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Whitney Wright

Girls Only Porn - Alex Coal & Whitney Wright - Lets Try Kissing On Christmas

File: z4s5cnagionpoalewhil8aw2hwkrs.mp4
Size: 1.18 GB
Duration: 26:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Roommates Alex Coal and Whitney Wright are getting into the Christmas spirit as they decorate the house. There's just one problem They've set up some mistle toe in the kitchen, and they keep having unexpected meetings beneath that Christmas tradition. The girls have been trying to deny that they're hot for one another for a while now, but the mistletoe may be exactly the Christmas miracle they need to move their relationship to the next level...

After the third unexpected meeting, Alex decides it's fate and leans in to deliver a deep kiss to Whitney's lips. She backs off for long enough to make sure that Whitney is into it, but a heartbeat later the girls are making out beneath the mistletoe. Now that their lust for one another is confirmed, they relocate to the couch to see where their exploration may take them.

Peeling off Alex's sheer top, Whitney fastens her mouth on Alex's breast while Alex reaches down to squeeze Whitney's. Whitney finds herself on her back with Alex kneeling over her in a take charge position. She feasts on Whitney's titties, paying plenty of attention to Whitney's tender nipples.

Bumping and grinding her hips into Whitney's crotch, Alex makes it clear that she's more than ready to make their party even hotter. Whitney helps Alex peel off most of her clothes, and in return Alex kisses her way down Whitney's body to return the favor. Instead of settling between Whitney's legs for some pussy eating, Alex just climbs right on top of Whitney so they can give and take simultaneously in a hot lesbian 69.

Breaking their mutual pleasuring apart, the girls exchange deep kisses and caresses one again. Whitney gives in to Alex's urging and gets on her hands and knees so Alex can go back to work, this time flat out feasting on Whitney's pretty pussy. Her tongue working overtime, Alex flicks the clit while one of her hands rubs her own nub.

When it's Alex's turn to enjoy Whitney's ministrations, she gets a surprise. On her back with Whitney kneeling over her, Alex sees that her roommate has a candy cane dildo and she can't wait to use it. Alex watches down the line of her body as Whitney slides the toy into her creamy center and then starts it pumping back and forth. That frees Whitney to lean in and lap at Alex's clit until Alex throws her head back in a long moan of delight. Getting Alex on her belly, Whitney goes back to work with the dildo from a different angle for orgasmic results. As the girls come down from their delight, they agree that this has been a great Christmas with plenty more fun to come.

All Anal - Marilyn Johnson & Whitney Wright - Whitney & Marilyn Get Wild

File: irwtbnaalanmarwhixbqnavvfwm.mp4
Size: 2.01 GB
Duration: 55:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright Marilyn Johnson have come together for a fun-filled, back to back, anal showdown! These 2 tarts are ready to taste the taboo let loose for some intense anal fucking! They suck gag on dick in between deep strokes going in out of their pulsating gapes. They get wet, wild gaped in this slutty display of pure anal pleasure!

Brazzers Exxtra - Whitney Wright - An Anal Proposal

File: m78xlnabrexwhiwridvcaycok7k.mp4
Size: 747.75 MB
Duration: 32:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright's boyfriend is planning to propose, so he fakes an excuse to get out of the house and surprise her. Little does he know, horny Whitney takes advantage of his leave and booty calls her favorite fuck, Isiah Maxwell. Petite Whitney begs for Isiah to fill her tight, little asshole with his huge cock, and is screaming his name when her boyfriend enters the room ring-in-hand! Her boyfriend tells her where she can shove it, but it turns out that's exactly how naughty Whitney likes it.

Adult Time - Chanell Heart & Whitney Wright - Sorority Scandal

File: xaqujnaadtichawhiacyaz4spl9.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 37:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Chanell Heart and Whitney Wright, both part of a sorority, are busy cramming for finals. But it's so stressful and Whitney has to catch up with some of the other sorority girls. When she asks if Chanell wants to come with for a breather, Chanell hesitates, saying that she's going to stay home instead.
After some gentle prodding from Whitney, it's revealed that Chanell has had a little run-in with another sorority member. Apparently, that girl once overheard Chanell masturbating and kicked up a stink about it. Yet, that same girl brings home HER partner all the time and makes all the noise she wants!
Whitney sides with Chanell, thinking that the other sorority girl is being ridiculous, but still has to head out. Chanell still decides to stay home and study instead, and it isn't long before Whitney leaves her in peace.

As soon as Whitney is gone, Chanell takes this rare opportunity alone to have a bit of... FUN. As she strips away her clothes and plays with herself, fondling her breasts and massaging her pussy, she's getting some much-needed stress relief!
BUT, a few minutes later, she gets the shock of her life when Whitney returns home, having forgotten something. Although Whitney's surprised at first, she's all game for joining Chanell. This is WAY more fun than studying!

Girls Way - April O’Neil, Whitney Wright & Bella Rolland - Holy Matri-Moly: Baited Bride

File: qu7vanagiwaaprwhibelupxdxz3htu.mp4
Size: 1.59 GB
Duration: 50:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It is April O'Neil's wedding day! She's about to marry the love of her life, Whitney Wright, but naturally has the jitters. In order to calm herself down, she decides to send Whitney a quick little text... There's one thing for SURE she knows would calm her nerves right about now...

Whitney is surprised to see a text from April requesting a quickie -- April's so naughty! But Whitney's a little worried about the bad luck that might happen if they see each other in their wedding dresses... Fortunately, she becomes inspired and figures out that they can have a quickie with their wedding veils on so that they never actually see each other!

But before Whitney can go to April, their maid of honor, Bella Rolland, shows up with some bad news -- it seems as though there's a bit of a catering emergency. Whitney rushes off to tend to the situation and that's when Bella sees the naughty text message. Although she tries to behave, the temptation is too great and the setup too perfect for her to pass up.

When Bella sneakily shows up at April's room, April has the veil down and her eyes closed, ready for action. Bella is quiet and sly as she pleasures April, who doesn't suspect a thing... until Whitney shows up a few minutes later! It's a good thing the wives-to-be know that Bella is a rascal. Once Bella playfully suggests that they take off the wedding dresses, to avoid bad luck, and have a threesome, to chase away the jitters, all is forgiven!

Dorcel Club - Emily Willis & Whitney Wright - Buried fantasy

File: pirfdnadoclemiwhiosdzjylkq6.mp4
Size: 4.17 GB
Duration: 34:03
Format: mp4
Description: The women of the house decided to tickle their new employee. On the program, questions and intimate stories... Mia tells that she had a lot of fantasies about the couple she used to work for and that it did not go unnoticed. Moreover, her fantasy became reality for her greatest pleasure and that gives place to an intense threesome scene with the beautiful Emily Willis.

Adult Time - Whitney Wright & Anny Aurora - Her Roommates Don't Know

File: cnn4enaadtiwhiann9kyeiowskt.mp4
Size: 1.28 GB
Duration: 43:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome to Lesbian Dating Stories! In this story, 'Her Roommates Don't Know', the protagonist Whitney Wright has been dating a woman Anny Aurora, and now... well, maybe we should let the protagonist explain this for herself
Oh, man, FINALLY we're having a date at Anny's place, for ONCE. I've been dating Anny for a few weeks now. Y'know that old joke that lesbians arrive to their second date in a moving van? Well, not Anny. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm itching to settle down or anything. But at least this means we're going somewhere. I was starting to think she's not interested, but I guess I was wrong! She says she has a WHOLE romantic evening planned. Ooh, I hope she has BREAKFAST planned, too!

Okay, so we've arrived at Anny's place now. Looks nice. Anny's opening the front door so we can go in, here we go... wait, who are THOSE two people?? And now Anny's slamming the door shut. Does this mean we're NOT going in? What's happening? ...Wow. Okay, so Anny is telling me that she wasn't expecting her two roommates, Lyra Lockhart and Ziggy Star, to be at home. And guess what? Her roommates don't know that she's a lesbian! But Anny has a whole nice evening planned, and REALLY wants me to stay. She figures that we can still pull this off, as long as we don't act like lesbians in front of her roommates. This is going to be a looooooong night...
...Yeah, so far this evening SUCKS. Her roommates are nice people, I guess, but every time Anny and I are about to get closer, one of them shows up and interrupts the moment. Watching a movie? Interrupted. Playing a dance video game? Interrupted! Trying to prepare a romantic dinner? INTERRUPTED! I can't take this anymore... I'm telling Anny that we gotta go to her bedroom right now, away from her roommates' eyes, so we can finally have some freakin' sex! I'm NOT ending this date dragging my sorry ass home to my vibrator. Not again.
Ooh, Anny agrees with me. NOW we're getting somewhere! Gosh, her lips taste so good. Mmm, her pussy tastes even BETTER. Looks like this evening might be worthwhile after all.

Hot And Mean - Whitney Wright & Azul Hermosa - Azmr 2

File: zfcdjnahoanmewhiazune2kvdfz2p.mp4
Size: 837.19 MB
Duration: 34:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Azul Hermosa and Whitney Wright have something special in store for the ASMR lovers out there in this hot lesbian scene filled with sexy sounds. The girls lick and suck their lollipops, and their own fingers, gagging and drooling all over them until they find something even sweeter to lick, their tits and pussies! The sweet sound of these gorgeous babes' scissoring is surpassed only by the stunning sight of it, so open your ears and your eyes, and enjoy the action!

Dorcel Club - Emma Hix, Whitney Wright & Paige Owens - Spicy night

File: 2zzstnadoclemmwhipaiksfivemiq7.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 36:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tonight Withney Wright is touching herself as she imagines herself joining the spicy parties of Paige Owens and Emma Hix. In her dream the three women would be in bed, then joined by Jay Smooth and Stirling Cooper. At the center of attention, Withney would be caressed and kissed.

All Girl Massage - Alison Rey & Whitney Wright - Given Up On Love

File: mckyhnaalgimaaliwhi8lrmyld6uu.mp4
Size: 1.03 GB
Duration: 42:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alison Rey enters a massage parlor looking miserable. Whitney Wright, the masseuse, is professional as she greets Alison and tries to cheer her up but it doesn't seem to go well. Nonetheless, Whitney has a job to do and invites Alison into a private room for her massage...

As Whitney starts massaging Alison, trying to work out the unbelievable amount of tension Alison holds in her muscles, the source of Alison's misery is soon revealed. Alison is a marriage counselor who used to really believe in her job but has now given up on love. All around her are miserable couples and her view on relationships has become jaded because of it.

However, Whitney is optimistic, insisting that there's still plenty of love out there. It seems like Alison's clients are mostly straight, monogamous couples, but there are so many other kinds of love! For example, she knows a lesbian couple who have been together for YEARS and are still going strong.

As Alison gradually relaxes even more through Whitney's touch and words, she seems a little more hopeful but laments about how her OWN dating life leaves much to be desired. That's when Whitney flirtatiously offers Alison the chance to mix things up and get a fresh perspective to find love again!

Mylf X Cam Soda - Whitney Wright - Hunk Catch

File: tawu8namyxcasowhiwricfrjzw6fat.mp4
Size: 2.21 GB
Duration: 26:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: As Whitney Wright is getting dressed, she notices muscle hunk Charles Dera working outside her sliding glass door and immediately thirsts for him. Whitney puts on her seductive charms, goes outside and spills some water all over her top. Charles knows exactly what that means and gets his cock hard to please this horny neighbor.

Anal Only - Whitney Wright - Whitney Wants Anal

File: svaotnaanonwhiwanvl2bcplsmz.mp4
Size: 2.21 GB
Duration: 01:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful big eyed, Whitney Wright is here to make some Anal Only fantasies cum true! Shes one hot-bodied babe who gets off by teasing dicksucking, but ultimately ass fucking! She spreads her big ass cheeks for a solid dick to slide up in it! She got an ass you dont wanna miss!

Girls Way - Whitney Wright & Spencer Bradley - Nursing Their Feelings

File: ydsuunagiwawhispel9zu7tlmnw.mp4
Size: 1.76 GB
Duration: 43:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Spencer Bradley is just getting ready to go in for the night shift when her best friend and roomie, Whitney Wright, arrives home from the day shift. They both had big dreams of working together as nurses but have been put on separate schedules. Now they NEVER get to see each other and, when they DO, they have no energy left to hang out. But this weekend, they have a double date together and are looking forward to it. They're FINALLY going to have some fun!

When the weekend rolls around, it's time for the date but both women are too exhausted. They decide to cancel their date, though dread it because no one seems to understand how hectic their schedules are. That's when an unexpected spark happens between the besties as they realize that THEY understand each other in a way that no one else ever can.

Although they're both a bit awkward and shy, since it's their first time admitting such feelings for another woman, it's not long before their love for each other takes hold. It looks like these two are FINALLY going to get everything they've ever wanted -- and more.

Missa X - Whitney Wright - The Auction

File: 1ndijnamixwhiwrixztkkvgukk.mp4
Size: 2.53 GB
Duration: 49:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kenneth Codey Steele is driving his step-sister, Samantha Whitney Wright, home after a charity event. She's equal parts annoyed and relieved that he's with her, she agreed to something she's not quite comfortable with, charity dating. Her boss organized a charity event where most of the girls that work for her, the most ambitious of her team, were to be auctioned off for a date to the highest bidder. Samantha stood on the stage in her evening gown when a pervy-looking old man was bidding on her, her step-brother chimed in and outbid him in a very expensive battle of bids! She never told her boss that it was, in fact, her stepbrother who won the date, and her boss is so pleased that Samantha was capable of bringing in such an impressive amount to charity. Samantha should be happy, but instead she's confused. How did her stepbrother know what she was up to? Where did he get the money from?

Pure Taboo - Whitney Wright - More Like Your Old Man

File: vm5jenaputawhiwriohunwyzlno.mp4
Size: 733.22 MB
Duration: 33:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Doug Hamilton Nathan Bronson enters the office of his stepfather and boss, Ed Hamilton Derrick Pierce. Ed is the owner of a company and is training Doug to take over for him one day. However, so far Ed isn't very pleased, saying that Doug isn't assertive enough. He orders Doug to shadow him all day, and do what he does.

Ed's secretary Becky Whitney Wright enters. Ed leers at her and has her go get him a cup of coffee. Ed's sleazy gaze makes Doug uncomfortable. When Becky returns with the coffee, she asks Ed if there's anything else she can do for him. Ed suggestively tells her that she KNOWS what to do, and Doug is shocked as she obediently gets on her knees, about to suck Ed's cock. As a twisted way of teaching Doug something about running the company, Ed tells Doug to watch him fuck Becky. Doug sheepishly agrees.

Ed fucks Becky's mouth, then puts her on his desk so he can fuck her pussy, all as Doug watches. After Ed is done, he tells Doug that now it's HIS turn to have sex with Becky. Doug is stunned, and Ed reminds him that he's supposed to be shadowing him all day, and doing EVERYTHING that he does. After some initial hesitation, Doug agrees. Doug's first lesson in becoming more like Ed is about to begin...

Brazzers Exxtra - Aila Donovan & Whitney Wright - Yellow Vs Blue, Me Vs You

File: oxqxvnabrexailwhispsmzjunfp.mp4
Size: 1.09 GB
Duration: 44:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Color schemes collide! Aila Donovan and Whitney Wright tease and taunt the camera, trying to one-up each other from their respective yellow and blue sides, wearing the wardrobe to match. Ricky Johnson is the voice of reason between the feuding babes, looking to help reach a compromise so they can all look good together. One thing Aila and Whitney finally do agree on is that they both want Ricky's big dick, leading to a hardcore threesome.

Teamskeet X Camsoda - Whitney Wright - Thirsting Over Him

File: 4u8xxnatexcawhiwri4cqmceslws.mp4
Size: 2.21 GB
Duration: 26:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright cant stop staring and thirsting over her handyman Charles Dera whos working shirtless just outside her room. She masturbates to the sight of his sweaty muscles before going outside and fully coming on to him. Charles immediately accepts her proposition and takes her inside to work on that pussy!

Girls Way - Paige Owens & Whitney Wright - It's Important To Stay Hydrated

File: wxjzknagiwapaiwhidli5bypmkw.mp4
Size: 746.18 MB
Duration: 26:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Paige Owens stays late after her yoga class to ask the yoga teacher, Whitney Wright, for help with something. Whitney has often told her students about the importance of staying hydrated, and Paige wants to follow the teacher's good advice. However, Paige says that she has a problem which makes it difficult for her to stay hydrated. When Whitney asks what the problem is, Paige admits that it's hard to put into words, so Whitney encourages her to SHOW her the issue instead.

Spizoo - Whitney Wright - Naughty Maid Pleases Her Master's Cock

File: fllhrnaspiwhiwrixypr2cefen.mp4
Size: 1.61 GB
Duration: 31:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous dark-haired babe, Whitney Wright, is a stunning maid who will not only clean the house but can also satisfy her master's needs. The naughty bombshell struts towards her boss, Prince Yashua, while wearing her sexy Latex maid uniform. Without wasting any time, Whitney strips off her clothes and starts passionately kissing the fit stud. Soft moans of pleasure fill the room as Prince licks Whitney's pink pussy. The naughty babe returns the pleasure by giving Prince a sloppy blowjob and deepthroat. After making sure that his cock is hard and ready, Whitney gets on top of Prince and rides him cowgirl style. Prince continues to stretch out Whitney's tight hole in missionary and doggystyle before cumming all over her face.

Jules Jordan - Whitney Wright - Fucks Her Stepdad In The Yard

File: xb2hfnajujowhiwriasvrzat6fw.mp4
Size: 1.47 GB
Duration: 26:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dark-haired Whitney Wright is a horny stepdaughter plotting to seduce her stepdad. The devious damsel sees her shirtless parental figure and heads outside to interrupt his chores. She offers him some water then spills it all over her blouse. This accentuates her perky tits and nipples, and diverts her stepdaddys attention. The next thing we know the out of line parental figure is planting his penis into a prone Whitney. Whitneys frame is petite but she is womanly and pulls off a stunning view with her legs up high. Her stepdad rails her in a nice doggy sequence that ends with Whitney taking a full load all over her pretty pussy...

Pornstars Like It Big - Whitney Wright & Gia Derza - Give It All You Got!

File: qkz9enapoliitbiwhigiabqyjqghtit.mp4
Size: 877.14 MB
Duration: 31:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The crazy sexy gorgeous duo of Gia Derza and Whitney Wright strip, lick and fuck each other in the ass with a dildo for some hot and heavy lesbian action. But once Mick Blue enters joins in these babes will give it everything they've got as their asses get fucked by his big dick in a wildly intense anal threesome that you won't want to miss out on!

Cherry Pimps - Whitney Wright - Needs That Package Delivery

File: otiy7nachpiwhiwriubbnw6kiny.mp4
Size: 1.49 GB
Duration: 20:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Normally when a package is being delivered and it begins to vibrate uncontrollably before it is handed over would be embarrassing to some but this deliver man just wonders what on earth could be vibrating so much. He demands his payment and Whitney has no way to pay but she NEEDS this package today. She can not wait any longer. After some tug of war the box contents go flying and like magic, Whitneys shorts are off and her pussy is in the air to make the most amazing vibrator catch ever. Can this be any more CHEESY? What kind of delivery is this? This must be a porno right? Will the delivery man deliver his own personal package? What is a delivery man to do? He had one fucking job. Hand over the package AFTER getting the payment and he fucked that up... Well fuck it... this is a porno everyone gets laid right?

Only Teen Blowjobs - Whitney Wright - Not Stuck Sister

File: drlqvnaonteblwhiwriompavjgqy7.mp4
Size: 880.40 MB
Duration: 17:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright wants her stepbrother Chad Alva's attention, and she figures there's no better way to get it than to pretend to have her hand stuck in the oven. The view of Whitney's ass gets Chad's dick hard and she rewards him with a sloppy blowjob as a thank you.

Zero Tolerance - Whitney Wright - Pounding Big Asses

File: 5cjqgnazetowhiwri6rdph43xug.mp4
Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 28:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'! That's the motto for this hot big-ass anal release that delivers the roundest, fullest-plump-in-all-the-right-places butts that you'd ever get to fuck in one place! These lucky fuckers grab way more than a handful of ass in each hand as they pound away in pure big-bottom-back-door bliss!

Nubile Films - Whitney Wright - Good Intentions

File: kedwhnanufiwhiwriftbod3hqg9.mp4
Size: 922.11 MB
Duration: 19:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whitney Wright is feeling horny in the morning, but fortunately for her, her boyfriend Will Pounder is asleep in the bed. Decked out in a sweet little lingerie getup that highlights her lovely boobs and bottom, Whitney joins Will in bed. She awakens him with a kiss, then immediately begins working her way lower down Will's body.

When Whitney reaches Will's morning wood, she doesn't hesitate to dive in. Her mouth is warm and wet as she sucks Will's cock. Her tongue is in constant motion, swirling and stroking his shaft. There's no question that he's ready for more as Whitney winds down her BJ and peels off her bra and thong in preparation for something a little bit more hardcore...

On her knees, Whitney adjusts her hips so that she is hovering over Will's hardon. They lock eyes as Whitney slides down, fully impaling herself along the way. Her hips are in constant motion as she rides the D, enjoying her deep penetration. Turning around, she leans back and plants her hands on Will's chest so she can go for a hotter and harder ride.

Falling to her side, Whitney scoots backwards as Will curls up behind her. They spoon together as Will re-enters her tight glove. Moaning long and loud, Whitney rocks with Will as he sets the pace that leaves them both gasping for breath.

Next, Whitney gets on her hands and knees and leans forward so that her face is buried against the covers. She presents an irresistible picture for Will, who anchors his hands on Whitney's hips and shoves himself home. He keeps it up, going faster and harder, until he can't wait another moment. Pulling out, Will pops all over Whitney's bottom and back to leave her cum covered and sated.