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Candee Licious

Sex Art - Candee Licious - Fragrant Desires

File: p422tnasearcanliclklwuq2uuz.mp4
Size: 1.77 GB
Duration: 31:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous Candee Licious strips down to her sexy lingerie for an appreciative Alex Romero. As Andrej Lupins erotic movie Fragrant Desires begins, the beautiful blonde joins her lover on the bed, kissing him passionately. Alex sucks Candees nipples and slides a hand into her panties as she strokes his rigid cock she takes it in her mouth, gazing up at him seductively as she gives him a voracious blowjob. Getting naked, Candee straddles Alex and impales herself on his erection, riding to peak after peak of pleasure. She spins around into a sixty-nine so she can suck his cock again as he licks her pussy, then mounts him in reverse cowgirl, sliding up and down his thick shaft frenetically. They switch to spoons and Alex fucks Candee through another mind-blowing orgasm and fills her with hot cum.

Frolic Me - Candee Licious & Sandrillon - Snow Fall

File: h3mvinafrmecansanyeho3cdcbo.mp4
Size: 1.21 GB
Duration: 21:02
Resolution: 1920x816
Format: mp4
Description: Join us for some hot lesbian sex against a frozen alpine backdrop and get hot and bothered among the ice with our gorgeous female lovers.

Snowflakes fall across the balcony in small delicate flurries as Candee and Sandrillon frolic in the crisp white covering. Their matching woollen tights outline their toned figures as they laugh, blowing snowy kisses to one another. With the plummeting temperatures forcing a need to heat up, Candee and Sandrillons caresses ignite a ferocious passion, and they begin to get warm the old-fashioned way. Soft kisses become more fevered as fingers roam and shoulders are bared to the elements and we catch a glimpse of a beaded nipple as Candees jacket falls open...

Could you cope with the cold in this way? We think if the company is as deliciously enticing as our two lovers, we most certainly could enjoy this form of ice therapy with much less trepidation than a simple dip in a frozen lake!

The sexy action increases as Candee grips onto Sandrillons scarf, pulling it taut as she grinds up in between her thighs, sliding and pressing the woolly pantyhose firmly against her pussy. Rising sexual desire turns to heavy petting when Sandrillon dips her chilled fingers down the front of Candees tights, rubbing her clit under the thin layer of stretchy fabric. Moaning and finger fucking take over the moment and this increasingly hot lesbian sex goes a step further when Cadee falls to her knees eating out her lover from behind. The temperature play extremes of the frigid air and heat from their flushed bodies heighten their need for release. As we watch the women spread each others pussies and asses as night draws in, we know their desperation for each other will make this is a multi-orgasmic scene.

We hope you enjoy watching this hot lesbian sex movie of spontaneous girl-on-girl outdoor fun in the snow.

Mixed X - Angelika Grays & Candee Licious - Nocturnal Craving

File: 45zbhnamixangcana3smcmi5vy.mp4
Size: 944.17 MB
Duration: 31:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two passionate and alluring vampires, after committing several killings, felt a strong desire to taste each other.These mysterious nocturnal creatures show us how beautiful dark powers can be,and that it's possible for even the most beautiful monsters to have real love in their empty hearts. No words are needed to recognize that dark affairs are very intense and passionate. Candee Licious had never been so hungry for love,while Angelika was ready to treat the ruthless killer like a princess and give her the most intense experience of her life.Candee was lost in the passion and love that Angelika Grays gave her, and she was willing to give back all the love. This story offers a fresh perspective on how these mysterious creatures live their sexual lives.

Sex Art - Candee Licious - Hearts Of Fire

File: lkeegnasearcanlicjshsjj8lg4.mp4
Size: 1.68 GB
Duration: 30:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blonde Candee Licious responds to Deny Lous teasing with a passionate outburst, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Hearts Of Fire begins. Their playful tussle gives way to tender kisses as Candee grinds in Denys lap, his hands roaming over her sexy body. Peeling off her sweater and bun-hugging tights, Deny sucks Candees nipples and strokes her shaved pussy, making her gasp with arousal. Candee straddles Deny and impales herself on his thick shaft in cowgirl, sliding up and down until she has a powerful orgasm. She moves into a squat and bounces even more frenetically, then spins around into reverse cowgirl and rides to another breathless climax. Deny licks Candees pussy before penetrating her in spoons, her fingers strumming her clit as he fucks her to one more wild orgasm and fills her with hot cum.

Love Her Feet - Zazie Skymm & Candee Licious - Welcome Home

File: obdflnalohefezazcanaiukji8hd9.mp4
Size: 1.92 GB
Duration: 35:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After a long day at work running around the office, it's a no-brainer that the first thing Candee Licious decides to do when she comes home is to take off her white open-toed heels. The stunning blue-eyed blonde takes her time massaging her aching feet, paying attention to her pedicured toes and rubbing in between them. Not completely satisfied but eager enough to greet her girlfriend, Candee climbs up to their bedroom barefooted. Zazie Skymm knows what her lover needs, so she prepares by putting on a special pink lingerie with matching fishnet stockings while her neon pink nail polish is visible underneath. The slender sweethearts do not waste time beating around the bush, passionately kissing while saying how much they miss each other. While making out, Zazie strips off her lover's office attire, revealing an alluring baby blue lingerie set with floral details. Candee does not keep her hands to herself, caressing her girlfriend's small natural tits before putting all her attention on their pedicured feet. The pretty blonde in pink lingerie moans as she watches the other babe worship her fishnet-covered feet, the sounds getting louder with every suck and lick. With the sexual tension at an all-time high, they begin stripping off their lingerie and caressing each other's bodies in anticipation of what's about to happen next. Taking a hold of Zazie's foot, Candee puts it on top of her small tits to tease her nipples and tries to fit all of the other's long toes into her mouth. Not to be outdone, the slimmer vixen delivers a sensual foot worshiping, licking and sucking the white pedicured toes and wrinkled soles. Zazie is rewarded with a pussy licking as she sits on the gorgeous blonde's face and returns the favor by licking Candee's shaved pussy from behind. The two horny lovers continue their foot-worshiping activities before scissoring until they orgasm, their satisfied moans filling up the bedroom.

Sex Art - Candee Licious & Liz Ocean - Touching Simplicity

File: 2sqpmnasearcanlizfhjlsnfq97.mp4
Size: 1.70 GB
Duration: 30:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy girlfriends Candee Licious and Liz Ocean are playing footsie on the sofa, as Andrej Lupins erotic lesbian movie Touching Simplicity begins. Cute brunette Liz presses her toes against her lovers pussy through her panties, and the seductive blonde responds with a passionate kiss. She sucks Lizs stiff nipples while undressing her, and goes face down between her slender thighs to lick her shaved pussy. Lizs soft moans rise in pitch as Candee laps at her clit and finger-fucks her skilfully. She turns onto her knees and Candee eats her from behind, driving her to an intense orgasm. Now Liz kisses her way down Candees body, gazing up flirtatiously as she uses her tongue and fingers to drive her to one blissful peak of pleasure after another.

The Loft - Zazie Skymm & Candee Licious - Messy Yet Classy

File: kzokqnathlozazcannyqadyltkt.mp4
Size: 1.22 GB
Duration: 41:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Erik comes back from night clubbing with Candee and Zazie, two gorgeous girls he picked up at the club to have a nightcap. When they arrive, Erik notices the apartment is a mess dildos are lying around, an awful presentation. The girls really dont mind, as they like the place, and they actually want to play with the dildos too. Erik is pissed with his son Tommy for the mess, but his worries soon disappear when he finds Zazie and Candee making out in his room and touching each other, the perfect start for a nasty threesome.

Penthouse Gold - Candee Licious - She Gets Pounded In Paris

File: glwqrnapegocanlicf5szwjrppk.mp4
Size: 1.65 GB
Duration: 29:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Paris is definitely not the place to stand up a banging hot babe like Candee Licious, because it won't take long for her to find other options, as she does in this steamy premium Penthouse porn video. Jimmy Bud is quick to notice the petite blonde all alone and is soon invited back to her apartment for an afternoon of raunchy sex. The naughty nympho first masturbates in the shower before joining the stud for a pussy-eating, ass-rimming, ball-licking blowjob and fuck that ends with a facial.

Sex Art - Candee Licious & Merida Sat - Unforgettable Moments

File: fnnwknasearcanmerwy1dirjjfx.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 20:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous blondes Candee Licious and Merida Sat are in a passionate embrace up against the wall, as Andrej Lupins erotic movie Unforgettable Moments begins. Candee caresses her lovers beautiful breasts, sucking her nipples Merida reciprocates eagerly, making Candee gasp and squirm with arousal. Pushing her girlfriend onto the bed, Candee peels off her black lace panties and strokes her shaved pussy, getting her dripping wet before licking her to a powerful climax. Candee straddles Meridas face to get her share of the oral attention, grinding until an orgasm sweeps through her quivering body. She dismounts and Merida continues licking and fingering her until she comes again, then moves astride her face and rides to a climax that leaves her breathless as they embrace through the afterglow.

Tmw POV - Candee Licious & Vivian Grace - The Next Level Of Relations

File: otishnatmpocanvivlxoo14ol2r.mp4
Size: 2.67 GB
Duration: 46:24
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Vivian Grace and her boyfriend have been arguing a lot lately and because of this they have problems in sex. So, they decide to invite the therapist Candee Licious to work through their problems. The sexual therapist Candee Licious knows how to help couples to take their relationship to the next level and immediately gets to work getting them to open up to her. Candee quickly notices the sexual tension between them so she tries exposing whats beneath their constant quarrels.

Candee asks Vivian and her boyfriend explore each other more intimately. After that the boyfriend feels how hard his cock is getting for his girlfriend, and Vivian feels an intense lust for her boyfriend. To ensure the best outcome, Candee joins them, pushing Vivian and her boyfriends boundaries to the limit. The therapy session soon turns into a hot threesome that finally patches up the relationship between Vivian and her boyfriend.

Porn World - Candee Licious - Nymphomaniac Tempts BBC Doctor Into DP

File: rf2minapowocanlicosecvxbura.mp4
Size: 2.86 GB
Duration: 51:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Blonde beauty Candee Licious turns up for couples therapy with her boyfriend, Jesus Reyes. They have been struggling with their sex lives as Candee is a complete nymphomanic and he just can't keep up. She opens up about her problems and Jesus suggests that Candee should be allowed to fuck anyone she wants. He has to step out of the session to take a call and Dr Deeps moves in closer to Candee as she gets even more aroused. This little minx strips naked and fingers herself in front of her therapist and he can't resist taking his BBC out to stroke it. Candee leans over and slurps on his chocolate dick, then gets her pussy and ass stretched to the max by his thick shaft! Jesus returns into the room and since he is the one who suggested an open relationship in the first place, happily joins in, giving his girl two BBCs to enjoy. She takes a doggystyle DP pounding before her gorgeous face is plastered in cum!...

Girls Only Porn - Candee Licious & Tiffany Tatum - Let Them Watch Us

File: hzktlnagionpocantif4syivebukf.mp4
Size: 1.29 GB
Duration: 26:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tiffany Tatum and Candee Licious can't keep their hands and mouths off one another. The girls stumble into the room after their date, locking lips until Candee hits the couch. Just as Tiffany agrees to stay the night, her cell phone rings. It's her boyfriend, Nikki Nutz.

Candee is taken aback by this development, but game to keep on going when Tiffany announces that Nikki just wants to watch. Once Tiffany has turned the camera on and propped the phone up, the girls go back to what they were doing. Their kisses get hotter as Candee's tits come out and Tiffany goes for them with her mouth...

As Tiffany continues to make her way down Candee's body, she settles between her date's thighs. Tugging Candee's thong aside, Tiffany goes to work with her tongue. Candee has the phone with Nikki in her hands so he can see and hear everything that the girls are doing.

When Candee has come apart with breathless moans, she takes the lead for Tiffany's delight. Pushing Tiffany onto the her back, she dives face first into her coochie. Nikki is delighted at the show as Candee demonstrates her incredible pussy eating skill.

Next, the girls come together in a spooning position with Candee cuddling Tiffany. Their arms linked above their bodies, they each reach down to masturbate the other. There's plenty of clit play before Candee goes two fingers deep into Tiffany's twat.

In return, Tiffany cuddles Candee nice and close before resuming her clit massage. Candee can only hang on for the ride as Tiffany demonstrates that she is masterful at delivering pleasure. She keeps Candee's party going until the blonde is moaning long and loud.

What better way for the girls to finish their lovemaking than with a lesbian 69? Positioning the phone so that Nikki can watch, Tiffany lays down and pulls Candee on top of her. They each go back to work for one last blissful climax, working tongues and fingers until they're both finally sated.

Penthouse Gold - Candee Licious - She Gets A Mouthful Of Cum

File: 2m6cmnapegocanlic9dr7qtrecy.mp4
Size: 1.71 GB
Duration: 29:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The oh so delicious Candee Licious is so excited by the thought of Tommy Gold coming over that she masturbates in the shower, soaping up her trimmed pussy and fingering herself fervently, priming herself for the stud's expert tongue and huge cock to come. They start off with sensual French kissing and soon the slim blonde cutie is getting what she really wants, to cum hard. After giving an amazing blowjob in return, she gets fucked until a mouthful of jizz, right here on www.penthousegold.com.

Girls Only Porn - Candee Licious, Nata Ocean & Zazie Skymm - No Dicks Allowed At Our Slumber Party

File: cimycnagionpocannatzaz7umgh33qvd.mp4
Size: 1.71 GB
Duration: 28:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What could be more fun than an all-girl slumber party? Nata Ocean has just broken up with her boyfriend, so her friends Candee Licious and Zazie Skymm have decided to throw her a party to celebrate her new life. When Nata arrives, she crawls between the two girls and lets all her feelings out.

As Nata despairs of ever finding a dick to make her cum ever again, her girlfriends inform her that that's not going to be a problem. After all, they've got toys on their side to supplement the magic they can make with lips, tongues, and fingers. To prove their point, Candee and Zazie begin caressing Nata up and down her hot body, creating a maelstrom of sensations that soon have her dripping with eagerness.

Dipping her head low, Zazie flicks her tongue out to go to work between Nata's thighs. She sucks and slurps, indulging in a pussy feast as Candee strokes Nata's nipples to nice hard peaks. As Nata's hips buck from her first pleasurable peak, Zazie draws back with a smile that says without words how much more fun they're going to have.

Bringing their toys out, the girls embrace playtime completely. Nata gives Zazie a pussy licking as Candee gives Nata the same treatment. Climbing on top of Zazie, Nata squirms as Candee fucks her from behind with a nice big dildo. Then Candee gets some fun of her own as Nata plays a vibrator over her clit while Zazie laps at Nata's juices.

Candee takes her place on the bottom of the lesbian 69 with Nata on top of her. Together, they tag team Nata's snatch and anus, licking all her hot buttons. Nata eats Candee out, eking out some moans of her very own. Sated, Nata and Candee turn their attention and both their toys to Zazie, who spreads herself wide open to let them finish her off, fully consummating the slumber party.

Anal Introductions - Candee Licious - She Enjoys In An Anal Gonzo

File: hrmrnnaanincanlichoiljac2k5.mp4
Size: 3.36 GB
Duration: 56:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy and seductive, we just cant get enough of Candee Licious on www.private.com, and today this incredible babe has come to Private Specials, Intimacy Passion Vol. 4 to not only show us her beauty, but also to show us her one true passion sex! Thats right, Candee lives to fuck, and theres no time to waste today on Private as she gets wet with her favourite dildo before going on to enjoy an intense gonzo fuck with Alberto Blanco that includes a sloppy gagging blowjob and a hard anal pounding all the way to a facial cumshot!

Porn World - Candee Licious - Brazen Blonde Hooks Up With Neighbour

File: gc1m6napowocanlicgcox9fmfq2.mp4
Size: 2.67 GB
Duration: 48:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: blonde can't help but take out a vibrator to pleasure her dripping wet pussy. She gets dressed just in time for David's return and these newfound friends head out onto the rocks. It doesn't take long before they are ripping each others' clothes off and Candee deepthroats David's cock! They fuck right there on the edge of the cliff with Candee getting both her pussy and ass stuffed airtight! This insatiable blonde sticks out her tongue and eagerly takes David's load of cum in her slutty little mouth!

Porn World - Shalina Devine & Candee Licious - Cock Hungry BFFs Share Cock And Cum

File: kr65ynapowoshacan4ycn7zzlay.mp4
Size: 1.94 GB
Duration: 35:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After gorgeous blondes Shalina Devine and Candee Licious enjoy an outdoor lesbian session, they decide to surprise Shalina's husband, Marco. They head back to Shalina's place and Candee hides while they wait for him to return home. When Marco walks in, he sees Shalina in her red bikini and initiates some fun as he licks her nipples and pussy. Shalina is soon sucking on his shaft and this hot couple fuck when naked Candee walks into the room. Marco can't believe his luck as he is faced with two blonde hotties who work together to suck him off! Candee is a much welcome addition and both babes get their pussies and asses filled with dick! Marco cums in Candee's mouth and these slutty BFFs cum swap and kiss to finish their surprise threesome.