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Mr Lucky POV - Alex De La Flor - Cumdrunk Cutie Creampie

File: iauannamrlupoaledelaflo4usugxwfkl.mp4
Size: 549.35 MB
Duration: 30:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alex De La Flor is a petite Asian cocksucker who is ready to get filled up. This sexy babe cums over and over again on this hard cock while moaning loud enough for the entire city to hear. Her perky breasts match her attitude as she brings a high energy fucking filled with laughter and orgasms. She sucks dick and gets her tight twat stretched open before taking a creampie. This tattooed brunette cutie is exactly whats needed for a good time.

Asian Sex Diary - Iris - 2 Creampies And Shots Across Pussy

File: d4ld7naassediiriszep1twzzz6.mp4
Size: 2.25 GB
Duration: 35:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dear Diary Iris came back for another Asian student sex date and I couldnt be more excited and horny! This girl does something for me, I cant explain it! I was so horny that I came 3 times in one shoot. 2 creampies and 1 load shot across her pussy. After those double creampies, I only had some drips left hahaha. Damn, will I ever leave the PI again???

Japan HDV - Hinata Hijiri - Casting couch sex with cheating Japanese housewife

File: trkurnajahdhinhij6dsnfasuky.mp4
Size: 538.72 MB
Duration: 01:04:26
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today we have a new model with us. She has never been on camera before so she is also new to this adult industry. She is married with a husband who of course as usual is an office worker. And her husband is not a senior office worker so he must work very long hours and the pay is very low. Hijiri and he have been married for about eight years and their life is very stable but a bit boring. Hijiri enjoys sex and usually finds her sexual gratification when she plays with herself a few time a week. Today is our first encounter with her and we interview her to see if she would be suitable to work as a comfort girl. We always film all our interviews so we can look back on them and remember which model did how they performed sexual acts. The job here Miss Hijiri is looking for is not to be an on camera model but to be an inhouse provider of sex...

Which means, she will be a part time prostitute and work in the mornings when her husband is at work. We chat with Hijiri and she explains to us her situation and a bit about her life and that the main motivation for her desire to work at this job is income as her husband just does not make enough money for her to manage their household. We spent the entire afternoon with Hijiri asking her questions and getting to know her. We also filmed her taking off her clothes so that we could see her naked. This job she is applying for is to be a provider of sexual acts so we needed to test her out and see if she was able to successfully perform the basic sex acts a client would ask for. So basically we just fucked the hell out of Hijiri in our casting couch interview and you get to watch the whole process of interviewing and fucking a potential worker. Enjoy!

Japan HDV - Fumie Tomaru - is cheating on her husband in a love hotel in Tokyo

File: e89danajahdfumtomzbunlnczov.mp4
Size: 447.47 MB
Duration: 53:52
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Well our favorite kind of sexy Japanese lady is here today. The kind that has a cock at home but still ventures out and gets fucked if she can by some strange man she just met. This gives hope to all of us when we see a sexy Japanese lady that is married that we too can participate in the fucking of a married Japanese lady who also happens to be looking for some love and affection outside of marriage. We have a lovely girl with us today, Miss Fumie Tomaru and Fumie is here to fuck...

She knows exactly what she wants and she has enough time this afternoon to come over and let us film her and a stranger get naked and enjoy each others bodies. It seems that one of the things Fumie likes to do is use her enourmous tits for all kinds of sex. She likes to bounce them in your face, and she loves to use them as pillows for your head. Fumie has big fat juicy tits that are great for fucking as well. She loves to grab a hard cock and slide it between her tits and got to work on it and edge that cock till she knows it is just about to explode. This is her kind of fun. Today Fumie is in a playful mood and she is very interested in trying some new things if she can. She says she has been locked up for too long at home with a husband that does not pay attention to her and she has come out in need of someone to take care of her pussy. Our man is ready to play as well and is excited to grab those tits and enjoy them and suck on them but first he just wants to wrap his arms around her from behind and grab both of those beauties in his hands. Come and see how our sexy Miss Fumie gets fucked today in the full video.

Monsters Of Cock - May Thai - Anal For Naughty Thai Hottie

File: vu93inamoofcomaythazja6scz1ki.mp4
Size: 2.98 GB
Duration: 42:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: May Thai joins us this week to take on a monster cock. Not only that, she wants it in her ass. This chick has an insatiable lust for cock. May has a a nice round ass thats just begging to get fucked. She takes Freddy Gongs huge cock. Her asshole was stretched ins several different positions as she begged for cum. Finally it all culminated with an enormous load all over her face.

Japan HDV - Rei Senzaka - is a tourist in Japan when approached by a man looking

File: fwvr1najahdreisenkygcclupsw.mp4
Size: 762.58 MB
Duration: 01:32:16
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Rei Senzaka is a tourist in Macau. She is alone and just gotten there but wants to explore the city. But in this city there are some Japanese men that are on the lookout for Japanese tourists that are women traveling alone. They spend their days trying to pick them up. Rei meets one of these men. His approach is that he is also a tourist and will have some tea with her and also introduce her to parts of the city that are of interest. He takes her to a place and chats with her and then as they chat he turns the talk to sex and tries to peak her interest in spending some time naked getting her pussy worked on...

Rei is quite open to his ideas and since she is alone and quite adventurous she allows him to talk and start to touch her. He gets up and from behind he reaches around and starts to grab her breasts and then unbutton her top. He has her sweater unbutton and her t-shirt pulled up and her bra exposed as he grabs both of her tits. He compliments her and makes her feel nice and secure when he reaches down to her skirt and pulls it up to start to rub her legs. She just watches as he moves his hands all over her legs and back to her tits again. He spends a lot of time on her tits and then comes around to pull her bra down so he can lick her nipples. She has very large tits and her nipples are erect and so suckable. She is getting turned on enough for him to just pull her top off and then her bra so he can have all of her tits in his hands. He then reaches down between her legs and.. Go watch the full video to see what he does next with her sweet pussy

Public Agent - Luna Truelove - Cream Cakes And A Creampie

File: ajcfanapuagluntruhjpoiiynus.mp4
Size: 590.70 MB
Duration: 29:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: I saw Luna Truelove standing outside in an apron selling cakes. Luna told me that as an 18 year old, she couldn't get a full time job, but she wanted to save up to go traveling. She wanted me to buy some of here goods, but I'm dieting, so I told her I could give her some cash if she flashed me her tits and ass instead. They were perfect, so I asked her if she would accept some more cash for a blowjob. Luna wanted the money and loved the D, so we went off together so she could suck my cock. My big dick made the slutty woman horny, so she let me bend her over and fuck her pussy doggystyle. After some fantastic sex, I felt a big load coming, so I gave her a thick creampie!

Japan HDV - Hitomi Ohashi - Lonely Japanese housewife lures her neighbor to her

File: lzbcvnajahdhitohaaab6mjuqns.mp4
Size: 2.73 GB
Duration: 48:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hitomi Ohashi is in love with her neighbor. Hitomi Ohashi is married but she dreams about sucking other mens cocks. She is a typical lonely Japanese housewife. She enjoys her time alone when her husband is gone but she does get lonely. Her husband is usually so busy that he has little time to do anything but eat and sleep when he gets home at night. So what ends up happening is that she just dreams of some hot cock neighbor. But today she has decided that she is tired of fingering her own pussy and she is going to seduce the man who lives next door...

She is sure that he has a cock she would love down her throat and she is going to see if she can get some of his hard cock in one of her holes. She waits till she thinks he has come home and then enters the hallway of their building and acts as if there is something wrong with the water in her house to lure him in and get him alone. She then proceeds to tempt him as she leans over and shows him her cleavage and her big tits. She uses her tits as a weapon and thinks that when he sees her bend over and how big they are that he will not be able to say no and will get horny enough that he will get hard and then she knows she has him and will be able to get what she wants out of him. Her plan of course works and he is very surprised to see her bend over and her tits almost fall out of her top. He gets hard and Hitomi can see the bulge in his pants and she knows she got him. She reaches down with her hand and starts to rub his cock and she then unzips his pants and pulls his hard dick out. She sees his cock and go watch the full video to see what she does with his manhood once she has it in her hands. It is worth it. Hitomi Ohashi is so fucking hot!

Japan HDV - Marina Matsumoto & Moeha - Step Mother is so naughty with Moeha

File: fidwvnajahdmarmoen9otjvnzzq.mp4
Size: 3.19 GB
Duration: 56:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Moeha has a step mother, Marina Matsumoto. But she is not ordinary step mother. She enjoys hard cock but she also enjoys the sweet pussy in her face so she can dive in and lick and suck and get off as well. Luckily for Marina Matsumoto her step daughter is very cute and sexy and she also enjoys the touch of a woman between her legs licking and probing her hot pink pussy hole. TOday we find Marina Matsumoto seducing Moeha and teasing her as Marina Matsumoto is in the mood to have someone lick her nipples and play with her pussy...

This is going to be fun as Marina Matsumoto is still so young looking and in shape and she has the most lovely nipples. These two together are really nice to watch and Moeha is such a sweetheart and has such a cute figure it is hard for Marina Matsumoto not to take off her top and lick her nipples. Marina Matsumoto takes her time licking and sucking her nipples and getting her horny. She also kisses her deeply as she wants her mouth on hers while she reaches down to take off her top so Moeha can grab her mommy titties and play with her. Moeha lets Marina Matsumoto pull down her skirt and rub her ass and massage her body as she kisses her. This step mom and step daughter duo are lovely and really have fun together enjoying each others hot pink holes. Marina Matsumoto really is hungry for her step daughter as she is the first to reach down and rub her pussy as she lays her down and pulls off her skirt and panties and spreads her pretty legs. Marina Matsumoto then leans down and spreads open Moehas pink pussy hole an then dives in with her tongue and then Go watch this whole video as these two make love. So fucking hot!

Japan HDV - Narumi Honda - is on live webcam fucking some stranger today

File: hiayinajahdnarhonzcd8grla6l.mp4
Size: 520.40 MB
Duration: 01:02:27
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: So here is the deal, sometimes it is hard to book talent to do porn shoots. We get a great female model and no male model has time. So, we take our hot model and go to the streets. We take this hot luscious piece of ass to the streets and we parade her around and wait until a man walls by. We let her proposition him to work with her in a video she is shooting. Sometimes the model will just say a porn shoot or she might wait and see what he says before she brings out the P word...

Today we have Miss Narumi Honda with us and she is all dressed up and looking like a million Yen and has no co-star to shoot with we take her out to the streets and she starts asking men if they will do it. Some men of course want to but have to decline because they are married or because they are going to work. But the truth is every single one of them would love to plow their cock into Narumi Honda. She is that sweet. Narumi is a major AV star in Japan and most men know who she is because of course all men love porn and hot porn stars. Today Narumi gets the nod from one man to come with her to do the porn shoot. She brings him back to the studio and lets him know that she is live on webcam and that people will be watching her and him fuck from their own computers. Narumi turns on her cam and logs into her Asian webcam chat site and introduces the viewers to her guest and lets them know that she will be fucking him live on her webcam for them. Her co-star is so innocent, and she is going to be sucking his dick and Go watch the full video to see how she gets this lucky dude off!

Japan HDV - Anna Anjyo - Answers an ad for a roommate and fucks to live rent free

File: srzzonajahdannanjfqvqk7ojgs.mp4
Size: 515.01 MB
Duration: 01:02:04
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Anna Anjyo is on TV in Japan. She is popular and somewhat well known. She happened to have a fight with her roommate and she threw her out. She had to find a place to live and answered an ad online from a single man with a big apartment that was looking for a roommate. The mans real intention was to find some hot babes to live with him which is why he rented such a big apartment. He did not expect that Anna Anjyo would answer his ad and come to live with him. He is a fan of hers and thinks she is the most lovely girl in the world...

The first thing she does when she gets there is go and take a shower. He of course watches her undress in the bathroom cause he is a voyeur and it is too good to have this hot babe in his house and not try to spy on her in the bath. Anna has a lovely body and the tightest sweetest ass and all he wants is to get inside that hot piece of ass. This is the best day of his life! He is going to get some rent money and get to peep on the sexiest Japanese babe. Turns out that Anna is not so dumb and knew he was peeping on her in the bath and now she wants to live in the apt for free in exchange for fucking him. I think this is going to work out well for Anna as she is so tight and sweet that her pussy is going to be hard to resist at any price. We then see Anna convince him with her body that the best thing he can do is let her live there for free and she will suck him off and let him fuck that hot sweet ass of hers.

Deep Lush - Yumi Sin - Indulging In Sin

File: ryfprnadeluyumsinlixw5kdpgq.mp4
Size: 1.96 GB
Duration: 37:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: I had the pleasure of shooting with porn newby Yumi Sin for the first time. We shyly start with making out and taking our clothes off before I lick her pussy and asshole. Once we start fucking we open up and have a lot of fun feeling all of each other. I kiss her and hold a hitachi on her clit while fucking her until she cums on my cock. There's POV shot while she gives me a blowjob and rides me. The scene ends with us fucking in missionary until I cum deep inside of her.

Penthouse Gold - Alexia Anders - Exotic Gets XXXtra Erotic

File: hoghxnapegoaleand8gbkzzwopv.mp4
Size: 1.45 GB
Duration: 25:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: We start with an unforgettable erotic solo super sultry Alexia Anders slowly stripteasing out of sexy turquoise lingerie until she's finally on the couch, legs spread wide open, panties pushed to the side, and masturbating her sweet shaved pussy, all the while looking at you with come fuck me eyes. Then Ramon Nomar enters the scene to give XXXtra pleasure to the exotic babe with his tongue, fingers, and monster cock. Watch the Penthouse starlet get fucked until she's blowing bubbles of cum.

TeamSkeet X Jav Hub - Mio Ozora - Team Skeet X Jav Hub

File: y6xflnateskxjahumioozoscrnm75rbo.mp4
Size: 2.12 GB
Duration: 01:12:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After being in the room for a bit, Mio Ozora is confronted by some guy who decides he wants to ravage her body. He kisses her passionately and with little resistance from Mio, he grabs and kisses her body and slowly strips her. He pulls out his cock and has her suck on it. She plays with his cock until he shoots his load into her mouth. She then finds herself in the hallway on the phone as the guy instructs her to expose her tits and pussy and masturbate. The same guy meets her in a room and finally fucks her in a variety of positions and leaves her with a creampie.

Evil Angel - Kianna Dior - Throat Challenge

File: 4diefnaevankiadiobujfuyepmm.mp4
Size: 1.00 GB
Duration: 23:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Fantastically voluptuous MILF Kianna Dior's sheer lingerie shows huge, pillowy tits and deep cleavage. The longhaired brunette's glamorous eye makeup accentuates her sexy smile. Dirty-talking Kianna caresses the bulge in lean, young Damion Dayski's shorts, excited for the challenge of fellating his gigantic cock. She sucks his hard, thick 12-incher in a worshipful blowjob. The tattooed stud manhandles her, fucking her throat. As Damion encourages her with quiet authority, Kianna gasps and groans around the pole pounding her gullet...

Slobber rolls down his dick to lube two-hand stroking. Spit streaks her hands and his meat as she slurps sloppy scrotum. Damion's big Black cock slaps kneeling Kianna and digs in her throat, saliva cascading over her body. He grips her by the hair to power-plow her mouth, with breaks for lubricious titty fucking. Creamy, lube-laden expectoration glazes his shaft and her rack. Kianna's nasty commentary and BJ passion do not relent She lies back for a heavenly tonsil-fuck from above, spit sluicing into her hair. Kianna buries most of Damion's foot-long boner. Makeup mussed, she says, 'Now I get my reward a nice, big, fresh load of young jizz all over my face.' A cum facial paints her tongue and cheek. Kianna blows semen bubbles and swallows playfully.

Japan HDV - Hikaru Kirishima - Is In Her Kimono As The Hostess Of A Drunken Office Party Orgy

File: 57enxnajahdhikkirc1qsjdcgfk.mp4
Size: 3.50 GB
Duration: 01:02:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today is the end of the year dinner with the office staff and the boss is a little upset. The employees are all here and eating and drinking but the host of the party seems to have forgotten to invite some female entertainment. It turns out that the pretty kimono clad hostess is just running late and will be there soon. The boss has emphasized that it is important for all the men to replenish themselves for the coming new year and that includes sexually. When the hostess arrives they suggest that they play a game with her called Who is the King? The one who is the king gets to make the rules and do as he pleases. He decides that as the king he wants to kiss the hostess on the lips and he reaches over and grabs her and French kisses her deeply for several minutes. The next one chosen as the king decides that he wants to see her panties for one minute. So the hostess must stand up and spread her legs and lift her kimono so he can get a look at her panties for one minute. This is fine until she lifts her kimono and they see she has no panties on. The men are now very excited as they are all happy to get a good look at her hairy bush as they get her to spread her legs some. She helps them out by reaching down and spreading open her pussy so they can get a good look deep inside her pussy. This game is going very well and the drunken office workers are getting more bold as they ask the hostess for more and more outrageous things as they become king. The next king insists on seeing the hostess masturbate. So she sits back and spreads her legs and opens her pussy to slip a hand down Go watch the full video to see what happens. It is so much better than reading about it!