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Japan HDV

Japan HDV - Misato Shiraishi - Misato Gets Her Two Men To Pleasure

File: vib4mnajahdmisshieq51aljzpn.mp4
Size: 1.58 GB
Duration: 27:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: We continue our story of the older mature babe Ms Misato Shiraishi. We started the the story the other day as Misato had several men over to pleasure her sexually. She thought that they did a nice job but that they also needed some encouragement for their performance. These two men had done a good job pleasuring her and getting her off but now they wanted something. It is not her habit to let her sl4av3s demand anything from her but these two men had a look of hunger in their eyes.

They were begging her to please allow them to slide between her legs and spread her pussy open. They wanted to lick and suck on her pussy. This seemed like an honest request and they both had done such a nice job and really deserved a little reward for their efforts. She agreed to their request and she slapped them a few times and told one of them to lick her nipples and the other to get down on his knees between her legs. They both started to lick and nibble at her and now she was getting wet and horny herself. She enjoyed their tongues all over her and she was now hungry as well. She asked one to stand up and show her if his cock was erect. It was hard so she decided that she wanted it in her mouth. So, she licked him a bit and then decided that since there were two men there she would like to suck them both off at the same time. From there she had them perform for her sexually to get them all off as a reward. Go see what they ended up doing!

Japan Hdv - Mio Ozora & Reika Ichinose - Bakery Girls In An Orgy With A Gang Of Men

File: isjfynajahdmiorei2biy6zwxfw.mp4
Size: 3.52 GB
Duration: 01:01:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Another clip of the hot two bakery girls that go to a gangs hideout in the city to escape their boss and the extra work he makes them do on their off hours. Reika Ichinose and Mio Ozora were just finishing their shift at the bakery when their boss called them to run some errands. It was a hot day and they still had their uniforms on. They were not pleased with this but luckily for them there was a gang of men in the streets watching them as they walked by.

So the choice was to go back to the bakery or spend the afternoon with a group of men who would allow them to suck on their dicks. It was not a hard decision and these hot young ladies were led to a nearby apartment where this local gang resided. Once there the gang members thought it would be fun to rip their pantyhose off and lift their tops up to play with their tits. They also began to kiss their lovely mouths. There were several men so they were able to double team these young ladies. They quickly had their tops off and their tits out. They enjoyed playing with their tits as both these ladies had nice big natural tits. This was a fun time for them as these men really sucked and licked and played with their tits. The men also enjoyed this as these two young bakery workers are very pretty and had such sweet hard nipples when they were excited. These men also decided it would be fun to see if Mio could suck both of them off at once. Reika was busy getting fucked from behind and sucking some cock so she had her hands full. What a lovely day to spend inside after a long day of bakery work.

Japan Hdv - Yume Mizuki - Yume Is At A Hostess Club With A Couple Of Men

File: pduvonajahdyummizcgj9qj7zoz.mp4
Size: 4.07 GB
Duration: 01:11:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hostess girl Miss Yume Mizuki is now working in a new smaller place that caters to men looking to escape their lives for an evening and spend the time with a lovely lady chatting and getting to know each other. Today a couple of clients are visiting her new place and they are very happy with how she attends to them and even goes as far as feeding them some snacks while they chat the evening way. These gentlemen are very horny for her as she is wearing a low cut top that really shows off her big juicy tits...

This young lady is very smart and a good hostess as she wears the sexiest clothes to get her gentlemen callers to come back time and time again to see her. What these men do not know yet is that in this new club she is working in, there is a secret menu. So although they sit and chat and imbibe and eat all evening it isnt until one of them just falls over exhausted that she tells the other about the secret menu. On this menu there are items that can not be written down. So, what happens next is that she lets him know in his ear what is on the secret menu, and it is mostly her and her pussy. He decides to go for it and starts to kiss her mouth deeply while his cock gets hard and then he starts to grope her tits. He pulls them out and plays with them some but now he wants that pussy she is hiding under her dress. Go see what he does next with the lovely Yume!.

Japan HDV - Misato Shiraishi - Masochist Has Some Men Pleasure Her Pussy

File: wq5gmnajahdmisshi3p3yepctpk.mp4
Size: 1.72 GB
Duration: 30:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Our older forty something mature model Ms Misato Shiraishi is a sexy woman who is a bit mischievous. She likes to play and she likes to buy new outfits and model them for her lovers. She is not shy about her body and enjoys showing it off if she has the chance. She also also enjoys some strange fetishes and is not afraid to get several lovers to come over to play with her. She is into some b0ndage and getting men to wear some collars and leashes so she can lead them around the house. She also likes them to be faceless as she is interested in their bodies and not their faces. She loves a man who is going to submit to her and get her off on command. She uses these men as her sex toys. Today she has several men over and has made sure they know the rules. There are not that many, but the number one rule is that they do whatever she asks to get her off. She wants to come and she wants them to make sure she does. So today several of her sl4ves are here and in their b0ndage outfits and they are massaging her and licking her and getting her horny. She has then lick her boots while she pulls out her vibrator so she can massage her clit. Misato also takes off her top so she can slap her tits in their faces. She loves the feeling of making them hard with her huge tits. She wants them to kneel down in front of her so they can worship her tits and for that she is going to put her boot on their crotch so they have the memory of her tits in their faces seared into their brains.

Japan HDV - Mio Ozora & Reika Ichinose - Bakery Girls Get Held Captive

File: 8vsqpnajahdmioreisavqoax57l.mp4
Size: 3.34 GB
Duration: 58:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would be the worst summer job in the world gets worse by having to wear a uniform that is super sexy and hot. And then on top of that having a boss that calls you back to work when you have just finished your shift. But this is what has happened to Reika Ichinose and Mio Ozora on their way home from work. Both of these young ladies decided to get summer jobs at a bakery shop and now they are regretting it as they would rather be out playing with friends than running errands for the bakery boss whenever he calls. The uniform they wear brings a lot of attention to their sexy figures. It is tight and shows off their big tits and the skirt is so short you can see the bottom of their asses. The high heeled boots they have to wear do make their legs look long and lean. The top is only a half top and shows off their lovely midriff. What sexy bodies these two ladies have and it seems their boss hired them for that reason as they look quite hot in the uniforms he had for them. While on the way home from work today the girls attracted a lot of attention from a group of men on the street. How could anyone not notice these two hot young ladies? These three gentleman watched as they walked by and heard them complaining about how hot it was having to wear those uniforms. They decided to invite these young ladies up to an apartment to take off those uniforms for them. And while they had them there they also decided to spread them open and introduce their tight pussies to some hard cock. In fact, they decided to show them all the sexual positions they like best for a whole afternoon of hard core fucking.

Japan HDV - Shino Aoi - Shino Gets Introduced To A Male Model

File: fivrknajahdshiaoilmylxceqww.mp4
Size: 2.26 GB
Duration: 40:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The dream for every young man who loves to spend his time jerking off to his favorite AV Idol is for her to come to his house and suck and fuck him in his own bed. We partnered up with Shino Aoi last time to find her biggest fan and go to his house for a surprise fuck. That is exactly what we did and she gave this gentleman a good fuck and he fingered that hot sweet pussy of Shino. And today we have another in this fun series of delivering an AV Idol to the home of a fan. But this time we are going to be sure that Shino has the time of her life and gets satisfied rather than satisfying someone else. We invited a male model to our shoot today and he is waiting for her as she walks in...

We introduce them and let her know that this model is for her and he is going to help her to have a great time today. She hops up on the bed and he starts to kiss and grab her. He is all over her and his hands are all over her sexy body. He has her top off real quick and his hands massage her tits and he kisses her deeply. He is hungry for her so he lays her down and kisses her mouth while his fingers find their way down under her shorts and to her pussy. He rubs her pussy and gets her hot and warmed up and he pulls off her shorts to see that indeed her panties are soaking up all that pussy juice. He then Go see what he does to her sweet pussy hole next!

Japan Hdv - Luke Ichinose - Luke Seduces The Office Staff And Gives Out Blowjobs

File: k7aqdnajahdlukichymvnnwn7g5.mp4
Size: 746.20 MB
Duration: 12:46
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: We have our new hire for the office girl, Miss Luke Ichinose walking into the mens locker room today. She just walks right in and is not shy at all about being there. She is quite proud to just walk in and talk to the employees that are there changing clothes after their shift. Today she walks in when she hears that someone has entered the locker room. She knows someone is in there and she goes in anyways. She knows exactly what she is doing.

Some might think that the boss hired her knowing exactly what kind of an employee she is and would do to the other staff. Maybe this was a gift from the boss for all the hard work that the employees do for the company. Today she is in the locker room when one employee is just starting to change his clothes and he is very embarrassed to see here in there when he is half naked. She walks up to him as if they were at the water cooler and tells him to lay down and she will massage him as he must be tired from his long shift. He does as she says and soon she has his cock out and her stocking feet are all over him. She is now horny from all the foot play she is doing with his cock and she takes off her top and shows him her huge tits and then she pulls her panties off as she wants him to see her pussy. She spreads her legs wide for him and lets him see and then she just goes for it and lays on top of him and gives him her pussy to lick while she sucks on his office worker cock!

Japan Hdv - Maki Koizumi - Maki Back In The Hot Springs And We Enjoy Her

File: 5c5olnajahdmakkoibsvabymkov.mp4
Size: 2.12 GB
Duration: 37:17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The lovely Maki Koizumi is back at the hot springs. This is the ultimate turn on for her. She is sexy and hot and she is naked in a setting with lots of water to bathe in. The first part of the trip to the hot springs was here. She looked amazing as she had her clothes taken off her and got in the hot water. But now that we have seen how sexy hot she is and how great her body is it is time to explore that body and really get into it.

That means we are going to strip her of her yakata, take off all her clothes and enjoy those tits of hers. We are going to get her to show us her titty fucking skills. She has some of the greatest tits you will ever see on a Japanese model. She uses them so well too as she slides a hard cock between them to get her lover off. We start off today with her mouth open and ours on hers kissing her deeply. Our hands wander down to her tits and we bring them out from the yakata and bounce them some. They are huge and feel perfect in our hands! We play with her nipples and get her horny. She is so perfect all we can think of now is her hot pussy. We go down and lift that yakata and spread her legs and there is the most lovely smell coming out of her hot hole. She has shaved her pussy and just left some hair up top. We slide a tongue into her pussy and it tastes as good as it smells! Go see what we do next to her lovely pussy!

Japan Hdv - Shino Aoi - Shino Gets Delivered To Her Biggest Fan’s Home

File: yjmrunajahdshiaoi75cl7g5ney.mp4
Size: 1.11 GB
Duration: 19:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What would be a better gift and surprise to you if they were to deliver an AV actress to your home and what if it was Shino Aoi? Imagine opening your door and your dream girl is there and she is as lovely as she is on screen and in your dreams. She is the hottie that has mesmerized you and you have wanted and longed for. You spent hours watching her movies with your hand on your lubed up cock stroking away and edging yourself to climax.

You didnt want to come as you wanted to watch the full video again and see the lovely Muss Aoi get fucked and see the cum spill out of her sexy mouth. So this is the girl of your dreams and here she is standing at your door asking to be let in. What are you going to do? Hope to God your family is not at home as all you can think of is how you are going to stick your cock in her without getting caught. It is risky but since this is a once in a life time opportunity you are not going to blow it. So now she is in your house and you start to kiss and enjoy her mouth. You slide your tongue down her throat and she is making you hard. You ask her to take off her top so you can see more of her and she then lets you take off her bra and then her shorts. She is so tiny and perfect and once her shorts are off you start rubbing her hot pussy. From there, you GO watch what you do next in this full video of perfection!

Japan Hdv - Erena Mizuhara - Erena Is A Japanese Housewife That Likes College Men To Fuck

File: syqownajahderemiz6ln27ntxbe.mp4
Size: 3.42 GB
Duration: 01:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Miss Erena Mizuhara is a typical Japanese housewife. She is always busy at home doing chores and fixing meals for her husband. Her husband is often away though as his job requires that he be out of town a lot for business. She lives in an apt building with many college students. Today while cleaning outside her apt she sees one and asks him to please help her as her husband is away and she really needs help.

As she was just outside her apt she is just wearing a house shirt and no bra underneath. It is obvious to all that she is braless as her nipples are quite clearly seen through her very sheer top. She notices that he can not keep his eyes off of her breasts so he says he will try to help her and fix her TV if he can. What is really happening is that he has come in to her apt to watch her breasts some more and she has invited him in as she loves college men and since her husband is away she would like a college man to lick her a bit. Since he is in her apt sitting so close to her on a hot day she offers him something to drink which she accidentally on purpose drops some on her top and now her nipple is clearly visible. And now this college dude wants to reach out and grab her tits and suck on her nipples. That sounds like an excellent plan and now he can not control himself and grabs her and starts touching her breasts and she tells him to calm down starts to kiss his mouth. This is going to be an exciting afternoon for this college dude!

Japan Hdv - Luke Ichinose - New Office Girl Gives The Office Manager A Blowjob

File: izdugnajahdlukichwcnbiyn15s.mp4
Size: 677.64 MB
Duration: 11:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Japanese babe Miss Luke Ichinose is the newest office lady to come to this downtown office. She is new so not well known. She is trying her best to fit into the new office and learn everyones names and how the office functions. This is not so easy in a large office with so many things to learn besides office practices. She has learned from pervious experience that the best thing to do is jst really get to know the office manager best and learn from them what is best to do. Today he seems a bit down and he admits to being a bit tired. Luke has decided to make sure she is invaluable in the office and offers to rub his shoulders to relieve some of the tension that he is feeling...

He seems a bit apprehensive at first but then decides that it feels so good to get his shoulders massaged by a lovely woman that he allows her. She seems intent on making sure he feels great and she then starts to unbutton his shirt and massage his whole upper body. She has her hands all over him and he is loving it! She seems to be gettin a bit horny with all this touching and she decides to investigate his lower region so she slips her hand down there and starts to massage his growing cock. He is now fully erect and she wants to see so she unbuckles his belt and unzips his trousers and pulls them down and she now sees his hard cock inside his underwear. Her mouth starts to water for his cock and she pulls his underwear off and from there.. GO see what she does next! You are going to love the POV as he looks down on her sliding his rod deep into her mouth.

Japan Hdv - Maki Koizumi - In The Hot Springs With Maki And A Lover

File: u5bgfnajahdmakkoikv7yc5n6rz.mp4
Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 23:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hot springs in Japan are full of naked women! Sometimes they are older women and sometimes they are sexy hot young women with great tits like Miss Maki Koizumi. We have seen this angel before in her lesbian fuck shows with other hot Japanese women and even as a bathroom cleaner sucking men off in the toilet. But this is the first time we get to see her out in nature enjoying the hot springs. What a lovely body she has and it is so perfect. We could watch her relax in the hot springs all day and just jerk off as she does...

She looks fantastic by herself in the water but today she gets a visitor to accompany her. A man with a fetish for sexy hot women joins her and sits next to her in the springs. She is not shy at all as he pours water on her back. She seems to enjoy the attention and he enjoys watching her boobs shake as she moves. He suggests that he sit behind her to spalsh water on her body and then he reaches around to grab her tits and pinch her nipples. This is what he is there for as he kisses her neck and rubs her nipples. She loves the play and is now getting horny with all that nipple rubbing. He pulls her back to kiss her mouth as he continues to stimulate her nipples. But now he is interested in her pussy so he stands in front of her and stands her up to reach down between her legs and finger her pussy. This is something they both enjoy as he slips his fingers inside her. She grabs a hold of his now hard cock and Go watch the full video to see what our lovely Maki does next as she sits down in front of him and his cock

Japan HDV - Sakura Aoi - Sakura meets an old lover for coffee

File: n4lo3najahdsakaoi9smwcp7qqk.mp4
Size: 393.50 MB
Duration: 06:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Quite a while ago we brought you the story of Miss Sakura Aoi and how she is a mature housewife married to a nice man but went to meet an old friend for coffee. He really was a lover of hers many years ago when she was young and single. But now she is older and married. Things have changed a lot between then and now but once these two got together they could not forget all the fun they had together. They were reminded of how much they enjoyed each other sexually and Sakura could not help herself and wanted to feel that young and free feeling again so she made love to him all afternoon.

She loved every minute of being naked in his arms and having him love her like she was that young girl again. And now that it is time to return to her home and normal life as a married woman her old lover asks her to do one thing before she leaves. He pulls her in close and lets her feel that his cock is still hard for her despite putting it in her holes all afternoon. Sakura feels his hard cock and is turned on enough to let him pull her down to slip off his underwear to expose his erect member. She grabbed a hold of it thinking she could jerk him off some but he pulled her down to his cocks level and let her know that she needed to slip that cock in her mouth and then look up at him in her eyes as she wrapped her hands around it and jerked it off in her mouth. What fun to see her with her mouth full of hard cock and as a grand finale to the afternoon he unloads his whole load of cum in her hungry mouth! This is an excellent video you must see!

Japan HDV - Kaede Kyomoto - Huge tits and a very pink pussy

File: lq2lenajahdkaekyoyzogjz4frn.mp4
Size: 2.34 GB
Duration: 41:23
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: G cups! This adult video porn star from Japan has G cups. Wow! We do not often see that so it is a lovely sight when we get in a big AV idol and she has huge tits. It is also nice when we get in a model that has such a tight hot body and such a lovely pussy as well. We love hot women and Kaede Kyomoto is sexy hot! We had her in before and we were so in love with those tits that almost all we did was play with her tits. We also has her spread her legs wide so we could play with her pussy but we really were mesmerized by those tits.

So today we are having her come in again and we want to focus not on her huge tits but on her very pink pussy. We love a hot pink pussy and Kaede has such a love box hidden in her cute panties. We want to try a piece of this hot pussy so we get Kaede to unbutton her blouse and show us her underwear. She also shows us those cute see through panties of hers. A sweet thong that barely covers her pussy hole for us to play with is our prize today. We have her spread her legs wide and then open her pussy. Wow is her pussy the deepest pink we have ever seen. And now that he legs are spread we ask her to help us by holding back her pussy lips so we can see deep in her pussy. Go see the whole video so you can see how hot that pussy is.

Japan HDV - Fu Sazanami - Fu puts on her old uniform for some fetish fucking

File: bcuu4najahdfusazv22qckkspq.mp4
Size: 1.92 GB
Duration: 34:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: We have a favorite model back, This is Fu Sazanami who belongs to the uniform club. She will wear a uniform she has dug out of her closet and put it on and walk the streets of Tokyo. Sometimes she will pick a spot outside a subway stop and watch people walk by and will wait until someone tries to pick her up. The uniform can be from her old place of education or from the gym when she was a vollyball player. She will also pack her own swimsuit in a bag in case her new friend will want her to put it on for some water sports fun in the shower. Today she is wearing an old uniform from when she was eighteen. She puts it on and stands near a park in Tokyo and waits until someone recognizes her as being part of the uniform club and asks her to go out...

Todays lover has a thing for domination and uniforms from secondary education. He takes her back to his place and sets her on the bed and starts to lick and suck on her ears and then moves to kiss her mouth deeply. He is turned on by her uniform and he spreads her legs while kissing her so he can finger her clit over her cute panties. She is now wet enough that he wants her panties off and he wants his fingers buried deep inside her. He lifts her top as well so he can enjoy her small tits. He enjoys he shaved hole so much he spreads her legs wide and opens her pussy with his fingers and looks deep inside her pussy hole. Go watch the full video to see how far he can look inside her sweet hole.

Japan HDV - Mio Arisaka - Mio and old co-worker spend the day in bed

File: wvxnnnajahdmioarivfqoh3ed2m.mp4
Size: 2.65 GB
Duration: 46:48
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mio Arisaka is really being tested. She has told us how much she really does not care too much for an old co-worker that was relentless in pursing her. So we brought him in today to get her used to doing things that does not like too much on camera. We wanted to teach her a lesson in how to get along with people that she doesnt like as that is what will happen as she does more and more adult videos. Mio seems to be doing very well as she pretends not to hate the gentleman that we brought in.

He really likes her and has wanted to slip his cock deep inside her for some time. And today we are going to give him a chance to see what he can do to her. She has such a cute tight little body that we know that he is going to enjoy his afternoon spent with her. We ask her to do all the things to him that she thinks she would be doing on a normal adult video. So she starts off by seducing him and getting him hard. She kisses him on the mouth and takes off his shirt and pants. She then has him take off his underwear and she leans in and takes his cock in her hands. She slides it into her mouth. She sucks him and jerks his cock as he is fully erect and he is looking like he could really use a good blow job. From there she lets him do about whatever he wants with her body and he ends up with his wish of fucking in her every position he can imagine!

Japan Hdv - Ryouko Murakami - Ryouko And Husband’s Oldest Continue Fucking

File: d7xzynajahdryomurjg4h5uiink.mp4
Size: 2.00 GB
Duration: 35:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Well Ryouko Murakami had such an exciting evening while her husband was away for work. He is gone quite a bit which means that she and his son are going to be spending a lot of time together. She caught him earlier today with her dirty panties pressed up to his nose and his cock out so he could jerk off. What a wild thing for her to witness. But it really turned her on and she could not just sit there and watch it happen, she felt she had to jump in and help him since he was fantasizing about her. She has such a great set of tits that she used them to get him off by titty fucking him. She has the greatest body in the world so he could not help but be horny for her and her sweet pussy. This is going to be strange going forward for them two as they both spend so much time at home alone together. Tonight she is thinking about her day and the wild experience and now she noticed that her pussy is starting to get wet. It was the wildest most exciting fucking she had ever done. And now that she was horny she wanted to finger fuck her own pussy. She must have been a bit loud as he came in and saw her. She invited him over and asked him lick her pussy clean. He was ready and bent down and slid his tongue into her hole. What a sweet honey pot she had and he enjoyed sliding his tongue in and out of her. From there they decided to Go see what this horny family did next!

Japan Hdv - Akari Asayiri - We Bring Av Star Two Men For A Threesome

File: jpmlvnajahdakaasa4ylfgliysw.mp4
Size: 2.49 GB
Duration: 43:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Remember when that big porn star came to visit us and we did an interview with her to get to know her some? That was Akari Asayiri and she is back today as we prepared something special for her to play with. We thought it would be great to get a couple of men to come and have them be pleasured sexually by Akari. We knew that she has the skills to keep two men busy and that with her body she could keep them occupied for an entire afternoon. She has such a luscious body, that any man could explore her all day and not get bored. But she is such a super Adult Video Star that we knew she could take two men at once and pleasure both of them. We start out the shoot today with her in bed and two half naked models with a hungry look in their eyes. They came to play. Akari looks amazing in her tight top and with her hair pulled back to show off her cleavage. Both men notice her big tits and go right for them. They pull off her top and lay her back on the bed and one grabs her breasts while the other reaches up under her skirt with both hands to massage her pussy. She decides she wants to get on all fours and she allows them to pull her skirt up and we can now see her thong panties under her pantyhose. She has a great ass and the men go right for it massaging it and kissing it and one gets in front of her and pulls out his cock as he wants her mouth on his dick and sucking him off. Go see what happens next in this fun threesome!

Japan HDV - Mio Arisaka - Mio Interview And Cock Sucking

File: zufq1najahdmioarixj4usjpihd.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 19:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Today we are back with Mio the young office worker who used to have a man at work ask her out all the time. This is Mio Arisaka and she came out with us before in our van to ride around the city and chat with us. While we were chatting she mentioned a man who would ask her out non-stop at her old job. He was a friend but was a bit pushy as he always wanted to date her. We also asked Mio to masturbate for us as we were interested in watching her spread her pussy open and show us how she pleasures herself at home. So since this old relationship was difficult for Mio to handle we asked her come over to our studio and invite this man over as well so we could have her face him and her old unpleasant feelings about him. He came in and we chatted with them both. Then we took Mio into the other room where we had another man waiting for her with a hard cock for her to suck. We wanted to get Mio ready for anything in this new job she has taken as an adult video star. She has to overcome her personal dislike of some people to be able to work with them so today we brought in someone she dislikes so we can show her how to overcome this issue.

Japan HDV - Ryouko Murakami - Ryouko Catches Her New Husband’s Adult Offspring Jerking

File: p7m1hnajahdryomurqmjwuyqrrw.mp4
Size: 1.41 GB
Duration: 25:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Having married an older man with an adult offspring Ms Ryouko Murakami has many issues to contend with. She has not had to live with two grown men before and this is strange for her. She feels comfortable with her new family but it has taken some adjustment to get used to another man in the house. She has gotten the feeling that her husbands offspring has some feelings for her as he often watches her when she is doing chores around the house. Today was very strange for her as she was doing laundry and found that all of her panties were missing. She suspected that her husbands offspring had done something with them and went to investigate. She was very surprised to find that he had his pants down with his cock in his hand whacking off and his other hand held her panties to his face. This was a big surprise to her and she was not sure what to think. The one feeling she got from watching him stroke his cock was, horny. This really made her horny and she wanted to get off too so she stuck her hand in her panties and started to finger fuck her own pussy while she watched him from behind. Her pussy was sopping wet and she knew this was just the beginning of something special she would share with him. Despite her trying to muffle the sounds of her pleasuring herself, he turned around to catch her with her finger buried deep in her pussy and since she was caught she decided to just go for it and she offered to suck his cock for him if he promised not to steal her underwear. From there, these two spent the whole afternoon in every sex position she could think of. Ryouko has the greatest tits in the world and she was going to show him how she could use them to get him off!

Japan HDV - Fu Sazanami - Fu Gets Back Into Her Uniform To Suck The Cock

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She pulls his night shirt up and starts to lick his nipples. She loves to lean over and show off her tits as he can see right down into her night clothes. Her tits are so nice and one pops right out of her top as she works on her husband. She rubs him and plays with him and touches him and then she moves down to his cock and she starts to rub it for him. He is getting hard as she plays and pulls it out. She gives it a big kiss and then pulls his shorts off so she can really go to work on his dick. She gets between his legs and sucks and licks and plays with his cock and as she does, she looks up at him in his eyes. She makes eye contact with him as he looks down at her licking the tip of his dick. What a good lesson in how to treat your husband from Nao Mizuki. We look forward to more lessons soon.

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She has decided that since she can not get love at home she is going to find it somewhere else. There are men all over the city who would gladly pleasure her sexually. That is something any sane man would do if he met a woman like Akari. Her lover and her are at the hot springs enjoying some time together and it is time to get naked and enjoy each other. Akari is so hot she wants to pleasure herself first with her hand. She gets naked with the help of her lover and takes off her yakata and shows him her naked body. He watches as she fingers her clit and she moans with pleasure at the thought of a man paying attention to her as she masturbates. Her lover watches and enjoys the show but he now wants to spread her pussy open and enjoy her hot pink hole. This is what he came for, to show her a nice time and use his skills to pleasure her pussy. Go see what he does to make her climax.

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She has such a great set of tits and they are so soft and as you lay in the chair she leans in and pushes them against you for leverage. God is there a better feeling in the world than a sexy hot girl smashing her big tits in your face? That is the stuff dreams are made of! So this dude in the chair today, is hard as a rock as Yume slides her boobs around his face and he can not help but start to touch himself. Of course Yume notices and apologizes for making him hard and horny. But the dude is now too horny and decides to just unzip his pants and pull out his cock and masturbate. Who could blame him right? But then something unexpected happens as Yume is not wet and wants to explore this situation herself! Fuck I would be making a lot of dentist appointments after that!

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At the hot springs they enter and chat a bit. Her friend asks her if she is sure she wants to do something so bold and wild and out of character. She is sure and so he leans in and starts to kiss her lovely mouth. She is an amazing woman and has such a fantastic body his hands start to move all over her as he kisses her mouth and darts his tongue deep inside her emulating what he will be doing to her pussy later that evening. Her body is so lovely his hands are all over her large breasts and he is complimenting her and making her feel wonderful. She is now relaxed enough that he can take off her dress and bra and lick and suck on her lovely nippples. She is very fit and her body is perfect. He sucks and rubs and licks her body. He is now eager to see inside her panties as she spreads her legs open and he touches her panties. He starts to finger her clit over her panties and she decides to ask him to wait. She wants to shower and enter the hot springs first.

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Description: Naughty Maid Fu Sazanami is such a fun maid. She likes to do her work and while she is cleaning her clients homes she likes to snoop around and see what she can find that is interesting. The other day she was at a clients home when she found a whole box of new sex toys that had just been delivered. She thought trying them out sounded like a fun way to spend her afternoon rather than cleaning the house. Of course while she was enjoying herself and fucking that hot sweet maid pussy of hers she got caught by the owner.

She should have known that he would find out she was sliding those things deep into her pussy as she spent hours fucking herself with them. Maybe deep down inside she wanted him to find her so that she could get what she deserved for her playing on the job. This was going to be more fun than she knew as the owner reached down and started to kiss her when she apologized. He also stuck his hand down her top and started playing with her tits and then he grabbed one of her legs and lifted it high so that he could reach down and slip his hand between her legs and finger that hot pussy of hers. What a nice day on the job this turned out to be for her as he pushed her back on the bed and used both of his hands to dive deep into her pussy. He spread open her lips and slipped two fingers inside to finger fuck her. She really does have the best job ever!

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Description: Hey remember that time we made Ako Nishino do some hitchhiking? And then we realized that going to Hokkaido would be too far away and we could not make it there by hitching a ride. And so we asked some truck driver for a lift and if he gave it to her we would let him have a special gift. He was young and fun and agreed to the terms even if he did not know that the gift was. It was this fun blowjob in the car. That was a real fun time as this dude got to get his dick sucked by the amazing Ako and he got to unload a whole load of cum in her mouth. That was fantastic! And now that he was so kind to give her a lift, we decided to let him have a little more fun...

And what ended up happening was us getting her in a room with this horny guy. And he was so grateful that he got to get his hands on this lovely angel. What a lucky dude and he knew it. She let him do about anything he wanted to her. She let him reach down into her blouse and grab her tits. And then she took off her clothes for him. And this dude was hard the whole time and really knew he hit the jackpot when she pulled off her bra. He had her hands all over her tits groping her and touching her. This was a dream come true for him to get his hands on one of the sexiest and hottest porn stars in Japan. Enjoy this new video of her and this lucky SOB.

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Description: Anna Mihashi is married to a man who happens to work in the same office as her but he is going to be transferred. He would have to move and go to a new town and be far away from Anna. That would mean that he would only see her occassionaly. That would be the end of his happy married life with her as it seems that once transferred it is not easy to be moved back to the old office. The manager has an idea though. Since he is in charge of the transfers he suggests that his wife might like to have sex with him in order to keep her husband there in the same office.

This seems like a wonderful way to solve the problem and it would allow them to stay together happily married and the manager would also get a piece of Annas sweet pussy. This seems like a wonderful idea and Anna would get fucked right there in the office and her husband would be able to come home to her every night. So the next Monday Anna comes in to the office and the manager is ready to offer her some fucking right there in his office. He kisses her and takes off her clothes right there on his sofa and spreads her legs open so he can dive into her pink pussy. He spreads open her legs and licks and sucks and fingers her sweet pussy hole. What a great Monday it is for all as he plunges his tongue deep into her snatch. He fingers and plays with her pussy to get it hot and ready for what he is going to do to it next.

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Description: Ako Nishino is back with us for a new adventure. She is asked to go outside and hitch a ride. Her job is to find someone to give her a ride. And she has to find someone to give her a ride to find some crabs in Hokkaido. We gave her a sign we made up and with it she is going to see if a car will stop and give her a lift. So we took her outside along the roadway to see if someone would stop and give her a lift. She held up her sign and waited to see if someone would stop. It seemed that no one was headed that way so we saw a man smoking and thought we could ask him...

He mentioned that Hokkaido is pretty far away, which it is. But we had Ako beg him and then tell him that she would settle on half the way there. In the end, we decided that it was an unrealistic goal and that we would settle on his home that is not that far away. While on the trip we had a special present for him. Once on the road we would let him know what it is. He had a van and since he was so kind to give Ako a ride we had him sit in the back while Ako lifter her legs and showed him her cute panties and how she liked to masturbate. This was a nice gift and it turned him on so Ako decided the next move was to give him a cock sucking right there and let him unload a bunch of cum in her mouth, which is exactly what he did. That was a fun trip!

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