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Exploited College Girls - Kira - Never Ever Been Fucked Like This

File: vt2junaexcogikirazydnu2pdsm.mp4
Size: 555.24 MB
Duration: 01:40:22
Resolution: 638x360
Format: mp4
Description: Wow, someone is excited and judging by that smile of pearly whites girl you cant wait to get your naughty on with Tyler Nixon. Her name is Kira, shes 20 years old, shes super nervous all right but way more excited because she usually doesnt do random hookups and hasnt had sex for about a month she declared. Not sure why girl because you are adorable and one of the prettiest and most beautifully all natural girls weve ever had on ExCoGi. No lie because she normally doesnt wear makeup and she has this innocent but cool confident swagger about her thats infectious and simply draws people in. Im sure they also like to CUM into you as well, but lately Kiras been all about the self-stimulation method of Orgasms and confesses she masturbates at least 3 times a night before bed...

Its also super hot how she talks about her never ending obsession with watching her ex boyfriend jack off and how it absofuckinglutely turns her on. Cock Worship, its fucking awesome if you enjoy watching a girl just stare, touch, caress, and admire your Stiff Cock with amazement as they slowly stroke and lick their lips in anticipation, and the mere fact that Kira gets off to this and loves to watch guys masturbate is just wonderful in my book. We get to witness this voyeuristic love first hand starting at 1319 and this little appetizer gets the sparks flying and the chemicals reacting between these two as the passion slowly builds and rages hotter and more out of control the further into it you watch. Not kidding everyone, just look at how many times Kira comes today because she explains that guys usually dont, or cant, make her cum during Sex and she usually has to finish herself off. Sorry about that, and lucky for you today youre getting the Tyler Nixon bonus package, which includes your First Ever Squirting Orgasms, thats plural Orgasms everyone. You also get your First Ever Facial, and your First Ever Anal Play that happened in Cowgirl at 10700. Plus, at 10521 Tylers Cock just happens to slip out of your wet as fuck pussy and slightly just happens to go up Kiras Ass much to her liking. We were all pretty surprised by that and Kira even stated with a big smile and face full of cum after wards that she kind of liked it and wouldnt mind letting Tyler fuck her Ass for her First Ever Anal. Dont tempt Tyler with a good time girl and were just happy you stayed over to let a professional go were no guy or toy has ever been before. So now Ill conclude with this observation about just how in love the last few girls have been with our stud Tyler because first it was Ruby Moon over at Hotmilfsfuck.com and excogigirls.com that flat out was infatuated and openly committed to having Tylers babys during the Post Shoot Confessional, and now Kira also?! Ok she doesnt confess to wanting his babys but she does want to pack him up into her suitcase and bring him home with her because shes so smitten afterwards in the shower. Never seen so many girls fall in love with great sex and maybe theres something in the water but Im just happy theyre doing the naughty deeds here and not somewhere else. It makes my job so much easier and it results in Phenomenally Great Sex on film. So now with that I bid you all farewell and toddles everyone.

She Loves Black - Sage Rabbit - A Fair Deal

File: babbvnashloblsagrabykhokuhedn.mp4
Size: 464.39 MB
Duration: 41:50
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Having someone watch over a grown woman can be a drag. Sage Rabbit's parents are quite strict with her. They hire you to watch over their girl since they are going to attend a party. The tattooed blonde babe tries to go out in her blue-grey crop top, denim shorts, and white shoes when you catch her and tell her she's not allowed to step out of the house. Sage, with her natural tits and round ass, is not allowed to invite someone over. She walks out because of how annoyed she is at your refusal to let her go.

Not long after, Sage comes back and offers you a deal. She proposes that you let her out if she gives you a blowjob. The naughty lady is confident in this proposal because she knows that you will not tell her parents about it. You can't help but agree to the deal since you're already getting hard at the thought of the inked babe sucking your big black cock. Sage slides your pants down and delivers a sloppy blowjob-handjob combo. She even deepthroats as much of your length as she can handle before turning around and teasing your member by rubbing it against her entrance. Sage Rabbit rides your BBC in reverse cowgirl after having enough fun teasing you. After that, the blonde babe gives you another sensual blowjob and handjob before riding you like a real cowgirl. When she gets off of you, Sage pumps your dick and resumes letting you stretch her trimmed pussy. The two of you continue to fuck in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary. You keep thrusting while listening to Sage moan in pleasure until you reach your climax. You dump your warm load all over the blonde beauty's stomach and tits. After doing more than her end of the deal, it's now your turn to allow Sage to hang out with her friends.

She Loves Black - Sahara Skye - All I Want

File: zkrzmnashloblsahskydm3swa4l3a.mp4
Size: 629.02 MB
Duration: 43:19
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Voicing out one's feelings is clearly better than dropping subtle hints where theres no knowing if the other person understands them or not. You are relaxing by the pool the morning after your party when Sahara Sky approaches you. The blonde hottie looks really cute in her one-piece bikini, mini skirt, cardigan, and knee-high boots. She tells you all about how she wants to be with you all night but is unable to because of a girl you're with. After expressing herself, you begin to understand what she wants from you.

The two of you decide to have fun with each other. Sahara starts teasing you with her meaningful gaze and touchy hands. She helps you out of your pants and plants small kisses on your muscular thighs. The tattooed babe then takes your big black cock into her mouth and starts bobbing her head up and down. Her blowjob-handjob combo feels so stimulating that you can't help but get harder and harder. The feeling of her tongue tracing your length, her teeth lightly scraping your skin, and her throat opening up to your BBC feeds your lust and makes you crave more. After covering your big dick with her spit, Sahara begins to take off her clothes, revealing her big tits, firm ass, and hairy pussy. Concluding the steamy foreplay, the blonde beauty proceeds to ride your BBC in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Watching Sahara move her hips while on top excites you even more, especially when she does not hold back in showing pleasure on her face and her moans. The inked babe then gets down and gives your huge black dick a sensual blowjob. She then gets on her hands and knees to allow you to fuck her in doggystyle. The busty beauty once again gives you head before letting you continue with the pussy pounding in missionary. You plunge your BBC in and out of Sahara's hole ceaselessly until you cum inside her.

Love Her Boobs - Lisa Pinelli - Instead Of Cookies

File: dpltinalohebolispineyrkqolstm.mp4
Size: 552.31 MB
Duration: 37:00
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Not a lot of people can resist a delicacy when it's right in front of them. Lisa Pinelli comes down wearing a seductive black dress and stockings. The red-haired MILF takes out the cookies from the oven and serves them to Dean Van Damme. The man thanks her and asks for orange juice. Obliging to his request, the beauty gives him the glass of refreshment and stands closely beside him. With the lady's big tits so close to his face, Dean can't help but stare at them, feeling his blood rush to his groin...

The two are having a conversation when Lisa suddenly takes the man's hand and lets him touch her massive boobs. The horny man is more than happy to play with the naughty MILF. He takes his time worshiping Lisa's funbags, sucking them with his hungry mouth and kneading them with his rough hands. The busty babe takes off her dress, leaving only her black underwear and stockings, then climbs on Dean's lap. Lust and excitement overwhelm the hottie's body as the man massages her huge melons before tittyfucking them. The places where the throbbing dick rubs against feel hot and are making Lisa's shaved pussy wetter. Dean can't hold back anymore. He fucks Lisa's shaved pussy in spooning before tittyfucking her big saggy tits and sucking her perky nipples. After that, the muscled stud continues to pound the sexy MILF's wet hole in missionary and doggystyle. The man's strong hands eagerly worship the beauty's juggs, even during all the thrusting. Lisa can't help but moan in pleasure because of this. The throbbing cock leaves the sore pussy and tittyfucks the big tits until hes near climax. Dean then takes his stiff rod in his hand and starts pumping his length until he cums all over Lisa's boobs.

Love Her Feet - Hime Marie - Hitchhiking Hottie

File: yghqrnalohefehimmarnllpcjdusf.mp4
Size: 776.44 MB
Duration: 45:04
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Leaving a woman in the middle of nowhere is such a dick move. Hime Marie's boyfriend is a complete dirtbag for ditching her and taking everything with him. The brunette beauty in a white top, shorts, and denim jacket has no choice but to hitchhike on a total stranger's car to get out of the road. Himes high-heeled boots are killing her, and she only gets to rest them when Milan gives her a ride. The hottie in glasses expresses her gratitude to the man and asks his permission to take off her shoes and socks inside the car. Milan compliments the sexy vixen's feet, despite them being sweaty and smelly from walking. Noticing the handsome drivers gaze on her sexy feet, Hime tries her hand at seducing him...

The brunette babe tells him about how she wants to try a lot of new things while caressing her feet. Unable to ignore the lewd atmosphere anymore, the beauty asks the naughty man if he wants to play around with her. He agrees in a heartbeat and starts shrimping Hime Marie's white nail-polished toes. He pulls over before continuing to suck the brunette lady's toes. Their foreplay persists with a blowjob-handjob combo and a footjob. After that, Milan carries Hime to the back of the pickup truck for a more comfortable location. He once again shrimps the naughty womans toes before moving to lick her shaved pussy. The bearded man then proceeds to fuck her in missionary and sideways missionary. Hime Marie delivers a sensual footjob-handjob combo to the man's throbbing cock after he pulls out. The foot goddess moans in delight as they continue with the pussy pounding in reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and doggystyle. After Milan pulls out and receives another footjob-handjob combo from the brunette lady, he facefucks her with unrestrained enthusiasm. About to cum, the man lets Hime stroke his dick with her toes until she shoots his load all over her feet

Love Her Feet - April Olsen - Forbidden Breakup Sex

File: gzjelnalohefeaprolsrmn8vtujea.mp4
Size: 575.27 MB
Duration: 38:20
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Tangled in a forbidden affair, April Olsen is the beautiful mistress of a handsome married stud. Unfortunately, Lucas Frost and his wife need to be relocated to another country. After breaking the news with his lover, the brunette bombshell is devastated as she imagines the overwhelming distance between them. With no man to worship her feet and suck her toes, she is in a deep pit of misery. April tries to convince Lucas to choose her over his wife and to decline the offer of relocating by using her delicate feet, placing them on the coffee table while her ombre pumps dangle from them. Regret is written on the hunks face, but he is more than aroused by the temptation in front of him. Shrugging the taint of the bad news, Lucas jumps right on to sniff and savor, for the last time, the sensuous goodness of her feet. He sucks her French-tipped pedicured toes while his sharp tongue traces its curves...

Admiring and worshipping Aprils feet, he wishes his gestures would melt her anger away. Moving to the living room, the inked brunette proceeds to give her lovers big dick a footjob. The passionate foreplay proceeds with a sloppy blowjob with Aprils big tits on display receiving a deepthroating then giving a face fucking after. Returning the favor, her lover fingered and licked her hairy pussy. In missionary, Lucas thrusts his hard cock inside Aprils pussy while worshipping her sexy feet, making her moan. Removing all her remaining clothes, the erotic stunner rides his dick in cowgirl, showing her plump round ass bouncing along their rhythm. Listening to his dirty talk, April gets more fired up, and it pushes her to cum a few times. The passionate and rough fucking continues in doggystyle, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and spooning while indulging in another round of shrimping in between. Nearing his climax, he pounds into her hungrily before pulling his cock out and jerking off until he coats Aprils sexy feet with his warm load.

Love Her Films - Blake Wilde - Better Stay Home

File: kmutenalohefiblawilzuxjj4hp91.mp4
Size: 681.80 MB
Duration: 49:38
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: It's perfectly normal for a woman to want to go to a girls' night out. Blake Wilde definitely wants to join in and be the center of attention as she dresses in a sexy black mesh top, leather skirt, and heels. This brunette hottie has a pair of big tits and a firm ass that will capture the attention of many men. Isiah Maxwell runs into the tattooed babe as she's leaving the house. The man stops her and convinces the beauty to stay home and have fun with him instead. Blake eventually agrees and starts making out with the lucky stud. Isiah can't help but worship Blake's massive melons...

The huge boobs look so sexy that it's impossible for him to keep his hands from kneading them. The naughty man starts sucking on the inked brunette's pierced nipples, making them all swollen and perky. After that, Blake delivers a sloppy blowjob-handjob combo and ball sucking to his throbbing cock. The atmosphere in the room is getting hotter and hotter as their foreplay continues with passionate fingering, titjob, and tittyfucking. Isiah thoroughly worships Blake's big tits, making sure to please the stunning lady and not make her regret staying at home. The couple is immersing themselves more in the passionate mood that fills the room. Isiah positions himself between Blake's legs and proceeds to fuck her in missionary. After that, he buries his face between the beauty's jugs while she gives him a handjob. The horny pair then continues with the pussy pounding in cowgirl, doggystyle, standing, and reverse cowgirl. He makes sure to not leave the tattooed hottie's funbags alone while thrusting his big cock in and out of her juicy pussy. When he pulls out, Blake doesn't miss the chance to deliver a titjob. She rubs her partner's dick until he cums all over her tits.

Love Her Boobs - Josephine Jackson - Take A Break

File: jprnwnalohebojosjacucwlvqu8rp.mp4
Size: 611.68 MB
Duration: 40:40
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: While the cat's away, the mouse comes to play. Josephine Jackson has opened her humble abode for Raul Costa to spend some time studying. With clean intentions at first, the duo is clueless about them ending up naked at the end. Noticeably, the Italian stud is a ravishing man who constantly gawks at Josephine's hefty boobs while his mind wanders to all the nasty thoughts he could possibly have. Fortunately, sharing the same sentiments, the bosomy woman lures the young man into engaging in a sensual encounter as a way of returning the favor of welcoming him to her home. With the husband out of the picture, the duo can't resist the tempting idea of hardcore fucking anymore. In her colorful dress, Josephine hurriedly untangles the strings, flaunting her saggy big tits in front of the handsome hunk...

She sandwiches the gorgeous face of Raul before watching him suck the taut nipples on her tits. While sitting sexily on his lap, the buxom brunette savors the chance of gracing her boobs with the playful and vicious mouth of her young beau. Moving onto the wooden table with her indigo thong set aside, the duo continued with their passionate foreplay, getting them warmed up for the upcoming rough sex. Returning the favor, Josephine delivers a titjob, blowjob, and handjob-blowjob combination to her partner, making them both hard, wet, and ready to start the main event. Josephine Jackson guides the big dick inside her shaved pussy and rides it with vigor in reverse cowgirl. A series of moans are heard while complete satisfaction is written on her face as the cock pumps in and out of her clean-shaven hole and her big tits bounce along their rhythm. Taking a break from pounding pussy, Raul tittyfucks the amazing brunette before letting Josephine give him another round of blowjob. The intense sex continues in spooning and missionary with a breathtaking view from her plump boobs, making him more driven to fuck her. Nearing his climax, he maintains the speed of his thrusting, pulling it out to jerk off and coating Josephines big tits with his cum.

Love Her Boobs - Blake Blossom - The Perfect Dress

File: jluwgnaloheboblablomyocxhghav.mp4
Size: 640.75 MB
Duration: 47:06
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Going on to brunch with a significant other's parents often calls for decent or conservative clothing, but Blake Blossom does not want to waste the chance to wear the new body-hugging dress she just bought. Stepping out of the shower, the busty blonde gets ready to go out with her boyfriend, Dan Damage, putting on cream and picking out a daring black lingerie set. While fixing her blue dress to try and cover the visible bra straps, Blake notices him watching her at the doorway and sees his frown, which prompts her to ask why.

Dan comments on how revealing her outfit is and that it wasn't the most appropriate thing to wear to brunch with his parents, but she argues and uses her big tits to convince him that it's actually perfect. Blake shows how the top of the dress strains against her funbags, making them a delectable sight that the man cannot help but have his hands caress. Moans fall from her lips as Dan continues to massage them, then he slides the thin straps of her outfit to get a better grip on her soft globes. Once the curvy hottie's natural tits are bare, he begins to sensually worship the pair by showering them with kisses, licks, and sucks. Moving their amorous activities out of the bathroom, they settle on the bed and make out before Blake pleasures her boyfriend with a sloppy blowjob. Her big luscious melons bounce along to each thrust as Dan fucks her hairy pussy in missionary, the sight being so enticing that he can't help but pull out and tittyfuck then facefuck her instead. Being so horny, Blake demands attention and makes him lie down on the bed so she can sit on his face and receive a well-deserved pussy licking. Wanting to go back to fucking, she rides her lover in cowgirl and lets him suck on her tits as she moves. They 69 for a bit, then the busty goddess goes back to bouncing on his cock in reverse cowgirl and gets pounded from behind in doggystyle. Close to cumming, Blake gives him a helping hand and strokes Dan's cock until he eventually shoots his load all over her massive and perfect tits.

She Loves Black - Chanel Camryn - A Friend In Need

File: xuzoanashloblchacambosztk3kgx.mp4
Size: 496.41 MB
Duration: 41:58
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Being married is not enough to maintain a relationship. One should always have time for the other to make things work. Being always busy and having no time for each other can sow a seed of dissatisfaction that can crack even the most stable foundation. Chanel Camryn feels that her man has no time for her. They've been married for three years, but she feels like they are starting to become strangers to each other. The beautiful all-natural blonde needs help to clear up some cobwebs in her shed. Thinking that the innuendo is not enough to get you going, Chanel drops to her knees and starts touching your crotch. Chanel takes out your big black cock. The sheer size of your massive black dick makes Chanel curious as to how it will feel deep inside her pussy...

Without wasting time, the petite cutie gives your BBC a blowjob. She uses her soft lips and warm tongue to please your big black cock. Unable to restrain her lust, Chanel strips in front of you. She continues giving your BBC a sloppy blowjob before riding it in reverse cowgirl. Her small natural tits bounce hard as she grinds on top of you like a real cowgirl. Wanting to let you see her stretched-out pussy, Chanel leans back while her legs are spread apart. Moans of pleasure fill the room as you excitedly slide your big black cock in and out of her tight, juicy pussy. You fuck the beautiful hottie in doggystyle before pounding her hard in missionary. Chanel can feel your BBC stirring the insides of her pussy with every thrust of your hips. You keep on fucking the gorgeous babe on the couch until you feel like cumming. Chanel happily strokes your big black cock using both her hands until you shoot your warm and sticky load into her mouth. Chanel plays with your creamy jizz inside her mouth before swallowing it in one gulp.

Sweet Sinner - Avi Love - The Voyeur 3

File: rtqqwnaswsiavilovnriadj45kg.mp4
Size: 262.48 MB
Duration: 37:06
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: When Avi comes by Logans house to talk about his security cameras he quickly thinks she might know about his hidden ones. But, in reality shes seeking his comfort and assurance that she is safe. Before long he is enchanted by this beautiful, wholesome woman who enticing him into an afternoon tryst behind her husbands back. He laps at her tight little snatch before burying his cock inside her. Its been months since hed felt a womans tight hole around him and he doesnt want to stop until he spews his load all over her olive skin.