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Rocky Emerson

Devil's Film - Jessie Lee & Rocky Emerson - Inked Pink

File: lvqfmnadefijesrocfpwzeoqeuu.mp4
Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 30:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jessie Lee is at home when her friend Rocky Emerson comes over. Rocky comforts Jessie, who is devastated that her boyfriend cheated on her. Rocky suggests that they go out shopping to get Jessie's mind off of what happened. But Jessie doesn't feel like going out, instead asking Rocky if she would stay and cuddle with her.

Rocky is happy to do what Jessie asks, and tenderly cuddles her friend. As they're cuddling, something occurs to Jessie and she asks Rocky why THEY never hook up anymore. Rocky chuckles, telling Jessie it's because she always seems to have a boyfriend. Jessie smiles, saying she's done with boyfriends for GOOD...and she REALLY misses Rocky. Rocky bites her lip as the two come together for a kiss.

Rocky's ready to do whatever it takes to make her friend feel better!

Devil's Film - Rocky Emerson - BAD Relatives

File: ytbfvnadefirocememlshfnnkah.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 34:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Will Pounder arrives at a home and is invited inside by his sibling's wife, Rocky Emerson. He's kind of bummed since his sibling is away but he's glad the wife is around to keep him company. But all that changes when Rocky starts casually chatting about being unfaithful while the sibling's away! Will's shocked but once Rocky starts coming onto HIM to get some much needed relief, well, there's little he can do to resist her charm.

Brutal Sessions - Rocky Emerson - Back In Session! Fucked In Suspension For First Time

File: 6hkh6nabrserocemexeauvxzsmv.mp4
Size: 4.12 GB
Duration: 58:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Welcome back to Brutal Sessions! Today we enter the dungeon for a very special shoot. Tattooed babe Rocky Emerson is no stranger to bondage, but today is the first time she will ever get fucked while suspended in bondage and to say she is excited is an understatement.

The day begins with her on her knees with a chest harness restraining her as her master enters the dungeon. Quinton James is not the brutal master that you are used to, but a sensual Dom that will tease his slut beyond anything she has ever experienced. He takes his time with her and caresses every inch of her flesh in search of the exact spot that will drive her crazy. After fucking her face for a while, he stands her up and begins to fuck her from behind. The magic wand is introduced, and the orgasms begin to pour out of Rocky. She is at the point of pure ecstasy, but is made to hold the feeling until she is given permission to cum.

Next Rocky finds herself in a side suspension that has all of her holes open and available. Quinton takes full advantage of this and fucks her pussy and mouth mercilessly before allowing her to have more orgasms. The final scene has Rocky on her back with her arms tied to her legs. She teases her masters cock with her feet. Then he eats Rocky out before wringing more orgasms from her. He gives his pet a hard pounding before cumming all over her face and up her nose.

Evil Angel - Rocky Emerson - Pantyhose & Anal Hosing

File: mncaanaevanrocemeivee1bunnh.mp4
Size: 2.29 GB
Duration: 42:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tattooed, leggy beauty Rocky Emerson tempts in high stilettos and seductive pantyhose. She reveals the black butt plug lodged in her tight rectum, and Rocky masturbates. Heavily hung stud Mick Blue oils up her ass cheeks and gives her a worshipful rim job. He licks her pussy, and he pries open her asshole with a thick dildo. Micka's thick prick fucks her eager butthole, and Rocky screams in delight. Her asshole gapes! She gives his big cock an ass-to-mouth blowjob, and dirty Rocky tongues his bunghole. Hard pussy fucking and anal reaming climax with Rocky swallowing cum.

Squirted - Rocky Emerson - Rockin Rockys World

File: 3skkqnasqurocemekozdwqlk56.mp4
Size: 1.99 GB
Duration: 42:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dirty tatted, alt-babe Rocky Emerson is ready for a good time, and shows off her fantastic tits for the camera, before fingering her pussy, and squirting through her pink tights! Rocky then stimulates her clit with a vibrator, and her eyes light up with excitement when she sees Ramon Namor has got a big cock ready for her! Ramon eats Rocky's pussy and licks her juices, then she puts her legs behind her head so he can pound her pussy. Rocky squirts all over Ramon's dick, then the stud fucks her in the ass while she uses the vibrator on her pussy. After an ass to mouth blowjob, Rocky sucks Ramon off until he gives her a facial!

Bang Trickery - Rocky Emerson - Rocky Emerson Is A Nude Model That Gets Painted With Cum

File: kcza3nabatrrocemeaqcadp9ns5.mp4
Size: 2.22 GB
Duration: 47:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rocky Emerson is the star of the show today as a nude model. The artists are trying to make sure they capture her every angle in every position. She has a surprise for them both as she has a sparkly butt plug in to stretch out her tightest hole. It's a double trouble surprise for her today for this threesome oily tease!

Zero Tolerance - Adira Allure & Rocky Emerson - She Loves Oil

File: avssjnazetoadirocp3ky5yzdan.mp4
Size: 1.07 GB
Duration: 24:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: These slippery sluts can't wait to get greasy and ride big cocks 'til everyone's cumming! Oily bi tits bouncing and sliding, slicked-down thighs spread wide for a hardcore pounding...you can't tell where the oil ends and her dripping wet pussy begins so just start drilling and filling, everything's better with oil!

Burning Angel - Rocky Emerson - BackSeat Driving School

File: p6bmsnabuanrocemexgfjiokd1w.mp4
Size: 1.84 GB
Duration: 34:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Class is in session at the wildest traffic school you've ever seen!

The teacher, Joanna Angel, kicks off the first class, although no one seems too excited to be there. But NO one's less excited than Rocky Emerson, who's already had to go to this traffic school once before...

Joanna asks one of the students, Quinton James, to tell her what landed him in traffic school. Apparently, he was on his way to a modeling gig when he got into an accident.

Joanna suggests that, to help him learn to respect automobiles, Quinton should go outside and help Rocky wash her car.

So, a few minutes later, Quinton is washing the car as Rocky watches, not lifting a finger. When Quinton takes off his shirt and talk turns to one of his previous modeling gigs, Rocky scoffs, insisting that any idiot could make washing a car sexy. Quinton challenges Rocky to give it a go in that case.

Rocky's all in, stripping off her clothes and getting nice and wet as she washes the car.

But things are about to shift into a whole other gear.

Buckle up, Quinton!

Kinky Bites - Rocky Emerson - Rocky Emerson: Another Night Of Fucking

File: 1c9gonakibirocemec5jwolvdto.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 29:13
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Rocky Emerson is a gorgeous, tattooed slut, ready and eager to take all the dick. Have you ever sat around on a Saturday night and thought, I would love to fuck Rocky Emerson? Well heres your chance to see what thats like, as she fucks and sucks her way through the night. She rides cock, sucks cock, and strokes cock until she gets what she came for, which is a hot load down her throat. And you get a front row seat!

Sweetheart Video - Rocky Emerson & Bella Rolland - Don't Get Caught

File: 2arkcnaswvirocbel97ltmdsvo9.mp4
Size: 390.78 MB
Duration: 30:09
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: After lights out, Rocky Rocky Emerson sneaks out of her room to join up with her girlfriend Bella Bella Rolland. The two reform school girls can't take their hands off each other but need to be careful and not get caught by the guards.

Brazzers Exxtra - Rocky Emerson - Fucked Out Of Frame

File: srt1nnabrexrocemewdl1nhvrxp.mp4
Size: 842.83 MB
Duration: 33:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Small Hands visits an art gallery like no other and is absolutely stunned when he sees a framed Rocky Emerson hanging on the wall amongst the rest of the paintings. This leggy beauty is truly a masterpiece! Rocky teases her observer, fondling her tits and fingering her pussy, and requests a bottle of oil from him, rubbing its contents all over her body until she slides down from the wall. Once her feet touch the ground, Rocky wants Small Hands' big cock, deepthroating it and taking it in all her holes for some dripping wet hardcore anal sex.

Hot And Mean - Jane Wilde & Rocky Emerson - To-tall Anal Domination

File: suxv5nahoanmejanrocpofx2i2qiq.mp4
Size: 672.53 MB
Duration: 32:34
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jane Wilde thinks she can use her hot petite body to seduce her new boss, but the boss' wife, the tall and sexy Rocky Emerson, has other plans! Rocky is not about to let another young assistant try to steal her husband and takes the proactive approach, telling Jane that if she's fucking anyone, it's gonna be her! Using her towering size, and with the help off a strap on, Rocky dominates her smaller foe with some hardcore anal lesbian action that will prove who the real boss is in this office!

Burning Angel - Rocky Emerson - Soaked And Bound

File: nyjtvnabuanrocemessqcawcj3u.mp4
Size: 787.24 MB
Duration: 30:22
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: The gorgeous Rocky Emerson is bound, wet, and begging to get her pussy pounded. Ramon Nomar walks in, ready to give her what she needs. He kicks things off by whipping her perfect little pussy as Rocky squeals with pleasure.

Ramon slips Rocky's top off, sucking on her perky tits and whipping her hard nipples. He takes his stiff cock out of his pants and slams it into Rocky's soaked pussy, fucking her tight hole as Rocky moans in ecstasy. Rocky can't get enough of Ramon's rod and bounces on it as he rubs her little clit.

Ramon is about to fill EVERY ONE of Rocky's juicy holes...

Raw Attack - Rocky Emerson - Gorgeous Tattooed Rocky Emerson Raw Anal

File: rzrmsnaraatrocemebp3m586eqs.mp4
Size: 738.36 MB
Duration: 39:12
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Rocky Emerson is a good friend... well, she is more than a good friend, she is the type of friend that loves cock and lets you fuck her in the ass, more like an amazing friend. This tall, tattooed beauty drove in from out of town and is ready to have some fun. I havent seen her for a few months but lets just say it was well worth the wait! After a quick chat, we get to the point and Rocky starts to blow my dick, softly and deep, she is so good at that... I really missed her! After that, I was so hungry to penetrate her ass, but first Im gonna treat that sweet pussy, but I cant wait to insert my cock in her ass and so she either, so she brings her sex toys to prepare her delightful ass, after a vaginal and anal session this gorgeous girlfriend ends up with a sweet blowjob and a hot shot of cum in her beautiful face.

Spizoo - Rocky Emerson - Tattooed Brunette Rocky Emerson Footjob

File: jqwcnnaspirocemebr1h7qbbiv.mp4
Size: 171.47 MB
Duration: 20:33
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Rocky Emerson is a tattooed six-foot-tall, skinny slut with a beautiful face who loves to suck cock. This brunette hottie dressed in red lingerie is ready to drop to her knees and take your hard cock down her throat. She teases with her ass, breasts and talks dirty. She strokes the dick while licking your balls and your ass and she enjoys every second of it. Sit back, relax, and let this stunning woman do all the work. Rocky is so eager to swallow your dick, she takes one an more times your cock in her mouth, licks your balls while you enjoy seeing this beautiful slut blue eyes stared your with passion while she devours your dick, now she sits on the floor and begin her job with her foots rubbering your dick, she uses her long legs, and then she lick your ass and back to suck your dick again and again till you are ready to release your hot jizz inside her mouth, while she savors it and swallows.

Spizoo - Rocky Emerson - Inked Nympho Rocky Emerson Is Back

File: lvtqanaspirocemeay1lj7eqax.mp4
Size: 487.84 MB
Duration: 24:32
Resolution: 956x540
Format: mp4
Description: Rocky Emerson is a tall, tattooed, sexy slut who is back and ready for more hot XXX action. Watch as she teases with her dreamy light eyes and nice round tits before getting a hard pumping from an eager guy. She gets it from the top, bottom, and side before receiving an explosive facial. Dont miss this 6ft tall beauty as she does what she does best. This beautiful alt tattooed brunette shows up wearing suggestive black lingerie showing her big tits, butt, and tight pussy then she lain in the couch, fingering her pussy and touching her tits, and continues inserting her fingers in her pussy, then appears Nathan Bronson and help her to touch her pussy right away she goes directly to take her dick and give him a good blowjob inserting his cock deeper on her throat while moaning and gagging, after that he gives her good oral sex while she enjoys and screaming of the emotion, next she places on her back and received a very hard penetration on her wet pussy for the front and the side, she always screaming and talk dirty very excited, now she rides his cock, then she poses on doggy position and Nathan bury her dick inside her pussy after she goes on her knees and receives a hot jizz in her mouth.

Fucking Machines - Rocky Emerson - Sexy Alt Girl Rocky Emerson Has Nonstop Orgasms From Fucking Machines

File: satjdnafumarocemeblrumbzynq.mp4
Size: 325.81 MB
Duration: 40:14
Resolution: 720x400
Format: mp4
Description: We wanted to make sure that all of you get what you want, so we are now going to mix it up with Fucking Machines. Going forward some will have bondage and some will not. This way there is a little something for everyone. Rocky starts us out with a sensual strip tease before we hand her the vibe and watch as she makes her pussy drip from so many orgasms. Now that her pussy is nice and primed, we can start the process of machine fucking her into oblivion. We seat her on the bench and slide the machine into her hungry pussy. The dildo slides back and forth in her honey hole as we speed the machine up for maximum fucking. She uses the vibe, but that starts to become too much for her to handle. Rocky's head is thrown back in overwhelming ecstasy while the machine makes her cum uncontrollably. We flip her over for the next scene and star to fuck her from behind. Rocky likes most things rough, and although she could not stop cumming in the last position with the machine at top speed, this time fucking her slow and deep seems to do the trick. We continue to go back and forth with the speed to give her non top orgasms. Next we have her leaning back and getting fucked more. She can barely focus on anything because her eyes keep rolling back in her head for all of the powerful orgasms. Once her pussy is completely worn our from so much fucking, we put her on the sybian to push her the rest of the way over the edge. She can't believe the power that this thing has, but she is going to find out how much she can handle before she has finally had enough.