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There's just one problem though there's always one problem. Her parents forgot to sign a form...

And without this form, there's no party. Branden, one of the building managers, is the one to deliver the bad news.

No party of the building managers makes an exception for her. And looking at Kira's sexy face with her pretty curly hair, watching her fat bubble booty bounce as she walks...she don't know how much she turning him on as he watches her.

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With no rush or agenda, Venera leisurely sips her drink, pursing her lips in thought as a geeky-looking young man walks into the cafe, taking a seat only a few tables away. Venera watches him curiously as he places his order. His hands rub together absentmindedly, and he scans the cafe floor. Smiling, he catches Veneras look. She blushes quickly, taking another sip of her coffee, avoiding his gaze...

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