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Jewelz Blu

Pure Taboo - Serene Siren & Jewelz Blu - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

File: uhvknnaputaserjew5xupqso1su.mp4
Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 46:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two girlfriends, Kaylee Alison Rey and Isabelle Jewelz Blu, show up at a loft they are now renting together. They are excited about the move, especially since their landlady, Henrietta Serene Siren, is also a lesbian. Henrietta greets the young women, meeting Isabelle for the first time. There are hints of attraction from Henrietta towards Isabelle...

As the days go by, Kaylee and Isabelle's relationship goes through several misfortunes. First, they have to cancel their date night after Henrietta claims that the dryer malfunctioned, and shows them that Kaylee's nice clothes got all shredded. On another day, Kaylee and Isabelle are about to have sex, but have to stop when Kaylee starts to feel unwell, realizing that she's having an allergic reaction. Days later, Kaylee and Isabelle are hanging out when Kaylee gets an angry phone call from her parent, who is upset to have just found out through an unknown source that Kaylee is a lesbian.

Kaylee says she'll have to go talk to her parent in person. Isabelle is shocked and offers to go as support, but Kaylee tells her it's best that she goes alone. Isabelle is hurt but understanding, as Kaylee leaves. Henrietta then peeks into the loft, pretending to be concerned for Isabelle. Unbeknownst to Kaylee and Isabelle, Henrietta is responsible for all their relationship woes... and now that Isabelle is alone, it's time for Henrietta to get what she wants.

Rk Prime - Jewelz Blu, Kylie Rocket & Ryan Reid - Rk's Girl Trip: Part 3

File: qbsqinarkprjewkylryadzpnsmaxpa.mp4
Size: 1.55 GB
Duration: 34:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu, Kylie Rocket, and Ryan Reid are always finding new ways to cause trouble on their road trip, like heading into the woods to take off their tops and shake their tits! But when they get a flat tire on a lonely stretch of road with no cell reception, it seems like they might not find any cocks to suck today. Luckily, these hotties take out their boobs to get Air Thugger and Lawson Jones to pull over, and they're scheming to get everything they need from these guys their flat fixed and their pussies filled!

Rk Prime - Jewelz Blu & Kylie Rocket - Rk's Girl Trip: Part 2

File: tvkyenarkprjewkyltaxfdne6bf.mp4
Size: 1.61 GB
Duration: 40:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The RK girls are ready to go out and be sluts on the town... well, two of them, anyway! While Ryan Reid stays in bed to masturbate, dolled-up Jewelz Blu and Kylie Rocket venture out in search of food and dick, not necessarily in that order. They find a blond hunk at the bar and bring him into the bathroom for a hot threesome, sucking and fucking him till he cums on their tits! Meanwhile, back at the hotel Ryan is all alone and feeling horny, so she just has to start fingering herself...

Rk Prime - Jewelz Blu, Kylie Rocket & Ryan Reid - Rk's Girl Trip: Part 1

File: kqst8narkprjewkylryap3qftaiuif.mp4
Size: 2.09 GB
Duration: 52:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: You know when the RK girls take a road trip, it's going to go down! Jewelz Blu, Ryan Reid, and Kylie Rocket claim they're just stopping for snacks, but Ryan has been craving cock down her throat and takes the opportunity to pick up Diego Perez and suck him off in the bathroom! Then it's back in the car as the girls flash their tits, and Kylie even loses her top out the window. They finally make it to the hotel, where these babes are more than ready for a shower and a threesome.

Bang Rammed - Jewelz Blu - Anime Babe Gets Her Holes Worked Hard

File: onj4vnabarajewblu3frlplxzoo.mp4
Size: 1.33 GB
Duration: 37:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu is an anime lover, but when it comes to porn, you can do whatever you want to her. Her clean shaved pussy is always ready to go, and her mouth is open to get a face full of cum. After getting her toes sucked, she fucks that dick all so good, and then opens up her mouth to get all she worked for.

Deep Lush - Freya Parker & Jewelz Blu - Beautiful Touch

File: udoyfnadelufrejew7al9xz58lu.mp4
Size: 1.67 GB
Duration: 36:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Freya and Jewelz meet for the first time with adorable chemistry as they kiss and admire all of each other. They get naked, touch and kiss each other before they take turns licking each other's pussies. They share a hitachi and Freya uses a double ended dildo on Jewelz as they take turns giving each other orgasms. The scene ends with them kissing and cuddling up together.

Girlfriends Films - Jessica Starling & Jewelz Blu - Secret Diaries 12

File: zkuodnagifijesjewssmac6vrmp.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 45:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Secrets are meant to be kept. Somebody's got a secretand it's not a little one either! They don't know how to deal with it but they also can't resist the temptation. Come and watch simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video. For fine folks with good hearts and curious minds.

Naughty Office - Jewelz Blu - Sexually Charged Needs Cock

File: seer8nanaofjewblu4jwgnnqes5.mp4
Size: 1.78 GB
Duration: 41:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu makes a late night visit with her therapist who has been helping her cope with a chronic cock craving. She's been having dreams throughout her entire day of having a dick shoved down her throat and in her tight wet pussy, and who better to curve her craving's? Her doctor's big fat cock.

Brazzers Exxtra - Jewelz Blu - Badder Than He Thinks

File: quezknabrexjewblugazlsi3dxt.mp4
Size: 1.10 GB
Duration: 30:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy Jewelz Blu is snacking on some cereal when her brother's college buddy Small Hands shows up, looking for food. Jewelz lures Small Hands into her bedroom with a promise of granola bars, but instead of handing out some sweet granola, Jewelz shows off her big tits instead. A hot fucking ensues, and Jewelz's brother has no idea!

When Girls Play - Jewelz Blu & Kenzie Anne - How To Make Her Blush

File: iigfhnawhgipljewkenz3uusdm2up.mp4
Size: 967.47 MB
Duration: 29:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Pretty blonde makeup influencer Kenzie Anne has her bestie Jewelz Blu on her channel today to show off a sweet and natural look, as well as her new set of brushes from sponsor Twistys. Kenzie puts the finishing touches on Jewelz's blush and softly runs a powder puff over her face... and her tantalizing cleavage! The brushes feel so good, Kenzie tickles the blue-haired babe's body with them, before licking her pussy. Jewelz wants to make her BFF feel just as good, sucking on her big tits and teasing her with the brushes before licking Kenzie's pussy. The babes sit on each other's faces and find a new way to use the makeup brush...

All Girl Massage - Kira Noir & Jewelz Blu - Last Hurrah

File: qvqmvnaalgimakirjewf8moazs86y.mp4
Size: 1.29 GB
Duration: 36:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kira Noir, a bride-to-be, is led into a massage parlor by two members of her bridal party, Bella Rolland and Ava Sinclair. They're in the middle of Kira's bachelorette party and the bridesmaids thought what better a gift to get for Kira than a massage! Lucky for them, Jewelz Blu the masseuse has a spot open and can easily fit Kira into her schedule. Jewelz insists, however, that Bella and Ava must leave the parlor to give Kira privacy during her massage.

Jewelz leads Kira to the massage room, suggesting she get undressed and lie on the table. As Kira strips down, they make small talk, where it is revealed that although Kira is excited to be marrying her husband-to-be, there are certain things she wishes she'd experienced before tying the knot. She used to be so adventurous but it's probably time to just accept that some of those things may never happen after all.

Jewelz begins massaging Kira, and they continue chatting about Kira's feelings regarding her marriage. As Jewelz hands work their way down Kira's back, and then down to her ass, Kira expresses how she wishes that she'd had a lesbian experience before getting married. Jewelz is surprised that such a beautiful woman like Kira would never have experienced this. When Kira expresses that she would have rather done something much more adventurous for her bachelorette party, Jewelz offers to give her some 'special treatment'. They have sensual and erotic lesbian sex, making this a 'last hurrah' that Kira will never forget.

Digital Playground - Jewelz Blu & Kayley Gunner - Last One Standing: Part 1

File: nhqmenadipljewkay2ivjudoskj.mp4
Size: 1.15 GB
Duration: 34:14
Resolution: 2160x1080
Format: mp4
Description: In this DP World Digital Galaxy special, fugitive activist Ansel Xander Corvus is a rebel waging battle against a distant planet's shadow government. Ansel breaks into a top-secret base to hack into incriminating evidence, but his scheme is foiled when hyper-sexual bounty hunters Brielle and Devanna Kayley Gunner and Jewelz Blu track him down and imprison him! Ansel has one last hope, and places a distress call to gun-for-hire Syren Alexis Fawx who teleports in for a rescue mission!

Deep Lush - Jewelz Blu - All About Jewelz

File: uuopanadelujewblukctvtu522a.mp4
Size: 2.04 GB
Duration: 35:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu graced us with doing her first BBG threesome with Small Hands and I. We had so much fun together in this super hot scene as Small Hands and I take turns fucking her and making her cum over and over. Jewelz indulges in all of the stimulation and pleasure and gives us so much pleasure in return. We end the scene with taking turns cumming deep inside of pussy with a close up of it dripping out.

Nubile Films - Jewelz Blu - April 2022 Fantasy Of The Month

File: ry4bxnanufijewbluu9mrescfuw.mp4
Size: 1.50 GB
Duration: 21:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu is the April 2022 Fantasy of the month! She is decked out in the sexiest of lingerie for her photoshoot with Milan. As Milan captures Jewelz's incredible curves, Jewelz decides she wants more from her photographer than just his pics. She begins her seduction with small touches as they review the photos from her first outfit together, but her shoot isn't finished yet.

Changing into another outfit, Jewelz gets a bit raunchy. She slips her bra off and tosses it in Milan's direction before taking his camera for a few photos of her own. Outfit number three is the final one, which means Jewelz can get even more playful. Once the last photo has been taken, she doesn't hesitate to take what she wants...

Crawling across the floor, Jewelz pops Milan's cock out of his pants. He's already hard and ready for her to go to work on. This bigtit hottie just loves to suck cock, and her passion shows! Licking and stroking and sucking leads to deep throating as Jewelz makes magic with her hands and mouth. She eventually rears back for a titty fuck that really gets her party with Milan started.

Getting to her feet and strutting back to the couch, Jewelz leans forward so Milan can kneel behind her and sample her pussy juices. He knows his role, worshipping Jewelz's dripping twat and bubble butt with his mouth and big hands. He can't get enough of eating Jewelz out, but there's so much more to be enjoyed that eventually he backs off so they can move on to something even more mutually satisfying.

Taking a seat on the couch, Milan watches as Jewelz climbs into his lap with her back to him. She slides down onto his hardon in reverse cowgirl and takes a moment to enjoy the feeling of fullness. Moving her hips slowly at first, she kicks off a stiffie ride that soon gets those big boobies bouncing and her breath coming in short bursts.

Hopping off the D, Jewelz sucks her juices clean and then climbs back aboard. This time she's facing Milan as she lowers herself onto the cock for another ride. The position lets her get those incredible knockers right in Milan's face as she keeps her hips rocking and rolling.

Getting on her hands and knees, Jewelz wiggles her bottom to invite Milan to come back inside. He's not about to decline that offer! Guiding himself into Jewelz's velvet glove, Milan sinks balls deep into that welcoming twat. He gives it to her just as hard and deep as she could want, especially once Jewelz moves into a kneeling position that changes the angle of penetration to hit right on her g-spot.

The couple takes things to missionary as Jewelz lays on her back and watches Milan enter her. The intimacy of that position leaves Jewelz quivering as Milan brings her off. Moments later, Milan pulls out and takes aim to cover Jewelz's breasts with his cum shot. What an incredible end to a sexy photo shoot

Rk Prime - Lulu Chu, Jewelz Blu, Ryan Reid & Lexi Lee - April Fools

File: siesjnarkprluljewryalexd8yfr9l8py.mp4
Size: 882.39 MB
Duration: 24:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu, Lulu Chu, Ryan Reid, and Lexi Lee have never worked together before, so they're very excited for their girlgirlgirlgirl shoot together today, but mischievous Jewelz has a little prank in store. She brings Lexi upstairs to help cut a hole in the butt of Ryan's favorite pair of leggings. Meanwhile, since it's Lexi's first mainstream shoot, Lulu and Ryan decide to haze her a little by rubbing Lexi's toothbrush on Lulu's pussy! After their mischief is discovered, the girls gather in the living room and things turn flirty as they make out and undress each other, sucking tits and licking pussies, 69ing and scissoring. There's no fooling as these girls make each other cum!

When Girls Play - Jewelz Blu & Eve Marlowe - Girl Crush: Eve & Jewelz

File: 9yviynawhgipljewevekvsa1vnypp.mp4
Size: 675.89 MB
Duration: 31:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Blue may be considered a cool color, but it can be extremely hot, as blue-haired babes Eve Marlowe and Jewelz Blu will show you! These stunning women are attired in lingerie in their favorite hue for Eve's first ever girl-girl scene. Eve and Jewelz talk about their first experience with another girl and how excited they are to work together before making some blue magic together! Jewelz is eager to suck Eve's big tits and rub their breasts together before she takes off her co-star's panties and licks her pussy. Then it's Eve's turn to get a taste of Jewelz, and the babes 69 and scissor, making Eve's first girl-girl scene one she's sure to remember forever!

RK Prime - Jewelz Blu & Roxie Sinner - Busting The Dildo Voyeur

File: gkl3pnarkprjewroxudm9cts97t.mp4
Size: 1.02 GB
Duration: 39:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sinfluencer Jewelz Blu knows where her roommate hides her sex toys, and when she's got the house to herself, she sneaks in and steals a dildo! As Jewelz is sucking the toy and playing with her pussy on camera, Roxie Sinner comes back with her boyfriend, David Lee. Jewelz hides and watches as Roxie sucks David and rides his cock, but when she drops her dildo Roxie spots her. Roxie decides to teach her thieving roommate a lesson, leaving David blindfolded as she puts on a strapon and fucks Jewelz doggystyle, but naughty Jewelz decides to lock Roxie out and steal her man's cock! Roxie busts in and finds her bf fucking Jewelz, who pulls her into a threesome!

Nympho - Jewelz Blu - Jewelz Can’t Stop Cumming

File: q6nzgnanymjewblugzgebn7civ.mp4
Size: 2.34 GB
Duration: 01:03:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cute colorful Jewelz Blu has come to get her pussy rocked by a nice, big dick! Get mesmerized by her beauty, then get hooked on her juicy, wet pussy! Shes got the prowess of a sex goddess takes the dick with ease. Shes not a tease, she puts out takes on each deep stroke of dick u til shes filled to completion!

NF Busty - Jewelz Blu & Lexi Luna - Magical And Delicious

File: oox1znanfbujewlexkny9lwvxni.mp4
Size: 3.33 GB
Duration: 46:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lexi Luna and Jewelz Blu are into both each other and St. Patrick's Day. They enjoy decking themselves out in festive outfits that leave very little to the imagination. Lexi rolls up Jewelz's sheer shirt to stick shamrock pasties onto Jewelz's nipples as the final touch, creating a maelstrom of sexual tension as she does.

The girls are trying to be good and wait for their third, Oliver Flynn, but it's so hard to be patient as they caress each other over the top of their clothing. Eventually they crawl into bed together, where their hands get even busier. They explore each other's big bottoms, hiking up their miniskirts along the way so they can indulge in some skin on skin contact.

Taking things slow and steady, the girls gradually unveil themselves to each other. Their pasties are soon long forgotten, in the wake of making one another's nipples nice and hard. Sliding their hands lower, they each hike up the other's miniskirts and slide their lover's thongs aside to gently rub each other's clits.

Just as Lexi and Jewelz are getting to the good part, Oliver finally arrives. The girls are nice and primed for him as they welcome him in bed between them. Jewlez and Lexi both turn their attention to catching Oliver up with a double handie that gets him nice and hard for all of their pleasure.

As Jewelz remains in place, Oliver and Lexi each scoot lower so they can make themselves at home between her thighs. Putting their tongues to work, the duo pull out all the pussy licking stops to make Jewelz moan! Oliver eventually leaves the pussy feast to Lexi as he slides even lower to come up and put his tongue back to work for Lexi's enjoyment.

Since Lexi is already conveniently on her hands and knees, it's a simple thing for Oliver to take things one step further. Guiding his hard dick into Lexi's velvet glove, he shoves in until he's balls deep. Lexi rocks back into his thrusts, but never gives up on lapping away at Jewelz's greedy clit.

Jewelz is next to get the D as she slides down the bed. Cradling Jewelz in her arms, Lexi makes sure her girlfriend is satisfied before shoving her big boobs into Jewelz's face. Jewelz is eager to go ahead and lick Lexi's hard nipples as Oliver gets her panting with excitement. When Lexi falls onto her back, Jewelz reaches over to work Lexi's clit with her fingertips.

Oliver finds himself on his back next with two busty babes take turns dominating him. riding his fuck stick. Lexi takes the first stiffie ride in reverse cowgirl as Jewelz lays to the side with Oliver's fingers roaming her snatch. Laying so that her back is pressed to Oliver's chest, Lexi thrusts her hips while rubbing her clit to really make herself moan.

Lexi sits up to speed things up as Jewelz takes over her own masturbation. Once the girls have licked Oliver's hardon clean, Jewelz mounts him in cowgirl. Lexi straddles Oliver's face so he can eat out the juices from their joining as Jewelz makes herself purr riding his cock.

Finally sated, the girls get on their knees with Oliver rising above them. They work his fuck stick together, sucking his cock and balls with total eagerness. Oliver even gets to enjoy a titty fuck from Jewelz as he careens towards his finish line. When Oliver finally busts his nut, he manages to cover both of his busty lovers' titties in his love, leaving them a sticky gift to rub all over each other.

Sweet Sinner - Jewelz Blu - The Voyeur 5

File: 6yk9fnaswsijewbluszvfpx7fej.mp4
Size: 518.64 MB
Duration: 35:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tiffany has one thing in mind, being the next scam artist to seduce a man out of his life savings and Derrick finds this insanely arousing. While waiting for a money wire from another innocent victim to come through, the two fuck each other's brains out both horny from the thought of life changing wealth. Derrick eats her tight little snatch and she sucks his meaty cock, and the two don't stop until both is fully satisfied.

Girls Way - Charly Summer & Jewelz Blu - The Ultimate Distraction

File: vwpljnagiwachajewi25l6rwgba.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 29:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu, a video game streamer, looks miserable and flops onto the couch. Her girlfriend, Charly Summer, who is sitting nearby, asks what's wrong. Jewelz reveals that her video game streaming has become more popular, BUT as a consequence, there are more people in the chat and it's distracting. Her gaming performance has been going downhill. She can't afford to lose her followers because she keeps getting distracted -- she WANTS them to interact with her while she plays!

Charly patiently listens, then suggests that Jewelz needs to train herself to be able to play during these distractions. In fact, Charly even offers to help Jewelz train by giving her 'the ULTIMATE distraction', but won't reveal what that is. Once Jewelz starts playing a video game with some of her online friends, intending to practice with Charly using 'the ULTIMATE distraction' on her, she's surprised when Charly quickly ducks under her desk.

Once there, Jewelz's eyes grow wide as it turns out that 'the ULTIMATE distraction' is Charly touching and eating out her pussy while she's gaming! If Jewelz can concentrate through THIS, she can concentrate through ANYTHING.

Rk Prime - Jewelz Blu - Sheer Bliss

File: hgoz1narkprjewbluzfa9babgrv.mp4
Size: 823.79 MB
Duration: 33:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jewelz Blu really needs a cock to fuck, she tells you as she does a sexy tease in her filmy lingerie set behind a gauzy curtain, blowing you kisses and playing with her pussy through her fishnet stockings. This horny babe is in luck, as Quinton James joins her, and he's got a nice big one for her to play with. Jewelz sucks that dick and Quinton licks her on the couch, then she gets the hard fuck she needs!

All Girl Massage - Aaliyah Love, Jewelz Blu & Charlotte Sins - Gay Panic

File: 2g1hanaalgimaaaljewchaobku5rudmd.mp4
Size: 1.15 GB
Duration: 35:16
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: An adorable married lesbian couple, Charlotte Sins and Jewelz Blu, is looking forward to their romantic in-home couples massage. As they invite the masseuses, Aaliyah Love and her coworker, into the house, the atmosphere is pleasant... until the coworker realizes that they're servicing lesbians. That's when the coworker drops her professionalism and shows her true colors, which isn't pretty, before storming out of the house.

Aaliyah is SHOCKED about her coworker's atrocious behavior, apologizing profusely to Charlotte and Jewelz. What the coworker said and did was completely out of line! She wants to give the lovely couple a FREE massage to make up for her rudeness and show them that her behavior does NOT reflect their parlor's values.

Although Charlotte and Jewelz admit that the mood is kind of ruined, they can't pass up a free massage. As they both strip down, Aaliyah takes turns massaging them both, making it as sensual and romantic as possible to make it up to them. Gradually, the tension from the unpleasant confrontation earlier melts away and transforms into sexual tension instead! If Aaliyah REALLY wants to make it up to the wives, there's ONE MORE THING she can do

Evil Angel - Jewelz Blu - Private Fuck, Cum Chaser

File: iihoznaevanjewblupgsitotbkx.mp4
Size: 1.45 GB
Duration: 35:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alt-girl Jewelz Blu meets award-winning directortop stud Mick Blue for a private date. The busty, big-assed babe teases provocatively in garters and a top that match her electric blue-dyed hair. Mick captures the lusty encounter with intimate, POV-style footage. He promptly buries his face in the cheeks of her round ass for a rim job. The cute chick fingers her hairless snatch and rubs oil into her big tits. Young Jewelz takes Mick's big cock in her mouth, slurping his stem and mushroom cap in a tasty blowjob. She greedily wraps his thick prick in her cleavage for a titty fuck. Kinky Jewelz rams her tongue up his bunghole. He laps her clit. Mick's meat jams her cunt and thrusts away, fucking her tight gash. He nails her doggie-style. The pro pornographer slams her cunt and boobs from multiple positions. Jewelz turns a cum facial into a spunky chaser to be gargled in her pretty mouth!