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Exploited College Girls - Britney - First Double Penetration

File: qdzj5naexcogibritnyebvjl1hy.mp4
Size: 9.82 GB
Duration: 01:14:18
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Its Britney Bitches, again and Wow its her First Ever Double Penetration, which I know everyone has been asking for. Well here it is and after the guys use her new favorite sex toy the magic wand on her and stretch out that beautiful butt hole with some plugs, Britney says this in her very sexy voice, please fuck me. Words were never more happily heard as our studs proceeded to face fuck innocent Britneys mouth and fill all her holes with cock and toys.

Life is good and I for one was convinced that Britney wasnt coming back for more after her last and farewell performances here and never-say-never I learned. Because Britney confessed that the sex in her personal life doesnt even come close to the sex on the ExCoGi bed and today were proving that fact. What an awesome girl Britney is and shes always ready for more she confessed after the guys unloaded the biggest and most massive dripping off her chin load of jizz all over her willing face. Thank you for coming back Britney and Im happy to say theres more coming so stay tuned, and with that toddles everyone. Cheers! Steve

Hot Milfs Fuck - Britney - Lazy Doggy’s My Weak Spot

File: bwfecnahomifubrit4gcyamejn2.mp4
Size: 8.92 GB
Duration: 01:18:11
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: So right off the bat when 31-year-old hot ball of energy Milf By definition Britney walked into our place I knew we had a firecracker on our hands. How did I know you ask? Well she showed up wearing socks with rainbow colors that said FUCK YOU on them. Thats right Britney, Tyler Nixons going to fuck you today and fuck you Reeeeeeeeally good. How good? Well, so good in fact that beginning at 3457 during lazy doggy, which is her weak spot she confessed, she almost went into her own little headspace and then at 3542 was at a loss for words when Tyler asked if she gets fucked like this very often and her exact response was something kind of, sort of like this...

I think

Tyler So do you normally have sex for this long ?
Britney with a bewildered smile says, Ummm yeaaaa, Ooooooh
Tyler Huh ?
Britney with the same bewildered but now confused smirk says, Whaaaa ?
Tyler, Do you normally have sex for this long ?
Britney now coming around to what was asked she says, Noooooo ??????
Tyler sensing she avoiding the question says, What do you mean no ?
Britney who now wants to avoid answering all together and stutters her words says, I just ahhhh, dont wanna, um yeaaaa.

Well said, implying Tylers way better than her current boy toy, which according to her he wants to be her boyfriend. But she stated this, Im not barbie. So dont put me in a box. We wont, and are you sure you want your boy toy guy to watch this? Because the sex today was hot Britney and right after this little exchange she confessed how Tyler has such a nice dick and she implied constantly throughout the scene that she would strongly consider him as boyfriend material, or at least Boyfriend dick material. Ouch, because It's hard to make Britney cum she claims, but had 4 orgasms today and hadnt a clue walking in here it would be like this. Its kind of a record for her and confessed how excited she is to do more of these with boyfriend material dick. Well we hope you do because let me state what Tyler said immediately after unloading his cum all over Britneys face at the end of todays festivities. And of course he meant this in the most sincere and positive way possible he explained, Youre such a good little whore. And these two both erupt in joyous giggles as Britney replied, thank you, I take that as a compliment. Wow and the sex everyone in between the beginning to the end of this love affair was just well, awesome. She also Farted Queefed at 2908.

Orgasm Count Total 4 1457, 4937, 5354, 10156

P.S. You also need to listen to this womans intro-view and her first experimentation with masturbation and lesbian love. It was with her young teenaged girlfriend and it involved a dirty magazine, a Jacuzzi jet, and then a bed. Fucking hot, so dont fast forward or youll miss a lot of the back story and why Britney stated this, Jacuzzis I love Jacuzzis. Well we love you Britney, so with that I bid you all farewell, its a great day to be alive and until next weeks update, cheers!

Mom Shoot - Britney - Fantasies Come True

File: 6q7npnamoshbritcbp3mehgcb.mp4
Size: 761.70 MB
Duration: 41:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Martins fantasy is about to come true when he picks up his phone and he sees the bodacious Britney in it. The hot blonde milf is trying to seduce him by eating a banana in the hottest way possible. Martin is already aroused when things get even steamier suddenly, Britney is in his room! The boy can hardly believe whats happening, but the nasty babe soon soothes him with her tongue. Soon, Martin is drilling Britneys pussy as she screams in pleasure, a wild ride that the stud had only fantasized about.

Backroom Casting Couch - Britney - The Symbol Of Love: Eiffel Tower

File: zz4nhnabacacobritteycwxvdtk.mp4
Size: 4.45 GB
Duration: 01:05:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back friends, and get ready for a roller coaster ride of fun! I'm back from vacation, and my buddy Jay did a great job filling in. He did so well we couldnt waste this opportunity.,,, Thats right for the first time in YEARS, were gonna double team the next girl that walks through the door. Luckily that girl is Britney and she is a fucking smoke show. Tall, blonde, those sexy tan lines. This is a girl who if she plays her cards right, shouldnt EVER have to work after landing a trophy husband or something.

Of course Britney has no idea whats in store for her today. She doesnt know shes sucking ONE dick, no less getting railed by TWO guys!! I gotta say from the time she walks in her presence is just intoxicating. I wont gush too hard this week, thats how awesome this casting is. Britney does everything we ask her to and with a smile on her face. She interview, gets naked and shows off her awesome body, the toys and buttplug. Shes only confused for a second when she finds out its gonna be me and Jay banging her, then its off to the races. That throat is deep and she likes taking cock all the way down. She consistently deep throats the cock while getting railed. She even takes both our cocks anally, Ass to mouth, so gaping, face fucking Ayi yai yai. I blast a load on her face, then Jay fucks a creampie into her right after with my cum still on her face. What a champion. Idk guys, this could be one of the hottest weve ever had. Looks, attitude, sexual prowess, idk what more we could ask for. So thanks Britney, hopefully well be seeing much more of you

Exploited College Girls - Britney - I Thought I Knew What Orgasms Were

File: cbhpxnaexcogibritjy16fxj5bp.mp4
Size: 447.51 MB
Duration: 01:27:51
Resolution: 850x480
Format: mp4
Description: Hello loyal fans and welcome to the sexual awakening of todays bona fide genuine college coed Britney who just licked her First Slit Ever over at our GirlGirl Site excogigirls.com with Amber Moore. Its been climbing up the popular list fast and I can see why. Those two girls sure know how to have a good time and what a slit to lick first with so go check it out because its full of Pussy Licking good times. Loved it, but todays the other special day in little Miss Britneys life were she takes her first cock on camera from a new stand in stiff cock to ExCoGi by the name of Jay.

I think both Jay and everyone involved are silently screaming Thank You God! because Britney is newbie perfection, a vision sent from above, and a gift that should be unwrapped with care, tenderness, and love. Ok thats not exactly what happened today because even though Jay is new to the game plan here he is a seasoned cocks man and put all those Frat Boys at State to shame because sweet, innocent minded, and somewhat inexperienced Britney is only used to having sex for about 10 to 15 minutes a session. Im so sorry for those brief and past experiences dear because I cant imagine those quickie encounters being all that satisfying. Well today you can thank God yourself because youre going on a magical carpet ride to Orgasmsville. You see Britney thought she knew what orgasms were until we introduced her to the enchanting and miraculous world of the Magic Wand A Girls Best Friend. That along with a properly sized and functioning thick cock means Multiple Orgasms and even her first Squirting O at exactly 10000. Wow and I should go strait to the casino and bet 100 on Black because it was so awesome to witness I had to show it in multiple angles so all of you adoring fans could witness her eruption in all its glory. Lets see what else was spectacular about this scene? Well just look at the tags because Britneys never had anything up her ass before and got fucked almost the entire day with a Butt Plug up that tight and beautiful asshole and Ive never wanted to be a Pink bedazzled Butt Plug so badly as at this exact moment. Wow! And Britneys almost to beautiful to be doing this and youll probably find yourself pinching your arm every few minutes to make sure youre not dreaming. Thankfully shes what wet dreams are made of so enjoy her, love her tan lines, sign me up and toodles everyone. Cheers! Steve

Sapphic Erotica - Alison & Britney - Armchair Antics

File: t29zinasaeralibriamilztmuon.mp4
Size: 142.51 MB
Duration: 17:27
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Brunette Britney and Alison kiss deeply on the armchair and strip off each others clothes for some oral action. They take turns fingering and licking one another's pink pussies and Britney licks Alison's puckered asshole. They finish up in an intense sixty-nine.