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Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls - Kira - Never Ever Been Fucked Like This

File: vt2junaexcogikirazydnu2pdsm.mp4
Size: 555.24 MB
Duration: 01:40:22
Resolution: 638x360
Format: mp4
Description: Wow, someone is excited and judging by that smile of pearly whites girl you cant wait to get your naughty on with Tyler Nixon. Her name is Kira, shes 20 years old, shes super nervous all right but way more excited because she usually doesnt do random hookups and hasnt had sex for about a month she declared. Not sure why girl because you are adorable and one of the prettiest and most beautifully all natural girls weve ever had on ExCoGi. No lie because she normally doesnt wear makeup and she has this innocent but cool confident swagger about her thats infectious and simply draws people in. Im sure they also like to CUM into you as well, but lately Kiras been all about the self-stimulation method of Orgasms and confesses she masturbates at least 3 times a night before bed...

Its also super hot how she talks about her never ending obsession with watching her ex boyfriend jack off and how it absofuckinglutely turns her on. Cock Worship, its fucking awesome if you enjoy watching a girl just stare, touch, caress, and admire your Stiff Cock with amazement as they slowly stroke and lick their lips in anticipation, and the mere fact that Kira gets off to this and loves to watch guys masturbate is just wonderful in my book. We get to witness this voyeuristic love first hand starting at 1319 and this little appetizer gets the sparks flying and the chemicals reacting between these two as the passion slowly builds and rages hotter and more out of control the further into it you watch. Not kidding everyone, just look at how many times Kira comes today because she explains that guys usually dont, or cant, make her cum during Sex and she usually has to finish herself off. Sorry about that, and lucky for you today youre getting the Tyler Nixon bonus package, which includes your First Ever Squirting Orgasms, thats plural Orgasms everyone. You also get your First Ever Facial, and your First Ever Anal Play that happened in Cowgirl at 10700. Plus, at 10521 Tylers Cock just happens to slip out of your wet as fuck pussy and slightly just happens to go up Kiras Ass much to her liking. We were all pretty surprised by that and Kira even stated with a big smile and face full of cum after wards that she kind of liked it and wouldnt mind letting Tyler fuck her Ass for her First Ever Anal. Dont tempt Tyler with a good time girl and were just happy you stayed over to let a professional go were no guy or toy has ever been before. So now Ill conclude with this observation about just how in love the last few girls have been with our stud Tyler because first it was Ruby Moon over at Hotmilfsfuck.com and excogigirls.com that flat out was infatuated and openly committed to having Tylers babys during the Post Shoot Confessional, and now Kira also?! Ok she doesnt confess to wanting his babys but she does want to pack him up into her suitcase and bring him home with her because shes so smitten afterwards in the shower. Never seen so many girls fall in love with great sex and maybe theres something in the water but Im just happy theyre doing the naughty deeds here and not somewhere else. It makes my job so much easier and it results in Phenomenally Great Sex on film. So now with that I bid you all farewell and toddles everyone.

Exploited College Girls - Britney Rose - I'm A Happy Girl

File: niunonaexcogibrirosnec2pqhvlf.mp4
Size: 1.93 GB
Duration: 01:28:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Now dont be sad everyone that its over. I say let's rejoice that it happened because Im a The Glass is Half Full type of person and always like to look at the silver lining. Im Mr. Brightside as The Killers would sing, and this is Britneys last unreleased shoot and did she ever kill it. Both our studs are lucky guys today and this was Tyler Nixons first interaction with her and it happened before her anal scene was shot. Its hot and Britney admitted afterwards that it was rougher than what she was expecting but would absofuckinglutely do it again because once again she was a squirting machine and Pissed all over our studs legs at 5325 while giving a double blowjob...

Squirting is one of Britneys favorite things to do and isnt shy about it. Highlights are when she let our two studs simultaneously face fuck her while the other fucked her beautiful pink pussy and her eyes rolled into the back of her head starting at 3007. Another was in doggy as our guys spit roasted her and our Stand-in Stiff Cock face fucks her some more and guess what everyone? Britney has no gag reflex as his long and hard cock goes balls deep the entire time. That's a common theme today and is there anything this gift from heavy isn't into? Pretty amazing if you ask me and it all ends in a double facial that she licks up because she confesses her love for the taste of cum. Sorry the writeup are so short lately because I'm traveling and can't be caught watching porn on my computer in the airports LOL. So with that Ill say again, dont be sorry its over. Be happy it happened. I love her tan lines, sign me up and toddles everyone. Cheers! Steve

Exploited College Girls - Britney - First Double Penetration

File: qdzj5naexcogibritnyebvjl1hy.mp4
Size: 9.82 GB
Duration: 01:14:18
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Its Britney Bitches, again and Wow its her First Ever Double Penetration, which I know everyone has been asking for. Well here it is and after the guys use her new favorite sex toy the magic wand on her and stretch out that beautiful butt hole with some plugs, Britney says this in her very sexy voice, please fuck me. Words were never more happily heard as our studs proceeded to face fuck innocent Britneys mouth and fill all her holes with cock and toys.

Life is good and I for one was convinced that Britney wasnt coming back for more after her last and farewell performances here and never-say-never I learned. Because Britney confessed that the sex in her personal life doesnt even come close to the sex on the ExCoGi bed and today were proving that fact. What an awesome girl Britney is and shes always ready for more she confessed after the guys unloaded the biggest and most massive dripping off her chin load of jizz all over her willing face. Thank you for coming back Britney and Im happy to say theres more coming so stay tuned, and with that toddles everyone. Cheers! Steve

Exploited College Girls - Crystal - Rad. Like Totally For Sure

File: hudkrnaexcogicrysanzpzhfgs1.mp4
Size: 3.13 GB
Duration: 01:14:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: If I ever wanted to imagine Paris Hilton getting fucked then todays exploit Crystal would kind of, sort of, maybe be what I would think it would look like. I hate interviews and I hate blowjobs, is what she explained during a few parts of this scene and something tells me this is not the industry for you girl. But youre perfect for what we have in store because youre 20 and you like to go out with your friends and meet new people.

Well meet Tyler Nixon and his stiff cock, which you sucked very well I might add for not liking it, and girl you are hot with a smoking body. Now Ill admit the interview was a bit all over the place because she confessed that having to answer questions was not her favorite thing, but there were some tasty morsels she divulged about herself so listen away because it sets the tone and provides some back-story for what happens later. So we fast-forward to Crystal getting naked and she reveals what a tight and sexy body she has and girl your vagina and butt hole are beautiful. So beautiful in fact that Tyler wanted to stick his tongue up them and Crystal receptively obliged and assumed the Face Down Ass Up position and with her pink panties pulled down over her thighs, Tyler dug deep. You have a fantastic arch also Crystal and I can see why you like getting fucked doggy style, or is it that every guy just likes fucking you doggy style? Well whatever the reason Tylers excited to exploit your orifices and as Crystal begins to stroke his stiffy, pre-cum begins to ooze out of the tip at 1945 and begins to shellac her leg as he thrusts the double headed pink dildo in and out of her tight slit while using the Magic Wand on herself. Hotness, and next for a girl that doesnt like to suck cock you do it very well as Tyler face fucks your mouth until you gag for air at 2420. If this is how you do something you dont like, just wait until theres a cock up your slit because girl you excel at taking dick and being a good little submissive slut. She also likes it a bit rough, and you would know this if you listened to the interview, as Tyler landed a few open handed slaps to her passion-enthralled face at 2809 during missionary. And like Paris Hilton would say, thats hot. But not as hot as the next position doggy and you all just have to witness this girl's arch once more as she assumes the position at 4005 as Tyler lubes up her ass with practically half the bottle, and for some unknown reason I really want to go ski jumping right now. Anyways and back on the ramp, Tyler just goes to town pounding Crystals pussy hole as he chokes her from behind and pushes her face into the bed, and like a good girl she knows to keep that perfect ass high in the air for maximum depth and penetration. 10 out of 10 I give this Performance and good times had by all, and after more thorough pounding in a few more positions its time for a piss break and of course we filmed it. You know just because and now its time for the finale and Tyler plastered her face with his man seed and again of course we made her answer a few post load questions with it all plastered on her face which she seemed ok with until later in the shower when somehow Tylers cum had a bad reaction and made her face all red. Well shit happens I suppose when two complete stranger decide to swap and exchange bodily fluids, but I think shell be alright. So everyone please, please, please be safe out there. Your porn daddy Steve

Exploited College Girls - Maya - Very Pretty & Slim Thick Sexy

File: qgvyhnaexcogimayav9g7hrikyk.mp4
Size: 3.97 GB
Duration: 01:17:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today I introduce an extremely cute and Thick Assed young lady named Maya. Shes 22, nervous as fuck, and excited all wrapped up into one as most all the young girls are here. But theres something special about Maya and its. . . SHES ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY CUTE AS A BUTTON and deliciousness mixed all together, and our stand in Stiff Cocks the lucky SOB that gets to Lick and Fuck her Slit for her First Sex on Camera. Thats hot and Maya you are gorgeous.

The Icon photo of her holding onto that Stiff Cock as if her life depends on it is SO FUCKING HOT and we delivered 3 earth shattering Orgasms to our lovely today which she confessed is quite rare. Its hard to make her cum she said and we are always up for the challenge to show an inexperienced girl what Great Sex looks and feels like. Well she found out for sure and after the usual get to know each other chitchat concluded we had Maya turn around and show us that magnificent ba donka donk of a caboose she has because its Asstastic!!! Stiff Cock what the fuck are you waiting for man. Get over there and drive your long and hard train engine up her sweet little small perfectly pink Vagina train tunnel because this girl is awesome, willing, and as ready as they come. Putty in my hands I like to call these girls and like a virgin on a first date just tell me what to do right. Oh wait, I forgot our stiff cock likes to start things off very soft and tender dont you, practically making love and whispering sweat nothings to the girls girly parts. Speak up man! We can barely hear your words of tender love as you whispered sweet treats in between soft licks of her gorgeous Clit. But who really cares if you can hear the guy talking or not because at 1358 Maya was bent over and spreading her Thick Ass apart so we could all see why its your favorite part of your body. Damn, its becoming my favorite part of you and at 1756 you jiggle and shake that Ass as Stiff Cock spanks and spreads you wide to show everyone your beautiful Fuck Holes. Next its the Pussy Licking make out session I was referring to a minute ago that segues into Maya and her perfect DSLs wrapped around our Stiff Cocks Cock. This girl loves to Suck Cock everyone and has her first of three Orgasms at 2930 while Mr. Black Shirt uses the Magic Wand all over her Clit. This is also the first time two guys have ever done anything to her at the same time. Love it and so does she because during her First Real Dicking Maya kept says how fucking good it was. Ill agree and if you love watching thick beautiful Ebony Asses bounce up and down on large white Stiff Cocks then scrub forward to 5910 and watch to your hearts content because its awesome. The whole scene is fucking awesome actually and I loved it when she looked up after receiving a Face Full of Cum as it was dripping down her lips and she wasnt quite sure if she should open her mouth or not to taste his cum. Then unexpectedly kisses the head of his Penis and giggles and laughs. Wow! And that for me is the pussycats meow everyone and why I started ExCoGi. Love it, so get watching because Maya is worth watching. Toddles everyone. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Scarlett - Hot Girl With Daddy Issues

File: hfxoqnaexcogiscarchwh6bqfhj.mp4
Size: 4.10 GB
Duration: 01:13:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today we have Scarlett on the ExCoGi bed everyone and girl youre in for a treat because unlike the vast majority of guys youve been fucking Tylers got the stamina to make you cum a record 13 times. Yea, lucky Thursday the 13 th everyone and the sparks began to fly early after the usual chitchat concluded. She has a few stories and the one about her losing her virginity and the age difference is an eye opener.

She likes older men no surprise there and has quite the daddy issues. Its more than a major kink and turn on for her she confessed and once her clothes were off so was this scene. Like prom dress on its way to pound town. There was also lots of face fucking, choking, farting queefing, anal play as Tyler stuck his finger up her asshole while on top of him. Fun for the whole family if you ask me and once to orgasms started the flood gates were let loose and they came at you in quick progression especially towards the end in reverse cowgirl. So I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and be safe out there. Chose a designated driver please and make it home safe. Cheers from your porn daddy Steve

Excogi Girls - Aubry Babcock & Megan Marx - Daddy’s Girl Gets Her First Taste

File: lc5dgnaexgiaubmegse1ufxigln.mp4
Size: 3.06 GB
Duration: 59:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Well hello there beautiful and Happy Fourth of July everyone because it's returning fan favorite Aubry Babcock back to lick some slit for the second time ever. Love it, and as we get to know Aubry on the bed she tells us her first ever GirlGirl experience was just last year with a best friend during a sleepover. Sounds hot I know, but unfortunately Aubry was the only one tasting pussy that night and licked her hot friends pussy but sadly her BFF wasnt much of a giver and didnt reciprocate. Well todays your lucky day because youre going to get to experience the soft and tender touch of a females tongue flicker over your clit for the first time, confirming today that girls lick pussy better than boys...

But all this pussy licking cant happen until these two get naked, and just watching Aubry whos an admitted nudist repeat exhibitionist who takes her clothes off and admits to routinely flashing and putting on very NSFW window shows for her very curious and watchful neighbors back in her small hometown, well Fuck ME! Why cant I be your neighbor girl? Because the way Aubry plays with her self and tickles her clit with the Magic Wand is well worth the price of admission alone. Next, its that special moment weve all been waiting for and Megan Marx takes her first taste of Aubrys spectacularly beautiful virgin slit thats never been touched by another girls tongue and judging by Aubrys smile, she likes it. I think weve created a monster everyone because these two go at each other slits for days until Megan erupts in her first orgasm at 1422 before these two straddle each other in 69 Position for more muff munching.

Now Ive heard your complaints everyone about there not being enough pussy licking so I made sure that at least half of this video was dedicated to it before Megan broke out the big guns and introduced Aubry to the massively huge Red Double Headed Dildo that they seductively sucked and slobbered on to sufficiently lubricate before shoving it up Aubrys tight little pussy at 2625. Does it fit you ask? Watch for yourself, and as Megan shoves it in and out of that tight little slit too Aubrys delight, then what happens next was an attempt to fuck her tight little ass with it at 2930 and can we say Ouch! We can, because the first try was a fail Ill admit. But Megan being a persistent little pervert retreated and concluded she needed to try smaller Butt Plugs first and proceeded to attack Aubrys cute little asshole with a Glass Butt Plug. So after sufficiently working the smaller glass plug for awhile, it was determined Aubrys ass could take the medium sized assault plug so Megan went to town and probed it in and out until Aubrys asshole gaped on its own when it was pulled out. Its a beautiful site and you can see it at 3358 right before Megan then inserted the Huge Red Double Headed Dildo up it and this time it fit, YEAH!!! I never knew Megan was so perverted because the shear look of enjoyment thats plastered on her face at 3522 as she grips the thick-as-fuck Double Headed Dong and rammed it in and out of Aubrys ass just makes me so proud to be this girls Smut Daddy sniffles, sniffles. Brings a tear to my eye to think that just a short four years ago on January 24, 2019 this hot as fuck little 18 year old darling walked through my hotel room door to shoot her very first porno ever with now boyfriend Cam at ExploitedCollegeGirls.com. Its self-entitled and the links RIGHT HERE so go watch cupids arrow hit its mark and see all the fireworks going off that day for sure. Love it, and another notable worth mentioning was how Megan rimmed and licked Aubrys gaped asshole at 4102. Youve made your perverted Smut Daddy proud today Megan. So go enjoy it everyone.

Exploited College Girls - Lulu - That Pussy Tapped Out

File: aettwnaexcogiluluowrrscg6uv.mp4
Size: 4.17 GB
Duration: 01:13:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back and today we have a very giggly and bubbly girl with some of the best tits to of graced the excogi bed since Dylan Day. Meet Lulu and that name somehow crazily fits this girls personality as she breaks out laughing and giggling after each reply to Tylers questions. The interviews fun and shows how cra-cra Lulu is before she takes her cloths off and reveals that body. Its amazing and this pillow princess is built for sex.

She loves to give head and when she sucked and face fucked her own mouth at 4214, 4217 her butthole puckered and winked at us. Cute, and a pussy gape followed shortly there after at 4626. But the real fun started and Lulu showcased her enthusiasm for dick in her mouth as her throat gets dick punched at 4827 and you can see Tylers cock each time its thrust down her eager windpipe. Passion for sucking cock like this is not taught but something youre born with and Lulu gave it her all before tapping out and Tyler decided to just cum all over her face. She looked hot I might add as she squatted down and opened her mouth with tongue out like a hungry baby bird saying feed me. Love that look and so I say cheers everyone and until next weeks update. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Chelsey - First Blowjob, First Facial

File: hghmrnaexcogichellglkgqxnpa.mp4
Size: 4.24 GB
Duration: 01:15:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome, and todays newbie is one of the freshest and tastiest things to sex we have ever had on the ExCoGi bed. Ive been doing this for about two decades and weve had 4 virgins to dick and countless first time lesbian shenanigans here but none of those girls were home schooled like Chelsey. Now I suppose shes not technically in high school as the tag suggests but shes still in 12th grade and believe it our not wasnt allowed on the Internet much growing up, so obviously shes never ever watched porn.

Lets see, shes never had her pussy licked by a guy and she has no clue or reference to any other type of sex than the two boyfriends shes had. Which according to her the sex was mostly initiated by her and didnt last very long. Trust me, the list of things that makes Chelsey fresh as fuck and perfect for ExCoGi goes on and on because shes also never given a blowjob before which obviously means shes never had a facial either. She also claims to not have any real fantasies other than to be with older guys and shes never masturbated EVER!!! Now Ive heard GG porn is the gateway drug to sexual exploration in young inexperienced girls. But with Chelsey, sex with other girls and sex toys in general are NO-Go zones. Its also been my experience that theres a little lesbian in every girl but Chelseys proving there are exceptions to every rule. So lets keep venturing down the inexperienced pathway because she grew up in an extremely small town No shocker there and claims to have only had one girl that's a friend, EVER. Well you couldnt of been to sheltered from your parents because youve got quite a few small things that tells us you have a slight darker side to you and now its all becoming clearer why youre here. You just want to try something new and spice up your life she claims. Now she does claim to of had a few orgasms before during her past brief sexual experiences but I think today youre in for a treat Cinderella because your chariot to the big ball awaits and your inner fantasy to be with an older guy is about to begin. Unfortunately there was no magical glass slipper or fairy tail ending because she claimed to have not had any orgasms as we debriefed her post facial as cum dripped down and was all over that virgin face. But all is not lost in fansville because I think she squirted for the first time at 1656. Her pussy sure gushed out girl juice after Tyler finger fucked her and she also said she had a good time. Even said she might want to be in more sex videos. But something tells me youll have to get over that hatred of cum first. Just saying, its kind of a common thing when doing porn. So with that Ill shut the fuck up and until next weeks update Ill end with a spoof from The Waltons, the most wholesome TV show from the 70s. Good night Tyler, good night Chelsey, good night Tomboy. Cheers everyone. Steve

Excogi Girls - Kelsey & Roxanne - Best Sexual Experience Of My Life

File: epyf8naexgikelrox6a5ijxc3sw.mp4
Size: 3.28 GB
Duration: 02:49
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hello everyone and I think todays title sums it up quite well. Best sexual experience of both these girls lives they confessed afterwards as they embraced each other before heading to the shower. Just read the quotes below to understand the hotness that is Roxanne and Kelsey and at 13319 Roxanne spits into Kelseys mouth. Its one of those days and experiences that you wished would never end. So enjoy and until next weeks update, cheers, Steve

Excogi Girls - Amber Moore & Alice - Pussy Licking Lezzzyfest 2023

File: q5zlsnaexgiambalipfws3xscqv.mp4
Size: 4.51 GB
Duration: 02:41:57
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: If there was ever a yearly festival dedicated to pussy licking than todays little get together between superstar Amber Moore and 24-year-old newbie Alice would be the inaugural event. Fuck Burning Man, fuck Coachella, fuck Bonnaroo because today these girls went at it like a three day long Pussy Lick-A-Thon, petal to the metal, full throttle, thermonuclear weekend of muff munching event because these two licked each others pussies for almost the entire 24157 of this video. I bet you girls tongues are tired and even whats supposed to be the cool down period in the shower was a pussy-licking marathon from the start and lasted the entire 5728 minutes of the steamy and hot shower. Now Ill admit Alice is a bit shy and reserved in the beginning and what newbie wouldnt be because Ambers gorgeous, and to be honest Alice I think was just intimidated in the beginning...

Pussycats got your tongue girl? Well whatever the reason for the awkward one word answered interview its obvious your completely and totally infatuated with Amber, and even more infatuated and head over heals in love with touching, kissing, rubbing, and licking each and every inch of Ambers elegant and stunningly beautiful body. So if apprehensive first time pussy licking and shy exploration of the female anatomy is what you crave, than this video is your all-you-can-eat slit buffet and gluttony is whats being served. So everyone tape your eyes wide shut because theres healthy doses of pussy licking with orgasms sprinkled amongst light choking in this one. Then theres more pussy licking as these two beauties plant their fine Asses on each others pretty faces. Then you guessed it, theres more pussy licking while small and beautiful fingers probe and message vaginas from the inside. Next theres more pussy licking and face sitting as the girls use the magic wands on each others magnificent slits before more pussy licking and clit sucking was performed. Lets see, theres more pussy licking followed by what seems like an eternity of muff munching in the shower and did I mention theres lots of pussy licking in this video? There is. So much so that I had to get a bit creative towards the end of the shower because the fucking cameras started turning off, but I dont blame you girls. I would have let them all turn off if it was my pussy getting licked so thoroughly by a newbie that loves licking Ambers pussy so much that she didnt want to stop after an hour in the shower. The highlights in this one are many but a few worth mentioning are Alices first taste of pussy, which happened at 2445. Another is watching Alices pussy juices form and begin to pool up then slowly drip down from her beautifully dark colored vagina lips onto her thigh from behind at 2849 as she sucked on Ambers clit while fingering her beautifully engorged pussy as the pink magic wand dances over her slit. Poetry in motion everyone, pure poetry and with that Ill say Happy Holidays and be safe out there because it can be a very scary and bad, oh so bad world out there.

Exploited College Girls - Britney Rose - Only Cuz You Said Please

File: j2z4knaexcogibrirosab8aorgpzr.mp4
Size: 11.00 GB
Duration: 01:25:45
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Its Britney Bitches, again and Wow its only her second time ever officially taking it up the butt because the very first time really doesnt count. It was a drunken hookup and after the guy tried to ram it in without lube Britney put an immediate stop to it. Dont blame you honey and yes her Backroomcastingcouch threesome with Anal was actually her first real Analing and has already been released on that site so go check it out, but this is Tylers first time with her and you get to fuck this beautiful girls ass and only go were only two other guys have gone before...

Sounds like Star Trek but only waaaaaaaaaaay better doesn't it? Anyways, lucky you Tyler because Britneys almost too beautiful to be doing this and to be only the third guy to properly stretch out that almost virgin butthole is something. Sloppy thirds I love it, and isn't it also something how willing and submissive Britney is in allowing Tyler to finger and stretch her asshole out with various sized Butt Plugs because it's only the third time EVER!!! Wow! Submissive and willing is a great combination that inevitably leads to her second and third times doing Ass To Mouth and Rimjobs, which again should be considered the gold standard for those acts. Britney can also Suck a Great Cock and Tyler Nixon should know because he gets his cock sucked a lot and Tyler says shes good at it and proceeds to Dick Punch her throat in Superman position at 3139 and Britney just lays there and takes it. Love a girl like Britney and if you look closely at 3211 you see Britneys Butthole pucker as Tyler rams his cock down her throat. Awesome and Britney can take an Anal Pounding and does because Tyler loved how willing and submissive she was. Did I say she was Submissive and Willing? She is and even though her Painal face was present today she was able to muster up a smile after receiving a face full of cum. So once again enjoy her official third real Anal, love her tan lines, sign me up and toddles everyone. Cheers! Steve

Excogi Girls - Kayla & Megan - Licking My Love Hole

File: gm2senaexgikaymegocxe812dbm.mp4
Size: 2.17 GB
Duration: 01:32:36
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hello everybody and if you all didnt stuff yourselves with plenty of Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and all the family favorite desserts like pumpkin or pecan pie? Well then stuff your perverted self on Megan Marx and newbie Kaylas gorgeous looks, fanfuckingtastic bodies, perfectly single-hand size tits and beautiful vaginas and butt holes. Wow these girls look good enough to eat and thats exactly what theyre here to do today. So as we get to know Kayla on the bed we find out that shes been with about 4 girls previously and even let one of them fuck her with a strap-on. Kinky, and even though she said she liked it, she also confessed a real dick is better...

Different day, different site Kayla because today its slit licking each others love holes and vibrators on the excogigirls bed. These two liked each other and it showed, giving each other multiple orgasms and Megan even squirted for the first time using the pink wand vibrator. Fun times for all and then these two headed off to the shower for a little good clean fun and washed all the naughtyness they just did down the drain. So I hope you all enjoy Kaylas first sex on camera. Cheers

Exploited College Girls - Alice - Soft-Spoken Sexual Inferno

File: jf54enaexcogialicpicfrhyy6k.mp4
Size: 1.39 GB
Duration: 01:34:49
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Today I present Alice and fuck if this girl isnt the definition of sexy to me. You see Im a legs and ass type of guy and Alice has perfect legs and its her heart shaped ass thats both her favorite Body part and mine. Its spectacular all right and as the Main Icon of this scene illustrates, Alice has a breathtakingly fabulous vagina thats sandwiched between two very beautiful and oh so squeezable checks. Her side spoon butt burger is one of the best Ive ever seen and when those inner lips do that dick grabbing thing?

Well my special purpose screams THANK YOU STEVE! and that my friends are what wet dreams are made of. Now Ill admit Alice is a little on the reserved side and the interview was cut a little short, but trust me when I say the sex waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than makes up for it. Eight! Countem, EIGHT orgasms today and after the thorough dicking she received confessed she only has multiple Os with someone shes comfortable with and feels the atoms interacting and has chemistry with. Well the chemistry was very with it today and Alice couldnt stop saying how F-ing good the sex was in between the constant eye rollings as she fell in and out of her headspace. I added the f-ing for my own dramatic effect but she had a miraculous time today and if you missed her First Time EVER Lesbian Sex over at excogigirls then you'll just have to go check that out. It was with Amber Moore and need I say more because those two went on a pussy-munching make out lezzzyfest picnic that lasted over two full hours and continued into the shower. Seriously it is one of my best productions and Alice was amazing in it and once she broke out of her shell here and relaxed the sex was scorchingly hot for her first dick on camera. Love it, so with that Ill say Happy New Years everyone and until next weeks update cheers. Steve

Excogi Girls - Scarlett & Stella - How Was Your First Pussy?

File: oknawnaexgiscastewzus1nzncl.mp4
Size: 4.98 GB
Duration: 01:31:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: So how do you feel? That was so much fun. giggles I know!!! And thats what these two said right after they closed the bathroom door after enjoying each others naked bodies. It was Scarletts first time licking a girls pussy and boy does she excel at it. She also excels at licking ass and confessed after the shoot its one of her favorite things to do and also said it was her favorite part of the scene. Licking Stellas ass I mean and we have a pleaser today on the excogigirls bed everyone. Hold tight because theres plenty of a passionate kissing, lot of pussy licking that picks up momentum as the naughtiness takes place and even anal play with Stella because well, she just loves plugs up her ass. Booya and I just loved this scene. Highlights not listed below are at 1914 when Scarlett licks her first pussy and loves it. What more can you ask for from a first timer to slit licking? So Happy Holidays everyone and be safe out there. Its a wish decision to designate a driver.

Excogi Girls - Hannah & Roxanne - Blonde & Brunette. Double Trouble

File: ffdcdnaexgihanroxskhaimsrdu.mp4
Size: 2.67 GB
Duration: 01:48:30
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hello and we have double trouble today with returning Blondie Roxanne and Brunette Hannah Stasia who just happened to of changed her name from Ivy Brooks since her previous escapades with us. To many Ivys she explained and I dont really give a fuck what we call you because Im calling both you girls gorgeous. Shwing alert and theres no need to go stampeding towards the clitoris with these two gorgeous girls because Hannah explained neck kisses get the lower lips moist and the vagina juices flowing.

So what did Roxanne do? Well shes a good listener and kissed Hannahs neck at 525 and got her tingly love juices activated. Guys take note because you just have to ask what turns a girl on and shell tell you. No guessing involved or painstakingly frustrating trial and error happening on the excogigirls bed today because these two fillies came to roam the well groomed and pristine pastures of their girlie parts and we are so thankful they did. So theres not much interview talking in this one, and what little there was quickly got doused by the hotness of Roxanne and Hannah taking off each others tops so they could lick and tease each other into a hot frenzy mess. Theres just something about girls and how they can take their time to get to the meat of things and Im perfectly fucking ok with the anticipation, buildup and foreplay here because both these girl watched each others videos in eager expectancy and hope that fireworks would shoot off as they tasted each others pretty as pink, dripping wet pussies. Sounds like a youthful adolescents first kiss if you ask me that ended up with both girls faces buried deep between each others legs ending in a hot as fuck make out session with the girls other lips. More hotness and the innocence just keeps flowing as Hannah asks Roxanne if she can Lick it at 1321 and who doesnt want an eager beaver to lick their kitty cat. Now for only being the sixth vagina Hannah has ever licked, this girl excels at naughtiness. This is why I started this site. To capture a hot young girls first experiences in girl on girl love and to watch her blossom into a full-fledged lover of vagina. Sorry mom and dad. No grandchildren conceived naturally at this pace and trajectory because in last weeks update entitled, Im Never Going Back To Boys Hannah confessed exactly that, and whod want to? These girls went after it like two starved nuns who'd been locked up in a convent for years and just discovered licking slit can be just as much fun as getting dicked. Well almost but you get the point and to prove my point each girl had two, yes count em, two orgasms from just being fingered and licked. No toys involved and you purists have been screams for this so Im happy and proud as an expectant father to show off his new born to you all because this was a first here, and I hope for many, many, many more to cum. Ill let you discover which of the awesomely great O's out of the four these two each had were the non mechanically induced ones. Kinda like Wheres Waldo except way more fucking fun to play. So if you all dont like this scene then theres no hope for humanity and all is lost. So I really, really, really, really, really hope everyone enjoys the show. Cheers, Steve

Excogi Girls - Hannah & Trinity - I Could Eat Your Pussy All Day

File: nwtpinaexgihantri1ptgytp4ew.mp4
Size: 2.42 GB
Duration: 01:50:19
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Wow, are you sure you havent done this before? is what Trinity asked of our hot newbie to slit licking at 3520 as her tongue flickered and danced over and around her clit and pussy lips. Wow is right and everyone meet 25 year old gorgeous as fuck Ivy, and both you girls look good enough to eat. Thats the point I think and for a hot girl like you Ivy were all very surprised that todays the day you lose your girl-ginity, and we are all asking why havent you already tasted the forbidden fruits of another young girl?

It cant be because the opportunity hasnt presented itself Im sure because Ivy looks like she was created for pleasure. Shes just nervous around girls she explained during the usual get to know each other chitchat but further explained that she masturbates exclusively to GirlGirl lesbian porn and has fantasized about being with a girl since she was 18. Love it, and shes fulfilling that fantasy today and licking her first slit at exactly 3443 and girl you are a natural at this. Now if you like your girls athletic then youll love how Ivys ass is up in the air at 3611 revealing how perfectly toned and shaped from weight lifting it is. We also get a fantastic view of her pussy and asshole to boot and any red-blooded guy would absolutely kill to get the opportunity to grab that from behind. Its fucking fantastic and we get to see Ivys feet and toes twitch and wiggle about as her tongue dances over Trinitys clit while tasting her first pussy. Next we put a vibrator on her clit and at 4043 Ivys butt checks begin to flex in unison while her butthole puckers in and out as bolts of pleasure shoot through her body and her tongue vigorously picks up intensity on Trinitys slit. But what happens next made Ivy gasp and moan ohhhhh as Trinity grabbed the headboard and straddled then covered Ivys face, and like a girl who wants to experience it all Ivy dove her tongue right in and spread Trinitys ass checks apart. This is also were Ivy rims a girls asshole for the first time and I think she likes it. Next they 69 position before the real pussy munching brigade took the field and for those of you that have been screaming for full out, passionate, dont come up for air muff munching? Than youll appreciate Trinity and her mouth starting at 11032 that lasted for over six minutes. Its hot and next these two locked legs and Ivy experienced Scissoring Tribbing for the first time and this was the magical position and key to unlocking Ivys orgasms because she had the first one of the day at 12339. She also said it was her favorite thing she did today because she said its hard to make her cum in the interview, and she was right. But dont fret everyone because Trinity pulled the magic wand off of Poksters Table to conger up O 2 for a multiple orgasm day before the festivities concluded and it was off to the shower for more shenanigans. Wow everyone and let me conclude by stating both you girls are gorgeous and I hope everyone enjoys the show. Cheers

Excogi Girls - Hannah, Justine & Trinity - I Want To Do This Everyday

File: trubjnaexgihanjustrinulv6mrqgx.mp4
Size: 2.25 GB
Duration: 01:36:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hello sports fans and today we have another triple-header with three very hot hotties that love licking pussy. Let me introduce 41-year-old MILF bombshell Justine and just let me say holy mother of fuck because todays going to be a great day. So if youre a fan and member of excogigirls then just last week we witnessed newbie Ivy Brooks lick her first slit ever and its in the top 5 for a reason because it was also with Trinity Olsen and do I need to say more.

Trinitys just awesome with new girls and as all you adoring fans have stated, shes exactly what this Lesbian Industry needs. But lets discuss Justine because during the chitchat intro we find out that she likes girls a lot but has never been with girls this young before. Love it and even Ivy was more excited to lick Justines pussy today I felt because she admitted shes more excited about having an older woman like Justine lick her pussy, and for her to lick Justines pussy. Fuck me and who wouldnt be turned on by Justine right? Shes fucking hot and once the get to know each other usual chitchat concludes the tops come off and the girls compare breasts, bodys, Asses and just touch and kiss each other for some very hot Girl on Girl on Girl porn play. Man I wish I was a girl right now because girls are just softer and smell better I think and it makes me just want to join in on the fun. Ok and fast forward to the action, and its Justine first to remove her panties and Trinity spreads those beautiful pink pussy lips at 1916 to showcase her moneymaker as Ivy sits in anticipation of licking it. No lie, Ivy really wants to lick Justines slit BADLY and as she sits patiently in anticipation, licking and seductively biting on her lips, she looks at Justine and says, Can I put my tongue on it? and COME THE FUCK ON!!! This isnt fare because hotness cant be manufactured like this. Im really about to explode in my pants at this point everyone its so hot and women know its anticipation thats everything in sex. Well theyre going to make us wait a little longer as these three decided to fool around and explore each others pussies for a few more minutes before Ivy got her wish and licked Justines pussy at 2136. Now of course Trinity got into the action and began playing with Ivys pussy from behind and rimmed her asshole as Ivys tongue sent Justine to the moon and back. And if that wasnt enough, Trinity at 2345 began sucking on Justines feet and toes until she erupted in the first of three orgasms at 2555 and now its a party. Its also around this time that Trinity decides to jump up and grab the headboard and sits on Justines face, and Justine couldnt be happier because she stated in the interview it was what she was looking forward to most. We like making dreams come true here and when Ivy went up to lick Trinitys asshole at 3301 as Justine made out with Trinitys lower lips, its exactly this kind of shit that wet dreams are made of. Next the girls switch positions and its Justines turn to lick Trinitys slit and what happens next was a gusher of excellence as Trinity had two squirting orgasms back to back that landed directly into Justines face, and like the true lover of all things sex that she is, opened her mouth with her tongue out as she ferociously finger fucked Trinitys slit, then licks it all up as Trinity gasps in amazement and declares, Youre so nasty, I love it. Now I ask, does it really get any better than this? Maybe, because immediately after that one, Trinity erupts a second time and Justine responds exactly the same way and lightning does strike in the same spot twice. Wow, and I could go on and on about all the fantastic and unique things these three nymphs do during this epic all girl threesome but I just dont have the time to write that novel. So Ill summarize some highlights and provide you all with some Porn Notes. Kind of like Cliff Notes for Dummies, but way hotter. At 4410 Trinity Farted Queefed into Justines face and I just love this woman because instead of getting grossed out she just laughs it off and then dives her tongue right back in to enjoy the Pussy Ass Eating feast. Lets see, the girls then get into 69 Position and at 5151 Justine while on top of Ivy licks her pussy as Ivy licks Justines while Trinity licks Justines asshole and thats what I call a good time. Next at 5427 while Justine is sitting on Ivys face and Trinitys licking Ivy pussy, and if youre not paying attention you might miss that Ivys right foot and toes twitch about in what I would only interpret to be sheer bliss of licking a true Milf's pussy while having her own licked. Next, Trinity breaks out the colorful magic wands to use on the girls and Justine and Ivy assume the positions, getting on all fours to receive the vibrating torture treatment before these three get into an all girl licking train and lets all jump on board and go for a ride shall we because this train and scene just kept picking up steam and momentum as soon as it left the station, and the fun didnt end on the bed. Nope, these three took the naughty shenanigans to the shower and confessed all their naughty sins down the drain for a little post sex cool down workout. So with that everyone I bid you all farewell, enjoy the feature presentation, and as Justine said today, This is fucking Heaven. You're So FUCKING RIGHT!!! And until next weeks update, Cheers everyone. Steve

Excogi Girls - Amber Moore, Hannah & Roxanne - Lezzzzz Be Friends

File: ubpvpnaexgiambhanroxn4ckv3y13p.mp4
Size: 3.14 GB
Duration: 01:59:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: LETS GET READY TO RUUUUMBLEEEEEEEE!!!!!! And jump right into the action shall we because I cant think of a better early Christmas present then these three absolutely gorgeous girls taking their clothes off and lezzying out. Ive never wanted to be a Temperpedic mattress more than I do today as Amber, Roxanne, Hannah get naked and have a bunch of girly fun on it...

This is Amber Moores first ever all girl threesome and its hot. I think Ill let this one speak for itself without me going into a long drawn out write up because Im leaving you once more a bunch of quotes below from todays lez-a-marathon that I hope will illustrate this scenes completely scorching hotness. One highlight though worth mentioning is theres a bunch of spitting going on in this one. Brent you should like this and go figure, both Roxanne and Amber confessed their love of spitting, along with a bunch of other naughty things in the intro-view, and when Rox spits into Ambers mouth at 11010 as Hannahs in a 69 with her then she goes back to licking Hannahs asshole!? Well that's the kitty cats meow and its just fucking hot. So I hope you enjoy it and Happy Holidays everyone, Merry Christmas, and have a safe and fun New Years. Make it home safe please, please, please and have a designated driver.

P.S. Before excogigirls I used to cry out of eyes. But now that Ive seen Amber, Roxanne, and Hannah in Ambers first ever GirlGirlGirl threesome? Well now I cry out of my penis.

Excogi Girls - Lena Anderson & Amber Adams - I Just Knew I'd Like Girls

File: ge1iwnaexgilenambe6cbdcltgp.mp4
Size: 1.31 GB
Duration: 59:35
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: So before I start Ill clarify that todays scene was one of the very first GG scenes I had ever attempted to shoot and I cant for the life of me explain why I held onto this until now. I mean maybe I thought it was to early in the process and it lacked true passion. Nope, it was full of passion from the start and for Amber to of never licked another girls Pussy before, she took to it like a duck to water.

However, I will state that even though I feel this scene is very good, it doesnt have any of the awesome member feedback or comments incorporated into it that the more recent scenes were able to benefit from my. So keep this in mind and it was also Ambers very First Time on Camera. Yes, even before her exploitedcollegegirls, Backroomcastingcouch, and BackAmbush BBCSurprise scenes and both these girls were awesome today. Ambers super nervous which in my book is a plus and every young girl has to lose her porn and lezginities at some point right and who better to then with stunning Lena Anderson. Welcome to the big leagues Amber and right from the starting gate these two were into each other and made out on the bed as they undressed each other before it was Ambers turn to do what shed secretly also wanted to do, which was to lick a beautiful girls pussy. That special and tender moment happened at 1424 and Ambers a natural at this. Theres just something hotter than hot about watching a girl Lick Pussy for the very first time and this is exactly the reason I started this site. I love awkward nervous tension that's fueled by naughty desire to do things that are socially unacceptable in your parents eyes. Sorry Mom and Dad but Amber your sweet little innocent girl likes girls now just as much as boys. And even though this was Ambers very First Time Ever with a girl and was also her First Time on Camera she came three times. I could only count two but she claimed three so help me out everyone if you notice the elusive third O somewhere. So with that Ill conclude this weeks episode and state next week were back on track with a fresh newbie face and new returning new girl to the rotation that I think youll all like because shes an ExCoGi and excogigirls fan favorite. So cheers everyone and enjoy Amber. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Roxanne - Doing What Pretty Girls Do

File: h9dccnaexcogiroxauaeiqvlskb.mp4
Size: 5.57 GB
Duration: 01:39:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Roxanne we are definitely putting on the red light today for you sexy because at 13528 in the bathroom afterwards she stated in satisfaction that it was, another day of pimping. I just love you girl and added another morsel of information right after as she toweled off her wet hair at 13538, and Im quoting. I love sex, I wouldnt say Im a sex addict but, but Im definitely close to it. Wow and those beautiful words were uttered from a 20-year-old sexpot with an absofuckinglutely gorgeous vagina, perfect body and perky tits.

The size you can just cup with one hand and did I mention her nipples? I want to lick and suck on them as I spread her perfectly pink pussy lips and finger her wet hole while my thumb slowly rubs her clit counter-clockwise. She even has those little dimples in her lower back just over her fanfuckingly asstastic behind thats so perfect it should be cast in silicone so everyone could have the opportunity to pound it. Well the lucky SOB Tyler Nixon doesnt have to dream because he had the privilege of making love to this girls holes and Roxanne did something today that shes never done before. She squirted in reverse cowgirl during Orgasm 6 from just getting fucked and while having a thick cock in her. I even loved how she was playing with herself as Tyler unloaded his man seed all over her pretty baby-bird opened mouth and girl you are an addict. The best kind that no-one wants to go to rehab to fix and you my little chikita can come over and get your sex fix anytime. Oh she has a few hot as fuck Girl on Girl scenes already released over at excogigirls so go check them out. So everyone please, please, please be safe out there and cheers from your porn daddy Steve

Exploited College Girls - Shrooms Q - My Boyfriend Told Me Not To Cum

File: 8sjxgnaexcogishrqxxtyo6yy6l.mp4
Size: 4.89 GB
Duration: 01:34:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Meet Shroom Q everyone. She explains her name in the intro and I get it. Shes a free spirit who hasnt ever been fucked properly before and today she got the bonus package from our stud Tyler Nixon. Extremely hot sex and scene, which reminds me we just released her slit licking debut over at excogigirls with Amber Moore. Go check it out everyone if you want to witness her licking pussy for the very first time. Hotness, but today is all about her having her slit filled with the best cock ever for the best sex of her life she confessed in the shower afterwards.

Sorry boyfriend back at the bus but your tasty little Truffles addicted to strange dick now and like the title of this video suggests she couldnt help but cum multiple times. She had a record nine orgasms today also and heres the big one. She came for the very first time ever from just getting fucked and the way she worshipped Tylers cock after he unloaded all over her face tells you shes dick drunk in love. Lets see what else, oh she had her first squirting orgasm ever but I think my favorite was orgasm 7 when muShrooms said to Tyler, I told you not to make me cum again at 5004 then she cam again. What can we say, she had an awesome time. Again were really sorry buddy your girlfriend likes strange dick too much and enjoys coming during sex but the vagina wants what the vagina wants, and we want more Truffles! So Happy Holidays people and be safe out there because it can be a very scary and bad, oh so bad world out there. Cheers from your porn daddy Steve

Excogi Girls - Lena Anderson & Venus Vixen - I’m Experienced Enough

File: mcczhnaexgilenven63vgeptyny.mp4
Size: 3.31 GB
Duration: 57:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back Venus and if you havent seen her get her Ass Stuffed over on Ricks Black Casting Couch, or witnessed her Painal face on ExCoGi, you need to. Because if youre a fan of fantasizing about fucking movie stars then you definitely want to watch Venus because she looks an awful lot like a younger Sissy Spacek when she starred in the 1980s movie Coal Miners Daughter. Her other scenes are listed below for your viewing pleasure if you want to watch Tyler Nixon and Cam go deep mining down Venuss rectum shaft as this Coal Miners Daughter gets her septic system utterly destroyed.

I like Anal a lot, she said and we put that statement to the Painal test. But now lets turn the volume down a bit and exploit Venuss softer side shall we because shes super excited to Lick Pussy once more. So as soon as our newbie got settled in the car I asked her what her experience was with girls. Im experienced enough, she said with her infectious smile and giggly nervous laugh. Im pretty familiar with girls, she went on to say because all her Sexual Firsts were with girls and I loved this girls car interview. Shes wholesome, fun natured, and waaaaaaaay innocent in how she describes having her dad drive her over to her First Ever secret girl crushs house at 15 for sleepovers and Pussy Licking. Itll make any father with teenage daughters suspicious no doubt and now lets fast forward to some action in the car because at 759 Lena asks Venus if shes ever used a Magic Wand before. Just yesterday in fact and its actually her new Favorite Sex Toy she admitted and once it touched her clit in the car there aint not stopping this Vibrator addicted girl from reaching her first and only Orgasm of the day at 1943. Its a shame she only had one and Ill chalk it up to nerves why she didnt have more. But dont worry all you passionate Lesbian Sex enthusiasts out there because Venus loved kissing and caressing Lena and her body. She even lunged forward to kiss Lena numerous times throughout the day which just made this girls First Pussy Licking on camera that much hotter. Lets see, after Venuss first Orgasm of the day she pulled the Lush Vibrator out of her Dripping Wet Pussy and you can see the Girl Juice Cum Ropes dangling from the vibrator to the pussy as she looked on in amazement with the biggest smile of satisfaction. I think youve found your new calling Venus because the way she licked and sucked on Lenas pussy back on the bed at the condo tells me shes fully Bi-Sexual and likes girls just as much as boys, if not more. Love it and I know youll love it also. So Cheers everyone! Steve

Excogi Girls - Brookie Blair & Lena Anderson - I Need A Girls Touch

File: ieb8cnaexgibrolenbuhkwlqqki.mp4
Size: 3.11 GB
Duration: 50:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today I give you 22 year-old Brookie Blair, a cute coffee barista who was on a trip to Arizona with her sister Britt Blair to make sex videos a few years back and this was her first GirlGirl experience on camera. Her other scenes are below and this girl has turned into a superstar since loosing all her pornginities with us and what a girl to lick slit with for her first with other than Lena Anderson because Brookie confessed that tall leggy girls are her kryptonite and couldnt help but get handsy with her in the car.

I just love how aggressive Brookie is and its one of the hottest Car Sex sessions weve had here and it's obvious both these girls are into each other. They almost get caught also by a few people that walked by while getting real close and personal in a secluded spot next to a bike path. Things are always more exciting when theres a real chance of getting caught arent they? They are, but they decided to take it back to the bedroom to better acquainted which they did before heading to the shower to wash all that naughty off. So until next week's update, I bid you all farewell. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Kira - First Time Anal, My Guilty Pleasure

File: i1uhtnaexcogikiradpmjkfapui.mp4
Size: 5.60 GB
Duration: 01:48:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hello and Happy everything bagel Thanksgiving everyone because this scenes got a little bit of everything in it. So lets start things off with a classic quote from a girl who just lost her analginity and described the tender and fond moments in quite exquisite detail. Get ready, and this little morsel of goodness is from Kiras post-shoot confessional beginning at 13828 and Im quoting. Its like youre taking a shit, but its in reverse blah, blah, blah and youre like about to have a poop orgasm, but youre not actually going to shit, but its like you just took the best shit in the morning.

Thats probably not the answer you were looking for but I liked it. I give it a 9 out of 10 annnnnnnd yea. It was rough, it was painful, but it was exciting though and a guilty pleasure. So yep, and WOW! Thats why we call it the post shoot confessional. Things you would only confess to a priest after getting your ass railed really hard by a boy you really, really, really, liked because all your girlfriends encouraged and told you that anal sex really isnt considered sex to the church, and your guilty pleasure urged you to confess your naughty sins to someone behind the veil of anonymity. Yea something like that and this is the shit, no pun intended, that I live for. A true first time Painal story that included Squirting 3949, Ass To Mouth 3642, 5215, 10445, Ass to Pussy 11008, 12126, Multiple Analgasms 4759, 5121,10215, 11645, Toe Feet Sucking 3655, Rimjobs 4046, Farting Queefing 4912, 4935, DP w Toys 2223, Anal Gaping 5151, Painal Throughout and the list goes on and on. Im happy though to tell everyone that this love story ended well in a glorious Anal Creampie. Which Tyler as the gentleman he is made her take a Plan B afterward in the bathroom because everyone knows that Anal Creampies are the number one way to get pregnant. Im scratching my head as well everyone but lets all celebrate the Thanksgiving anal buffet today and we'll all sit at the ExCoGi table and thank Kira for giving up her ass this Thanksgiving. If only the early Native American Indians and our Founding Settlers knew we would be giving thanks for anal sex on this day. God bless America, and back to the Plan B because nothing says I love you more than I dont want your set baby. True love, and as the mafia and I always say, better to be safe than sorry. So now with that I bid you all farewell, Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone and please, please, please be safe out there and dont eat too much turkey. Sincerely your porn daddy Steve

Exploited College Girls - Stella - She’s A Femme Fatale

File: qe9wgnaexcogistelci6g5a25df.mp4
Size: 4.83 GB
Duration: 01:27:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Everyone meet Stella. She used to be a runway model over in Europe. She loves sex and has never squirted before until today. Shes also never had this many orgasms before and before meeting Isiah Maxwells black meat cleaver thought Tyler Nixons cock was big. Welcome to the big leagues Stella and this was her first sex on camera, but go check out her other scenes listed below because shes making the rounds. So I hope everyones having a Happy Holiday season so far and be safe out there. Cheers from your porn daddy Steve

Exploited College Girls - Kayla - Passionately Kiss, Choke & Use Me

File: o7dwynaexcogikaylkwau722kei.mp4
Size: 4.09 GB
Duration: 01:17:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Fresh off losing her Pornginity to the sexy Megan Marx over at ExCoGiGirls Kayla's back and ready again for more kick ass great sex. Standing at a beautiful 5 5 with big brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a body that implies she has a freaky side thats yet to be fully explored. Well our resident stud Tyler Nixons always up for a STIFF challenge and when we asked her what shes into during the usual get to know each other intro chit chat she replied Anything.

Well maybe not anything because we dont think she completely or fully comprehends or understands the implications of those statements when said to Mr. Nixon. Down boy, but with an adventurous spirit like that we knew instantly it was going to be a good day. So as Tyler undressed Kayla we get our first glimpse of what a fanfuckingtastic ass she has before removing her top to expose her perfectly shaped single handed cupped size tits that as perfect. Did I say they already that they were perfect? Well they are and if you get them enlarged the tits Gods will punish you. Next Tyler cant wait any longer and pulls her panties aside and dives his tongue right in there to taste and probe both Kaylas holes which are sandwiched between her fine and firm ass cheeks that are attached to beautifully sculpted glass blown legs. And what happened next blew Kaylas mind as she had two squirting orgasms of the five total for the day at 1354 and again at 1447. Make a girl squirt for the first time ever and shes putty in your hands because Tyler then spun her around and face fucked that pretty face of her in between gags while on her hands and knees. He then flipped her over for some more proper face fucking with her head hanging off the bed before the sex started and she had her first orgasm ever from just penetration 2638 in missionary. When Tyler asked, Do you normally cum like this? Her response was Not that good, not for that long, followed by her legs trembling as Tyler went back to pounding her beautiful pussy more. Next, Kayla experienced the pile driver for the first time and when Tyler asked if she ever gets fucked like this, her response was. This is already the best sex Ive ever had, and today Kayla we think you got fucked exactly how every young newbie deserves to be fucked. So many firsts for our lovely today and I almost forgot something. Youre right, we need to tie a pretty bow on this love affair and give her a grand finale first ever facial which was according to her, the biggest load ever. Love it, and I think and hope you all will love Kayla's first Cock on camera as well. So with that I bid you all farewell and until next weeks update cheers. Your porn daddy Steve

Excogi Girls - Amber Moore & Shrooms Q - Lay Down For Me Pretty Girl

File: o1fmlnaexgiambshrvbqfymxkkc.mp4
Size: 3.29 GB
Duration: 02:10:53
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back everyone to todays update of 19 year old ShroomsQ and returning outstanding female in a leading role Amber Moore in what I hope is a continuation of the Hannah Stasia Amber Roxanne Trinity Olsen streak of hotties thats helped to make this first time lesbian site so delicious. Yummy, and as we get to know todays newbie to slit licking we find out Shrooms has never licked or had her pussy licked by a girl before.

Cant get fresher than that everyone and to say Shrooms is excited and nervous is the understatement of the year. But dont let this nervous and bottled up excitement make you think this free spirited muShroomss passion for pussy isnt strong and off the charts. It is and once the interview concluded and these two hotties were able to kiss and caress each other, well you just knew todays shenanigans are what makes kitty cats purrrrrrr. Meow I know, and first it was Shrooms that assumed the position with legs spread wide revealing that pretty pink pussy that Amber dove right into. Its beautiful all right and Amber licked and sucked on Shroomss hole and clit until Shrooms turned into a delicious truffle and Amber had her first squirting orgasm of the day at 2204. Awesome, just fucking awesome and now its Truffles turn to show us all what great pussy licking skills she possesses and for never doing it before you are a pussy licking possessed truffled muShroom. Girl you can lick slit much to Ambers enjoyment until you had your first orgasm of the day at 3016 as your face is buried in Amber's muff. Yummy, and these two go at it for the rest of the video as if pussy licking was an Olympic sport. I wish it were because you girls would take home the gold for sure. The rest of this absolute 21053 behemoth of what Ill say is the new gold standard of first timer lesbian love is only topped by what happens in the shower. Because you really get to see how much these two loved fucking each other once the festivities concluded on the bed and theyre alone to clean up and wash all their naughty sins down the drain. Its a make out fest with muShrooms munching on Ambers muff for over eleven minutes strait until Amber cums into Shrooms mouth. Now Ill admit Im not a fan of mushrooms in my food but Id happily munch of muShrooms muff any and all day and night long. It's gorgeous and this girl can fuck so stay tuned everyone, and I hope you like muShrooms as much as Amber did today. Amber and Truffle's here were so much fun to film and I thank everyone for your continued support and loyalty. I am truly honored, Happy Holidays people and be safe out there because it can be a very scary and bad, oh so bad world out there. Cheers everyone and I hope you like the video, Steve

Excogi Girls - Kelsey Kane & Kira Brooks - I Really Like Her & The Sex

File: kpny3naexgikelkiryazt3beiyd.mp4
Size: 1.66 GB
Duration: 01:13:21
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Meet Kira everyone and this adorable and very sexy newbie just wants to experience everything. Well we want to give you everything and first on the list is your very first slit to lick with whom else but returning slit enthusiast Kelsey Kane! This is Kelseys third time with us and shes just her usual revved up self and after we get to know Kira a bit on the bed these girls just go at it. Now Im not sure if Kira is acting or not about how into Kelsey she is because she licked Kelseys pussy today like it was an ice cream cone.

Yummy, then during the post shoot confessional she admits before getting into the shower that she came into this expecting to hate it. I can appreciate your honesty girl and genuinely it would be hard for me to believe every newbie would come into this expecting to love it. Well we are all about sexual first here, what ever those first experiences turn out out be and I'm happy to report that Kira DID LOVE IT and showed how much she loved it this entire scene. I mean fuck she came 5 times and even squirted much to both these hotties surprise. You looked like a seasoned slit licker Kira and you're proof that all young girls should experiment and try licking their friends pussy at least once. She's defiantly going to be doing this again she admitted also and we just love that you liked it. So once again I hope you enjoy Kiras first taste and until next weeks update, I bid you all farewell. Steve

Exploited College Girls - Ivy - This Totally Rocked My World

File: ovhmbnaexcogiivy6djv3zzb7w.mp4
Size: 1.38 GB
Duration: 01:34:25
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Shes twenty-five, shes a grad student, shes super sexy, super fit, super athletic and toned and shes a smoke show is what she is and were extremely happy to have her for her first sex on camera. Love it, and its girls like 25-year-old Ivy that makes exploiting fun. I dont think she minded one bit though the exploiting treatment that Tyler Nixon laid on her because she claims its hard to make her cum and she came a record 4 fucking fantastic times today. The title of todays scene says it all I believe and the sex was out of this solar system, interstellar and galactic today...

Amazing what can happen when the right tools put in the hands of a professional. Im referring to Tylers hard cock, his handsy hands and that tongue of his that just loves to feel and probe newbies orifices and I think weve ruined sex for you Ivy with all future average Joes it appears. Well as the saying goes, its better to have had awesome and phenomenally great sex than to have never had it at all. Or maybe its love they mean but you get the point. Today was like Ivy got transported to another dimension of time and space called the pleasure universe and she doesnt want to wake up from this totally awesome dream, and once Tyler spread our little Ivys legs apart and began sucking on her clit she never wanted this rocket ship to land. Well hold onto your seat cowgirl because the booster rockets are about to engage when the magic wand makes its appearance and I think Ivy likes her asshole licked while receiving clit stimulation. What girl doesnt but I think its totally hot to watch Ivys small little butt hole pucker in and out at 1657 as Tyler finger fucks her to shear bliss and Orgasm 1. Orgasm 2 follows rather quickly and I think Ivys enjoying herself and liked being used like a little fuck doll as Tyler face fucked her until it was time for the main event. And LETs GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!!!! And Ivy rumbled all right all over Tylers stiff dick with that beautiful pussy that looked like it was made for it. It kind of is made for it actually and its harmony in motion of hundreds of thousands of years, possibly millions of years of creation through evolution. Its beautiful people like Ivy and Tyler having great and satisfying sex thats proof that God exists and is good. I mean think about it, Satan for fucking sure didnt create life, sex and orgasms. Ok I know, my write-ups can sometimes have a sort of classroom studies feel to them but hey, Ivys a grad student and this is Exploited College Girls. Thats right, girls from college getting exploited, pretty fucking simple and the name says it all. So quit reading and start watching Ivy and the beginning of this absolutely gorgeous girls sexual journey and the wonders of her and great sex. Oh and go check out her first scene that just dropped yesterday over at excogigirls.com and witness her first time licking slit EVER with fan favorite Trinity Olsen.

Exploited College Girls - Sophia Sterling - Will Your Boyfriend Be Jealous?

File: 5clvynaexcogisopste7ltacjasls.mp4
Size: 5.08 GB
Duration: 01:19:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sophias her name, and her First Sex on Camera is todays game for this fresh as fuck 19 year old who claims to be in an open relationship. Well open on her side she stated during her interview and we didnt probe any further whether hed be jealous or not because who frankly cares right? Sophia certainly doesnt or she wouldnt shrug her shoulders so nonchalantly and let our main man Tyler Nixon cum all over that pretty face of hers if she did.

Love it and she licked her first Pussy ever the day after this shoot and its already up on our sister site excogigirls.com titled I Hope I lick It Right. Well she did and the First Pussy she ever tasted was attached to fan favorite Melanie Marie who helped this newbie to a wonderful First Lesbian experience. But todays all about her box getting filled with strange cock and this nervous girl took it like a champ. So enjoy Sophias first sex on camera.

Exploited College Girls - Madison Wilde - That Pussy Is Kryptonite Girl

File: 22qcwnaexcogimadwilxjmv8somoq.mp4
Size: 5.35 GB
Duration: 01:23:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Happy Thursday everyone and today its Madison Wildes turn on the ExCoGi bed. This scene was shot back on November 9, 2022 and Ive been holding onto it as a backup because this 22- year-old Latina hottie confessed after the shoot that this wasnt her first time on camera. We appreciate the honesty girl and no wonder everyone said after the scene finished that it was the easiest day they had ever had. She was easy to work with, knew how to open up to the cameras and felt super comfortable taking her clothes off and having sex in front of strangers.

When things appear to good to be true, they usually are, and things were to good to be true on November 9, 2022. But I dont want to diminish too much from how pretty Madison is, or how hot the sex was because Madison is gorgeous and has the most perfect little Titties, Dark Nipples and Fuck Box of any girl we have shot here. Seriously, the Sex minus the interview and exit chit chat was fan-fucking-tastic!!! But from the get go the interview just felt too much like all the other smut out there that I hate to say is riddled with rehearsed answers to questions asked, and Madison was just to familiar and at ease with her surroundings to be genuine. So if you are in to this then by all means listen away, but I would encourage you to fast forward to the Sex, which I took the liberty to do towards the end of the Q A, because the sex was extremely hot and steamy. It really was, and so without going too much into it this wasnt Madisons First Sex on Camera obviously and I hope all of you that were complaining I didnt release her scene can now watch with glee and enjoy Madisons 2nd? Or maybe 3rd, or 10th, or perhaps her 50th Sex on camera? I really have no fucking idea. Your guess is as good as mine. So Cheers! Steve

Excogi Girls - Trinity Olsen & Roxanne - Roxanne Sexy Tight Teenager

File: by36anaexgitriroxus65f6z2uy.mp4
Size: 3.53 GB
Duration: 02:09:38
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Well October just keeps trucking along doesnt it and when I said all treats and no tricks everyone? Well just feast your one-eyed monsters sweat tooth on todays treats because Roxanne and Trinity Olsen went at it today full throttle and at a take no prisoners approach to muff munching in this behemoth of a whopping video thats over 2 hour and 9 minute long. I mean who wouldnt want to lick and fool around with either one of these two, or be in between the shenanigans as they go at it in a full out assault on each others beautiful girly parts. And when I say beautiful? I mean spectacularly beautiful because Roxanne has one of those bodies and pink pussies that would make any father of a sexy tight teenager want to lock up their daughters if they looked like her...

Trinity is also Trinity and brings out the best of every girl that makes their way onto our bed but there is just something special about the interactions between these two and sparks begin to fly once they get naked. Now if you want to hear about how Roxanne likes girls more than guys, or how shes only had GirlGirl sex with straight girls and all her back-story, which is fucking awesome by the way, then listen to your heart's content. But I know you all want to fast forward to the good stuff so by all means do because both these girls are into spitting in each other mouths and kinky shit like that. Its not for everybody Ill admit, but when they do this you know theyre into each other, and to be honest the more I try to tell you how great I think this scene is the more I think you need to just watch it. I will say though its hot as fuck to witness Roxannes first of 6 Orgasms at 4053 as her ass is arched up in the air with the wand dancing on her clit and Trinity much to her enjoyment just smiles as Roxannes O face is plastered onto her slit in Picture and Picture. Poetry, absofuckinglutely its poetry in the making. Oh, and the festivities today didnt end on the bed either because it was off to the shower for more shenanigans and it made up almost 13 of the video. I know and as they cleaned all their naughtiness down the drain at 14609 Trinity squirted into Roxannes mouth as she munched muff under the warm water and I dont think she minded at all. So I hope everyone enjoys the show. Cheers

Excogi Girls - Hannah Stasia, Lola & Ruby Moon - I’m Never Going Back To Boys

File: q2ldonaexgihanlolruba6xhjtkbod.mp4
Size: 2.29 GB
Duration: 01:34:24
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Today is Lolas first all girl threesome with returning slits Ruby Moon and Ivy Brooks and boy did she and all the girls have fun. Its hot and so are you girls because there arent any first time jitters with either girl because both Ivy and Ruby are way more comfortable licking slit then they were in their first videos. Love to see how you both are blossoming into true pussy aficionados. Even confessing afterwards that this threesome was one of the funnest videos they had done, and why today's title was uttered by Ivy as Lola licked and sucked on her clit. Well, if you can make it through this sexy video then November and December promises to fill your stockings with all sorts of young goodies. So with that I hope you all enjoy it, Happy Holidays, and until next weeks update cheers.

Excogi Girls - Trinity Olsen & Amber Moore - I Like Girls More Than Guys

File: mmg8nnaexgitriambh2scmvbf74.mp4
Size: 2.33 GB
Duration: 01:34:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back everyone to todays update of 18 year old Trinity and returning outstanding female in a lead role Amber Moore in what I hope is exactly what youve all been asking me to capture. Its been a much more difficult task then I expected but Im pleased to say these two liked each other and right from the start began mauling each other. The passion for Pussy is strong with these two and Trinity actually prefers girls to guys. It shows honey and the way these two kissed and caressed each other is what makes kitty cats purrrrrrr. Im hoping this meets with all of your approval because Amber Moore was definitely into Trinity, and Trinity was definitely into Amber. Meow I know, and after these two hotties kissed, caressed, and rubbed their pussies for some hot foreplay, Trinity assumed the position as Amber spread her pussy wide and rubbed that clit until she was almost about to explode...

Next, Amber gave Trinity a thorough tongue-lashing and than much to her surprise did something she rarely ever does. Amber SQUIRTED for her First Orgasm of the day at 2525 and it was so awesome I just had to show it in instant replay three times. WOW! And now its Trinitys turn to show us all what great Pussy Licking skills she possesses and shes possessed all right. Girl you can lick slit much to Ambers enjoyment, and next its 69 Position which is a first for Trinity. Yummy, and these two go at it for the rest of the video as they munch and munch their way to Pussyville because this video is almost 100 Pussy Licking. Not kidding and the only toys that made an appearance was in the Post Shoot shower. Now Im not sure if the Shower Sex was hotter than the bedroom sex or not because it was just different and when Trinity told Amber to Spit in her mouth at 12343 and then she did? Well that sent Trinity over the edge and then she proceeded to immediately rub her clit and Squirted all over Amber at 12440!!! Wow! And Amber was pretty surprised also and I just had to show it in instant replay so you could she Amber's reactions and this type of GirlGirl chemistry just makes me want more dont you? So stay tuned everyone, and I hope you like Trinity as much as Amber did. You two girls are gorgeous.

Excogi Girls - Britney Rose & Amber Moore - Guys Can’t Make Me Cum Like This

File: gzfnqnaexgibriambdxpxdyev3y.mp4
Size: 2.51 GB
Duration: 01:33:06
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Today my fellow friends is all about the love of Licking Pussy and the joys of introducing a fresh as fuck bona fide genuine college coed who has kissed a few girl's before but it's never progressed past that she explains. She also never touch another girls boobies and this fresh as fuck coed's name is Britney and shes here to lick her First Ever Pussy for yalls enjoyment. Its also a very special moment for us here at ExCoGi because we have one of our best and top rated girls ever back to help out this week and this top shelf, penthouse living, returning fan favorite and absofuckinglutely gorgeous slits name is Amber Moore. Wow! I know and shes a superstar and going to guide our tanned absolutely beautiful and close to coed perfection around her first Sex with a girl today. Wow again and if you dont know about Amber then youre not a fan of exploitedcollegegirls...

She and her First Ever Sex on Camera is the number two girl on the site behind Gabbie Carter. Their names are the links to their scenes and worth checking out, but todays about Britney and all I can say is Thank You God! Because Britney is sweet, innocent minded, somewhat inexperienced and is used to having sex with frat boys for only about 10 to 15 minutes a session. I cant imagine those brief encounters being all that satisfying, so today Amber is going to focus, and I DO MEAN FOCUS, on you and your Vagina exclusively with tons of Pussy Licking, rubbing, and a few First Ever Squirting Orgasms which will also include heavy doses of soft and tender kissing between these two hot as fuck girls who really seemed the enjoy the pleasures of each other. Its a bit of a silent movie Ill admit and as lots of you have requested to have the girls please, please, please just having them enjoy each other without a bunch of playing up to the cameras and over use of the Toy Play. Well I hope this is more to your liking because this seemingly simple yet complicated request has proven to be more of a challenge than I anticipated, but if anyone can do it its Amber. So after a brief interview with these two blondes on the bed Amber removes her top to show Britney her perfectly pink and supple breasts that just scream to be touched, which Britney does at 457 and today you just know its going to be a good day. You also get a first hand glimpse of just how eager Britney is to be sexual with a girl as Amber kisses her while she softly touches her breasts at 832 and as Amber pulls away Britney lunges forward with eyes closed to keep the kissing and passion going. Hot, and its moments like these that make this scene so bone worthy I feel. Both these girls are into each other and when Amber leans back and spreads her legs to show Britney her nicely Trimmed Pussy and asks her if she would like to Touch Her First Pussy? Well thats the kitty cats meow and Britney licked her fingers in between strokes and I think Britney likes pretty girls. Theres plenty of Kissing and light lip biting going on as these two take turns licking each others Nipples and feeling each others bodies until Amber instructs her to bend over so she could spread her Pussy. Its gorgeous all right and Amber then proceeds to slowly rub and play with Britneys phenomenal Pussy Lips and Clit for six minutes, much to Britneys delight. And dont fret Lesbian fans theres more delight to be had because at 2001 Amber spreads Britneys long legs and tastes that wet and delicious slit. Does Britney like it? Well just watch as she twitches with each pulsating throb of pleasure thats shot throughout her body. It happens throughout the entire fucking scene and its so fucking hot to witness. Britney is literally speechless I think and lets see, the next highlight is when Britneys tongue flickers over her First Pussy Ever at 2919 and this girl loves Pussy I think. I know I loved and thoroughly enjoyed oysters and clams the first time I ate them and damn girl you love to Munch Muff I see. I also think we might have found a new main stay girl in Amber because this scene has what Ive been trying to produce since we began. So I hope you enjoy Amber and Britneys First Taste of Pussy and with that Ill say goodbye and until next weeks update, I bid you all farewell. Steve

Excogi Girls - Britney Rose, Melanie Marie & Rissa May - Golden Shower Girls

File: gj6dynaexgibrimelrisis2jvrlske.mp4
Size: 2.23 GB
Duration: 01:29:40
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Hello sports fans and today we have a triple-header once more with three very hot hotties that love Licking Pussy. Now its not any of these girls first time enjoying the pleasures of a naked girl, but it is the first time for two of them to have an all GirlGirlGirl love fest. In fact Melanie Marie participated in this sites inaugural GGG Sex Fest with newbie Layla Jenner and Megan Marx entitled Scorcher V Global Meltdown.

Its hot all right but lets focus on todays festivities because its Rissa May and Britney Roses First Threesome with all girls and it has a surprise ending finish that erupted with the same ferocity as Yellowstones Old Faithful. Now I dont want to give away the ending and tell you the butler did it, or give you the Clue that it was Mrs. Peacock using the Candlestick in the Dining Room. No, no, no, I wouldnt be so bold as to say it involved Squirting, or a Shower of Golden bliss that was received with open mouths by both Melanie and Rissa. Wow everyone and I love the adventurous spirit these three have to try new experiences and its hot how they touch, kiss, explore and taste each others bodies on the bed before taking the Lesbian Love to the shower for some extra curricular activities with some dildos and a shower door. Oh and let me clarify who had the firsts today in case you all were wondering. 1st 69 Position Rissa, 1st Golden Shower Rissa and Melanie, 1st GGG Threesome Rissa and Melanie. So once again, and I know its not much but its just my attempt at doing my part everyone by introducing young teens to the joys of First Time Slit Licking, one pussy at a time. Now Enjoy the Feature Presentation.

Excogi Girls - Kelsey Kane & Ruby Moon - So Happy I’m Your First Girl

File: gzw99naexgikelrubir1dip15zo.mp4
Size: 2.35 GB
Duration: 01:33:21
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Today everyone is Ruby's First Time and even though shes 27 shes a perfect fit for the First Timer theme because Ruby looks 19. Im not kidding and if you saw her debut over at HotMilfsFuck.com with Tyler Nixon than you know that Ruby is smoking hot and looks like a Teen. Ok so now that we have the disclaimer out of the way let me just say she's a super energetic girl on the excogigirls bed today and go girl power because shes with returning slit Kelsey Kane and this Phat Assed beauty queens going to devourer our newbie.

I think Rubys ready to be devoured by Kelsey because these girls are into each other and began making out right from the get go when Mr. Black Shirt simply asked them to kiss at 601. Todays going to be a good day all right and Orgasms and Passions are running wide. I also believe Kelsey had way more Orgasms then I have tallied because according to her every time she says Fuck and rolls her eyes she has an O. Well she must have had a bajillion Orgasms today because she said FUCK a lot. Ruby had an awesome time as well and came four times herself. Lets see, other notables worth mentioning are when Ruby and Kelsey simultaneously have Orgasms at 5745 and its FUCKING HOT! because who doesnt like it when girls come at the exact same time! I do, and we also introduce a new Double Headed Vibrating Dildo that the girls so cutely named The Tasmanian Devil and I think we have created SEX MONSTERS everyone because they loved it and so will you. Oh and we also get to see these girls have all sorts of naughty fun in the shower, which sometimes I feel is the best part. So again I hope you enjoy it everyone and until next weeks update, I bid you all farewell. Steve