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Backroom Casting Couch - Catalina - Baddie's Anal Audition

File: 3kgbinabacacocatao6k8lqvxm2.mp4
Size: 824.72 MB
Duration: 56:49
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back friends! Weve got a sensational candidate up on the couch this week. Its 20 year old Catalina, and she's cute as a button. She is sweet and petite and were very excited to see if shes ready for the adult industry. She arrives, and shows us her stuff right away with some poses and Rick gets her over on the couch so we can get this thing started. Shes really just itty bitty. Shes very soft spoken, but doesnt hesitate to answer all of Rick's questions for her. Shes a shy little thing but shes ready to expand her horizons in the biz. Well the first step is to get naked for us Catalina, so she gets naked. Oh my gaaawd. Just wait until you see the body shes been hiding. Shes tight as a tiger, I'll tell ya what. Shes got enormous tits for that petite frame and an even more compact coochie. Her next task is to masturbate on the couch for us, which is an easy task so away she goes...

That pink dildo looks huge in her little pussy. Next she compliantly puts in a buttplug for us. She keeps playing with herself even as her phone is just exploding in her purse. I guess someone really wanted to talk to her. Thats too bad because shes busy with my cock in her mouth. She is an expert cocksucker, see the way shes using both those hands and that mouth. Whoever taught her that, thank you haha. Her little pussy is so tight especially with the buttplug, and did I mention how rockin that body was? Jesus Christ the way she throws her ass back into me. I gotta say this one was a lotta fun, just fucking her tight petite body all over the office was something else. The real fun comes when its time for buttstuff. Shes super new to it, and if you thought that pussy was tight, boy oh boy lemmie tell you bout that booty. I take some time to really warm her up, using some fingers before we move to my dick. She really takes it like a champ. I rock her over to her side, and before we move to the couch we get a great gape, and i'm sure its the first time anyones done that. After some riding, a quick face fuck, and chair later I paint her pretty petite face with a nice big load. Shes nice enough to keep most of it on her face as we wrap up, she really just gets the bit around her eyes. She dresses with cum dripping off her face, and I think thats one of my favorite parts. After blowing a nice kiss shes on her way!

Woodman Casting X - Stasy Riviera - Casting X 170

File: 1orapnawocaxstarivji9hycszwx.mp4
Size: 3.13 GB
Duration: 01:48:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A russian girl, Stasy Riviera has an audition with Pierre Woodman. She will answer general questions about her life and sexual fantasies and experience. Then Stasy Riviera will undress to show her body naked. She will be asked to show her body in doggy style and missionary position on a sofa. Then Pierre convince Stasy Riviera to have 100 real sex,and he will make her an Anal demonstration of his secret technic. She will cum like no others ! This is Stasy Riviera sex Testing casting X !

Porn Dude Casting - Jill Kassidy - Casting

File: 6savdnapoducajilkas9nducs7ven.mp4
Size: 965.64 MB
Duration: 42:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 0006 Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for the beautiful and horny Jill Kassidy. I love Christmas, she said, decorating the tree, but its just so lonely when you have no one to share it with. Little did she know I was about to slide down her chimney and slide into somewhere tight, wet and hot. Jill sat in my lap while she unwrapped the gifts Id brought her. Her eyes went wide when she unboxed the dildo, but the surprise was touched by sadness. Its nice, she said. I just kinda wish I had the real thing, Santa.

0446 Of course, Santa knows these things, so Id come prepared. Jill unwrapped her next present with a BOING, gushing, Thank you! This is just what I wanted! She put my North Pole in her mouth and started bobbing her head, pretty eyes locked on my own. Her nimble tongue twirled around my tip, then she pulled out her tits as she slurped. Ever the good girl, she handled my sugar plums with great care.

0816 Jill followed me as I moved to the couch, dropping her shorts before climbing into Santas lap. Oh Santa, you feel so good! Usually I get milk and cookies, but this house preferred cream-filled treats. Jill put her feet on the couch to bounce harder, then hopped off to take a quick taste of my candy cane. She got back on the sleigh backwards, rubbing her clit as she rode. Oh my god, Im so glad you didnt get me coal!

1430 We stayed connected as we stood up. Oh yes, please! I held Jills waist as our bodies smacked together, her moans and giggles riding on the rhythm. Ive been such a naughty girl! The ho-ho-hoe smiled big when I grabbed her throat, declaring this the Best Christmas Ever. Oh my god, fuck me, Santa!

1738 She sat down, licked her fingers and started touching herself. I want that cock back inside of me, Santa, she begged, spinning records on her pussy. Im so ready!

1822 Kneeling on the couch with her ass in the air, Jill put her mouth back on my cock. You think Ill be on the Nice List next year? she asked between slurps, then showed me her no-hands technique.

2021 Then she turned around, still on her hands and knees, and I gave her some yule log from behind. Jill moaned as I slipped it in. Oh yeah, Santa! She looked over her shoulder at me while I fucked her, handprints glowing on her ass from all the spanking. You fuck me so good, Santa.

2444 Jill flipped onto her back and spread her legs. She looked deep into my eyes as I put my present in her box, then touched herself while watching me roast my chestnuts on her open fire. I love watching your cock go in and out! Her face lit up when I grabbed her throat, and her moans got louder. Is it gonna be a White Christmas?

2825 The girl clearly hadnt had enough milk and cookies, because she was still hungry. She jingled my bells while sucking my dick.

2950 Jill took off her socks and wrapped her pretty feet around my raging hard Christmas tree. Your dick feels so good between my toes, she said, stroking me with her cute, pedicured tootsies. Gripping me between her feet, she leaned in for a slurp before working me over with her soles. Ive been waiting for this moment! Jill played with herself while her feet played with me. It makes me so wet playing with your dick!

3400 Then she climbed back onto my rock-hard sleigh, leaning back into a rocking horse position. Oh my god! Jill worked her body as I stuffed her stocking, her eyes rolling back. I rubbed her clit with my thumb as she slammed herself on my cock. Oh, right there! Yes!

3748 She turned around, ass up for some more reindeer style. I gripped Jills waist as I pounded, slamming hard and deep. Im such a naughty girl, Santa! She was, and since I hadnt brought any coal, I slapped her ass instead.

4048 Are you gonna give me a White Christmas? Jill asked, stocking still full of dingdong. Im so ready for it. She got down on her knees and I emptied my sack full of gifts in her beautiful face. Jill sucked me clean and exclaimed, This was the Best Christmas Ever! Merry PornDude Christmas everyone!

Porn Dude Casting - Raina Rae - Casting

File: kwhilnapoducarairaefvnfnpzuyd.mp4
Size: 3.17 GB
Duration: 48:09
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Raina Rae showed up on the PornDudeCasting couch without any clothes on at all, which frankly worked very well with my theme. I love being naked! The newly minted pornstar showed off her body and her tan lines as we began our conversation, a chat that touched on her first scenes, her soon-to-be husband, and things she wants to try sexually. My life could be a reality TV show! Honestly, Rainas broadcast would be better than anything on the boob tube, in part because of those perfect boobsalways 100 uncensored here at PornDudeCasting!

When was the last time you saw a dice game like this on cable, anyway? Raina dug a set of bones out of my toybox and rolled a pair of fives. I think I know whats going on, she said, climbing over my knee. The babe was all smiles and giggles as she counted her spankings, getting thoroughly turned on in the process. Im pretty wet. Im pretty horny.

I was, too, so it seemed like a good moment to give Raina the gift Id brought. Oh my god! she said as she unwrapped it. I think you have such a nice cock. This is a great surprise! Slurping ensued, and Raina made beautiful eye contact as she bobbed her head. Im a lover, remember?

Her next confession came as something of a surprise Ive never given a footjob. I never would have known, given how expertly she wrapped her soles around my cock, gliding them up and down. Its kinda fun! Raina took me between her pretty, pedicured toes as she told me not to cum just yet. Shes just as capable with her hands, too. I like handjobs, Raina said, caressing my balls and jerking me. You have such a nice cock, she told me as she moved to a dual-fisted twist.

How do you want me? You want cowgirl? I did, so Raina saddled up. Her pussy was already soaking wet as she began to ride, getting louder as she bounced. Oh, that feels so good! Her tits knocked my glasses around, and then she turned around to ride me backwards. Now thats what I call a world-class rodeo!

We stayed connected as we stood up. Oh, fuck! Raina was all oh-faces and OMGs as I slammed her from behind, holding her hair back as our bodies smacked together. Your dick is amazing!

Raina sat down with a giggle. That was so fun, she said. I dont want it to be done! I didnt either, so I petted her kitty as Raina purred. Im so wet, she said, as if I couldnt already hear her pussy.

Whats a piledriver? Raina asked, and then I had the privilege of teaching her. Thats amazing! Her eyes alternated between my own and the alien trying to burst through her stomach. I can see it! Oh, my god! I love that! This definitely wont be Rainas last time standing on her head.

Oh fuck, she moaned as I slipped in once again, doggystyle this time. I gripped her waist, Raina singing along to the rhythm of the creaking couch. Your cock feels so good in my pussy! The spanking really lit her up, too, ass glowing red as I kept smacking. I was such a good kid, maybe thats why I love it!

Rainas pussy had something to say as she flipped onto that well-tanned ass. She says, I want more cock in me! I held her throat as I pounded her deep, making her moan, swear, and shake. Oh, fuck! Oh, yes!

I asked Raina where she wanted my load. Inside my pussy, she begged. I love a good creampie! I pounded her as she pleaded, and then pumped her pussy full of pudding. Raina giggled as she pushed out a few sticky drops on my couch. I love cum! With a full kitty bag of the stuff to take home with her, Raina Rae shared a few final words for the fans.