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Sex And Submission - Lauren Phillips - Discretion Is Advised

File: rhremnaseansulauphiwf6vjq4ra7.mp4
Size: 4.31 GB
Duration: 01:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Christian Wilde is stressed out and needs a good massage. His regular girl is not available so the agency sends a replacement in the form of the sexy, voluptuous redhead Lauren Phillips. Mr. Wilde is somewhat famous, so he requests whoever comes to do the job be very discreet and private. Lauren recognizes Mr. Wilde right away. During the massage she tries her hardest to contain her excitement but she is smitten and cant help herself as she sneaks a deep and inappropriate feel of his ass and then even touches his dick to help relieve his stress. Christian knows now this little slut wants cock real bad so hes going to have his way with her. Lauren eagerly submits to sucking Christians big cock. She takes the whole thing deep down her throat easily, and loves it. Mr. Wilde pulls Laurens shirt and bra off revealing her massive tits and lets her know she will be calling him Sir today and that he is going to use all her holes to make his cock feel spectacular. Yes sir! This is like a dream come true for Ms. Phillips. She is more than willing to give him whatever he wants. First Lauren is tied up on her back with her legs spread wide open. Christian fucks her wet slutty pussy as her big juicy tits bounce with every thrust. She takes it like a good whore and then Christian slides his cock in her ass and fucks her deep and hard, making Lauren squeak and giggle as her eyes roll to the back of her head. Christian shoves his cock in her mouth and gives her an aggressive mouth fucking making her clean off all that ass and then fucks her huge tits and both of her holes thoroughly until she begs to cum. Christian is not done with his little fuck-doll! Next, Lauren is tied up to the banister with her limber legs stretched high and wide. He fills her ass with hard cock and pounds her sloppy wet pussy some more. He keeps his dick buried deep in all her holes until Lauren begs for his load. He shoots hot cum all over her juicy whore ass, trembles with satisfaction and makes plans for their next appointment.

Everything Butt - Sasha Beart & Lily Lane - Horny Russian Anal Slut

File: ditk7naevbusaslilmtzltwe9ia.mp4
Size: 3.63 GB
Duration: 51:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The first time Sasha Beart ever jerked off it was to some hot content on Kink.com and ever since then she wanted to be a porn star and ultimately be a model on Kink. Well her dream has come true and its all here for you to dig into and enjoy! Paired up with the super hot and super busty Lily Lane, these two make quite the dynamite duo with their big tits and sexy butts. Sasha is the quintessential Horny Anal Slut with long blond hair, a cute accent, a beautiful body, and a magical asshole. There is nothing she can not handle or will not try...

Adding some power dynamic to the mix, Lily is the perfect Dom with her long shiny black hair, massive boobs, and curvy ass. She knows how to put Sasha in her place and give her the ride of her life. Lily starts the day with a bang by busting out the big toys. First Lily easily inserts a big fat green dildo up Sashas ass and she immediately loves it, so much that she begs Lily to fuck her ass more, deeper and harder. This calls for an even bigger rainbow-colored unicorn dildo which slides in nicely and leaves Sashas ass stretched and gaping. Then if that wasnt enough, and it wasnt, Lily crams an even bigger fatter dildo into Sashas hole and makes her cum hard, her whole body shaking from pleasure. They both lick the dildo clean tasting all the slutty ass juice from Sashas gaping hole. Now on her knees and all tied up in bondage, Sashas butt is up in the air ready to take the strap-on cock that Lily wears around her sexy hips. She takes a good pounding, loving every thrust which leads Lily to stuff her whole fist up Sashas butt. Sasha takes every inch of Lilys fist as she writhes around moaning with eyes rolling back in her head. Now its Lilys turn to get pleasured and Sasha is more than happy to oblige. She has a great time licking Lilys asshole and pussy and playing with her tits. Then Lily throat fucks Sasha with a popsicle dildo and fucks her own ass with it but Lily needs something bigger and harder too so Sasha fucks her ass with a shiny stainless steel dildo until Lily cums real good. They end their day with lots of sexy kissing as Lily is very pleased with her little bimbo slut and all the nasty, filthy things they have done today.

Hog Tied - Olive Glass - Whipped & Bound

File: gsapunahotioliglavbn9hpq98w.mp4
Size: 3.60 GB
Duration: 50:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Olive Glass is back on Kink.com and shes in the mood for rope bondage. First, Olive has her arms tied to a bamboo pole. The Pope tenderizes her flesh just before upping the bondage ante. He starts with spanking Olives ass, and then moves on to hit her with the leather flogger. He gives her tits and stomach the attention they deserve. Always seeking more control, The Pope ties up one of olives legs, then goes to town on Olives spread pussy.

He makes her cum with the Hitachi and then puts her in a full suspension and makes her cum some more. After that, Olive is tied to the bench where The Pope puts clothespins on her tits and makes her really feel the sting as he gives her pussy the Hitachi again. He puts clothespins on her thighs as he continues the pleasure and torment. The Pope adds another rope to her pussy and then raises her off the bench to give her more orgasms. In the final scene, The Pope has Olive tied up, kneeling face-down on a padded box to focus on her ass and pussy. Some spanking and flogging quickly turn into fingering and stuffing her wet pussy with a dildo. The Pope finishes Olive off with a Hitachi reach-around that sends her into a screaming bliss.

Dungeon Sex - Jesse Pony - Feed Me Cock

File: ipvhlnadusejespon8bphtcuzq1.mp4
Size: 3.32 GB
Duration: 46:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jesse Pony is a cock craving submissive slut whose only purpose is to serve under the cruel mastery of her sadistic dom. Today, Christian Wilde is the lucky guy that gets to fill Jesses needs and hungry holes. First Jesse is restrained on her back with her arms and ankles secured with skintight inescapable rope bondage. She struggles to escape from Christian cruel intentions as he torments her with viscous impact play and the relentless stimulation of a powerful vibrator.

He coerces her to cum repeatedly while he face fucks Jesses bottomless throat and strangles her fragile neck. Next Jesse is restrained with thick leather belts while perched in front of a large bowl of water. As Christian pounds Jesses tight pink pussy from behind and spanks her perfect round ass. He grabs her skull and shoves it into the water bowl and baptizes her with his depraved intentions. Gasping for breath and fighting to get her head out of the water, Christian retrieves his fuck toys head only to shove his massive cock deep into her throat. Jesse only begs for more. Next the super sub finds herself in a full rope suspension that exposes her pussy to Christians pleasure. He wastes no time and begins to relentlessly fuck her until she is screaming from the uncontrollable ecstasy of the unwanted and repeated orgasms. To end her day, Christian throws Jesse onto a dirty old fuck mattress. He then spends the next ten minutes mercilessly fucking Jesse as she begs for him to abuse her fuck hole. Christian is only too happy to oblige and in a fit of depraved passion blows a massive load of jizz all over Jesses titties and mouth. She only wants more.

Device Bondage - Liv Revamped - Steel And Leather

File: bhopfnadebolivrevcl6o8bdkkg.mp4
Size: 2.83 GB
Duration: 39:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Liv Revamped returns to Kink.com, but its been a while since shes been on Device Bondage so The Pope wastes no time getting to the torment. First a gagged Liv is bound hand and foot by two vertical poles riding a wooden horse where shes groped and spanked before the flogger comes out to play. After some breath play ,The Pope gives Liv a few orgasms as a reward. Next, Liv is bound to a tabletop in a kneeling position making her ass a perfect target. The Pope flogs her ass and back before using the crop to torment her feet. After some fingering, Liv is fucked with a dildo while a vibrator is pressed against her pussy. Finally Liv is bound, face up on a table with the Hitachi bolted to the table. The Pope wastes no time and turns it on while he flogs her stomach. After some more breath play and another appearance by Fluffy, The Pope continues to flog and choke a very over-stimulated Liv before leaving her to writhe on the table, cumming over and over.

Sex And Submission - Madi Collins - Back Rent Paid In Rear

File: 1jl4tnaseansumadcol2valshw9z2.mp4
Size: 3.42 GB
Duration: 47:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Madi Collins is back on Kink.com and this time shes here for a little CNC Consensual Non-consent with Christian Wilde. Madi rents an apartment to Christian and shes fuming mad because hes now six months behind in his rent. When she confronts her deadbeat tenant, Madis surprised by Christians explosive response and his counter offer that she pay his rent while he takes what he wants from her. From face-fucking his landlord in the hall to tossing her on the bed like a rag-doll, Christain dominates Madi and uses all of her holes for his pleasure fucking her mouth, her pussy, and ever her ass as he chooses. Despite Madis begging and pleading, Christian continues his anal torment until she eventually submits to both his cock and his will, agreeing to pay his rent and be his slave from now on.

Whipped Ass - Aiden Starr & Hazel Paige - I’m Your Useless Sex Toy

File: uprdunawhasaidhazt5phuowukr.mp4
Size: 4.38 GB
Duration: 01:01:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hazel Paige is a submissive young lesbian who gets wet when a cruel mistress like the dominant Aiden Starr verbally abuses her. Nothing makes her panties moist like being called a stupid, useless sex bimbo. Aiden has many gifts but her true talent is her way with words and she quickly obliges her objectified slut slave with her vicious tongue and critical discourse. First, Aiden tests the limits of Hazels concentration, pain tolerance, and ability to follow directions. She finds Hazels abilities as a service sub to be woefully lacking and punishes her accordingly. After putting cruel clover clamps and clothespins on her little perky tits and juicy pussy lips, she spanks her mercilessly until she begs to cum. Pleased with her pet whores sacrifice, Aiden allows her the pleasure of an orgasm while squeezing her fragile throat. Next, Hazel is restrained with inescapable rope bondage and is required to lick her mistresss pussy. Aiden grinds on her face as she subjects her to repeated and unwanted orgasms, facilitated by a powerful vibrator. Hazel begs for mercy, but there is none to be found in this dungeon. To finish the day, Hazel is restrained. Her tight pink pussy gets crammed with a massive strap-on dildo. Aiden fucks her until her cunt is dripping. This makes Aiden more ravenous and she decides to fist Hazels pussy. Her hand barely fits inside and Hazel begs to cum from the overwhelming sensations. Aiden cackles with delight as she entices Hazel to lick all of the gooey cunt cream off of her fingers. This shoot is a treat for those who love watching a young slut cum uncontrollably.

Hog Tied - Lola Mai - Relentless Torment

File: lecz5nahotilolmairk3xpfdatj.mp4
Size: 3.17 GB
Duration: 44:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lola Mai is the kind of nubile submissive fresh meat the The Pope craves. Lola surrenders completely to the sadistic appetites of her dominant master. The Pope wastes no time and begins the day by stretching his fuck-toy out in a rigorous standing position with her back arched over a wooden barrel and her arms restrained above her head with inescapable rope bondage. Lola is relentlessly tormented with every impact toy in the dungeon. First with a heavy leather flogger, then with a weighted baton, followed by a biting single tail whip, and concluding with The Popes massive man fists...

We can hear her entire rib cage thump and shake as her master punches her over and over. Lola begs for more attention and more pain. The Pope is only too eager to oblige and every time he checks his toys tight little pussy he finds it to be dripping wet with delight. Lola is a pure pain slut. Next, we see Lola brutally tied and bent over with her perfect round ass on display. The Pope ruthlessly objectifies her booty and punishes it with severe corporal and impact play. He uses every implement at his disposal hands, fists, cane, paddle, and baton, to elicit painful delight from his captive sex toy. Lolas ass radiates the perfect pink hue of a toy that has been used properly. To end the day, this eager slut has earned her reward. The Pope perches her on knees with her arms and legs securely restrained and immobilized. He applies several layers of rope around Lolas fragile neck and slowly draws it upward with a block and tackle. His pet can breathe but only enough to rasp and beg for more torment and the ecstasy that arises from the brutality of painful attention and salivating validation. The Pope blindfolds his toy and then repeatedly shocks every part of her body with the powerful zaps of a giant cattle prod. Lola gasps, moans, and quivers from delight every time she is punished with the electricity play. Eventually, The Pope is satisfied by the carnal sacrifices of his plaything and jams a vibrator onto Lolas swollen and throbbing clit. She begs to cum but The Pope denies her until she is lost deep in sub space and pleads for sexual release. And, just when she is on the edge of ecstasy, The Pope allows her to cum and leaves her panting and sweating in a heap of delight.

Dungeon Sex - Gal Ritchie - Please Use Me

File: 1ur5mnadusegalrit9jpqu6hnis.mp4
Size: 3.40 GB
Duration: 48:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gal Ritchie returns to Kink.coms dungeon to reprise her role as a submissive sex slut. She submits to the chiseled and cruel taskmaster Johnny Castle and their chemistry is diabolically palpable. The sadistic Johnny wastes no time and begins to devour his sex toy right away. He examines Gal by licking, kissing, slapping, and spitting on her to find out what makes her purr. Johnnys massive cock is quickly engorged, and he shoves it into Gals dripping wet pussy. As Johnny pounds her from behind she has repeated orgasms and tries to squirm away from the intensity of the sensations. But she is restrained in skintight inescapable rope bondage and cant get away from Johnnys fucking frenzy.

Next Gal finds herself bent over and restrained with intricate rope bondage that exposes her ass and mouth to the whims of the dominant master. Johnny uses Gals mouth for a deep-throat face fucking and then quickly switches to pound her teeny pink pussy. He does this repeatedly only to periodically stop to stimulate her swollen clit with a powerful hitachi vibrator and finger bang her until she begs to cum. Pleased with her sacrifice, Johnny flips his bitch onto her back and draws one her legs up into the air so he can really dig in and pound some sense into Gals pussy. Johnny begins to pant from the intensity but the more his fuck puppet moans and begs for attention the more passionate he becomes. He then ties Gals forearms to her calves so he can really focus on rough fucking his captive slut. Gal begs to taste his jizz and when Johnny reaches his peak, he blows a massive load of cum all over Gals pussy and titties. Both are panting and drenched in sweat as Johnny scoops up the semen and hand feeds it to Gals hungry mouth. She licks his fingers dry.

Everything Butt - Kitt Jones & Violet Bombs - Such A Pretty Hole

File: omprknaevbukitvio7batgvkcxb.mp4
Size: 3.80 GB
Duration: 53:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tall, blonde Kitt Jones is excited to have her kinky way with curvy Violet Bombs sexy, slutty ass today. She sticks a piece of pink tape over Violets pussy to keep it off limitsafter all this is everything butt so she doesnt want to get distracted by her other hole. Kitt inspects Violets asshole and finds it very tight so she loosens it up with her tongue and fingers to get Violet ready for the big guns coming her way. First butt toy is a pretty blue dildo. Kitt slides it in easily and fucks Violets hole, making her moan and cum hard. She is so hot and horny and ready to cum for her mistress, what a fun little fuck-toy she is going to be today! Kitt licks the dildo clean and loves how sweet Violets ass tastes...

Now Kitt prepares a hard, heavy stainless steel dildo by sticking it in her little toys mouth to get it all wet and then fills her ass and fucks her while vibing her sensitive clit with the Hitachi. She is not allowed to cum until Kitt says its ok but its very difficult! Violet follows orders and counts to ten before she lets it rip, her whole body shakes and quivers as she cums after holding back for so long. After several more orgasms Violet sucks Kitts strap on dildo to get it ready for her tight butthole. Its big and will surely stretch her pretty little hole right out. First Violet rides her cock in reverse cowgirl and then bends over a table and Kitt Jones fucks her ass real good and drives Violet crazy. Violet Bomb just cant get enough action so Kitt rims her asshole, fucks her with 5 fingers and makes her gape with the metal dildo. Now its Kitts turn to cum and her little slut knows just what to do. Violet fingers Kitts tight hole while rubbing her pussy and then fucks her ass with the blue dildo just right. She wants something bigger so Violet pushes a huge clear acrylic dildo up Kitts ass which sends her over the top with orgasms and makes her eyes roll back in her head. Finally Kitt is on her back with those long lean legs spread wide, her red latex platform boots waver in the air as she vibes her pussy and Violet fucks her hole, sending Kitt into another delicious mind blowing orgasm.

Device Bondage - September Reign - September Cums In March

File: qipqynadebosepreiimzqdfd4ut.mp4
Size: 3.90 GB
Duration: 55:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: September Reign may be new to Kink.com but she is no stranger to BDSM and is an eager submissive for The Pope. Starting off in a stockade type device September is prone to whatever The Pope wants to do to her, and what he wants is to spank her sexy ass. The Pope fingers Septembers sweet wet pussy. The Pope breaks out the Hitachi and really starts testing Septembers self control, which she has a hard time keeping because shes enjoying the torment shes receives. Next, The Pope has September bound face-down on a box, leaving her pussy and ass exposed for The Pope to do whatever he wants. He starts with some clit stimulation. The Pope quickly moves on to the flogger and continues to test Septembers limits...

The Hitachi returns and gets Septembers pussy aching to cum. The Pope fucks her with the dildo on a stick. After driving September crazy from the fucking, The Pope finger fucks her g-spot while vibrating her clit, ripping more orgasms from a very happy September. Finally The Pope straps sexy September to the mattress springs against a wall. This time he can test how much electricity she can handle. He starts easy with a static charger in his pocket that zaps her when he touches her, much to her confused enjoyment. Soon the zapper comes out and really gets Septembers juices flowing. The Pope brings out the blackout goggles and torments her with more zapping before finishing her off with the Hitachi, leaving September Reign both exhausted and very satisfied.

Sex And Submission - Gia Derza - The Renovator

File: ixksmnaseansugiaderkbbacscgqo.mp4
Size: 3.61 GB
Duration: 50:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derza isnt happy with the status of her remodel. Foreman, Tommy Pistol is tired of her complaining so he takes her by the neck and throws her onto a steel bed. He shoves his hand down her pants, then shoves his cock in her mouth and gives her an aggressive mouth-fucking. He flips Gia over and fucks her pussy deep and hard. He pulls her hair and spanks her big round ass. After that, he ties her wrists with rope and slides his fist inside her pussy.

He rams his hard cock in her asshole and fucks it raw. Tommy puts his boot on her head as he fucks her, going back and forth, pussy to ass. He shoves his dick in her mouth and makes her taste her own ass. In the final scene, Gia is on her back, spread eagle on the bed, rope pulling at each wrist and ankle, stretching her legs apart as much as they can. Tommy then fucks her pussy with his cock and balls, shoving them both inside. He pounds her asshole hard, cums on her bush, and leaves her there for the construction crew.

Hog Tied - Katie Kush - Overwhelmed With Orgasms

File: xqxrinahotikatkusgbiz35cpdo.mp4
Size: 3.54 GB
Duration: 49:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sweet and slutty Katie Kush is excited to get beat up, push her limits and play hard. The Pope, as always, is more than up for the task and will deliver beyond her expectations. The first scene has Katie in a full suspension with arms tightly bound behind her back. JP cracks the crop on her butt and thighs, feet and hands, all the places that sting most and then vibes her pussy with the Hitachi making her cum real good.
The next scene Katie is gagged and bound in another full suspension with legs spread wide open with arms wrapped and tied behind her thighs. The Pope puts nipple clamps on her sensitive nipples, punches her thighs with his fists and makes Katie cum multiple times with the vibrator...

She is loving it. Then she is face down, ass up ready for all the fun toys JP has to share with her today starting with a big, heavy, thuddy rubber baton which he uses on her over and over again until her ass is bright pink and bruised. Then the crop brings a whole different sensation which bites and stings and leaves pretty marks on her skin. And then he pokes her on the most sensitive spots with a sharp pointy metal fingertip which makes Katie scream and even laugh because its so overwhelming. In between all the intensity of the toys, slaps and punches Katie is made to cum hard with the Hitachi. A good day so far!
In the final scene Katie is in another rope suspension. JP is determined to take her over the edge with orgasms and wild sensations, so he fingers her pussy, vibes her clit, fucks her with a dildo and yeah that does the trick. She is all fucked out, breathless and exhilarated. A happy girl, a great day!

Dungeon Sex - Brianna Arson - Breaking In Brianna

File: 5scppnadusebriarscwqcvlehrc.mp4
Size: 3.61 GB
Duration: 50:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This is the first time Brianna Arson has appeared on Kink.com, but shes no stranger to what we do. A fan of Kink and of her costar Johnny Castle, Brianna arrived on set to get the full bondage sex experience. She starts off being tied to a post on her knees, hands behind her back and neck lashed to the beam. She is the perfect toy for Johnny to face-fuck. He starts off with some face-spitting, choking, and open-hand slaps to warm her up.

Then Johnny wastes no time dropping his pants and shoving his bulge into Briannas face. It doesnt take long for him to shove his rock-hard cock down her willing throat. Always coaching and coaxing Brianna further, taking time to slap her thighs and chest between turns fucking Briannas willing mouth. Next, Brianna gets that suspension she was hoping for and Johnny gets right back to manhandling her. Its not long before Johnny breaks out the Hitachi and starts vibe tormenting her exposed pussy. Brianna is extremely grateful for the hard finger-banging Johnny gives her, but thats just the setup for his hard dick. He takes turns eating her soaking wet pussy and furiously fucking it, sending Brianna into orgasm after orgasm. Finally Johnny ties her face-up on the bed and starts off by mounting her face and stuffing her mouth with his cock. He wastes no time pounding her pussy, changing between fucking and eating Briannas swollen, dripping cunt. After sitting her upright for some more face fucking Johnny turns her over and pounds her doggy-style and Brianna cant help but praise his big cock. After swapping positions half a dozen times, Johnny finally blows his load all over the very satisfied Brianna.

Filthy Femdom - Charlee Chaste & Kissmedeadlydoll - A Slow Burn

File: bz2mcnafifechakishj1xqp3hrq.mp4
Size: 3.91 GB
Duration: 55:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Charlee Chaste waits eagerly in a kneeling position for Kissmedeadlydoll to take control with ropes and torment. Doll wraps Charlee up tight in rope bondage. She digs her red studded pumps into Charlees pussy. Doll slaps Charlees tits then brings them to a standing position, hands bound from behind. Doll gets a burning candle and pours hot wax on Charlees ass and legs. She holds the flame to Charlees pussy and makes Charlee feel the heat. Next, Doll gets a spiked toy and ties it securely to Charlees pussy and vibrates it with a Hitachi. Charlee begs for permission to cum, but Doll says no. After that, Doll suspends Charlee upside-down and straps a dildo to their head. Doll slides the dildo inside her pussy and makes Charlee fuck her with it. Doll uses more rope and suspends Charlee in an upright position with legs spread. She stuffs Charlees panties in their mouth, hits them with a leather toy, and fucks them with a strap-on. In the final scene, Charlee is suspended upside down again while Doll cums hard using a vibrator.

Device Bondage - Sophia Locke - Diabolical Devices

File: t6cw9nadebosoplocicytbyuxbk.mp4
Size: 3.50 GB
Duration: 48:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sophia Locke is back on Device Bondage, which started her journey with Kink. Today she is reunited with The Pope and begins her day in a predicament position with her feet exposed along with most of her other sensitive parts. The Pope unleashes his sadistic torment on her to do everything to push her limits. She is flogged and cropped before he administers a healthy dose of bastinado. Next her pussy is fucked along with a vibe to blow her mind with massive orgasms. In the next scene, Sophia is locked into a standing position with wooden stock on her ankle and her wrists...

This is as helpless as it gets, and The Pope goes to work exploiting this position. First, she is groped and fondled before he breaks out a flogger and turns her flesh to a bright shade of red. Sophia instantly slides into her sub space as the pain becomes more and more intense. She is brought back to reality as the vibe rips orgasms form her wet pussy. Next, Sophia is bent over with her hands between her legs. The pain and torment are increased to the highest level that she can handle, and then finished off with her pussy getting fucked and vibed into nonstop orgasms.

Sex And Submission - Charlotte Sins - Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

File: mi72tnaseansuchasinwa7g5n9fvy.mp4
Size: 3.45 GB
Duration: 48:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Charlotte Sins is traveling to see a friend and has to make a quick stop to get gas and use the bathroom, but the only place open is shady as fuck. She goes around to the back of the building where the restrooms are and calls her friend to check in. She cant wait to get out of this dump, but unfortunately for her, Christian has seen her and has other plans. She is quickly taken down and after abusing her in the restroom, he moves her to a more suitable place to conduct his business. Charlotte is handcuffed and thrown to the floor where Christian uses all of her holes for his sadistic pleasure. Charlotte is made to put on a show for him, and if its not satisfactory he will make her pay. Charlotte begs and pleads with him, but he continues to fuck her pussy and ass until he no longer needs her. Charlotte knew better, and now she is finding out why youre supposed to avoid sketchy places like this after dark.

Everything Butt - Keira Croft & Hazel Moore - Lesbian Anal Butt Love

File: vwfuxnaevbukeihazgmsrb59w7v.mp4
Size: 3.89 GB
Duration: 55:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two of the hottest ladies in the industry devour each others tight assholes for the pleasure of KINK.coms members. Hazel Moore begins her day on her back with her legs spread wide open. She offers herself as a submissive slutty treat to the vicious whims of the dominant Keira Croft. Keria wastes no time and shoves massive toys up Hazels ass and coerces her sub to lick her own butt juices. Hazel gapes as the long tendril-like ass toy probes deep into the depths of her willing orifice. All the while the hungry domme licks her subs as and tickles her tight pink pussy...

Next Hazel is tied down to a sawhorse with inescapable bondage and is ruthlessly pegged with Keiras long strap on cock. We peer into her gaping asshole as she has multiple orgasms that the sub is helpless to control. To end the day, the two lesbian butt lovers lie down on ground and share a double ended dildo first in their gagging deep throats and then in their lubed assholes. They take turns going ass to mouth until Keira finally finds herself on her back, rubbing her own swollen clit, while she coaxes her submissive servant to pleasure her greedy asshole with a long stainless-steel dildo. She trembles and shakes as she succumbs to a massive orgasm that leaves her panting and drooling from the ecstasy of the experience. Hazel and Keira end their day making out on a dirty mattress while exchanging their sweat and love juices. They revel in the afterglow of their secret dungeon love exchange as only two depraved sluts can.

Device Bondage - River Lynn - Smiling From Brutal Pain

File: e8otbnadeborivlyncoa69jlgks.mp4
Size: 3.23 GB
Duration: 45:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: River Lynn is a hungry submissive little slut with curves in all the right places. The Pope loves this sort of fresh meat. His dominant and sadistic brain salivates at the opportunity to restrain this sort of girl in cold metallic inescapable bondage. He starts River off in the Scavengers Daughter which contorts her body into a painful forward bend. The Pope punishes his captive sex slave with brutal impact play, first with his giant hands and then with a heavy leather flogger.

River grows increasingly aroused each time her body thumps from the punishment. Once her endorphins have been ignited, The Pope jams a vibrator onto Rivers wet pussy and coaxes several orgasms out of her little fuck hole. Next River is perched on top of a fuck bench and her legs and arms are restrained with cold steel pipes. With her ass on full display, The Pope has a field day spanking and flogging it until it is glowing a perfect shade of pink. But the searing pain only makes Rivers teeny pink pussy drip with desire. Every time The Pope probes his fingers into her cunt, he finds it wet and juicy. He begins to finger fuck his captive toy and deprives her of repeated orgasms. To end the day, River finds herself on her back with her legs bound to side with thick leather belts. The Pope applies cruel clover clamps to her nipples and pussy lips. He yanks and pulls on them until they tear off leaving the most sensitive parts of her body raw and tender. Breathless and panting from the pain, River is helpless when The Pope jams a Hitachi onto her sensitive clit and rips several continuous orgasms from her willing hole. River Lynn submits fully and is rewarded with the cruel intentions of a strict dom.

Brutal Sessions - Hazel Paige - Make Me Your Fuck Toy

File: u993hnabrsehazpaif7jgbtygze.mp4
Size: 3.82 GB
Duration: 53:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hazel Paige is a submissive young slut that longs to serve under the boot of the dominant and sadistic Tommy Pistol. Hazel starts her day restrained with inescapable rope bondage while squatting on the floor. Her tight pink pussy is completely vulnerable and exposed to the cruel desires of her master. Tommy wastes little time and begins to slap, spit, and salivate all over his fuck toys tight body. He crams his massive cock down her throat and coerces a sloppy deepthroat blow up from Hazels hungry mouth.

After kicking Hazel in the pussy and letting her grind on his black leather boot, Tommy wiggles his playthings clit until she begs to cum. Tommy is greedy and deprives her of an orgasm. Hazel will have to earn it. Next Tommy bends his fuck toy over metal bench and stretches her arms out in front of her. Indulging in cruel impact play, Tommy hits and slaps Hazel with a heavy black leather flogger and his massive man hands. He then relentlessly switches back and forth from fucking her exposed cunt to face fucking her gasping mouth. Hazels is all too willing to take everything that her dom dishes out. To finish her day, Hazel finds herself perched on a wooden shelf with her legs drawn upward in a spread eagle. Tommy then goes to work and toys with her tight pink pussy with his hands, tongue, and massive cock. He works Hazel into a frenzy by jamming a powerful vibrator onto her swollen and sensitive clit. She has repeated orgasms that roll from one to the next in a tidal wave of depraved ecstasy. And, when Tommy is satisfied with the surrender of his sex kitten, he blows a massive load of cum all over her pussy. He leaves her panting and breathless as the jizz oozes down her round and perfect ass.

Fucking Machines - Charlotte Sins - The Holy Trinity

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Size: 3.25 GB
Duration: 45:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Charlotte Sins has played many roles at Kink over the years, and now she can play anal, sybian, bondage slut too! We usually let the model warm up with the magic wand, but Charlotte is not just any model. Shes here to do it all, so she climbs on to the sybian and we come out swinging with this update. After several mind-blowing orgasms, we move on to the machines. The first position has Charlotte on her back and we slide the dildo in her ass and start fucking her.

It takes very little time to get her to orgasms, and this routine stays the same for the rest of the day. We fuck her ass, and she uses the magic wand on her pussy to achieve maximum orgasms. The next position has her bent over to showcase her fantastic ass. Again, we bury in her ass and start fucking her nice and slow. The speed is ramped up, the vibe is added, and the orgasms flow out of zer like the slut that she is. We have fucked her tight little asshole nice and proper, so in the final scene we tie her on her back and slide another machine between her legs. We build the speed up and like the other scenes, Charlotte instantly begins to orgasm. We continue to fuck her until she is completely worn out!

Sex And Submission - Octavia Red - Don't Disrespect The Boss

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Size: 4.56 GB
Duration: 01:03:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Octavia Red is granted a rare interview with infamous crime boss Tommy Pistol, but after she keeps asking questions about how Tommy made his fortune the short-tempered Tommy decides to flex his reputation and makes Octavia strip as punishment, but it doesnt end there. Octavia says shell do anything to go home so Tommy gives this reporter a new mic and shoves his cock down her whimpering throat. The angry mob boss then checks her for wires with his tongue up her ass.

Satisfied shes not wearing a wire Tommy ties Octavia to a chair and eats her pussy as he scolds her for being so disrespectful. Taking advantage of Octavias legs spread he starts fucking her. Tommy adds to the torment be spanking her ass, stretching her pussy lips and fucking her throat. After tying Octavia facing the chair with her ass up Tommy facefucks her some more before moving behind her for some deep dicking. Tommy takes his time enjoying Octavias holes until he feels shes proven how sorry she really is and rewards her for finally showing him the proper respect.

Whipped Ass - Lola Mai & Vanessa Vega - Extreme Humiliation & Submission

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Size: 4.22 GB
Duration: 59:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Happy Valentines Day! I lead Lola Mai in, bound and crawling on her knees and elbows, as a V-Day present for my friend Vanessa Vega. Vanessa humiliates Lola, making her bark like a dog, spanking her, and degrading her by writing on her face. Vanessa chokes Lola, and fingers her to an uncontrollable orgasm. Next, Lola lays helpless on her back, ropes holding her in place. Vanessa wears a strap-on and fucks Lolas face until she gags, then fucks her pussy until she comes over and over again. Vanessa continues to humiliate Lola, making her worship her feet and decorating her body with more lipstick. Then, Lolas tied up with her arms overhead, feet to the ground, stretched out for Vanessas pleasure. Vanessa flogs Lola with the roses I gifted her. Red rose petals litter the ground while Vanessa gets everything she wants out of her gift, more degradation, some cattle prod play, and a lot more orgasms.

Hogtied - Savvy Suxx - All Natural Newbie Gets Dominated

File: k8objnahogsavsux19jk7bakah.mp4
Size: 3.76 GB
Duration: 52:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Savvy Sux showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed about getting her first Kink shoot with The Pope. She knew she wanted to experience all of the things that were BDSM, so they jumped right into the shoot. First, Savvy is in a standing position with her arms pulled back over a steel bar and then tied to her waist. Her legs are spread exposing her wet cunt. The Pope gets to work punishing this slut, and she cant get enough of it, so he turns up the intensity. Her tits are covered with clothespins after being flogged and punished. Her efforts are rewarded with a few orgasms before moving on to the next position. Savvy finds herself in an inverted hogtie suspension with her legs tied out to keep he completely helpless. Savvy is introduced to some electrical toys, which quickly over stimulate her and cause her to scream. The Pope grabs a dildo and fills her pussy with it after he fucks her throat. The final scene has Savvy on her side with her arms secured above and behind her head, with her legs still spread wide and out of his way. Her flesh is assaulted with heavy leather floggings before using the dildo to fuck her mouth and pussy into multiple orgasms.

Dungeon Sex - Sophia Locke - Deep Connection

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Size: 5.10 GB
Duration: 01:11:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: BDSM has always taken a priority with Sophia Locke, but now that she has become such a

sought after porn star, she doesnt get the chance to play as much as she would like. Today is the

day she can play hard and go deep into the place that she likes to go sub space. Tommy Pistol is itching to get his hands on Sophia for some time, so we are about to witness a perfect storm. Connection is everything, and the realness that we get to watch as these two veterans go at it is amazing. Sophia is bound to the dungeon throne in a seated position and Tommy walks in to the scene already turned up to eleven. Sophia has no idea what he was going to do, and almost struggles to keep up with his domination. After destroying her in the first position, he continues the intensity into scene two with Sophia bent over and helpless for him to use for his cock pleasure. He power fucks her pussy and throat and barely gives Sophia time to breathe between strokes. In the final scene, Sophia has her wrists bound to her legs as Tommy has his way with her even more. Sophia signed off on him attempting to fist her, so he does everything in his power to give her pussy the five-finger punch. Now that he has stretched her pussy out as much as it would go, he gets back to fucking her mercilessly until she can barely speak, then blowing his load all over her pussy.

Everything Butt - Victoria Voxxx & Chanel Camryn - Anal Stretching, Gaping, And Fisting

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Duration: 01:03:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today on Everything Butt, we have the incredible Victoria Voxxx and Chanel Camryn, and theyre both very ready to open up their sexy assholes for you. Both girls start with butt plugs in, and Victoria fucks Chanels ass with the popsicle dildo, stretching her open and making her cum over and over again. Next, Victoria dons a strap on with a big pink cock. She makes Chanel get it wet, then bends her over to gape her ass open. After cleaning her ass juices off the dick, Chanel climbs on top to ride, dildo deep in her asshole of course. Many orgasms later, Victoria wants a turn getting fucked, so she holds her juicy ass open while Chanel uses the same toy on her. Victoria comes hard and then tastes her ass. Now that her ass is nice and open, Chanel uses the glass pillar on Victoria, making her gape and cum. Then, Victoria slides a big tentacle and her fist inside Chanel. To finish, both girls lay on the bed, fisting themselves while they make out.

Device Bondage - Angelina Moon - Too Much To Handle

File: 7frv7nadeboangmoox2oydmen1t.mp4
Size: 3.70 GB
Duration: 51:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: We are always looking for new talent to keep the pages of Kink full of fresh faces. Today we present you with Angelina Moon, a brand-new model to Kink who has never really done any BDSM. She says she tried a few things here and there, but never at the level that Kink operates. The Pope feels her out and comes up with a plan, but it becomes apparent almost immediately that Angelina is far from a pain slut. She like to feel helpless, and she is comfortable in bondage, but pain is not her thing.

The Pope navigates this well, as to not cross any lines with her, but to still get us a fresh face. Not all that enter are going to be heavy pain sluts, and some are meant to be hot girls in bondage and made to cum against their will. Angelina is one of the latter, so he gets to work experimenting with different sensations to stimulate her as well as make her cum uncontrollably.

Sex And Submission - Erin Everheart - Service Call

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Size: 3.81 GB
Duration: 53:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Erin Everheart finds herself in a bar having a night cap when she notices a flyer on the bar. Her curiosity gets the best of her, so she inquires with the bartender about the flyer to find out more about it. The next morning Erin wakes up with that flyer on her mind, so she throws restraint to thew wind and calls the number. Christian Wilde answers and instantly Erins curiosity spikes even more. They make arrangements for him to come over and pay her a visit. Upon entering her home, Christian begins to dominate her by collaring her, then adding a leash to lead her around like his personal fuck doll. He stops on the stairs for Erin to service his cock, before continuing upsatirs to get down to business. Erin begins on her back in a spread eagle on the bed as Christian introduces her to his flogger and some corporal punishment. Next Erin is bent over with her ass up and her arms pulled to the other side of the bed, rendering her helpless. Erin requested the full Dom experience, so Christian doesnt hold back anything. After a little more flogging, He buries his cock deep inside of Erins ass and fucks her into submission. Erin isnt sure how to take this, but doesnt resist as he fucks multiple orgasms out of her. In the final scene, Erin is thrown around like a fuck toy as Christian uses all of her holes for his entertainment until he covers her in his cum.

Hog Tied - Brooklyn Gray - Extreme Bondage And Torment!!

File: bh7tunahotibrograzcqd7b1gfi.mp4
Size: 4.92 GB
Duration: 01:09:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: There are levels to BDSM, and some are heavy players, and some are not. Each one has to be treated accordingly, and Brooklyn is one of the most masochistic humans to grace the pages of Hogtied. The Pope has chemistry with Brooklyn, which translates to a fuck ton of trust, so you know this is going to be an intense shoot. The fist position is a standing spread eagle with Brooklyn helpless and available for the sadistic punishment she is about to receive.

The torment starts quickly and is maintained throughout the day. Brooklyn begins with a little sassy attitude, but The Pope turns that smile upside down quickly. Brooklyns legs are marked up severely by the end of the first scene, so we move into the next scene which has Brooklyn on her back with one leg up. This is a predicament position with her hands tied over and behind her head, but the rope is also running over her cunt which gets chafed in no time. The torment continues sending Brooklyn over the edge, but this is not for the weak of heart. This is supposed to be extreme, so stopping is not an option at this point. The scene is finished off by pulling Brooklyn into a brutal single point hanged man suspension. In the final scene, Brooklyn is in a partial suspension with her torso hanging from the up line, and her legs tied together in a bent over position. The final dose of torment comes in the form of a cane, floggers, paddles, spankings, and Fluffy kisses, AKA dragon tail strikes. Brooklyns flesh is severely damaged, and she wouldnt have it any other way. the final orgasms bend Brooklyns mind in a way that only suffering all day and orgasms rewards can.

Kink Features - Princess Donna Dolore - Dark Passenger

File: yidt6nakifepridondol2b5ishobqh.mp4
Size: 2.76 GB
Duration: 38:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After a quick hookup with Big Tre, Princess Donna gets abducted by Matt Williams and Milan, who were already waiting in her car. Later she finds herself on her back, naked and bound in plastic wrap to a metal table with a plug already in her ass. She looks around and the walls are covered in plastic and pictures of her. Matt and Milan wake her up and Milan fucks her mouth with his huge cock. Matt uses a vibrator on her pussy and she cant help but cum. After that, she gets turned over and Milan fucks her pussy deep and hard with his boot on her head. In the final scene, shes placed on a dirty mattress and Milan fucks her asshole raw and hard. He cums on her back, Matt collects a sample of her saliva, and shes left there alone.

Whipped Ass - Charlotte Sins & Victoria Voxxx - Sinful Desires For Miss Voxxx

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Size: 4.06 GB
Duration: 56:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The incredibly sexy Miss Victoria Voxxx has Charlotte Sins down on her knees and ready to be used. Charlotte looks so precious in her little schoolgirl skort that Miss Voxxx cant help but tease and torment her. Victoria starts by getting to know her sub with spanking, foot worship, and orgasm denial. Next, Miss Voxxx gets Charlotte suspended in the air, ready to take a pounding with her giant cock. Victoria chokes Charlotte on it before sliding it inside her tight pussy. Victoria rips orgasm after orgasm out of Charlottes vulnerable body with her strap-on and her Hitachi. Then, Charlotte waits helpless, her legs pulled back, her holes exposed. Miss Voxxx uses the opportunity to slide her fingers and a plug inside Charlottes tight asshole, stretching her open. Victoria uses her stockings to choke Charlotte, her hands to discipline the soles of Charlottes feet, and her Hitachi to take even more orgasms from Charlottes body.

Device Bondage - Katrina Colt - Pain Slut In The Making

File: xkl3jnadebokatcolycw1mhbtog.mp4
Size: 3.86 GB
Duration: 54:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: There are times when a new model comes along and you just get that feeling. The feeling that they are different in a way that will allow them to go harder than the average model. Katrina is one of those models who genuinely wants to dive into BDSM and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. The Pope is happy to oblige this slut in her journey, and uses leather, wood, steel, and more to restrain her and torment her. She is out in grueling bondage, and made to endure brutal domination at the hands of this sadistic fuck.

The leather straps that render her helpless in the first scene set the pace for the day, and she can expect it to only get worse as the day goes on.Clothespins grip her flesh in the sensitive areas as she moans from fear and excitement. Cold steel make Katrina helpless in the second scene as she is sprawled out atop a table and displayed for The Pope to do his bidding. Electricity is introduced to her in the form of cattle prods, and Katrina couldnt be more thrilled. We told you was the real deal. The final scene has Katrina bent over and locked into a steel device, and held in place with leather restraints. heavy impact round out the days events as The Pope continues to torment her before finishing her off with a few more imposed orgasms.

Fucking Machines - Chanel Camryn - Hot Starlet Fucked By Machines

File: byudunafumachacamnvhbvmbgwz.mp4
Size: 2.88 GB
Duration: 40:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Chanel Camryn is a smoking hot young starlet who is here to make a name for herself in the

adult industry. She is climbing the ranks at a rapid rate and we wanted to get our hands on her as

soon as we heard about her. She was super excited to fuck our machines, and she has this amazing

thing that happens to her with every orgasm she visibly quivers. It is so hot to watch this little

starlet cum, and we use multiple machines to get as many orgasms out of her as possible. Chanel

is quite insatiable, but the beauty of the machines is that when a human would need a break, the

machines just keep fucking. Another satisfied customer!!

Sex And Submission - Katie Kush - Paying Your Dues

File: boqdhnaseansukatkus1w8qeqcaye.mp4
Size: 4.41 GB
Duration: 01:02:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Katie Kush is an aspiring actress with dreams of becoming a big Hollywood star. The problem is that her agent isnt giving her the attention that she thinks she deserves. Hes been dodging her calls, so she decides to pay him a visit to show him what she is willing to do to make it big. Unfortunately, Katie may have bitten off more than she can chew. Her agent, Tommy Pistol is a scumbag agent and only gives his favorites clients the good roles.

Katie has to play by his rules or her dreams are never going to happen. Katie is willing to suck his cock, but when he pressures her to do more, she starts to rethink her decision. Before she knows it, Katie is tied up and Tommy ishaving his way with her. She wants the role and told herself that she would do anything to get it. Tommy continues to exploit her for his own sexual desires which include torment and anal sex. Lots and lots of ass fucking! In the end, Katie has all of her holes violated by Tommys cock, she has been tormented, and all while being restrained in rope bondage.

Everything Butt - Erin Everheart & Jesse Pony - Massive Toys, Fisting, And Ass Stretching Strap On

File: fffcynaevbuerijesicgaxldx31.mp4
Size: 4.00 GB
Duration: 56:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mistress Erin Everheart has her slut Jesse Pony bent over, tied up, and ready to be anally fucked. Jesse has a butt plug in to warm up her tight hole, but Erin doesnt let her warm up for long, quickly switching to larger toys to really get her asshole stretched open and gaping. Erin fucks Jesses hungry ass until she cums multiple times, making her clean the toy with her mouth in between. Erin then slides her fist inside Jesses used hole, making her cum again. Next, Jessie is
tied up on her side, ready to be fucked some more. Erin uses her strap on to fill up Jesses helpless mouth, pussy, and ass with dick. Once Jesse is fully used, Erin wants a turn getting her ass stretched. The glass toy slides in so easily as the Mistress tells her slut how she wants to be fucked. Erin asks for the long wand toy and a fist inside her guts, and Jesse delivers. Both taste so good when they come out, the women cant help but share.

Hog Tied - Nicole Aria - Bound Butt Slut

File: ehou7nahotinicarivuaos3joml.mp4
Size: 3.59 GB
Duration: 50:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Aria is becoming a Kink veteran, and today she takes it up another notch with Eli Cross at the helm. Nicole is put in a doggy type position with her ass in the air on display for Eli to do as he pleases with her accommodating ass. He goes to work filling her mouth and ass with everything he can find. The starting point is higher than the usual, and Nicole takes it like a champ. Theres also a big dose of corporal to go along with big toys he shoves in her ass.

The second scene is a side suspension with Eli working Nicole over with more punishment before putting even bigger things in her ass. Nicole is getting overwhelmed with all of the torment andass fucking, but she can take it. In the final scene, Nicole is on her back with her legs pulled into the air and spread nice and wide. Eli at this point is primarily focused on seeing how much he can fit inside of her ass. Some clothespins are added to her cunt to keep it closed nice and tight, and out of the way. Her pussy is useless to him, and all he focuses on is her ass to ensure she is full and violated at the same time.

Dungeon Sex - Cali Sweets - Right Fucking There

File: 7zkkjnadusecalsweiorb1qqqbx.mp4
Size: 3.59 GB
Duration: 49:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: First time on Kink Cali Sweets is fresh, hot meat for Codey Steele to devour. Totally naked except for black high heel boots, Cali is on display tied up with one leg raised for easy access to her pussy. Codey inspects the goods by feeling and slapping her perfect tits, spreading her legs to rub her already wet pussy and spanking her juicy ass turning it bright red with every slap. Breath play by choking, more intense slapping and manhandling, Codey knows what this slut likes.

He lets her suck his cock and then fingerbangs and fucks her slutty pussy until Cali is moaning and loving it. Next Cali is bent over on her knees, ass up and ready for more fun. Codey pounds her pussy, then busts out the Hitachi and vibes her clit until she cums and then fucks her deep and hard again. He surprises her with the flogger which makes Cali even hotter so he fucks her more, making Cali a very happy slut. Finally, Cali is on her back with legs spread wide and arms tied to the bedpost. Codey mounts his sexy, beautiful prey and gives her the fucking of a lifetime until she cums uncontrollably and Codey shoots his load all over her.

Device Bondage - Gia Derza - Fits Like A Glove

File: xhf4lnadebogiaderoept9v1lgl.mp4
Size: 3.55 GB
Duration: 49:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gia Derza is a tough slut who has a magical butt hole. She decided the last time her and The Pope saw each other that she wanted him to fuck her ass with his fist. This is not an easy feat. for anyone, but Gia wants it, and what Gia wants, Gia gets. She begins on her knees with her magnificent ass in the air for easy access. The Pope jumps right in and begins trying to shove his entire massive hand in Gias durable ass.

The spanking and torment will come later, but for now its all about his fist going inside of her ass. In the next scene, Gia is in a brutal back bend on the floor. She is locked into place with cold steel bars and shackles that render her helpless. Her flesh is under assault as he uses several impact toys to inflict pain. Gia screams, but we know this slut wants it, so The Pope continues to give her exactly what she came for. Her nipples are clamped and tied with elastic, so that when the weight is added it keeps the tension tight. In the final scene, Gia is on her back with her feet in the air for some brutal bastinado, heavy breath play, pussy vibing, and more ass fucking.

Sex And Submission - Brooklyn Gray - The Naughty List

File: soi3tnaseansubrograaew7stawlx.mp4
Size: 3.75 GB
Duration: 52:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn is enjoying a nice time sitting around the fire on Christmas Eve, when the story of Krampus is brought up again. Brooklyns not having it, laughs it off and nestles into the couch to get cozy. Brooklyn slowly dozes off, and as she does, there is an evil spirit lurking around and looking for a way in. Weve all heard about the naughty list, but people only want to believe in the spirit of Christmas, and not Krampus.

Brooklyn is in for a rude awakening, literally, when Krampus arrives and dishes out the punishment saved for only the naughtiest of them all. He has his bag of birch rods, so the first step is getting Brooklyn restrained and ready for the punishment that is coming. Hands above the head, helpless, and terrified, Brooklyn begs for help, but the only thing she is getting is a birching. Brutal swings from the rods hit Brooklyns ass and legs, leaving deep dark marks as Krampus punishes her. This is usually enough, but Brooklyn has been exceptionally naughty this year, so Krampus decides to use all of Brooklyns holes to teach this slut some manners. Krampus fucks Brooklyns ass into submission while tormenting her flesh with his rods. It seems that the only thing cumming down Brooklyns chimney is Krampus!

Everything Butt - Maddy May & Sophia Burns - Massive Toys Double Fisting And Anal Submission

File: 4h3brnaevbumadsop8hnaavhb5w.mp4
Size: 3.36 GB
Duration: 47:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sophia Burns has been waiting on the day she gets to show off her anal skills to Maddy May, and today is that day. Duct tape is used to hold Sophias magnificent ass cheeks spread while Maddy has her way with her ass hole. They begin with Sophia tied up with an inflatable butt plug that stretches her hole to its maximum size. Now that her hole is warmed up, Maddy starts adding bigger and bigger toys to see exactly how far it will stretch. Next is Maddys fist, and then shortly after its both of her fists stuffed tightly in Sophias accommodating ass. Next, its time for Sophia to return the favor to Maddy and her ass. They start with a dilator and quickly move up to bigger toys. They build up to the slink, and Maddy explodes with multiple orgasms form getting fucked in her ass. In the final part, Maddy and Sophia trade places again, and Sophia is tied in a crab tie holding her legs spread. Maddy begins fucking her ass with her strap on, and Sophia cannot stop cumming. The slink makes one last appearance as it is buried inside of Sophias ass, and then down her throat.