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Girls Way

Mommy's Girl - Haley Reed, Sabina Rouge & Penny Barber - Wingwoman

File: q2clbnamogihalsabpenmcy5ptersg.mp4
Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 38:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two teens, Sabina Rouge and her friend Haley Reed, are hanging out. Penny Barber, Sabina's stepmother, pops in and Haley instantly gets a crush on her, although Sabina doesn't seem to notice. Although Haley subtly tries flirting with Penny, Penny mostly ignores her... and instead seems to be paying attention to Sabina!

When Penny excuses herself, Haley points out that Penny is sooooo into Sabina. Although Sabina is shocked and tries to deny it at first, realization hits her. NOW she sees her stepmother in a new, sexy light, but offers to try and set Haley up with Penny instead, which Haley begrudgingly accepts.

Sabina and Haley find Penny, and Sabina starts trying to talk Haley up to get Penny interested. But no matter what Sabina does, her efforts fall flat. She then changes tactics and tries to bridge the gap by coming onto Penny herself. Of course, Penny is much more interested then, ESPECIALLY once Sabina starts using mommy talk. That's when Sabina encourages Haley to use mommy talk, too, knowing that they're onto something.

Penny's resolve quickly crumbles beneath the attention of BOTH of them, which leads to a steamy threesome. While it may not have been EXACTLY how Haley wanted to get with Penny, it's definitely a fun twist!

Girls Way - Mocha Menage & Ella Reese - Together At Last

File: l5aahnagiwamocelldqcyvtqrya.mp4
Size: 963.48 MB
Duration: 32:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mocha Menage arrives at Ella Reese's house with a suitcase, and they excitedly and lovingly embrace as they greet each other. Once inside, it's revealed that they've been in a long-term online relationship and that this is the first time they're seeing each other in person! It's been a couple of years but it's finally happening and there's so much for them to experience together as girlfriends.

Ella is excited for all the activities she has planned to do with Mocha but frets over them as well. While Mocha gingerly tries to calm her down, Ella apologizes, admitting that she just wants everything to be perfect for Mocha's visit. That's when Mocha lovingly says that it's already perfect simply because she's there with Ella, which leads to a sweet first-time kiss and more.

Moms On Moms - Aaliyah Love & Lauren Phillips - Feuding Families: Comfort Feud

File: 4wshfnamoonmoaallausnuxyavy8a.mp4
Size: 1.51 GB
Duration: 38:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Aaliyah Love arrives at her frenemy Lauren Phillips's house. Nothing has changed between them as they instantly start bickering, getting sassy and clearly enjoying sharpening their tongues. But after getting some of that energy out of their systems, they buckle down to talk about why they're really meeting up that day. They're organizing a charity bachelorette auction and will also be two of the bachelorettes that people will be bidding on. Of course, this only leads to more bickering as they argue over who should be featured on the invitations.

As they take jabs at each other, each thinking that they're the superior date, they soon start bragging about their sexual prowess since that could be valuable if their dates go really well. Since seeing is believing, as things heat up between the two beautiful and catty ladies, they decide to put their skills to the test. May the best bachelorette win!

Mommy's Girl - Liz Jordan & Pristine Edge - An Unfamiliar Bed

File: j8wxdnamogilizprizpplftouek.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 39:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Liz Jordan looks worried, so her stepmom, Pristine Edge, joins her and asks what's wrong. Liz reveals that she has an upcoming field trip that will be multiple days long, and she's worried she won't be able to rest in an unfamiliar bed.

Pristine is reassuring as she suggests that they rest in each other's beds this week, so that Liz can get used to being in a different bed. Even so, Liz frets that she won't be able to rest AT ALL, so Pristine says that she'll spend the first night with her to ease her into it.

Later that night, Pristine is dozing in her bed, while Liz tosses and turns beside her. Liz rouses Pristine and complains that she's unable to catch a wink. Pristine becomes nurturing as she cuddles and spoons Liz, trying to help her relax through her soothing touch. Eventually, Liz turns around so she can nuzzle into Pristine's bosom, which leads to an unexpected spark and even more intimate touching.

There's definitely ONE thing they can do to help Liz unwind!

Mommy's Girl - Jordan Maxx, Madi Collins & Naomi Foxxx - More Her Type

File: tjfdunamogijormadnaolm2jkx5rrr.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 33:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jordan Maxx returns home after a day out and chats with her stepdaughter, Madi Collins. Jordan is disappointed that a new friend of hers, Naomi Foxxx, who she has a crush on, has rebuffed her advances. It seems as though Jordan isn't Naomi's type since Naomi prefers younger women!

Madi hates seeing Jordan upset, and hatches a plan to help Jordan score with Naomi...

The next day, Madi and Jordan enact the plan, showing up at Naomi's house unexpectedly. As Naomi invites them in, meeting Madi for the first time, there are hints of attraction. This attraction only grows as Madi becomes increasingly more flirtatious with Naomi while the three of them chat. But then Jordan pretends to have a work emergency, hastily rushing out the front door and leaving Naomi to drive Madi home.

Alone with Naomi, the real fun begins as Madi becomes even more flirtatious, quickly seducing Naomi. As they begin fooling around, Madi suggests blindfolding Naomi and Naomi eagerly agrees.

With Naomi blindfolded, Madi secretly calls Jordan back into the house, revealing that Jordan never left. Jordan soon sneakily takes Madi's place, pleasuring Naomi, with Naomi still thinking it's Madi pleasuring her the whole time. Although things seem to be going to plan, Naomi soon pulls the blindfold away and is shocked when she realizes she's been tricked.

Jordan and Madi apologetically explain that after Naomi rebuffed Jordan's advances, she and Madi hatched this plan, which hinged on Naomi's preference for younger women. Jordan expresses how sorry she is, mentioning that she only did this because she REALLY likes Naomi. Fortunately, Naomi relaxes and admits that, although she DOES typically prefer younger women, she really likes Jordan too but was afraid of ruining their friendship!

Girls Way - Jenna Sativa & Nicole Aria - Caught Between Duty And Booty

File: 789yqnagiwajenniczcvmy13vuv.mp4
Size: 1.01 GB
Duration: 27:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Aria, a federal agent, is undercover at a company to gather as much evidence as possible to catch a suspected embezzler, Jenna Sativa, the company's accountant. Although Nicole's dedicated to the cause, as soon as she meets Jenna for the first time, she's smitten!

Over the next few weeks, Nicole tries to keep her mind on the task at hand but every time Jenna is in the same room as her, she becomes flustered. But this is a SERIOUS BUSINESS and Nicole has a job to do. Although it takes time -- and some very close calls -- Nicole finally gets hold of the damning evidence she needs...

When the day finally comes, Nicole confronts Jenna, revealing who she is and why she's really there. Jenna thinks it's a joke at first but Nicole assures her that this is the real deal. Jenna is concerned but then gets a sly idea as she starts coming onto Nicole. Although Nicole may have been able to keep her job a secret, her attraction to Jenna has been SUPER obvious... so Jenna's SURE they can come to some kind of agreement

Web Young - Allie Addison & Amber Stark - You See Me For Me

File: vscjdnaweyoallamb5w2eg3wmxr.mp4
Size: 1.22 GB
Duration: 29:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Amber Stark and her best friend, Allie Addison, are hanging out, chatting about an upcoming school dance. When Allie asks if Amber has anyone in mind for the dance, Amber is a bit shifty, insisting that she has no one. Yet, even as she says so, she sneaks shy peeks at Allie...

Amber then tries to move on, insisting that she's worried that she doesn't know how to do makeup appropriate for the dance. Allie reassures her that she doesn't know how to do that kind of makeup either, so that's when they decide to practice together.

They break out a makeup kit but as soon as they're about to get started, Amber shyly backs out by putting the makeup away. Allie is confused as she questions what's wrong. Amber is only all the more shy as she insists that Allie doesn't even NEED makeup since she's so beautiful... But Amber becomes so flustered that she accidently lets slip that she's actually in love with Allie!

Now that the truth has been revealed, Amber is terrified that she's ruined their friendship. But, to her surprise and relief, Allie admits that she loves her, too. Overwhelmed by these newfound emotions, they come together for a sweet kiss that leads to so much more.

Girls Way - Vicki Chase, Lilly Bell, Kimmy Kimm & April Olsen - Lady Boss: Performance Reviews

File: 1mn3qnagiwaviclilkimaprejd3brjv8i.mp4
Size: 1.60 GB
Duration: 43:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Three coworkers Lilly Bell, Kimmy Kim, and April Olsen are nervously waiting to be called on by their boss Vicki Chase. It's time for their annual performance reviews and they all seem extremely worried. Judging by their anxiety, it's clear that Vicki has a reputation for giving out negative, scathing reviews.

Vicki calls all of the coworkers into her office and begins the review. After examining each of their files, Vicki comes to the conclusion that none of them are stellar employees. They're not the worst of the bunch, but not the best either. However, Vicki may be willing to fudge their reviews to be more positive... IF they have sex with her AND each other. However, it's all or nothing. If even a single coworker backs out, the deal is off. She then gives the coworkers five minutes to make their decision.

Lilly is already into the idea and tries to convince Kimmy and April to accept the deal, but they are hesitant. April, who is married, is afraid of cheating on her wife. Lily, however, reminds April that a negative review can be much worse for her marriage than an innocent foursome. April thinks it over and is convinced. Both Lily and April now try and convince Kimmy, but she isn't interested. Kimmy is straight, so this would be a VERY new experience for her. But with her silver tongue, Lily manages to convince Kimmy as well.

When Vicki comes back in, the coworkers are eager and ready to get started. They have a playful, energetic foursome- making it clear that any problem can be solved through the magic of teamwork!

Mommy's Girl - Kendra James, Nina Elle & Haley Reed - 2 Too Many Honeymoons!

File: 2pcjsnamogikenninhalylt6teychr.mp4
Size: 1.16 GB
Duration: 32:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra James is having a hard time finding the perfect wife. Nina Elle is her FOURTH wife and they are about to have some romantic time to themselves on their honeymoon, although Kendra is nervous. Kendra's brought her stepdaughter, Haley Reed, along but is worried that it will drive a wedge between her and Nina, just like it has with her past wives. But unlike her past wives, Nina genuinely doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

They start to get frisky, though are soon interrupted by Haley. Like usual, Haley wants ALL of Kendra's attention for herself. Kendra is even more worried now, especially when she starts explaining to Nina how Haley usually only calms down after having sex. But unlike the wives before her, Nina invites Haley to join them for a threesome with open arms -- there's plenty of love to go around for EVERYONE.

It looks like Kendra FINALLY found the one!

Girls Way - Lauren Phillips & Alexia Anders - Lonely Spring Break

File: t4kqknagiwalaualepaxqvp15wp.mp4
Size: 1.60 GB
Duration: 46:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alexia Anders sadly looks over a social media post of her friends partying without her, when the doorbell rings. Her visitor turns out to be Lauren Phillips, an older neighbor and friend of the family. Lauren is stopping by to check on Alexia, since her parents are on a trip. They're happy to see each other, and go inside. Lauren notices the social media post that Alexia was looking at. While Alexia claims that she is TOTALLY fine, Lauren can tell that something is wrong...

Lauren asks why Alexia didn't go on the spring break trip planned with her friends. Alexia confesses that she got into a huge fight when she tried to flirt with her friend Tracy, something she's never done before. Alexia explains how these new lesbian feelings have started to surface as she's gotten older. Lauren reveals that she is also a lesbian, which surprises Alexia but upon further reflection makes sense.

Lauren reveals that she had a similar experience to what Alexia is going through when she was in college, developing a crush on a friend. As Lauren continues to talk about her experiences, Alexia becomes both fascinated and aroused, and she compliments Lauren's beauty and sparks a mutual attraction between them. Alexia apologizes for showing some attraction to Lauren, especially given their close bond, but Lauren encourages these feelings.

Lauren asks if Alexia has ever thought about HER in intimate ways, to which Alexia admits that she has, but always thought it was because of their bond. Lauren points out that if you keep your feelings bottled up without expressing them, you'll never truly understand them. Lauren offers to let Alexia have a lesbian sexual encounter with her, but asks Alexia to promise to not EVER tell her parents. Alexia agrees, and they kiss, playfully touching their tongues together. As they undress and explore each other's bodies, it becomes clear that Alexia's spring break won't be quite so lonely after all!

Mommy's Girl - Kendra James, Haley Reed & Rachael Cavalli - Too Many Honeymoons!

File: 77el9namogikenhalracntw5zlauzr.mp4
Size: 1.37 GB
Duration: 38:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kendra James and her new wife, Rachael Cavalli, are cozying up in a home they have rented for their honeymoon. As they chat, it's revealed that this is Kendra's third marriage in as many years, although she really feels that Rachael is the one for her. Although Rachael feels the same about Kendra, she isn't thrilled that Kendra's stepdaughter, Haley Reed, has tagged along with them on their honeymoon...

Haley then barges in on Kendra and Rachael, and it quickly becomes clear that Haley is a handful who always wants Kendra's attention. Although they try to calm her down, nothing seems to work... until Kendra gets an idea.

Kendra explains to Rachael that she sometimes uses sex to calm Haley down. There are hints that this is why Kendra's past marriages failed, although Kendra seems oblivious to it. Rachael is initially taken aback by the suggestion but begrudgingly agrees to Haley joining them for a threesome.

Now WHO is going to ultimately win Kendra's full attention??

Web Young - Penelope Kay & Anna Claire Clouds - She Needs I.T. Bad

File: 428p1naweyopenann5gwa5kivwn.mp4
Size: 1.07 GB
Duration: 30:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Anna Claire Clouds, an office intern, receives a phone call from her boss telling her she needs to do a major presentation. Anna accepts, though is nervous. Anna calls their IT services to get help making a slideshow. A short time later, the IT agent, Penelope Kay, enters the room. Anna is momentarily taken aback by Penelope, since she's not used to seeing young women as IT agents. Anna gazes at Penelope with a hint of attraction.

Anna asks for help with the slideshow, which Penelope agrees to. As they work closely together making the slideshow, Penelope calms Anna down and helps her with building up her confidence. There are more hints of attraction between them, and sparks start to fly.

Eventually, they finish the slideshow, but Anna is horrified when the file becomes corrupted. She begins to panic. Penelope tries to calm Anna down. She assures Anna that she can give the presentation without the slideshow, after all, she memorized the material while making the slides, right?

As Anna calms down, she realizes that Penelope is correct. The attraction between them grows. Penelope is about to leave, but Anna invites her to stay, impulsively kissing her. Anna is embarrassed and pulls away, but Penelope is receptive, going in for her own kiss. They undress each other, and find a new reason to work at the desk together, by having SEX on it!

Girls Way - Spencer Bradley & Liz Jordan - Luring The School Nurse

File: pp6vcnagiwaspelizv3grsurgq1.mp4
Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 44:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Spencer Bradley, a nurse at a high school, escorts Liz Jordan, a seemingly sick student, back to Liz's house. They haven't been able to get ahold of Liz's parents, and Spencer resolves to put Liz to bed so she can rest. A few moments later, Spencer tucks Liz into bed and leaves the room to try calling Liz's parents again. While Spencer is out of the room, Liz grins mischievously, revealing that she is faking sickness with the aim of seducing Spencer, since Liz's parents are away on vacation.

When Spencer returns to the room, she says she won't leave Liz's side until they get ahold of her parents. Liz, pretending that she's warm, asks Spencer to help her take off her shirt and bra. Spencer does so, and seems briefly aroused, tempted by Liz's topless body but maintains her professionalism. Liz then claims that her heartbeat is really fast, and asks Spencer to feel her heartbeat with her hand. Again, Spencer seems a little tempted as she puts her hand on Liz's bare chest. Liz then claims that she is feeling a chill, asking Spencer to climb into bed with her to warm her up.

After some initial hesitation, Spencer agrees, sliding into bed with Liz and spooning her. Liz gets increasingly flirtatious, as Spencer becomes increasingly aroused and tempted. When Liz makes her move, Spencer finally gives in. After all, it's a nurse's job to help a patient feel good!

Mommy's Girl - Katie Morgan & Coco Lovelock - Commitment Ceremony

File: crh6knamogikatcocgtctt3ykdu.mp4
Size: 1.67 GB
Duration: 38:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Coco Lovelock is getting ready, putting on a wedding dress and checking her makeup. It appears as if she is about to get married. Her stepmom Katie Morgan checks on her from the other side of the door, asking Coco if she's okay. Coco says she's nervous, but good. Katie leaves Coco alone, and a moment later, Coco exits the room while holding a bouquet of flowers.

Coco steps into the living room, revealing that Katie is waiting for her there. Katie is also wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet. It becomes clear that Coco and Katie are about to marry each other. They exchange loving, romantic vows. It is further revealed that Coco and Katie are in a secret relationship, and that this ceremony is just a symbolic one, because Katie is still married to Coco's other parent. They exchange promise bracelets, finally declaring that, even though it is not official, they are married.

Overcome with love, they decide to consummate the marriage. They kiss, and start making love while still partially wearing their pretty wedding dresses. Eventually, they completely remove the dresses to expose their beautiful bodies, and lavish even further attention upon each other. They have the rest of their lives together, and even though it won't always be easy, they're going to enjoy it as much as they can

Girls Way - Jayden Cole & Gizelle Blanco - Hold The Phone: Chatty Cathy

File: nuxhlnagiwajaygizpuiy5fuoip.mp4
Size: 1.62 GB
Duration: 39:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gizelle Blanco is having a nice, relaxing day, though she's eager for her girlfriend to get home from work. When Jayden Cole finally walks into the bedroom, she excitedly starts filling Gizelle in on the day's gossip. As Jayden animatedly gets carried away, Gizelle tries to distract her by getting flirty, which seems to do the trick... until one of Jayden's gossipy friends calls.

Gizelle has to fight even more for Jayden's attention now, getting frisky with her to try and win her back over. Even so, the gossip is just too juicy for Jayden to ignore, so she stays on the phone. The bolder Gizelle becomes, the harder it is for Jayden to hide her sounds of pleasure. When her friend starts becoming suspicious of the noises, Jayden has to think fast to throw her off the trail.

But Gizelle soon decides she doesn't want to share Jayden's attention anymore. When things get extra hot and steamy, it's time for Jayden to finally put the phone down.

Mommy's Girl - Emma Starletto & Jupiter Jetson - Bitter Babysitter

File: wnuhdnamogiemmjupoabzso6gnp.mp4
Size: 532.96 MB
Duration: 31:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Emma Starletto arrives home from a babysitting job, looking upset. Her stepmom Jupiter Jetson notices Emma's bad mood, and asks her what's wrong. Emma complains that she was just fired from her babysitting gig because the parents got news from a nosy neighbor who saw she had brought a girlfriend over, and they were spotted making out through the window. The clients were furious and canceled all future gigs with her!

Jupiter is sympathetic but points out that Emma really shouldn't be bringing girls over to a babysitting job, because it's unprofessional. Emma whines that she can't help it, she always gets lonely and horny in the evenings and can't last the night. Jupiter then tells Emma that she has an idea of how to fix the problem, but it's a surprise.

Days later, Emma is at a different house, babysitting for another client. She is bored out of her mind, but gets a surprise visit from Jupiter, who is wearing a long coat. Jupiter explains that she's here to keep Emma company, but Emma says that hanging out with her stepmom isn't really the kind of company she was hoping for tonight. However, Jupiter then opens her coat, revealing that she's wearing lingerie underneath.

Emma is shocked, but Jupiter explains that if giving Emma a little TLC will help keep her from getting in trouble with girls and getting fired, that's a sacrifice she's willing to make. Emma is taken aback but aroused, and after Jupiter gives a convincing argument that to the outside world it would just look like a stepmom checking on her stepdaughter during her babysitting gig, Emma agrees to give it a try. They kiss, and have fun exploring each other's beautiful bodies. Looks like they're going to make a great babysitting duo!

Web Young - Aften Opal, Eliza Eves, Lily Lou & Ava Sinclaire - Master Debaters

File: vqotznaweyoaftelililavabvjnm3sjld.mp4
Size: 1.28 GB
Duration: 31:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A high school debate team Ava Sinclaire, Lily Lou, Eliza Eves, and Aften Opal are meeting in a classroom to prepare for their next debate. The girls are surprised, however, when Ava reveals the topic 'Masturbation, Healthy or Harmful?'. As much as they are perplexed by the choice of topic, the girls decide to handle it like they always do with hard work and preparation. They agree to run through a mock debate to practice, with Ava and Lily arguing for 'Healthy' while Eliza and Aften argue for 'Harmful'.

The girls take their chosen sides and argue their cases, but soon discover than NONE of them have actually masturbated before. Ava sees this as an issue- if they've never masturbated before how can they properly debate it? She suggests that they give it a try since it will help them in the upcoming debate. The other girls agree, and they all sit on their desks and begin exploring their lower regions.

As they rub themselves, the girls all agree that it feels REALLY good. Ava suggests that it would feel even BETTER if they removed their panties. The other girls agree. They strip them off and continue masturbating, feeling even more aroused. Looking to take things a little further, Ava then motivates them to try it on EACH OTHER. The others don't need much convincing as Aften and Ava get on their knees to eat out Eliza and Lily, who moan with pleasure. The girls continue their 'research' with gusto, culminating in a playful, lesbian foursome.

Girls Way - Whitney Wright & Madison Morgan - Coat Check

File: d9sxhnagiwawhimadh4gtpbxeq2.mp4
Size: 567.47 MB
Duration: 40:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Madison Morgan, a guest at a wedding party, ducks into an unoccupied bedroom for a little break from all the activity. She carefully sits on the edge of the bed to rest for a moment, being mindful of other guests' coats being strewn across it.

Moments later, Whitney Wright, another party guest, also sneaks into the room for a break. Although she's a bit startled at first to see Madison there, Madison is quick to invite her in. Although they never met each other before, they both instantly bond over the fact that they don't really believe in love or marriage. Life is short, and they just want as much fun and freedom as possible! Of course, this leads to a spark between them as they share lustful, mischievous looks...

They end up getting frisky on top of the coats, lost in their own little world of passion and pleasure. When guests start knocking on the door to get their coats, Madison and Whitney have to think fast so that they won't get caught! But how are they going to explain how all the coats got wet??

Mommy's Girl - Natasha Nice & Eliza Eves - You Did Great, Honey!

File: x8tv6namoginateli1cokarmfva.mp4
Size: 514.25 MB
Duration: 34:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Eliza Eves is on her cellphone organizing an event involving baked goods with a friend from school. Her stepmom, Natasha Nice, enters the bedroom to do some dusting and overhears the end of the conversation. After Eliza hangs up, Natasha asks her what's going on.

Eliza explains that her school's history textbooks don't celebrate women's achievements enough, so she's organizing a bake sale to help the school raise money for new ones. Natasha is extremely impressed with Eliza's go-getter attitude and offers to help with the baking. Eliza is overjoyed and they share a big hug.

A few weeks later, the bake sale has happened and was a roaring success. Eliza arrives home and excitedly shows the new textbook to Natasha, who is tremendously proud of her stepdaughter. The textbook showcase much more diversity and Natasha is certain that it will inspire many students- all thanks to Eliza's initiative. Natasha gushes over Eliza- at one point affectionately touching her and revealing that she has developed feelings for her stepdaughter. Natasha pulls away, embarrassed, but Eliza is quick to say that the attraction is mutual. They kiss and go on to have playful lesbian sex where Natasha will show Eliza just how proud of her she really is.

Mommy's Girl - Athena Faris & Sofie Marie - Look Who's Back

File: u44gfnamogiathsoflsczgvsd28.mp4
Size: 677.04 MB
Duration: 32:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sofie Marie is relaxing on the couch when her stepdaughter, Athena Faris, arrives with a suitcase. Sofie is surprised by the visit, because Athena had just recently moved out. Athena sheepishly admits that she wasn't getting along with her roommate. Sofie scolds Athena, saying that she knew it'd never work out with that roommate, and that Athena should've listened to her.

Athena is embarrassed, but starts to head towards her old room. However, Sofie decides to use this as a teachable moment, claiming that she already turned Athena's old room into her own personal yoga studio. Athena is stunned, and begs to be allowed to move back home.

Sofie is stern, making her work for it. Athena makes several escalating offers, such as promising to do all the housework, but Sofie refuses. Athena, becoming desperate, gets flirty and offers to have SEX with Sofie. Sofie is surprised, but that sure is a good offer, so she goes along with it. They kiss and get undressed, and explore the taste and feel of each other's beautiful bodies. Looks like Athena is definitely welcome home!

Web Young - Jane Wilde, Melody Marks & Jazmin Luv - Shared Hall Pass

File: 5pz2tnaweyojanmeljazvjelse6ngr.mp4
Size: 691.22 MB
Duration: 39:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Melody Marks and Jane Wilde, two teen girlfriends, are canoodling in bed when they start playfully questioning who they'd cheat with if they had a 'hall pass', AKA a free pass to hook up with ONE other person. They both coyly say that there is SOMEONE they're thinking of, but each girl won't let the other one know WHO that is.

Melody and Jane play a little guessing game, each trying to suss out the other's choice. Eventually, they agree to both say their choices at the same time, and it's revealed that they have both chosen one of their classmates, Jazmin Luv. They're both surprised and intrigued by this choice- each saying how cute and sexy Jazmin is and how funny it is that they were thinking of the same person.

Melody then brings up an interesting idea since they're both into Jazmin, why not use their hall passes together? They could have a threesome! That way, it's not even cheating, since they'll BOTH be with Jazmin at the same time. Jane agrees, and they call Jazmin over, claiming they need help with homework.

But when Jazmin arrives, they reveal their true intentions and ask her to join them in a threesome. Jazmin is surprised, but gladly accepts. It seems she finds Melody and Jane hot too, so why not have an adventure? These three dive into a playful, lesbian threesome and prove that when in doubt- you can always share the hall pass!

Girls Way - Hazel Grace & Madi Laine - Wedding Sneak Peek

File: wycapnagiwahazmadu9yldx7akb.mp4
Size: 1.27 GB
Duration: 35:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hazel Grace and Madi Laine are getting married the following day but Madi is superstitious and doesn't want them to see each other the night before the wedding since it's bad luck. Because of this, she has convinced Hazel to use the guest room that night to remain separate.

Later that night, Hazel is too restless as she lies in bed, trying to get some shut-eye. To help take the edge off, she tries to masturbate but is clearly not into it. She then decides that the only way she'll be able to get off is by sneaking a peek at Madi...

Hazel sneaks down the hallway and peeks into Madi's room. Beautiful Madi is dozing, covered by a blanket, though Hazel wants to see ALL of her. Remaining quiet, Hazel sneaks into the room and carefully removes the blanket, revealing Madi in a sexy nightgown. Hazel is not satisfied with just taking a peek and leaving. Instead, she remains and starts masturbating again. She's sure THIS will do the trick...

But Hazel is so into masturbating that she gets a bit carried away and accidentally stirs Madi, who is surprised. Hazel sheepishly explains she couldn't doze off and thought masturbating would help but didn't want to disturb Madi. However, now that Madi has seen her, they may as well keep going to make the best of their luck, whether it's good or bad!

Mommy's Girl - Kendra James, Coco Lovelock, Audrey Madison & Alicia Williams - A Double Time Out

File: dhxvhnamogikencocaudaligkinafoxvs.mp4
Size: 1.45 GB
Duration: 30:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alicia Williams is being lectured by her stepmother, Kendra James, while her best friend, Coco Lovelock, is being lectured by her own stepmother, Audrey Madison. As the girls get a good scolding, it's revealed that they both decided to skip school that day.Both stepmoms are disappointed in the girls, since education is so important. That's when Kendra decides to punish Alicia by withholding sex from her -- she's not allowed to taste Kendra's pussy for a whole week! Audrey quickly decides to give Coco the same punishment, then the girls are sent to Alicia's room to think about what they've done.

While in the bedroom, Alicia and Coco are annoyed and horny. They then begrudgingly decide that they can have sex with each other to tide them over until their punishment ends. It's not as good as what they're used to but it's better than nothing!

Meanwhile, Kendra and Audrey are left wondering if they were too harsh on the girls. They decide to be a bit more forgiving and resolve to talk to the girls to work out a milder punishment. But once they arrive at Alicia's bedroom, they are shocked to find the girls having sex. That's when the stepmoms decide it's time to set the girls right by giving them a good spanking. Unfortunately, the plan backfires and the girls enjoy themselves even more, which leads to a passionate free-for-all.

Girls Way - Aiden Ashley & Charlotte Sins - We Like Girls

File: edpclnagiwaaidchaclkeeteo6c.mp4
Size: 1.94 GB
Duration: 56:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This past year, I got the opportunity to direct two amazing women for the first time Charlotte Sins and Aiden Ashley. They were for separate projects, but I was really impressed by each of them... and for similar reasons they were both kick-ass, professional, good actors, great sex performers, and very genuinely like other women.

When I was on set with Charlotte, I heard her telling a co-star about how much she craved authentic lesbian sex scenes and, naturally, that piqued my curiosity. So I told her about WLG and asked who she would want to pair with if she had the chance. In the end, I received an email proposal about Aiden Ashley and, while I could paraphrase it, it's better to just read it in full

'Before I had fully entered the industry I was sporadically camming but started to take notice of certain performers via twitter. I don't remember what scene I first noticed Aiden but she certainly left an impression. She was cute but dominant and clearly attracted to women which is as you know difficult to find in GG scenes. So often GG performers over-act but severely lack any passion. With Aiden it's all passion, all of her energy is directed at her partner.

Once I joined the industry, it seemed anytime I heard Aiden's name it was accompanied by how she was a bad-ass, take no shit bitch who loved women! Time and time again I've heard from directors and performers alike that she is an amazing performer and fascinating woman. I could go on about how absolutely sexy I find her, her feminine exterior and dominant presence on camera is enough to make me melt. Personally, it takes a lot more than looks to intrigue me. I hardly know anything about Aiden beyond what I've seen on screen and this mystique definitely plays a role in why I find her so intimidatingly sexy. But I'm excited and eager to find out for myself what turns her on, what makes her moan and most importantly what makes her cum!'

The We Like Girls project is back everyone... and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a good one!

- Bree Mills

Girls Way - Nina Elle & Alison Rey - Maid For Each Other: Swap Service Part 2

File: e4yj9nagiwaninaliksxzoyyb9m.mp4
Size: 1.46 GB
Duration: 39:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alison Rey stops by to chat with Nina Elle, the cleaner her parent, Marie McCray, has hired, as she works. Although Nina's a bit concerned about her OWN problems with being Lily Larimar's parent, her nurturing instincts take over as Alison complains about her relationship with Marie. Alison thinks Marie is selfish and misses spending time with her as a family. In fact, she doesn't think Marie is a very good parent -- unlike Nina.

Nina is gentle as she defends Marie while also lifting Alison up as well. Nina assures Alison that she's not perfect herself, as evident by her own rocky relationship with Lily. But the more they talk, the more an unexpected attraction starts to grow.

Feeling bold, Alison finally pecks Nina on the lips after admitting how much she admires Nina. Although this sparks something in Nina, she's hesitant to take the next step, especially since Marie and Lily are both still around the house... somewhere. But as they comfort each other more and get closer, Nina's unable to deny her desires any longer... If Alison needs some cheering up, then she's happy to deliver since SHE could use it, too!

Web Young - Freya Parker & Violet Starr - Scrambled Seduction

File: pdexlnaweyofrevio5tziynflci.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 41:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Violet Starr excitedly lets her friend, Freya Parker, into the house to hang out. As they settle down together, it's revealed that Freya's brought a new tile-based game for them to play. Although Violet's never heard of it before, she's down!

But as they start playing, Freya starts to become suspicious about Violet's intentions. While Freya puts down more innocent words, like 'CANDY,' Violet puts down more suggestive words like 'PUSSY.' When Freya calls Violet out on it, Violet is mischievous as she insists that she doesn't mean for them to be taken sexually....

After a few more naughty words, it becomes too obvious to ignore and Freya rolls her eyes. Violet then grins as she sidles close to Freya, boldly coming onto her... Although Freya's surprised at first, she soon can't resist having a little 'FUN!'

Girls Way - Sabina Rouge, Bunny Colby & Bella Rolland - From Bad To Worse

File: 3serjnagiwasabbunbelmvhnwn978u.mp4
Size: 1.19 GB
Duration: 33:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sabina Rouge is in her car in front of the house that she shares with her girlfriend, Bella Rolland. Sabina is leaving a message on Bella's voicemail because she's having an AWFUL day. Sabina is super behind with work because the power went out at the office, she's apparently LOCKED out of her own house, and Bella's not answering the door OR her phone. Since Bella's not around to help, she'll have to call a locksmith to get inside.

A short time later, after being let into her house by the locksmith, Sabina is ready to put this whole day behind her. But as soon as she steps inside, she's puzzled since she can hear music... As she walks down the hall towards her bedroom, she opens the door and gets the shock of a lifetime Bella is in bed with another woman, Bunny Colby!

Sabina is furious as she confronts her cheating girlfriend, lamenting about how this is literally the worst day of her life. Meanwhile, Bella tries to apologize, promising that she'll do ANYTHING to make it up to Sabina. In the background, Bunny tries to awkwardly sneak away but Sabina stops her, boldly stating that they BOTH owe her the most amazing orgasm she's ever had!

Mommy's Girl - Khloe Kapri & Sheena Ryder - Playtime

File: mygyhnamogikhlshep5zgl2muxi.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 35:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sheena Ryder is just about to have an online meeting when her stepdaughter, Khloe Kapri, skips into the room. Khloe whines about wanting playtime, though Sheena assures her that they'll have playtime after her meeting. If Khloe wants to be able to enjoy all the nice things she has, then Sheena has to work! Although Khloe is pouty, she shuffles away to leave Sheena in peace...

Sheena sighs and gets on the call, chatting with her coworkers. Mere minutes later, she's startled when Khloe suddenly appears behind her, whining about her still working. Sheena is embarrassed and sends Khloe away... though Khloe still doesn't stay away for long as she comes back a third time!

Finally, Sheena realizes that she's NOT going to get any work done and excuses herself from the call. As soon as Sheena gives in, Khloe excitedly brings her face close to Sheena's pussy, showing EXACTLY what their playtime is all about.

Mommy's Girl - Jessica Ryan, Leda Lotharia & Coco Lovelock - Every Woman's Born Different

File: gkmwpnamogijesledcoczzjei47gqj.mp4
Size: 1.48 GB
Duration: 37:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Leda Lotharia asks her stepsister Coco Lovelock if she has time for a little girl talk. Coco is happy to talk, so Leda shyly reveals that she recently discovered that she can... squirt. As they discuss this, they realize that while Leda can squirt, Coco cannot. Leda worries that means she's a freak, but Coco assures her that every woman has a different body. However, she thinks that their stepmom Jessica Ryan would be better at explaining this, so they decide to go talk to her.

A few moments later, Leda and Coco approach Jessica in the kitchen. The girls tell her what's going on, asking Jessica why some girls can squirt while others can't. Jessica explains that every woman is born different, but they're ALL beautiful. Jessica also reveals that she can squirt too. Leda asks Jessica to teach her what she knows about squirting. Jessica agrees, and Coco is invited to join in too, as a celebration of women's differences.

The three of them get comfortable in the living room, and Jessica explains about women's pleasure. She starts with stroking Leda's hair and kissing her, then kissing Coco while Leda tweaks Coco's nipples. They get undressed and explore each other's lovely bodies, touching and tasting, and bringing each other to orgasm. Some of them squirt and some of them don't, but ALL of them have a good time, and feel closer to each other than ever!

Web Young - Jessie Saint & Daya Knight - That's The Spirit!

File: fstbsnaweyojesdaykv3wxfbzh2.mp4
Size: 950.70 MB
Duration: 33:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jessie Saint is surrounded by ritualistic items. She looks desperate as she begs for help from the spirit world and explains her situation. She has a MAJOR crush on her best friend and roommate, Daya Knight, but is too shy to act on it. She wants the spirit of someone confident to temporarily possess her to help her finally confess to Daya.Jessie closes her eyes and invites any interested spirit into her body to help. After a few suspenseful moments, she suddenly jolts.

She then opens up her eyes with a grin, her entire deposition instantly changed. 'I'll take care of EVERYTHING,' she declares, clearly now possessed by a confident spirit.The spirit moves on and peeks into another bedroom where Daya is lounging, yet unnoticed, and appreciatively eyes her. It's no WONDER Jessie has a crush on Daya -- she's HOT!Now it's time for the spirit to help get these two cuties together

Girls Way - Aiden Ashley & Kenzie Anne - A Clinic In Romance

File: lvhffnagiwaaidkenluplc71hex.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 34:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: On her way home from work, Aiden Ashley receives an ominous text from her girlfriend. Apparently, they missed a movie they were supposed to go see, and she isn't sure if she even wants to see Aiden anymore. When she arrives home, Aiden reads the text aloud to her roommate, Kenzie Anne.

Kenzie and Aiden discuss what might be causing this reaction from Aidan's girlfriend, and it is quickly revealed that Aiden is so busy at her new job as a nurse that she may be neglecting her relationship without even realizing it. Kenzie offers to help Aiden by giving her a clinic in romance, to which Aiden accepts...

Kenzie explains that even though Aiden is busy with work, she needs to make time for her relationship. If she misses a date, she should show up with a present the next time or give her girlfriend a massage. It's the little things that count and it's important to show that you care. It's clear through her reaction though that Aiden is overwhelmed. She admits to not being too good at all this 'relationship stuff'.

Kenzie then offers to 'show' her what she means instead. She puts her hands on Ashley's thigh and massages her leg. She gets closer and pushes Ashley's hair back, feeling her shoulders and neck. Eventually, they get so close that they kiss deeply but then suddenly break apart. Ashley apologizes profusely, but Kenzie suggests that if Ashley REALLY wants to, they can go all the way together. What better way to learn about affection and sensuality than with someone you trust?

They embrace and give in to their desires, losing themselves in a steamy, intimate session of lesbian sex. Seems like the clinic may be closed for the day, but if you look inside, you may just see that Aiden and Kenzie are hard at work keeping the romance alive.

Mommy's Girl - Jane Wilde & London River - A Good, Stern Talking-To

File: i9ts5namogijanlonruwijvels9.mp4
Size: 1.01 GB
Duration: 31:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After getting off the phone with an unhappy client, Jane Wilde calls London River, her stepmom, into the living room. It is revealed that London has been helping Jane with her dog-sitting business, and although Jane greatly appreciates London's support, there is one recurring problem. Jane has received countless complaints of London flirting with her customers' husbands and dressing inappropriately while walking the dogs.

London defends herself, insisting that she is just a friendly person and would NEVER act unprofessionally. Jane, however, disagrees and mentions how she even feels like London is flirting with HER sometimes when they're at home. Jane goes on to talk about how inappropriate that is, but lets slip that she actually kind of likes it, admitting that she has feeling for her stepmom.

London is surprised, but shares that she actually has been feeling the same way towards Jane. Both agreeing that they want each other, they cast their business affairs aside, kissing and touching each other. They have sensual, lesbian sex, allowing for themselves a steamy dip into the sexual fantasy they've left simmering for so long.

Web Young - Aften Opal & Indica Monroe - Mystery Crush

File: zxamznaweyoaftindi1ebpeyrms.mp4
Size: 1.40 GB
Duration: 37:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Aften Opal and her friend Indica Monroe are hanging out and studying. As they study, they idly chat about an upcoming school dance. They're both looking forward to it, but Aften admits that she's not really interested in going to the dance with any of the guys in their grade.

'Maybe I'm not even interested in guys at ALL right now? Maybe it's time to try something NEW...' Aften says.

Indica seems surprised as she hears this. Indica then grows thoughtful, as if she's coming up with a secret plan. Indica doesn't say anything as they go back to studying.

Days later, Indica is sitting alone in a classroom before class. She looks a bit anxious. Aften enters the classroom with a folded piece of paper in her hand, looking intrigued. Aften tells Indica that she found a note in her locker but hasn't opened it yet.

Aften unfolds the paper and is surprised as she reads it silently, saying it sounds like a love note. She curiously adds that it doesn't sound like anything a guy would write, though. Indica lies, saying that she saw a mysterious girl putting the note into Aften's locker. Aften is surprised, especially since it's from a girl, but seems receptive. Indica looks relieved.

A few days later, Aften finds chocolates on her desk and Indica insists she saw the same mysterious girl dropping them off. Aften is suspicious, though Indica lies and manages to shake the suspicions again. Aften seems receptive to the chocolates and Indica is secretly pleased.

A week later, Indica arrives for another study session but has flowers. She claims she found them on the steps and that they must be from the secret admirer.

Aften's suspicions are too high to ignore anymore. She questions Indica's involvement. As Indica tries to answer Aften's questions, stammering nervously, Aften pauses for a moment as she puts it all together, her eyes widening with surprise. Indica looks like a deer caught in headlights. She then finally sheepishly admits that, yes, she's the secret admirer.

Aften is shocked, asking why Indica didn't just tell her earlier. Indica admits that she wasn't sure if Aften liked girls, so she wasn't brave enough to outright tell her. She did all this because she wanted to ask Aften to the dance.

Aften is even more shocked. Indica starts to backtrack, thinking she pushed too hard and ruined everything. Aften takes Indica's hands to calm her down. Aften's expression is softer as she pushes through the shock. Aften admits that this is a huge surprise to her, but that she's glad Indica finally found the courage to tell her. Indica is stunned. It's clear that Aften now sees Indica in a new light, a spark of attraction growing. They come together for a tender kiss, excited to see where this blossoming romantic relationship will go.

Mystery solved!

Girls Way - Kali Roses, Violet Myers & Carolina Cortez - You Need To Loosen Up!

File: vniw9nagiwakalviocarljk5dshybz.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 36:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Carolina Cortez and Violet Myers, two friends, arrive for an introductory yoga class. Violet is stressed and stiff, which is why Carolina wants her to give yoga a go to loosen up, even if Violet isn't too convinced yet.

They are then greeted by Kali Roses, the yoga instructor, who happily invites them inside. As Kali leads them further inside, she can't help but sneak Violet some lustful looks, clearly taking an immediate interest in her. Kali then reveals that Violet and Carolina are the only ones who showed up for this particular time slot, which means they have her all to themselves!

Kali begins leading them through a basic yoga session to ease Violet into the experience. Carolina is eager while Violet lags behind, which leads to Kali offering more hands-on help for Violet. Once Violet accepts her help, Kali uses her hands to guide Violet through various poses while making her attraction to Violet all the more obvious. Thankfully, Carolina is too into the yoga routine to notice as things start getting hot between Kali and Violet.

But finally, even Carolina notices that the poses that Kali is helping with are just too sexual. She is shocked because of their behavior and even more so when Kali invites Carolina to join them. Once Violet sheepishly admits that Carolina DID tell her she needed to loosen up, Carolina is amused and gives in.

Mommy's Girl - Nina Elle & Penelope Kay - We Should Talk About Last Night

File: gwwtlnamogininpeny58lmrsdmc.mp4
Size: 1.73 GB
Duration: 40:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Penelope Kay comes down the stairs one day to find her stepmom, Nina Elle, in the living room. They immediately seem very awkward with each other and it's clear that SOMETHING has happened. Nina invites Penelope to sit with her on the couch, insisting that they need to talk about last night.

Nina and Penelope have a chat, and it is revealed that their anxiety is stemming from the fact that they shared their first kiss the night prior. They clearly have a strong spark between them, but resolve to never kiss each other again. Despite their promises though, they can't help but join lips another time.

They immediately break apart, ashamed at their behavior. They list off some more reasons why they should not be kissing each other, but can't resist their undeniable mutual attraction and proceed to keep making out. Before long, these two have thrown caution to the wind and given in to their fantasies, embarking on a steamy, lesbian sexcapade they won't soon forget.

Girls Way - Silvia Saige & Lyra Lockhart - Cougariffic: What Would Your Parents Think??

File: ofhltnagiwasillyr74ikli8jyo.mp4
Size: 1.01 GB
Duration: 32:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Silvia Saige is at a pool party, though it isn't long before she has to run inside and hide out. It's clear she needs a breather, fanning herself, though she doesn't have any time to herself before she's joined by Lyra Lockhart, wearing a skimpy bikini and sultry smile.

Lyra teases Silvia about running off, not being shy at all as she sits down next to Silvia and flaunts her perky breasts. Silvia is flustered by how much skin Lyra's showing, though tries to insist that she WASN'T hiding... However, Lyra is sly, remarking that she KNOWS Silvia was checking her out and that she fled to avoid her...

Silvia stumbles all over herself as she tries to deny this, though Lyra only becomes even more flirty and seductive. She's had her eye on Silvia while now and WANTS her. Even though Silvia is obviously tempted, she's still shocked by Lyra's boldness. She's been friends with Lyra's parents for so long -- what would they think??

But Lyra only turns up the heat, proving that she doesn't CARE what her parents think... They're not the boss of her and they're NOT the boss of Silvia either! They can do WHATEVER they want... And as soon as Lyra rises to her feet and invites Silvia to follow her to her bedroom, Silvia can no longer resist.

Mommy's Girl - Christie Stevens & Haley Spades - Too Chicken?

File: vqgrknamogichrhalcjpdrwgazt.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 27:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Spades is surprised when her stepmom, Christie Stevens, comes home early from her date. Christie complains that her girlfriend dumped her because Haley is too flirty. According to Christie, the girlfriend's exact words were 'I just wanted to date you, not you AND your stepdaughter. That's NOT what I signed up for!' In fact, Christie says that all of her previous girlfriends dumped her for the exact same reason. She insists that Haley needs to learn boundaries.

Confused and angry at the accusation, Haley says she's not being 'too flirty'. She claims that she's just being affectionate, the same way that Christie is to her. So if Christie raised Haley to be this way, then it's HER fault. But Christie insists that the way she acts affectionate towards Haley is completely different from the flirty stuff Haley is doing. She offers to provide a demonstration... If Haley's not too chicken, that is. Haley tells Christie to go ahead. Christie claims that 'When I hug you, it's like THIS' and gives Haley a quick hug. She then adds, 'But when YOU hug any of my girlfriends, it's like THIS!' and hugs Haley while running her hand down Haley's back, then giving her butt a quick squeeze.

Haley denies this, saying that Christie is the one who goes overboard. Haley explains 'When I kiss you goodnight, it's like THIS' and gives Christie a quick kiss on the cheek. She then adds, 'But when YOU come to tuck me in and kiss me goodnight, it's like THIS!' and gives Christie a long, passionate kiss on the mouth.

The two of them continue with their over-the-top argument, comparing their styles of touching in increasingly sexual ways until they're both undressed and eating out each other's pussies. It's pretty clear that they're BOTH too flirty, but will either of them ever admit it?

Web Young - Alexia Anders & Lily Lou - Leave The Light On?

File: 2kzjsnaweyoalelilljt6l7bvfa.mp4
Size: 1.69 GB
Duration: 38:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lily Lou opens her front door and greets her new friend Alexia Anders, who will be staying over for the night. This is Alexia's first slumber party, and Lily promises to make the experience lots of fun. Sure enough, they have a great time watching a bunch of movies starring their favorite actress, and after that Lily says it's time for bed. Alexia asks if they can leave the hallway light on, but Lily apologetically says that light is broken. When Alexia finds out that they won't be leaving a light on, she looks nervous and suggests they do additional fun activities instead... After all, it's her first slumber party, so she wants the full experience!

Lily doesn't notice Alexia's nervousness, but agrees that they can have more fun together. They brush and braid each other's hair, look at a fashion magazine, and play a romance fortune-telling game. According to the game's predictions, Alexia will live in a mansion and drive an ice cream truck! Alexia is having so much fun that she wants to stay up all night, but Lily insists she REALLY needs to go to bed this time.After Lily turns out the light, Alexia gets scared, and confesses that she's afraid of the dark. When she's at home, she's used to keeping the hallway light on at night. Lily is sympathetic, and regrets that her hallway light is broken. She asks if there's another way she can help. Alexia suggests that cuddling might make her feel better, so they cuddle in bed. It seems to be helping, so both girls try to rest... but then Alexia realizes that now she feels aroused from the cuddling! She gets flirty with Lily, who flirts back. They happily kiss, then undress so they can explore each other's beautiful bodies, and taste each other's pussies. It looks like Alexia's first slumber party will be an extra fun one indeed!