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Tuk Tuk Patrol

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Jane B - Big Titty Thai Babe Fucked Hard Then Creampie

File: it1lvnatutupajanbhwhumixm35.mp4
Size: 2.94 GB
Duration: 57:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back and lets get to some good stroking! This week we feature a Big Titty Thai babe that will rock your socks off. Of course, you will likely get your nut off as well. Simply put, Jane B is drop-dead gorgeous and looking for horny men to excite. Needless to say, she has landed in the right spot for hardcore love. As you can see, Jane is absolutely gorgeous. In fact, this is a down-to-earth hotty you will fall in love with. Truth is, you dont have to be a boob lover to adore her. Judge for yourself, we suspect full erections across the globe for this beauty...


On this occasion, our lucky porn monger was scheduled to pick up Jane in Bangkok. At first sight, she looked stunning in her flowery dress. Clearly, her body was banging from block to block. Needless to say, this big titty Thai beauty could have shown more cleavage. However, our guy got a good eyeful when her dress came off. At the same time, he couldnt help but photograph her fully dressed. The fact is, she is just that fine. However, once she was completely naked, there was no holding back.

One thing is for sure, this big titty Thai babe will get you hard. Secondly, you will experience the best blowjob of your life. The fact is, Jane is an oral expert and loves going deep on her stud. More importantly, her ability to fuck in all positions is impressive and quite stimulating. Because of this, her stud didnt bother to pull out when he was ready to cum. Instead, he pumped a huge load of hot cum deep into her horny pussy. At this point, all we can say is wow!

Dont forget to follow TukTuk Patrol on Twitter for all the hottest Asian pussy you can stroke to and a whole lot more. Until next time, stay happy and stay horny!

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Party C - Porn Babe Gets Stuffed With Cock And Eats Cum

File: n6hxdnatutupaparcmqffidtque.mp4
Size: 1.70 GB
Duration: 30:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Welcome back you horny mongers and loosen your belts for a hot new Porn Babe. Thats right, we have yet another stunner off the streets of Bangkok. Say hello to Party C, a beautiful brunette Thai teen who loves big cock and hot cum. Needless to say, our boy John gave her exactly what she craves. Of course, she had the sex skills to light up the screen. For example, watch Party swallow his big cock down her throat. Most impressive, is how her horny pussy took the big dick stuffing from her new lover. You will have to see for yourself to believe the hardcore intensity. So, what are you waiting for, take out your dick now and say hello to Party C...

On this occasion, John set his patrol sights on the local mall. Important to realize, the mall is an excellent place to meet sexy Asian girls. In most cases, a quick bite to eat and then a tuk back to the hotel is all it takes. Certainly, that is how things played out with this porn babe. Additionally, a sit down always helps get acquainted. Afterward, no more talk, time for some kinky sex action. Party brought along the black lingerie she purchased earlier at the mall. No doubt, this slender hotty is gorgeous in the bedroom. Now, it was time for some sucking and fucking.
As mentioned earlier, this Thai porn babe has sex skills. First, her blowjob skills are off the chart. In no time, she had John rock hard and ready to stuff her horny pussy. The outcome is a spent and satisfied Asian girl with a faceful of hot cum. Simply put, it doesnt get much hotter than this folks. All that is left to do is take it out and wank it, you will be glad you did.

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Namsai - Thai Pornmovie Debut For Thick Booty Cutie

File: ytax6natutupanamsrsdbgwpfsj.mp4
Size: 3.57 GB
Duration: 43:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back and get ready for a royal fuck fest Asian style. We feature a young beauty making her Thai Pornmovie debut on this occasion. Her name is Namsai and she is ready to show you her sexy. Of course, there is a lot of sexy to feature. One thing is for sure, Namsai is one horny cutie. First, she is pretty as a peach. Secondly, her thick booty is perfect for hardcore pounding. That is exactly what her horny pussy got, hard cock fast and furious. The truth is, she enjoyed every inch of it. Now, you can enjoy this fantasy coming to life as well. Come in and have a look, take out your dick, and stay awhile.

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Poy - Sexy Asian Milf Loves Hard Cock And Cum

File: wdhonnatutupapoycjeag5vb3y.mp4
Size: 3.44 GB
Duration: 41:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Welcome back and boy do we have a hotmom you are going to want to fuck. Thats right, this Sexy Asian Milf is ready for all hard cocks that come her way. Of course, our local pussy pirate could not resist offering up his rigid tool for her sexual pleasure. Turns out, she worked him over and got a big reward in the form of a huge cum facial. One thing is for sure, lovely Poy brings a hot body and passionate desires to her debut hardcore fantasy. Simply put, you will love her and want to masturbate. So take out your dick now, time is wasted until you do...

When our studly monger met Poy, it was clear she was very cool and down to earth. Needless to say, she was glowing at the thought of fucking on film. Should be mentioned, though she is a sexy Asian milf, Poy has never filmed a porno. That is to say, the clock is ticking and its time for this Thai hotty to fly. As you will see, Poy delivered a stellar hardcore performance on her first ground. In fact, based on the amount of cum her horny stud shot on her face, safe to assume it was a good shoot.
Seems like Poy gets turned on from sucking cock. At least that is how it looked once she wrapped her sweet lips around his throbbing bone. Clearly, this sexy Asian milf got skills and knows how to use them. Additionally, she can fuck in all positions. For example, her cowgirl fucking is hard and aggressive. Similarly, when getting fucked Doggystyle, her moans of pleasure ring out loud and clear. As was mentioned, take out your dick now and get a new box of tissues ready, this scene is wet and wild.

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Bee F - Thai Girls Wild And Kinky Hardcore Fantasy

File: 1ksaknatutupabeefrciesjhqzt.mp4
Size: 3.75 GB
Duration: 42:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Welcome back you pud-pulling mongers and get ready for some serious stroking. As luck would have it, our latest Asian hottie has always wanted to get naked and fuck on film. Of course, we cant let this Thai Girls Wild sex fantasy go unfulfilled. Say hello to Bee, she is ready and willing to turn her fantasies into a big erection for you. Most importantly, Bee is a big-time turn-on. First, she has a beautiful personality and is easygoing. More importantly, her shapely tits are absolutely perfect. Not to mention her horny shaved pussy that always craves hard cock. Dont miss this steamy new hardcore suck and fuck fest, you will love this kinky new model...

It was clear Bee was in the mood for kinky fun when our guy picked her up. In fact, her smile went from earlobe to earlobe. Meanwhile, on the Tuk ride to the hotel, she was all cuddly and grabbing his cock. Turns out, Bee loves big cocks. Needless to say, the size of our guys throbbing member was just to her liking. Not surprisingly, her throat and pussy were both deep enough to fit it. Thus, fit it she did, all the way down her throat and deep in her horny twat. Should also be mentioned, girlfriend got some good pussy, real good pussy.
Once Bee had her stud hard as a rock, it was time to get down to business. And in this Thai girls wild fantasy, business is all about sucking and fucking. Instantly, he mounted her and started working that big cock bit by bit. In turn, that hot pussy got wet and loose in a matter of seconds. The fucking was intense and ended with a huge god of man spunk. Moreover, it is safe to say this wild Thai girl was more than pleased with the results. Its all about living the fantasy and now is the time for you to live yours. Come on in and have a stroke or two on behalf of lovely Bee, you will be glad you did.

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Bell - Skinny Sex Star Loves Big Cock And Hot Cum

File: dqtvunatutupabellhr9cqvifkz.mp4
Size: 3.43 GB
Duration: 40:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back to a steamy hardcore fantasy that will leave you spent and satisfied. On this occasion, we meet a Skinny Sex star who lives for big cock and cum. In fact, when asked how she likes spending her time, Bell could not think of anything but fucking. Thats right, the girl is a virtual cock lover and makes no excuses for it. Now, you can join in on her fantasies and desires in her first-ever scene for TukTuk. Come on in and take the ride, you will be glad you did.


Our lucky stud monger met beautiful Bell on the street, she was already horny. Hence, a quick Tuk ride to the hotel and time to get busy. As was mentioned, this skinny sex star had only one thing on her mind, fucking. Of course, she would not be an Asian nympho without some high-level cock sucking skills. Needless to say, she devoured his massive member and now needed her horny pussy satisfied. Indeed, we can confirm this sexy young Thai girl is addicted to cock.

Turns out, Bells favorite is doggystyle. Not surprisingly, her svelte frame gives her stud easy access to that skinny sex stars pussy. Once he gets deep in that hot pussy, she goes into a trance. Clearly, her fantasies are being fulfilled in the best possible way. Next, she is ready for the hot cum. The end result is a completely satiated cum slut with a mouthful of load. In a similar fashion we expect our loyal members will be spent and satisfied too

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Party B - Porno Braces Sex Fantasy With Cum Facial

File: uz7hbnatutupaparbcyg1gjakz9.mp4
Size: 3.31 GB
Duration: 38:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back patrol pervs and all the ships at sea. You may not be aware, but Porno Braces are a sex fantasy many have. Fact is, there is something sexy about an Asian girl wearing braces. Of course, we much prefer them when completely naked. However, given the fact many Asian girls wear braces, why not join in on the kinky fun. Turns out, that is exactly what our patrol stud did when he met sexy Party. Needless to say, he would have approached her about being in his porno anyway, but her teeth clamps really sealed the deal.

On this occasion, our guy stops Party as she is boarding a Tuk and asks her instead to have a drink. Straightaway, they head to the nearest cafe to get acquainted. As soon as they sit down, he can tell this is a very horny girl. Additionally, he cant seem to take his eyes off her mouth. Nonetheless, he realized this was an excellent opportunity for porno braces to be filmed. To be sure, Party was thinking the same thing. So, off they went to the hotel to handle their business.

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Ammy B - Hot Brunette Porn With Sexy Thai Girl

File: uqwfvnatutupaammbupyggfktkb.mp4
Size: 3.81 GB
Duration: 01:04:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Hey guys! Welcome back for another update. Its safe to say, our boy John hit the jackpot today during a simple walkabout in Bangkok. In fact, his life would never be the same after this day. Of course, you will see significant changes to your own lives when you gaze upon gorgeous Ammy B. Simply put, this hot brunette is sexy from head to toe and horny all day long. Thats right, looks like this kinky hottie is perfect for hardcore porn and all the fantasies it inspires. Needless to say, this is some hot and kinky suck and fuck action you simply cant live without.

On this occasion, our walking and talking hard-on spots Ammy sitting in the noonday sun. Bear in mind, this brunette hottie is a straight-up head turner. Not to mention an instant erection starter. I mean, the way the sun beamed off her quaff as well as how her pink dress draped across her slender body. It follows that his first thought was, this hot-ass Thai girl would look perfect in a porn video. Sure enough, Ammy is tailor-made for on-screen fuckery and suckery, and she does it with aplomb.

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Akita Thai - Asian Sucking Big Cock, Stretches Pussy

File: 5xxsfnatupaakitha5jhmatvgwy.mp4
Size: 1.92 GB
Duration: 30:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Arriving with her own Tuk Tuk and ready to play at hello, Akita Thai here was already showing off. We see her pillowy natural flesh mounds and rubbing our mans bulge right in the backseat with his fingers up her shorts! With an introduction like that, you just know this is going to be good! Welcome back, guys and gals, for another debaucherous adventure with none other than Tuk Tuk Patrol! Youll see this Asian sucking big cock and getting her ram-hole worked into a moaning flood of pleasure...

Some of you might know Akita Thai from Onlyfans. When our boy found out that he was going to fuck her, he almost tripped over his own feet getting there. We dont blame him at all because we would have, too. 26yo Akita is right at that golden age of still being tight like a 20yo maid but sporting an insatiable softening feature set and over-driven urge to destroy what her mama gave her at the very first sight of our mans white cock. I swear the video of this Asian sucking big cock was like watching her trying to stab herself with a blunt object. One that really had no business trying to fit where it was subsequently fit over and over and over again

Ultimately, were not even sure she knows how special she is. Enough to make grown grizzly men cry tears of happiness, its barely even a gag when touching the tip of her lungs and it seemed like her pussy could care less that it was being destroyed!

So sit back, lock your doors and get your pants off. We must warn that this happy teary-eyed Asian sucking big cock episode may just leave you snail-trailing the insides of your undershorts otherwise.

Until next time, stay happy and stay horny!

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Soju - Cute Asian Blowjob Fuck And Facial

File: 8nrm1natutupasojumjlqcv2atf.mp4
Size: 1.79 GB
Duration: 27:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: With tats making a proclamation of I will fuck you, you just know this is going to be good! Welcome back guys and gals, for another installment of utter fuckery of the highest degree. One that will leave you ball-drained, out of tissues, and wondering where you can find a girl like this for yourself. The answer is simple, according to our site Its in Thailand! BUT what we didnt expect to find out today is that apparently, Korea should also be on our radars. Meet Soju, a 23-year-old princess beauty that hails right from Korea but lives here in Bangkok. And boy oh boy, is she ever a cute Asian blowjob specialist despite her physically shallow mouth. And the best part? Our boy Mario here pounded and stretched the insides of her snapper with no condom in return!

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Cardi - Tattoo Girl Fuck Suck Bangkok Style

File: woa3nnatutupacardaixdsevncr.mp4
Size: 2.28 GB
Duration: 35:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back, guys and gals, for another wild tattoo girl fuck from our man with the cum-gun, Mario. This time, we are presented with the incredibly horny tattooed OnlyFans model Cardi Thai. Like a match made in porn heaven. Seems to us that porn lovers of the female variety are coming over to the dark side and becoming self-made porn heroes for many millions of men throughout Thailand and were more than happy to film these tatted Asians tackling our infamous TukTuk inspired style of hardcore fucking.

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Sara - Asian Covered In Cum After Wild Fuck

File: j9dcgnatutupasaralvop1uwie5.mp4
Size: 1.57 GB
Duration: 25:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back boys and girls, for another round of wild fucking featuring an incredibly hot moisturized mouthy moaning Asian covered in cum. This time, our throaty hot Asian friend Nikki set our boy up on a wild and sexual adventure date that you will not want to miss! Things happened really quickly with this one, which is usually how it goes when it comes to pussy deliverance like this. They know what to expect and are just as excited as we are to get the cock n balls a-rollin.

Tuk Tuk Patrol - Tuk - Thai Squirt And Cum Never Ends

File: fw1rtnatutupatuk3onvtcwxsa.mp4
Size: 1.60 GB
Duration: 24:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: With panties exposed at hello, a self-proclaimed hurried excitement to see you big cawk, and squirting her own juices within the first 5 minutes of action this easygoing blonde Pattaya-born Thai squirt nympho is sure to rise your pressing interests. So, welcome back guys and gals, for another 3-wheeled adventure like none other. And were pretty sure that Mr. Mario lost his hotel damage deposit on this shameless squirter!