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Porn Dude Casting - Millie Morgan - Casting

File: yk1imnapoducamilmorr8xaczev58.mp4
Size: 1013.98 MB
Duration: 53:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Millie Morgan may have been born in Alabama, but shes a California girl at heart. I belonged here from the start, she said, explaining that the weather back home is not my favorite type of hot and sticky. You can probably guess what my follow-up question was, as well as Millies answer. I love cum. What can I say? She opened up about her home movies, vibrators, and her camwhoring schedule. I log on when Im most horny. In other words, shes online often.

She was eager to whip out her Nice little tiny handfuls of titty when I asked, then demonstrated her aptitude for twerking. PornDudeCasting! Goodness gracious. I really have finally made it, huh? Millie looks like some other big names in the biz, so we snapped a topless photo to send to her MILF doppelganger. Tell her I say hi, step mama!

Millie rapped for the camera, so I asked about her other musical abilities. A little skin flute? I think thats what they call it. Moments later, she was on her knees giving the performance of a lifetime on my instrument. We make some nice music together, she said, a virtuoso with her mouth and hands.

We moved to the couch, where Millie dual-fisted my cock. I want you nice and wet and slidey, she said, lubing me up and jerking while telling me how fun my dick looks and feels. You wanna see what I can do? She wrapped her feet around my shaft, stroking me with her soles and pedicured tootsies. I like the way my feet look on your cock, Millie said. Youre getting me really turned on.

The babe helped herself to another quick taste of sausage before declaring, I need to ride that! She dropped her panties and hopped on backwards, swearing as the couch creaked. Your cock hits all the right spots! I gave Millie her first orgasm in what must have been hours, and I was just getting warmed up.

Her legs were still shaking as I stood her up and kept banging her from behind. Millies eyes rolled back and our bodies smacked together, the rhythm punctuated by the girls moans. Youre gonna make me cum! Oh my god! Fuck!

Pussy spasming, Millie sat down and I played with her twat. She squealed and fondled with her tits, singing, Right there! Right there! Right there! After getting off again, she told me, You know how to treat a lady right.

Millie giggled as I helped her into a piledriver position. Go ahead and put me where you want me, daddy! Eyes pleading and mouth stretched into a big O, the vocal babe did her best to alert all the neighbors on my block that she was cumming again. Both her pussy and her mouth sang my praises.

She got on her knees next, moaning as I held her waist and gave it to her slow, then fast. That feels really fucking good! Millie backed her ass up into me as I added more handprints, spreading her cheeks so I could go deeper. I fucking love cock. I cant get enough of it. Can you tell?

Millie flipped on her ass, spread her legs and held her feet in the air while I played with her bush and boned her. Your cock is incredible, but you already know this, dont you? She tried to elaborate, but it was difficult through the hammering.

CumshotI want you to cum all over my fucking face, Millie begged. I pinched her nipples, earning some loud moans and making her cum again. I wanna wear your cum so badly, she begged, then dropped to her knees, tongue out and giggling. Did you paint me all pretty?

Dirty Auditions - Sophia Burns - Something For Sophia's Backdoor

File: jyj4unadiausopburegf98dzsoo.mp4
Size: 741.44 MB
Duration: 01:02:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Sophia Burns is burning with a deep desire, for some deepthroat anal! She's a baddie who gets down goes down on that dick with an energy that can't be beat. She sucks slobbers on it just to get it ready for a deep dive into her backdoor! Sophia gapes it good gets her fill in this exciting ass fucking session!

Porn Dude Casting - JC Wilds - Casting

File: dpoannapoducajcwil1p4eoicpnf.mp4
Size: 1.03 GB
Duration: 40:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Im in love with Santa Claus, JC Wilds told me as we strolled around the neighborhood, admiring the Christmas lights. I have a little kink about that, actually. Id asked her what she loved about the holiday, and it just happened that she had a thing for the old man. I might do a few nasty things to him. Just the thought of it started getting the babe all hot and wet even in the cold, so she was eager to lose her skirt the moment we got back inside. Back on the PornDudeCasting couch, we continued our conversation about Christmas joy and JCs yuletide traditions, which included finding a pickle in a tree. You have a pickle just laying around? she asked.

Turns out, Id wrapped up the perfect present for JC, so she didnt have to search too hard to find that pickle. This is the best Christmas gift ever! She started stroking it with a practiced touch, telling me it was exactly what she wanted from Santa. I hope Im on his naughty list all the time, every year, she said, jerking me off. I do my best to make it there. JC licked my cock with a smile, then licked her lips before wrapping them around the whole hog. She slurped on it and gave her head a little twist. It clearly wasnt her first time, but I could tell it was special. Its never tasted this good!

I had to drop my pants before I made a mess. JC climbed onto my lap, took her sweater off and kissed my face. She gave my dong a few more strokes before sliding onto it with a gasp. Oh my god! Pussy so wet I could hear it, JC started bouncing and working her pelvis, getting louder with every thrust. Then she stood up, shook her ass and climbed back on backwards.

I stood her up and kept fucking. JC moaned, giggled and played with her tits as our bodies smacked together. Oh my god, youre so fucking good!

Legs shaky, JC sat down and started petting her kitty, delicately working it with her manicured fingers. I gave her a little help, and soon she was humping my hand while gazing into my eyes. Youve done this before too, huh? She stroked my cock while I rubbed her pussy.

Can I taste it again? she asked, and kept up the beautiful eye contact while she bobbed her head on it. Check out that incredible handmouth coordination!

I asked JC if shed ever done piledriver. Wanna teach me? Shed seen it in the movies and was quick to flip upside down, legs spread wide, feeling her boobies as I dipped inside. JC licked her fingers and rubbed her clit. Oh my god, Im gonna have to use this position more often, she moaned before I fucked her incoherent, her body quivering.

She climbed onto the couch, ass in the air so I could bang her from behind. I held her waist as I slammed her, making her titties shake and her pretty mouth smile. JC slammed her ass back noto me, squealing, Yes! I fucking want it! I want it so bad! Head down on my Santa Claus pillow, she moaned as I nailed her and spanked her ass red.

I told her to flip over on her ass. Wherever you need me! I held her neck as I fucked her, JC whispering, begging me to choke her harder. Its all for you. She put her hand on my cock and swore as it slid in and out. Dont cum so quick on me now, she pleaded. I still wanna have some fun! Her pussy sounded like mac and cheese as I humped her slowly, then harder and faster. You love that fucking pussy, huh?

I really did, perhaps a little too much, because I knew what was coming me. JC told me I could put it wherever I wanted, and I couldnt resist the call of those tatas. Think of em like Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and just ice em! I did just that, JC giggling as this baker served up a treat. That was the best Christmas interview ever, she said, showing off her spermy rack. Consider my Christmas wish fulfilled! JC shared a few final words for the fans before Santa Claus called.

Backroom Casting Couch - Lexa - The Lovely Girl Next Door

File: vv8c2nabacacolexabehwr5xr2o.mp4
Size: 4.23 GB
Duration: 01:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 22 year old Lexa is a lovely girl next door. Lexa really checks all the boxes for us. Young, pretty, willing, and behind closed doors a dirty dirty slut. Right away shes ready to give it her best shot to get this job. She comes in and answers all our questions. Shes bubbly shes fun. I really like that shorter hair cut shes got, and her personality in general. Shes not afraid of her sexuality, she knows she likes to fuck and shes not afraid to own it. Those girls are ALWAYS the best in the sack. Lexa, once we get her out of that outfit, is no different. Her throat is a portal to another dimension. Not only does she like to deepthroat watch how she puts my hands on her head wanting me to push it down!! So I fuck her throat for a bit, then we starta fuckin. Shes defiantly got everything it takes. She doesnt even flinch at the anal, she like actually enjoys it, and gets off to it. So what else could I do? I had to fuck her ass, and fuck it deep, then I fucked her throat again, and then her pussy. It was just a carousal of using those holes. I unload in her pussy, and Rick has her eat it up. We get her dressed and off she goes. Another great white buffalo heading out to the wilderness. Keep an eye out and you too, just might get lucky with this lovely lady. Happy Halloween everyone.