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Porn World - Venera Maxima - She Turns Boxing Lesson Into A DP

File: rp6emnapowovenmaxrohzbmpex5.mp4
Size: 3.66 GB
Duration: 01:06:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Seriously sexy blonde Venera Maxima has arrived for her boxing lesson with Jay and makes her way to the locker room. She video calls her boyfriend while stripping off and teases her hard nipples and wet pussy and ass with a glass dildo! She finishes up and gets ready to box but this hottie is still hot and horny! After performing a warm up, Venera learns some boxing techniques and gets winded as she spars with Jay. He rubs her muscles but Venera has other ideas and lifts up her cropped top, seducing Jay into some fun. Jay explains he is expecting his next client, but Venera enjoys a different kind of workout, bringing Jay's next client into the mix for some double blowjob and DP fucking!...

Porn World - Jennifer Mendez - Busty Language Teacher

File: izrp8napowojenmenz92tpqryme.mp4
Size: 3.21 GB
Duration: 58:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two company executives, Erik and Jimmy have arranged for a language teacher to visit them and teach them Czech. They are surprised to see such a stunning busty babe when Jennifer Mendez arrives! They start to study but both guys struggle to concentrate and can't keep their eyes off Jennifer's massive rack. They head off to make a coffee and Jennifer overhears them talking about her big tits so she turns their study session into something a lot more exciting! This mesmerising hottie strips off and puts on a show as she slips a glass dildo into her juicy pussy and ass. Erik and Jimmy soon join in and after enjoying some cock sucking action, they take turns to slam her holes and treat Jennifer to a DP pounding!...

Hot Milfs Fuck - Jena Larose - I Love Being A Whore. It’s A Game

File: ywa93nahomifujenlarbtsguwjgny.mp4
Size: 4.38 GB
Duration: 01:17:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Give me a D. . . D!!!!!! Give me a P. . . P!!!!!! Whats that spell!? DP!! What? DP!! One more time!! DP!! And for you Neanderthals, thats short for Double Penetration which returning 27 year-old Air Force veteran and Milf by definition with 2 little kiddies at home hottie Jena LaRose has never done before. And let me also get this out of the way because its probably the most important. Thank you for your service and we salute you.

Ok, so this is Jenas 5th shoot with us and shes already had her Anal casting over on Ricks BackroomCastingCouch.com entitled From Air Force to Anal, and she took it up the ass like any good recruit would. What a trooper. Then she was promoted to the HMF bed for her first ever-squirting orgasm in this video and its highly creative title Yea I Came, 1st Orgasm Ever, and you guessed it. This title took me like forever to come up with but we loved Jena so much that we kept her a few extra days so she could lick her first ever pussy in a hot as fuck threesome here as well with HMF top gal Brooke Barclays and stud Tyler Nixon. That one was entitled My Very First Pussy, Not My Last, as the words flowed from my fingers to the keyboard like melted butter. And once again everyone, the fireworks and firsts dont end there because we surprised her with Isiah Maxwells massive fun gun for her first black cock ever over at BBCSurprise.com entitled Up For A Little Slut Traiining? I Am, and this honorably discharged girl next door is cocked and already way on her way to making a name for herself in the Jizz Biz we think so go check out all her videos. But lets not lose focus of why shes here today. Its Double Penetration with some Painal sprinkled in and shes a bit nervous for it, but in her own words said this. Im Submissive. Ill Do Anything, and we just love you for it. Youre a fucking hottie girl with a spectacular vagina and beautiful lips that can milk any hardened man of his seed in record time. So did she have any orgasms Steve? Nope, shes a tough nut to crack but she did take one in the pink and one in the stink simultaneously before Cam and Tyler gave her a facial milk bath which she eagerly and seductively licked up like the good little Slutty Air Force Brat with amazing tits that she is and does. Pleaser. . . Who will do anything. Love it, and you can all thank me after you watch it. So cheers and safe travels. Steve Read Less

Only Tarts - Milka Way - Threesome Prescription

File: rbs3nnaontamilwayltzryfwmqo.mp4
Size: 1008.56 MB
Duration: 59:40
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Milka Way and her boyfriend are quite in love, but facing some serious problems. They have issues with sex. She is very shy and gets nervous any time she is naked in front of him. No matter what he tries, he just cant seem to get her in the mood. They have heard of a psychologist with a special method to help young couples like them and go to see him. He is straightforward with them, explaining that his methods are controversial and that he is very hands-on.

If they want to have success, they have to agree to do anything he says, no matter how out of character it may seem. First, he has her change out of her conservative school garb and put on something that makes her blush just looking at it. She can feel their eyes on her body as she changes in front of them and can see the lust growing along with the cocks in their pants. Shy or not, she can feel her body getting warm and her pussy getting wet as she slips into the pink fishnet and pushes a plug into her virgin butthole. The doctor has her get on her knees between them. Face to face with her first and second cock, she suddenly feels overwhelmed with a desire to be naughty. Her boyfriend cant believe the drastic change as his sweet girlfriend is fucking a stranger right in front of him. He wisely goes along with the program, taking his turn in her mouth, then her pussy, and back between her hungry lips. Pulling out the plug, the doctor pushes his dick into her ass while she is still riding her man. Having two dicks in her tight holes sends Milka over the edge with waves of ecstasy. They pull out and shoot all over her face. Now that she has had a taste of being a slut, Milka cant wait to do it again. Read less

Porn World - Anissa Kate & Ania Kinski - Nympho Teachers Seduce Colleagues Into DP

File: ivlymnapowoanianimx82isvfbl.mp4
Size: 1.82 GB
Duration: 32:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: While horny teachers, Anissa Kate, Ania Kinski and Lorenzo are enjoying a fuck frenzy in class, their colleagues, Yanick and David arrive for work and overhear the moans and groans coming from the room next door! David gets furious with his staff and the only way Ania is going to get away with it is if she gets down on her knees and sucks him off too! These cock hungry sluts work their way around all three male teachers and turn their quickie into a full-on gangbang! Both Anissa and Ania get their holes slammed balls-deep with dick before taking turns to get DP'd! Once their holes have been sufficiently stuffed, Anissa and Ania take multiple messy facials!