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Freya Parker

Naughty Office - Freya Parker - Sexy Petite Realtor Is Very Good At Selling House Because Of One Thing...

File: zvxconanaoffreparruuk12975v.mp4
Size: 1.55 GB
Duration: 35:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Realtor babe, Freya Parker, just sold another house for a ton of money and Dan can't stand it. He has a hunch that she is fucking her clients into buying the homes and if tables were turn and it was himself fucking his clients, he'd be fired. But maybe Dan can team up with Freya, please her and satisfy her needs, then in turn she could help him with a sale or two.

Girlfriends Films - Corra Cox & Freya Parker - Lesbian Sex 26

File: 7p3gwnagificorfrea8bicnbmvc.mp4
Size: 2.01 GB
Duration: 53:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Never underestimate the pleasure that one woman can give another. Enjoy eight horny girls and four scenes of arousal and desire with the sexiest beauties from Girlfriends Films. For fine folks with good hearts and curious minds. These are real lesbians exploring their sexual turn-ons with other real lesbian women. Rubbing their pussies together, passionately kissing every inch of their bodies. Real girls, real lesbian action!

Mommy's Girl - Kenzie Taylor, Arietta Adams & Freya Parker - Baited At The Slumber Party

File: fkv7enamogikenarifrekzzdzq8spe.mp4
Size: 1.09 GB
Duration: 29:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Freya Parker and her friend Arietta Adams are having a slumber party at Freya's house. As the girls prepare to watch a movie, Freya's stepmom, Kenzie Taylor, asks if they want popcorn. The girls decline the offer, but Freya gets up to use the washroom before the movie starts. As Freya leaves the room, Arietta notices Kenzie checking Freya out.

Arietta tells Kenzie that she can see that Kenzie is lusting after Freya. After initially denying it, Kenzie admits that Arietta is right, but Kenzie doesn't want to act on those feelings because Freya is her stepdaughter. Arietta suggests that SHE be a stand-in for Freya, and fulfill Kenzie's desire to be with a younger woman. Arietta tells Kenzie to wait in her bed later with a blindfold over her eyes, and Arietta will stop in and give her a sexy surprise. Kenzie excitedly agrees.

Later that night, Kenzie is blindfolded and waiting in her bed as instructed, when Arietta comes in. But what Kenzie doesn't know is that Arietta is accompanied by Freya! Arietta asks Kenzie if she's ready for her surprise, and Kenzie eagerly confirms that she is. Freya caresses Kenzie's thigh and touches her over her panties, then removes her panties and eats out her pussy. Kenzie basks in the pleasure, unaware that it's Freya and not Arietta who is making her feel so good.

Eventually, Kenzie gets so excited that she removes her blindfold, and is startled to see that Freya is the one who's been touching her all this time. However, once Kenzie recovers from her shock, she admits that it feels really nice to have her wish granted, so she and Freya decide to keep going... and invite Arietta to join in for a sexy threesome!

Deep Lush - Freya Parker & Jewelz Blu - Beautiful Touch

File: udoyfnadelufrejew7al9xz58lu.mp4
Size: 1.67 GB
Duration: 36:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Freya and Jewelz meet for the first time with adorable chemistry as they kiss and admire all of each other. They get naked, touch and kiss each other before they take turns licking each other's pussies. They share a hitachi and Freya uses a double ended dildo on Jewelz as they take turns giving each other orgasms. The scene ends with them kissing and cuddling up together.

Property Sex - Freya Parker - An Offer You Can't Refuse

File: 8kjj4naprsefreparu9wejoqx6i.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 43:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When beautiful brunette real estate agent Freya Parker knocks on his door and offers him double what his house is worth out of the blue, Chuck is torn between the money and the family history of the home. But Freya's got a few other tempting tricks up her sleeve... or under her skirt. She strips down and lets him play with her perky little tits, then tells Chuck to eat her pussy before she sucks his cock. Freya's pussy is very persuasive as Chuck fucks her doggystyle and she rides him on the floor, then tells him to screw her in missionary and cum on her pussy.

My Family Pies - Freya Parker & Madison Summers - Fucking And Fireworks

File: ihxkbnamyfapifremad1k1awkhhmj.mp4
Size: 1.74 GB
Duration: 28:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's the Fourth of July, and Freya Parker and Madison Summers are getting all dressed up in tight little patriotic outfits to go to a party. The girls are just about ready to get going when Madison's stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, walks in and asks what they're up to. He asks if he can come to he party, but both Madison and Freya put him down and tell him he's not going to any party they're at. The girls go to the kitchen to find the fireworks they said they'd bring to the party, but they learn that Ricky already shot them off. Madison tells Ricky that if he goes and gets them more fireworks they might let him come to the party with them.

Later, Ricky returns with a big box of fireworks. The girls are riffling through the box when they realize that Ricky has put his dick in the box. Freya finds it first, and makes eye contact with Ricky as she strokes it. When Madison realizes what's up, she tries to protest. Freya likes it, though, and argues that it's not a little pecker at all. Madison suggests that if Freya likes it so much, maybe she should fuck Ricky while Madison sits back and watches. That's all the encouragement Freya needs to get down on her knees and start sucking Ricky's dick. True to her word, Madison gets on the couch and diddles herself as Ricky enjoys first a BJ and then the chance to sink balls deep into Freya's juicy cooch.

Watching her stepbrother bang her best friend is too much for Madison to just passively enjoy. It's not long before Freya gets off the D to let Madison have a go. Getting on her hands and knees, Madison squeals in delight as Ricky slides into her greedy twat. The position also lets her eat Freya out, creating a true threesome. Freya gets to enjoy Ricky in reverse cowgirl with Madison rubbing her clit until Freya is gasping in delight. Once Madison has helped get Freya off, she gets on her back and welcomes Ricky home between her thighs. He gets Madison off with Freya's help, then gives her a nice big creampie. Madison tells them that she's not on birth control and begs Freya to get it out of her, so Freya leans in and slurps the cum out.

Brazzers Exxtra - Freya Parker - Dick Stalker

File: drrrknabrexfrexanm2ylpm8nfb.mp4
Size: 1.16 GB
Duration: 32:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Breaking up is hard to do. Even if it was only a fuck buddy situation. Sexy Freya Parker is not one to hump and dump until she's ready! After her neighbour cuts off her weekly supply of sex, she is leering with jealousy. One day she sees another woman enter his house and later finds out it's his new girlfriend. Freya takes to stalking her neighbor before boldly conning him into fucking her one last time... or so she leads him to believe.

Nubile Films - Freya Parker - May 2022 Fantasy Of The Month

File: qenmqnanufifreparib6fmi7mrb.mp4
Size: 1.81 GB
Duration: 31:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Freya Parker and Mick Blue have reservations for dinner tonight. Hoping to make the evening even more memorable, Mick has a gift for Freya a new necklace. Freya tells Mick that she's going to go put on her new jewelry and get changed. He gently reminds her to be quick because their reservation is coming up quickly.

In spite of Mick's request, Freya takes her time getting dressed in her sexy little red number. When she returns to the living room, she points out oh so sweetly that they're already running late. Mick always takes such good of her that Freya wants to take care of him, too. As she speaks, her hand rubs Mick's hardon to leave no doubt of her intentions.

When Freya asks so nicely, Mick can't deny her a thing. She pulls his cock out of his pants as she sinks to a crouch. Taking things nice and slow, she explores every inch of her hard treat with her hot little hands and wet mouth. There's no hurry now that they've blown their reservation and Freya takes full advantage of the time on her hands.

Mick is eager to enjoy himself with Freya, too. He gets her on her back on the couch so that he can spread her thighs and indulge himself in the sweet musk of her juices. His tongue finds Freya's pussy nice and wet as he laps up her nectar. Rolling her onto her hands and knees, he sinks balls deep into that lush paradise to take their loving to a new level.

Taking his turn on the receiving end of pleasure, Mick lays down on the couch and lets Freya climb on top of him. She impales herself nice and slow on his cock and then goes to work rocking her hips. As Freya rises above him in her stiffie ride, Mick is free to palm her tits and squeeze her nipples until they're diamond hard. His hands slide lower to Freya's ass, encouraging her to turn around and go back to work riding him in reverse cowgirl.

Falling to her side, Freya lifts one leg into the air to welcome Mick back inside. He spoons behind her and guides himself back into that creamy sheath. Thrusting up into Freya's hot twat, he lets her moans of delight guide the depth and pace of their horizontal tango.

On her back with her talented fingers rubbing her clit, Freya opens her thighs for Mick to shove back inside in one last position. Always the consummate lover, Mick makes sure to bring Freya to one final peak before pulling out to take his own pleasure. Pleased that she has indeed taken care of Mick, Freya basks in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Girlfriends Films - Freya Parker & Michelle Anthony - Cheer Squad Sleepovers Episode 35

File: 2glp5nagififremic1jg1ss2fxp.mp4
Size: 1.65 GB
Duration: 38:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: These beautiful young cheerleaders are even sexier when they get off the field! Sexually curious and ready to try anything, they seek out experience wherever they can find it. Over 2 hours of horny girls who are only looking to snack on snatch and drive each other into a sexual frenzy and over the edge into orgasmic ecstasy!

Girlfriends Films - Freya Parker & Jane Rogers - Lesbian Psychodramas 37

File: djqtynagififrejanaabijivhif.mp4
Size: 1.79 GB
Duration: 41:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This is lesbian drama at its finest! The popular all-girl series has built a reputation for offering fans even harder sex and more scandalous plots of deception and all featuring some of the most gorgeous women in the industry today! Enjoy over 2 hours of pure lesbian sex!

Girlfriends Films - Freya Parker & Gizelle Blanco - Lesbian Psychodramas 37

File: ld468nagififregiz3zekt9k7ej.mp4
Size: 1.82 GB
Duration: 42:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This is lesbian drama at its finest! The popular all-girl series has built a reputation for offering fans even harder sex and more scandalous plots of deception and all featuring some of the most gorgeous women in the industry today! Enjoy over 2 hours of pure lesbian sex!

Girls Only Porn - Freya Parker & Scarlit Scandal - Sleepovers Arent For Sleeping

File: sg6pgnagionpofrescalnhymznecy.mp4
Size: 1.45 GB
Duration: 29:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Scarlit Scandal has recently broken up with her boyfriend. To take her mind off of things, she invites her friend Freya Parker over for a sleepover while her parents are out of town. When Freya arrives, the girls go to Scarlit's parents' bedroom where the bed is big enough for the girls to share.

Scarlit wants to take a moment to change into something more comfortable for girl talk now that Freya is here. She's a bit surprised when Freya encourages her to get changed right there in the room, but eventually she lets her friend have her way. Curling up on the bed, Freya listens as Scarlit talks, playing the sympathetic friend perfectly...

Once Scarlit has finally dished about her breakup, Freya makes her move. She comes in for a kiss that takes Scarlit a little aback. Although she wasn't expecting this from Freya, Scarlit finds that she likes it very much. She likes it even better when Scarlit moves lower to pull up her shirt and go to work licking her tight titties.

When Scarlit gives in to her attraction to Freya, she gives in completely. She gives Freya's breasts some serious attention, palming them and then leaning close to lap the nipples to hard peaks. The girls help each other undress, and then Freya shows Scarlit how girl on girl action really works.

Kneeling behind Scarlet, Freya places one hand on her friend's boobs and the other on her clit, working her into the beginning of a sexual frenzy. When Scarlit is all revved up, Freya lays her down on the bed and uses her fingers and tongue to really finish the job.

Throbbing with the delight of her first lesbian climax, Scarlit decides to put what she's learned to work. She gets Freya on her knees so she can explore Freya's juicy twat with her tongue. Lapping her from end to end is just the beginning eventually Scarlit settles in to really tongue Freya's fuck hole.

Freya gives Scalrit another round of delight as she gets on her back and pulls Scarlit on top of her. Guiding Scarlit up her body, Freya eventually gets her BFF at the perfect spot so she can lick and suck Scarlit's clit. She keeps her tongue in constant motion until Scarlit's hips are bucking in delight.

Scarlit once again returns the favor. Since Freya is already on her back, it's simple for Scarlet to get between her thighs and lift Freya's hips to the perfect pussy munching height. From there, all that's left to do is put her mouth back to work as Freya guides her with her breathy mewls of pleasure to leave Freya as replete as she is.

Web Young - Freya Parker & Violet Starr - Scrambled Seduction

File: pdexlnaweyofrevio5tziynflci.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 41:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Violet Starr excitedly lets her friend, Freya Parker, into the house to hang out. As they settle down together, it's revealed that Freya's brought a new tile-based game for them to play. Although Violet's never heard of it before, she's down!

But as they start playing, Freya starts to become suspicious about Violet's intentions. While Freya puts down more innocent words, like 'CANDY,' Violet puts down more suggestive words like 'PUSSY.' When Freya calls Violet out on it, Violet is mischievous as she insists that she doesn't mean for them to be taken sexually....

After a few more naughty words, it becomes too obvious to ignore and Freya rolls her eyes. Violet then grins as she sidles close to Freya, boldly coming onto her... Although Freya's surprised at first, she soon can't resist having a little 'FUN!'

My Family Pies - Freya Parker & Kyler Quinn - Would You Fuck A Leprechaun

File: lxmunnamyfapifrekyltfusg3pmzp.mp4
Size: 1.83 GB
Duration: 32:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's St. Patrick's Day, and Kyler Quinn and her BFF Freya Parker have decided that now is the time for Kyler to confess her crush on her stepbrother in a cute seasonal way. They begin with a prank on Codey Steele. Codey pours himself some cereal, and when he turns around to put the milk back in the fridge Kyler sneaks some green food coloring into the bowl and leaves a tiny note beside it. The girls claim it wasn't them and storm off in a pretend rage. The pranks continue as Codey goes to his room and finds his clothes strewn about and another tiny note. It takes some effort for Codey to read the tiny writing, but the note turns out to be a coupon for free use of his stepsister's pussy.

Codey doesn't waste a moment. He goes to Kyler's room and instructs her to take off her shirt. The girls claim that no one could read anything that small, but they don't exactly argue with Codey's instructions. Instead, they lift their shirts to show their matching shamrock pasties. Codey watches with a big smile as the girls work his dick out of his jeans and then go to work with their mouths. A BJ with lots of deep throating is just the start for this trio. It's a St. Patty's delight as the girls work on peeling off all their clothes so that they can take this moment as far as they can.

Codey lays down on the bed to find his face covered by Freya's pussy and his dick mounted by Kyler. Eventually Freya moves to kneel beside Kyler and Codey, which makes it easy for her to support their lovemaking until Kyler climbs off to let Freya have a ride. Going to town in cowgirl is fun, but Freya moans even louder when she gets on her back with Codey between her thighs. When Kyler sees Freya shivering with the force of her climax, she insists on another turn. Getting on her hands and knees, she squeals in delight as Codey bangs her nice and hard from behind. Freya eventually lays down in front of Kyler with her thighs spread so Kyler can go to work on that greedy twat one last time as Codey keeps on banging her. He keeps it up until he can't wait another moment to nut deep in Kyler's pussy for a big creampie.

Princess Cum - Andi Rose, Freya Parker & Kimora Quin - March Stepsister Madness

File: 6znrunaprcuandfrekimeicbxqyhl3.mp4
Size: 1.70 GB
Duration: 24:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's that time of the year again, when basketball takes center stage. Juan Loco is settling in to watch his team when his stepsister, Kimora Quin, and her friends Andi Rose and Freya Parker make their loud entrance. Juan tries to ask them to keep it down, but the girls get pissy because they want to watch the women's teams. The girls eventually go into a huddle to figure out what they're going to do about Juan. They equate him to all men, which means he's just a born asshole. When the three girls leave the room, Juan turns the game on under the presumption that he'll be allowed to watch the game in peace. Too bad for him that's not the case.

The girls return, their jerseys tucked up to show off the bottoms of their titties. Kimora walks over and turns the game off. The girls all get closer and sexier, insisting that Juan needs to give them his attention. When Freya comes up behind Juan and offers him a neck rub, he can't help but begin to pop a boner. Kimora takes that opportunity to tell Juan that he needs to pay attention to her needs and that looking at her boobs is way more important than a stupid b-ball game. While Juan's attention is distracted, Kimora grabs his basketball and puts him in the middle of a game of keepaway. When Juan's back is turned, Freya pulls his pants down. That's when Kimora claims they've gone too far.

Getting Juan to take a seat on the couch, the girls get on their knees and show their boobs one by one as an apology. By the time Andi has peeled off her shirt, Kimora is already sucking Juan off in an I'm sorry BJ. Freya and Andi leave Kimora to it, making out with each other as Kimora delivers her blowie and transitions into an apologetic titty fuck. When Kimora takes things further and climbs onto Juan's hardon for a reverse cowgirl ride, it just gets her BFFs even hotter. Freya wants some of that D, so she gets on her back to invite Juan between her thighs while Andi rides her face and Kimora masturbates. Andi takes her turn with Juan, enjoying a doggy style pussy pounding as Freya finger fucks Kimora who is also on her knees. Kimora gets back to it with Juan as Andi gets on her belly to eat Freya out. As Juan announces he's ready to cum, Kimora locks her ankles behind his head to hold him inside so she can keep his cum all for herself.

Wild On Cam - Freya Parker - Loves Sucking Cock

File: ynx8jnawioncafreparpewc7ttpfn.mp4
Size: 4.16 GB
Duration: 57:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Freya Parker is looking sexy in her matching lingerie that she wore just for you. How badly would you like to see those gorgeous eyes staring up at you as she sucks on your hard cock before you penetrate her wet pussy? Freya is ready to fuck and will let you do anything to help you cum. How many times can you make her cum on that dick? Can she taste herself on you and suck you dry? Maybe you just want her to ride on you so you can grab that beautiful ass and let her bounce all over that dick making you ready to cum all over those beautiful perky tits! Archive from 1-18-2022 5pm LIVE show!

Vixen - Freya Parker - Mixed Emotions

File: d5oe4navixfrepar2kpwozhyi5.mp4
Size: 2.21 GB
Duration: 37:58
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: What man invites his hot younger associate to a business conference without sex crossing his mind? Freya can tell her boss is sending signals, but when she makes an advance he suddenly plays it hot-and-cold. Freya is down-to-fuck and sick of his hard-to-get routine will a red dress and an ultimatum help her seal the deal?

Hotwife Xxx - Freya Parker - Young Wife Freya Is Horny And Shared

File: 8s3tunahoxxfreparyv59r9mibr.mp4
Size: 2.64 GB
Duration: 31:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Young, hot and horny shared wife Freya arrived at Quinton's just a tad early hoping to get a good look at his cock to make sure it is big enough for her appetite. And he said her husband let him know how forward and bold Freya is and will assume his cock is just the right fit once inside her hot tight pussy.

Sweet Sinner - Freya Parker - A Christmas Ride

File: pbexknaswsifreparctxgtdaio8.mp4
Size: 426.41 MB
Duration: 25:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christina and her father-in-law Paul have had a thing for each other for the last year, but Christmas Day is a hard time to find alone time... well, unless Paul managed to get a hotel room for the two of them. Quickly escaping under the guise of a motorcycle ride, the two let loose their sexual desires on one another, both enjoying the wettest, hottest sexual encounter of their lives.

Slayed - Freya Parker & Skye Blue - Vanity

File: uluqcnaslafreskyzkzodzcakm.mp4
Size: 3.97 GB
Duration: 44:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What happens when new friends have a girls-night-in? Only the usual giggling, dancing, trying on make-up but if theyre becoming really close, like Skye and Freya, they might help each other into some lingerie to take stunning selfies for sharing or keeping to themselves. Skye and Freya are playing it fast and fun, and if things keep progressing as they are, they might make it a sleepover.

Slayed - Haley Reed & Freya Parker - Dreams

File: a3utenaslahalfreaddofk486i.mp4
Size: 3.44 GB
Duration: 38:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Haleys having dreams about her roommate Freya dirty dreams she probably shouldnt tell her about, where the two of them do the kind of things that only happen in fantasies. But if it was just a dream, maybe its safe for Haley to tell Freya, and maybe her roommate will get inspired

Sweet Sinner - Freya Parker - A Not So Silent Night

File: knuyznaswsifreparpsuzsuhdpt.mp4
Size: 437.62 MB
Duration: 28:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christina is completely horny after running into her future, father-in-law downstairs and rushes back to her fiance's bedroom to take advantage of him when he seems to be just waking up. Unbeknownst to her, his stepsister has given him a blowjob and he's more than ready to fuck Christina silly, even knowing his stepsister is hiding in the closet begrudgingly listening to them go at each other like animals.

Sweet Sinner - Freya Parker - A Very Sinful Christmas

File: bqzegnaswsifreparj5opf9shfd.mp4
Size: 1.09 GB
Duration: 25:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Everyone thinks that Christmas is a time for families to celebrate, and while that may be true, its also a time for families to misbehave, especially the Joneses. Unable to stay faithful to their respective partners, this family indulges in affairs that range from standard infidelity to the most bizarre twists youll find in a Christmas movie. Spend every moment getting horny with the horniest family around, the Joneses!

Nubile Films - Alex Coal & Freya Parker - Plans Of Her Own

File: mqtitnanufialefremcyprnjhve.mp4
Size: 1.81 GB
Duration: 30:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Freya Parker has been dating Alex Coal for a while now. Freya knows Alex is married it's a poorly kept secret at best. The girls have always gotten together when Alex's husband is away at work, although Freya has wondered if he might be catching on. She doesn't care either way, since Alex is a lot of fun when it's just the two of them.

Today is the day things will change, though. Alex meets Freya in the living room with a kiss, but just as things are getting hot and heavy she suggests that they change things up and get busy in the dining room. Freya wants to know why, and Alex finally admits her little secret. She claims that her husband probably knows about Freya, but Alex wants to keep her to herself just a little while longer.

Alex admits that she wants her husband to come into the dining room and feel the heat, like he's missed out on something. That's all the encouragement Freya needs. She kisses Alex as she pushes her onto the table and then hikes up Alex's miniskirt so she can rub her pussy over her thong. Trapped by Freya's gentle touch, Alex tugs Freya's shirt down to suck her girlfriend's nipple before letting herself unzip Freya's shorts. The girls keep working each other out of their clothes so they can indulge in each other's tits and twats in a slow unveiling that just builds their hunger.

Things are just getting hot and heavy when Alex's husband, Jay Romero, walks in. Freya is embarrassed, but Alex and Jay try to talk her down. Jay admits he knew Alex was seeing another girl, and that this isn't the first time. That just upsets Freya more, but Alex assures Freya that she's more special. She then goes on to make Jay watch exactly what makes Freya more special, from the way she smells to the way she tastes. Jay is allowed to do a bit of caressing, but only when Alex allows him.

Eventually Alex allows Jay to kiss the taste of Freya off her lips. Only then is Jay allowed to experience it himself. At first Alex instructs Jay to rub Freya's clit. Then she has him lean in to feast on that plump pussy. With Alex's hands kneading her breasts and Jay's tongue on her clit, Freya is soon moaning. That's when Alex lets Freya know that no matter how much she wants Jay to fuck her, he will only be putting his dick in Alex's pussy.

Undressing Alex down to her high heels, Freya and Jay lay her down on the table. Freya dips her head to lap at her sweet juices, paving the way for Jay to slide his hardon onto her. Alex's legs fall wide open, making it easy for her husband to fuck her as her girlfriend helps him out.

Getting to her feet and leaning over the table, Alex has Freya cradle her in her arms and knead her tits as Jay pushes back into her from behind. The position makes it simple for Jay to really go to town on Alex's greedy twat since every thrust is cushioned by her soft body. Jay takes advantage, really going to town to both their delight.

Their next position happens when Jay takes a seat and Freya helps to position Alex on top of him. Guiding Alex down onto Jay's fuck stick is more than Freya can bear. When Alex starts bouncing away, Freya climbs onto the table to indulge in some masturbation to help break the tension.

When Jay is ready to blow his load, he gets Alex down on her knees to catch it in her waiting mouth. Freya keeps fondling herself as she watches that stunning sight. When Alex has had her facial, she gets up and graciously shares her treat with Freya while promising her that next time she'll get to enjoy Jay's dick since she was so good today.