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Everything Butt

Everything Butt - Daisie Belle & Skye Mae - The Massterpiece

File: luklonaevbudaiskyvvzoxjycwx.mp4
Size: 4.39 GB
Duration: 01:02:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Get ready for some super-hot, over-the-top deluxe butt action in this sexy update with two kinky redheads Dasie Belle and Skye Mae. Anything goes with these two cuties, toys, butt plugs, speculums, butt funnels, dildos, neon paint enemas! They start the day kissing and exploring each others bodies. Both of them are wearing platform heels and sexy, skimpy outfits that show off all of their best parts. Skye sucks Daisies nipples and then licks her pussy and plays with the pink heart shaped butt-plug in her ass.

But now its time for Daisie to domme pretty little Skye Mae. In a sex swing Sky is on her knees with her back arched and ass up high. Skye is in heaven as Daisie caresses her ass with her long blue fingernails and teases her hole with a metal butt plug. Then jumping right in Skye fists her own ass and lets Daisie Belle do the same. These hotties are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to have fun and get off today! Next Daisie screws the speculum into Skyes asshole stretching her so wide you can see all the way in. Then she fits a rubber device in her ass, fills it with bright pink paint and uses a paintbrush to paint Skyes pussy even pinker than it already is. After that Skye gets her ass fucked so good with a dildo, she cums hard and squirts out all the pink paint that was in her asshole making a crazy, messy blend of squirt and pink glowing paint all over the place. The fun keeps going when Skye fills Daisies ass with neon green paint. She vibes her pussy with the Hitachi and as she cums the thick green neon liquid flows out of her ass like psychedelic lava. Then she gets a hardcore pounding with the dildo which sends Daisie over the top with orgasms. Finally, these good little butt sluts top the day off with neon paint enemas. In full suspension Maye hangs above a big white canvas on the floor. Daisie fills her asshole with green, pink, orange and blue neon enemas one after the other and spins her round and round as all the colors of the rainbow squirt out of her butt painting a pretty picture on the canvas Voila! The Massterpiece.

Everything Butt - Luna Lovely & Vanessa Sky - Punished Red Ass

File: qtatonaevbulunvan6lxpfhf2e8.mp4
Size: 3.46 GB
Duration: 48:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Luna is tied, bent over, wearing a ball gag and collar. She has an anal hook in her ass tied with rope to her neck. Her domme, Vanessa, saunters in and flogs Luna while she squirms. Luna is made to count the beatings until she cant take any more. Luna lays on her back ready to receive a strap-on pounding. She sucks the dildo and gets it nice and wet before it goes in her ass. Then she is commanded to put as many clothespins as she can fit all over her breasts and nipples. They get yanked on and pulled off for added pain and pleasure. Vanessa stretches Lunas asshole open with her big strap-on cock, still adding and removing clothespins all the while. Luna receives ass to mouth, choking and gagging on cock. Then Luna has a powerful orgasm from the hitachi while Vanessa plows her ass hard. Vanessa bends over and smothers submissive Luna with her ass, shoving her face deep in. Vanessa gets on her back and commands Luna to lick and tongue fuck her mistresss hole before opening it up with a glass toy. Vanessa uses the hitachi and vibrates her clit while Luna licks her ass and Vanessa cums hard.

Everything Butt - Summer Vixen & Vanessa Sky - Anally Yours

File: atpxmnaevbusumvanq4khmus3co.mp4
Size: 4.02 GB
Duration: 56:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The extremely gorgeous Vanessa Sky kneels naked on a mattress with her ass out.
Her tits are bound in rope and a metal hook is buried in her asshole. Super sexy Summer Vixen enters the room and begins playing with the hook in her ass. She pops it out and lets Vanessa have a taste.
Summer grabs her leather flogger and goes to town on Vanessas ass. Vanessa cums fast and hard as she
grinds her pussy against a vibrator while her ass gets whipped. After that, Vanessa is put into a pile-driver position, and she gets her ass and pussy fucked with a double-ended dildo until she squirts all over her own face. Summer sits on Vanessas face and smothers her with her big round ass. Vanessa tongue-fucks her asshole. Summer slides a clear butt-plug inside her own asshole and Vanessa cleans it off with her mouth. In the final scene, Summer sits on a dildo as Vanessa convulses from cumming so hard while being strapped to a sybian.

Everything Butt - Kira Noir & Megan Maiden - Anal Adoration

File: wgkt6naevbukirmegdzkpx5jwi6.mp4
Size: 3.64 GB
Duration: 51:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir sits on her throne, waiting for her anal servant, Megan Maiden to come serve her anally in any way Kira pleases. Megan crawls to her on all-fours, wearing a latex mask and a bejeweled butt-plug. Kira inspects her plug and then lifts her to her knees, by the hair. Kira shoves Megans face into her perfectly round ass. Kira removes Megans plug and her mask and whips her big juicy booty with a leather flogger. In the next scene, Megans head is bound with rope to a suspended wooden structure with a dildo fastened to her mouth. Kira climbs naked onto the structure and slides the big fat dildo in her ass, and fucks herself with it. After that, Kira shoves Megan down onto a black mattress with her hands bound above her head and a ball gag in her mouth. Kira fastens a strap-on onto Megan with another huge dildo and climbs on top of her. Kira sits on the dildo and slowly slides it into her hungry hole. She slaps Megans perfectly perky tits as she enjoys the strap-on ass fucking that she gives herself. Once Kira cums hard, she shoves the dildo in Megans mouth and leaves her there.

Everything Butt - Nicole Aria & Victoria Voxxx - Greedy Gorgeous Asshole

File: 66ug2naevbunicvicqiw8wyuzgr.mp4
Size: 4.52 GB
Duration: 01:04:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Aria is naked and trapped in a tiny suspended cage with a ball gag in her mouth. Her legs and arms are secured with rope and her asshole and pussy are accessible through a hole in the bottom of the cage. Victoria Voxxx steps in and inspects her caged bird, and makes her tweet though her ball gag. She flogs Nicole through the cage and then takes a look underneath. She shoves her fingers inside Nicoles asshole, and then a huge dildo and fucks her deep with it. She makes her cum with a vibrator and then lets her out, only to tie her up again. This time Nicole is on a padded device, doggy style with her hands tied behind her back. Victoria spreads and licks her asshole, bites on her toes, and then shoves a metal cage inside Nicoles asshole, leaving it wide open. After that, Victoria rams her fist inside Nicoles ass and fist-fucks her hard. In the last scene, Nicoles wrists are tied to her ankles leaving her spread-eagle on her back. Victoria fucks her with a strap-on and a dick-on-a-stick at the same time, double-penetrating Nicoles asshole right before fist-fucking her one last time.

Everything Butt - Kaiia Eve & Nina Nova Xo - Anal After Party

File: qocbznaevbukainin65ba7q1kwl.mp4
Size: 4.97 GB
Duration: 01:09:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kaiia and Nina were out all night partying. Dressed in sexy sheer white lingerie with her tits out, Nina thought for sure shed be getting fucked by some hot guy by now, but Instead she goes back to Kaiias house for doughnuts. Kaiia mentions to Nina that she noticed the butt-plug shes kept in her ass all night and shes been fantasizing about stretching out her asshole. Nina bends over and Kaiia goes to town spanking her ass hard. She plays with Ninas butt-plug, and then hits her ass hard with a leather paddle. Nina lays on the countertop and spreads her legs. Kaiia gets some ass toys and fucks Ninas ass with them. After that Kaiia takes Nina into her shower and ties her up with rope. She hits Ninas ass hard with a leather flogger and spanks her wet ass with a heavy hand. After that they go back to the kitchen and Kaiia stretches Ninas ass some more with anal toys. Kaiia sits and twerks on her face, and Nina tongue-fucks her asshole.

Everything Butt - Brooklyn Gray & Vanessa Vega - Vanessa Dominates Brooklyn

File: ktnw7naevbubrovanmnqfhlm3q1.mp4
Size: 2.11 GB
Duration: 58:51
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn is standing in a stockade predicament. Vanessa walks in with a cane and strikes Brooklyn while verbally humiliating them. Brooklyn gets bratty and combative but starts behaving once they feel Vanessas fingers and tongue inside. After sufficient stretching, Brooklyn is ready for a nice, thick dildo in their ass. Then Brooklyn is tied, bent over, legs spread open with a bar and arms pulled back. Vanessa fucks their ass hard with her big strap-on cock and delivers ass-to-mouth and breath play. Then Brooklyn gets a vibrator on their clit while Vanessa licks and fucks their ass. Finally Vanessa and Brooklyn are together on a bed and Brooklyn gets their ass opened wide by Vanessas fingers and a big glass pillar. Now its time for the favor to be returned. Brooklyn toys with Vanessas asshole using a big plug, eventually working up to fisting Vanessa until she cums.

Everything Butt - Lily Thot & Stevie Moon - Anal Sluts

File: j6hhcnaevbulilsteytylvt16sk.mp4
Size: 3.37 GB
Duration: 47:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gothic Lily Thot and shy Stevie Moon kiss and caress each other on a bed, slowly undressing. Lily begins licking and fingering Stevies asshole, eventually shoving all fingers inside. A Hitachi is introduced to Stevies clit which drives her over the edge. Lily fists and fingers Stevie to the point of an epic orgasm, then Lily gets their asshole eaten and tongue-fucked. Next, Lily is tied in a rope suspension, dangling in the air with their legs spread wide open, allowing easy ass access. Stevie fingers Lilys ass and eats their pussy before sliding a huge glass toy inside Lily. Lily gets fucked harder and harder until they cum. Then, Lily sits on Stevies face, smothering her with their big, round asscheeks. Lily commands Stevie to insert more and more fingers rectally until fisting is
achieved. Lily gets fisted until they cum, and their ass gapes after being thoroughly stretched by Stevies fist.

Everything Butt - Rebel Rhyder & Nyny Lew - My Slutty Roommate

File: xiy73naevburebnynlrwrpr6wqt.mp4
Size: 4.22 GB
Duration: 59:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ny Ny Lew got a new dildo but before she even gets a chance to use it her slutty roommate Rebel nabs it and makes a beeline for the shower to get off. Its the suction kind so she puts it on the shower floor, mounts it and goes to town fucking her ass until she squirts all over. In the middle of her session NyNy comes in and catches this dildo bandit in the act but Rebel looks so sexy all wet and glistening in the shower NyNy must get in on the action. Butt to butt both girls stuff one end of a double dildo in their ass and writhe around feeling good. Then NyNy takes charge and fists Rebels ass until she gapes, then she fills her hole with j lube and activates it by squirting right into Rebels ass getting it all slimy and ready for even bigger toys. Next Rebel is all tied up with rope as NyNy eats her ass and fucks her with a huge blue dildo. Rebel takes it like a champ and cums hard. Finally Rebel and NyNy vibe their pussies and get their asses fucked by a double fucking machine at the same time making them moan and cum over and over again.

Everything Butt - Ariel X & Violet Monroe - Squirting, Enemas And Cream

File: 7wcdjnaevbuariviozifk6fmo4a.mp4
Size: 3.40 GB
Duration: 47:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ariel X is gagged and bound in device bondage, bent over in a vulnerable position to display her ass while her spit drips down onto the dungeon floor. Violet enters and teases her submissive, spanking and licking Ariels ass. Shet starts with fingering and then stretches Ariels slut hole with a big glass plug while her sub moans in pleasure and begs for more until she has multiple squirting orgasms. Ariel is tied with medical tubing and fucked with a hyperrealistic strap-on cock until she squirts again...

Then Violet administers a water enema to make sure her sex slave is sufficiently cleaned out. The water slowly trickles in and fills up her rectum, then Ariel is commanded to hold the water and squirt it out like a spectacular fountain. After that, Ariel is filled with thick, white cream and pushes it out of her hole. Violet strap-on fucks her some more and makes Ariel squirt before giving her another creamy enema. Violet kisses her submissive and then commands her to sniff and tongue-fuck her asshole. Violet begins stretching her own ass with her fingers and making her submissive watch and learn. At her mistresss command, Ariel slowly enters Violets ass with the glass plug, displaying a delightfully clear view inside Violets rectum. She fucks her harder and faster until her mistress cums. Violet pushes the toy out and Ariel sucks the ass juices from it. Ariel inserts a huge metal speculum inside Violets beautiful butt, stretching, sniffing, fingering and licking that ever-widening hole, showcasing a huge gape.

Everything Butt - Nicole Aria & Texas Patti - You Will Please Me

File: 1hhawnaevbunictexv22993rbet.mp4
Size: 4.37 GB
Duration: 01:01:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Aria is bound and displayed upright, with her full body available to sexy German dominatrix Texas Patti. Nicoles nipples are tormented before she is spanked and gagged with her own panties. Patti teases Nicoles asshole, spitting on it and fingering it before opening it up with a big black butt plug. Nicole sits wearing a collar, ready for her mistress to use her ass some

more. Pattie enters, kissing and caressing her submissive before commanding her to get on her knees and suck a strap-on. It needs to be wet before Patti rams Nicoles hole with it. Nicole is still wearing the plug from earlier so her ass stays open and ready. Patti plows Nicoles ass with her big strap-on until Nicole has an orgasm. Now Nicole takes her mistresss high heels off and licks her soles and stockings, worshipping Pattis feet. Patti commands Nicole to eat her pussy until Patti also has an orgasm. Then Nicole tongue-fucks Pattis asshole before shoving a huge dildo inside. Nicole toys Pattis ass until her mistress cums hard.

Everything Butt - Katrina Colt & Liz Jordan - Anal Punishment

File: b34rnnaevbukatlizivhrc2ciyc.mp4
Size: 2.13 GB
Duration: 59:05
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Liz Jordan begins kneeling patiently and obediently on a box, waiting for her mistress. Katrina Colt enters and caresses Liz, and has her bent over on all fours. She shows her submissives ass to the camera before spreading it, spanking it, and spitting on her hole. Katrina paddles Liz from behind harder and harder then shoves anal beads inside Lizs tight ass. Katrina peels her submissive pets panties off before sliding a glass toy inside, and making it wink and gape. Mistress Katrina fucks Liz harder until she makes her cum. Liz takes the slink inch by inch and Katrina allows her to cum again, and Liz tastes her own ass off the slink and deep throats it. Katrina bends Liz over and makes her worship and lick her dommes asshole. Liz opens Katrinas ass with a big metal plug. Katrina commands Liz to grab another larger plug and stretch her ass with it until Katrina orgasms.

Everything Butt - Andre Shakti & Erin Everheart - Sweet Slutty Analf

File: pwuz8naevbuanderiaicgd9hoep.mp4
Size: 2.62 GB
Duration: 01:12:20
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy and sweet Erin Everheart is patiently waiting in the dungeon on her hands and knees to be used like a good girl. Andre Shakti enters and cant help but notice the anal hook tied around a pulley to Erins long braided hair thats keeping her in place. Andre starts by sweetly kissing Erins butt all over. She then turns up the sadism by spanking and flogging Erins ass. Erin is eager to please and takes all the pain Andre dishes out. Andre fingers Erins tight holes and allows her to taste her juices from her hands...

Erins anal hook gets removed but only so that Andre can fill the gaping hole with an inflatable butt plug. Andre tests the stretching limit of Erins ass with how many pumps of the butt plug she can take. In the next scene, Erin is laying on her back with her wrists tied to her ankles above her, leaving her slutty ass open and exposed. Andre enters with a thick strap on and fucks Erins ass. Andre wants a taste of Erins sweet ass for herself and engages in some rimming whenever she pulls out with her strap on. Finally, Erin is made to please Andre with intense ass eating. Andre uses Erins long braid like a leash to pull her face in deeper. Erins tongue serves Andre well and brings her to an intense orgasm.

Everything Butt - Keira Croft & Summer Vixen - You’re My Bitch Today

File: 9pm8tnaevbukeisumaklaiyn5qb.mp4
Size: 4.03 GB
Duration: 56:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Submissive Summer Vixen is waiting obediently in a bondage device, secured with pipes around her throat and limbs and already wearing a butt plug. Keira Croft comes in and spanks her, tugs on Summers tits and makes her sub do ass-to-mouth. Keira teases her subs useless pussy, slaps her, and gags her throat with a tentacle getting it nice and wet before it goes in her slut hole. Keira spanks her more and stretches her ass out. Summer is then bound with belts and pipes in missionary, legs pulled back and secured to her arms. Keira teases Summers ass hole, but she cant handle much pleasure before she squirts hard from getting her ass fingered. Keira then strap-on fucks Summer while vibrating her clit. This makes Summer squirt over and over, spraying all over herself. She rosebuds beautifully and Keira licks it. Then Keira fucks Summer with a massive black toy so she cums again. This makes Keira so horny that she commands her sub to

worship her ass through her ripped pantyhose. Summer tastes the butt plug Keira was already wearing and rims her mistresss ass before putting a bigger butt plug in to stretch that hole. Summer eats pussy while fucking Keiras ass with the plug. She sucks on Keiras feet and gets slapped around. Keira takes the big tentacle toy in her ass, and cums repeatedly while squirting all over Summers face, and spends the entire day dominating her mind and ass while she lay helpless in tight bondage.

Everything Butt - Jessica Ryan & Lily Lane - Lily Handles Jessica's Ass

File: 8wnb3naevbujeslilk3bo2q3b3f.mp4
Size: 4.13 GB
Duration: 58:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lily Lane and Jessica Ryan get it on for the first time in this super hot EB update. Princess Lily saunters into the dungeon in her sexy lingerie and high heels to find Jessica is all tied up and eager to please. She starts with the crop on Jessicas butt, thighs and tender feet getting her all warmed up for a day of all the way girl on girl ass play with lots of big toys. Lily stretches Jessicas tight hole with bigger and bigger butt plugs and then fucks her ass good with a strap-on dildo causing her to cum hard. Then Princess Lily lures her filthy little toy into her own sexy, curvy ass. Jessica licks Lily clean and then fucks her ass with a thick pink dildo and then an even bigger toy and finally stretches Lilys ass wide open with an industrial speculum. What a fun play day!

Everything Butt - Rory Knox & Leigh Raven - Sing Into My Ass

File: afry2naevburorlei4t3ji1aov6.mp4
Size: 3.96 GB
Duration: 55:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rory Knox is helplessly bound on her back. Domina Leigh Raven enters and begins toying with her prey for entertainment, smacking her with a riding crop and teasing Rorys ass. Leigh sits on Rorys face before Rory can earn anal pleasure. Mistress Leigh demands Rory sing for her. Leigh lubes up and slides a nice glass toy into Rorys asshole. Rory is then gaped with a glass plug before being allowed to cum by her mistress. Rory is bent over in device bondage, ankles chained to the floor, ready to get ass fucked. Rory is told to sing again and does a bit better this time. Leigh fucks her face with the big dildo, and opens Rorys ass with a dick on a stick until Rory cums. Leigh commands her submissive to lick her asshole and get it ready. Rory is commanded to sing into Leighs asshole which humiliates her further. Leigh instructs Rory on the proper way to toy her mistresss ass until Leigh cums hard and leaves Rory there until she feels like using her again.

Everything Butt - Maddy May & London River - Breaking In The New Girl

File: nhjvynaevbumadlongf999zs8o7.mp4
Size: 3.63 GB
Duration: 51:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Maddy May is tied with a chest harness. Her hands are behind her back, ankles spread

wide and vulnerable. London spits on her face and rubs it all over Maddys tits and plays

with her bratty subs wet cunt. Then Maddy is bent over and ass fucked with a strap-on by

dominant London with plenty of face fucking ass-to-mouth to get more spit as slippery lube. London sits on

Maddys face making her sub lick her holes and open her Doms ass with a dildo. London gets

gaped doggy style with a big glass toy while Maddy spits in Londons asshole.

Everything Butt - Summer Col & Victoria Voxxx - Anal Insatiable: Summer Submits To Victoria

File: gguegnaevbusumvicuxd7yg7tuu.mp4
Size: 4.23 GB
Duration: 59:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Victoria Voxxx manhandles submissive Summer Col and lures her into ass worshiping. Victoria instructs her obedient slut on the proper way to finger her mistresss asshole. Summer is eager to learn and obey. Then Victoria opens Summers ass with a glass toy and plenty of fingers. Summer is granted permission to cum multiple times with the Hitachi while getting her ass fucked with the strap-on. Then Summer tongue-fucks Victorias ass again opening it up with her fingers before she puts a big dildo inside. Victoria finishes by taking a huge glass cylinder in her asshole. And still she wants more.

Everything Butt - Nicole Aria & Jade Valentine - Who's The Bigger Butt Slut

File: fuubonaevbunicjadfmeucovsrl.mp4
Size: 3.80 GB
Duration: 53:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Aria and Jade Valentine have a friendly competition to see who is the bigger anal slut. They compare asses, squeezing each others cheeks. Nicole bends over and Jade pulls down her pink short shorts, revealing her pretty little asshole. Jade spanks Nicoles ass and sticks three fingers in Nicoles asshole. Jade gets a red butt plug and slides it in and out of Nicoles gaping asshole. Jade sits on her face and Nicole licks her delicious hole. Next, Nicole gets in a pile driver position and Jade puts an even bigger inside her ass, using all of her might. Its Jades turn and so she presents her asshole to Nicole. Nicole shoves a multitude of big toys in Jades asshole, jiggling and spanking her perfectly round ass. After that Nicole gets machine-fucked in the ass while she getting her face smothered by Jades juicy butt cheeks.

Everything Butt - Diamond Banks & Taylor Nicole - Anal Toy

File: na3cdnaevbudiataybpvdokiugu.mp4
Size: 2.71 GB
Duration: 38:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Diamond Banks has Taylor Nicole naked, lying on her back, and bound in rope. Taylors legs are spread apart and a bejeweled butt-plug is already in her asshole. Diamond crops her pale ass and thighs until they turn pink. Diamond pops the plug in and out and licks Taylors asshole. Diamond sits on her face and fucks Taylors ass with a pink dildo. Next, Taylor is on her knees with a metal hook in her ass. Diamond pops it out and spanks her ass cheeks with a paddle. In the final scene Taylor is in a full rope-suspension and gets strap-on fucked upside-down.

Everything Butt - Sophia Burns & Nicole Doshi - Eager and Obedient

File: 5ce5ynaevbusopnicysxovgrmuf.mp4
Size: 1.86 GB
Duration: 51:54
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Doshi is bound in cuffs and chains. She awaits her domme, Sophia Burns. Sophia enters and slaps Nicoles tits and clit over and over again. She opens Nicoles ass with glass toys and a long plug, stretching her submissives hole and spreading that gape wide-open. Next, Nicole is on her back with her wrists and ankles cuffed together. Sophia delivers a hard strap-on fucking with ass-to-mouth. Nicole spits in her mouth and begs for more and so Sophia gives her a fist in her ass. Sophia then gets pleasured by her submissive and orders Nicole to to eat her ass and pleasure her with a glass toy. After receiving anal stretching and fingering, Nicole shows off her impressive deep-throating skills with the slink.

Everything Butt - Kenzie Taylor & Rebel Rhyder - Human Hand Puppet

File: xoyainaevbukenrebsjvvwxhekg.mp4
Size: 4.23 GB
Duration: 59:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mistress Kenzie Taylor has her submissive toy, Rebel Rhyder, bent over in a predicament of metal device bondage with wrists and ankles securely locked in. Kenzie opens Rebels ass with a big Bad Dragon toy, bringing it around to Rebels mouth so she can taste her own ass off of it. Kenzie then cuts Rebels panties off and shoves those dirty panties in her submissives mouth. Kenzie then straps-up with a giant dildo, fucking Rebel hard in the ass and administering plenty of ass to mouth. Rebel cums loudly from Kenzies hard pounding. Rebel is then strapped with her legs wide open on full display, ready to become a human hand puppet for Kenzie. Rebel gets her ass fisted until she has multiple orgasms. Rebel gapes wide from getting plowed with an even bigger dildo this time, with more ass-to-mouth. Kenzie, turned on from destroying her subs asshole, makes Rebel lick her ass and begin playing with her mistress. Kenzie gets a glass toy to open up with, then is ass-fucked with a dildo until she orgasms.

Everything Butt - Jesse Pony & Luna Lovely - Power Exchange

File: byuqtnaevbujeslunh5v1lqd1ov.mp4
Size: 3.22 GB
Duration: 45:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jesse Pony is tied with her legs pulled back, ass wide open. A bejeweled butt-plug is already inside her asshole. Luna Lovely pops it out and makes Jesse taste her own ass-juice off of the plug. After that, she fingers and spits on Jesses asshole. Of course, eager Jesse is already gaping. Jesse loves getting her pussy and asshole slapped hard, and has a screaming orgasm while getting her pussy slapped and asshole fucked hard and rough by a long Bad Dragon toy. Jesse then gets obediently on all fours while Luna hammers a dildo into Jesses asshole, and Jesse screams louder and louder like the power bottom she is. Finally Luna fists Jesses asshole hard and rough while she begs for more, her whole body squirms in intense ecstasy as Luna slaps Jesses pussy and makes this submissive slut cum again and again. Then Luna gets her ass fucked with a toy while Jesse spits on her face and slaps Lunas ass. Luna gets fucked hard and as a body-shaking orgasm. Jesse sensually fists Lunas experienced asshole and makes her cum hard again. Craving more, Luna gets on her back and takes the slink far up into her guts as she can, while getting her pussy eaten and slapped and rubbed until she has another explosive orgasm.

Everything Butt - Lexi Lore & Jane Wilde - Gapes and More Gapes

File: zqdwgnaevbulexjan3mauncftao.mp4
Size: 4.12 GB
Duration: 57:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Submissive, Lexi Lore is cuffed in doggy-style. Domme, Jane Wilde toys Lexis asshole with a butt plug, gaping her wide open. Then submissive Lexi shows off her flexibility by getting her ass fucked with a big glass toy in piledriver, gaping more and more with each insertion and allowing a breathtaking view deep inside her rectum. Lexi is then tied in missionary where she gets her ass warmed up and gaped more with a dildo. Magnificently, she takes the slink inch by inch until it finally fits all the way inside her guts! She then returns the pleasure to her mistress, opening Janes butthole with a thick plug and a big dildo for maximum gaping action.

Everything Butt - Alexis Tae & Maya Woulfe - Strap Attack: Maya Sensually Dominates Alexis

File: fnt7pnaevbualemaym6542ixhba.mp4
Size: 3.39 GB
Duration: 48:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous and tall Domme, Alexis Tae has her dear petite submissive, Maya Woulfe in a vulnerable bondage position, tied in a ball-tie. Alexis plays with Mayas asshole. She inserts a glass toy and makes Maya taste her own asshole from it. Alexis hits Maya with a riding crop and then fucks her ass hard and deep with a strap-on, making her clean the dildo off with her mouth. Maya is then shackled to a box for asshole teasing and foot worship of her mistress. Finally, Alexis plays with her own ass while making her submissive helplessly watch everything.

Everything Butt - Kendra Cole & Charlie Valentine - Big Booty Goddess Worship

File: ordwrnaevbukenchayns33f4km1.mp4
Size: 3.66 GB
Duration: 51:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dominatrix Charlie Valentine walks in on her submissive, Kendra Cole, who is restrained with rope in a box-tie. Charlie instructs Kendra on the proper way to worship her gorgeous thigh-high boots and lick the sweat dripping out from her latex. Charlie then bends Kendra over and stretches her ass with a glass plug before getting strap-on fucked. Kendra cums hard and easily from getting fucked in the ass, squirting and orgasming multiple times on that big strap-on cock. Kendra receives a spanking punishment for pushing her mistresss dildo out of her ass with the sheer force of her anal orgasms and receives ass-to-mouth throughout. Having had enough fun with her submissive toy, its now Charlies turn to receive some ass fucking herself. She instructs Kendra to insert the slink into her mistresss ass as deep as she can possibly take. Then, she asks for a thick glass toy to rail her asshole until she cums explosively.

Everything Butt - Vanessa Sky & Hazel Moore - Turning Her Out: Vanessa Uses Hazel’s Asshole

File: maqmrnaevbuvanhazzqbtpu1bb3.mp4
Size: 3.90 GB
Duration: 54:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hazel Moore is tied up, standing defenselessly in the dungeon with a glass butt-plug in her ass. She patiently awaits her dominant, Mistress Vanessa Sky. Vanessa chokes, teases, spanks and slaps her submissive as much as she pleases. Hazel is then tied up in a doggy-style position, on a box where her asshole gets gaped again and again with dicks on sticks. Finally, Vanessa instructs Hazel on how to anally pleasure her mistress and return the favor.

Everything Butt - Liv Revamped & Vanessa Vega - Strict Anal

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Description: Dressed in black Latex, Dominatrix Vanessa Vega commands her obedient submissive, Liv Revamped to enter the room. Liv crawls on all fours to Vanessa and shes given hard spanks. She puts Liv face-down on a cold metal table in a hogtie position. Her wrists and ankles are bound in cuffs, and shes ready for a thorough anal exploration. Vanessa slowly stretches Livs asshole with a big pink dildo, priming it for a hard fucking. Vanessa bends Liv over for a hair-pulling, hard rectal reaming with her strap-on cock with plenty of ass-to mouth.

Liv enjoys being made to orally serve Vanessa. The anal punishment isnt over yet for Liv, who gets her ass gaped wide open with a speculum for Vanessa to spit in and play with. Finally, Liv gets precise instructions for pleasing her mistress fist her ass properly to make her squirt and cum in her submissives face.

Everything Butt - Gabriella Paltrova & Alexa Nova - Gapes Galore

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Description: Alexa Nova is cuffed, helpless, and captivated by Gabriella Paltrovas magnificent ass. Gabi fingers Alexas asshole and then smothers her face with her gorgeous ass. After getting some gapes toying with Alexas asshole for a while, Gabi delivers a hard strap-on fucking to Alexa. Next. Gabi takes the slink as deep as she possibly can. She has her asshole gaped open wide with a metal speculum and has lube poured deep into her hole which she farts out.

Everything Butt - Erin Everheart & Leda Lotharia - Best In Show: Erin Makes Leda Her Bitch

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Description: Erin Everheart leads her puppy girl Leda Lotharia in on a leash. She gives her tits, mouth and asshole a proper inspection and begins to stretch her little bitch out. Leda whimpers with pleasure as her mistress commands. Erin fists Ledas ass, fucks her hard with a strap-on, makes her gape, and then Leda takes the slink deep inside. Erin wants in on all the fun so she lets Leda slide the slink up her ass and then fists her tight hole until she cums.

Everything Butt - Keira Croft & Lydia Black - Anal Madness

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Description: Dressed in Latex, Keira Croft and Lydia Black tease each other. They worship each others asses. Keira sits on Lydias face, smothering her. They both deep throat a double ended dildo until they gag and spit all over. They even go ass-to-ass with this long toy and fuck themselves, their asses bouncing against each other. Keira squirts on Lydias face while getting her ass opened up with the toy. Lydia gets strap-on fucked in her gaping hole.

Everything Butt - Daisy Ducati & Skylar Snow - Squirting Anal Sluts!

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Description: Daisy Ducati strips and teases in her beautiful lingerie, and sexy sequined boots. She lures her submissive, Skylar Snow inside. She guides Skylar through an exploratory anal session with ass toys and vibrators alike. Both babes take turns in each others holes. Daisy delivers a hard ass pounding to Skylar with a huge strap-on dildo. Skylar loves the feeling of her ass being filled so much that she squirts all over the floor. Daisy creates a gigantic geyser of squirt as she reaches climax while vibrating her clit.

Everything Butt - Maya Kendrick & Nicole Aria - Office Anal Slut: Nicole Aria and Maya Kendrick

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Description: Nicole Aria has been staying late at the office, pretending to work overtime for Maya Kendricks company, earning some extra money by playing with her ass on webcam. Maya catches Nicole in the act and bends her over the desk, spanking her and humiliating her. Just when Nicole thinks the punishment is over, Maya brings her home and stretches Nicoles ass until she fits her fist deep inside, giving Nicole an intense anal orgasm. Maya guides Nicoles fist in and has an amazing orgasm of her own with the Hitachi on her clit while Nicoles hand massages her rectum from the inside.

Everything Butt - Sophia Burns & Electra Rayne - Getting Caught!

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Description: Electra Rayne is a bright student whos very cute, but a bit lazy. She takes the easy route and blatantly plagiarizes a paper. Her sexy and dominant professor, Sophia Burns, catches her and gives her an anal ultimatum. Secretly, Electra has had a crush on her hot teacher and this is the perfect opportunity to get fucked by her. Sophia slaps Electras ass with a ruler until her butt turns pink and fucks her tight hole with a strap-on she keeps a lot of perverted toys in her desk. Sophia gets her ass opened up by her sweet student Electra in the end and they hope to continue this forbidden studentteacher relationship.

Everything Butt - Marilyn Johnson & Audrey Madison - The Sales Associate

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Description: Audrey Madison is going door-to-door, selling solar panels. When she gets to Marilyn Johnsons house, Marilyn invites Audrey in to learn more. Audrey asks about her metal art sculptures and Marilyn explains that they are actually bondage devices and it peaks Audreys curiosity. Next thing you know, Marilyn has Audrey naked with her head and wrists locked in a metal stockade. Marilyn rubs Audreys big tits and then puts clover clamps on her nipples.

Shes placed on her back and Marilyn smothers her face with her gorgeous ass. Next Audreys ass is up in the air with her face on the floor. Marilyn slides a bejeweled metal butt-plug inside Audreys asshole and then fucks her ass with a glass toy. After that, Marilyn gets her strap-on. Audrey sits on its bright blue dildo, slides it deep into her asshole and rides it. Shes given a vibrator and cums hard with Marilyns cock in her ass. Its becomes Marilyns turn for some ass-play and so she gets naked, lies down on her side, and Audrey fucks her ass with a big metal toy. Marilyn puts her heels behind her head. Audrey slides her whole fist inside her asshole and Marilyn cums hard while getting fist-fucked.

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Description: Penny Pax is running a business. When she checks the outgoing orders to be shipped, she finds multiple mistakes. She summons new employee, Alexa Nova over to scold her for doing a poor job. Alexa apologizes but its not enough for Penny. She tells Alexa to strip her clothes off and bend over her padded saw-horse. Penny gets a big black butt-plug and tells Alexa to open her mouth wide. She shoves the butt-plug deep in her mouth and gets it full of Alexa's spit and ready for her ass. Penny spreads Alexa's cute round ass and starts pushing the black butt-plug inside her tight asshole. Alexa's asshole while at first reluctant to receive the toy, finally gives in and swallows it up. Penny spanks Alexa's ass with the toy still inside. Penny takes the plug out and tells Alexa to flip over and spread her legs. She gets a clear glass toy and pops it inside Alexa's stretched asshole and makes her cum with a vibrator. Penny orders Alexa to get on her knees. Penny lifts up her tight latex skirt and makes Alexa tongue-fuck her asshole. Penny gets a big blue Bad Dragon dildo, hops up onto the padded saw horse, and fucks herself in the ass with it. She makes Alexa clean it off with her mouth and then orders her to fuck her ass hard and fast with it until her Mistress cums. After that, Penny straps on a huge dildo and has Alexa get on her knees. With the toy barely able to fit inside Alexa's ass, Penny fucks her slow and steady until she loosens up and then fast and hard until Alexa cums. After that, Alexa gets on her back and spreads her legs to see how much of The Slink she can fit inside her. Once shes filled to capacity, she uses an Hitachi vibrator and has a huge orgasm. Penny grabs a clear glass toy called The Pillar and gets face down ass up. She instructs Alexa on how to fuck her with it and when it goes deep inside we can see all the way into her hole. In the end, they get cheek to cheek, and Penny fills her own ass with water, and sprays it all over Alexa.

Everything Butt - Kendra Spade, Riley Reyes & Aiden Starr - Drooling Electro Slut & The Anal Whore Serve A Bdsm Orgy

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Description: Gwen Vicious is late to meet and interview with Febby Twigs about the possibility of joining her and Avi Love for a hot anal three-way. Febby calls her stupid, grabs Gwen by the hair, and brings her to meet Avi. In her short purple latex dress, Gwen crawls on her hands and knees to Avi who sits at her big red leather throne. Avi tells her to stand up and strip naked. Febby and Avi agree that although pathetic, she'll do. They tell her to get on her knees and spread her ass. She grabs both of her big round ass cheeks and spreads them wide. Avi grabs a ribbed glass toy and slides it into Gwen's tight little asshole and fucks her deep with it. They switch to a bigger glass butt-plug and slide it in and out of Gwen's asshole, stretching it even further. They have Gwen get on her back and spread her legs and they see if she can handle one more toy. They get a big long purple butt-plug and try to fit the entire thing in her asshole, but her pathetic ass can only take the tip. They feel sorry for her and let her cum with a vibrator but they're far from done using her for their own pleasure. Avi strips from the waist-down and gets up on her throne. Febby shoves Gwen's face into her girlfriend's asshole and makes her lick it. Avi presses a big Hitachi vibrator against her clit and cums hard with Gwen's face buried in her asshole. After that, Febby makes Gwen get underneath Avi and lick her pussy while Febby fucks Avi's ass with a big pink dildo. After Avi's ass gets warmed up with the pink dildo, Febby straps on her biggest cock and shoves it in her girlfriends ass, fucking her deep and hard. Next, Avi gets on her back and has Febby shove the Slink as far as she can up her ass, and cums hard while filled up with almost two feet of toy. When its Febby's turn to take a big toy up her ass, she gets face-down, ass-up and gets fucked deep and fast with a monster of a cock. Stretched out by the large dildo, Febby commands Gwen to slide her entire fist up her ass. Gwen gets it in Febby's ass with ease and fist-fucks her ass until she cums hard.

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Description: Anna DeVille sits alone on her couch with her laptop. She browses the web when all of a sudden a political ad pops up for Maya Kendrick who is running for Congress. Anna gasps at the ad because her and Maya used to date. She digs through her phone's photo library and finds some very compromising pictures that they had taken together during one very kinky hook-up. She sends a pic to Maya and explains that if she comes over for one more sexy time, she'll delete all of the photos from her database. Maya calls her back and tells Anna that she's coming over. She tells Maya to take off her clothes, get on the couch and stick out her ass. Anna spreads Maya's ass and shoves a big clear glass butt-plug inside and pops it in and out, making little gapes. Anna grabs an even bigger glass toy and Maya sits back on it while Anna pushes to get it all the way inside Maya's pretty pink hole. Anna reaches for one more even bigger triple ripple glass toy and Maya gets the top two ripples deep in her ass. Anna fucks her with the toy while Maya uses a big vibrator on her clit and cums hard. Anna wants Maya to play with her own ass and so she has Maya pull down her panties and bends over the couch. She licks Anna's asshole while Anna plays with her own pussy and Anna cums hard with Maya's tongue in her ass. In the next scene, both girls are completely naked on the bed. Anna has a huge dildo attached to her strap-on and Maya spreads her legs and begs to get her ass fucked. Anna fucks her ass deep and hard, making her gape wide open. After that, Anna sticks her legs behind her head and tells Maya to shove the Pillar up her ass. Maya fucks her with the Pillar, letting us see all the way inside. Maya gets The Slink almost all the way in and cums hard on it. They take turns fisting each other's assholes and Anna finally shows Maya mercy.

Everything Butt - Chanel Preston & Joanna Angel - Perfect Pet: Joanna Angel Serves The Insatiable Chanel Preston

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Description: Chanel Preston arrives to the warehouse to find a very special gift tied up and waiting for her. Joanna is eager to serve her new Mistress and be the perfect pet. She lets out a gasp as Chanel leans in to taste her ass. Chanel's tongue presses against Joanna's hole and it's delicious. There's only one thing Chanel wants today, and it's Joanna's ass. She slips in a stainless steel dildo and pops it out to taste the inside of Joanna's ass. Pleased with what she tastes, Chanel releases Joanna and commands her to worship her asshole. Joanna dives in with enthusiasm, face buried between Chanel's glorious cheeks. Chanel moans as her slave eats her ass and then straps on a long hard cock. Joanna takes it in her mouth, working it, before Chanel plunges it in her asshole. Joanna's ass swallows it up, taking almost the entire toy. Chanel alternates fucking Joanna's mouth and her ass, making use of this sloppy slut. Next, Joanna is on her back as Chanel tries out different toys in her asshole. Joanna's eager hole takes another metal dildo, and a gets stretched open by a speculum. Chanel spits into her open ass and watches her spit disappear down that pink hole. She fucks Joanna with a clear dildo, excitedly watching Joanna's insides open up and take it. Joanna loves it when her Mistress uses her ass and cums hard as she gets fucked. Then Chanel brings out the slink. The full length of it disappears inside Joanna's petite frame. Joanna can't remember the last time she felt so full, she cums again with the slink inside her. Chanel is so turned on, she lubes up her fist and fits almost the entire thing inside Joanna's ass. Joanna screams as Chanel works her ass open on all four fingers. Finally, Joanna licks Chanel's perfect asshole and fucks it with a metal dildo. Chanel cums hard, body quivering with the force of multiple powerful orgasms.

Everything Butt - London River & Dana Dearmond - Danas Butt Building Emporium

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Description: London River is hoping to reach some challenging fitness goals so she goes to Danas Butt Building Emporium to make that happen. Dana DeArmond is known for her unorthodox methods but still she is the best and London wants results so she decides to trust Dana and boy oh boy is she in for a treat. Unlike other gyms Danas philosophy is that you have to work out the whole butt including the butthole because after all change happens from within. So using a very hands on approach Dana strips Londons clothes off to see what shes working with and realizes right away that London has a solid foundation but there is lots of work to do. Starting with a warm up Dana puts London on all fours and squeezes, shakes slaps and sniffs Londons curvy ass. Spreading her butt cheeks apart Dana goes right in for a taste. She fingers and stretches Londons hole to loosen her up for all the equipment she has to use for her workout. First Dana slides a metal hook into Londons ass and fucks her with it while she rubs her pussy. London is already breathing hard when Dana uses the Hitachi on her clit and makes her scream and cum hard. Moving into a squat position London spreads her ass open and slides onto a tapered ribbed butt plug to really work that booty. Its hard to balance so Dana gives her something to hold ontoher ass! So now she is not only working out her butthole, glutes and legs she is also working her tongue out as she licks Danas asshole and vibes her pussy until she is shaking and moaning and cums real good. After their warm up Dana crams a big strap-on dildo down Londons throat and fucks her face to get her cock all wet and slippery cuz you know what shes gonna do with it. Up on all fours Londons ass is high in the air and ready for that hot action so Dana glides it in her ass and stirs it around. Londons big tits jiggle back and forth as she fucks Danas thick dick making her ass ooze with white sticky cum. Then she flips over and gets a good ass fucking on her back. Dana knows how to work that strap on and pounds Londons as with sexy expert moves until London is over the top with multiple orgasms. Dana checks the gape, cleans it up with her tongue and gets back to Londons slutty asshole. This time with her fist! Finger by finger Dana makes her way into Londons tight hole until her fist is all the way in filling her up. London looks and sounds like she is in ecstasy as Dana fists her butthole until she cums again and again. Now that Londons ass is getting a good work out Dana stretches her hole even more wide open with a speculum and fingers her pussy so we can see the inside of her ass as she cums. Then Dana fucks her with a big wide acrylic butt-plug giving us another deep view into Londons juicy ass. Now its Danas turn so on her back with legs spread wide open London works in most of her hand to Danas butthole and vibes her pussy until her eyes roll back in her head and she has an epic orgasm. For the final part of her training London gets an enema which she takes like a pro. Workout complete! Danas Butt Building Emporium will get a great review on Yelp.