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Amiee Cambridge

My Wife's Hot Friend - Amiee Cambridge - Amiee Convinces Her Friend's Husband

File: eauqonamywihoframicamo8nmpo6i6d.mp4
Size: 1.46 GB
Duration: 33:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The very sexy Amiee Cambridge has a secret, she knows her friend has been seeing a guy she met at a bar while her husband is working extra long hours and a second job to give her all she wants. Now GI Joey has his doubts on his wife because he saw footage of a van staying late at his house. He approaches Amiee to see what is going on and she spills the beans that his wife met a guy. Amiee feels bad for Joey and wants to console him with revenge sex!

Taboo Heat - Cory Chase, Amiee Cambridge & Melanie Hicks - Amiee and Melanie

File: jetisnatahecoramimelhwfwzcjxkj.mp4
Size: 886.76 MB
Duration: 01:12:44
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Tasting my Step Sisters

Melanie Hicks is standing out by the pool in her bikini, when a portal to the Multi MILFverse appears next to her! Cory Chase appears and she looks at Melanie up and down and says to her 'Oh, you're not Nikki.' Melanie replies and tells her that she actually IS Nikki, inside of Melanie's body.

So, today, we shall call Melanie 'Nikki.' Cory grabs Nikki's arm and she tells her that she will be right back, after she finds herself another Nikki. Amiee Cambridge is in the garage working on her red corvette when Cory appears and she asks her if she is Nikki as well. Amiee says that yes she is Nikki as well. Cory takes this Nikki and she brings her through the portal to the Multi MILFverse to find the first Nikki. Then, Cory tells the two of them that she was looking for a different Nikki... but these two will do! She tells the two Nikki's that they both have to fuck their step-son Luke Longly, because if they don't, he will destroy the Multi MILFverse. The MILF's agree, and Cory starts to lick and suck on the 1st Nikki's tits. The 2nd Nikki also starts to suck on her tits along with her. The first Nikki hops up on the table and spreads her legs, so the second Nikki can eat her pussy out. At the same time, Cory is eating the second Nikki's ass and pussy out from behind. Then Cory and the second Nikki switch places and the MILF's continue to pleasure each other. Then the second Nikki sits down on a chair, and the first Nikki shoves her pussy in her face. Then Cory gets down on her knees in front of the second Nikki so she can eat her pussy as well. After they all cum, Cory tells the two Nikki's that they all should fuck Luke individually and then together They also need to have Luke cum on their faces, before they are allowed to come find Cory and go back home!

Fast and Loose Nikki- 1756

'I'm the fast and loose Nikki!' Amiee says to me. Cory brought the wrong Nikki to me, but I'm going to have sex with this Nikki anyway! This fast and loose Nikki tells me that I can reach out and grab her big tits. She pulls my hard cock out from under my shorts and she puts my cock inside of her mouth. She starts to give me a wet blowjob, before she lies down on the bed in the missionary position. She begs for my cock, so I give her what she wants! Then she flips over into the doggy style position and I fuck her MILF pussy from behind. When I am ready to cum, I explode deep inside of her pussy.

Bikini Nikki-

I walk into the guest bedroom to find Melanie sitting on the bed. She looks me up and down and tells me 'I'm bikini Nikki! In this universe, I am your step-mom!' I am shocked that this is my step-mom Nikki in front of me, since I don't recognize her face or body in this universe! This Nikki is wearing a tiny red and black thong bikini. She gets into the doggy style position as she peels her thong off of her body. Then she hops on the bed and she starts to give me a blowjob. One my cock is hard, my step-mom hops on top of me and she starts to ride my cock in the cowgirl position. Then she lies down in the missionary position and I fuck her pussy some more! I fuck my step-mom in the doggy style position followed by missionary again. She tells me to cum inside of her pussy, so I do as I'm told!Multi MILF Threesome-I walk downstairs to find Amiee and Melanie sitting next to each other. They both tell me that in this universe, they are both my step-mom Nikki! Melanie is still 'Bikini Nikki' and she is wearing a peach colored bikini. Amiee is still 'Fast and Loose Nikki' and she is wearing a dress, as she tells me that I need to cum on both of their faces in order for them to go back to their home universe! Both of the Nikki's start to give me a blowjob to get my cock hard and wet. Then the two Nikki's take off all of their clothes and they sit down on the kitchen chairs, with their legs spread. I fuck bikini Nikki first, while fast and loose Nikki watches us. Then I make my way over to fast and loose Nikki, who is begging me for my cock! I move back over to bikini Nikki, and the other Nikki fingers her pussy and moans as she watches us fuck. When I am ready to explode, I have both of my step-mom's get down on their knees and order their mouths wide. I jerk my cock off into their mouths, just like they wanted!

Substitute Luke-

A portal opens up in my bedroom and Cory suddenly appears! Cory tells me Johnny Rifle that the only way to save the Multi MILFverse is for me to fuck her pussy and cum! Cory shoves me down on the bed and she tells me to just sit there and watch her strip. She is wearing mint green lingerie that she slowly strips out of. She hops on to my bed next and she pulls my boxers off. She gently kisses my body before she puts my cock in her mouth. Halfway through the blowjob, I have her sit on my face in the 69 position so I can eat my step-mom's pussy out while she sucks my cock. Then my step-mom gets in the doggy style position and I fuck her pussy from behind. A few minutes later, she lies down on her back so I can fuck her MILF pussy in the missionary position. Now that I am close to cumming, I pull my cock out of her pussy and I jerk my cock off into her mouth. She swallows all of my cum like a good step-mom! Together, my step-mom and I just saved the Multi MILF-verse!

My Pervy Family - Amiee Cambridge - Turkey & My Stepmom's Homemade Cherry Pie

File: zmwoonamypefaamicam9jum3stpfb.mp4
Size: 1.14 GB
Duration: 26:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Johnny is a good stepson. Despite the messy divorce his parents are going through, he decides to share his time with both of them and ends up committing to Thanksgiving with his stepmom Aimee who is super pleased to have him over. Aimee is cooking up a feast for them and even promises Johnny some warm cherry pie for dessert. While they are waiting for food to be done, Aimee changes into something more comfortable and they being to get to know each other better. Aimee tells Johnny she is lonely and that she has needs to be taken care of and that she knows he does too...

Johnny is in absolute shock when his stepmom spreads her legs to reveal her 'warm cherry pie'. She takes off her top to expose her perfect, juicy tits feeds her nipples to Johnny. Then she begins to suck her stepson's cock, getting it nice hard. She mounts Johnny and begins to slam her pierced pussy down on his dick. Johnny fucks his stepmom hard just like she wants, pounding her MILF pussy to multiple orgasms. Aimee is hungry for her stepson's cum and she drenches her face and mouth in his hot load. But this only round 1! Happy Thanksgiving!

Taboo Heat - Amiee Cambridge & Cory Chase - Free Use Summer Stuck In The Bed

File: hlievnataheamicorxbmlmzdtzm.mp4
Size: 509.94 MB
Duration: 29:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Cory Chase is wearing a red, white and blue bikini while Amiee Cambridge is wearing a solid blue bikini. They walk into the bedroom and they start to make the bed together. All of a sudden Amiee yelps that something is pinching her, and she can't get her hands out from the bed! Cory tries to take her hands out as well, but the two of them both have their hands stuck inside of the bed now! I hear yelling coming from the bedroom, so I walk into the room to see what's going on. I untie both of their bikini tops and I take them off, before I start to help them get unstuck. I secretly poured MILF Glue into the bed, to make them become stuck in the bed! I take off both of their bikini bottoms next, and then I take my cock out...

I walk over to where their heads are, on the edge of the bed, and I put my cock in Cory's mouth first. Amiee gives me a blowjob next, and then I walk behind the two MILF's. They both have their asses and pussies exposed to me, and I decide to fuck Cory's pussy from behind first. I move over to Amiee's side of the bed next and I fuck her pussy from the doggystyle position. I fuck Cory until her hands finally become unstuck! Then I go back to fucking Amiee's pussy from behind. Now that Cory is free to move around, she sits down right in front of Amiee so Amiee can eat Cory's pussy out while I fuck Amiee from behind. Amiee is finally able to get herself unstuck! Cory hops on top of my cock and she starts to ride me in the cowgirl position, followed by the reverse cowgirl position. Then she switches places with her step-sister and Amiee hops on top of my cock next. I am finally close to cumming, so I have the two MILF's get down on their knees in front of me! I tell them to open their mouths wide as I shoot my load into both of their mouths.

Taboo Heat - Amiee Cambridge & Cory Chase - Horny Step Mom

File: b7oudnataheamicorcw2h6srpzg.mp4
Size: 2.06 GB
Duration: 48:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Here I am, Saturday morning, trying to jerk off before heading to the gym and clear my head. There is my Step Mom perving on me from the hallway. I put my cock away but it was too late. She walks over and pulls my cock out and just starts blowing me. She really never asked either, but I am not telling her to stop. She tells me I am not the only horny one in the house and my Dad is just not doing it to her anymore. All this while blowing and licking every inch of my cock.She pulls her dress off, no bra or panties, just a horny milf. She slides onto my cock and rides up and down as I play with her big fat titties. I turn her over and fuck her in doggie...Step Mom says something I never heard before, 'Fuck My Slut Hole!'. I did just that and used her for my pleasure and filled her pussy full of my cum. She told me no more masturbating on my own...

Can I share This With My Step SisterThe next day I am trying to take a nap on the other couch but again, my Horny Stepmom Amiee Cambridge wants something first. She sits down next to me and pulls out my massive cock. She is saying some strange things talking about what it does to her but I don't care, I just want to bust a nut in my slutty StepMom and move on to my nap.

As she is blowing me she blows my mind! She mentions bringing Step Aunt Cory Chase over for a threesome. Have you seen my step aunt Cory?!?! She is fucking hot!!! So Amiee calls Cory while blowing and fucking me, now this takes some concentration skills. What a superstar Amiee is! I will just lay back and enjoy this. She hangs up the phone and tells Aunt Cory she will see her later. Amiee grinds my cock while riding me! She feels me about to cum and puts my cock into her mouth and swallows my load. What a skilled StepMom she is!

Step Family Sharing is Caring

In walks my Step Mom and Step Aunt Cory. I was trying to take a nap but woke up to Cory putting my big cock into her hand. She asks if she can kiss it and I say yes! It's growing in her hand and mouth. She takes her time and blows me while Amiee touches herself like a good Milf Slut and takes her top off. Not wanting to be left out, Amiee sucks my cock along with Cory.Amiee rides me first as Cory watches from behind and explains how it feels. Cory begs to not make me cum because she wants a ride too.Now it's Aunt Cory's turn. She sucks off my cock before sticking it inside her pussy. Wow, Cory is tight! I stretch out her Slut Hole with my huge cock! She rides me and I watch as her big fat fake tits bounce up and down. Amiee does something nice and sucks Cory's nips. To change it up, Amiee goes into Doggie and Cory is on her back. I get to fuck who I want, when I want it. I go into my Step Mom's pussy and then right into Cory's mouth. This is the best family!I take turns on them and finish with my Step Mom Amiee. Aunt Cory watches as I cum into my Step Mom's mouth and then swaps the cum with her Step Sister. So hot! Can't wait till we can all fuck again