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Breezy Bri

Hot Guys Fuck - Breezy Bri - The Cumback He Gets A Second Chance

File: o4ehwnahogufubrebriuwaaxzuddt.mp4
Size: 1.15 GB
Duration: 31:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Everyone has bad days in bed. Throw in a couple lights, a big camera, someone you barely know and it's bound to be a challenge! Theo Banks experienced this first hand during his first shoot with Breezy Bri the night before! The decision to try again in the morning was tough for him to make but with a new day comes a new Theo! Rested up and ready to redeem himself, Theo lets the animal out right away! He quickly strips Bri down and takes control, practically skipping foreplay and getting straight to the point. Theo serves up plenty of ass shots as he dicks Bri down right. As the end nears, Theo can feel his endurance waning and looks to Bri for help! Will her blowjob skills be enough to pull Theo through!?!

Devil's Film - Breezy Bri - Lesbian's Creampie Cravings 3

File: g8belnadefibrebri9jbybk4cm5.mp4
Size: 1.36 GB
Duration: 29:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Isiah Maxwell, the owner of a restaurant, is busy going over the details of an upcoming event when he notices his chef, Breezy Bri, enter. They're both surprised at seeing each other here early, especially given that the rest of the staff won't be arriving for at least another hour. Seems like they're both hard workers who want the best for the restaurant, which is probably why they get along so well...

Breezy sits down across from Isiah and carefully asks if he's given any thought to what she asked him last week. Isiah looks a little flustered, claiming that her request was a pretty big one... After all, she wants Isiah to impregnate her! It turns out that Breezy's in a lesbian relationship, and she and her wife would LOVE for Isiah to inseminate Breezy so that they can finally start a family.

Isiah is a bit hesitant about it all. If he does this, it's going to be a decision he'll have to live with for the rest of his life! But Breezy is persistent- and VERY convincing... And before long, Isiah agrees to go along with this plan. He fucks her right then and there on one of the resto tables, working himself up to giving her the creampie he's promised her.

La New Girl - Breezy Bri - Day 3

File: kssownalanegibrebriwbxxmz1jrh.mp4
Size: 2.53 GB
Duration: 01:22:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: We welcome back this sweet teen that betrays her impatience not only once in this video. She gets so horny around a hard cock reaching such high levels of arousal that her hungry pussy gets to cum even once per minute ! With such intense multiple orgasms our Producer must be extra careful not to cum to fast. After she comes a lot she gets even more of what she wants a warm sticky cum on her hair on top of her teen pussy. Wow, what a Teen slut !!

Teamskeet Labs - Breezy Bri & Melanie Marie - Concept: Girl Crush

File: rd9zlnatelabremele5lvcuhfhi.mp4
Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 43:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Whatsp, TeamSkeet fans? Weve come up with a new concept for ya. This time, we keep it simple and hot its two schoolgirls and a lesbian crush that will definitely turn you on!

Melanie was selected to play Juliet in her all-girls schools play, but due to her somewhat shy and introverted nature, she's not sure she can pull out a good performance. Her best friend Bri, an outgoing and adventurous gal who was selected to play Romeo, decides to help her get into character by wearing their costumes and doing some role-playing. As the rehearsal requires a lot of touching and kissing, the girls soon discover that there is more than horny chemistry between them.

Hot Guys Fuck - Breezy Bri - She Takes A Ride On Buff Bull

File: d9sr7nahogufubrebrijrd3rycoup.mp4
Size: 1.06 GB
Duration: 29:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Breezy Bri's a horny little spinner with a taste for muscle. Her eyes have been set on Dallas Blue's perfect physique for a couple of days now and she can barely wait for the camera to start rolling. The heat is on from the start as Blowjob Bri puts her mouth to work servicing her dreamy muscle man. With a smile on his face, Dallas blows her back out almost pulling off a no-cut before her tight pussy cuts gets him weak! Holding back his load, Dallas gives us some more fucking before finally letting it go!

ATK Girlfriends - Breezy Bri - Daddy's Schoolgirl

File: qhkxknaatgibrebrilncpglkg48.mp4
Size: 1.14 GB
Duration: 23:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Your student comes over and she wants to help you. She plays with your cock and starts getting turned on. She rubs her feet on you and when you get hard she sucks you off. You make her cum and she is now calling you daddy. She wants your cum in her pussy and you give her a creampie then watch her pee.

Mano Job - Breezy Bri - Birdies No Bogeys

File: dt6gpnamajobrebri1thunmuskl.mp4
Size: 795.04 MB
Duration: 20:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Your favorite Sugarbaby Breezy Bri dropped by out of the blue to play. You want to play, too...but it's not what Breezy has in mind. Breezy wants to suck and fuck. You've got a 1pm tee time. And it's a big match. You'll need all the strength you can muster for 18 holes, but a little sumpin' sumpin' to take the edge off and might make your short game stronger. Especially putting on the greens. Breezy reluctantly agrees to nothing more than a handy. Breezy will milk your balls dry, but she sure does have a difficult time keeping your turgid boner out of her eager mouth and always-wet cunt. And oh yea, my golf partner just dropped by...

Black Meat White Feet - Breezy Bri - Breezy Walks In On Her Boyfriend On The Phone

File: cp9phnablmewhfebrebridgldlkdabj.mp4
Size: 2.41 GB
Duration: 34:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Breezy walks in on her boyfriend Isiah on the phone with his accountant. Breezy not having enough of Isiah in the morning try to interrupt Isiah's phone call by asking him for more sex. Isiah being in business mode told Breezy Not now! Breezy not deterred by Isiah started rubbing her feet on Isiah's cock through his pants. Isiah's cock quickly jumped up with Breezy foot rubbing. Isiah not being able to concentrate on the phone quickly hung up and pulled his dick out of his pants. Breezy stroked him between
her toes and the arches of her feet. Then breezy put it in her mouth and sucked it really good. Then Isiah took Breezy back to pound town until he busted his hot load all over her pretty feet.

La New Girl - Breezy Bri - 2 Shoot

File: hjur1nalanegibrebrijpyja6wkdn.mp4
Size: 2.71 GB
Duration: 01:27:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A really hot Teen is here today and she wants to show off her Modeling skills. Thankfully our Producer likes her and decides to give her a couple tips. It doesnt take long for his cock to become really stiff, and now our new teen has a hard cock in her mouth. She is wondering if she should suck on it. She would like to, but she is unsure. She begins to pump on it with her mouth, wrapping her lips around the stiff shaft as to make it cum. But the cock is so stiff, she wants to ride it and make herself cum. It is very rare for a cock to be so stiff, so she felt she had to do it. At the end, our Producer shoots a thick load of cum in her mouth and she swallows. Wow!

Exploited College Girls - Breezy Bri - Simultaneous Orgasms

File: yz6dynaexcogibrebriaeh6ze6j9v.mp4
Size: 6.02 GB
Duration: 01:56:18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Happy Thursday everyone and todays teen Bri, Yes THIS VIDEO for BackDoor, was her first and only video shot last summer. Breezy Bri is more accurately her nickname she explained as we got to know this five foot two fun sized full of life gal on the ExCoGi Bed. Full of tattoos as well, same as her best friend Raven Lane whos already made her appearances on ExploitedCollegeGirls.com, BBCSurprise.com and ExCoGiGirls.com that launches this May and I think although not preferred, the tats fit both their personalities. So as we probe Bri with naughty questions she informs us that shes very sexual but mostly in a solo way, aka masturbation and rubs one out daily she says with that ever-present smile throughout todays sex. Multiple times a day, she further went on to clarify and further informed us that shes pretty adventurous with girls also and loves 3ways and double headed strap-on sex with other fun girly teens...

My dicks getting hard just typing this shit, and where were teens like Bri when I was in high school because this girl loves wild sex. For instance, quickies in random outdoor places like ALMOST ALL of the Ikea fake setup rooms with people, whatever their age or sex, that she finds attractive she declared with a giggly smile at 739. Sex in public while strangers watch always makes it fell better and is one of lifes crazy mysteries for some reason and why we love this girls spirit so much. Fun sized is right girl and Tyler Nixon is in love because he gravitates to thin tattooed spinner types who like to get freaky, and freaky she got, breaking her orgasm record of seven Os today. The first came with the help of the Magic Wand at 2534 as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and Tyler Finger Fucked that tight pussy. Fun size . . . Like she said and the fun was just beginning because Butt Plugs made their appearance next at 3102 and this girl's up for anything. Like, intense Face Fucking at 3422 as her butt hole puckered in and out at 3546 in PIP close up while she licked Tylers ass at 3635. Like I said fun, and she even likes it a little rough because Tyler Slapped her face at 4131 in Missionary as she got DP w Toys. Personally I can look past a girl's lack of judgment tattoos when shes so open sexually and is down to do all sorts of naughty things with a perfect stranger whos practically twice her age, and did I say she likes to experience new things? Well Tyler likes to give girls like Bri new experiences. For instance at 4446 he decided to Toe Fuck her feet as pre cum oozes out of his dick onto her French manicured Toenails. Now listen, I understand people have fetishes but I cant believe that can feel all that great to either of them. Well to each their own I suppose but this was just the tip of the iceberg for the ensuing variety of great sex, and like Ive always said, you cant manufacture chemistry and these two had it in spades. Epic, and being this scene is almost 2 hours long and Chalk-full of intense freaky sex that at 13633 had these two cumming at the exact same time. All I can say is WOW! And if I go any further I couldnt possibly do this scene justice with words without writing a complete novel here so Im going to shut the fuck up and conclude with this. Thats all she wrote folks! So until next week's update I bid you all farewell and I cant explain why we waited so long to release this scene because the only bad thing about this video is that it ends. So Toodles, Steve

P.S. Other notable highlights were an early Anal Gape at 4338 with a butt Plug in. Sorry Mom and Dad, as well as Tyler Dick Punching Bri through her flat stomach at 5727 in Pile Driver. Ok a few more. There were also back-to-back very intense orgasms 3 and 4 in Cowgirl starting at 10537 while Tyler Chokes the shit out of this newbie. As well a very rare Orgasm 5 occurring during the Rimjob at 11903 while Bri dug her tongue deep into Tylers hairy asshole as he forced her face deeper with his feet. Again WOW! And Im really sorry Mom Dad for that one, because just remember this is someones daughter everyone and I hope you all enjoy it.

Hot Guys Fuck - Breezy Bri - Breezy Bri Squeezes A Cream Pie Out Of Tyson Scott!

File: o345knahogufubrebrivzom4zzufs.mp4
Size: 887.72 MB
Duration: 23:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Coming into a scene with a plan is always a good idea, but as Tyson Scott Breezy Bri found out, the plan doesn't always go exactly how you want it. Things start off with a bang as clothes come off and the kissing begins. Tyson's thick, muscular body has Bri ready to act up and she's quick to drop down and make a move. As his nerves soften and his dick gets harder, Tyson begins to find his feet on the HotGuysFuck stage. With a little leading from Bri, he begins to show us the power behind the build, driving his THICK cock into Bri.

She's practically shaking from his pounding and things seem to be going just as Tyson planned. Suddenly, Tyson's demeanor changes and he's the one shaking! He slowly pulls his cock out while admitting that Bri's pussy got the best of him, making him cum before he could pull it out! Even after everything, Bri still hasn't had her fill of Tyson, sparking up even more chemistry as they shower off.

Hot Guys Fuck - Breezy Bri - Big Boy Gapes And Glazes Tiny Spinner

File: 3milinahogufubrebrizyevsxj6vx.mp4
Size: 1.34 GB
Duration: 36:54
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: No name comes unearned here at HotGuysFuck. Big Boy Troy Graham is hung and ready to show out for his first performance.Paired up with Breezy Bri, he's feeling mad confident but there's only one big problem... Troy's cock is so big, Bri isn't sure she can handle it! She takes a few minutes to size him up with her mouth, stretching it as far as it can go just to get the tip in. Too determined to let a big dick scare her away, Breezy spreads her legs for Troy, giving him his first chance to stretch her out! Troy does his best to keep things slow, however, Bri can barely handle it and is already asking for a break! By the look on Troys face, the fear of being too big to finish is clear. Will Bri be able to take his cock and make him cum or is this the first time a girl taps out?!

Hot Guys Fuck - Breezy Bri - Breezy Gets Maxim Oiled Up And Ready To Fuck!

File: cdna1nahogufubrebrivnkr6818d4.mp4
Size: 150.33 MB
Duration: 04:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: There's nothing better than getting a nice oily massage from a pretty girl. Maxim Malotov's been feeling tight from all the exercise it takes to maintain a body like his and Breezy Bri was quick to offer some help! What started off as a completely platonic, professional massage somehow begins to get a little naughty... Maybe Bri had something else in mind?

Teens Love Black Cocks - Breezy Bri & Valentina Nappi - Showing Him A Good Time

File: 9rac5nateloblcobrevalxijx68qytv.mp4
Size: 1.79 GB
Duration: 43:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Breezy and Valentina love a big black cock, and luckily for them, Hollywood is there to give them what they want. The girls splash around and play with each others tits before turning their attention to Hollywoods massive dick. Afterward, the girls take turns trying to fit all of Hollywood inside them. Breezy and Valentina are pros, though, and take every inch like absolute champs, pushing the stud closer and closer to climax.

Private Casting X - Breezy Bri - Big Cock For Cute Wannabe Model

File: ey3ewnaprcaxbrebri5ks5jzovpx.mp4
Size: 2.55 GB
Duration: 29:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: This charming petite teeny came to my fake interview looking to get into real modeling and acting, but I had other plans for her sexy tattooed body. We started with a private photo session and as I got her fully naked I felt she was ready to take it to the next level. I asked her to play with her pussy for me and as she got more aroused I joined in to give her a good taste of my big cock, fuck her to orgasm and cum right on her tight ass. Perfect!

Jesseloads Monster Facials - Breezy Bri - True to her name

File: njkkgnajemofabrebribtzlcrqo32.mp4
Size: 2.17 GB
Duration: 25:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: True to her name, Breezy Bri is a petite and slender easy going girl next door. Even better, she has the same easy going attitude about sex and sucking cock. She strips naked and flashes her cute little ass before diving down for a good cock sucking and won't let up until her face is fully glazed.

The Dick Suckers - Breezy Bri - Tease And Deliver

File: tbpcpnathdisubrebrinzfmeoveqv.mp4
Size: 1.32 GB
Duration: 34:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Breezy Bri is a sweet, barely-legal piece of ass who has a very busy schedule. That explains why she's on the phone as your cock grows. Being the giant slut she is, Breezy likes exploring various options of diversity and sizes and girth. That's not surprising though! I mean just look at her with big, all natural tits and puffy nips and an always-juicy cunt, Breezy's in demand. She's here today just to suck your dick, but that's a problem for Breezy. It's a major problem for any True Slut! Why just use the mouth? So, after showing off her Head Game which includes some serious ball sucking -- I could do this all day!, Breezy wants it in her. Badly. This is the best decision I've made all day! Breezy declares, before swallowing your thick load down her eager throat. What's left? Why not rub another one out? That is...before she heads over to your place for Round 2!!