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See Him Fuck - Camila Cortez - Yeah, Get That Tongue Up There!

File: cnaihnasehifucamcorlrabcbuyyi.mp4
Size: 1.96 GB
Duration: 54:12
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Rimjob fan and who isn't around here lol Mr. Brock Cooper makes his looooong awaited return to See HIM Fuck this week and we paired HIM up with the alluring Camila Cortez for today's update. After our dynamite director Johnny Robins helps us get reacquainted with HIM, Mr. Cooper begins to remove his clothes, followed by HIM stroking that uncut gift until it's rock hard. Camila makes her way into the scene..and right into Mr. Cooper's hairy armpits.

She sniffs and licks each of Mr. Cooper's pits before getting HIM all slathered up with motion-lotion and giving HIM a slippery reach-around and making sure his balloon-knot was ready to go. Camila then has HIM take a seat so she can smell Mr. Coopers socks hoover-face suck his toes and lick his feet. Next up is the Yeah, Get That Tongue Up There! portion of the program...aka THE ASS EATING! Camila rims, tongues and probes HIM while Mr. Cooper is spread-eagle, ala the rusty trombone and in a reverse piledriver They switch places so Mr. Cooper can first suckle on her coed clit followed by Camila gagging on HIM and his girthy 8-inch prick Then we finally get to the fucking, as Camila gets stretched out by HIM in a front backwards piledriver doggystyle missionary and folded up like a pretzel with her ankles behind her ears. When the time is right, Mr. Cooper pulls out, jumps up unloads his love onto Camila's pretty little face And you just KNOW that we followed the two lovers into the shower after to see how things went only to find that things were still going on!

My Pervy Family - Kate Dee - Like Father NOT Like Step-Son

File: dfwnonamypefakatdeeucoejt4gia.mp4
Size: 1019.76 MB
Duration: 23:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When my father gets booted from the house for cheating, I'm left alone with my voluptuous stepmom Kate Dee. She doesn't seem to be taking this well and I Brick Danger catch her arriving home at 5am one night! She seems exhausted from being out all night so I help get her into bed, her massive tit keeps poking out of her top... she tells me it's been months since she has gotten laid. She doesn't want to fuck strange men, but she needs something!

This was all so overwhelming and then all of a sudden she is wrapping her lips around my hard cock! My stepmom gets on top of me, sliding her wet MILF pussy down my throbbing dick. Her big boobs flop in my face as I fuck her. I turn her around and enter her from behind, squeezing her big ass as I thrust into her. She sucks me off again and I get on top and slam her MILF hole until I drain my balls all over her shaved pussy. Hope my dad is in the doghouse for a little while longer!

She Will Cheat - Jamie Michelle - Husband Forgets Her Birthday, So She Celebrates With The Boy Next Door

File: f4t1dnashwichjammicfi3hzjjczv.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 28:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jamie Michelle wakes up to an empty bed and when she phones her husband, she finds out hes at work on her BIRTHDAY! She is pissed but when the guy Lucas whos renting her guest house comes over to use the shower since his water is busted Jamie knows just how to celebrate. She waits in her lingerie for Lucas to get out of the shower and when he does, he is in for a surprise of his own. He doesnt want to jeopardize his living situation, but Jamie makes all those worries go away when she strips naked. Jamie gets exactly what she wanted for her birthday a hot stud with a big cock just not her husbands.

Bratty Sis - Brookie Blair & Gracie Gates - Adding Stepsis And Her Friend To The Spank Bank

File: gbji6nabrsibrograbbwdxeh2we.mp4
Size: 2.06 GB
Duration: 36:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cody Carter is playing video games when his stepsister Gracie Gates and her friend Brookie Blair walk in. The girls are super loud, which is distracting to Cody. He gets back at them by taking pictures of them in their tight short shorts. Gracie is insulted, but Brookie seems to be kind of into it. A hot second later, Gracie asks Cody for a ride to the beach. He tells her he doesn't have money for gas and that he wouldn't drive her anyway. The girls clap back that they'll just find someone else, then storm off to Gracie's room.

It turns out that there's no one else willing to drive Gracie and Brookie to the beach. A short conversation leads them back to begging Cody for help. They walk into his room to find him jerking it as he reminisces about how his stepsis and her friend looked in those booty hugging shorts. The girls are trying to play nice, so they join Cody in bed to help him out. Wrapping Cody's hardon in their firsts, the girls share him oh so nicely in a double blowie that leaves him hard as a rock and slick with their spit. They take turns slurping the shaft and sucking the balls.

Cody isn't about to turn down the opportunity to have a step family threesum. He bends Gracie over and eats her pussy while Gracie eats Brookie out. Next up it's Gracie's turn to get her pussy eaten while Cody sinks balls deep into Brookie's fuck hole. Gracie takes it in doggy next as she resumes her place in the middle of her BFF and stepbro. Getting Cody on his back, Gracie rides him in reverse cowgirl. She keeps on fucking as she gets on her back for Cody to give it to her as Brookie rides her face. The girls swap out one more time so that Gracie can ride Brookie's tongue as Brookie takes a creamy pussy pounding, and then the girls get on their knees and suck Cody's dick until he blasts off for them.

Penthouse Gold - Rachael Cavalli - Meeting With Dr. Dick

File: gxaqlnapenraccavnznyorpszk.mp4
Size: 1.42 GB
Duration: 24:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Buxom Penthouse beauty Rachael Cavalli plans the perfect revenge fuck, a one on one with her hunky doctor Tommy Pistol. The voluptuous vixen loves her big round titties being examined. Aroused she spreads her legs for a thorough fingering and licking before getting on all fours to take a facefuck from her new stud. Rock hard from a deepthroat blowjob, he can't wait to slide into the amorous cougar, pounding that pussy and tweaking her nipples to loud moans of pleasure until finally climaxing.

Mom Wants Creampie - Anny Aurora & Cory Chase - Hurry Stepson Get Her Pregnant

File: hmb83namowacranncoreer3gfevls.mp4
Size: 1.63 GB
Duration: 24:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Juan Loco and his stepmom, Cory Chase, have always had a pretty good relationship. When they begin to suspect that Cory's best friend, Anny Aurora, is having an affair with Juan's dad, they team up to confront the problem head on. When Anny comes creeping out of the bedroom thinking that she and Juan's dad were home alone, she finds herself face to face with both Cory and Juan. They sit Anny down and give her a stern talking to. Things get even more heated when Anny stands up and cum begins dripping from her twat. Realizing that her husband has creampied her best friend, Cory asks Anny if she's on birth control. Anny admits that she is not.

Cory thinks fast. Looking at Juan, she realizes there's still an opportunity here. She instructs Juan to fuck Anny and give her a creampie, too, because he's younger and therefore his sperm will outcompete his dad's. At least this way if Anny gets knocked up, it'll be Juan's instead of his dad's. Juan and Anny are hesitant, but Cory insists. Whipping it out, Juan shoves it in as Anny lays cradled in Cory's arms. Despite the hot puss, Juan finds that he can't cum right away. Eventually, Cory decides to step in and help her stepson out by taking his cock and blowing him to move him towards climax. Juan is still not ready to pop, so Cory takes matters into her own hands.

Straddling her stepson's lap, Cory sinks down to ride Juan in reverse cowgirl. Watching Cory and Juan gets Anny hotter than she could have imagined, so she eventually gets on her hands and knees so Juan can do her from behind as she watches Cory masturbate. The girls share Juan's cock as they lick their own juices from his fuck stick, and then it's Cory's turn for one last go with her stepson. On her back with her head nuzzled right against Anny's thigh, Cory spreads herself wide open so Juan can bang her hairy snatch. The sight is so hot that Cory finds herself looking at a change of plans. In the end, Cory is the one to take Juan's creampie that overflows and drips down her legs as she comes down from the impromptu threesome.

Moms Boy Toy - Emily Addison - Shape Up Or Ship Out

File: i2semnamobotoemiaddowzbifphzt.mp4
Size: 1.37 GB
Duration: 24:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jay Romero has enlisted and his boot camp date is coming up fast. His stepmom, Emily Addison, doesn't think Jay is ready. She finds him in the living room, sprawled out on the couch in his fatigues and surrounded by a mess of junk food. Emily tries to be kind to Jay at first, but his monotone responses to her attempts at conversation quickly piss her off. Since Emily believes Jay's dad hasn't done right by his kid and that Jay is going to burn out, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Stepping in front of Jay, Emily puts her hands on her hips and uses her most intimidating voice to begin commanding him like a CO would. At first she gets Jay to begin cleaning up his mess. Then she orders him to drop and give her some pushups and situps. When Jay is on the ground doing as he's told, Emily claims that he has looked up her skirt. That's not acceptable behavior of a Private, so she tells him to get to his feet and pull his pants down. Next thing Jay knows, Emily has popped her big boob out and shoved it in his face to suck so she can keep on role playing as his CO while telling him that he's the only Private in boot camp still sucking his stepmommy's titties. Emily wasn't turned on by any of this at first, but having Jay suckling her boob really does it for her. She notices he has some chub, so she decides to use that to her advantage.

Bending over, Emily tells Jay to stick it in. Her running monologue as Jay fucks her from behind indicates that he should pretend he's having bayonet practice by doing her in time. Dropping to her knees, Emily sucks Jay off and even gives him a titty fuck as she lets the pretense of being his CO drop. She gets on her back and remains in charge as Jay slides into her cooch and gives it to her just like she tells him to. Then she shoves Jay onto his back and rides him hard in cowgirl. Once Emily is sated there's nothing for her to do but use her tits and mouth to bring him off. With stepmommy still bossing him around, Jay obeys orders to cum all over Emily's face and boobs to cover her in his jizz. Although Emily claims this is a good start, she tells Jay that they'll still need to work on him between now and when he heads to boot camp.

Mom Swapped - Lauren Phillips & Skylar Snow - Getting My Mom Badge

File: ifhkxnamoswlauskygexs3djkzq.mp4
Size: 1.67 GB
Duration: 25:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Busty stepmoms Lauren Philips and Skylar Snow both have stepsons in a scouting program. The boys, Robby Echo and Juan Loco, like to get together for their crafting projects. The stepmoms have to accompany their stepsons, so they've become pretty good friends over time. Today's crafting project is taking a particularly long time. Lauren and Skylar have begun nagging their stepsons about hurrying it up so they're not late for book club, but it's not working. The moms converse between themselves and conclude that the only reason things are dragging like this that the boys are doing it on purpose. They decide that some creative discipline is in order, starting with swapping sons. The idea is that the boys will listen to someone who's not their stepmom better than they're currently listening.

Lauren is now in charge of Skylar's stepson, Juan, and Skylar takes care of Lauren's stepson, Robby. Clearly in charge of the new plan, Lauren tells Juan to take his pants off and then keep working on his project. When Robby continues goofing off, Skylar reluctantly follows Lauren's lead. The boys are still not working fast enough for Lauren, so she instructs Skylar to play with Robby's dick. Juan sees an opportunity, so he goofs off more to encourage Lauren to play with his dick, too. Things heat up as the boys are ordered to play with the boobies next, which of course leads to Skylar leaning forward to suck Robby off and Lauren giving Juan the same treatment. Once the moms are committed to pleasuring their friends' stepkids, there's no pulling them away from the D until they get what they want.

Climbing into the laps of their respective partners, Skylar sinks down onto Robby's fuck stick and Lauren fills her pussy with Juan's. The ladies bounce in reverse cowgirl, enjoying a big titty stiffie ride as the boys do their best to suckle the boobs bouncing around near their faces. Skylar gets on her back next as Lauren gets on her knees for doggy, each of them moaning in delight as the other's stepson gives it to them nice and hard. The girls switch positions, with Robby fucking Skylar in doggy and Juan getting Lauren off as he kneels between her thighs. Juan pulls out to bust a nut all over Lauren's muff, while Robby blows his load on Skylar's ass. The ladies take some time to play with their gift, but then instruct the boys to get back to work while they get cleaned up. In fact, instead of book club, they talk about going on the prowl for some more younger cock.

Evil Angel - Soyivania - Life Imitates Fucking Art!

File: lt9arnaevansoyi5ebh2vgyxf.mp4
Size: 1.36 GB
Duration: 33:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Acting coach Vince Karter rehearses with dark-haired, olive-skinned siren Soyivania. As the thespians workshop a romantic scenario, they become aroused, and art imitates life Vince plunges fingers into her twat. Her panties stripped, she kicks off her heels as he makes her twat wet. Studly Vince unzips his fly, freeing his big cock. She gives him a sloppy blowjob and tongues his ball sack. He fucks Soyivania's inviting mouth. She rubs spit into her crotch and masturbates. She displays excellent deepthroat skills! Vince hammer-fucks Soyivania's tight pussy, jamming her slit with raunchy gusto. The natural-bodied dirty girl worships his nuts and rims his sphincter. She straddles Vince's rigid rod and rides him, his prick in her snatch. They hump and pump in several positions as the steamy action builds to climax. Vince reaches maximum velocity, basting open-mouthed Soyivania with a cum facial. She loudly smacks her large-nipple tits as she massages Vince's creamy jizz into her skin. Soyivania tastes Vince's semen on her fingertips.

Mom Wants To Breed - Jessica Ryan - Aunt Judy Is Baby Crazy

File: m1qzsnamowatobrjesryazf1uma7i69.mp4
Size: 1.35 GB
Duration: 22:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Diego Perez hasn't known his stepmom's sister for very long, but his step aunt, Jessica Ryan, is eager to get to know him better. She arrives for a visit while Diego's stepmom is having a nap. That's okay Jessica is happy to sit and chat with Diego. Eventually, the conversation turns to the fact that Jessica wants a baby badly. She's even brought a cute little onsie to show off how committed she is to breeding. That brings the conversation to a close.

Later, Diego's stepmom is still sleeping when Jessica comes to Diego's room and tells him she's going to give him a bath. Diego initially misses the point as he claims he's an adult and that not even his stepmom bathes him. Jessica tries again, asking if maybe Diego just wants to look at her boobs. As Diego sits in shock, Jessica grabs his hands and puts them on her big titties. When he feels how squishy and soft those knockers are, Diego can't help but pop a boner. Jessica notices and is ready to take action. She gets Diego on his back and unzips his jeans so she can go to town sucking him off in a hot wet blowjob.

Now that she has Diego right where she wants him, Jessica gets down to baby making business. She gets on the bed and spreads her thighs for Diego to shove it into her hairy twat. Then she has Diego lie down so she can climb on top and ride him. When Jessica moves to her hands and knees, Diego gladly delivers a doggy style pussy pounding. Her lovely titties sway with every stroke as she reaches down to rub her own clit in time with Diego's thrusts. With Step-Auntie Jessica's encouragement, Diego pushes deep inside and gluts her with a creampie that might just give her the baby she craves.

Sex Art - Lee Anne & Alexis Crystal - Sneak Peek: Member Part 2

File: m28dwnasearleealehzdumufay1.mp4
Size: 1.54 GB
Duration: 27:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lesbian sex comes under the spotlight, as episode two of Andrej Lupins erotic series Sneak Peak Member begins. Producer Ariel Piper Fawn introduces the scene, which has been shot in response to comments and feedback from SexArt members. Gorgeous brunette Lee Anne makes flirtatious eye contact with Alexis Crystal, who joins her on the bed, kissing her passionately. Lee Anne unhooks her cute girlfriends bra and sucks her stiff nipples, rubbing and pinching to make her shiver with anticipation. She tugs Alexis panties aside and strums her clit, then eases two fingers into her tight pussy and fucks her to a breathless orgasm. Now Alexis takes control, lavishing attention on Lee Annes lovely breasts and stroking her through her split-crotch panties before peeling them off. She eats Lee Annes pussy eagerly, sliding fingers into her wet heat to stoke her arousal to boiling point. Lee Annes back arches in bliss as shes overwhelmed by her climax. Alexis straddles Lee Annes face, riding her tongue until she orgasms again then they move into scissors, grinding together sensuously. Clit to clit, they drive each other to intense simultaneous orgasms. Hide

My Family Pies - Aria Valencia & Vina Sky - Lets See Your Flagpole

File: n8tfmnamyfapiarivins3is3et4dy.mp4
Size: 1.97 GB
Duration: 31:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Aria Valencia and Vina Sky are wearing patriotic bikini tops and camo shorts to celebrate Memorial Day. The girls can't stop talking about how cute they look. Getting nice and close, they snap a bunch of super sexy selfies. While the girls are focused on the camera, Aria's stepbrother Ricky Spanish comes creeping out to stare at their hot asses. The girls finally notice, at which point Aria tells Ricky that he's ruining her family sex fantasy because she'd never fuck him. Vina tries to defend Ricky, but he still leaves the room.

Later, Ricky comes back wearing only an American flag wrapped around his waist. Aria tells Ricky off, but Vina likes it. She wants to see Ricky's flagpole, and after a hot second Aria agrees. The girls chase Ricky around the room until they corner him and unwrap the towel. When Ricky's dick springs free, they're both super impressed. Aria wants to lick it, but her inhibitions get in the way. Vina encourages her to go for it, and convinces her by saying she will if Aria will. Aria surprises Vina and Ricky both by dipping her head and opening wide for a deep throat BJ. After watching for a beat, Vina joins in for a double blowie.

The girls work their bikinis off as they suck Ricky off. Once Aria is nude, Vina helps her climb aboard to ride her stepbrother in cowgirl. The sight is so hot Vina can't help but masturbate. Vina takes the next ride, giving it to Ricky in reverse cowgirl as Aria does some pussy diddling of her own. Next, Aria gets on her knees with Vina on her knees behind her. Ricky slides back home in Vina's twat to fuck her in doggy as Aria rolls onto her back to have Vina eat her out as she's getting banged. Scooting forward, Aria enjoys Ricky sliding back into her until he's buried balls deep in her creamy twat. Cradled in Vina's arms with her BFF holding her legs back, Aria is wide open for Ricky to bang until he gluts her with a creampie. Aria freaks out since she's not on birth control, so Vina agrees to lick the cum out of her and snowball the treat with her BFF.

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Chloe - 18, law student in Cannes!

File: o4mzhnajaetmitvchlomxyosoumyd.mp4
Size: 946.15 MB
Duration: 36:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The college year is over, so it's fun time for Chloe! At 18, this splendid young woman with a refreshing side is determined to take advantage of her summer to take pleasure in all its forms. Law student in Cannes, the pretty blonde with deep blue eyes therefore leaves the amphitheatres to take a lesson a little more special. Indeed, she explains to us that she does not have much sexual experience, and that she obviously wishes to find out much more on the subject... Desperately calling her friend Antho, the young lady obtains a particular naughty session which seems he likes it very much!

Jesseloads Monster Facials - Cassidy Luxe - Cassidy Is A Sight To Behold

File: oh9dwnajemofacasluxyzojyivoib.mp4
Size: 2.67 GB
Duration: 43:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cassidy is a sight to behold. This tall tatted blonde bombshell is as exotic as she is sultry. She looks like a cross between an Egyptian queen and a mythical goddess, stepping out from the beyond to satisfy and take our mortal souls back to nirvana with her. She reveals her glorious ass, attached to her statuesque body before taking that big cock in her hungry mouth and her tight pussy until her serene face is flooded with a river of cum.

Wild On Cam - Summer Vixen - Loves Giving Sloppy Blowjobs Live

File: onruonawioncasumvixh5j19ih8tl.mp4
Size: 4.33 GB
Duration: 01:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Summer Vixen had a hot solo show showing off how much she loves to masturbate but we had to see how much she loves to fuck! Chad Alva is the lucky dude today getting this hottie to get sloppy on that hard cock of his spitting all over it while she sucks it down! Summer Vixen needs no lube with that much spit coming from her mouth. It drips down her chin and all over Chads balls while she sucks that cock down her throat! Chad wants to fuck and feel that little petite pussy grabbing his cock while he fucks her every way she desires. Archive from 5-12-2022 5pm LIVE show!

Lethal Hardcore - Keely Rose - 100 Percent Natural Tits

File: osd5analehakeerosxnnthd4flv.mp4
Size: 1.49 GB
Duration: 34:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Anissa Kate is a hot French nympho with some delicious 40E boobies that are sweeter than creme brulee! Octavia Red's sexy 32DD-24-36 body makes hard cocks cum harder than Old Faithful! Keely Rose is a horny little tart with a tight little puss and some heavenly 32E knockers! Mona Azar is a curvaceous young lady who loves sucking and fucking!

My First Sex Teacher - Shay Sights - Sexy Professor Shows Student How To Please A Woman

File: pu1c7namyfiseteshasigggydcrqwpz.mp4
Size: 1.54 GB
Duration: 35:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: SynopsisProfessor Shay Sights has caught her favorite student sharing notes with other students -- particularly the females. It's time for some disciplinary action and she tells him to pull out his cock to shove it in her wet pussy.

40 Something Mag - Lisa Pinelli - The Horny Big-Titted Redhead And You

File: quqbgna40somalispinrre2xkjvsg.mp4
Size: 1.36 GB
Duration: 23:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: You show up for your date with mature redhead Lisa Pinelli and she's dressed and ready, but here's the thing She's not ready to go out. She's ready to stay in. So she gets naked and slips into the new bodystocking she got just for this occasion, and at this point, you know it's going to be a very special date.

This entire scene was shot P.O.V.-style, so it's your cock that this 46-year-old, big-titted mom from Hungary is sucking and your cock that's fucking her pussy and cumming in her mouth and all over her face, and it's your cum she's swallowing. By the way, Lisa is a swinger.

40Something Do you like being watched while having sex?

Lisa Yes. I like it a lot. It turns me on when people watch me and masturbate to me.

40Something How did we find you?

Lisa Your photographer wrote to me on Twitter.

40Something What do you find sexy?

Lisa A good mind fuck and weird, absurd conversations about perverse things.

Mom's Family Secrets - Aiden Ashley & Jordan Maxx - My Stepmom Tied Me Up

File: slvvsnamofaseaidjorfcd9vsmyur.mp4
Size: 1.60 GB
Duration: 26:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Aiden Ashley has come over to visit her friend Jordan Maxx. The girls are gossiping about a cheating spouse when Jordan's stepson, Alex Mack, comes in. Jordan introduces them, then immediately notices that Alex is perving on Aiden. She tells him to put his player card away and cut it out, which gets Alex to leave the kitchen for the time being. Later, Aiden and Jordan are continuing their conversation in the living room when Alex rejoins them. Taking a seat, he begins macking on both ladies, telling them how hot they are.

Jordan has had it with her stepson. She tells him that if he doesn't stop it right now, she's going to tie him to the chair. When Alex acts confused and continues hitting on his busty stepmom and her friend, Jordan gets Aiden to help her make good on promise. The girls each grab a roll of duck tape and go to work securing Alex to his chair. When they're certain Alex can't move, Aiden and Jordan decide to recap a move they used to do in college. Coming together in a deep kiss, they begin making out. Aiden quickly gets Jordan on her back and settles between her friend's thighs to lap at Jordan's pussy until Jordan's moaning in delight. Then Jordan gives Aiden the same treatment, eating her BFF out as Alex watches.

By the time the girls have both finished, Alex is hard as a rock. They can see his hardon from across the room and can't resist the temptation to pop it out and have some more fun. Working together, the girls share Alex's cock in a blowjob. Then they get on their knees on the couch to present Alex with a double pussy buffet to fuck. Alex takes on Jordan's snatch first. When Alex moves over to fuck Aiden, Jordan takes the opportunity to climb in front of her friend's face for another round of pussy licking. Taking a seat on the couch, Alex holds his stepmommy's hips as Aiden slides down and begins bouncing away in cowgirl. Aiden arranges herself on the back of the couch so Jordan can feast on her twat even as she rides. Then it's Aiden's turn to be in the middle she gets on her back so Alex can do her as Jordan sits on her face and rides Aiden's tongue. Pulling out, Alex blows his nut all over Aiden's stomach to give her a big mess to play with. The girls come down from their delight as their reminisce about how slutty they were in college, and how slutty they still are.

21 Erotic Anal - Veronica Leal - Exhibitionist Executive

File: sqmegna21eranverleaya5x5t8gsd.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 28:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Veronica Perry walking around the penthouse, she sees herself in the mirror and starts to undress. She touches herself and removes her outfit. Goes to the window and moves her butt slowly as if she was trying to attract someone. Not Far from her David Perry is watching her and from his look he seems to be turned on. He makes his move on her and start touching her and caressing her ass...

Mom Wants To Breed - Jennifer White - My Stepsons Cum Is All Ready

File: tkwy8namowatobrjenwhiwkmusvllvs.mp4
Size: 1.83 GB
Duration: 22:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jennifer White has taken an active interest in the welfare of her stepson, Juan Loco. When she sees that Juan has grabbed himself a snack that doesn't meet her health standards, she replaces it with another one that is more up to snuff. Juan isn't pleased with the switch, but Jennifer's next move surprises him. She puts a paper cup on the table and instructs Juan to fill it with his sperm. Jennifer will taste it to determine whether he's eating a sufficiently healthy diet. Surprised, Juan eventually agrees.

Juan takes the cup to the bathroom, but Jennifer doesn't hear any fapping. When she goes in to see what's taking so long, she finds Juan with his pants down and his dick hard. Claiming that he's having trouble cumming, Juan tries to put himself away, but Jennifer insists that se can help. Without waiting for permission, she grabs the D and starts stroking it off. When that doesn't work out, Jennifer whips her tits out to give Juan a visual to go with her handie. All this cock stroking is getting stepmommy turned on, so she makes a quick decision and grabs Juan by the dick to lead him to the bedroom.

Crawling into bed with her stepson, Jennifer gives in to her urges goes wild sucking her stepson off. That BJ is just the appetizer. Sliding her thong aside, she climbs onto Juan's stiffie and slides on down to ride him nice and hard in reverse cowgirl. Then she's on her hands and knees with Juan buried in her snatch as he does her from behind. Rolling onto her back, Jennifer lifts one leg high in the air so Juan can give it to her nice and deep. He obeys mommy's insistence to give Jennifer a creampie by emptying his balls in her cum craving pussy and filling her nice and full of hot jizz to taste.

I'm Not Your Mommy - Bridgette B & Kyler Quinn - Whipping The Neighbor Boy Into Shape

File: ufudwnaimnoyomobrikyl6izjc82yai.mp4
Size: 1.86 GB
Duration: 34:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Robby Echo has gotten into trouble one too many times for his perviness, so his mom has sent him to her friends Kyler Quinn and Bridgette B to get him straightened out. Kyler and Bridgette know just what to do to get under Robby's skin. Putting him in a chair, the girls confront him by turning him from side to side as they tag team him in a good cop, bad cop routine. Eventually Robby admits that he got caught in his stepmom's closet, peeping at her. Bridgette and Kyler can work with that they tell Robby that they'll be whipping him into shape while he's there.

The two milfs begin by the pool, where they have Robby feed them grapes as they lounge. Then they sit Robby between them on the couch and teach him how to rub their feet properly. Learning how to do some proper turndown service is the next on Robby's to-do list. The final thing Robby needs to learn is how to be a man, which means he must understand that a woman is his queen. Bridgette offers Robby Kyler's plump breasts, but slaps his hands away when he comes in too hot. Under Bridgette's careful guidance, Robby learns how to handle two hot women's boobs. Then he learns how to eat pussy properly.

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Follow our list here and you are off and running to something memorable with Dee. In her hilarious interview, she insists that when being intimate, someone is going on a journey, you, Dee, everyone in the room. Fucking Dee means you end up miles away from where you begin, either mentally or physically as well. Although she is already a SubSlut, this will be Pascal's first crack at getting up inside Ms. Williams and you're about to see her transport Pascal deep into that mystical territory we like to call Booty City.

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Description: Veronica Leal needs some help getting the ready for her date. She comes to her stepson Charlie Dean to get his assistance cleaning up. Since Veronica is dressed in a see through bra and a sheer robe, Charlie initially tries to protest her choice of outfit. He then goes on to point out that Veronica is married to his father and shouldn't be dating. Veronica tells Charlie that she and his dad are in an open relationship, then reminds him to call her mommy. Grabbing Charlie by the feet, Veronica leads him to her bedroom so she can do some modeling of her sexy outfit options.

Watching his bigtit stepmommy take her outfits on and off gives Charlie one hell of a boner. When Veronica notices, Charlie tries to hide it but his stepmom is insistent that she wants to play. Tugging Charlie's pants down, Veronica can't help but widen her eyes in pleased surprise at the size of her stepson's dick. She wants to do more than just look! Dropping to her knees, Veronica fists Charlie's root and then goes to town deep throating his big one. It's clear she's enjoying the hell out of herself sucking cock, but she wants to experience that nice erection in more than just her mouth.

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Description: Kaiia Eve, a masseuse, greets a nervous and awkward Nick Strokes and tries to make him feel comfortable before his massage. She soon learns that the reason Nick has been feeling so stressed lately is that he's still a virgin and has no idea how to talk to girls, a fact that may make it IMPOSSIBLE to join a fraternity at his college.

Kaiia, wanting to get him as relaxed as possible, offers to give him pointers on how to talk to girls while giving him a nuru massage. When Nick learns about the body-to-body contact, he is flustered but easily agrees.

Once they strip down, Kaiia breaks out the massage oil and drizzles it all over her naked body. Then she begins working Nick over, rubbing against him while doing everything in her power to help him build confidence. It works TOO well and Nick soon pops a boner! Lucky for Nick, Kaiia's ready to give him the ultimate confidence boost

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Description: Anissa Kate is a hot French nympho with some delicious 40E boobies that are sweeter than creme brulee! Octavia Red's sexy 32DD-24-36 body makes hard cocks cum harder than Old Faithful! Keely Rose is a horny little tart with a tight little puss and some heavenly 32E knockers! Mona Azar is a curvaceous young lady who loves sucking and fucking!