea's job herself. Even though she may not have waitressing experience, she's a hard worker, so Mr. Lewis won't be disappointed. But Holly can see that Mr. Lewis is still on the fence, so she decides to make a bold, desperate move. Since he already mentioned she's pretty, maybe there's something else Holly can do to convince him to take her on...

Pure Taboo - Scarlett Mae & Marie McCray - Textbook Narcissism

File: pklqlnaputascamarp6w9zhinmz.mp4
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Duration: 45:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A young woman, Jessica Scarlett Mae, enters Dr. Crawford Marie McCray's office, meeting the therapist for the first time. They have a therapy session, with Jessica revealing that she's there to get help for her alleged superiority complex. She's not ashamed of who she is but she IS starting to accidentally burn bridges. But as Dr. Crawford listens, it becomes clear that she plans to nurture Jessica's superiority complex for her own personal gain...

Four sessions later, Dr. Crawford insists that they've made lots of progress but that today will be a huge step in Jessica's treatment. She asks if Jessica's ready for the next steps and Jessica curiously agrees.

Dr. Crawford shows her true colors, admitting that SHE has a superiority complex, too, but that she embraces it. Jessica is stunned but intrigued, asking why Dr. Crawford is telling her all this. That's when Dr. Crawford starts coming onto Jessica, telling her that she sees a lot of herself in Jessica. Jessica can have EVERYTHING she's ever wanted if she puts aside her worries about petty relationships. Who cares if a few bridges are burned?

Dr. Crawford then gives Jessica clothes that match hers, as a gift, which Jessica accepts. Dr. Crawford helps Jessica get dressed, the sexual tension building as clothes fall away, revealing skin. Dr. Crawford also gives Jessica glasses and encourages her to put her hair up, the sexual tension mounting. As they stand in front of a mirror, it's revealed that Jessica looks almost EXACTLY like Dr. Crawford.

And that's when Dr. Crawford reveals that she's been grooming Jessica all along... because the only ones they need are THEMSELVES.

Pure Taboo - Codi Vore - Hook, Line And Sinker

File: x8lfinaputacodvorpe9yhnwbi9.mp4
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Duration: 47:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Maggie Codi Vore waits for a cab outside a club, but is having no luck getting one. A man, Kyle Jay Romero, comes out of the same club, also trying to get a cab. They strike up a conversation, and Kyle tells Maggie that he is a soldier. This is his last night on leave before he is being deployed for six months the next morning. Maggie is impressed with his bravery and devotion to duty. The sexual tension between them begins to grow, as Kyle talks about wanting to make every moment count, since he doesn't know what could happen to him out there...

With the sexual tension mounting, Maggie falls for Kyle's charms. She flirtatiously suggests that they share a cab, and invites Kyle back to her place. As soon as they arrive at Maggie's loft, they start making out, unable to keep their hands off of each other. Maggie gives Kyle a memorable experience before he has to leave.

A few weeks later, Maggie is in a cafe, and she is shocked to see Kyle come in through the door. She confronts Kyle about him still being in town. He tries to give an excuse, but Maggie refuses to fall for it, so Kyle admits that he is not a soldier, and is actually a tax auditor. He frequently uses his 'soldier' story to pick up women. Much to his surprise, Maggie says she isn't mad, since she enjoyed the sex.

The sexual tension begins to grow between them again, and Maggie suggests that they go back to Kyle's place, since it turns out that he lives nearby. Kyle can't believe his good fortune, and as soon as they arrive at Kyle's house, he and Maggie are unable to keep their hands off of each other. But he's not the only one who's lying, and HER truth could have serious consequences for him

Pure Taboo - Coco Lovelock & Haley Reed - Troublemakers

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Duration: 44:18
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4

A school counselor, Mr. Russell Brad Newman, invites two students, Lily Coco Lovelock and Emma Haley Reed, who dislike each other, to his house for an intervention. Even as Lily and Emma walk together up to the front steps, all they do is heckle each other, showing how much they can't stand each other.

Once Lily and Emma are seated down before Mr. Russell, It's revealed that Lily and Emma are rivals at school, and their competitiveness is causing disruptions in class. Mr. Russell claims that the school asked him to speak with them to try and settle things, which is why they're there today...

But Mr. Russell starts secretly building tension between them by pitting them against each other when asking them questions. Lily and Emma are quick to get haughty with each other, causing more friction. Although Mr. Russell acts like he's trying to help them, he slips in language that causes even more of a rift between the two highly-competitive girls that see each other as a threat.

Finally, Mr. Russell lies and tells them that he thinks the cause of their anger towards each other is underlying sexual tension. Emma and Lily are shocked, both insisting that that's impossible since they're not lesbians. But Mr. Russell continues manipulating Lily and Emma, slowly convincing them that the only way they'll stop fighting is to work it out through sex.

Although Lily and Emma are stunned, if THIS is what it'll take to end the animosity between them

Pure Taboo - Scarlett Mae - Nothing To Lose

File: 5zyfinaputascamaexcfpi1jxcf.mp4
Size: 1.18 GB
Duration: 35:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: NOTHING TO LOSE

Beth Scarlett Mae is home alone when her doorbell rings. She's a little confused but then shocked when she opens the front door to find a nervous-looking man, Simon Lucky Fate, standing there. Although Beth is about to close the door in his face, he pleads with her to let him in...

Once Beth begrudgingly lets him in and they sit down, it's revealed that Simon is Beth's ex, whom she hasn't seen in many years. Of course, she gets another shock to the system when Simon says that there is a warrant out for his arrest and that he is facing a long prison sentence. Although he's been on the run, he knows he's in the wrong and is ready to turn himself in. But before he does that, he wants to have one last night with her since they've always had a special bond...

Beth is angered by Simon's request, especially since she's moved on and is with another man. But despite her anger, and no matter how much she wishes it wasn't the case, she still has feelings for Simon deep down inside.

The more Simon begs, bringing up new and old emotions, the more conflicted Beth becomes about his request...

HE may have nothing to lose but what about HER?

Pure Taboo - Silvia Saige & Coco Lovelock - Lost Little Lamb

File: bvmjqnaputasilcocfta4cdy2c9.mp4
Size: 3.66 GB
Duration: 34:34
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4

Cindy Coco Lovelock is worried because she's been having thoughts that the Church considers to be sinful, so she visits her pastor's home for guidance. But the pastor's wife, Mrs. Murphy Silvia Saige, says that he isn't home right now. Mrs. Murphy offers to take a walk with Cindy while they wait for the pastor to return. As Mrs. Murphy takes Cindy by the hand and goes for a stroll, she reveals that she knows Cindy is here to talk to the pastor about having feelings of lesbianism...

Cindy is stunned that the pastor told her secret to Mrs. Murphy, but Mrs. Murphy changes the subject by saying she just remembered that she left cookies in the oven, and hurries Cindy inside. Once they're settled in the living room with a plate of cookies, Mrs. Murphy reveals to Cindy that she is also a lesbian, and that the pastor is gay.

Mrs. Murphy explains that she and her husband have been using his position to find people who are questioning their sexuality, so they can 'help' these people by having sex with them. Cindy is horrified, saying this goes against the Church's teachings. But Mrs. Murphy uses scripture to justify herself, saying that God loves everyone, including those who stray from the flock. Mrs. Murphy claims that she and her husband have been chosen by God to be shepherds to those who have strayed, and that she can help Cindy too

Pure Taboo - Kenzie Anne - Serial Breeder

File: e9dsvnaputakenannqzhfzolcen.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 49:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Eric Seth Gamble grew up in his own idyllic world where men were men and women were women, and EVERYONE knew their role. He is entranced by women and how they have the power to create life and give a man heirs, and he knows it's HIS role to help produce those heirs. Whether he finds women in parks or through online dating profiles, he knows what he wants and he only finds those who want the same thing... EVEN if he has to twist the narrative a little.

Today, Eric is preparing for a date, having invited his latest conquest over. As soon as he hears her knocking, he immediately begins pretending that he's injured. Casey Kenzie Anne enters and is immediately sympathetic as Eric plays her like a fiddle...

Once in the bedroom, where Eric has bred many women before, he spins a lie about an accident causing him to be paralyzed from the waist down. Unfortunately, it's left him infertile as well, though he often wishes that he could have a family of his own.

Casey buys into everything he says, drawn to his perceived vulnerability. She thinks he's being completely honest with her and wants to be closer to him, which soon leads to an intimate encounter. But little does Casey know, she's playing right into a serial breeder's hands

Pure Taboo - Anna de Ville - More Than She Bargained For

File: nhhabnaputaanndevilofryxx3tlo.mp4
Size: 941.11 MB
Duration: 37:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Fletcher Jayden Marcos and Evelyn Anna de Ville, a couple, approach Fletcher's summer home. As they stroll along, he boasts about the various homes his family has, making it very clear that he has a lot of wealth. It also becomes very clear that Evelyn wants in on that wealth as well...

As they amble to the front door, it's revealed that they're getting the keys to a yacht, though Evelyn seems a bit impatient and nervous. They think the house is empty but it turns out that Fletcher's stepdad, Harrison Chris Epic, is inside. Evelyn isn't pleased, although Fletcher seems oblivious to this...

After sitting down, Harrison asks about Evelyn, discovering that she's a very new girlfriend. She tries to charm Harrison but he is a bit wary of her. Meanwhile, Fletcher seems unaware of their dynamics, insisting they need the yacht keys, which has Harrison curious. Evelyn quickly tries to lie but Fletcher blurts out that they want to check out the yacht as a possible wedding venue.

Harrison is surprised and there's a bit of tension between him and Fletcher since this is news to Harrison. Evelyn jumps in to try and defuse the situation, which only makes Harrison more suspicious of her. Finally, Harrison asks Fletcher to go fetch something to celebrate their engagement with.

After Fletcher leaves, Harrison confronts Evelyn. He is calm and transactional as he tells Evelyn he knows what she's up to... He KNOWS she's a gold-digger. He's willing to look the other way and let Evelyn teach his stepson a lesson about being too trusting -- only if Evelyn gives him a blowjob.

Evelyn is surprised but eager to buy Harrison's silence, so she eagerly gives him a blowjob. But everything's about to be thrown into turmoil as Fletcher returns much sooner than anticipated

Pure Taboo - Kenna James - Dream Girl

File: ckrrcnaputakenjamymbhjoycn2.mp4
Size: 935.97 MB
Duration: 41:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kelly Kenna James, a matchmaker, develops an instant attraction and obsession when she meets her newest client, Todd Seth Gamble. Todd explains that he's come to her because he's tired of letting a computer algorithm dictate his matches, which never works out for him, and wants the matchmaking to be done by a human. Kelly is happy to help and gives him paperwork to fill out. She tells him she'll do whatever it takes to help him finally find his dream girl. Todd seems hopeful as he fills out the paperwork, unaware of Kelly staring at him the whole time...

As the days go by, Kelly keeps finding excuses to bring Todd back in. She claims that she has to ask him more questions that weren't on the forms he filled out. These questions include his likesdislikes, which start off innocent 'What is your favorite color?' but then get a bit too personal, related to sex 'What are your turn-ons?'. Todd is a bit embarrassed but answers as honestly as he can after she convinces him that his answers will really help narrow the search. She also claims that she needs to take some pictures of him to give his profile the best chance of impressing a potential match. After Todd leaves, Kelly smiles at her camera as she looks through the pictures of him. She makes no move to upload them to her work computer.

Days later, Todd enters Kelly's office once more, looking annoyed but trying to be polite asking her why she brought him in AGAIN. Kelly proudly tells him that she indeed has found his dream girl, sharing some enticing details with him. These enticing details revolve around Kelly herself but are vague enough that Todd doesn't catch on. Todd is surprised, his annoyance instantly disappearing. He's impressed and interested, asking when he'll finally get to meet his match. Kelly assures him that he will -- there's just a few more details they have to iron out to seal the deal.

Todd becomes frustrated, his patience finally pushed to the limit. He tells her he's tired of jumping through all these hoops. It's always one thing after another with her. If Kelly has really found his match, he just wants her contact info and he'll take it from there. Kelly starts to panic but tries to play it cool, making up more excuses to try and convince Todd to keep working with her, but Todd is clearly not interested. Enough is enough -- he's going to leave if Kelly doesn't cooperate. Finally, Kelly admits that SHE's his match -- it's always been her.

They get into a fierce argument with Todd accusing her of tricking him and Kelly insisting that SHE can be Todd's dream girl. All she needs is a chance to PROVE it. She starts coming onto him, using everything she's learned about him through their meetings to try and win him over. Todd is still angry, but finds himself increasingly tempted by a woman throwing herself at him. What has he gotten himself into?

Pure Taboo - Kyler Quinn - Deep Trouble

File: sigihnaputakylquitcdnjhxawi.mp4
Size: 918.58 MB
Duration: 53:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: DEEP TROUBLE

Erica Kyler Quinn gets a text on her cellphone and finds that someone has sent her a pornographic video. She is shocked, however, when she realizes that the girl in the video appears to be her friend Hazel Ziggy Star. Though the video looks convincing, Erica expresses doubt that it's actually Hazel, knowing that she would never do something like this. Sometime later, Hazel arrives at Erica's home and breaks down crying in her arms. Hazel swears on her life that the girl in the video is not her, confirming Erica's suspicions. The video seems to have indeed been manipulated...

A few moments later, Erica does her best to comfort Hazel, who is on the verge of a total breakdown. They discuss the matter further and realize that other people at school have also claimed that they've been the subjects of manipulated videos. Erica muses that the same person is probably responsible for all of these as well. When they try to figure out who could be behind all this, Hazel mentions that it's probably someone good at computers. This seems to give Erica an idea of who it could be, though she doesn't mention anything to Hazel.

A few days later, Erica shows up at her best friend Janey's house and rings the doorbell. Janey's older sibling Brian Alex Jett answers and says that Janey isn't home. However, Erica, says she's actually there to see Brian, so he lets her inside. They go to Brian's bedroom, where Erica reveals exactly why she has come to him she knows HE'S the one who put up the fake videos, and she wants him to STOP making them and take down the ones he's put up.

Brian tries to deny the allegation but eventually admits to it. It is revealed that all the people he's targeted in his altered videos are people who have made fun of him, including Hazel. In fact, it's clear that these people have made his life a living hell. But Erica reminds him that just because people make fun of him, it's no reason to do what he is doing.

Brian says he won't stop making the videos, but promises he won't target Erica because she's nice to him. Erica seems to come up with an idea. She offers Brian sex on the condition that takes the videos down and stops making any others. Brian accepts, and they have deep, exploratory sex.

Pure Taboo - Keira Croft - Immortalized

File: imj9lnaputakeicroyvebvolpce.mp4
Size: 890.25 MB
Duration: 50:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mia Keira Croft is a young woman drifting aimlessly through life. She has big dreams of becoming an acclaimed actress but hasn't had much luck yet. This has led her to making a big move and renting a room from a guy, and today's the day she finally moves in.

When she meets the guy renting the room to her, Sebastian Jessy Jones, they seem to hit it off. He's polite and accommodating, and the only rule he has for the house is that they stay out of each other's rooms. Although Mia is a little curious about such secrecy, she easily agrees since everyone needs their privacy, right?

As time passes, Mia becomes more discouraged by the lack of job opportunities she has. It feels like she's being overlooked and she has no idea how to make herself stand out in the crowd. How to make herself... memorable. It doesn't help that she's also started to notice Sebastian acting... weird... especially when he claims to be going on dates.

Then one day, as Mia's doing laundry, she notices that one of Sebastian's shirts got mixed in with her clothes. Although she knows she's not supposed to, she decides to quickly go to his room to drop the shirt off since Sebastian is gone on one of his dates. But once inside the room, her curiosity about his odd behavior and secrecy gets the best of her, which leads to her snooping around.

That's when Mia finds a book.

Overwhelmed with intrigue, she opens the book and sees Sebastian's handwriting. The more she reads, the more shocked she becomes as the macabre words paint vivid images in her mind. It's truly horrifying stuff, although she is inexplicably drawn to it. The dark contents scrawled across the pages speak to her and give her a renewed sense of purpose, and she suddenly knows what she needs to do to become immortalized