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Backroom Casting Couch

Backroom Casting Couch - Aria - Business Major Gets Taken To School

File: cmpdvnabacacoariaqiffw39p43.mp4
Size: 3.85 GB
Duration: 54:24
Resolution: 1920x1078
Format: mp4
Description: Alright guys, we got a real cutie this week! Coming in at a whopping 411 is Aria! Aria is super fun, itty-bitty, yet still the perfect amount of thickkk. She arrives in one of the shortest skirts I've ever seen, and once shes on the couch, you can see right away that sexy little attitude. Shes not pulling any punches. Shes here to make some money. So Rick gets to interviewing this gal, and one thing I noticed is every once in a while you can see right up that short skirt of hers and I love it.

After some more banter its time to see what shes working with. She loses quite a bit of height when she slips those boots off and shes even more petite than we thought. Shes wearing a great set of panties she stole from a friend apparently, and before she knows it shes showing us her butthole. Back on the couch she seems to enjoy playing with the toys, and she even gives the buttplug the ol college try, but she cant make it work. When Rick informs her about the oral portion of the interview, shes a little nervous, she doesnt want her classmates to see, but Rick promises its just going to the producers lol On her knees she sucks a mean cock, and she just cant get enough of it slobbering and spitting all over it. From here we get to fuckin on the floor and couch. We also get some missionary and a throw back to some pile driver action. I work her in the chair before shes down her knees for a mouthful of cum. I tried to get it all in there, and she swallows it right down. Back on the couch shes still cute as a button, and I think shes ready for this kind of work. But In reality its probably time for her to go back to school and get a formal education, even though she just got schooled

Backroom Casting Couch - Crystal - Bottled Up Emotions

File: r9zofnabacacocrysoovveuop5k.mp4
Size: 3.22 GB
Duration: 49:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 20 year old Crystal is a pretty blonde whos ready to leave her hostess job for the fortunes of the porn world. Crystal seems cool, like I said shes pretty and has a rockin body, but boy is she nervous. Like from jump street she is leery. I guess thats a good way to be these days though. Shes really reserved during the interview, So Rick kinda speeds through this one, and before we all know it shes standing there naked.

Shes even got a nice little fur triangle. I think once Rick gets her out of those clothes she starts to loosen up a bit and maybe gets into her zone a little more. She doesnt have any problem playin with the vibrator or putting in that buttplug. She really gets going when I get my dick in her mouth and I like watching those eyes while shes sucking me. Next its time for her to run the gauntlet. She does a great job taking it in her pussy, and we do doggy style on the floor, she rides me on the couch before some side spoon and missionary. She leaves some scratches my back so I think shes getting into it. We practice a quick deep throat before she gets all nervous again for the anal. She def didnt think shed be doing buttstuff today because shes super worried about making a mess. Dont worry girl we gonna take care of you. So we give her a little test removing the buttplug and I get about three fingers deep in her ass before we figure shes ready to go. Idk what shes so nervous about shes just fine, she takes the cock great, and its nice and tight. Now personally I thought this girl was super hot, but she looked way better with my cock in her ass. After some buttfucking around the office and a nice chair gape I blow my load all over her face. I dont think shes used to facials, and I did accidentally get some in her eye. I try to help by cleaning some of it off her eyes, but we keep the majority on her face. After finding out she isnt getting paid, she dresses pretty quickly and out the door she goes, cum on her face and all.

Backroom Casting Couch - Virgo - Tears Of Joy

File: soiipnabacacovirgldvvhczbxk.mp4
Size: 2.08 GB
Duration: 53:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 21 year old Virgo is here today and shes ready to get started making money in the adult industry. Shes sick of being a customer service rep, which I imagine is like answering phones and such all day. Well, takin dick to earn your dollar is a lot more fun and shes about to figure that out! Virgo is a nice looking girl. Additionally, shes one of two things, either really nervous or shes super sketched were gonna try something funny.

Lucky for her were nice guys, and were just interested in seeing what she looks like taking dick. So after the usual interview, we have her get naked and play with toys. Next, she does a great job sucking my dick and she gets so into it we get a few little happy tears out of it. Next thing you know I'm fucking that pussy on the floor, then shes riding me on the couch as well as having me balls deep in her throat. Actually she looks great getting face fucked with those big eye lashes on. Then its time for anal. We start off on the desk and she takes it with no problem, I roll those legs over and we get some good shots of that sweet meaty ass before a nice gape. She rides me again on the couch and after the chair I slide I back in her pussy for a drippy creampie which she compliantly licks off the chair. Finally we have her back on the couch for the exit interview. Here, shes a little less edgy. You can tell she's happy she did such a good job. Were happy too Virgo, unfortunately we actually dont have any gigs for you so it's back to the phones you go

Backroom Casting Couch - Cici Shellz - Confessions Of A Hairy Girl Next Door

File: zoekgnabacacocicshexmvwppmc9l.mp4
Size: 2.08 GB
Duration: 53:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back friends, this week weve got a real fun one. Its CiCi, and shes gotta be the most animated, energetic girl weve had in quite some time. Shes just the right amount of quirky and wacky for us. Shes 27, shes polyamorous and super sexual. So shes thinking sex-work is the work for her. She arrives and shes wearing a very interesting get up. The bodysuitskirt combo is one of my favorites, but shes also got those cute little socks in those heels.

Its a very entertaining interview as Rick digs a little getting to know her. CiCi has another little surprise when its time to take off those clothes. Shes got an old school bush, and it is bushy. Haha we certainly werent expecting that, but holy cow look at it. Its been a while since Ive seen fur like that. It doesnt phase her at all and shes got her head between her legs making faces at the camera while showing some strangers her asshole. Back on the couch with a toy in hand CiCi fully embraces the show and shows us how to masturbate properly. She also gets creamy creamy creamy, she is having all kinds of fun. Its no secret shes a nympho, so she happily gets to work when tasked to suck my cock. She sucks and gulps on my cock before she gives us her best doggie impression in doggy style. I will say, and this is no shit, even as wet as she was, that pussy was ridiculously tight. Idk if Ive ever felt something that tight.. and we casted a virgin years ago. Anyway her response to the resistance, Shes very tight, you gotta use force. Yeah thats a quote! So we bang on the floor, we do some riding forwards and back, but when I get her on her back its time to really wear that pussy out. She lets me face fuck her and really get deep in that throat, then eats my ass with pleasure. We round out the day with some chair action. For the finale, Rick has her put those glasses on for a nice facial. She really liked getting covered. Back on the couch it seems like she really loved all. This work would seem to suit her, shes just sitting there happy as a clam, face covered in cum. Even after she finds out she isnt getting paid shes in good spirits as she puts on that bodysuit and makes her way back into the world!

Backroom Casting Couch - Sophia Sterling - Your Secret Is Safe With Us

File: h2grunabacacosopste46wra3us7c.mp4
Size: 2.20 GB
Duration: 56:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 19 year old Sophia is a tall glass of water. Shes 5ft 10 inches of cute, but she doesnt know it yet! Our goal today is simple, we're to work that sweet virgin butthole of hers! Sophia works at a call center, which sounds incredibly boring. If I was an attractive teen girl, I wouldn't wanna do that shit either. So she answered an ad and here she is. Sophia also has a boyfriend, a boyfriend who doesnt exactly know what shes doing, so hopefully that doesnt create any issues either. None of that matters at this moment though, cause shes here sitting on the couch in that very pretty dress. Sophia is bubbly, shes smiley, shes fun. When Rick gets that dress off of her, we see shes got a rocking body...

We get some toys in those holes, and then it gets real. Its time to put those skills to the test, but not before a quick pinky swear. Next thing you know were looking at those blue eyes suck my hard cock. Sophia has a bit of a thing about the texture of body fluids, so shes not super keen on things like eating pussy, or tasting her pussy off a cock, but she really gives it her best and shows the producers what we want to see. After some doggy style, some riding and missionary she lets me fuck her face a bit. The way those big blue eyes are looking up while I'm hammering her mouth is pretty fucking sexy, not as sexy as fucking her ass though. Back on the desk shes a little nervous but were gonna take care of her, and before she knows it were balls deep. Her sweet tight ass takes a good pounding, and she looks great riding me in reverse. She looks even better with her feet on my knees and that asshole gaping wide open. After fucking her in the chair, we had to put her to the test one more time with a big fat facial. I really painted that face too. That cum stays plastered on her even as we do the end of interview stuff. We promise we wont tell her boyfriend what happened, and let her know she isnt getting paid, and she STILL has the cum on her face. Well, hopefully she cleans that up before she gets home.

Backroom Casting Couch - Ruby Moon - Extra Slippery When Wet

File: vthjgnabacacorubmooxs6ihvvne9.mp4
Size: 2.24 GB
Duration: 57:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ruby is next up on the casting couch. Ruby is a Lyft driver whos trying to figure out whats next. She arrived with her hair all done up, and wearing a pretty dress hoping that Rick could get her pointed in the right direction. Ruby is another one of those girl next door undercover freak types. Id never peg her to ooze the sexuality she does but were getting ahead of ourselves. She arrives and right away she is dressed to impress. Shes pretty, smiley, yet a bit soft spoken and reserved. When Rick finally gets her out of that nice cocktail dress, we get to see that smokin body...

Remember how I said this one was one of those undercover freaks? Well after the butthole showing, and the vibrator show you know its time for the buttplug This girl thought this was a BYOBP bring your own butt plug party because she was prepared!!!!!! Ha, that one might be a first, but I'm not sure anyones ever brought their own buttplug. The best part is that you can just tell how aroused and naughty she feels putting that plug in. By the time Rick's got her sucking dick, shes all ready to go. Today weve got Tyler bailing me out, I had something I could not miss so he stepped up to plow this hottie. I think there were some real sparks going on for Ruby, so thanks for picking up the slack Tdogg. Anyway these two really have at it man, this is hot hot hot stuff and Ruby loves every second of it. Her pussy is just drenched throughout the scene. She even squirts more than once! They could legit fuck all day I think. Shes a little more nervous about the anal stuff than youd think after bringing her own buttplug. But after assuring her well use lots of lube, she handles it really well. Then, once shes warmed up, Tyler fucks her ass good. Next, there's some face fucking and ass eating, and later shes in the chair getting her ass pounded before Tyler unloads in her ass. Finally, she gets back on the couch while she's still just soaked. This is one of those insatiable girls. Shes just all smiles and giggles as she walks out the door.

Backroom Casting Couch - Hazel - It's Always The Quiet Ones

File: ykk8ynabacacohazekobff2ptst.mp4
Size: 1.83 GB
Duration: 53:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 22 year old Hazel is next up on the black couch. Hazel is the girl you see at school, maybe in the library, or grocery store. Shes got this real girl next door vibe about her. She could be sitting next to you in class and youd never know how much this girl needs sex. Of course its always the quiet ones that surprise you. Hazel arrives and her choice of outfit is very revealing. We think she understood the assignment and were not complaining.

After a little of the ol small talk we find out shes a bit of a freak, like its rough, shes done some anal, its pretty easy to tell shes a pleaser who wants to get plowed. Next, Rick talks her out of her clothes and has her standing there in that lingerie bodysuit, then hes got her removing it. Shes a natural standing there in her birthday suit showing us her asshole. After that, she has fun with the vibrator and buttplug combo. She doesnt seem to be phased for the next part of the interview, but thats the love of sex coming out. With my cock in her mouth, she has no problem with me grabbing the back of that head and getting deep in her mouth. Shes loving the doggy style, rocking back into my cock. Riding reverse and forward just plowing her hips down and enjoying every minute. Some more face fucking over the couch and then we get to the anal. The anal is so fucking hot! Theres nothing better than a girl who likes to get plowed in the ass. We even add the dildo for some toy DP which she doesnt mind tasting straight from her hole. Back on the couch she rides again and I pull her on top of me for some nice gapes. I finish her off by fucking her asshole in the chair until I explode. She pushes a gallon of cum out of her asshole lol. Back on the couch she seems pretty happy about what went down, showing off her used asshole. She finds out she isnt getting paid, and she gets dressed, and waits outside for her Uber. The moral of this whole story is, a pretty yet unassuming girl like that could be right next to you and youd never know how she would be to fuck. So shoot your shot, you never know whose ass youll end up fucking

Backroom Casting Couch - Maria - Twinning

File: rwp1knabacacomariuczbrpiisl.mp4
Size: 828.83 MB
Duration: 54:34
Resolution: 1920x1078
Format: mp4
Description: Weve got a fun surprise this week. Meet Maria! Maria might look familiar, and if so its because her twin Camila convinced her to come by. Talk about word of mouth.. AmIright??? So Camila was here a while back Camilla's Casting and I guess she had such a good time, that she decided to talk her sister into coming in for an interview herself. I feel like you couldnt write a story as great as this, but I guess well try lol.

So Maria is now here to see if shes going to be a good fit for the adult industry. Shes a little bit more reserved than her sister, but thats okay baby bird, Rick is gonna take care of you! She comes in and on the couch she goes and this party gets started. She kiiiiinda knows what to expect right? Itd be kinda fucked up if her sister sent her into the lions den without any kind of prep, so Rick kinda speeds through the interview to get her out of those clothes a bit quicker. She doesnt give much to any pushback when its time to get naked, and were getting a shot of that delicious butthole. She enjoys the vibrator and she appears to get really wet really quickly, but she needs a bit of help with the buttplug. Shes not experienced at all with the ways of the butt, but Im gonna get her to the promised land. We slip that buttplug in and start the real interview. I really enjoyed watching her suck my cock. She was anxious but eager in doggy style, and I think she finally started having some fun during the riding. Some lubbydubby missionary and face fucking later and I'm going into that ass for the first time. She takes to the anal incredibly quickly. We start off nice and slow, but turn it up and before she knows it shes bouncing all over my cock, getting gaped, and tasting her ass. We finish her off how we know you love it, those feet dangling getting railed in the ass. I pop it out and make her suck it some more before loading her face up with my cum. Back on the couch this whole interview went I guess about how she expected it to go. She really did do a great job, she dresses with the jizz on her face and waits for her ride. Now I know what youre all wondering IS IT GONNA HAPPEN?? Well I guess youre just going to have to find out.

Backroom Casting Couch - Camila & Maria - The Ultimate Threesome Twins

File: zifwnnabacacocammarve87ydqtvx.mp4
Size: 2.59 GB
Duration: 01:11:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sit back and get ready for one of the hottest castings youre ever gonna see. A few months ago we met Camila. Last week we met Maira. This week we get them BOTH! Thats right ladies and gentlemen, weve got real TWINS, and theyre here to do very dirty things, and make no mistake, they KNOW what theyre here to do. This is another day where Im not going on and on, you just have to watch it. I will however mention a few highlights. Weve got the double blowjob, weve got twins watching each other get fucked. Weve got a nice reverse Eiffel Tower thing going on. Squirting which kinda almost blinded me hahah. We got the reaaaal good stuff too, ATOGM, Ass To OTHER Girl's Mouth...

Maybe it should be ATTM Ass to Twin's Mouth. The way they watch each other get fucked is seriously one of the sexiest things Ive ever been a part of well that is until Camila puts her face under Marias pussy as I'm giving her a fat creampie I toss Camila a quick rope too, then Maria squeezes out on Camilas face. If youve never creamped a girl, then had that girl push your load out of her pussy onto her twin sister's face, well then friend, youre not living. What more can you say about it? Camila looked up with jizz on her face, just so happy to be there. Wow. Rick directs them back to the couch where we get a little bonus masturbation time, and some more squirting waterworks. After a couple of quick Os we get them cleaned up and dressed, and say goodbye!

Backroom Casting Couch - Nicole Nichols - Anna Nicole Smith's Lookalike Debut

File: idbk9nabacaconicnicimm7lqoqlc.mp4
Size: 2.51 GB
Duration: 58:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome friends! Weve got another fun casting candidate this week. Meet 20yo Nicole. Shes 5ft nothing and full of all kinds of sass. Shes just got this amazing chaotic energy surrounding her, and I gotta say I dig it. Something about her reminds me of what Anna Nicole Smith was probably like back in her heyday of strippin and tryna find a rich man lol. Were happy to have this eager little beaver here today. She arrives, hits the couch and were ready to go.

I knew this was gonna be a good day when asked why she wants to get involved with the adult industry she replies. I like to fuck. Jackpot! It's all downhill from there. I think given that introduction, shes basically what I expected her to be except the fact that shes not done anal, that one surprised me a bit. After some more fun on the couch, shes ready to do what shes told and before we can get into position. She's got the top off and those little perky nattys out. The rest of the clothes come off and shes showing us her butthole and playing with toys on the couch, with a buttplug in that virgin booty. There isnt much hesitation when we move to the practical part of the interview and she does a great job sucking my cock. Finally its on to the fuckin and as expected she does a great job on this part too. We fuck around the office and she even gets her face fucked a bit before we get to the best part anal. Shes an anal virgin, and you can tell. That asshole is really really tight, but shes a trooper and she powers through the rest of the way. You can tell getting buttfucked is way outside her comfort zone. She was doing everything in her power to grin and bear it. We got some great film footage of her though, the riding and gaping that sweet little ass was amazing. We finish up in the chair, and I fuck her ass one last time before I switch lanes and drop a massive load in her pussy which of course Rick instructs her to taste, and she does. Back on the couch, the vibe is WHOA. Yup sweet stuff you just got fucked in the butt by a stranger and lived to tell the tale. Congratulations! Lol she seems relieved, she gets a 1010 and an uber to a shopping mall. I guess shes gonna spend all that theoretical money she just made, because we dont have any practical money for her lollll. 3 Cam fieldtrailer trailer

Backroom Casting Couch - Asia - Big Booty Filipino Cutie

File: n6r5onabacacoasiamteblhyr9z.mp4
Size: 890.22 MB
Duration: 01:01:13
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: 19 year old Asia is here to see if she can leave her boring life of hospital work behind for the glitz and glam of pornography. Shes a petite little thing, with a great big ol booty. The kind of assets shell need to succeed. When she first arrives, Rick gets right into it. Shes confident but you can see some anxious nervousness peeking through. Shes here to get some good hot dick, and the money and fame seems to be secondary, so good for her. After getting to know her a little better, and before she knows it, shes standing there in the nude big booty just hanging out. She has a good time playing with the toys, and it seems like shes one of the special kind that enjoys butt stuff, so thats fun...

Finally the moment weve all been waiting for. Its time to make that demo tape for the producers, and yup its starring YOU Asia. Then its on like donkey kong. She looks good sucking on that big cock, and even better getting fucked by it. Shes definitely got the skills to do something in the adult industry. After some good vaginal fucking, and some face fucking over the couch its time for the main event. Hopefully that tiny butthole can handle all that dick. Spoiler alert She handles it like a champ. She gets buttfucked on her back, riding both ways, and even doggy style in the chair before a few baby gapes and a nice load of cum in her mouth. Back on the couch her butthole is no worse for wear, and she seems to be happy. You will notice a nice look of disbelief when she finds out she isnt getting paid. She doesnt put up much fuss though and dressed she gets and out the door she goes!

Backroom Casting Couch - Venus - Blue Eyed Venus

File: zb5mhnabacacovenutddtmnsbfk.mp4
Size: 765.71 MB
Duration: 54:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Greetings and welcome back everyone! This week's lovely casting candidate is Venus. Shes a 19 year old English student whos wondering if theres more to life than the 9-5 grind. Well Venus, there IS more to life than that, BUT, its going to require you putting dicks in and around your body. Of course she doesnt know about that part yet.. Its all good were gonna take care of you today Venus. She arrives, smiley and bubbly. Shes a petite little treat. She smiling and laughing and having a grand ol time talking to Rick and telling us about herself. She certainly has the right mindset. She does start to balk just a little bit when Rick tells her to take off her clothes...

You can see how nervous and extra fidgety she gets, but she complies anyway. Its kinda funny how nervous she got considering what she had underneath, as she reveals the sexy lingerie she wore. She gets naked and has a good time playing with toys and a buttplug before Rick throws her right into the fire and before she knows it, shes sucking my cock. This little gal sure is fun! Shes got an incredibly tight little pussy, especially with that butt plug. Its always a lot of fun fucking such petite gals, I can really control the tempo a bit more, and I really enjoyed just fucking this gal how I wanted. The way she rode my dick was just unbelievable. When we get to the anal, shes understandably nervous, but we take our time, and let her use that vibrator, and she really gets into it. We do some anal on the desk, and then some rare standing anal afterwards I plop down on the couch still in her ass and she rides my dick with the gusto. Back in the chair over the desk, I wear that asshole out until I drop a huge load that almost gets lost. Thank god she had the good sense to keep pushing, and finally we get a nice anal squirt cocktail she seems to enjoy licking off her fingers. Even back on the couch shes still all smiles as she dresses for her exit and out the door she goes

Backroom Casting Couch - Fae - Big Naturals Tryout

File: cywj2nabacacofae8fldc5yz2d.mp4
Size: 689.50 MB
Duration: 48:24
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hello ladies and gentlemens, this week weve got 19 year old Fae. As we get started let me just say Fae is quite the surprise. She comes in a little hesitant about what she's doing.. As Rick gets the interview going, you can tell shes a little reserved if not nervous. Dont worry sweet Fae were gonna lead, you follow. She does look great in that fuchsia dress shes wearing. Also, not sure if you noticed, but shes got some fucking big ol natty knockers. Rick digs a little deeper and she seems like shes getting more comfortable until he asks her to take off her clothes. She does take them off, and as we expected, great tits. Shes got a really nice natural teen body. No tattoos to boot! Back on the couch, Rick has me eat some pussy and we let her go to town with that vibrator that seems to match her dress. Even after all that, Im not sure shes ready for what comes next. Once Rick lets her know today is going to be the full BoyGirl experience, we get a true deer in headlights look...

LOL, if you watch closely you can see it in her face right when she figures it out. Then in a very first I think she asks if she can use the bathroom real quick. LUCKILY we notice she leaves her purse and phone, so thats a good sign. When she comes back its on her knees she goes, and this interview really gets going. Fae was quiet on the couch, but shes a freak on her knees. She goes to town working my cock. Shes got great oral skills, I even get some two handed face fucking going pretty early on. On all fours in doggy style, she rides me both ways on the couch. I get nice and deep in her throat and fuck those big ol nattys. Some missionary, then more doggy style before I load that pussy full of cum. We get some much better leakage this week, and she even gives it a taste of the chair when Rick asks. Back on the couch we get another shot of that leaky pussy, and it is wet and gooey and delicious looking. With that dress still half off it was kinda hot fucking her with her dress half off the whole day right? I think it was kinda hot she finds out she isnt getting paid, but it seems like all the orgasms were a good enough payment for our sweet teen slut. She puts that dress back on and out the door she goes, probably leaving a snail trail of cum in her wake.

Backroom Casting Couch - Sarah Lee - Need Fast Cash Try Porn

File: j6b1onabacacosarleev6oq7dl4mg.mp4
Size: 752.55 MB
Duration: 01:05:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back, and welcome soon to be MISS Sarah Lee. Sarah is 25 and shes got a problem. Shes trying to make some fast cash so she can full divorce her husband and get on with her life. So whats a quick way to make some quick cash? Thats right, pornography! Sarah is sweet as sugar, shes 25 and apparently shes only ever been with her husband. Thats so wild to me. 25 years old, and youve only ever had sex with ONE person. Well looks like were gonna double that number today lol. We get through the interview, and our gal Sarah isnt expecting to get naked, but she does...

Shes got a tight petite little body, and you can tell shes a bit shy. She comes out of that shell just a bit when she gets that vibrator in her hand, and she really seems to be enjoying herself when shes got the butt plug in too. When Rick gets in her face and lets her know how this interview will be continuing along, her biggest concern is that she doesnt know if she can do it as well as the girls shes seen in the videos. O.M.G what a pleaser. She actually does a great job sucking my cock, and I gotta be honest, I love petite girls, because my dick looks huge in her hands lol. She does a great job though. We get to fucking and that pussy is just as tight as her body. Again she just looks fantastic with that little body bouncing all over my cock. I rail her out on the couch and then we move back to the desk for some butt stuff. For someone as petite and tight as Sarah I through anal would be a lot more difficult. Nope, she does a great job. So I pound that sweet little ass for a bit. Some ass to mouth and some great deepthroats later were back to the desk in the chair. I fuck her ass until I decide to switch it up and unload in her pussy. Now I know Ive been complimenting how tight she is all day, but in today's situation, it doesn't work to our advantage.. Why? because I know I blasted that pussy full, but that tight pussy snatched it all up, we get a drop or two, but I'm certain shell be dealing with that allll day. Hopefully it makes her think of us lol. And away, Miss Sarah Lee goes.

Backroom Casting Couch - Sunny - Is This A Scam

File: 5zd8hnabacacosunnvz4olhjnuo.mp4
Size: 941.91 MB
Duration: 01:03:45
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: 22 year old student barista Sunny is this week's applicant. Shes got a true girl next door feel about her. Shes a little shy and reserved, but overall shes really fantastic. She arrives and Rick gets her inside post haste, its hot out there, and away we go with the interview. Sunny seems like shes one of those undercover freaks. All nice and proper in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. Yeah the further along the interview we get, the more that seems possible. What I didnt expect is for her to ask if this was a scam?!

Madame what? No this isnt a scam. Now get on your knees and put my dick in your mouth which she does. Shes a good girl about it too, and she gives me some great head while maintaining excellent eye contact. We do some great fucking, and shes starting to see that porno is a bit more work than she thought. Finally we get to the anal portion of the interview, and if you remember anal is brand new for our sweet Sunny sunshine. Nonetheless im gonna be nice and gentle with that brown eye and make sure I get some good ass fucking. She takes to anal like a fish in water, and although its a bit slow we get ramped up. She lets me fuck her face a bit before I ask her to eat my asss which she does. Then its off to the chair for some more anal before I put her on her knees and make her take my load all over her face. Back on the couch with a face full of cum shes seems pretty happy. Whats funny to me is how she didnt ask if we were scamming her after she finds out shes not getting paid. Oh yeah were also gonna make her walk out with all that jazz on her face. I wonder if the Uber driver is gonna charge her one of those clean up fees. LOL. See ya next week.

Backroom Casting Couch - Rissa - Willing To Do Anything

File: hbid8nabacacoriss91ulxaq9yn.mp4
Size: 772.52 MB
Duration: 52:33
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back friends, and get ready for a surprise! Sweet busty beauty Rissa is BACK, and this time shes here to wow the producers with an almost ALL-ANAL casting!!! 18 years old, works in a gas station? Super huge tits? OF COURSE YOU REMEMBER RISSA. Ladies and gentlemen we really think Rissa is gonna be a star, so we couldnt let her get away with just doing the vag stuff. So our commander and chief Rick called her up and convinced her this is what it was going to take. I'm not gonna gush and go on and on about this scene. Its AMAZING, maybe one of the best ever, but youll have to decide. So enjoy Rossas return and asshole annihilation. Ciao 3

Backroom Casting Couch - Rose - Hot Girl Next Door Summer

File: pjgkonabacacorosemhjzzqwfbt.mp4
Size: 859.21 MB
Duration: 01:01:09
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hello again friends! Welcome the 20 year old Rose to the couch this week. Rose is a tall girl next door type, and shes a little nervous to be here it seems. Maybe its just shyness, and a little awkwardness. Either way shes here, and shes ready to leave behind the glamorous world of fast food chicken for a shot at the adult industry. Rose arrives and away we go. You can tell how nervous and shy she is sitting on the couch. She plays it off with a smile and a good attitude, but you can tell with the fidgeting.

She gets even more hesitant when its time to take off her clothes. She gets them off though. After a nice little butt spread shes on the couch playing with a buttplug and a vibrator for the first time. We all know whats coming, but she doesnt. When she finds out its time for some dick sucking shes a little worried about her boyfriendsituationship thing, but on her knees she goes. Its not hard to tell that Rose isnt super experienced, and thats okay, because were gonna lead and its looking like shes gonna follow. The blowjob is great, and we start doing some doggy on the floor. It isnt until she starts riding that we realize theres a problem. Turns out Aunt Flo is here early, and you know what that means on the ass we go! For someone whos really green on anal Rose really does a good job, but this is definitely a bit painful for her. Nonetheless through the gauntlet she goes. We get some missionary, riding, doggy in the chair. I finally unload inside her, and that tight ass eats most of the pie, but we get a little bit of drippage. Back on the couch, it seems Rose is a little sex-brained, and she takes her time getting dressed. It seems like shes on a different planet. Maybe shes trying to think of what shes gonna tell the kinda boyfriend situation waiting for her, who knows? Either way, away goes our Rose!

Backroom Casting Couch - Sage - Muscle Mommy

File: qqzganabacacosageu2bfvirg1u.mp4
Size: 387.39 MB
Duration: 01:01:32
Resolution: 638x360
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back friends, and get ready for another unique casting! This week its 19 year old Sage. Little background on Sage shes married, and shes training for her first real bodybuilding competition! Shes unemployed focusing on the muscle mommy side quest at the moment. She loves sex, her husband is cool with her fucking other dudes apparently, so why not get into the jizz biz? Well Rick and I are happy to oblige, especially for a teen that looks like her.

What a smoke show. Sage arrives, and shes put together fantastically, great dress, great shoes, hairnailstoes all done up. Its gonna be a great day. Rick gets to know Sage and her interesting story, and you should totally listen all about it. But you know why were here.. When we finally get that body unveiled, it does not disappoint. She is so fuckin' hot! Shes got a great landing strip, and we dont see those very often anymore. Back on the couch we get toys and butt plugs and a very surprised girl when she finds out shes gonna do some performing today. Nonetheless shes on her knees sucking my cock with lovely technique. Her blowjob was really fantastic, nice and soft. Just a really great mouth. Before she knows it shes doggy style getting plowed from behind. She gets some couch circuit training bouncing on my cock. Next up is anal, and takes to it like a fish to water. We love that for her. She really enjoys the anal and all the fun positions we do, shes got the stamina to ride forever, and she almost gets me off half way through lol. She doesnt mind deepthroating my cock while I face fuck her, then at the mention of rimming shes eating my ass with a smile on her face. I plow her in the chair before I unload on her face and Rick makes her taste some of the stray cum off the desk. Back on the couch we get a little body building preview and Rick has her pose it out. We sure do wish her luck in that first competition

Backroom Casting Couch - Ray - The Alaskan Girl Next Door

File: qc5kvnabacacorayh1fj67opwe.mp4
Size: 839.75 MB
Duration: 58:37
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: 20 year old hottie Ray from Alaska is here today. Shes blonde, buxom, bubbly, and a whoooooole lotta fun. Shes one of those just traditionally gorgeous women, with a beautiful smile and curves in all the right places. When she first arrives, it takes her a second or two to actually get in and sit down. From there were off to the races. During the interview, we find out that shes always been interested in modeling, shes comfortable in front of the camera and shes always wanted to pursue work like this.

The fun part is she has a boyfriend, and hes not exactly in the know about whats going on hehehe. These kinds of castings are always my favorite. After Rick gets her interviewed, she gets naked and we get another surprise.. is that a snake tattoo hiding between those beautiful giant mommy milkers?? YES! and if you've been around here long enough, you know what that means! girl's with snake tattoos are always down for anal. Moving on, she has a fine time playing with the toys, then she finds out shes gonna have to do a bit more to be considered for adult work. After a little conversation, she agrees. Next, its time for her to suck my cock. Our gal Ray really understood the assignment today, and she showed us her best. She basically makes love to my cock with her mouth. Getting all sloppy and spitty while keeping that ass in the air for us all to see. She does an even better job of taking my cock. Then, the moment Ive all been waiting for.. the butt stuff. Ray is quite the little butt slut and we love her for that. She lets me ream that asshole like theres no tomorrow. Finally, just because shes never had cum on her face, I give her a big ol facial that almost drowns her. Whats really funny about this whole scenario and not the part where she just got fucked in the ass by a stranger for no money is the BOYFREIND IS SUPPOSED TO PICK HER UP!!!! WITH ALL THAT CUM ON HER FACE!!!! LOL I guess the plan is shes gonna tell him she didnt get the job and hopefully that works out for the best. Wish you the best of luck sweet baby Ray.

Backroom Casting Couch - Violet - Fireworks!

File: r8k2hnabacacoviolwagommvvh1.mp4
Size: 437.85 MB
Duration: 01:06:20
Resolution: 638x360
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back, and welcome Violet. Shes a 20 year old gal and she is just sexy as fuuuck. Its a coincidence wed have such a firecracker before all the 4th of July fireworks, but here we are. Violet has these AMAZING blue eyes that are just hypnotic. Shes put together rather well for a 20 year old I say. Shes confident and trying to take the next step towards fame and fortune. Shes come to the right place. When she arrives, she phones Rick, and once she gets inside our lair, its on. While talking with her, we learn that Violet is also an aspiring DJ, which is interesting. I dont think weve had one of those on the couch. The interview is fun, shes bubbly. Shes also giving us just a little glimpse up that skirt, and I cant tell if shes wearing underwear or not. We find out pretty quickly she is in fact, NOT wearing any panties or underwear at all...

Back on the couch, she has some fun with the vibrator and we find out she likes to squirt.. but well save that trick for later. She uses the vibe, then pops that buttplug in before its surprise time! I guess Violet really wasnt expecting to suck some dick, but on her knees she goes. This is where it gets really fun yall. Look at her dick control, thats a solid A. Eye contact A, sexiness A. It was a real treat putting my cock in her mouth, but it didn't compare to that ass up, face down doggy style position. The way she presents that backside to me for a balls deep fucking, Ayi Yai Yai. We do some more pussy stuff on the couch, and then its on to the anal. Now she hasnt done buttstuff in a while, but she still likes it, and that really shines through. I put my cock in her ass while she lays on her back, then some more on her side, plus a little gape and taste at the end. I really plow that asshole on the couch as she rides me and gets full anal Nelson. Next, we do some face fucking, and then it's more ass fucking in the chair where she gets a nice anal creampie she turns into a comfart cocktail. She loved it. Finally, we get her back on the couch where it doesn't take long at all with that toy before shes squirting all over the place, a nice way to finish the day. We get her cleaned up as best as possible, and then out the door, minus any kind of paycheck for today's exploits. Thanks Violet, in Dj terms I think we call that a BANGER. Happy holidays yall, enjoy your week!

Backroom Casting Couch - Rissa - Learning The Hard Way

File: risebnabacacoriss9mfwrymnu5.mp4
Size: 3.41 GB
Duration: 52:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back friends! This week weve got 18 year old Rissa gracing us with her presence and we are thrilled! Rissa is a gorgeous young lady with some of the best tits Ive ever seen in my life I swear to god. Rissa is like the gold standard applicant. Shes pretty, shes young, shes smiley, bubbly and fun, and as youre about to see she is a SLUT to her core. Really take a minute and watch the interview youll understand what I mean. Now that Im done gushing, Rissa apparently works in a gas station and can you imagine the attention she gets lol. Might as well get paid for all that attention so shes here and shes ready to do the damn thing. As I mentioned, its a good interview...

She's got personality for days. The real fun starts when we finally release those DOUBLE D beasts I mean breasts. Theyre everything we hoped for and more, and shes just smiling standing there in her cute little white panties with that little bow on the front. Back on the couch she gets a little time to play with her pussy for us. Once were done with solo masturbation its time for the oral portion of the interview, which she passes with flying colors I might add. The way she looks up while shes slobbin on my knob, the smiles, the way she plays with my cock. Its all too much. We finally get to the fucking, and this is what she was built for. She just cannot get enough, and I love the way she plays with her clit as Im fucking her on the couch. We finish up in the chair and I fill that pussy to the brim with a sloppy creampie which she has no problem licking off the chair. Even back on the couch shes still dripping cum. Since shes so insatiable, Rick gives her the vibe and lets her rub one more cum leaking orgasm out. Rick lets her know she isnt getting paid, but probably has a future in the adult industry hint hint, wink wink and I think well be seeing this lovely little slut again sometime soon.

Backroom Casting Couch - Kassi - Kassi's Birth Control Catastrophe

File: zllaonabacacokasstoywwmrjfj.mp4
Size: 900.65 MB
Duration: 01:02:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Weve got 22 year old Kassi this week. Kassi is a vet tech whos ready to move on to bigger things. Shes a tall drink of water, with a little bit of an alt look and an infectious, enthusiastic smile. When she arrives, Rick gets her on the couch, and the interview she thinks shes here for begins. Shes very open, upbeat, and has a great attitude. She does hesitate just a bit when the interview starts to get real and shes asked to take off that dress. LOL she thinks her dress being too tight is gonna be enough push back to keep it on, but shes wrong. We got alllll the time in the world sweetie, and off that dress goes. Shes sporting some very colorful tattoos, but shes got a nice dump truck booty...

Back on the couch its time for toys, and she gets that first orgasm out of the way. That mustve loosened her up a bit, bc now shes ready to start sucking some cock. Kassi is super enthusiastic when we finally get to fucking, and I really enjoyed giving her the business. Shes a compliant little slut, and I really get to work that pussy really well. Apparently her pussy got worked a little too hard, I remember feeling a little discomfort when I was fucking her pussy.. Turns out shes got one of those NuvaRing birth control devices. Its kind of a funny story, after she gets done riding, she leaves a little present on my dick Around the 2930 mark or a little after. I can honestly say thats the first time thats ever occurred.. a little porno ring toss LOLLL. Well after that whole encounter, how bad could anal be? So I start beating up that back door. Now Kassi mentions at some point that she does enjoy anal, but boy does she enjoy anal. She gets her little butthole worked all over that office. Some great deep anal, a beautiful gape, ass to mouth, the triple crown. I finish by fucking her ass in the chair before I make her take my load on her face a mouth. A freshly fucked ass, a face full of cum, and a lotta smiles for this one. She seems happy enough to have completed her first impromptu porno, even when she finds out that was still only the audition, and weve got no pay for her. So she slowly gets that very tight dress back on, and back out into the world she goes.

Backroom Casting Couch - Camila - Oh Fuck You're Gonna Snap My Back Bro

File: qyueenabacacocamirbhrapiwl9.mp4
Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 50:05
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: 20 year old Camila the cutie is here today and she is all joy. Shes so bubbly, smiley and just plain happy.. and we havent even gotten to her looks yet. Shes a stone cold fox if you ask me. When she calls, Rick directs her into the office and onto the couch for this week's romp. Shes a 20 something whos trying to find her bearings and direction in life. Shes currently an office gal for a doctor and lets be honest, that doesnt sound like very high on the life ambition checklist. So why not get paid large sums of money to fuck strangers? Matter of fact lets get his process started now! Rick tries to crack the nut that is Camille, and before long shes standing in front of us in her birthday suit...

Shes got legs for daaaays. After getting naked for us, and being asked to play with toys and use a vibrator Camile all smiles. Youve gotta love that. She even gives us the cutest little pushback before she inevitably has my cock in her mouth. This girl is a pleaser, really enjoying herself and her work. Down on all fours she gets another surprise my cock in her pussy.. and I beat those guts up without even taking off my shoes and trousers all the way. Over on the couch is more of the same, just smiley, happy, fun banging. Next, its time to ratchet up the difficulty level and on to the anal portion of the interview. She handles it like a champ, and I think she enjoyed it well enough, she was still smiling most of the way. Finally I plow her ass in the chair until I cant take it anymore and blast her with a nice facial and mouth cumshot straight outta said ass. OF COURSE she loves it. Even back on the couch covered in cum, drenched in sweat, she had a great time. Camila I think youre just the gal for this job but as we all know hehehe see you next week.

Backroom Casting Couch - Scarlett - Er Nurse Gone Wild

File: 1khxbnabacacoscarc6ojfs4fdq.mp4
Size: 3.40 GB
Duration: 55:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 23 year old Scarlett is here today. Shes got beautiful strawberry blonde hair, and one of the nicest racks I've ever seen. Shes an ER nurse, who is sick and tired of dealing with the sick and tired. She loves sex, and since shes pretty good at it, why not trade in the scrubs for scrotums? She phones Rick to let him know shes arrived and we get the interview started. Shes smiley and happy to be here it seems, if not a tad bit nervous. She doesnt have any issue answering Rick's questions, and telling us her sexy stories. Shes very hesitant to get naked for us, but eventually she shows off that thicc body as well as those ROCKIN tits! Toys and buttplugs come next...

After some masturbation with the toys, its time to see how she fares with me. So I get her on her knees to suck my cock. I really love eye contact, and she has sensational green eyes. Youll also have to keep a lookout for those little lip bites she does, it drives me wild. Next thing she knows were fucking doggy style on the floor. Away to pound town we go! We do most of the vaginal stuff on the couch, riding forwards and backwards. I think though, it's the missionary she likes the most. You can tell bc of those claw marks on my back lol. Finally the moment weve all been waiting for.. the buttstuff. We move over to the desk and we get that ass oiled up. Now its a little slow going at first, but she loosens up pretty good, and lets me get in there. She seems to enjoy it pretty well. Especially with that buttplug. When we move to the couch for the riding everything starts off nice and smooth. Shes getting into it, it feels great. When we attempt the gape, we start running into trouble. Now we know a couple of you folks like the dirty anal, and every once in a while were inclined to show the real deal stuff that happens here on the couch, but this isnt one of those times. We had to wrap up the buttsuff a little quicker that usual. Next to go back on the desk and in the chair where I'm gonna load up that pussy with a creampie. I pound her for a bit, and fill that thing full. She happily sucks up the excess cum that fell on the chair, and even when Rick asks her to bend over so we can get an look at that fucked asshole, shes STILL got cum dripping out of her. Whew, what an angel. Rick explains the process and what happens next, how shes not getting paid today and all that good stuff. She dresses and out the door those big beautiful breasts go

Backroom Casting Couch - Melanie - Pinky Swear, Anal Promises

File: qehd2nabacacomelafidwyj1pmq.mp4
Size: 3.50 GB
Duration: 01:04:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Weve got a really great update this week, its Melanie, shes 19 years old and shes quite the treat. She is the seductive teen girl next door. Just look at her long legs in that dress! Speaking of that dress, its giving those areolas like zero coverage haha, but I'm not complaining. Once shes on the couch shes a little shy and reserved, but opens up pretty quickly. Once Rick gets to know her well enough, we know its time to get her naked. Shes a bit hesitant, but shes standing there showing us her asshole in no time. Shes got a beautiful ass, shes got a beautiful pussy.. hell everything about her is just so beautiful. She seems to enjoy playing with toys, and for someone whos not used to anal, her face sure does perk up when shes shown the butt plug...

With that butt plug in her ass, Rick lets her know the next part of the interview is going to be the oral exam. The smile on her face fades a little, and she tries to talk her way out of it using a birthday party as an excuse. After a very sweet pinky promise where Rick gives her his assurance we wont mess up her make up, in her mouth goes my dick. She look so pretty with my cock in her mouth. Ass up face down is where she goes next, and I start fucking her in doggy style. That butt plug makes an already tight pussy even tighter. We go to the desk, and then the couch and its hot fucking all round. Finally its time to fuck that sweet teen asshole. She does a great job handling my cock in her ass, and she warms up to the anal very quickly. Her little ass feels so damn good. She rides it like a champ and we even get some full nelson hard pounding action. I know we promised to keep her make up safe, but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up, and I blast my load all over her face lol. Back on the couch shes still smiling. I think shes still gonna be okay for her fiend's party, but shell probably have to come up with some kind of excuse on why shes looking so disheveled. Rick lets her know were gonna send her tapes off and she wont get paid for a few weeks or at all , and she really takes her time dressing. Now I personally think based on that coy smile when asked about it, but I think shes really showing off for the producers. You see the way shes got those legs open giving us some last little upskirt shots while shes tying her shoe what a good girl.. and after her little show she blows us a kiss and out the door she goes.

Backroom Casting Couch - Kitty - Good Kitty, Bad Girl!

File: pstidnabacacokitttpsbp3ylza.mp4
Size: 614.53 MB
Duration: 43:28
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: 21 year old short haired, blue eyed Kitty showed up with a little bit of an alternative look to her, but you know these youngins are these days. Kitty doesnt quite know which way she wants to go in life, and thats what youth is for right? She seems to think the adult industry will be fun, so here she is. Shes a very nice girl, pretty and petite. Rick gets through the interview lickity split, and before she knows it we're putting her to the porno test. Shes certainly a bit of a submissive type...

I really love the way she slurps on my cock as I have a handful of that short black hair. Next, we get right into it, not giving her too much time to think about what's going on. Her pussy really is a lovely treat. She does some reverse and regular riding for me, I put her in missionary and really get nice and deep in them guts, and shes just loving it. We move back over to the desk and while shes in the chair I give that pussy a big ol sloppy creampie, which she slurps right up. Back on the couch she goes and then gets a plan-b, because she doesnt wanna know what plan-C is haha. Once we make sure shes not gonna get preggo, she finds out this was all just an audition and well try to get her paid in a couple weeks, and I imagine theres still some of my cum dripping as she gets dressed and goes out the door. Love Cam

Backroom Casting Couch - Nina - Dickmatized

File: p2s81nabacaconina7ljbbrowz3.mp4
Size: 3.89 GB
Duration: 01:08:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sweet 19 year old Nina is next up on the couch. She works at a restaurant like most young people do for their first job. Nina is quite the cutie -shes bubbly, animated, and has a great attitude. When she first walked in the room, I noticed the large crucifix hanging from her neck, and all I could think was, that thing isnt going to save you today young lady spoiler it doesn't. From there, Rick gets her on the couch and awayyyy we go! As I mentioned, shes an interesting character who lost her virginity in a high school bathroom !. When its time to show off that body, it sure is a treat. Youve just gotta love those hard teen bodies. Next, it's the vibrators and butt plugs we all love...

She loves that vibrator so much that she gives herself an orgasm before we really get this party started. Something that really stood out to me, is when she finds out shes gotta blow me,. You can see in her face shes trying to work out if this is something shes willing to do. While shes pondering, you'll hear her tap tap tapping on that butt plug. How fucking hot is that? When its time to fuck, she does not disappoint. Shes got a great command of my cock and apparently Im the first white guy shes had. Ill take this great responsibility seriously . This girl is something else though, she thoroughly takes my dick and begs for more. Its also very flattering how complementary she is, shes legit having a good time. Im not gonna gush too much more. Ill just let you watch how we put this sweet gal through the ringer. I finish her off with a nice facial, then set her on the couch with a dickmatized look on her face. Finally, we have her dress back up in those pretty pink panties and away she goes

Backroom Casting Couch - Stacy - Remastered 2023

File: ojeyrnabacacostactnyyh3cue2.mp4
Size: 2.11 GB
Duration: 30:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 21yo Stacy was originally shot for Backroom Casting Couch in November of 2010 and her video remastered in 2023. Her updated scene offers a cleaner, sharper, and more refined viewing experience. The subtle differences you'll notice are 1 A higher resolution video. 2 Cleaned up audio reduced static noise. 3 The whites were brightened up to contrast the darks. 4 The vibrancy of skin tones looks more true to life and lively. Enjoy the remastered trip down memory lane!

Backroom Casting Couch - Skyla Sun - Big Booty Cutie Wants The Big Bucks

File: q3iolnabacacoskysun9mobluvwtt.mp4
Size: 1.03 GB
Duration: 01:01:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 21 year old Nursing Assistant another one lol Skyla showed up to our casting because she wants to earn the big bucks sucking dick. She's tired of the chump change she makes wiping geriatric asses. I shouldnt be so crass. The world needs CNAs and ditch diggers and all those things, but this girl thinks shes destined for bigger. Rick and I will be the judge of that. Skyla is super animated, shes a hoot, and when we get those clothes off we see a nice rockin hard body.

She knows what shes working with, and I'm excited to test it out. When Rick gets her on her knees and I get a taste, and I can tell you its great. She puts on a very animated and vocal show for us, and complies to everything we ask. Shes a bit nervous at the thought of anal only doing it maybe once in her life kinda. She really troopers up and takes her ass fucking like a champ. I finish her off by unloading all over her face, and Rick puts her back on the couch with that vibrator. We get one last orgasm with cum all over her face before we send her on her back to the old folks home

Backroom Casting Couch - Lola - First Time Swallow, Second Time Anal

File: qtlednabacacolola1tnczulau4.mp4
Size: 3.95 GB
Duration: 01:04:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 23 year old cutie patootie Lola is here today. We can see shes got a rockin hard little body when she arrives. Shes super nice, but as can be expected a little hesitant. She got a ride to the office today, and apparently theyre still waiting for her outside. Rick tells her to go ahead and let the ride know its gonna take a minute. Lola is super cute, the way shes nervous and giggles. Oh no, can I curse? She asks after dropping an F-bomb. Lol, adorable, just like that little body when Rick finally does get her out of that dress. Shes got some sexy tan lines, and a little bit of fur on her pussy. She enjoys toys, and has a few she plays with. She even uses a buttplug...

She gets even more hesitant when she finds out this is going to be an ALL INCLUSIVE interview. Then we have her text her ride to go ahead and leave. After that, she does a great job giving sloppy toppy as she looks up at me with those amazing eyes. She does look a little nervous before we get to the fucking doggy style on the floor, but everything goes smooth. We move to the couch to do some riding, reverse, then some nice, romantic missionary with some kissing. Next, we have her laying on her back on the desk where she finally gets the 2nd cock shes ever had in her ass.. and this is already better than the first because at least were using lube!!. LOL, can you imagine? Yeeesh, anyway, I think she really does warm up to the anal and the toy helped of course. Before she knows it shes getting gaped in the pile driver, and getting fucked balls deep in the ass. When it's time for the grand finale', we remember that our lovely Lola has NEVER swallowed a load before. Can you believe that, this little cutie has never had any cum in her mouth?? We ask her to swallow and she agrees.. but ONLY with a water chaser. She definitely didnt look happy for a second there. Lola really seemed to enjoy herself today, even after she finds out she isnt getting paid, shes still super cool. Since her ride left her in our very capable hands, Rick makes sure she gets home safe like the gentleman he is.

Backroom Casting Couch - Xia - Painal Tap Out

File: cfg4vnabacacoxiapxgb555sb1.mp4
Size: 2.99 GB
Duration: 42:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This week's casting is 19 year old emo girl Xia. The interview is a bit wonky, apparently our desk camera didnt like the data card we had inside of it, and decided not to record it. Between that, our loud ass neighbor, and some ill timed window washers, this casting was a bit of a mess even for us lol. But thats what we do here. We trick unsuspecting girls into putting dicks inside of them, so some things are bound to go awry here and there lol. Luckily we got our camera figured out and didnt miss any of the good stuff. Anyway, Xia works at Olive Garden, and anyone whos served before knows its a bullshit job. Id wanna do porno too if I was a young pretty blonde girl...

We really just throw this girl right into the fire by asking her to get naked. The first thing shes worried about is her non-match matching bra and panty set. Rick assures her that she wont have it on long. HA, can you imagine what was going through her head? Next thing she knows Im eating her pussy and shes down on her knees sucking my cock. Then its bang bang bang and away we go. She gets fucked on the floor desk and couch and shes not having any issues at all being a slut on camera for us. That is until its time for the anal. This is kinda when everything really runs off the rails. The second I get the tip of my dick in her I knew she wasnt going to be able to handle it very well. She did however, really give it the old college try. She really really wasnt enjoying that anal and taps out. Now when a girl taps out we gotta do the right thing, so we wrap it up and attempt to get her off one more time. As shes masturbating those goddamn window washers outside are getting a little too close. We really dont wanna get kicked outta this place again. That desk and couch are heavy and who do you think has to move it? So in an effort to save us some trouble Rick kills it pretty quick, and we make Xia get dressed and leave in the dark lol. I cant image what she thought about all this. But maybe shell think twice about meeting strangers lol lol.

Backroom Casting Couch - Anna - It's Straight To The Ass For This Hesitant Thespian

File: 6lflonabacacoannajzpkpiibea.mp4
Size: 3.10 GB
Duration: 49:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 20 year old theater major turned up today for a job interview. Shes a lovely and interesting gal. She phones Rick when she arrives, and we get moving pretty quick. So turns out she wants to be the person on a film set that would be in charge of coordinating the intimacy sex lol scenes. I had no idea this was even a job, so what better way to prepare for a career in intimacy, than to be in porno movies? Makes plenty of sense to me. We get to know a little more about her, and you know how this goes, its time to get this gal naked...

Now before we see her in her birthday suit, she mentions its about that time of the month, so keep that in mind . Naked she gets, and butthole we see, next thing we know shes sucking on me. Shes a submissive little type, and she gives great head. She really seems to enjoy when a fuck her face a little more aggressively. When its time to get going, we get a nice reminder about Aunt Flo, so straight to the ass it is. We going in doggy style on the floor, and it seems like she enjoys getting fucked in her ass which is a lot of fun. She flips over and gives us a little show of her flexibility, and I'm back in that ass again. We move to the couch and I fuck that face a little more and she does a great job of licking my ass. We get some great riding, and gaping before were back to the desk where I unload deep in that sweet ass. Shes kind enough to eat some of that anal creampie. We kinda wrap up the post interview stuff kinda quickly, were preettttty sure our neighbor can hear everything were doing over here, and he opted to drown out the last little bit with some music. So Rick quickly lets her know itll be bout three weeks before she doesnt get paid, and she gathers her clothes and says goodbye

Backroom Casting Couch - Venice - How We Fucked The Pizza Delivery Girl

File: 4q2z8nabacacovenimywyteggxu.mp4
Size: 3.45 GB
Duration: 48:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Very sexy girl next door Venice is next up on the casting couch. Shes a 20 years pizza delivery driver. This girl is the epitome of cute. Shes so tiny and has these great big green eyes, and theres something about her nose I really like odd I know, theres just sommmmeeethinnnng. Also, shes pretty reserved, so it makes me think shes a little nervous for this whole process, who wouldnt be? When she arrives, Rick tries something kinda new so we dont have that pesky sun blocking everything out, then we get her onto the couch in her pretty flowery dress. She answers all our questions, shes down to Earth, bubbly. This really is one of those gals who could be at your door one Friday night with a hot pizza pie, and youd never know....

Rick must have known how anxious I was to clap them cheeks so he gets through the interview and has this little gal standing naked and showing us her butthole pretty quickly. When it comes time to put a dick in her mouth, shes a little more than hesitant lol. After a little refocusing our little Venice is on her knees sucking my cock. It takes her juuuuust a second to realize what the assignment is, but she catches on and gives one hell of a blowjob. We keep the action going quick and im busting those guts in doggy before she knows what's happening. Riding and rimming, she does everything shes asked to do like the good gal she is. Shes very new to anal, and the tightness of that asshole is proof. Her ass is so tight, its hard to get pumping, but like every good butthole it loosens up. Fucking a fresh asshole especially one on a pretty girl like this is one of lifes great pleasures. I get her riding, we get some nice full nelson action, and she gets a giant load of cum in her pussy which she has no problem eating off the couch like the good girl she is. Afterwards, she seems to be happy she experienced this, or maybe shes happy I'm not fucking her ass anymore. Then we let her know she isnt getting paid and out the door she goes, shoes in hand.

Backroom Casting Couch - Ava Angeleyes - Fashionista's Anal Audition

File: 2ggbpnabacacoavaangmfo6kduian.mp4
Size: 4.22 GB
Duration: 58:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ella is a 23 year old Fashion merchandizer which means she buys clothes in bulk, and then sells them for more money later I think. Either way shes not having any fun doing that stuff anymore. She thinks putting dicks in and around her mouth is going to be a much better career option, and Im not gonna tell her otherwise lol. Shes pretty soft spoken, and I dont think shes super nervous, shes just chill and suuuuper laid back. Im not sure anything we could throw at this girl would bother her too much. Shes the kind of girl who looks like shell do bout anything, but well see. We get a nice little interview before getting her out of those clothes. She must have understood the assignment today because shes wearing some get your dick hard lingerie...

I love it, its just not very practical if you think about it haha. She gets naked, she uses the vibe, and apparently she loves playing with her ass because right in that butt plug goes. As I mentioned before she doesnt seem to put off after the grand reveal.. shes gotta suck my cock, and away we go. Shes for sure a very good whore. She does exactly what shes told with no issue. Suck my cock? Sure! Time to fuck. Alright! You like Anal? Spread those cheeks. Taste this cock straight from your ass.. gluck gluck gluck you get the idea. I finish her off with a nice facial, and I think we get one of the first real smiles of the day. Pretty sure she liked that. Finally as we close out, and Rick explains shes not getting paid, for a half a second I thought she was gonna get super pissed. You can see the confusion, disspoointment, and pang of anger flash across her face for just a brief moment. Luckily Rick and I escape without being stabbed and out the door goes Ella.

Backroom Casting Couch - Charli - All I See Is Love

File: iar6knabacacochar3mq5c4ncun.mp4
Size: 4.15 GB
Duration: 01:02:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Charismatic Charli is next up on the couch. Oooohiieee Charli is sexy, like just look at the way she walks in wearing those Stunner shades lol. Tall, tan, tight body.. shes got it all going for her. So why not move on from tending bar and move up to the big leagues? She phones Rick when she arrives, she lets herself in, and we get to it with this hottie. Shes got a lotta fun stories about her sexual history, which is perfect. Shes been with girls, wants to be with more, not a crazy high body count, and new to anal, all wonderful stuff...

She gives us a bit of pushback when its time to show off the goodies, but before she knows it shes standing there naked showing us her asshole. Next, shes happy to play with toys and use a butt plug. Thats all easy enough, but after that she certainly wasnt expecting to put my dick him her mouth, yet in her mouth goes my dick. She gives some great head and I really like looking into those blue eyes while shes slurping me. Apparently Aunt Flow was also in the vicinity again this week, though things werent crazy, we still popped over to the booty pretty quickly. Shes used toys in her ass before, but not a lot of actual dick in there. Even still she does a great job taking my cock, shes a little hesitant about the ass to mouth, and a nice gape or two. I finish her off with a load in her ass, and we get a little bit of leakage. Shes still her smiley bubbly self back on the couch post anal creampie, we get her dressed and out the door.

Backroom Casting Couch - Sasha - The Busty Persian Milf Experience

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Size: 3.91 GB
Duration: 01:01:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 34 year old assistant Sasha is next up on the couch this week. Shes got a very exotic look about her, very beautiful eyes. She phones Rick when she arrives and he instructs her to come on in! When she enters the office, shes a liiiiitle standoffish, and I guess rightfully so. Shes not like aggressive, but shes definitely on the look out for any funny business. Even on the couch as were getting to know her, shes still a bit reserved, but she does start to open up a bit as we progress. Shes interesting though, defiantly a bit more submissive than she comes off. She gives a little pushback when its time to get naked, but before she knows it shes bent over showing us all her asshole...

We finally get her smiling when I go down on her and then she gets to play with toys. And after a little more convincing my cock is in her mouth, and shes finally coming out of her shell. She gives me some great head with those dick suckin lips. Next shes on the floor ass up face down getting plowed in doggy style. We do some riding back and forth on the couch. She lets me fuck those big beautiful titties before we move it back to the desk for some anal. Now shes pretty brand new to butt fuckin, but she really really powers through. I stretch that tight ass hole out and then make her taste it afterwards. She does a fine job riding, and piledriven, but when its in the chair for the last part, its a little too much. We get a couple tears, and still she power through. Apparently our sweet Sasha has NEVER swallowed cum before, so lets go ahead and check that box, and like the trooper she is, she swallows it right down. She literally does everything we ask, and she does it well. She gets a big round of applause from me. She does however, give us a couple flashes of distaste when she finds out she isnt getting paid today, and I think she reverts back to not trusting us again lol. Which is probably a pretty good idea. See ya later Sasha!

Backroom Casting Couch - Mochi Mona - Big Things Cum In Small Packages

File: ocfrjnabacacomocmonhrh22tgvhj.mp4
Size: 3.70 GB
Duration: 51:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Pint sized and petite little Mochi is here to help us ring in the New Year with a bang! Shes a fun little spinner whos ready to please. This one is quite the spitfire. From the time she walks in the door, shes ready and willing to do what it takes to get a job. She arrives wearing a great dress, and her interview is a lot of fun. Shes got no problem showing it all off for us, and we get some nice views of that bushy pussy before its even time to get her naked. When it IS time to get naked, this little ham is all for it. Shes strutting her stuff, laughing and just rolling with it...

She enjoys the toys and butt-plug, and is an eager beaver to get to work sucking my cock. Shes sucks me pretty darn well too I might add. We get to fuckin around the office as we usually do, and its always a lot of fun to fuck a chick whos so into it. When we get to the anal portion, we find out she's gonna get some real anal for the first time. She takes it like a trooper while that ass takes a pounding. We even get in a little bit of the elusive anal full nelson. After some ATM, and some gapes, its over the desk for an anal creampie. I think youll will enjoy it lol. Finally, back on the couch she sits, dressed she gets, and away she goes. Not a bad way to start 2023 though, thanks Mochi!

Backroom Casting Couch - Jill Taylor - A Little Ho Ho Hoe

File: n87oknabacacojiltayphjdsoiili.mp4
Size: 4.31 GB
Duration: 01:01:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Merry Christmas Friends! We're releasing the update a day early! Here at BackRoomCastingCouch, weve got a little present for ya! Its Jill, and shes a super cute 18 year old slut AND youre getting her a day early! I dont know where Rick is finding these chicks, but hes found another sexy teen whos ready and willing to do dirty things with yours truly in an effort to get into the adult industry! Like last week, this is another true girl next door type. Shes so damn adorable. Shes thick in all the right places, and those tits are magnificent. After our little Ho-ho-hoe arrives, Rick decides to get a little festive and weve got a Santa hat for our hopefully applicant. Shes fun. Down to earth, bubbly, smiley...

Shes still a little shy when shes gotta show off her body, as she timidly hides those perky tits. Shes down to play with toys, and use a butt plug even though shes so new to anal. When Rick asks her to put both toys insider her, shes such a tight fit she cant make it work. I couldnt wait to feel that pussy! She hesitantly gets on her knees when asked and gives me a really nice blowjibber. Shes so soft and slow and sensual. When Rick asks her to go face down ass up, I cant take it any longer and its time to see what shes got. It takes a second to get her loosened up a bit, she wasnt balking, she is a tight fit. She handles it well and over to the couch we go for some riding and more sensual missionary. While were on the couch we might as well test out that asshole, and test it we do. Seriously folks, for a girl whos only done anal once, she does really well. I show her a few new things, some gapes, some ass to mouth. Pile driver, and throat fucking before she gets blasted, and fed some cum. Rick gives her a chance to get off, and we watch her masturbate to a really sexy orgasm. Seems like she had fun, even though it was a bit painful. She isnt getting paid, so dressed back up, and away she goes. Maybe if shes a really good girl this year Santa might help her get into the jizz biz next time! Ho-Ho-Ho

Backroom Casting Couch - Jena Larose - From Air Force To Anal

File: yizphnabacacojenlarxmlthhuw2b.mp4
Size: 3.27 GB
Duration: 45:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: We got a hot and sexy lady for ya this week for our, Producers. Its 27 year old Jena. Jena is fresh out of the US Air Force and looking to see whats next for her. Well with that body, those looks, and a willingness to get fucked in the ass by strangers, Id say porno could be what's next for this sexy ass woman. Shes smokin man, this was such a great casting IMO. I know I mentioned it in the video, this is for sure a top 10 ass. We cant forget about those gigantic mommy milkers too. Aye Yai Yai. When I meet Jena at the door those tits are already popping out, and they almost make a cameo while were doing the interview. I will say for as smoking hot as she is, shes really down to earth and that makes her even hotter. Rick gets her out of that sexy dress, and were off to the races. She does a great job sucking, a great job fucking, and we get a the elusive anal creampie at the end. BUT, instead of gushing any harder this is one of those castings that just kinda speaks for itself, so sit back, relax, and bust a nut.

Backroom Casting Couch - Marvelous Madilyn - How We Fucked A Hesitant Bartender

File: yhnyanabacacomarmadhrinotq5ns.mp4
Size: 3.12 GB
Duration: 44:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Madelyn is a 24 year old bartender who looks like a typical gal youd see at your local dive-bar. I imagine she spends her nights serving canned PBRs to hipsters trying to get in her pants. A girl like that has to be tough to navigate that kind of lifestyle. I guess well see. Rick grabs her when she arrives, gets her on the couch and away we go. Madelyn is nice, if not a little leery. She knows shes here to talk with Rick about the jizz biz, she sure was not expecting me to be there. She gives us a good, smiley interview and describes herself as fairly experienced, so this shouldnt be a thing right? Well for a split second I thought we were gonna have a walk out situation...

She gets a little defensive when its time to look at her goodies. I mean its porno, what does she expect? Were all gonna see her naked at some point sheesh. After a bit of reassurance we get to see those goodies. I gotta say, personally I like the no underwear with the leggings fashion choices shes made today. Now we know whats coming next, she rubs her pussy for a minute, I eat her out, and after some more convincing, she's got a cock in her mouth. Boom boom boom boom, Rick put me to work today guys, and Madelyn is getting fucked all over this office. I fuck her face, then I fuck her pussy, and seeing as shes so experienced she shouldnt have problem getting fucked in that ass. Spoiler alert she doesnt. I really enjoyed the way she rode my cock in Ricks captain chair. Personally the way my cock was going in and out of her ass looked really hot IMO. Finally its down to doggy on the floor where shes begging me to fill up her ass, which I happily do. Back on the couch still leaking cum our gal Madelyn got off a few times, so well skip the post coitous masturbation. I think shes so happy her ambush anal fucking is over she doesnt seem to even hear Rick tell her she isnt getting paid. On go those big ol boots and out the door she goes, to slang more of them canned PBRs.