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Broken Latina Whores - Alexa - Telenovela Tryouts

File: yuxznnabrlawhalexlwcebjomkp.mp4
Size: 417.42 MB
Duration: 50:18
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: 21yo Alexa is another one of those girls that thought her outrageously fake crying sounds could fool us. It took about 20 minutes of the boys stuffing chorizo in her face till she was leaking beans for the quiet sobs to appear. Then we kept the intensity high for the rest of her scene until we dropped...

Lustery - Alexa - Two Birds

File: smjeknalusalexc4guoauccl.mp4
Size: 946.23 MB
Duration: 37:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: While Ducky and Ravyn have only been together a couple of months, they say, At times everything feels new, at other times it feels as if we have known each other for 3,000 years, and its hard to say if we laugh or fuck more. Luckily, for their adorable and ultra-hot Lustery debut, were treated to plenty of both, with heaps of droolicious oral, jaw-dropping POV action and intense orgasms thrown in for good measure.

Exploited College Girls - Alexa - Am I Your Good Little Slut?

File: mj6v6naexcogialexx7mlxdvlcn.mp4
Size: 1.91 GB
Duration: 01:03:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: If theres one thing weve learned its that nine times outta ten, just because a girl looks like the innocent type, shes probably the kind youd find fucking behind the bleachers in high school. And to prove the point we give you sweet, petite Alexa whos life ambition is to be somebody's fuck toy. Submissive by nature, shes a real pleaser who likes to be dominated, choked and slapped around a bit, which made it inevitable shed be walking through our doors! In fact, she confesses that she always thought shed be a porn star someday, and to be honest we see no reason she couldnt be. Now weve seen girls that say they like to suck dick, but Alexa really, really likes to suck and shes very very good at it...

Just ask our stud Cam who really had to dig deep to keep it under control when she did whatever that thing she does with her tongue, yep we got us a real winner here! Alexa was already creaming in her panties before we even got started and told us she doesnt get near enough fucking to satisfy her. Well challenge accepted and considering she had never used a magic wand or been on a Sybian, it was all too easy for us to break her all-time cum record. By the time Cam got to fucking her, she was calling him Daddy and screaming for more. And while she loves the taste of cum and getting jizz all over her face, she also has a thing for hot cum dripping out of her pussy. So this one is for you creampie fans, she gets a big load from Cam and sucks all those pussy juices off her fingers with a big smile. So when she asked if she was a good little slut, all we can say is yes honey, you did good!

Niks Indian - Alexa - Desi Girl Fucked In The Ass By Dr. Chaddha

File: hctj4naniinalexashwjkkq9q.mp4
Size: 655.36 MB
Duration: 48:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Doctor Chaddha has a unique style of diagnosing diseases and then treating them. Watch how intelligently he detects the new Corona virus variant named Nagma variant in the female patient and through the right use of his tools and techniques , he cured the patient very quickly. He even went to the extent of having Anal sex with the patient in order to fully cure her by injecting the vaccine directly into the affected tissues of the patient. If only the world had more such smart and committed doctors, we as a generation would have won over COVID-19 long ago. Long live Dr. Chaddha !!

Hegre - Alexa - Killing Quarantine Time

File: h3h53nahegalexeooegsnccv.mp4
Size: 657.55 MB
Duration: 24:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Ukrainian couple ALEXA and ADAM were put in corona quarantine a while back they soon realised that this kind of restrictions have their benefits too WHEN WE DISCOVERED that the quarantine could give us the space and the time we needed to rejuvenate our sexual relationship, the days passed in a frenzy of erotic joy! And filming our new born sexual appetite made the whole situation even more sexy and stimulating! Heres your chance to recapture Alexa and Adams quarantine time. They clearly enjoyed it. And so will you.

Jim Slip - Alexa - Anal Madhouse

File: fzagcnajislalexjdgbba83i6.mp4
Size: 2.04 GB
Duration: 19:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After last weeks shocking antics, I was even more appalled when the sex crazed, Alexa demanded, I Fuck her up the arse. Well, as God is my witness, I paled in horror, that a mere girl as fragrant seemingly innocent as Alexa could even countenance placing the following innocent letters in such juxtaposition, that Satan himself would blush! Yes she demanded A.N.A.L! Well once again I was horrified, even more horified than previously, but thought it might be prudent to let her have her way. So to keep the peace I acquiesced to her demand!

Backroom Casting Couch - Alexa - Unemployed Performers Are Coming Out Of The Woodwork

File: wup3anabacacoalex1yhs54zkog.mp4
Size: 922.94 MB
Duration: 01:01:31
Resolution: 768x432
Format: mp4
Description: Unemployed performers are coming out of the woodwork! Classical ballet dancer, professional ballerina and skilled contortionist Alexa craves the spotlight and porn is one way for her to continue performing for an audience. During her casting audition, she's all smiles as she shows how highly skilled she's become in the...read more

Date Slam - Alexa - Bit Tits Blonde Fucks On First Date

File: diafznadaslalex6awf5oy23n.mp4
Size: 295.82 MB
Duration: 01:56
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: In Prague on my way to meet Alexa. We have been chatting on a dating site. Judging by her selfies she had big boobs so I was really hoping for something to happen on this first date. We hooked up in a park, cold day so she was well wrapped up with her red scarf.
But I could see she was nicely curvy under her clothes. Alexa was very friendly, an interesting girl to talk to. We had a nice chat and then moved to a my apartment. She seemed little nervous, but I soon calmed her down with my calm friendly personality. Heh heh little did she know! She would soon find out Dateslam is a slut only zone where a big tits blonde fucks on first date! We accept nothing less here.
I launched into my photographer story, showed off my expensive DSLR, and soon we were taking pictures. What a sexy babe guys, naturally busty and so cute with her long blonde hair. Get them in front of a camera, and give them a load of compliments. These dating sluts fucking love all the attention. Check her out posing in a tight red vest what a knockout! She knew her boobs were so amazing she didnt even bother wearing a bra. One by one the clothes came off, and after some flirting we soon had a sizzling hot big tits blonde ready for some action.

Oh boy, I just could not keep my hands off those boobies. What a perfect pair! After I licked her pussy she was eager to slurp on my dick. I just knew Alexa would turn out to be such a naughty girl. What an amazing dating site discovery this big tits blonde fucks on first date guys! And what an incredible fuck Alexa was too. Loved those big tits so much nice to have something big and soft to squeeze while a slut is sucking your dick