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Brooke Johnson

Kink Features - Brooke Johnson - Tainted Love Episode 4: The Submissive

File: lowyhnakifebrojohh3hyivjkfu.mp4
Size: 3.74 GB
Duration: 52:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The tables have turned, and its Quintons turn to titillate April with his sexy stories. The first is about a super submissive lifestyler that he had a date with, named Brooke Johnson.

Brooke is a very submissive woman that loves the BDSM lifestyle. She identifies as a submissive, but Quinton doesnt quite understand what that entails until she arrives and sees it for himself. She thrives in high protocol Ds relationships, but notices that Quinton may not see eye to eye. They spend some time getting to know each other before jumping in to some bondage and rough sex. Quinton has learned some rope skills of his own and is ready to put them to good use with Brooke. She is bound, and then the action begins with rough sex and his own version of domination. Brooke sees the potential in him and is very turned on as he has his way with her.

Hoby Buchanon - Brooke Johnson - Returns For Rough Sex & Anal Training

File: ira25nahobubrojohuupths2y1x.mp4
Size: 2.10 GB
Duration: 01:18:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hardcore performer Brooke Johnson has returned. She doesn't do anal because she has a tiny asshole. She agreed I could help loosen it up today. We start with her mouth duct taped and I walk up POV and give her some slaps. I take the tape off and tell her to get on her knees and get what she came for. I roughly fuck her face, slap and put my fingers down her throat. I shove a 13 inch dildo down her throat then choke her with it.

I fuck her shaved pussy then I finger her butthole and put a butt plug in it and fuck it. I put my hand up her pussy then have her bend over me on the couch and fuck her throat. She rides my cock then I blow a slow motion load in her mouth. I flip her upside down on the couch and fuck her throat then put my cock balls deep in her pussy and do something I've never done before! She licks my armpits, worships my body, eats my ass and sucks my cock. I fuck her more then hogtie her and fuck her throat. She sucks and licks my feet then I blow another load in her mouth. Brooke was a good girl for Daddy!

Hoby Buchanon - Rebel Rhyder & Brooke Johnson - Rough Anal Threesome

File: rg1wlnahoburebbrozknv7f7qic.mp4
Size: 1.63 GB
Duration: 01:01:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two of the most hardcore performers in site history are back for a rough anal threesome! I walk up with them both on their knees and slap their faces and begin face fucking them. I fuck rebel's face while I put my fingers down Brooke's throat and keep them there. I push Brooke's head down on my cock and slap Rebel's big tits. I fuck Rebel's face and fall back on the couch and triangle my legs around her head. I finger Rebel's asshole while Brooke watches then triangle my legs around Brooke's head.

I put them in a double headlock and then I stand up and take turns fucking their faces while the other one eats ass. I switch to POV and they take turns pushing each other's heads down on my cock and spitting on each other. Brooke rides my cock while rebel sucks my balls and eats my ass. I fuck Rebel in the ass while Brooke sucks my balls and eats my ass. I sit on the couch and have them get on their knees beside me and take turns fucking their faces and gagging them. I fuck Brooke while Rebel records then she pushes Brooke's head up and down on my cock and face fucks her. I slap them with my feet and then they lick, suck and deepthroat them. I give them a surprise in the bathroom then I take turns fucking their faces in a 69. I fuck Rebel's ass while she eats Brooke's ass. I put Brooke's face right by Rebel's asshole and make her watch me pound it. I put Rebel in the doggy position with Brooke in a 69 under her. I deepthroat Brooke and cum in Rebel's asshole. It all drips out into Brooke's mouth. Rebel and Brooke were good girls for Daddy!

Hoby Buchanon - Brooke Johnson - Loses At Pool & Gets Pounded Rough

File: gjkdanahobubrojohy7rqytwrdn.mp4
Size: 1.38 GB
Duration: 01:05:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Brooke Johnson came in from tanning outside and told me I suck at pool. I bet her if she deosn't make the next shot I can give it to her rough. She misses and I grab her by the neck and start kissing her. I slap her titties and face and start fingering her pussy. I put her on her knees and fuck her face rough. I bend over and she eats my ass. I put my whole hand in her pussy and bend her over and begin pounding her cunt...

I flip her over and pound her fuck hole even harder. I flip her over and throat fuck her until she's covered with spit. I POV fuck her face and she eats my ass and then she rides my dick on the pool table. I stand on the pool table and fuck her face then fuck her face lying on the table. We take a break and I fill up a glass so she has something to drink. We go to the bedroom and she licks all the sweat off my body then I fuck her face and she eats my ass. I pound her hard from behind then fuck her face in a 69. I get on top and pound her hole then I bend over and she cleans my asshole with her tongue. I handcuff her and mouth gag her up against the wall. I fuck her face til I blow my load all over it. Brooke Johnson was a good girl for Daddy!

Hoby Buchanon - Brooke Johnson - Is Daddy's Throat Fuck Meat

File: 5o6gvnahobubrojohdi2aautslz.mp4
Size: 2.19 GB
Duration: 01:27:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The scene opens with slave girl Brooke Johnson wearing a micro bikini and a collar and leash. She tells us she's here to get brutally throat fucked! Daddy comes up and gives her a kiss then I put my cock all the way down her throat and put on a timer. I tell her this is her first test and to do everything I tell her. I begin to roughly fuck her throat and dick slap her and tell her not to take my cock out of her mouth. I slap her face and fuck it more then I put my fingers down her throat for an extended period of time...

I rip off her micro bikini and begin destroying her throat with my cock, slapping her and spitting on her. I give her a reward and eat her pussy and put all of my fingers inside her and stretch her out. I tell her she has to earn this dick and give her just the tip. I sit on her face with all my weight and she eats my ass and I throat fuck her. I flip her upside down on the couch and pound her throat balls deep. I switch to POV and tell her she's being a good girl getting her throat destroyed then slap her face. She sucks my balls and cock then I figure four her head and she rides my dick. I stand on the couch and fuck her face until the couch falls over. I pick her up in the air and fuck her face in a standing 69. I then pick her up and fuck her. I switch back to POV and grab her by the throat and take her to the toilet for another surprise. I switch to POV again and she sucks my cock, balls, licks my asshsole and body and sucks and licks my feet. I fuck her face roughly in a laying 69 and figure four her head down on my cock. She rides my cock more and I pound her fuck hole. I fuck her hard from behind with a mouth gag on and step on her head. I flip her upside down on the bed and throat fuck her rough then I sit on her face. I fuck her pretty pussy more then I put her on her knees against the wall. I fuck her face up against the wall and step on her neck with my foot and tell her she's my bitch. She says I can come anywhere so I bend her over and blow my load deep inside her pussy. Brooke Johnson was a good little throat meat for Daddy!

Gloryhole Secrets - Brooke Johnson - First Glory Hole

File: ksvcwnaglsebrojohnpavdikbbx.mp4
Size: 368.14 MB
Duration: 45:29
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: Looks can be deceiving. Today's gloryhole girl, Brooke, is a perfect example. She may look sweet, petite, and innocent, but she is a BEAST in the booth! Not only will she be sucking off more guys than she ever has before today, but she is also deep into extreme BDSM. You'd never know by looking at her, but this girl can take it, whether it's in the dungeon, or sucking and swallowing the loads of a bunch of guys she's never met before. Today you'll see her do just that, and get them all off. She mentions several times in her interview how much she loves sucking dick, and it shows! The only hint Brooke gives off that she might be a naughty girl is the sexy tongue piercing she wears. You'll see her use that barbell to work out her men to the max while she's down on her knees in the booth. Brooke mentions she regretted making the day before her gloryhole debut a leg day at the gym. She has to work out to maintain that tight little body, though. In the BDSM world, Brooke is a sub. The same is true in the gloryhole where she is a pleaser. Today you'll see how much it gets her off to know she is bringing a team of strangers to climax in her mouth. Watch the joy in her eyes as they all explode down her throat for Brooke's debut at GloryholeSecrets.com!