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Raw Attack - Shay Evans - When It Comes To A Girl Like Shay

File: 657ycnaraatshaeva7yrzjjoi3t.mp4
Size: 1.17 GB
Duration: 01:03:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When it comes to a girl like Shay its hard for words to describe. This, sexy, ethnic, fun, smart, exotic beauty is just such a pleasure to be around. After busting a huge load and feeling drained it only took a short while to feel like more needed to be done. We joke, talk and eventually touch. Girls like her are rare in this world so O had to make good use of our time together. Watch her suck and fuck in a natural, raw, organic way that will make your head spin...and hers too!!

Dane Jones - Jennifer Amilton - Pov Cowgirl With Horny French Babe

File: 7vgj8nadajojenamivrccfjbeup.mp4
Size: 275.14 MB
Duration: 23:19
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Jennifer Amilton lays eyes on her man Ricky after spending some time apart, she jumps into his arms! Jennifer and Ricky reunite in a moment of intense passion, and Ricky takes off the blonde babe's shirt so he can worship her pert boobs. Jennifer gets off Ricky's lap and gets down on her knees. Taking out his glistening shaft, Jennifer gives Ricky a sensual blowjob, then turns around so they can 69. Once Ricky has eaten Jennifer's pussy and ass, the couple make love until Ricky pulls out to lick Jennifer to orgasm! Once the blonde has cum, Ricky fucks her doggystyle, then cums on her ass.

Sleazy Stepdad - Alex Coal - Alex Coal Test Drives Her Stepdads Big Black Cock Before Her Boyfriends

File: aoh5znaslstalecoagq9zvp5nvd.mp4
Size: 579.74 MB
Duration: 47:02
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alex Coal has started to date a black guy with the nickname Meat due to his large cock. Her mother has mention that her stepdad, Jon, has a big dick himself. In order to be prepared and not embarrass herself when the time comes with her boyfriend, she confides in Jon and takes his big black schlong for a test drive in her wet, tight pussy.

Sex And Submission - Lauren Phillips - The Hostile Takeover

File: cmatanaseansulauphivtugkmnrx5.mp4
Size: 444.91 MB
Duration: 01:14:43
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Lauren Phillips to sign her company over to them. Bill pays a visit to Lauren at her office to tell her to sign all of the papers but she refuses and tells Bill to,maker her. Bill grabs her by the hair and unzips her top, making her big tits spill out of her shirt. He lifts her matching skirt and slaps her ass hard, just before dragging her naked into another room. Bill has Lauren get on her knees and he wraps rope around her wrists, neck, and ankles, and ties them all to a leather ottoman. He flogs her tits, legs, and stomach and tells her again to sign the papers but she spits in his face. He pulls out his cock and rubs it all over her face and then shoves it in her mouth and fucks it. Bill applies clamps to each of Lauren's nipples and she screams in pain. He chokes her with one hand and with the other, he vibes her pussy with an Hitachi pressed against her clit. Next Bill puts Lauren in a leather dog collar and attaches a leash to it. He makes her crawl around like a dog telling her to sit, speak, lay down, and beg. Bill then takes a big glass butt-plug and shoves it in Lauren's ass to get it stretched and ready for his fat cock. He shoves his cock in her ass and pounds it deep and hard while he flogs her back. He flips her over onto her back and ties her securely to the furniture with her legs spread wide open. He crops and flogs her body before getting back in her ass for some more anal fucking and blows a big load down her throat.

Spizoo - Jessica Jaymes - Jaymes Real Obsession

File: dmgqenaspijesjayderynnmjtr.mp4
Size: 754.41 MB
Duration: 20:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: The queen is back! Jessica Jaymes shows young stud Mike what XXX is all about. With her sexy stockings, matching bra and panties as well as her busty boobs and angelic face this milf is a dream cum true. She rides as her perfect juggs bounce and she sucks like her life depends on it. This gorgeous MILF really knows how to keep a man happy. your pleasure is her pleasure.

5k Porn - Kinsley Karter - In 5k

File: drk7dna5kpokinkardhchtvqurm.mp4
Size: 866.25 MB
Duration: 01:01:16
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Kinsley's body is built for fucking, from her plump, perfect cock sucking lips to her massive tits and bubble butt. What better way to show it off than in ultra HD 5K? She puts all of those assets on display and to work on this white dick. Watching her go to town is a real sight to behold as she teases every drop of jizz into her pussy.

Bratty Sis - Gianna Dior - Might As Well Fuck

File: gsostnabrsigiadio1prnpackk3.mp4
Size: 285.01 MB
Duration: 30:00
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Gianna Dior and her stepbrother Tony are on a trip, but there's an emergency at the hotel. There's a hostage situation that prompts Gianna to call her mom in a panic. When Gianna is distracted, Tony pulls his dick out and strokes it to hardness. After his stepsis gets off the phone, Tony takes that opportunity to suggest that Gianna shows him her tits so he can see them before they maybe die. Once he lays eyes on Gianna's jugs, Tony begs to touch them.

Now that they've gotten started, Tony manages to coax his sister into letting him feel her pussy. He puts his hand down her panties. When Gianna strips down to just her shoes, Tony can easily feel her slippery wetness and hear her moans as he fondles her clit. Knowing how turned on she is makes it easy for him to convince her that she should pull his hardon out and start sucking him off. From there, getting Gianna to climb onto his fuck stick and start riding isn't difficult at all.

Once Gianna gets a taste of her stepbrother's fuck stick she's eager to have more. She rides him forward and backwards until she's reached the first peak of satisfaction, then rolls onto her back so he can do some of the work. After a doggy style fuck, it's just a matter of resuming her blowjob before Tony gives her a face full of jizz. As they're coming down from their mutual orgasmic highs, Gianna's mom calls back to say that she saw on the news that the danger has passed.

Shot Her First - Catie Robbins - Catie's First Time

File: gvqgcnashheficatrobmenz4fof3q.mp4
Size: 970.52 MB
Duration: 01:03:47
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: 22 year old brunette newbie Catie Robbins makes her internet debut for us today and we know because we Shot Her First! This juicy all natural coed got all lubed up for a balls deep dicking from our hung stunt-cock who showed her both distance and accuracy with a huge load shot from her belly button and landing on her chin. She even wanted more of that big D in the shower after! Welcome to the family, Catie Robbins!

Tushy - Alex Grey - Hard Crush

File: iwwyanatusalegreo66jwddz3a.mp4
Size: 598.82 MB
Duration: 39:35
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Alex doesn't really care about her Russian grades, but she is interested in something else in the class, her ta. She's been crushing on her ta Markus since the first day of class, and knowing he offers private tutor sessions for those who need it, she bombs her grades on purpose. She knows if she gets him alone she can get what she wants one way or another.

Fuck Studies - Calibri & Darina - Sex Instead Of Quantum Theory

File: ixnxunafuccaldarrwnlcqf3hj.mp4
Size: 304.77 MB
Duration: 37:28
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Two beautiful girlfriends spend a lot of time together, they study, party and go shopping together. They love having fun but even sometimes they have to stay at home and poke their beautiful noses into dusty books. Anyway, it is Friday night and they have to stay at home and do their quantum physics assignment. They work hard but their beautiful heads are busy thinking about clubs, parties and boys. Finally, they give up, phone their mutual friend and beg him for help. They promise heaps of gold in exchange for his help but he demands something spicier. Yes, he helps them but later lures them right on his big dick.

Everything Butt - Chanel Preston & Joanna Angel - Perfect Pet: Joanna Angel Serves The Insatiable Chanel Preston

File: ixnyrnaevbuchajoaqdwgavagkn.mp4
Size: 728.23 MB
Duration: 01:06:26
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Chanel Preston arrives to the warehouse to find a very special gift tied up and waiting for her. Joanna is eager to serve her new Mistress and be the perfect pet. She lets out a gasp as Chanel leans in to taste her ass. Chanel's tongue presses against Joanna's hole and it's delicious. There's only one thing Chanel wants today, and it's Joanna's ass. She slips in a stainless steel dildo and pops it out to taste the inside of Joanna's ass. Pleased with what she tastes, Chanel releases Joanna and commands her to worship her asshole. Joanna dives in with enthusiasm, face buried between Chanel's glorious cheeks. Chanel moans as her slave eats her ass and then straps on a long hard cock. Joanna takes it in her mouth, working it, before Chanel plunges it in her asshole. Joanna's ass swallows it up, taking almost the entire toy. Chanel alternates fucking Joanna's mouth and her ass, making use of this sloppy slut. Next, Joanna is on her back as Chanel tries out different toys in her asshole. Joanna's eager hole takes another metal dildo, and a gets stretched open by a speculum. Chanel spits into her open ass and watches her spit disappear down that pink hole. She fucks Joanna with a clear dildo, excitedly watching Joanna's insides open up and take it. Joanna loves it when her Mistress uses her ass and cums hard as she gets fucked. Then Chanel brings out the slink. The full length of it disappears inside Joanna's petite frame. Joanna can't remember the last time she felt so full, she cums again with the slink inside her. Chanel is so turned on, she lubes up her fist and fits almost the entire thing inside Joanna's ass. Joanna screams as Chanel works her ass open on all four fingers. Finally, Joanna licks Chanel's perfect asshole and fucks it with a metal dildo. Chanel cums hard, body quivering with the force of multiple powerful orgasms.

Sex Art - Adel Morel & Jia Lissa - Waves Of Pleasure

File: jjeqanasearadejiag4rghbn6a6.mp4
Size: 164.72 MB
Duration: 20:55
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning redhead Jia Lissa sunbathes on the rocky shoreline, as Don Caravaggios beautiful erotic movie Waves of Pleasure begins. She is joined by gorgeous brunette Adel Morel, who sits close to her, the lovers touching each other seductively as they talk. They fool around at the waters edge, then head to the bedroom to kiss passionately, hands roaming everywhere. Adel tugs Jias dress down and sucks her sweet pink nipples to stiff points, then Jia pulls Adels white panties off and licks her shaved pussy skilfully, making her squirm and moan. Stripping her naked, Jia fingers Adels pussy from behind. Adel gropes and grabs Jias ass hard as she undresses her, pushing her onto her back and going down to eat her hot pink pussy with its sexy red bush. She turns Jia into spoons to frig her rapidly, driving her to an intense orgasm. Adel clings to the bed as Jia rubs and laps at her sensitive clit, making her cum like crazy but the insatiable lesbian lovers still want more

Cumlouder - Afra Red & Noemilk - Black Slaves Of A White Cock

File: kmpbbnacumafrnoenjx3vnbih7.mp4
Size: 1.06 GB
Duration: 56:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Afra Red and NoeMilk are waiting for us in the park, when we arrive they are very horny because they slept together the day before and they hadn't a cock to play. Luckily, Nick has a huge dick that he can use to give pleasure to two woman at a time and Afra and Noemilk are very good friends and love to share everything in her lifes.

NF Busty - Krissy Lynn - Lets Play Hooky

File: ld7hunanfbukrilyn4czmqkgrt9.mp4
Size: 548.29 MB
Duration: 28:26
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Kyle Mason and Krissy Lynn are supposed to go to work, but before they make it out the door they do a u-turn and head back inside. They can't keep their hands off of one another, especially as Kyle fills his hands with the delight of Krissy's ass. Krissy makes sure Kyle knows she's in charge, shoving him against the wall and then indicating that he needs to wait for her to slip into something sexier before they continue their lovemaking.

Strutting into the bedroom, Krissy peels off her work clothes and changes into a lingerie getup with a bra and panties that can barely constrain her big assets. Kyle loves the sight of his buxom lover in her sexy getup, but he is much more interested in peeling her clothes off so he can wrap his hands around Krissy's big boobs and pinch her nipples to hardness. Grinding her ass against Kyle's hardon, Krissy uses body language to let her boyfriend know she's with him all the way as he slides his hand down the front of her panties.

Dropping to her knees, Krissy pulls Kyle's hardon out of his pants and opens her mouth as she moves in to indulge her craving for cock. Slurping and sucking, she explores every inch of her boyfriend's stiffie with her mouth and hands before drawing back so Kyle can help her onto the counter. Tugging Krissy's panties aside, Kyle samples her musky juices. Then he peels her panties off and buries his face in her nicely trimmed twat for a real pussy feast.

When Kyle gets to his feet and lifts Krissy's leg over his shoulder, he easily slides into her tight sheath. Going deep, he leans in to give Krissy a deep kiss before he lets her go. She lets herself fall backwards, resting her head on the countertop as Kyle continues to make magic with his dick.

The couple gets to their feet to spice things up a bit. Krissy's jugs jiggle with every movement as Kyle slides his hands around her waist to hold her in place and help her balance as he reenters her greedy snatch. The position opens her up perfectly, but lacks the deep penetration Krissy craves until she leans against

Eventually Krissy climbs onto a chair, where she kneels and leans forward. The new position makes it easy for Kyle to slam into her from behind, diving balls deep and giving her the hard thrusts she craves. They switch spots so Krissy can ride Kyle's fuck stick to her heart's content as he sits in the chair. Her jiggling jugs fly everywhere as she works herself towards the climax she's been craving all morning.

Hopping off of Kyle's erection, Krissy gets back on her knees. Leaning forward, she wraps her soft pillows around him for a titty fuck. When she slips her hands between her breasts for extra friction, Kyle can't hold back another moment. He pops his load, covering Krissy's face in his hot liquid love.

Milfty - Addie Andrews - Shaving The Day

File: mzclanamiladdandom55pztkl9.mp4
Size: 441.32 MB
Duration: 40:21
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: When Addie Andrews wants to look good, she will do whatever it takes. Even if it means getting her stepson to help her shave her tight MILF pussy. Today, he walks into the bathroom looking for some toothpaste only to find her desiring a dollop of shaving cream on her vag lips. She tells him if he wants a ride to school, he is going to have to help shave the day. In the process, he whips out his fat boner, and she cannot resist shoving it down her hungry throat! Then, they meet up in the living room so he can finish boning her hot cunt on the couch. This stallion really knows how to bang a hot blonde MILF. See full video here

Hot Crazy Mess - Isabel Moon - Just A Few Nudes

File: n6xpinahocrmeisamoozbb8efrpkj.mp4
Size: 637.97 MB
Duration: 28:24
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Isabel Moon has been sending nude selfies of herself, but things have escalated and now she needs her stepbrother's help. She needs full-body shots and agrees to give her bro some of the money she earns if he helps her out. Isabel promises not to tell anyone, but the next day she needs more help. The guy who bought the pictures doesn't just want more posed nudes, he wants pics of Isabel sucking dick. She has decided her stepbrother will be the cock model and she'll say or do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Eventually Isabel's stepbrother agrees to help her out despite his reservations. He takes off his pants and next thing he knows his stepsis's lips are wrapped around his fuck stick as she deep throats him and gargles his balls. As Isabel's bro realizes that his girlfriend barely gives him blowjobs, he's seduced by Isabel's total abandon in the sack. When she suggests that he put it inside, he can't resist the urge. His crazy stepsis is just as nuts in the sack as she moans her way to a climax whiel he fucks her.

Hopping on top for a stiffie ride, Isabel makes it clear she's still the one in charge. She falls to her back so her bro can keep on pounding that pussy to the tune of her gasps and moans. Then she gets on her hands and knees and jerks her hips in time to her stepbrother's thrusts as he bangs her from behind. When her brother is finally ready to cum, Isabel makes sure to get a facial so she can get a pic of her cum-covered face smiling and licking her lips.

BCM - Addison Lee - Studying On That Nerdy Black Cock

File: nqtljnabcmaddleeq3bbp5siea.mp4
Size: 281.15 MB
Duration: 24:01
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: School girl Addison Lee has more than physics on her mind when she invites over her nerdy study mate Eddie Jaye. The only thing she wants to study is that big black cock of his. She knows that wearing no panties under her short skirt will be sure to get his attention. She was right when he pulls out that big black cock letting her take complete control with her hands and mouth as she slobbers all over his shaft! He bends her over in doggy and throws that skirt up so he can drill his hard cock deep in her tight little pussy! Addison so badly wants to get that cum of his letting him fuck her in any position until he is ready to blow his load all over her beautiful large tits!

Mr Lucky POV - Penny Pax - Redhead Penny's Anal Stuffing

File: qt4psnamrlupopenpaxj1knh1ee9v.mp4
Size: 580.72 MB
Duration: 30:55
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Deep red hair, smooth porcelain skin and a dirty mind are the best ways to describe Penny Pax. This dirty talking slut LOVES the feeling of a hard cock switching back and forth from her pussy to her ass. She uses every hole she has plus more. Her big, soft breasts are just another amazing attribute that makes an intimate encounter with Penny so fucking incredible. Armed with her glass dildo she is ready to feel both her holes completely filled at the same time. This wonderful cock sucker shows why she one of the best little sluts in the world.

Kellymadison - Ella Knox - No Title

File: r8zdrnakelellknothpigpkluw.mp4
Size: 1.10 GB
Duration: 57:40
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Ella wants to show Ryan how much she cares so she bakes him a cake and brings it over. He appreciates the gift but he's more hungry for those big natural tits! Those heavy hangers bounce as he works his dick into her wet pussy. Fucking those big titties is just a warm up to blowing a massive load of cum in her hairy cunt.

Nubile Films - Dido Angel & Lovita Fate - Kiss And Tell

File: s8seynanufididlovtpm5ikctpa.mp4
Size: 181.97 MB
Duration: 22:31
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Wearing a body-hugging bra and panties, Lovita Fate waits happily in bed until her girlfriend Dido Angel arrives home. Dido is all smiles as she gets an eyeful of Lovita's lush body. Walking straight to the bed, she hikes up her short skirt to reveal her thong and then peels Lovita's bra off between kisses to her puffy nipples.

Dido's dress is the next article of clothing to go so Lovita can do some oral work of her own. Her mouth is soft and sweet on Dido's breasts, stoking Dido's passion even higher. Dido can't wait another moment to indulge herself in Lovita's musk, so she gently disengages from her lover's mouth and presses Lovita back onto the bed. Pulling the blonde's panties aside, Dido dips her head for a pussy feast with the added bonus of her magic fingers.

Once Dido has put in her time and effort to bring her lover off, Lovita is determined to do the same in return. She keeps Dido down on her hands and knees with the pressure of a single hand, then slides Dido's underwear down to trap her legs. Then she flicks her tongue out and starts stroking and probing, filling Dido's fuck hole with both that and her fingers.

When Lovita lays down and pull Dido on top of her, the tanned coed eagerly rides her girlfriend's face. Eventually she swaps places with Lovita so she can enjoy a face ride as well. Spinning around once she's on top, Lovita leans forward to complete a lusty 69 that lets both girls indulge themselves completely.

Using their hands and mouths, they keep it up until Lovita, sated, hops off and continues working Dido's snatch and clit until Dido has joined her in pleasure town. Finally satisfied, the girls cuddle together while basking in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

Cherry Pimps - Jessie Lee - Wild Chick Jessie Lee Getting Dirty

File: vnk5znachpijesleeldiu9chwsc.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 59:07
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Jessie Lee is one hot and wild chick and she can not wait to strip down and fuck! She loves how you admire her in that tight lacy red bodysuit but knows how much better it will look on the floor! She runs her hands all over her large tits and spreads her legs wide for you to see just how delicious and wet that gorgeous pussy is! Jay Smooth is a lucky man getting that cock of his deep in her throat making her gag and only want more! Jay fucks Jessie just as she wants and she tells him to smack that ass harder and harder! Jessie says she is a cum slut so Jay gives her one large load that has her waving goodbye as it drips all over her beautiful face!

Viv Thomas - Cindy Shine & Lexi Dona - You Want Me, I Want You

File: xxpc7navithcinlexjro5oy4zyx.mp4
Size: 174.15 MB
Duration: 21:55
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Cindy Shine gazes out of the window at the snowy street, waiting for her lover to arrive. As Nik Foxs erotic movie You Want Me, I Want You begins, stunning Lexi Dona arrives at Cindys apartment, stripping down to her sexy lingerie and waking her sleeping girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers and a passionate kiss. She devours Cindy hungrily, pulling off her bra and panties, sucking her erect nipples and licking her clit with slow intensity. Cindy goes wild as Lexi eats and fingerbangs her shaved pussy skilfully. She tugs the raven-haired beautys red lace bodysuit away from her smooth slit and laps at her tight asshole with her pierced tongue. When Lexi is at boiling point, Cindy thrusts a couple of fingers into her soaked pussy, driving her to a powerful orgasm. They move into spoons and Lexi frigs Cindy to a noisy climax.

That Sitcom Show - Christy Love - The Exchange Student Catch Me If You Can

File: ynkvdnathsishchrlovoh92tgnavo.mp4
Size: 313.16 MB
Duration: 21:43
Resolution: 960x540
Format: mp4
Description: Reagan Foxx has hired her friend Christy Love to come over and watch over exchange student Juan Loco to ensure that Juan doesn't corrupt Reagan's daughters or, even worse, fuck them. Christy also needs to tell Juan that he's missing one of his vaccinations and he needs to go get it or he'll have to leave the country. Juan agrees to let Christy take him to the clinic, but before they go Christy needs to make sure Juan has on clean underwear. Juan doesn't want Christy in his pants, but eventually she pulls them down and Juan's big dick springs free because he's not wearing any undies.

Christy knows that Juan can't go to the clinic sporting such a big stiffie. He might accidentally bust a nut in the nurse's face or something! She decides to help Juan get the cum out. She tries jerking him off, but that doesn't work. Christy decides the only solution is for Juan to fuck her. Peeling off her pants and pulling her panties aside, Christy shows off her greedy twat for Juan to admire. This frightens Juan, who leads Christy on a chase through the house. When she finally catches him, she peels off the rest of her clothes and drags Juan down so he can eat her out and get her nice and wet and ready to fuck.

Christy gets Juan hard as a rock by sucking his dick, then climbs onto him so she can ride his hardon. Loving the way that big dick fills her up, Christy rubs her clit until she's moaning, then turns around to change up the angle. She convinces Juan to take her from behind, and then she lays on the couch with her thighs all the way apart so he can bang her until he feels a climax brewing. Pulling out, Juan lets Christy stroke him off until he covers her stomach in jizz. Finally Christy feels she can take Juan to the clinic for his shot.

Female Fake Taxi - Lady Bug - Skater Fucks Petite Babe To Orgasm

File: zefjinafefataladbugworucefrns.mp4
Size: 307.34 MB
Duration: 26:28
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: My car was parked, or so I thought, until I heard the thump of Joe White crashing his skateboard into the back of the Fake Taxi. Joe was hurt and dizzy, so I took him into the car to get him some help. I got in the backseat and he told me his ribs hurt, and I didn't want to lose my job, so I asked him how I could help. Joe told me he had an idea, and it also hurt down there. He put my hand on his cock and it made me horny, so I gave him a wet blowjob. He stripped me naked and licked my tits, then fucked my tight pussy so well that you'd never have guessed he was just in a minor road collision!

Sis Loves Me - Athena Faris - Shake Your Ass, Wash Yourself!

File: 237cnnasilomeathfaroibcbltyrq.mp4
Size: 706.89 MB
Duration: 01:04:31
Resolution: 640x360
Format: mp4
Description: Athena Faris has a prankster for a stepbrother. Today, he surprises her in the shower and gives her a little scare. She is pissed at first, but comes around quickly, even doing a little twerking for him in the hot water. He sticks his cock in her, slamming her up against the shower wall. Later, Athena still has the twerk bug. Her stepbro catches her mid ass shaking and films the sexy moves. Then, he slides his cock in her love tunnel for some more pussy fucking action. A couple days later, Athenas step brother walks in on her trying on some sexy new underwear. She looks so good in her thong that he just has to sample her. He pounds her pussy

New Sensations - Paige Owens - Paige Gets Caught Playing

File: 4i1bpnanesepaiowea7ndsstbn9.mp4
Size: 280.02 MB
Duration: 34:29
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Cute little babysitter Paige just needs to tend to her aching young pink flower and snoops into the master bedroom finding a perfect vibrator to do the job. Of course father and boss Logan arrives unannounced and finds Paige in mid play. Soon after seeing her cute pink soaked panties Logan takes over the vibrator and stuffs his cock in her hot hungry mouth and into her tight pussy while the wifey is away.

Girls Way - Aali Kali & Aspen Romanoff - Strip Searching The Maid

File: 4yvlmnagiwaaalaspb3vqgjvdkp.mp4
Size: 275.73 MB
Duration: 22:37
Resolution: 960x544
Format: mp4
Description: Aali Kali calls her maid Aspen Romanoff into her living room, telling her that she needs to talk to her. Aspen enters, putting down her rag and spray bottle. Aali is mad. Her favorite bracelet is missing, does Aspen know anything about that?, she asks Aspen. Aspen says that she doesn't know anything about that. Aali narrows her eyes. Is Aspen sure?, because the last time she saw the bracelet, it was on the living room coffee table, and Aspen was in the living room cleaning this morning, Aali says accusingly. Aspen bristles. Is she accusing her of stealing?, Aspen asks Aali. Well, she was the last person to see the bracelet and now it's gone, Aali says. She can't believe that Aali would think that she could do something like that after all her years of working for her as her maid, Aspen says, offended. Maybe she has been doing it for years and she just never noticed it before, Aali retorts. She just can't figure out where Aspen would keep everything. She's already looked through her purse and there was nothing there, Aali says. She looked through her purse??, Aspen says, angry at the invasion of privacy. So if she didn't find anything when she was snooping, where exactly does she think the bracelet could be??, Aspen asks her boss. Aali says that she's sure that any thief has some tricks up their sleeve.

Aspen, exasperated by the accusations, has had enough. If she takes off her clothes to prove to Aali that she's not hiding anything, will Aali drop this craziness??, Aspen asks tiredly. Aali looks Aspen up and down. Well, she supposes that it would help, Aali says. Fine, Aspen says and begins taking off her clothes. Aali looks at the maid's body approvingly, biting her lip. She likes what she sees. Aspen finishes stripping down to her bra and panties. So is that good enough?, Aspen asks. Aali is too busy staring at the maid's body and doesn't respond. Hello?!, Aspen calls. Aali shakes her head to clear it. Well, it's a good start, Aali says. What does she mean 'start'?, Aspen asks.

Well, the bracelet is small enough to hide in her bra and panties, isn't it?, Aali asks with a hint of a naughty smile. Oh for god's sake, Aspen says. Fine, she sighs and takes off her bra and panties. Nude, she stands in front of Aali. There, now that she's had a good look, is Aali happy?, Aspen asks. Very happy, Aali says dreamily, again staring at Aspen's body.

But there's just one more thing that will make her sure that Aspen hasn't been stealing, Aali says. She'll have to do a full...body search of Aspen. This is too far for Aspen. She refuses. Aali tells her that she's not satisfied with the proof, and if Aspen wants to keep her job, she needs to make sure that Aali is totally...satisfied. Aspen locks eyes with Aali for a moment and reluctantly agrees. Aali asks Aspen to lie down on the couch and spread her legs. She does so. Aali gets on her knees and begins to lightly touch Aspen's pussy. Soon, Aali licks her finger, saying that she'll have to get things wet to do a thorough search. She slides her finger inside Aspen. Aspen lets out a small sound of pleasure. Aali nods approvingly upon hearing the sound. 'Oh, you like that, do you? Well, if I have to do this, I might as well make sure that it feels good...and not like a chore,' Aali says wickedly. Aspen's reluctance is disappearing as she enjoys Aali's touch. Eventually, Aali says that she has to use her tongue to do an even more extensive investigation, and lowers her head to Aspen's waiting pussy, determined to search EVERY inch of her maid.

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