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Kenzie Taylor

Dad Crush - Kenzie Taylor & Chanel Camryn - A Gift You Can’t Resist

File: daf9fnadacrkenchadqldbaobne.mp4
Size: 1.28 GB
Duration: 51:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Donnie checks out his stepdaughter, Chanel, not thinking her stepmom, Kenzie, will notice. But Kenzie is keen and notices Donnies wandering eyes. Donnie thinks hes in trouble, but its just the opposite. Kenzie finds Donnie alone and sets the mood. She jerks Donnie off but uses a pair of Chanels panties. Donnie cant believe what is happening, but its too hot to resist. Kenzie talks dirty to Donnie about all the things he could do with Chanel.

Donnie cums hard in the panties and cant help but fantasize about the real thing. He doesnt have to wait long to find out, as Chanel and Kenzie play a prank on Donnie in the kitchen. Chanel reveals she is wearing the panties he came in, and now she wants to try out his cock for herself. She wants to blow him for Fathers Day and show just how much shes come to love Donnie as a stepdaddy. Chanel gets on her knees and sucks his cock in front of Kenzie. Watching Donnie get his dick sucked by her stepdaughter is an incredible experience for Kenzie. Donnies luck gets even better when he finds Kenzie and Chanel on the couch, ready for a threesome. He fills their pussies up, and Chanel and Kenzie have plenty of stepdaughter-stepmommy fun, too. Donnie pumps his sweet girl full of cum, and will remember this as the best Fathers Day ever!

Penthouse Gold - Kenzie Taylor - Ecstatic Over BBC Anal

File: bhqlenapegokentayou4jtqrwos.mp4
Size: 1.68 GB
Duration: 29:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Taylor is ecstatic to have found a housemate as handsome as Isiah Maxwell, especially after noticing that he hasn't had any women over. It's been some time for the busty blonde to get some XXX action as well, so they decide to make today the day that they have hot interracial sex in this premium Penthouse BBC porn. Watch the ebony stud devour her big tits, hairy pussy, and discover a glass butt plug already inserted in her horny asshole that's ready for some deep anal fucking action. Tags 18AnalBGBlondesBlowjobBoobs, FakeCumshot, FacialCumshot, On TitsEthnicity, CaucasianHairy PussyLingerieOral SexTattoo

Lez Be Bad - Kenzie Taylor & Gal Ritchie - The Bare Essentials Of Cleaning

File: 49bpznalebebakengalzmlatbneum.mp4
Size: 1016.23 MB
Duration: 33:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: As a house-cleaner, Gal Ritchie has worked for TONS of different homeowners. Some of them have been good, some of them bad... Some easy-going, and some totally uptight about every minute detail. But nothing could have prepared her for her latest client, Kenzie Taylor. The minute they first met, sparks erupted between them... and she could tell that Kenzie's eyes were lingering on her whenever she was cleaning in the same room as her in the weeks that followed. At the same time, she knew that Kenzie would never make a move on her, so Gal decided to remove a few... obstacles.

First went her sweater, then a few days later her t-shirt. The week after that, she stopped wearing pants... and by the Friday after, she was working in just her bra and panties. Today, however, she has only her undergarments to lose... so she strips them off, causing her to clean in front of Kenzie while she's totally naked. At this point, Kenzie can't resist the temptation, and after Gal gives a nice show, Kenzie finally makes her move. With the aid of her trusty strapon, Kenzie gives Gal a dirty pounding, making her cum over and over again all over those nice, clean floors.

New Sensations - Kenzie Taylor - Boss Treats Herself To Some Office BBC

File: e9j88nanesekentay6mdfy9bqkg.mp4
Size: 2.35 GB
Duration: 27:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sultry blonde big tit milf boss Kenzie Taylor invited her star performer employee Isiah Maxwell out for lunch on Friday, with extra sweet intentions of getting his pants on the floor and his throbbing big black cock down her throat!

Isiah knew not to say no, as she slipped off her skirt and soaked black panties, spreading wide and ready for him to lick up every drop of her sweet pussy juices. Kenzie's tight pussy feasted on every inch of dark meat inside, bringing multiple tube snake BBC boogie orgasms as studly Isiah pounds her into bliss and covers her juicy big tits with thick hot cum cream., INTERACTIVE TOY READY!

Teamskeet Labs - Kenzie Taylor & Skyler Storm - Casting Couch Lessons

File: 2kiurnatelakenskywuaevqqgxn.mp4
Size: 1.81 GB
Duration: 01:02:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whats up, TeamSkeet fans? It's time for a new experiment, and this time, we wanted to play around with mature and younger models simultaneously. In this concept, you'll see Skyler learn a thing or two from Kenzie. Their lessons go off without a hitch, so Kenzie brings Donnie into the mix. Skyler learns how to work for the camera and give horny fans around the world what they want.

Oops Family - Coco Lovelock & Kenzie Taylor - Meet My Slutty Stepdaughter

File: fyvi4naoofacockendmqsvtvx47.mp4
Size: 1.26 GB
Duration: 47:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Perky Coco LoveLock can't start her day without daydreaming about impressive dicks. Unfortunately, this sweetie has been resorting to using a dildo while watching porn to satisfy her cravings. A few days ago, Coco realized that she was head over heels in love with a new porn star. Every time dildo slides into her juicy vagina, she imagines his fuck stick. Just as Coco is about to reach cloud nine, the doorbell interrupts her. She slowly makes her way to the door and is shocked to find the man of her dreams standing on her doorstep! At first, Coco thinks she's hallucinating, but then her stepmother, Kenzie Taylor, appears and introduces her new husband...

What a surprise for Coco! They all sit together in the kitchen, and while the stepmother tells a banal story of meeting her husband, Coco's mind is racing with naughty thoughts about how she can have some fun with her idol. She couldn't care less about her stepmom's boring love story, and she starts rubbing her tense clit right under the table. Coco's pussy is getting wetter and closer to orgasm. When Kenzie decides to fetch some water for her husband and stepdaughter, Coco can't help but take advantage of this unique opportunity. She jumps onto her new stepfather and confesses that she knows his bio much better than her stepmother. And if he doesn't want to ruin a new marriage, then he should taste his stepdaughter's slippery snatch. The embarrassed man realizes that he is in a tricky situation but Coco's beautiful body is so seductive. And when she takes off her panties, it makes his already stiff rod hard as a rock. Coco's wet pussy finally feels the joy of encountering the real professional tool, and her fantasy comes true. But just as they're getting into it, they're interrupted by a shocked Kenzie. She wonders how her stepdaughter decided to get to know her stepfather. Confused Coco explains that her stepdad is actually a porn star, not some photographer. Her stepmom reveals that his real profession was the main reason she married him. Kenzie doesn't get mad at her stepdaughter, knowing full well that it's impossible to resist such a majestic cock. So she suggests they all head to the bedroom and continue their fun until Coco and Kenzie reach orgasm and receive a blast of cum on their pretty faces!

Porn World - Kenzie Taylor - Divorced Gets All Holes Stuffed With BBC

File: g3qfonapowokentayyuxl6yxmql.mp4
Size: 1.85 GB
Duration: 33:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Stunning blonde Kenzie Taylor is relaxing outside after going through a messy divorce. She is soon joined by her new housemate, Isiah, and immediately starts to flirt. They kiss passionately and head indoors to continue their fun. Kenzie starts to strip and reveals a sparkly butt plug already in situ! Isiah rims her ass before horny Kenzie sucks on his BBC! She gags as she deepthroats him and then bends over for a doggystyle pounding. Isiah fucks both her pussy and ass, then this sex crazed slut lets loose and enjoys some ass to mouth action! They fuck in all sorts of positions before Kenzie takes a huge facial to finish, giving her housemate a very warm welcome!

Missa X - Kenzie Taylor - The No Fap Challenge

File: rigtbnamixkentay5kpnyvokzb.mp4
Size: 2.03 GB
Duration: 50:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: 19 year old stepson, Ricky Spanish, has been behaving strangely lately. His stepmom Kenzie Taylor notices something wrong he's gone to the gym leaving his phone behind, and seems quite nervous all the time. In the kitchen while making breakfast, she gives Ricky a shoulder massage, and can't help noticing he's got a huge boner!

Mylf Labs - Kenzie Taylor & Skyler Storm - Concept Milf Casting Couch

File: viae1namylakenskyqqbvyuuao6.mp4
Size: 1.56 GB
Duration: 01:02:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whats up, MYLF lovers? Its time for a new Labs experiment for you to fap to the most beautiful and mature babes in the newest and boldest scenarios. This time, its a stepmother trying to help her stepdaughter make ends meetby doing porn! Skyler has been unemployed for a while now. The lovely blonde just cant get a job, and she is starting to lose her calm. Looking to help her, Kenzie, her stepmom, finds an ad looking for models, the perfect job for her bodacious stepdaughter. Skyler takes a look at the ad and realizes whats happening her stepmom wants her to do porn! Skyler is unsure about it, but Kenzie tells her to have an open mind and decides to bring in a camera to test her skills. Just like a true porn director, Kenzie asks Skyler to slowly undresses for the lens, showcasing her slender and stunning body. To help her feel confident in herself, Kenzie joins her, flashing her amazing tits to the camera. After an amazing start, Kenzie thinks Skyler is ready for a second test fucking Donnie, their lovely neighbor, and filming it. Skyler eats Donnies cock shily, something that just wont do, so Kenzie instructs Donnie to fuck her stepdaughters mouth. The result is much better, but they need to get friskier, so Kenzie comes up with a new scene a pussy-pounding session in the room. This time, Kenzie is gonna play too, softly rubbing her pussy while watching her girl getting plowed. Maybe, if Donnie gets to fuck them both, Skyler will get inspired and become the next best pornstar in the biz!

Cherry Pimps - Kenzie Taylor & Nicole Aria - Turning Fantasies Into Reality

File: amnhbnachpikennicsxyeulta1k.mp4
Size: 2.20 GB
Duration: 30:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The only way that Nicole Aria can orgasm, is through penetration. Thankfully her therapist Kenzie Taylor can help her with that! Nicole confessed that she has been having these fantasies about women which was shocking to her since she has only been attracted to men before. But Kenzie thought it would be time to try something unconventional this time with her patients and give Nicole exactly what she wanted! She had a huge strapon cock that was just waiting to pound Nicole'd tight pussy. They went right to work and soon Nicole was a big fan of therapy!

Girls Way - Kenzie Taylor & Gal Ritchie - The Scent Of Desire

File: aazzenagiwakengalhbobr1cfmb.mp4
Size: 1.06 GB
Duration: 27:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gal Ritchie enters the bedroom of her girlfriend, Kenzie Taylor, and is amused that Kenzie still isn't ready for their date. Kenzie says that she likes to take her time so she can look good for Gal, and Gal assures her that it's okay... after all, Gal LOVES to watch Kenzie get ready. Gal sits down and makes herself comfortable.

As Kenzie primps for their date, Gal imagines Kenzie in a sensual cosmetics commercial, looking glamorous and VERY sexy as she spritzes perfume onto her beautiful body. Kenzie eventually notices that Gal looks like she's daydreaming, and asks what she's thinking about. Gal admits that she's so aroused that they don't need to leave for their date yet... because she needs Kenzie NOW. Kenzie is amused, because this isn't the first time this type of thing has happened...

Shoplyfter Mylf - Kenzie Taylor - Case No 6615431 The Dress Thief

File: smtp7nashmykentaywjvokv5tvg.mp4
Size: 1.07 GB
Duration: 53:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Loss prevention officer Ryan apprehends Kenzie when she is suspected of shoplifting. Its clear that she has a dress under her dress, and even though she knows shes in deep trouble, Kenzie tries to play it cool, as though she is intentionally wearing two dresses. Ryan is obviously not buying it, but he plays along because Kenzie is pretty hot. This whole act is actually cute, though he cant just let her get off the hook because shes hot. When Ryan leaves the room, Kenzie quickly removes the stoled dress from her body and attempts to hide the evidence. Unknown to her is that security cameras in the room catch her in the act. Ryan returns and explains the consequences of her actions. He conducts a strip search. Kenzies tits look marvelous when they fall out of her black dress. Ryan cant help but feel a little lucky in this scenario. There he was, alone in a back office with this stunningly hot milf. Kenzie knows Ryans type, and she is confident this isnt the first time hes had a woman strip in this office. Still, its almost a little exciting. Although shes used to young and old men fawning over her, it never gets tiring, and she enjoys being pined after. She lets Ryan take this win and gives him a little show, letting him see her tits and spread her legs so he can see and play with her pussy a little. Thinking this would be enough to get her off the hook, Kenzie is stunned when Ryan still wants to hold her there. It looks like Ryan has some resolve after all and is more of a man than Kenzie initially thought. He comes right out with it and tells Kenzie he wants her to suck his cock. Kenzie thinks about it and thinks back to her more youthful days when she was sucking cock left and right. She hasnt been with a younger guy in quite some time, and shed be flattered were the situation not so fucked up. Regardless, she decides to go for it and thinks to herself that shell knock Ryans socks off and show the twerp what a real woman can do. Kenzie fits Ryans cock in her mouth with ease and plays the role of the slutty milf in distress, knowing itll turn Ryan on even more. When Ryan is satisfied with the blowjob, he orders Kenzie to get up on the desk so he can eat her pussy. Shes surprised he could be such a gentleman, all things considered, and happily lets the young stud eat her out. Kenzie is starting to really enjoy the sex. What began as an inconvenience is shaping into one of the most exciting flings shes had in a long time. Her husband has stopped pleasing her and fucking her like this, so the fact that Ryan is giving her everything he has warms Kenzies heart. Now amply wet, Ryan spreads Kenzies legs and easily slides his cock into her pussy. He fucks her hard and with intent and quickly gets her to climax, but she doesnt want the fun to end there. Kenzie wants to cum again, and now she is invested in making this young stud cum, too. Kenzie and Ryan go at it with intense passion and aggression until Ryan can no longer hold his load. When its time to bust, Kenzie gets down on her knees so Ryan can cum all over her face and tits. She loves being showered in a hot, sticky mess, Kenzie thinks she might even shoplift here again if it means getting fucked hard by another cute young stud.

Mylf Labs - Kenzie Taylor, Sophia Locke, Lindsey Lakes & Cali Sweets - Reverse Gangbang

File: bppgvnamylakensoplincaliqywbljvht.mp4
Size: 806.30 MB
Duration: 37:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whats up, Mylf lovers? You know we love getting the chance to try something new, and thats what Labs are all about! In this episode, were bringing back a fan-favorite experiment. This concept was originally titled Cougar Town, and the first iteration was published on August 10th, 2023. But this time around, wed like to convey that the intent is to showcase a reverse gangbang, where there are multiple milfs to one lucky stud. Being with multiple women at once and being lusted after are fantasies many have felt, and we hope its something you all can rally behind, as well. In this scene, Kenzie, Cali, and Sophia are at a restaurant for a girls date. Cali is feeling wild and lusty, shes definitely looking for a guy to fuck her hard today. But Kenzie is more reserved. She shies away when Cali and Sophia try to introduce her to the server, Victor. Still, Kenzie finds Victor very cute, and when Cali talks about how they should have some group fun like they used to in the old days, Kenzie can feel herself getting hot for the young stud. Cali ups the ante and flashes Victor while he attends to other customers. Hes astonished that this is actually happening. He serves milfs all day long, and none have ever tried making a move on him, let alone three babes as hot as this group. Feeling horny and bold, Kenzie decides to make her move and follow Victor into the bathroom. With no reservations, Kenzie sucks Victors cock. Being this forward and risky makes Kenzie feel young again. They emerge from the bathroom, and now Victor will have his chance to play with all three milfs at once. Everyone wants a turn getting fucked, and Victor is happy to oblige.

Porn World - Kenzie Taylor - Cock Hungry Blonde Charms Hung Boss

File: ibfnsnapowokentayywelrxus2k.mp4
Size: 2.83 GB
Duration: 50:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blonde Kenzie Taylor visits her boss, Vince at his home office to discuss some important business. She has fancied him since they started working together and overcome with lust, Kenzie heads into the bathroom to cool off! She is so turned on that she strips out of her panties and starts to masturbate. Bending over the sink, this sex-crazed hottie toys her ass with a glass dildo before fixing herself up and getting back to work. She can't hold back any longer and makes her move on Vince, bending over on the desk to suck on his big cock! Kenzie gets all holes slammed in multiple positions and kneels down to take his cum in her slutty little mouth!

Anal Introductions - Kenzie Taylor - She Debuts In A Wild Gonzo Scene

File: 9577qnaaninkentayp1d7zx5ixf.mp4
Size: 2.26 GB
Duration: 39:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Taylor is a spectacular blonde with big tits and a nice ass, and today shes come to show it all off in her www.private.com debut in Private Specials, Bimbos, The Casting! Kenzie arrives horny and ready for action as she immediately gets warmed up by playing with a toy in her ass before treating Vince Karter to the taste of her hairy pussy and a sloppy deepthroat blowjob. Then its time for the real fun begin as Kenzie offers up her ass for an unforgettable anal fuck that has her screaming and squirting until her pretty face is covered in cum!

Girl's Way - Kenna James & Kenzie Taylor - We Like Girls

File: p2s8rnagiwakenkenxpny1easdf.mp4
Size: 724.55 MB
Duration: 27:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kenna James and Kenzie Taylor exchange greetings with a little dance and a little kiss, hinting at how much they get along and love to have fun together. They talk about how they adore and admire each other, and also discuss some of the things they like most about sex with women.

Kenzie and Kenna say that it's always a 'spectacle' when they get together, and that soon becomes clear with their delightful sex session. We won't spoil all the sexy fun they get into here, but let's just say that it's a real joy to see women having such a genuinely good time!

Love Her Feet - Kenzie Taylor - Cuffed And Busted

File: 6ovgjnalohefekentaym7bzhr2f4q.mp4
Size: 463.23 MB
Duration: 43:55
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Interrogation requires logical thinking and intense persuasion, which could potentially reveal a lead for a case. Kenzie Taylor is a sergeant who caught a hot robber but is not willing to cooperate and reveal his motive. With Victor Ray caught trying to rob a sex shop, the pretty officer attempts to figure out what hes been trying to steal. The interrogation starts with Kenzie unbuttoning her police uniform with her red brassiere peeking. As the good-looking suspect is not affected by it, the gorgeous brunette resorts to foot-teasing. She slowly removes her red pumps, leaving only the black pantyhose on her legs, trying to lure Victor in. The alluring goddess makes it even harder by rubbing her cold soles against his already hard dick and all over his hot body. Unable to contain his lust, the rugged man caresses her delicate feet, giving them a subtle lick until he rips the black pantyhose apart...

The seductive officer seems to enjoy the sensual foot worship and shrimping. Without hesitation, Kenzie removes her uniform and pours a good amount of oil onto her feet, giving Victor a much-needed footjob. After that, the busty vixen delivers a sloppy blowjob and receives a bit of a facefucking. Kenzie decides to unlock his cuffs to give him better access to her luscious body. The duo continues with the steamy interrogation as Victor sucks her toes while the beautiful officer gives his hard cock a footjob. The hot hunk places Kenzie in missionary, thrusting his hard cock inside her trimmed pussy and making her moan out loud. He pounds her pussy hard and rough in spooning, standing, and doggystyle with a quick footjob, pussy licking, spanking, and rimming in between sex. The tattooed stallion can say how enjoyable it can get to be detained as the appealing sergeant continues to ride his dick ferociously in a cowgirl position. Nearing his climax, Victor thrusts harder and rougher inside her wet trimmed pussy in missionary, until her delicate feet receive his hot load of cum.

Kinky Spa - Kenzie Taylor & Lilly Bella - Poor Performance Is Showing At Work

File: yyhn6nakispkenlil4pgewpoyih.mp4
Size: 720.22 MB
Duration: 25:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lillys boss Kenzie pulls her in for a meeting regarding her poor performance and lets Lilly know she needs to have a training massage to prove her skills. Lilly knew she was slipping but she also knows now exactly what she needs to do to prove she loves her job. When its Lillys turn to take over she starts working on her bosss massive tits then down to her sweet pussy giving it a tongue massage Kenzie could have only dreamed about. Looks like Lilly gets to keep her job, but she is also going to have to keep up these practice messages with her boss just to make sure.

Girls Way - Kenzie Taylor, Whitney Wright & Bella Rolland - The Unexpected Unicorn

File: 6ejxknagiwakenwhibeln9stvrjlqi.mp4
Size: 1.38 GB
Duration: 34:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A lesbian couple, Kenzie Taylor and Bella Rolland, are surprised to discover that an unfamiliar young woman is inside their pool cabana. Kenzie is upset at first, but Bella points out that maybe this person needs help, and suggests they should talk to her. The couple approaches the young woman, Whitney Wright, who is clearly distraught and has nowhere to stay. The couple invites her into their house, saying she can freshen up and take a shower.

After showering and changing into fresh clothes, Whitney looks like she's feeling a bit better. She thanks Kenzie and Bella for their kindness, and they ask her if she wants to talk about her situation, promising they won't judge her. Whitney explains that she used to live with her boyfriend, but when he snooped in her private journal and found out she was starting to have dreams and fantasies about being with women, he was furious and kicked her out of the house. Kenzie and Bella are sympathetic, and Kenzie says that when she first came out as a lesbian, her family kicked her out too.

Kenzie and Bella agree to let Whitney stay for as long as she needs. Bella moves closer to Whitney to give her a comforting hug, and Whitney is so moved that she kisses Bella. Kenzie and Bella are surprised, but Whitney admits to a long-held fantasy of being cared for by an attractive couple. Kenzie and Bella decide to guide Whitney through her first lesbian sex encounter, which leads to a unique three-way experience and a newfound polyamorous relationship. Welcome to your new home, Whitney!

Devil's Film - Kenzie Taylor - I Tittyfucked My Mother-in-law 2

File: wgqt6nadefikentayqqwftufb2d.mp4
Size: 1.35 GB
Duration: 38:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Diego Perez is watching TV when he suddenly gets a surprise visit from his wife's parent, Kenzie Taylor. Diego says that his wife isn't home right now, but Kenzie says she's aware of that... she actually came here to see HIM. Diego is puzzled, but lets her inside.

Kenzie explains that Diego's wife told her about how Diego isn't doing a good enough job satisfying her in the bedroom. Diego is stunned, as Kenzie clarifies that Diego's wife is unhappy because Diego won't tittyfuck her! Kenzie warns him that if he doesn't do better at pleasing his wife, it's almost certain that his wife will find another man who will... maybe even LOTS of other men. Diego says he doesn't want THAT to happen.

Luckily, Kenzie says that she can help, and she takes out her big boobs so Diego can learn how to do tittyfucking. Diego is stunned at the idea of practicing sex acts with his in-law, but Kenzie says that she knows what she's doing. She tells Diego to lick and suck on her boobs, so they'll be wet and slippery for tittyfucking. It's clear that Diego is in for an AMAZING lesson!

Mommy's Girl - Reagan Foxx, Kenzie Taylor & Demi Hawks - Calming Our Stepdaughter's Nerves

File: bbdqanamogireakendem3pibvtguig.mp4
Size: 1.58 GB
Duration: 42:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Demi Hawks shyly asks her stepmoms, Reagan Foxx and Kenzie Taylor, if they'd be willing to hear the speech she's working on for her public speaking assignment at school. The stepmoms are supportive and eager, easily agreeing as they make themselves comfortable before Demi.

Demi tries to deliver her speech, but she can't even get through the first few sentences due to nerves. The stepmoms decide to try and help by offering Demi a few tricks to combat stage fright. Reagan suggests that Demi take a few deep breaths, and then try again. Demi tries it, but it doesn't seem to work. Kenzie has Demi try an exercise where she faces AWAY from her audience, but it only makes Demi feel even MORE nervous and vulnerable. It's clear the stepmoms will need to try something else...

That's when the stepmoms remember the oldest trick in the book picturing the audience in their underwear! Demi is shocked but decides to give it a go, picturing her stepmoms in their underwear as she gives her speech. But it's still too hard... and that's when the stepmoms helpfully strip down to their underwear so that Demi doesn't have to spend energy imagining!

Demi tries her speech again, but can't deliver it since she's NOW too flustered by her stepmoms' bodies! Finally, the stepmoms realize that maybe Demi needs a playful round of sex to help shake the nerves once and REALLY focus once and for all.

All Her Luv - April Olsen & Kenzie Taylor - Rebound

File: 3ajtjnaalheluaprkenhnnajoz5iv.mp4
Size: 1.57 GB
Duration: 34:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kenzie Taylor isn't taking care of herself, after a sudden breakup with her fiance, who has flown the coop and headed for France to accept a job offer. Her BFF April Olsen comes by with flowers and a bag of healthy food, to cheer her up and help her get over it. April is straight, but has her pal's best interests at heart.

It's evening already. and Kenzie has yet to get dressed, so April insists they go out to a club, and it helps, bringing Kenzie out of her gloom for a bit. Back home, April announces The fun doesn't have to stop here. Can you trust me?. Kenzie says Yes, and the two women kiss passionately, and things quickly escalate, as Kenzie suggests Let's go to the bedroom...

As they sit on the bed, Kenzie undoes the straps on her low-cut dress, revealing her huge breasts. You're so beautiful, April says with a big smile on her face, and it seems the long-time friend is ready to give Sapphic love a try. Kissing her pal's neck, April murmurs And you smell good, too.

April's kisses head south, and she gives special attention to suckling at Kenzie's nipple. I'm surprised you're wearing underwear -I don't think I am, April whispers, as she helps Kenzie remove her panties. Kenzie returns the favor and sucks heartily on April's breasts until her nipples get hard, and then begins worshiping her body, kissing her gradually from her feet along toward her pussy. And indeed, April isn't wearing underwear. April responds by kissing Kenzie all over, settling down to licking her bush. This is so much better than spending seven days alone. You have no idea how many times I masturbated, Kenzie declares. Now it's her turn to please her friend, and Kenzie makes a bee-line for April's posterior, rimming the girl with gusto. Watch the friends seamlessly turn into lovers

Girls Way - Kenzie Taylor, Blake Blossom & Slimthick Vic - Picture Her As Me

File: 2i8gdnagiwakenblasliskmcrqevnp.mp4
Size: 1013.47 MB
Duration: 43:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Slimthick Vic and Blake Blossom are hanging out on their bed, two blindfolds next to them. They're a bit nervous, but also excited... since they're going to be doing something quite adventurous this afternoon. Something they've never done before... You see, Vic and Blake are worried that their love life has grown too routine. They know each other so well at this point that nothing surprises them anymore.

That's why they've invited a random hookup, Kenzie Taylor, to join them for a threesome. But this won't be any regular threesome. In this situation, Vic and Blake will be blindfolded while Kenzie pleasures them in surprising ways. The idea is for Vic and Blake to imagine themselves doing it to each other, while Kenzie is there to make sure things stay spontaneous.

But after some time, Vic and Blake are way too turned on to keep pretending. They want to SEE the woman who's been giving them such erotic pleasure. They take off their blindfolds and bring Kenzie in for some more sensual fun between the sheets.

Interracial Blowbang - Kenzie Taylor - Kenzie Tries A New Liquid Diet

File: gv1tznainblkentaye4a2yrscft.mp4
Size: 2.19 GB
Duration: 35:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Kenzie Taylor discovers her sister has been losing weight by following a simple diet she is determined to find out what it is. Turns out her sister has been sucking on cock to keep her mouth occupied and being that semen is pure protein it burns off easily. But where does one find all that cock to suck? It sure seems a little low class for a high class cock hound like Kenzie to go snorting around glory holes and truck stops in search of man root. Turning to the ever reliable and safe refuge of the internet, Kenzie looks for her load warriors online. Putting up the ad 'HORNY WIFE LOOKING TO SUCK COCK, CUM TO MY HOUSE AT 3 PM THURSDAY' she figures she will at least get a couple of guys over. After all she did put up a picture of her pussy on the ad, and it is said sugar attracts flies. Well lo and behold lookee here, not 2 guys but 11 line up with peckers in hand to get a little afternoon saliva dip in this willing sluts pie hole. It's a face denting hard dong event on her oral cavity as these blow bangers get down and nasty in cock crunching wrestling match. One after another Kenzie is taking on all one eyed snot spewers in her mouth and jabbing jerking slob covered hands. Hell even her feet are being used to keep these cocks pumping as she hopes to urge up that sweet nectar from deep in the balls. Using her pussy as a watering hole our heroes are constantly lapping at her big lipped energy booster as they keep erections high and her hopes higher. It's a wonderful oral afternoon as Kenzie keeps her mouth full and out of the kitchen as she fully engages her inner slut muffin with a heaping helping of mouthmeat. Her tonsils aching and her tongue pulsing soon Kenzie is rewarded as one after another all of the massive black dongs begin to explode that sweet, hot, sticky victory goo all over her waiting cock kisser. Hopefully that keeps Kenzie satisfied till tomorrow when it starts all over again. Happy dieting sweet Kenzie. So now all you Dogfart Members know where to bring your dicks to on Thursdays at 3. Cause Kenzie has a mouth for you to park your cock in.

Brazzers Exxtra - Kenzie Taylor - Throat Me Or Leave My Ass Alone

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Description: Keiran Lee is about to cross the line from flirting to perving just for a chance to validate the rumors about Kenzie Taylor's goat throat and tight ass! He sets up a hidden camera on their sink to see if she has any gag reflex during deep tongue brushing The only catch is that Kenzie isnt completely oblivious and she puts on a fucking show. Throated dildo, drooling spit play, even getting herself caught masturbating in bathtub to a scene. Because if shes down and hes down. Why cant they have some no-strings-attached, sloppy, high energy sex? Perving only makes it hotter