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Kink Features - Liz Jordan - School Of Submission

File: h75ucnakifelizjorrkegzeta9e.mp4
Size: 4.42 GB
Duration: 01:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The sole purpose of this day is to see what Liz is actually capable of handling as two men go at her with a goal of trying to overwhelm her. Liz has been mostly quiet and reserved thus far, but adding sex always makes the submissive scream with pleasure. We begin by both of us using her and overloading her with stimulation. Liz is trying to keep up, but its becoming apparent that she cant, as much as she is trying, she just cant.

Finally, Christian Wilde pushes her to her knees and shoves his cock down her throat. The Pope is flogging her, spanking her, and vibing her just to keep her distracted so that she may fall short. Every time Liz seems to be falling behind, she somehow pulls through and perseveres. Rope is added and Liz is still keeping up, but barely as the two of them work her over. There is a small break before they put her in a different position and Christian uses all of her holes to ensure she is worthy of moving on past this day. They berate her nonstop until they decide the day is over, which is marked with Christian covering her with his cum. She made it through Day 2, but she still has 2 more to go.

Savage Gangbang - Harper Maddoxx - Rough Stuff

File: vlbc4nasagaharmadq4q9ofs4yc.mp4
Size: 4.61 GB
Duration: 01:05:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A lot of women are looking for more romance in their lives, but Harper Maddox wants to be ruthlessly gangbanged with as many cocks as possible. She has a fantasy of being snatched up by a gang of guys, blindfolded, thrown into the back of a van and used the fuck up! Harpers dream comes true when 4 gangbangers appear, throw a bag over her head and give her the pounding she craves. With DP, hardcore anal, double anal and creampie.

Savage Gangbang - Luna Lovely - Fuck Everything

File: tcezenasagalunlovakdolbbmmt.mp4
Size: 3.96 GB
Duration: 56:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Beautiful Luna Lovely is offered the Take Down challenge in this Hardcore Gangbang. If she can get away from 5 huge horny guys and keep her clothes on then she gets some extra cash. Slipping, sliding and squirming her way all over the room, she gives it a good try, but her petite sexy body is quickly devoured by the ready-to-fuck gangbangers. As Luna gets tossed around all 5 guys take sweet advantage of Lunas slutty holes and pound her out with their rock hard, glistening meaty cocks making her squeal and shake and moan. Luna is airtight with cocks in her mouth, pussy and ass. With double penetration, double vag and 5 hot loads of cum all over Lunas pretty face.

Savage Gangbang - Lisey Sweet - Hot Slut Gets Banged In A Bar

File: whwvtnasagalisswesudx9ttxsd.mp4
Size: 4.45 GB
Duration: 01:02:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Public Disgrace returns with hot slut Lisey Sweet being stripped, groped, humiliated, and fucked in a local bar! Princess Donna Dolore brings Lisey into the bar with Christian Wilde. Princess Donna immediately has Lisey try to strip out of her clothes with her hands restrained behind her back. Lisey gets paraded around the bar to show off her ass and body to be groped by the crowd. Lisey is brought down to her knees and puts her blowjob skills on display by sucking Christians hard cock with everyone watching...

Princess Donna drags Lisey to a table and lays her on her back. Christian fucks Liseys perfect pussy while the bar patrons hold her arms down and legs spread. Princess Donna intensifies the humiliation by writing ASS SLUT on Liseys chest while Christian rails her asshole. Christian then gets his dick sucked by Lisey while Princess Donna fits her whole fist in Liseys stretched out ass. Princess Donna stands Lisey up and walks her around the bar with her hand still inside her ass. Lisey is ball-gagged and bent over the bar for another round of fucking by Christian. The crowd gets in on the action by putting their hands all over Lisey as she gets pounded while Princess Donna uses the flogger. Princess Donna brings Lisey down to her knees to receive Christians cum while the crowd chants for her to beg for it. Christian shoots a load of cum all over Liseys face while the crowd cheers. Next, Lisey is laid on top of the bar and blindfolded. Princess Donna uses a vibrator on Lisey while other patrons finger Liseys pussy to a screaming orgasm. Finally, Princess Donna leaves Lisey there on the bar to be used and humiliated by the patrons!

Hogtied - Gal Ritchie - Predicament Bondage

File: hhgt3nahoggalritknsoz3yinx.mp4
Size: 3.65 GB
Duration: 51:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gal Ritchie is brand spanking new, and has set so many things in motion to be right in this

place, and exactly at this time. She knew she wanted to shoot for Kink.com, and put her head

down and did the work that it took to get her here. Well, shes here, so what is she going to do now

suffer thats what. Gal starts in a predicament sitting position and held in place with a web of

hemp rope that prevents her from moving at all. She doesnt know what her ability is yet, since

this is her first time, so The Pope gets to work finding out what makes this slut scream and moan.

Nipple clamps are added, and Gal does not even flinch, so meaner clamps are added to her nipples,

and then weights. She is suddenly very timid and quiet, so clover clamps are applied to her outer

labia, and weights are added to that as well. orgasms are whats going to crack this nut, or so he

thinks, but Gal is not going to give up anything without The Pope taking it from her. Next, Gal is

put in a brutal tie that has all of her body weight hanging from a few wraps around her waist. The

rope is positioned with the intent of making her suffer, so it is placed above her hip bones. Her

ankles and wrists are pulled one way, and her neck is pulled the other. Orgasms are what have

gotten the best reaction out of her so far, so we begin there to loosen her up. The crop hits some of

the sensitive areas before using a dildo to fuck her throat and pussy to get some squirting

orgasms. In the final position, Gal is bent over a sodden horse and stretched out. She is flogged

and vibed until her eyes roll back into her head. Gal is going to need more work to get her to open

up fully for us, and The Pope has already made plans to bring her back for round 2.

Savage Gangbang - Rebecca Vanguard - Dilf Bait Gets Filled With Cock

File: yoq2inasagarebvanskckyzustk.mp4
Size: 4.96 GB
Duration: 01:10:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rebecca wants to get rid of her crappy step-father so she seduces him and his friends to make it look like they take advantage of her. All this so her mom will kick him out! 3 hot DILFs take the bait and then take Rebecca on a wild ride that includes sloppy deep throat cock sucking, hardcore fucking, intense DP, double anal and eye-rolling orgasms!

Savage Gangbang - Skylar Snow - Curvy Slut Gets 5 Cocks For Anniversary Surprise

File: uucdunasagaskysno2srl511low.mp4
Size: 4.95 GB
Duration: 01:10:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Skylar Snow gets all gussied up to go out with her husband for their anniversary but instead of jewelry and a nice dinner Skylar gets blindfolded, taken to the dungeon and super gangbanged in a hardcore double anal, DP, Savage fuck fest. Tossed around and manhandled like a ragdoll Skylar is fucked in every hole airtight and covered in five fat loads of cum. Big natural tits and lots of squirting!

Savage Gangbang - Vanessa Vega - El Rancho Slut Fuck

File: vpjzxnasagavanvegpcqgz6y2co.mp4
Size: 4.56 GB
Duration: 01:05:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Vanessa Vega has had an abduction fantasy for a long time and today her dream comes true. Walking down the road minding her own business when out the blue BAM! 5 big dudes jump out of a car and snatch her up. She resists but secretly loves it. They take her to a ranch, chain her to a fence in a pig pen and leave her in the hot sun for hours until finally they return, hose her down and fuck her upin the best way. First she sucks all of their cocks then she gets her slutty holes pounded with huge dicks and covered with loads of cum. Double penetration, double vag, squirting and more!

Savage Gangbang - Betty Solace - Splash Zone

File: xzk9ynasagabetsolpeimrgzh3e.mp4
Size: 7.81 GB
Duration: 01:50:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Princess Donna drags pretty girl Betty Solace to a Strip club in Vegas, strips her down, ties her up and gives her a night she will never forget. Humiliated and paraded around for all to enjoy Betty gets cropped, caned, sucks dick and gets all of her whore holes fucked good with huge cock and covered in cum. Finally Princess Donna cuffs Betty to the strippers pole, zaps her with the cattle prod and fingerbangs this little slut until she squirts all over the stage again and again creating a huge mess. What a disgrace!

Savage Gangbang - Dee Williams - The Wager

File: 9b1pgnasagadeewilltfpdl71mg.mp4
Size: 5.61 GB
Duration: 01:19:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After loosing everything on poker night Dees husband must use his only valuable asset as a gambling chip his wife! She pretends not to know whats happening when in fact she is the one who set it all up to teach her lying husband a hardcore lesson! Five poker playing gangbangers take Dee down right in front of her husband and pound her slutty holes and cover her with cum while he watches. They stuff her airtight with deep-throat cock sucking, double penetration, double anal and loads of cum!

Kink Features - Liz Jordan - School Of Submission Day 1

File: ljl14nakifelizjortjuuuxgmyc.mp4
Size: 5.35 GB
Duration: 01:11:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome to the fifth installment of Kinks School of Submission, this time featuring

Liz Jordan. S.O.S. is four days of mental and physical torment and challenges. Its not for just

anyone. Each subject has petitioned to be here, and is then hand-selected by The Pope. The

experience is as real as you will ever see. There is no acting of any kind. The intent of School of

Submission is to show this, and to pull back the curtain to show you the deepest and most

personal experiences of our performers.

Liz begins with the extended interview, and its apparent to all involved that Liz is nervous, and

has very little to say. Her nerves have gotten the best of her already, but the show must go on, so

the interview continues. The first day is a deep dive into the psyche of the submissive to find out

what is needed to begin their journey. Liz still has her porn performer active, but that will be

dismantled by the end of the first session. The Pope enters and begins the session by explaining

what is expected and then starting the process.

First, she is collared to show his ownership of her for the next 4 days. Liz is in deep now, and the

reality of what she has embarked on is setting in with all of its weight. The clothes are ripped away,

nipple clamps are added, and the implements are introduced one by one. She puts up a bit of a

fight, and attempts to give up, but not today, not in his presence. There is only success in this

journey, so Liz is about to get a lesson in perseverance. She is pushed harder than she has ever had

to endure, but The Pope will not allow her to do anything except move forward.

Tears are shed, emotions run high, but Liz digs down deep and finds it in herself to make it

through her first day.

Savage Gangbang - Victoria Voxxx - From Rock Star To Cum Dumpster

File: sjjpunasagavicvoxnrbsdpvlkx.mp4
Size: 4.18 GB
Duration: 58:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After rockin out on stage, sexy rockstar Victoria Voxxx gets her ultimate gangbang fantasy when a gang of groupies wreck her slutty holes for good! Pretending to want a picture and an autograph, the groupies and her very own security guards lure Victoria into their snare. She can tell something is very wrong when one of them licks her face for the photo. But its too late to get away and these 5 gangbangers are ready to get a piece of Victorias sexy rockstar ass. They tear off her leather mini-skirt, fishnet stockings, her sparkly shirt and then cram their cocks in her mouth for some sloppy deep throat action. One huge cock after another fucks her pussy, ass and then they double stuff her holes causing her to scream and moan and cum as they pillage orgasms from her. Ms Voxxx is overwhelmed in the best way and cant get enough of this hardcore hole pounding goodness. Fucked in every position and covered with cum, this will be a night Victoria will never forget!

Everything Butt - Victoria Voxxx & Tommy King - Big Booty Fisting And Fucking

File: rk2ssnaevbuvictomnlqpmxavzr.mp4
Size: 3.20 GB
Duration: 45:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What happens when we get two of the best asses in the industry, put them in fishnet stockings, and tell them to put as much as they can inside of each others ass? This update is what you get, so lets get into it, shall we? Victoria Voxxx is the one calling the shots here, and has one mission for the day, which is to devour Tommy King and her amazing ass. Tommys hands are tied to her thighs and Victoria goes to work getting Tommys ass ready for the largest toys she can find. In
the midst of stretching tommys hole, Victoria slips her entire fist in and begins to fist Tommys ass until we get our first of many orgasms. This sets the pace for how the entire day will unfold...

Next Victoria is armed with a massive dildo strap on that she plans to fuck Tommys ass with until the orgasms pour out of her. Theres some spanking to keep Tommy in the mind set of being the sub today. Tommy is placed on her knees with her magnificent ass up for a proper fucking from
Victorias massive cock. Anal orgasms are plentiful as Victoria pounds Tommys ass relentlessly, and before she is finished with Tommys ass, Victoria fists her once again. In the final scene, its time Tommy reciprocates and services Victorias amazing ass. It doesnt take much for Tommy to open up Victorias hole and make it gape. Victoria puts Tommy on her back and smothers Tommy with her juicy ass. Then Tommy is equipped with the same massive dildo strap on and Victoria uses Tommy to have intense anal orgasms as she rides Tommys cock.

Fucking Machines - Kay Lovely - Big Bosom Blonde Gets Power Fucked

File: h4s6snafumakaylovrxdo7od4gz.mp4
Size: 3.43 GB
Duration: 48:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kay Lovely is brand new to Kink.com, so we give her a run at the machines to see if shes going to be a good fit. She begins with a little warm up with the magic wand as she fingers herself, before moving her on to bigger and better things. Her first set up is in a big chair that has her leaning back and her holes in the perfect position for penetration. The machine is placed between her legs, the dildo slides into her pussy slowly, and the fucking commences.

Kay instantly begins to smile as it slides in and out of her pussy, and the orgasms start to build inside of her. The smile gets bigger the closer we get to her cumming. She squeals, and the orgasms pour out of her until she begins to squirt as well. The next scene has her bent over on her knees, in a doggy position with the machine deep inside of her. Kays body is so fucking hot, and the machine fucking her makes her even hotter. Her beautiful ass looks amazing as the machine fuck her pussy, and she fingers her asshole. The vibe is added and the squirting orgasms begin to happen again. The finalscene has Kay on her side, almost in a spooning position. The machine goes to work, and Kay explodes with orgasms. The faster it goes, the more she cums. The squirting happens quickly, and Kay cannot believe that she was capable of orgasming so much, or so hard.

Hardcore Gangbang - Jesse Pony - Tip Your Waiters

File: qwsupnahagajesponxlblbgsuvc.mp4
Size: 3.84 GB
Duration: 54:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jesse Pony is at a beautiful resort, relaxing by the pool and tanning her gorgeous body in a skimpy bikini. But this entitled bitch is treating the wait staff like trash! When the waiter provides her with a beverage and politely offers to oil her up, she insults his manhood and splashes her drink in his face. Shes going to regret it because he brings four of his friends over to give her a serious attitude adjustment. After dunking her head in a bucket of water to completely humiliate her, all 5 men put her to work deep-throating their huge cocks and licking their assholes. They take turns fucking her pussy, ass, and mouth until shes stretched to the limit. This hot gangbang is full of sloppy face fucking, big dicks, DP, multiple squirting orgasms, and a 5 guy bukkake cum bath. Did this spoiled brat learn her lesson, or will she be back for more?

Device Bondage - Haley Spades - Fresh Meat

File: pvp2pnadebohalspasoat7yvtro.mp4
Size: 3.30 GB
Duration: 46:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Haley Spades is brand new to BDSM, and we treated her that way. Every model is different, so each one is treated as such. Some are tough as nails, and some not so much. None the less, we strive to constantly bring you new faces, and today we present you with Haley. Haley begins in the scavengers daughter, gagged, and completely helpless. The Pope enters and sees that she is overly nervous, so he gives her an orgasm to loosen her up a bit. He then adds clothes pins to her inner thighs to test her pain tolerance, and ability to process pain. Nipple clamps are added to increase her suffering, and so far, Haley is handling everything he throws at her. Next, she is bent over with her ass in the air and restrained with steel shackles around her wrists and ankles. He introduces her to the baton, and then the cane for a brief bastinado. Her limit has been found, so Haley is kept there until he fucks her pussy for more orgasms. In the final scene, Haley is spread eagle on the floor with leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles that are chained to the floor. The Pope walks over to her and covers her entire torso with his boot as he tramples her. Haley responds with a smile, and it seems that we have found something else that this slut enjoys. Next Haley is subjected to breath play and imposed orgasms for the remainder of the day.

Dungeon Sex - Katie Kush - Power Fucked In Strict Bondage

File: gow6xnadusekatkusb9f5zop7or.mp4
Size: 4.05 GB
Duration: 56:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Katie begins her day on her back like a good slut, with her legs pulled into a full split. Her arms are pulled out and tied to her ankles, and her cunt is covered in white panties. Johnny inspects his prey and slowly begins to devour her, first by fucking her mouth, and then moving around to put her cunt to good use as well. He uses the vibe, Magic Wand, to over stimulate her pussy as it vibes her clit and makes her cum.

Next, Katie is locked into a doggy position, bent over a steel bar and her head locked into a steel trap, and her wrists and ankles secured with leather cuffs. Her helpless body sits in wait until Johnny decides he wants to use and abuse her more. He fucks her mouth and pussy relentlessly as she orgasms uncontrollably. The vibe is used again to maximize the orgasm output. In the final scene, Katie has both of her wrists tied to one of her legs. This allows Johnny to throw her around and use her as he pleases. Her sole purpose is to be used, and he plans to give this slut a sense of worth today.

Hog Tied - Charlie Forde - Fresh Meat

File: flhtonahotichaforcl8cpwdszz.mp4
Size: 3.59 GB
Duration: 50:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Charlie is a sexy blonde slut from Australia that is dying to get tied up and tormented. She tells us that shes quite the squirter too, so its time for The Pope to glove up and get to work. First, Charlie is in a chair with her legs bound together and pulled up pushing her body back into the chair. Her arms are in a TK and secured behind her, and now that she is helpless, its time to test this sluts abilities. The crop is the implement of choice, and The Pope inflicts damage quickly and precisely with it.

First her feet, and then her ass before pressing a vibe against her clit to start the water works of the squirting orgasms. Next, Charlie is in an inverted suspension that employs a Futo but is supported with a waist harness to help with weight distribution. Her other leg is pulled out and restrained to expose her wet pussy. Her flesh is tenderized with a flogger before bringing back the crop to hit all of the sensitive areas. Nipple clamps are added just to top of the suffering and then her pussy is drained of its juices with more squirting orgasms. The final position has Charlie on her back with her feet tied together, her knees pulled down beside her, and her hands above her head and out of the way. The sole purpose of this position is to drain her of every fucking drop of her sweet cunt nectar. Squirting orgasm after squirting orgasm happen until there is nothing left for her to expel from her cunt.

Sex And Submission - Vanna Bardot - Secret Menu

File: mvnzknaseansuvanbart6llvpaxmt.mp4
Size: 4.24 GB
Duration: 59:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Vanna Bardot is in search of a little rest and relaxation, so under a friends referral, she goes to get a massage. Dante Colle is supposed to be the best in the biz, but the catch is that he offers so much more off the menu you just have to know what to ask for. Vanna knows the code and asks for a very special treatment that consists of sex and bondage. Dante escorts her to the back room for a little more privacy and gives this slut exactly what she asked for. Vanna is bound in tight rope and Dante torments her with a flogger and his hands before burying his cock deep inside of her. He puts her mouth and pussy to good use as he uses Vanna like a good little pain slut.

Everything Butt - Nova Flame & Liv Revamped - Fisting, Gaping, And Ass Worship

File: qmazfnaevbunovlivxonlilxnor.mp4
Size: 3.53 GB
Duration: 49:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Liv Revamped is here to serve Nova Flame, which begins with making her ass available and ready. Nova warms her up with the slink, and within a few minutes, Livs ass gobbles up almost the entire length of it. Nova uses Livs mouth to clean it before re-inserting it back in her ass and burying it all over again. Another toy is introduced, and Livs ass is more than accommodating for Novas toys and repays her mistress with a gaping ass hole. Next, Liv is put on her back and Nova fucks her ass with a massive strap on dildo. Livs arms are bound to her legs with leather straps for a little bondage in the mix. Liv is finished off with a few orgasms before being made to service Nova a different way. First, Liv fucks Novas ass with the slink, then another large dildo to stretch her ass nice and wide. Novas ass was made to gape, and Liv makes sure we get to see plenty of it before shoving her entire fist in Novas gaping ass.

Device Bondage - Lumi Ray - Bound And Squirting

File: pdbh4nadebolumrayxjttzoaahz.mp4
Size: 3.31 GB
Duration: 46:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lumi Ray loves to be bound and dominated by The Pope, and today the plan is to drain this slut of all of her sweet pussy nectar. Her body trembles at first touch. Maybe from excitement, maybe from fear who knows? What we do know is that Lumi is ready to explode with squirting orgasms almost immediately, so he goes to work facilitating this. Lumi begins in a device that locks her body into a seated position, but with all of the right parts exposed and helpless.

The Pope goes to work emptying Lumis pussy of her precious fluid one squirt at a time. Next, Lumi is put in a grueling scorpion pose with her elbows bent over a secondary pipe and pulled down to the table. Leather and chains keep her locked into place as he goes to work fucking her mouth and pussy until the squirting begins. Lumi soaks the entire table with so much squirt, but were not finished yet. The final scene has Lumi on her back with her legs spread exposing her to more fingering to finally empty her of all of her squirt. This process goes on until she literally can no longer squirt, and then is made to cum once more for good measures.

Dungeon Sex - Marica Hase - Bound, Fucked, And Tormented

File: gjv1cnadusemarhasz7e9sgymno.mp4
Size: 4.53 GB
Duration: 01:04:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Marica Hase begins in a single legged partial suspension with her hands behind her back in a TK, AKA a box tie. Her leg is also pulled up and tied out of the way so that Tommy Pistol has full access to her pussy. He meticulously inspects her and uses her to sexually satisfy himself. Its not long before he buries his cock deep inside of her cunt and fucks her mercilessly, then moves around to her mouth for a throat fucking.

Next, Marica is tied in a doggy position and Tommy gets to work abusing her body and her holes. Marica is made to cum so much that she becomes exhausted and unable to stop him from having his way with her. Her holes become his own personal cock receptacle to fuck as he sees fit, until he grows tired of her and changes positions one more time. This time Marica is on her back with her arms tied to her legs, and Tommy throws her around like a rag doll. He buries his cock deep inside her pussy and torments her with bastinado and paddling while he fucks her. Marica screams in agony, and that only makes her pussy tighter as he fucks it.

Sex And Submission - Liv Revamped & Nova Flame - Unwanted Guest

File: vdvidnaseansulivnovtiz6tl4f4a.mp4
Size: 4.36 GB
Duration: 01:01:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Halloween is the last holiday before the season is over for the year. Liv Revamped and Nova Flame are the last two people at the camp, and they are closing it down for the season. Nova convinces Liv to spend one more night with her at the property before packing up and going home until next year. They take a dip in the pool, have dinner, and then get to know each other a little better around a nice fire outside in the cool night air.

There is something eerie stirring around the property, but it is Halloween and its probably just something in the air. They both go to bed for the night, and then are awakened to find themselves inside their own nightmares. Evil has shown up at the property and hes going to do as he please with both of them. They are tied and used for their holes, and we mean all of them. This monster takes his time fucking their ass while they are helpless in bondage and then using the others mouth to clean his cock full ass to mouth. Liv and Nova made one bad decision by staying an extra night and are paying for it with their asses as this unwanted guest torments them and commits this full throttle anal

Everything Butt - Gia Derza & Rory Knox - Filthy Nasty Anal Sluts

File: 9y4kanaevbugiarorvftn39mtgn.mp4
Size: 3.89 GB
Duration: 54:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rory Knox is excited to play with Gia Derzas butt so today is her lucky day because Gia is ready for some hot girl on girl anal action. She wants to get really messy and see how much Gia can take in that famous asshole of hers. Gia is face down on her knees bound with rope and ass up high. Sexy Rory Knox can hardly contain her excitment when she finally gets her hands on Gia. First toy is a hard, bumpy glass dildo that glides right into Gias hole like butter. Rory slides it in and out causing Gia to gape right away and then lets her lick the dildo clean. Next Rory pulls out a massive latex dildo and pounds her hole deep to get her ready for the unbelievably long slink...

Gia takes it like a pro loving every inch of that thing stuffing her ass full and it makes her cum. From ass to mouth Gia sucks the slink clean and shares spit with Rory as they kiss and giggle. Now GIa is in a full rope suspension as Rory easily fits her whole fist in Gias elastic ass. Then Rory fucks her ass with a huge pink strap on dildo making Gia cum again and again but she desperately wants a fist back in her hole. Rory lubes up both hands and smoothly slides each one in and out of Gias butthole until she is out of her mind with orgasms. Finally Gia gets her turn to play with Rorys slutty hole. First she gets a butt plug up her ass and then a few fingers until Gias whole hand pounds her out making Rory cum hard. Finally Gia stuffs another long dildo up Rorys hole and drills her ass relentlessly until Rory can hardly take it anymore. With ass juice, spit and cum flying everywhere these girls are having too much fun. Endless orgasms for these filthy nasty sluts!
Bonus Anal queen Casey Calvert directs her first EB!

Hog Tied - Raven Lane - Young Slut Learns The Ropes

File: buofbnahotiravlan6r7imlesxc.mp4
Size: 3.52 GB
Duration: 49:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Raven Lane is fairly new to Kink, so getting her on Hogtied seemed to make sense to us. She has a tight natural body, shes young, and more than willing, so The Pope tests her abilities to handle strict bondage and loss of control. This is new territory for her, but she is eager and wants to experience it. Raven begins in a compact ground tie that has her in an asymmetrical position, face down, and quite helpless.

Every movement she attempts to make causes stress on another part of her body due to the predicament shes been tied in. The Pope fucks her tight little pussy and adds a vibe to ease her into this position after some corporal punishment pushes her a little too far, too fast. In the next scene, Raven is in a bent over doggy position with her arms pulled into a strappado, and her neck tied down to the spreader bar that keeps her legs spread wide. The orgasms seem to be enough for her while in bondage, but he pushes a little more to get some impact on her body for the full experience. The crop leaves its mark in a bright red form on her flesh with every strike of it. In the final scene, Raven is on her back with her arms tied to her legs, and both of them tied to a metal pipe holding her in place. She is helpless, and this time The Pope goes to work on her feet for some bastinado with a cane, but this is too much for her, so he goes back to the crop. Its not long before she has had her fill of pain, so orgasms are next up on the list. One after another orgasm is ripped from her willing pussy as he fucks her pussy and vibes her clit. She cant stop this, and she knows that he is not going to stop either until he is finished using her.

Dungeon Sex - Victoria Voxxx - Bondage Fuck Fest

File: jsskanadusevicvoxj2hqbmaure.mp4
Size: 4.81 GB
Duration: 01:07:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Victoria Voxxx is down for almost anything when it comes to BDSM, and today she proves it as Tommy Pistol puts her through her paces. Victoria is tied down on her back and Tommy enters carrying a bucket of water. His intent is to water board Victoria to set the pace for the day. This isnt her first time, so she knows what to expect, and it just pushes her to take more. Victoria is primed up and the fucking starts with Tommy doing everything he can to devour all of her.

Next, Victoria is face down, ass up with her body restrained in rope bondage holding her in a doggy position. Tommy gets to work spanking her perfect ass before violating her holes with his cock. Victoria can barely catch her breath as Tommy fucks her nonstop. The final scene has Victoria in a chest harness with her arms restrained and pulled out of the way so that Tommy can finish what he started. The fucking is primal, and they are feeding off of each other at this point. The power exchange is top tier and neither one of them will let up until Tommys balls are drained and Victoria is covered in his cum.

Device Bondage - Hazel Paige - Leather And Steel

File: c9dawnadebohazpai3qw2qq5snv.mp4
Size: 3.56 GB
Duration: 50:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hazel Paige is a tough cookie, and The Pope is going to try and crumble her. She begins upside down in an ankle suspension with her wrists bound and chained to the floor, stretching her out. The flogger instantly changes her flesh to a bright red as it strikes her all over creating sadistic art. She is spanked before breaking out the magic wand and vibrating her pussy into multiple orgasms. Next, Hazel is locked into a body cage like device that holds her body in a doggy position, displaying her ass for a good beating.

The leather from the flogger and crop litter her body with bright red welts from the punishment dished out by The Pope. Now that Hazel has been pushedto her breaking point, her pussy is filled with a dildo as he fucks her into more orgasms. In the final scene, Hazel is on her back with her limbs all secured with leather cuffs locked in place. The flogger swings through the air and hits its mark over and over as Hazel screams from the pain. The finale is when there is heavy breath play during the final orgasms of the day, pushing her over the edge.

Dungeon Sex - Nicole Aria - Bound, Tormented, And Ass Fucked

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Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Aria is tied to a chair awaiting Johnny Castle to enter and ravage her. She has offered up her ass as tribute in this intense ass fucking scene, but first a little torment and face fucking. Nicole wanted to be used and abused like a whore, and Johnny makes sure this slut gets what she came for. Next, we have Nicole strung up in a side suspension that allows us to see all of the action, especially when he slides his cock deep in her ass. He uses the crop to redden her flesh before burying his cock in all of her holes.

When Nicole is sucking his cock, hes making her pussy squirt uncontrollably. She is being put through the ringer, and getting what she came for. In the final scene, Nicole is thrown around like a rag doll as Johnny uses her holes as he wants. Nicole begs for more and gets everything she begs for. Breath play, torment, and all of the ass fucking she can handle. The day concludes with a happy slut, who has been freshly ass fucked and glowing from the experience.

Hog Tied - Mia James - Insatiable Slut Is Tamed With Bondage

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Format: mp4
Description: Mia James is back for another round, and this time shes leaving with some marks to remind her of her visit. First, we have Mia standing in the middle of the room with her hands above her head. The Pope enters and begins to grope this slut before starting to remove some of her clothing. She fidgets and tries to escape his grasp, so he ties her legs spread and to the columnsto secure her. The use of a baton on her flesh gets her attention quickly as he tenderizes her legs, ass and cunt with it.

Its going to take more to break this slut, so we move into the next scene where Mia is face down and ass up. This time there is a crop and a cane to inflict pain on her ass and legs. The marks appear almost instantly as Mia screams in agony while he issues corporal punishment. Once she has had enough, her pussy is filled with a dildo that fucks her into multipleorgasms. The final scene is upon us, and Mia finds herself tied to a sybian. Her arms stretched out to the sides, and her legs tied down to hold her in position. A latex posture collar is added for fun, and The Pope spends the entire scene tormenting her with nonstop orgasms.

Sex And Submission - April Olsen - Looking For Trouble

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Duration: 54:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: April lives a good life, with all of the things to make her happy all around her. She has a nice house, car, and so on, but the when something isnt as it should be she will throw a tantrum quick. She calls her repair man to come repair her fridge, but he sends her to someone else. Against her better judgment, April goes to meet this other handy man and realizes she has stumbled upon a not so savory person.

April gets mouthy with him and this is the only mistake sheneeded to make to set him off. April attempts to run, but cannot escape his compound, or him. April is taken to his trailer and for the next several hours Tommy has his way with her. Every hole is violated and abused while she is restrained and kept helpless. He fucks her mouth, pussy, and ass. April begs and pleads with him, but Tommy has other plans and is going to teach this bitch a lesson. You dont get to go around acting like this and not expect some kind of

Kink Test Shoots - Vanessa Vega - Punishment For The Mouthy Brat

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Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mouthy brat Vanessa Vega is exploring her limits with intense torment from Eli Cross. Vanessas session begins in a standing position with a collar around her neck and her wrists behind her back keeping her locked in position. Eli warms up her flesh with hard smacks from a leather flogger, bringing Vanessa into a blissful ecstasy. He continues with more impact play from a riding crop on her ass and nipples. Large toys are inserted into Vanessas hungry holes as the slut screams in ecstasy, and Eli cant help but laugh as she suffers.

She is rewarded with a squirting orgasm that has her writhing in her restraints. In the next position, Vanessa is placed on her back, legs spread wide open, with a large pink butt plug deep in her ass. Vanessa is helpless as Eli starts clamping her pussy lips with clips. Eli canes Vanessas feet and legs as she intensely screams and laughs from the torment. In the final position, Vanessa is face down and ass up with her wrists and ankles in restraints. Her marked-up body is punished further with cane strikes from Eli. Vanessa is ravaged with a large toy in her ass that goes straight into her mouth afterwards. Her pussy and ass are stretched further while a vibrator is held firmly against her clit, inducing her to squirt even more.

Everything Butt - Christie Stevens & Kendra Cole - Push The Limit

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Duration: 44:55
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Format: mp4
Description: Christie Stevens and Kendra Cole kiss and caress each other in latex, slowly peeling their rubber off. Kendra slides a glass toy into Christies butt, stretching it open while playing with her clit. Kendra bends over and slides her latex dress up over her ass to reveal the glass buttplug shes wearing, showing off her visible gape. Kendra sits on Christies face while Christie eats her pussy. Kendra returns the favor to Christie while opening her ass more until Christie orgasms and they both taste her ass juices off the toy. Christie puts more glass toys into Kendras asshole, stretching her open with a big clear cylinder until Kendra cums and gapes. Christie gets her ass fucked hard by Kendras strap-on until she cums, and begs for more anal stretching. Kendra fingers Christies asshole adding fingers one by one to attempt fisting and Christie cums again with her.

Hog Tied - Victoria Voxxx - Harsh Punishment In Grueling Bondage

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Duration: 43:58
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Format: mp4
Description: Victoria Voxxx has proven herself time and time again, that she is one of the toughest sluts in the game right now. Today, The Pope will try again to push her further than shes gone before. This task could be daunting for most, but his skill and natural sadism is key to ensure Victoria gets every damn thing she came for. Victoria begins face up, legs spread wide, and arms pulled above her head to render her completely helpless.

The flogger turns her flesh a bright shade of red before applying vicious nipple clamps and pulling them tight. The pain continues under his massive hand as it comes down on her torso over and over again. Next, we get to witness a brutal suspension as it happens. Victoria begins bound and standing, and we see The Pope manipulate her body with rope until she is in a nasty predicament suspension. Every rope added helps develop the final position until Victoria is totally fucked. A vibe eases the suffering, but only a little. In the final scene, Victoria is kneeling on a box, and her upper body is in tied to an up-line holding her in a partial suspension. Her neck is pulled the opposite way of her body to create tension and make the tie more difficult to endure. The Pope launches a full out assault on her perfect ass with heavy impact implements until she is visibly marked from the intensity. Victoria is finished off with mind blowing orgasms that top her off.

Sex And Submission - Katrina Colt - Therapeutic Anal

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Duration: 01:15:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tommy gets a strict lecture from his girlfriend about him fucking up, and all he can do is complain about how everything is someone elses fault. He has court appointed therapy and his therapist, Katrina doesnt put up with his complaining. He arrives at his session, and instantly Katrina starts fucking with him. Every button that she can push, she pushes with all her might. Try as he may, Tommy loses his temper and does exactly what hes been wanting to do.

He slaps her around, and then ties her up and uses all of her holes. He starts with an deep throat fucking, then moves to her pussy for a quick minute. He quickly grows tired of her cunt, and violates her ass, and Katrina dares him to do his damnedest. She is not afraid of him, so he continues to torment her and fuck her tight ass until he decides to cover her in his cum.

Device Bondage - Nova Flame - Going The Distance

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Duration: 56:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nova Flame showed up for another Kink shoot and mentioned she was into BDSM, but was particular about who she submitted to. The Pope apparently is on a very short list of people trusted with this task. Fast forward a few weeks and we have Nova back for a Device Bondage shoot, and now you get to see it all. All of the debauchery, torment, suffering, bondage and all of the fucking orgasms! First timers are a gamble, and sometimes you hit gold like we did with Nova.

This shoot is a lot more extreme than the average first shoot with a model, but once you watch it, youll understand why. The chemistry between these two is clear, and the mission is to see how far Nova is willing to let The Pope go. Folded in half with leather cuffs and some well placed chains keep her completely helpless. A belt around her body and she can only submit to what is about to happen. Bastinado, caning, and big dildo fucking round out the first scene. Next, Nova is drilled into the floor with leather straps around her wrists, her legs belted to shin mounts, and another belt cinching her body to her legs. Heavy impact all over her thighs and ass push Nova to the very edge, but with the addition of a powerful vibe pressed hard against her clitrevitalizes her with orgasms that have her doing everything possible to try and escape. In the final scene, Nova is flat on her back with her limbs secured with steel shackles. The Pope adds clothes pins to the sensitive parts of her flesh, but only after he drills a vibrator into the table holding it on her clit first. The vibe will run the entire time as Nova fights to escape it with no luck. The clothes pins are eventually hit off with his flogger in the midst of a powerful orgasm. This is usually more than enough for the average model, but Nova then is subjected to extreme breath play with orgasms pour out of her body.

Sex And Submission - Liv Revamped - Anal In The Dungeon

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Duration: 46:02
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Format: mp4
Description: Livs day begins with her on her hands and knees like a good whore should be, awaiting her captor. Shes wearing an innocent looking bra and panty set, but shes not fooling anyone here. Derrick enters and goes to work giving this slut her instructions for the day, and then dishes out some impact with his leather flogger. Her ass is spanked, then her panties ripped from her body and shoved in her mouth. As Derrick fucks her pussy, he fingers her ass and tells her that is the next hole he will violate.

The rest of her outfit is ripped away and she is suspended in a hogtie position. Derrick uses her mouth and pussy while fucking her ass with a butt plug.Eventually the plug comes out and his cock goes deep in her ass. The final scene has Liv on her back with her arms tied behind her in a Takate Kote aka TK. Derrick uses his cat-o-nine tails to torment Liv before using all of her holes to his satisfaction. He employs the magic wand to push Liv over the edge as he mercilessly fucks her ass until she explodes with orgasms.

Hardcore Gang Bang - Rebel Rhyder - Gangbang Junkie

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Description: Sexy anal slut Rebel Rhyders jerk off fantasies become a reality one sunny afternoon when she finds herself suspended upside down in the throes of a hardcore blowbang. After gagging and slobbering on huge dicks she gets all her holes fucked giving her the Savage Gangbang of her dreams. Airtight!
With double vag and double anal.

Everything Butt - Daisie Belle & Skye Mae - The Massterpiece

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Format: mp4
Description: Get ready for some super-hot, over-the-top deluxe butt action in this sexy update with two kinky redheads Dasie Belle and Skye Mae. Anything goes with these two cuties, toys, butt plugs, speculums, butt funnels, dildos, neon paint enemas! They start the day kissing and exploring each others bodies. Both of them are wearing platform heels and sexy, skimpy outfits that show off all of their best parts. Skye sucks Daisies nipples and then licks her pussy and plays with the pink heart shaped butt-plug in her ass.

But now its time for Daisie to domme pretty little Skye Mae. In a sex swing Sky is on her knees with her back arched and ass up high. Skye is in heaven as Daisie caresses her ass with her long blue fingernails and teases her hole with a metal butt plug. Then jumping right in Skye fists her own ass and lets Daisie Belle do the same. These hotties are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to have fun and get off today! Next Daisie screws the speculum into Skyes asshole stretching her so wide you can see all the way in. Then she fits a rubber device in her ass, fills it with bright pink paint and uses a paintbrush to paint Skyes pussy even pinker than it already is. After that Skye gets her ass fucked so good with a dildo, she cums hard and squirts out all the pink paint that was in her asshole making a crazy, messy blend of squirt and pink glowing paint all over the place. The fun keeps going when Skye fills Daisies ass with neon green paint. She vibes her pussy with the Hitachi and as she cums the thick green neon liquid flows out of her ass like psychedelic lava. Then she gets a hardcore pounding with the dildo which sends Daisie over the top with orgasms. Finally, these good little butt sluts top the day off with neon paint enemas. In full suspension Maye hangs above a big white canvas on the floor. Daisie fills her asshole with green, pink, orange and blue neon enemas one after the other and spins her round and round as all the colors of the rainbow squirt out of her butt painting a pretty picture on the canvas Voila! The Massterpiece.

Hog Tied - Charlee Chaste - Extreme Bondage And Grueling Torment

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Size: 3.83 GB
Duration: 53:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Charlee Chaste has been involved in the BDSM community for quite some time, and we finally got to put them to the test on the most extreme rope bondage site on the internet, Hogtied.com. The Pope has orchestrated bondage positions that will push Charlee to their breaking point, and beyond. Their body and mind will be tested with the extreme rope bondage. Charlee is face up with their legs spread wide and The Pope goes to work punishing Charlees body with floggers and more.

A crotch rope tears through Charlees cunt as pressure is added until they are finally in a grueling partial suspension. Next Charlee is put in a Futomomo a single bent leg suspension with a waist harness to help with the grueling nature of this tie. They hang upside down and endure torment and breath play before being allowed to orgasm. In the last scene, Charlee is folded in half and The Pope uses Charlees own body to help keep the restrained and helpless. The torment continues with caning, trampling, and extreme breath control. The first chance Charlee gets to worship The Popes boots for the brutality he issued, they take it. Orgasms pour out of Charlees cunt uncontrollably, yet he continues until there is nothing left to give.

Sex And Submission - Hime Marie - Bad Timing

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Size: 4.19 GB
Duration: 59:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hime Marie is canvasing the neighborhood trying to sell a new makeup line, but knocks on the wrong door. She catches Derrick in the middle of something she shouldnt have, so he quickly brings her in to the house to assess the situation. Hime keeps pressing the issue until Derrick has no choice but to restrain her and teach her a lesson. She struggles and fights back, but realizes that she is fighting a losing battle. After a short interrogation, Derrick decides the best way to handle this is to keep her tied up and fuck all of her holes, especially her ass.