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Jules Jordan

Jules Jordan - Nicole Doshi - Challenges Her Ass With Big Dredd Streaming Upscale

File: h4pkrnajujonicdosqua3siczoh.mp4
Size: 3.53 GB
Duration: 41:41
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Busty hot asian sex doll Nicole Doshi has come back to JulesJordan.com for some BBC. This big butt slut brings her butt toys to prep her ass for Dredd's massive BBC. Dredd goes balls deep into her ass. This girl is a true anal slut!

Jules Jordan - Charly Summer - Double Stuffed Extravaganza!

File: wizlvnajujochasumijpqlb8o1y.mp4
Size: 2.12 GB
Duration: 42:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Charly Summer performs in her first double penetration scene. She asked her favorite two BBC performers to give her a deep anal, and deep veg drilling! Charly Summer pushes her self to the limits with double BBC Vag. This is a legendary scene.

Jules Jordan - Angela White - Voluptuous, All Natural Goddess Is Back For An Anal Sex Chamber Experience

File: c5oarnajujoangwhivngg1snzhu.mp4
Size: 2.58 GB
Duration: 48:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Angela White enters your dreams in a wild neon light wet dream. This natural busty goddess has come back to the Jules Jordan anal sex chamber for more anal sex. Angela loves the taste of her own ass after Jules Jordan performs ass to mouth on her. This is a no holes barred sex scene in the Jules Jordan sex chamber.

Jules Jordan - Kali Roses - Big Booty Star Kali Roses Loves BBC

File: c3xd7najujokalrosyjrgqnhgry.mp4
Size: 1.66 GB
Duration: 29:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mega booty slut Kali Rose. Loves BBC! She has no problem deep throating Isiah Maxwell's big black cock. This big beautiful ass bounces up and down on Isiah Maxwell's cock. Her ass causes a massive eruption. She manages to catch most of it in her mouth. How long do you think you could last with this hot piece of ass bouncing on your cock?

Jules Jordan - Tommy King - Ass Queen Delivers Her Glorious Backside To Dredd

File: zz5b7najujotomkinhaiw3egqqh.mp4
Size: 1.51 GB
Duration: 43:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tommy King gets oiled up for some anal! She preps her ass hole for Dredd with a huge dildo out by the pool. This girls ass is heaven. Dredd makes sure all her sex holes get satisfied! This is how you do an anal work out session by the pool side.

Jules Jordan - Savannah Bond - The Gangbang Of Savannah Bond

File: 6dx9ynajujosavbonnlt9esktfr.mp4
Size: 3.15 GB
Duration: 51:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Savannah Bond's first gangbang! Watch six huge cocks fight over all her sex holes. These guys get to stick their cocks where ever they want. No hole is off limits! Up her ass, double penetration, multiple cocks down her throat at the same time, and double vag. Savannah Bond is a true sexual athlete!

Jules Jordan - Karmen Karma & Kissa Sins - Anal Savages

File: 1jdgpnajujokarkisox6syxxsmd.mp4
Size: 2.25 GB
Duration: 38:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kissa Sins and Karmen Karma tag-team Markus Dupree in this intense, squirting, No-Holes-Barred fuck session. Kissa and Karmen are two beautiful babes with big asses and an insatiable appetite for cockin any hole! Theyre making their way up the stairs as we watch their bodacious booties bounce with every step they take. They stop on the landing to make out and twerk for the camera before continuing their journey back to the pool area. As they wait for their cocksman, Kissa and Karmen inspect each others asses with their tongues, then twerk some more before heading inside to meet up with Markus.

They crawl into the bedroom on all fours and see Markus waiting for them, butt naked and with his cock in his hand. Once theyre within reach, Markus stands up and feeds them his cock as he squeezes their asses. Kissa takes the front while Karmen goes around back to give him a rim job as her girlfriend sucks on his uncut cock, then they switch it up as Karmen goes to town sucking on that dick while Kissa sucks on his balls. They move over to the chair where Markus goes Straight To The A and pushes his big dick deep into Kissas tight asshole while Karmen rides her mouth. Karmen turns around to get a better view of the ass pounding right as Markus pulls his cock out and fingers Kissa until she squirts all over Karmens face. They get up so they can smother Markus with their bodacious butt cheeks, then they take turns taking his cock up their assholes as they both sit on his lap. What happens next can only be described as an intense anal fuck-fest ending in an anal cream pie that gets pushed out into Karmens sexy mouth. Im not going to give it all away, but believe me, youre not going to want to miss this one!

Jules Jordan - Maddy May - I Have A Giant Black Cock?

File: suhofnajujomadmayvsbofaoxhx.mp4
Size: 1.79 GB
Duration: 31:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When first observing Maddy May, there's a seed of doubt that she can physically handle the DICK of DREDD. Low slung and hazel-eyed, during the tease you start to believe, she may indeed be able to weather the storm. Primped in black leather strapped lingerie with zebra print, Maddy bends. It's at this moment we see her full potential. For such a diminutive gal, her ass pops at first flex. She has a huge ornamental tattoo that runs down her fleshy thigh, complimenting her pierced nipples.

Maddy begins flossing her pussy with her panties, while proclaiming she feels like taking a big fucking dick. Dredd appears and makes her eyes bulge once she sees what she's asking for. Kudos to Miss May for trying, but she is so small she must two-hand Dredd's barrel-like member while fitting as much as she can in her mouth. Maddy finally yelps Oh my God! You have such a big dick! And D-man compliments her on ball sucking... They begin fucking on a red love seat and May decides to straddle in reverse cowgirl. She ends up standing over Dredd while sliding up and down the mondo meat missile. Maddy moves into doggie and Dredd begins to stuff her twat. The visual is almost comical at first. You don't think it's possible, yet Maddy's pretty pussy opens and Miss May has to let out a disbelieving Oh Fuck during the long strokes. Prone on her back Dredd continues with his mission. Maddy gets to her knees and sucks on the timber until Dredd is asking himself his own name while she feeds on his deposit.What a day for Maddy May

Jules Jordan - Adriana Chechik - Enters The Anal Sex Chamber

File: h7dyjnajujoadrcheirfeulz7k5.mp4
Size: 1.94 GB
Duration: 34:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Adriana Chechik features in a LED lit fuckshow that chechiks all boxes in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Adriana Chechik the proud owner of a face and chassis that could star in mainstream productions. The starlet showcases a strapped black leather rig that could be branded with her name on it. The opening is in black and white with Adriana teasing and holding a light. Eventually it fades into color and it pops. Put the tease on loop and enjoy. Adriana Chechik with a sunny slide into a POV shot that provides reason for creation of a blowjob hall of fame...

The combo of light, throat-fucking and her bubbling slobber creations Jules Jordan and Adrianna Chechik move to the bed. Blues and reds permeate, casting violet onto the couple. They romp in cowgirl and reverse-cow alternating pussy and anal fucking. Jordan props the gorgeous Adriana Chechik into doggy on the red silk sheets. She gapes then Jordan delves to her pussy and strums it like an instrument until she erupts like a geyser. The stellar performance ends with focus on Adriana Chechiks pretty face. She gobbles up Jordans cum with a pearly white grin on fade

Jules Jordan - Alexia Anders - Exotic Caramel Skinned Honey Gets Dicked Down With A Huge Facial

File: aogzhnajujoaleandfrqa1crgwx.mp4
Size: 1.70 GB
Duration: 29:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alexia Anders delivers her unique brand of petite and pouty in this scene from JulesJordan.com. The sexy starlet with the big brown eyes and flowing long hair enlivens an outdoor stoop. Her body sets off ornate see-through lingerie with flesh toned stockings. Her greyhound frame is a treat to enjoy during tease. Adept at staring through the camera, Alexia beams when she makes her way onto a bed. She treats us to a little self-pleasuring as the camera focuses on her pussy. Next she sets her attention to Jules Jordans cock. She pulls it from his trousers and gives a nice, long, submissive bj. Complete with slobber infused deep throating and a heavy dose of those eyesThe pixies glitz continues when she displays her ample flexibility. Jordan puts all his weight on one of Anders thighs as she draws it to her chest. POV of Alexia Anders missionary with her neck cranked is stellar. That peeper feeder is one upped when she gets into doggy and drapes a leg up on the corner of a daybed. Jordan presses both hands on her back and drills. The sexy lass rides Jordan in cowgirl, wiggling her hips then reversing. Alexia Anders sucks off Jordan. He decorates her pretty little face, Anders happy about her accomplishment. She giggles and shimmies on fade.

Jules Jordan - LaSirena69 - Hot Latina Shows Manuel All Her Curves

File: whvs5najujolasicup2gd5tko.mp4
Size: 2.07 GB
Duration: 35:53
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Lasirena69 spellbinds Manuel Ferrara in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Scene begins with a tease that showcases Lasirena69s wondrous berry bottom. It fits her delicious bikini lingerie thats lime green and see-through with strawberries nestled in all the right places. Green and purple glitter high heels to round things off. Lasirena69 makes her way to a white leather lounger. She stylishly rids herself of those pesky panties. Hipwaste disparity with bulbous ass delivers a true knockout. A definite traffic hazard if allowed to wander bare along any highway. Manuel Ferrara appreciates his good fortune. Constantly commenting on the stunner before him. Lasirena69s ass stars in all positions. Ferrara runs through the gamut. Reverse-cow she shows a weighty butt can wiggle and grind but doggy and fold-n-fuck is the relm to behold her cheeky greatness. Lasirena69 easily draws Manuels melted man juice. He blasts it into her mouth and onto her face. Camera still drawn to that hip and thigh combo on fade...

Jules Jordan - Aria Lee - Takes Manuel To The Limit

File: ndftznajujoarileeasek13ujtf.mp4
Size: 1.02 GB
Duration: 28:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lovely Aria Lee showcases her prodigious ass in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Shes wearing brick red lingerie with gold trimmings and black nylons with a tiny polka dot pattern. During the tease you can see Aria Lee is a looker, but its her hip-thigh combo that draws attention. Standing in front of a mirror you get an eyeful. But on the blue sofa you get a full realization of the width and fullness of her butt cheek bonanza. Manuel Ferrara is the fortunate soul tasked with taming the temptress. He cant help but dive into her meaty twat. Then he suffocates himself on her class A keister. Aria Lee gives Manuel a bj and as mentioned her face is a pleasure to look at. But its the weight of her ass that will bring smiles when witnessing the rolling thunder in cowgirl. That hip-thigh combo shines in sidemount and missionary. As things wind down Ferrara puts Aria Lee in an All-Star doggy set Lee has super small perky tits so not much in the way of sway that enables Lee to easily syphon the cum from Ferraras ball sack. She gobbles a fair amount while allowing a huge, sloppy drool on fade

Jules Jordan - Kenzie Taylor & Kayley Gunner - Kenzie And Kayley Are Oil Overloaded

File: gbhl4najujokenkay6lzybre3bo.mp4
Size: 5.65 GB
Duration: 33:27
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Kayley Gunner, Kenzie Taylor and Zac Wild make off with our nation's oil reserves. But the only carbon emitted is their heavy breathing from all the slippery fucking! Kayley Gunner and Kenzie Taylors tits and ass were the perfect choice for this buttery venture. Both starlets heave where it counts. Top it off with a can do spirit and you have one energetic, oil-soaked fuckshow. After a nice tease featuring the two harlots clad in neon green strappings, Zac Wild appears loaded and ready to lube. He says Look at these glorious asses. YES! Now thats the spirit. The talented trio proceed to insert themselves into the wet frenetic fucking. Wild constantly squirting the twosome down. Whether its on their bulbous, twerking asses or their firm, big boobs. After slick doggy, cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl and a terrific one-knee side mount involving Kayley Gunner, Wild stacks the two asses. He dutifully churns their twats in a joyous double decker pecker wrecker. Creating slurping and suction sounds worthy of the visual. The gusher of a scene ends with short-blonde Kenzie Taylor feeding Kayley Gunner her already consumed load. About a foot or more of space between them, Gunner gulps from the Taylor cum fountain and shows off her now full ownership of the deviant drink

Jules Jordan - Katalina Kyle - Our Favorite Big Booty Babe Is Back And Every Hole Filled

File: fnknonajujokatkyl5kxhuvdohb.mp4
Size: 5.42 GB
Duration: 32:13
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Katalina Kyle delivers a dumbfounding DP performance in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Katalina Kyle is clad in an eighties style neon-pink strapper that makes you think of one word. Dessert. Pierced nipples exploding from underneath, Kyle treats us to her patented lick. She then twerks for Jordan which prompts him to say body is from a cartoon. She easily proves his point, continuing the twerk. Ass cheek moving up and down while thigh moving left to rightAs she scales the stairs two horny blokes await at the top. They pounce and Jordan says All you can eat. I get to be the buffet says the quick witted, smiling Kyle. She proceeds to a bedroom and Jules says Bring in the wolves. They appear and Katalina Kyle begins to juggle cock. She grabs them and fwaps them repeatedly on her boobs. The duo spare no time getting Kyle in doggy. She sucks one rod as the other fills her twat. The champion twerkers ass effortlessly put in motion throughout a barrage of fucking. Kyle says Dick number 2 in my ass today. My ass is getting spoiled. Frenzied double penetration takes place in cowgirl and reverse-cow. Finishing in a standout standing DP, the wolves cradling the human jellyroll. The rousing scene ends with an anal creampie and a massive cumstorm to the never shaken and always THIC, Katalina Kyle

Jules Jordan - Armani Black - Busty Exotic Gives Up Her Ass For Jules

File: vxo4tnajujoarmblapezwsxyrwv.mp4
Size: 4.43 GB
Duration: 26:10
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Warning as you may become an Armani Black addict after watching this anal-palooza from JulesJordan.com. We open with brown-eyed bedazzler Armani Black outdoors and poolside. Garbed in a built-for-her-chassis bikini thats part black velvet, part jeweled hardware. The velvet is diamond embroidered and attached to gold c-clamps encrusted with jewels. The description may somehow sound garish but its very tasteful. Especially with Armanis body underneath Jordan chats with the charismatic treat, then thankfully grabs a bottle of oil. He uses it to create a mouth watering boob luster. Armani Blacks set ruthlessly fully sheened. The exhibitionist gets on all fours to show off her pussy and ass. She pats her twat and says I call this the champion and I call this the legend. This prompts Jordan to ask if she would like the legend to make use of a butt plug The POV shots are legendary then Jules stuffs his cock into Armanis pussy as her asshole is occupied by the turquoise toy. The couple both comment how good it feels then Black moves to suck on Jordans rod. After a titty fuck they volley and Armani Black spreads out her legs. Jordan works on her clit. A doggy and anal doggy session takes place and Jules says right in that sweet, tight little asshole. Next Armani moves into missionary. Her flexibility and massive juggs deliver a monumental moment in visual enchantment. The anal optics erupt wen Armani Black folds her leg over and brings it to her chest Jordan concludes the onslaught, putting Black in a boob-fuck guillotine. She takes globs of glamor glue to her pretty face. Licking her fingers and grinning on fade

Jules Jordan - Slimthick Vic - Caught In An Oil Slick

File: vwhz2najujosliviczjfxq6vuav.mp4
Size: 5.24 GB
Duration: 30:52
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Slimthick Vic is also slick in this scene filled with liquid refreshment from JulesJordan.com. Slimthick Vic is wearing beautiful orange lingerie. If Lucky Charms made womens nightwear they would release this. Its full of detail and when you couple it with Slimthick Vics frame you have a true boner factory on your hands The scene begins with the blonde teasing, but in this scene Slimthick Vic is the meal and oil is the condiment of choice. She immediately drizzles some on her front then unleashes her tits. Next her pussy is soaked and flossed with her panties. They made sure to have plenty of oil on hand as Vics massive buttcheeks are next for the laquering. All of that done during tease and with crystal clear POV mixed in. First time in history oil to produce jizz instead of CO2. With no time for leniency Slimthick straddles a black leather lounge. She twerks her massive donka as oil rains down from the heavens. A merciless sight that should transfix honest booty lovers. Michael Stefano is the fortunate soul that makes ready use of Slimthicks soles. He titty fucks then gets Slimthick Vics tootsies involved in the drubbing. Slimthick Vic spreads her legs wide while sitting on the lounge and Stefano fucks her while shooting even more oil onto the now shiny tart. Now some smother ensues with Stefano continuing to have focus on Slimthick Vics hams. Vics ass is the affirmative star as its placed in doggy and side saddle as Stefano pounds it on the reg. The winning sexcretion oriented scene ends with Slimthick Vic feeding on Stefanos gusher. A glistening Slimthick Vic giving a quick peek-a-boo then swallow of goo on fade

Jules Jordan - Numi Zarah - Voluptuous Goddess From Bangledesh

File: ypjjinajujonumzarpmxbsv4v8b.mp4
Size: 5.54 GB
Duration: 32:50
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Numi Zarah is one bubbly bangin Bangladeshi in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Numi is nummy and completely unpretentious in her task of taking on two tallywackers. Her outfit is silky red with black minis polka dots that come with tea gloves and a bow tie The wide-eyed vixen has goods all over the place, starting with massive naturals and finishing with break-neck ass. Its her combination of curves and carefree, that carry the scene. Numi Zarah is more than down, never refusing the chance for cock despite her inexperienced charm. During doggy you forget that as her massive rump and set fill frame on multiple jackable shots. Once Mick Blue and Jules Jordan have her laid out in missionary, Numis confidence begins to grow. She throws out Keep fucking me hard and Oh yeah, lick my big titties during her two-on-one education. They sidemount their disciple showcasing those aforementioned brickhouse assets. When the blokes blow their loads the harmless harlot breaks out in untaught laughter, producing a memorable scene in more ways than one

Jules Jordan - Caitlin Bell - Ultra Busty Blonde, Gets A Lesson On Black Cock Handling By None Other Than Dredd!

File: pj7eunajujocaibelcsjwbiob1r.mp4
Size: 1.63 GB
Duration: 28:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde Caitlin Bell is ready to get her dick doctorate and DREDD is the educator in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Caitlin Bell admits shes a tiny bit nervous about her encounter. But she also says Im so excited to fuck DREDD. Im like a virgin again. Ill make it fit, how about that?... She is all gussied up in decorative pink lingerie with hearts that populate throughout. She may have hearts on but DREDD appears and he has a hard-on. The pretty Caitlin Bell unleashes DREDDs cock from his pants. Momentarily shocked from the tonnage, Bell does her best to ingest. She grabs the redwood and leads DREDD up some stairs. She timidly mounts DREDD in cowgirl. She capably handles the penetration. Her pussy visibly latching on to DREDDs meat. Caitlin is not shy with volume while being fucked. She borders on howling as DREDD plows her. Then dismounting and behaving as if she wasn't just at thousands of decibels. Truly remarkable. DREDD in disbelief while fucking Caitlin in missionary and then folding her over to the side. I cant believe how deep I am. Caitlin says Im definitely a size queen. No going back. Biggest dick Ive ever felt in my life. Caitlin Bell able to get that dick to pop. She drops to her knees and that pretty face and mouth consumes DREDDs donation to her graduation...

Jules Jordan - Kenzie Anne - Busty Nympho Has An Appetite For Large Cocks

File: sjvbjnajujokenannu2dfwqhcrj.mp4
Size: 318.33 MB
Duration: 13:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When you see blonde Kenzie Anne you think wasp but when you hear her you think rasp. The part covergirl part barmaid delivers on all fronts in this powerful fuck show. Coupled with a major league tease sequence and premature pop from Manuel Ferrara. Kenzie Anne is primped in royal blue lingerie with black high heels, an outfit that was made for the stacked starlet. The tease begins with smooth fades on Kenzies face and stellar body.

Shots of her pierced perky set and slow motion ass flicks could be run on loop and all would enjoy. Throw in the fresh blue sky with Kenzie Anne and its a win before even getting down to business. A nice transition indoors and Kenzie is on the stairs, a quick flick and her top is flying toward camera She crawls onto a couch from the rear and begins playing with herself. She puts her pussy between her fingers and gives a merciless squeeze then has the audacity to speak with that one off voice make my pussy puffy and red like a proper whore. Our favorite French scoundrel, Manuel Ferrara hears the call and magically appears The couple begin to kiss, then Ferrara submerges and smothers his face with Kenzie Annes twat. She casually displays some amazing and sexy flexibility while Ferrara munches. Then they trade and Kenzie Anne showcases a masterful deepthroat skillset. They move into sidemount and stunningly Manuel pulls out and gives Kenzie an early deposit. She laughs but Manuel has no intention of having this encounter cut short. They continue in missionary then a folded Kenzie is reamed in a visual stunner. Kenzie Anne gets on her knees and makes shape of the sofa. Ferrara able to ravish Kenzie Anne in doggy here. The fuck frenzy continues with Kenzie Anne in cowgirl. She squirts for Ferrara continuing the impressive sexual display. Between the fucking and that sultry voice you hate to see the scene end as Kenzie puts on a massive bubbling cum show. Manuel showing he had plenty left in the tank with stellar Kenzie Anne all too willing to siphon it out

Jules Jordan - Whitney Wright - Goes Bonkers For Dredd's Cock Balls Deep In her Ass

File: etbdinajujowhiwrik8web8imxb.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 29:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Green-eyed lovely Whitney Wright takes on the mighty DREDD and wins in this scene from JulesJordan.com. Wearing extra-hot pink lingerie and matching pumps, Whitney Wright comes out from behind a door. We hear Jules Jordans approval with a Thats the target right there. The small framed allurer shows off her bulbous ass when DREDD saunters into frame, planting his face into her backside. He worships whats before him then they move to the bed behind them. Jules says You look like a little pet waiting for a treat...

I am waiting for a treat the smiling Whitney exclaims. DREDD unleashes his cock cane and Whitney treats it like sugar. Only she says I cant fit my mouth around it. She does her best then fists her own face to embrace the gagging to come The tiny starlet does an honest, admirable job sucking the dick dragon. Swallowing half of the meat monster. Whitney Wright moves into doggie without an ounce of hesitation. DREDD guides his cock into her petite hole, then pumps. Whitney says I love how it fills up every inch of my pussy. An amazing sexual display to be sure. The couple move to a large round daybed. The stunning Wright still clad in her nylons and high heels. She points them to the sky, bending her knees, a dazzling visual for DREDD to exploit. He proclaims Im going to use both holes!. When he switches to Whitney Wrights asshole it causes her eyeball to tweak. The filthy princess pulls off some ass-to -mouth before moving to cowgirl. The ride is almost unfathomable because of the size discrepancy. The dick dissonance doesnt stop there. Reverse-cowgirl with Wright yelling more, more, more. The scene winds down but not without one more jilted visual. Whitney Wrights ass being stuffed in doggy. Her backside turning in on itself from the ramming. The hard working duo end things with Whitney Wright chowing down on DREDDs protein. Stringing it along and saying I fucking love it with a huge smile