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Serene Siren

True Lesbian - Serene Siren & Holly Day - Learn From Experience

File: 9ohbinatrleserholjafzcjvuid.mp4
Size: 1.35 GB
Duration: 46:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Clara Holly Day arrives at her friend Lianne's Riley Reign house for the evening, suitcase in hand. It turns out that Clara will be joining Lianne and her parent, Rachel Serene Siren, for a trip the next day, so she'll be spending the night before they head out tomorrow morning. Clara and Lianne are best friends, with Clara practically being a part of the family, so they're all excited to hit the road and go on an adventure together.

But when Lianne leaves the house for a bit, Clara seems a bit pensive and anxious... as if something's troubling her deeply. After a few moments of reflection, she goes down the hall to see Rachel, who greets her warmly and asks her what's on her mind. Clara hesitates a bit but then reveals to Rachel that she's recently come out as a lesbian. Since Rachel is a lesbian herself, and since Clara trusts her even more than her own parents, she's wondering if Rachel can explain some things to her.

Rachel is more than willing to answer Clara's questions, and she's so happy that Clara would feel comfortable enough to confide in her. The questions start innocently enough before they eventually transition to questions about lesbian sex. Rachel doesn't want to cross any boundaries with Clara, though finds herself tempted and flustered when Clara asks if she could guide her through her first sexual experience. Rachel resists as much as she can, but Clara is desperate to know more, and Rachel eventually lets her defenses fall. They have sensual, exploratory sex, which includes Clara sucking on Rachel's tits as Rachel moans with delight.

She Seduced Me - Isabella Nice & Serene Siren - My Stepdaughters Competition

File: ioqaunashsemeisasermnahvwjdnw.mp4
Size: 1.93 GB
Duration: 33:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Adorable Isabella Nice is so stressed before her competition, that she even can't find her outfit. Luckily for her, her stepmom Serene Siren is there to look out for her and help her, whenever she needs it. As they both are a bit stressed before the competition, it is good to blow off some steam, and...

Lez Be Bad - Serene Siren & Nicole Aria - Honeymoon Roughhousing

File: rodnpnalebebasernicxgwggor7q2.mp4
Size: 1.11 GB
Duration: 29:29
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Newlyweds Serene Siren and Nicole Aria have always bonded over their mutual love for adventure. From skydiving to white-water rafting... bungee jumping to mountain biking... these two adrenaline junkies are no strangers to pulse-pounding good times. In fact, the only aspect of their relationship that ISN'T high-octane just happens to be their sex life.

That's why they've decided to amp up their honeymoon by doing all the kinky, rough, and wild sex acts they can think of. Serene Siren kicks things off by donning her trusty pink strapon, and then facefucking Nicole on the bed. She then straps Nicole's feet together with some leather and pounds Nicole's pussy in missionary. Nicole thanks her by getting in between Seren's legs and rimming her until she comes.

Say what you want about honeymoons... but this one definitely had more spice than honey!

She Seduced Me - Kylie Le Beau, Milana Ricci & Serene Siren - My Stepdaughters Virginity

File: pwmumnashsemekylmilserlluurcvekj.mp4
Size: 1.90 GB
Duration: 32:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Caring stepmom Serene Siren loves her stepdaughter Milana Ricci so much, that she arranges a professional escort Kylie Le Beau to come and have sex with Milana. Milana was so eager to taste another girl's lips that she could restrain herself and rushed in to make out with her. Soon the girls were all

Girls Way - Whitney Wright, Serene Siren, Vanessa Vega & Nicole Kitt - Stop This Nudism Nonsense!

File: qk1frnagiwawhiservannic6xlb1kwomi.mp4
Size: 1.70 GB
Duration: 40:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Everything was hunky-dory at Whitney Wright, Vanessa Vega, and Serene Siren's house... that is until their roommate Nicole Kitt became a NUDIST. It started innocently enough, with her exiting the bathroom naked after a shower, or not wearing her bottoms on some mornings. But soon enough, her nudism became a full-time thing. It's gotten so bad that Whitney, Vanessa, and Serene can't even invite guests over anymore!

Something HAS to be done, so Whitney and Vanessa send Serene to go talk some sense into Nicole. But in a shocking turn of events, Serene returns without clothes! The unthinkable has happened... she's been converted to nudism. Enough is enough! Vanessa grabs Serene and takes her back to Nicole's room to talk some sense into BOTH of them. Moments later, however, Vanessa returns without HER clothes as well. Whitney can't believe what she's seeing. Has everyone lost their MINDS?

Seeing no other option, Whitney faces off against these three nudists on her own, committed to restoring order to their household. But as Vanessa, Serene, and Nicole surround her and muse about the perks of being a nudist, Whitney finds herself getting more and more tempted to join their club. Will Whitney be able to hold out? Or will she succumb to all this nudism nonsense as well?

She Seduced Me - Chloe Foster & Serene Siren - Trying On My Stepmoms Pantyhose

File: crstynashsemechlserfngvzswqog.mp4
Size: 3.42 GB
Duration: 59:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Naughty stepdaughter Chloe Foster just saw her stepmom Serene Siren wearing blue pantyhose, craving to try them on and feel sexy like her stepmom! As she was watching herself in the mirror, her stepmom caught her, completely surprised at what was happening. At first, she felt offended about it, but as...

Dyked - Serene Siren & Jasmine Wilde - Extra Credit Urges

File: olyn2nadykserjas858mxbhmvs.mp4
Size: 1.90 GB
Duration: 44:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jasmine isnt doing so hot in class, so she pays a visit to Serene to see if there is anything she can do to bump up her grade. When she gets to Serenes house, Jasmine shows off her perfect huge tits and whips out a dildo. If she wants that A, shell need to work extra hard for it!

Penthouse Gold - Anya Olsen & Serene Siren - Lesbian Yoga Session

File: 7b4tpnapegoanysermrmcrshbzv.mp4
Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 24:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Seren Siren is a spectacular MILF and yoga instructor who likes to find young students like Anya Olsen to practice something other than the lotus flower pose. Take a look at her at www.penthousegold.com in the garden flirting with this young woman until she finally takes off her top, fondling and licking her perky little breast to then take her inside and devour her hairy pussy on the sofa, after which she also takes her reward in the form of pussy eating and end up both reaching a joint orgasm.

Kiss Me Fuck Me - Serene Siren & Kayley Gunner - Let's Stay Together

File: nxdeknakimefumeserkaylksnmrd5uo.mp4
Size: 880.84 MB
Duration: 32:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren has brought Kayley Gunner over to a house that she's thinking of buying. The house is magnificent, with high ceilings, an immaculate design, and tons of natural light. The owners have already accepted Seren's initial offer, so she has a week to decide if she wants it or not.

Kayley's quite excited since if Serene ends up purchasing this house, she'll be a lot closer to her... They inch closer together, and there's the distinct sense that these two have some unfinished intimate business together. Their eyes meet and the familiar spark of lover and attraction erupts between them.

Serene opens up about her feelings she never meant to break up with Kayley. She just... wasn't in the right headspace to pursue something serious. But now, she wants to PROVE to Kayley just how committed she is. And this house is just the first step on the path to winning back Kayley's heart. They kiss deeply and decide to stay together awhile for a passionate and sensual encounter.

Mommy's Girl - Serene Siren, Gizelle Blanco & Demi Hawks - Babysitter First Aid Training

File: 1tcwxnamogisergizdemsl4gpcsld8.mp4
Size: 1.65 GB
Duration: 38:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gizelle Blanco and her friend, Demi Hawks, are ready to become full-fledged babysitters. They decide that Gizelle's stepmom, Serene Siren, who is a registered nurse, can teach them first aid so that they can be more qualified.

Serene is happy to give the girls a crash course in first aid, starting with using Gizelle as a practice dummy. But as Serene practices CPR on Gizelle, their mouths pressed together, there is a spark of arousal between them that Demi notices. Instead of being thrown off, Demi becomes flustered and flirty herself, wanting in on the family action! This leads to Serene gradually becoming more and more handsy with BOTH girls as she goes through various life-saving techniques... Of course, all of the touching and guiding soon leads to the three of them deciding that it's time to take a much-needed break!

All Girl Massage - Serene Siren & August Skye - Immediate Relief

File: 3atvcnaalgimaseraughflfd2g162.mp4
Size: 1.59 GB
Duration: 37:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When August Skye injures her leg on the way from her nightly run, she hobbles to her neighbor's house for a bit of help. The neighbor, Serene Siren, is a physiotherapist, so she welcomes August inside and offers to stretch and massage August's injury. At this time of night, Serene doesn't have her table set up, but she's happy to do the massage on her bed instead, which August easily accepts.

As Serene works on stretching out the tense leg, the intimacy causes them both to become gradually aroused. This only intensifies as Serene massages further up the leg and along the thighs. The tension between them continues building as Serene moves onto meticulously and sensually gliding her hands over other parts of August's body. Finally, it reaches a boiling point when August begs for Serene to take things in a much more erotic direction.

When Girls Play - Serene Siren & Charly Summer - Fluffing Her Folds

File: jib9unawhgiplserchalxu8rzc4lc.mp4
Size: 1.08 GB
Duration: 37:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hotel maid Charly Summer drops off a load of fluffy towels for demanding blonde guest Serene Siren, but when Serene doesn't fully close the door, Charly pushes it open to peek in at her getting undressed. When Serene strips naked and takes a dildo out of her suitcase, Charly has to follow to watch her use it in the bath! Serene catches the naughty maid watching and rubbing her clit, and tells Charly she'd better clean her pussy with her tongue. The babes lick each other and scissor, and Serene explores both the maid's holes with her mouth before they 69.

She Seduced Me - Annabel Redd, Madi Collins & Serene Siren - Horny Redheaded Stepdaughters

File: hymbpnashsemeannmadservcly8ps46a.mp4
Size: 2.83 GB
Duration: 48:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Horny redheaded stepdaughters Annabel Redd and Madi Collins got a kinky plan to have some naughty fun with their blonde stepmother Serene Siren. They covered their boobs with water and aroused themselves, which helped them to seduce their reluctant stepmom. Soon these three were mixed up in mutual pussy...

Mommy's Girl - Serene Siren, Lexi Lore, Spencer Scott & Chloe Temple - Protective Of Our Family

File: 8fq9znamogiserlexspechlnawe4jdbah.mp4
Size: 666.61 MB
Duration: 41:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren has gotten married to Spencer Scott, so Serene's stepdaughter Lexi Lore and Spencer's stepdaughter Chloe Temple are now stepsisters. This will be Lexi's first day going to the same school as Chloe. Serene and Spencer give the teens their lunches in paper bags, and lovingly wish them a good day. The teens then leave for school.

Later that day, Lexi and Chloe arrive home, but their hair and school uniforms look disheveled. Serene and Spencer are shocked and worried, asking what happened. The teens seem hesitant to talk about it, so Serene and Spencer decide to prioritize looking after the teens first. Spencer gets a first aid kit, then she and Serene lovingly dote on the teens and patch them up. The teens eventually explain what happened some other students were making nasty comments about Serene and Spencer because they're lesbians, so Lexi started fighting with them, and then Chloe jumped in to help Lexi.

Serene and Spencer are touched that the teens wanted to stand up for them, and they're especially touched that Chloe jumped in to help Lexi. It's lovely that their family has become so close! However, Serene and Spencer say that the next time other students say mean things, it's better to either talk things out with the students or just ignore them. The teens apologize for taking things too far, explaining how deeply they love Serene and Spencer, and that they also took the insults personally because they've realized that THEY are lesbians too. The teens also admit to being attracted to the stepmoms. Serene and Spencer are surprised and a bit hesitant at first, but then decide to help the teens explore these feelings. This family is clearly close and protective of each other, so why not get even closer?

Girls Way - Serene Siren, Spencer Bradley & Cassie Del Isla - Doubles Tennis

File: fizbhnagiwaserspecastghpxuzjfo.mp4
Size: 1.44 GB
Duration: 42:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cassie Del Isla and Serene Siren have decided to schedule a tennis lesson with their new instructor, Spencer Bradley. They're SUPER excited to get those rackets in their hands and take the tennis world by storm!

But when Spencer arrives for their lesson, Cassie and Serene are INSTANTLY attracted to her. They ask Spencer to make herself at home as they huddle in the corner and bicker over which one of them should have dibs on the hot, new instructor. Unable to come to any sort of agreement, they decide to compete for Spencer's affection and let her choose for herself. Let the best woman win!

Cassie and Serene each start hitting on Spencer, who barely has a second to get her bearings before she ultimately ends up in a literal tug-of-war between her two clients. Now THAT'S not very sportsmanlike, is it? But to their surprise, Spencer is actually flattered by their interest in her. So flattered, in fact, that she offers to coach them in a little 'warm-up round' before their lesson even begins. Doubles tennis, you say? These ladies seem more inclined for a round of 'threesomes' tennis by the look of things!

She Seduced Me - Jill Kassidy & Serene Siren - The Lesbian Bartender

File: 9bgrpnashsemejilserbgk5sissru.mp4
Size: 2.39 GB
Duration: 41:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Adorable teen Jill Kassidy went to a bar to gather her thoughts as she is having a difficult period with her husband. Luckily for her, she met a nice lesbian bartender Serene Siren, who is interested in her story, and her amazing body. As time passes by, these two are left all alone in the bar, which

Mommy's Girl - Serene Siren & Chloe Surreal - Bake Sale Bet

File: egwmmnamogiserchlfam5ehcqoh.mp4
Size: 1.14 GB
Duration: 32:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Chloe Surreal is grumpily manning a table at a school bake sale. Her stepmom, Serene Siren, comes by to check how she's doing, but is surprised to learn Chloe hasn't made many sales. Chloe complains that things aren't going well, and Serene points out that Chloe needs to be more enthusiastic, nobody wants to buy from a sourpuss. However, Chloe isn't convinced.

Serene makes a bet. If Serene can help get a line of customers for Chloe, then Chloe has to work harder for the rest of the day. If Serene fails, then Chloe can pack up and go home. Chloe agrees, and to her surprise, Serene goes beneath the table and starts eating out her pussy. Chloe is shocked, but receptive.

As Serene continues to eat out Chloe, the pleasure helps Chloe to become less grumpy and more approachable. Before long, Chloe starts to attract eager customers Aria Carson, Emma Rosie, Maya Farrell, Nova Vixen who line up for some tasty baked goods, and none of them realize that Serene is enjoying her stepdaughter's tasty pussy underneath the table!

Later, after the bake sale, Serene is proud of Chloe because all of the baked treats were sold. Serene congratulates Chloe, and then offers the best treat of all, SEX, to celebrate.

True Lesbian - Ana Foxxx & Serene Siren - I Brought This For You

File: 9ilqqnatrleanaserdadozaiiii.mp4
Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 37:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren and her friend Ana Foxxx return to Serene's new apartment after a fun night out. Ana congratulates Serene on the apartment, knowing that Serene worked hard to live in such a nice place. Jumping onto Serene's bed, Ana motions for Serene to come sit next to her. Ana then gives Serene a shoulder rub, and Serene can't help but think that Ana seems more touchy-feely than usual.

Serene had always gotten the vibe that Ana might be bi, but she'd never seen Ana really do anything with another woman. Serene had kissed women in the past, but never anything with Ana. They'd always just been friends.

But now Ana hops up, turns on some music, and begins sexily dancing for Serene, hinting that tonight will be different. After the seductive dancing, Ana takes a dildo out of her purse. Serene is shocked, asking Ana what she's doing with that thing in her purse... does she just go everywhere masturbating at parties? Ana laughs and says that no, she doesn't do that. Ana just assumed that she was going to end up at Serene's place tonight, and she's been waiting for them to have some time alone without any boyfriends in the way. Ana sticks out her tongue and slowly licks the dildo from bottom to top, then looks at Serene and says 'I brought this for you!'

FTV Milfs - Jesse Pony & Serene Siren - Getting Into Extremes

File: 4ro2xnaftmijesserc6tdbmo4cg.mp4
Size: 2.47 GB
Duration: 28:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's the pairing you've been waiting for...we heard your requests and now get ready to enjoy beautiful member favorite Jesse teaming up with the legendary Serene for a scorching hot girl-girl shoot here on FTV MILFs! We start the day with Jesse in high heels and sheer bra and panties relaxing on the bed in the morning sunshine, when Serene comes crawling in, also in high heels and lingerie, with sexy thigh high stockings and a garter belt, to kiss her legs and lips and slide her hands all over!

Getting down on her knees between Jesse's thighs, Siren takes her time licking and teasing that pussy before grabbing a long double-ended dildo to penetrate Jesse while taking the other end in her throat for oral pleasure. Serene shows her flexibility with oral sex while doing a backbend for a truly unique stunt, and then they share a double ended dildo for dual penetration! The day finishes with an intimate makeout session on the couch as Jesse gets her nipples sucked and her shorts pulled aside for pure pussy pleasure...and there's plenty more to come in part 2!

Girls Way - Serene Siren & Freya Parker - Role Models: When Sparks Fly

File: mb9oenagiwaserfrejivb2qh1hc.mp4
Size: 1.08 GB
Duration: 30:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Freya Parker is an apprentice working towards becoming an electrician. In fact, it's her first day on an actual job site, having just graduated from a training program. She's paired up with a seasoned electrician, Serene Siren, whom she will be shadowing for the day.

The first part of the day goes by very well, with Freya distinguishing herself in terms of skill and dedication. During some downtime, she eagerly asks Serene some questions about the industry. To her surprise, Serene's response isn't as silver-lined as Freya would have expected. Serene says that it can be an extremely rewarding career, BUT a woman has to be able to stomach the downsides of working in a male-dominated field.

But Serene is pleasantly surprised to see that despite her cautioning, Freya STILL seems determined to follow through with her chosen career path. Especially when there are inspirational and CUTE role models out there like Serene. As they continue chatting, sparks fly and the two grow more and more intrigued by their connectivity. Since they have the client's house all to themselves, maybe they can see just how ELECTRIC their newfound chemistry really is?

She Seduced Me - Kenzie Reeves & Serene Siren - Pageant Stepmom

File: j3ufhnashsemekenservwd6znlcoc.mp4
Size: 2.55 GB
Duration: 44:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hot, busty MILF Serene Siren is hard on her Pageant princess stepdaughter petite, blond, teen, cutie Kenzie Reeves, but its only because she loves her and wants the best for her. As her stepmom, serene knows that the best thing for Kenzie's future is to win pageants! Kenzie is rebellious and claims

Hustler - Aubree Valentine & Serene Siren - Lesbian Teachers & Schoolgirls

File: iycuwnahusaubserayrzslx8y5.mp4
Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 36:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Aubree goes to her teacher for help when she needs advice on how to ask out a female student. Her teacher has the brilliant idea of practicing on her. After a few attempts, a forward approach is deemed the most successful, as it has them licking each others pussies in no time!

Pure Taboo - Serene Siren & Jewelz Blu - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

File: uhvknnaputaserjew5xupqso1su.mp4
Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 46:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two girlfriends, Kaylee Alison Rey and Isabelle Jewelz Blu, show up at a loft they are now renting together. They are excited about the move, especially since their landlady, Henrietta Serene Siren, is also a lesbian. Henrietta greets the young women, meeting Isabelle for the first time. There are hints of attraction from Henrietta towards Isabelle...

As the days go by, Kaylee and Isabelle's relationship goes through several misfortunes. First, they have to cancel their date night after Henrietta claims that the dryer malfunctioned, and shows them that Kaylee's nice clothes got all shredded. On another day, Kaylee and Isabelle are about to have sex, but have to stop when Kaylee starts to feel unwell, realizing that she's having an allergic reaction. Days later, Kaylee and Isabelle are hanging out when Kaylee gets an angry phone call from her parent, who is upset to have just found out through an unknown source that Kaylee is a lesbian.

Kaylee says she'll have to go talk to her parent in person. Isabelle is shocked and offers to go as support, but Kaylee tells her it's best that she goes alone. Isabelle is hurt but understanding, as Kaylee leaves. Henrietta then peeks into the loft, pretending to be concerned for Isabelle. Unbeknownst to Kaylee and Isabelle, Henrietta is responsible for all their relationship woes... and now that Isabelle is alone, it's time for Henrietta to get what she wants.

Girlfriends Films - Layla Belle & Serene Siren - Lesbian Stepdaughters 2

File: afb1lnagifilayserwa2e6jjf5g.mp4
Size: 3.44 GB
Duration: 48:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Layla Belle had very sore and hot boobs. Her step mom Serene Siren came to check on her. After a while they figured out that Layla instead of dking a pre-workout juice grabbed a sexual enhancement juice. Serene figured that the symptoms would go away if Layla would just orgasm. Serena was willing to help. Obviously it would not be fun if just Layla would come. So the girls started to play with each other. They hugged and kissed. Rubbed their nipples against each other. Licked some ass and pussy. Fingered. Licked more pussy. 69th to lick even more pussy. Both girls came in firework like orgasms.

She Seduced Me - Lexi Lore, Serene Siren & Summer Vixen - What Does My Stepdaughter Taste Like 02

File: uyxzanashsemelexsersumzdsf7q3rx1.mp4
Size: 1.74 GB
Duration: 30:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy milf Serene Siren is craving more after the last threesome with her tight bodied teen stepdaughter Lexi Lore who is in a lesbian relationship with blonde hottie college student Summer Vixen. After the last threesome with the these two blonde teens, Serene can't stop thinking about the taste of Lexi's

Mommy's Girl - Kenna James, Kenzie Taylor, Serene Siren & Lily Larimar - Gyno What You Did Last Summer

File: 4hg7znamogikenkenserlilwxxwlvnfnp.mp4
Size: 1.42 GB
Duration: 41:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren and Kenzie Taylor are accompanying their stepdaughter Lily Larimar for an appointment with their family gynecologist, Kenna James. Kenna begins the checkup with some routine questions and when everything seems to check out, asks Lily what has brought her in today. Lily reveals that she's recently become sexually active, so she thought now would be a good time to do a checkup. Kenna is supportive of this new development in Lily's life and agrees to perform the checkup. But before getting started, she makes sure that Lily is comfortable going through it with her stepmoms in the same room. Lily nods- absolutely, she's totally cool with that.

Kenna begins the checkup by inspecting Lily's mouth, throat, and ears. She then undoes the back of Lily's gown and inspects her breathing. Everything seems normal, so Kenna asks Lily to remove her gown completely for a more thorough examination. Lily strips naked and spreads her legs, giving Kenna a good view of her vagina. Kenna puts on some gloves and moves Lily's panties to one side, sticking one of her fingers inside of her. There are hints that both Kenna and Lily are enjoying this, but they wouldn't dare admit it- especially when Lily's stepmoms are watching from the side of the room.

Speaking of Lily's stepmoms, Kenna notices that both of them seem to know quite a bit about Lily's sex life... Maybe a bit TOO MUCH, actually. Serene and Kenzie try to play it off- Lily tells them everything, so of course, they know some details about what she gets up to. But Kenna can read through the lines and it becomes increasingly clear that Lily is in fact in sexual relation with her stepmoms! But Lily assures Kenna that it's completely consensual... and FUN. Well, Kenna doesn't have any issue with that, as long as she gets to join in! Serene and Kenzie are taken aback for a moment, though become intrigued when Lily seems to be into it. Why not? They have an energetic and playful foursome in Kenna's office, making this one doctor's appointment they'll talk about for all the summers to come.

She Seduced Me - Lexi Lore, Serene Siren & Summer Vixen - What Does My Stepdaughter Taste Like 01

File: f9mfhnashsemelexsersumckod58dcwl.mp4
Size: 2.81 GB
Duration: 48:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde petite Lexi Lore brings home her new college girlfriend to meet her very sexy stepmom Serene Siren. When sultry yet sweet Summer Vixen finally is introduced to Lexi's stepmom, a hint of mischief appears across Serene's welcoming smile while proceeding to make it loud and clear that their is to...

Mommy's Girl - Serene Siren & Kylie Rocket - Please And Spank You

File: ufzvnnamogiserkylpczn51kuxt.mp4
Size: 1.40 GB
Duration: 41:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kylie Rocket tries to talk to her stepmom, Serene Siren, but is too embarrassed. After Serene leaves, it's revealed that Kylie has feelings for Serene... Not just that, but she wishes that Serene would spank her, though she thinks there's NO WAY Serene would agree to something like THAT.

That's when Kylie decides to get in trouble, so that Serene will hopefully spank her as punishment.

She eyes Serene's work laptop nearby and purposefully deletes a document. But when Serene returns, instead of getting angry, she's understanding, saying she shouldn't have left her laptop laying around. Kylie is touched by Serene's sweetness, but decides that she'll have to try something ELSE to get in trouble.

The next day, Kylie approaches Serene with a ruined sweater, claiming that she forgot that Serene's sweater was too delicate to put in the dryer. But Serene forgives her again, saying she was getting tired of that sweater, anyway. Now they can go shopping together!

Another day, Kylie claims that she lost one of Serene's necklaces. However, it turns out the necklace had sentimental value, and Serene is devastated. Kylie is horrified and ashamed, realizing she took things too far in her attempts to get what she wanted. She quickly leaves, then returns with the necklace, shamefully admitting that she didn't lose it. She was just trying to get into trouble so that she could be spanked...

Serene is confused as Kylie continues on, explaining that she daydreams about being spanked by her. But after the stunts she's pulled, she doesn't deserve to get what she wants. To her shock and surprise, Serene thanks her for coming clean about it and admits that she's willing to give her a spanking, even if it might be a bit weird for her.

Kylie excitedly drapes herself over Serene's lap and Serene starts spanking her cute butt. Kylie enjoys it SO MUCH that Serene starts to understand the appeal of it, which leads to a charged moment between them... and MORE!

Mommy's Girl - Spencer Scott, Serene Siren & Laney Grey - The Neighborhood Snoop

File: ugnm2namogispeserlannh3kpozkws.mp4
Size: 1.18 GB
Duration: 34:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A nosy neighbor, Serene Siren, is peering out her window. As she does, she talks to herself, and it becomes clear that she is peeking at a neighbor's house, which belongs to Spencer Scott and her stepdaughter, Laney Grey. It's obvious that Serene is VERY interested in what's going on at Spencer and Laney's house. In fact, she suspects that they are romantically involved!

As Serene continues watching through the window, she mentions that she sees Spencer and Laney coming home, and wonders what kind of trouble they're going to get up to now. Serene then resolves to finally figure out if her suspicions about the pair being romantically involved are correct...

Serene sneaks around to Spencer and Laney's house, trying to get a glimpse inside. Suddenly, someone clears their throat behind Serene and when she turns around, she is startled to find Spencer and Laney standing behind her, looking curious and suspicious. Serene stumbles over her words, making up an excuse, saying she was coming over to borrow some sugar. She asks if she can come inside to get some and Spencer agrees.

Once inside, Serene makes up excuses to stick around so that she can confirm her suspicions. Spencer and Laney politely entertain Serene, but soon Serene calls them out. It's revealed that Spencer and Laney ARE romantically involved and they're worried that Serene's going to cause trouble... but to their complete and utter surprise, Serene is delighted and aroused as she asks if she can JOIN the duo for some fun!

Girls Only Porn - Andi Rose & Serene Siren - Ladies Night

File: gnkrnnagionpoandserfompiywnon.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 23:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Andi Rose wasn't expecting to have a lesbian encounter with her BFF Serene Siren tonight. The girls are getting ready to go clubbing when Andi makes an offhand comment about how horny she is because she's been holding back recently. When Andi says that she's going to fuck all the guys at the club tonight, Serene decides to pull her friend's expectations back down to earth.

Handing Andi a toy, Serene tells her friend to masturbate to blow some steam off. At first, Serene keeps her back turned while Andi is going at it with her vibrator. As time ticks by, though, Serene peeks more and more often. Andi eventually makes eye contact with her friend and confesses that she's even hornier now than she was before. Serene, ever the good friend, decides to become a more active participant in helping Andi out.

Coming in with a kiss, Serene takes the toy from Andi. She pulls Andi's thong aside and presses it to her BFF's clit. Cradling Andi's shoulders against her torso, Serene uses one hand to continue applying the vibrating pressure while the other kneads Andi's tender titties until Andi's hips are bucking.

Andi isn't about to leave Serene wanting now that she's enjoyed herself. She lays Serene down on the bed and goes to work on her friend's creamy twat. Licking the juices from Serene's clit is the first order of business, followed closely by a go with the vibrator. As Serene's breathy sighs grow into moans, Andi slides her finger into Serene's twat to bring her over the edge.

The girls are committed to staying in now, so what's another orgasm or two between friends? Andi lays back and spreads her thighs to accommodate Serene between them. A saucy pussy licking quickly turns into lesbian tribbing with the help of the vibrator as Serene gets to her knees and goes snatch to snatch with Andi while holding the toy between them.

There's still so much more pleasure to explore! The girls each get on their hands and knees, pressing their bottoms together. Their ass cracks create a sheathe for the vibrator, holding it in just the right spot as they rock their hips together. With that final climax in the books, the girls exchange languorous kisses as they enjoy this newfound aspect to their friendship.

She Seduced Me - Madi Collins & Serene Siren - Stepmom Lie Detector Test

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Format: mp4
Description: Serene Siren wanted to get every little detail of her stepdaughter, Madi Collins, sexual experience out in the open. The petite redhead has been slutting it up and if anyone is going to benefit from it, it'll be Serene herself. Watch her expose this little nymph and show her exactly why girls do it better....