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Description: Freya wakes up and decides to tell her man that has a fantasy of getting caught rubbing her wet pussy in her room by Peter's stepdad and upon finding her doing so treating her like the dirty slut she is and punishing her with dick and spit. Freya's slim fram and nice ass gets tossed all over this room as peter shows her he's not the stepdad to be fucked with.

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Description: Misty Meaner brings her car to the mechanic, but she's the one who wants to get serviced. There's nobody around, so she amuses herself by soaping up her tits to wash the windshield, then fucking herself with the squeegee handle until she squirts! When James Angel comes out to take a look at the undercarriage, Misty sucks his cock, then gets her pussy thoroughly attended to until they're both covered in squirt.

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Description: Lily is obsessed with her college professor, Tommy. They have been fucking after hours in his classroom but her boyfriend has no idea what kind of slut she really is. She fucks Tommy and then goes and fucks her boyfriend Oliver in the same night. She meets him at the bar

he works at and he ties her to a pool table and fucks her from behind. This is the kind of treatment this dirty slut likes, but she cant keep her mind off of Tommy. The next day she cant wait to talk to him, but Tommy has rules. Rules that he has already given her, so when these rules are broken Tommy punishes this slut for her infractions.

Turning Twistys - Morgan Lee & Vanessa Moon - Let Me Show You

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Description: Vanessa Moon was planning to talk about her relationship issues at couples' therapy, but her boyfriend no-shows last minute. Instead, she ends up telling the sympathetic and sexy Morgan Lee all about her sexual fantasies about other women... and Dr. Lee makes them a reality. Morgan shows Vanessa how much more satisfied she can be by getting her pussy eaten by a gorgeous, strong, sensual woman. Tribbing on the couch is the best form of therapy!

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Description: Im in love with Santa Claus, JC Wilds told me as we strolled around the neighborhood, admiring the Christmas lights. I have a little kink about that, actually. Id asked her what she loved about the holiday, and it just happened that she had a thing for the old man. I might do a few nasty things to him. Just the thought of it started getting the babe all hot and wet even in the cold, so she was eager to lose her skirt the moment we got back inside. Back on the PornDudeCasting couch, we continued our conversation about Christmas joy and JCs yuletide traditions, which included finding a pickle in a tree. You have a pickle just laying around? she asked.

Turns out, Id wrapped up the perfect present for JC, so she didnt have to search too hard to find that pickle. This is the best Christmas gift ever! She started stroking it with a practiced touch, telling me it was exactly what she wanted from Santa. I hope Im on his naughty list all the time, every year, she said, jerking me off. I do my best to make it there. JC licked my cock with a smile, then licked her lips before wrapping them around the whole hog. She slurped on it and gave her head a little twist. It clearly wasnt her first time, but I could tell it was special. Its never tasted this good!

I had to drop my pants before I made a mess. JC climbed onto my lap, took her sweater off and kissed my face. She gave my dong a few more strokes before sliding onto it with a gasp. Oh my god! Pussy so wet I could hear it, JC started bouncing and working her pelvis, getting louder with every thrust. Then she stood up, shook her ass and climbed back on backwards.

I stood her up and kept fucking. JC moaned, giggled and played with her tits as our bodies smacked together. Oh my god, youre so fucking good!

Legs shaky, JC sat down and started petting her kitty, delicately working it with her manicured fingers. I gave her a little help, and soon she was humping my hand while gazing into my eyes. Youve done this before too, huh? She stroked my cock while I rubbed her pussy.

Can I taste it again? she asked, and kept up the beautiful eye contact while she bobbed her head on it. Check out that incredible handmouth coordination!

I asked JC if shed ever done piledriver. Wanna teach me? Shed seen it in the movies and was quick to flip upside down, legs spread wide, feeling her boobies as I dipped inside. JC licked her fingers and rubbed her clit. Oh my god, Im gonna have to use this position more often, she moaned before I fucked her incoherent, her body quivering.

She climbed onto the couch, ass in the air so I could bang her from behind. I held her waist as I slammed her, making her titties shake and her pretty mouth smile. JC slammed her ass back noto me, squealing, Yes! I fucking want it! I want it so bad! Head down on my Santa Claus pillow, she moaned as I nailed her and spanked her ass red.

I told her to flip over on her ass. Wherever you need me! I held her neck as I fucked her, JC whispering, begging me to choke her harder. Its all for you. She put her hand on my cock and swore as it slid in and out. Dont cum so quick on me now, she pleaded. I still wanna have some fun! Her pussy sounded like mac and cheese as I humped her slowly, then harder and faster. You love that fucking pussy, huh?

I really did, perhaps a little too much, because I knew what was coming me. JC told me I could put it wherever I wanted, and I couldnt resist the call of those tatas. Think of em like Christmas morning cinnamon rolls and just ice em! I did just that, JC giggling as this baker served up a treat. That was the best Christmas interview ever, she said, showing off her spermy rack. Consider my Christmas wish fulfilled! JC shared a few final words for the fans before Santa Claus called.

Lesbea - Zuzu Sweet & Sereyna Gomez - Pretty Petite Lesbians Love To Lick

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Description: Tiffany Tatum welcomes her lover home from work with a passionate hug and a kiss. He looks really tired, but she manages to make him smile. He walks out of the room to freshen up, and she uses the chance to look through the pictures on his phone. To her horror, Tiffany Tatum finds a picture of another girl sucking her lovers dick. Sure, she yells at him and demands explanations. Luckily, the dude manages to convince the hottie to forgive him after a passionate cunnilingus and a deep fuck.

Perv Therapy - Rachael Cavalli & Crystal Chase - Tits Out Therapy

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Description: Crystal and her stepdad Marcelo visit therapist Rachael to discuss the issues Marcelo has with how revealing Crystal dresses all the time. Marcelo expresses that as a man hes gotten conflicting feelings about staring at his stepdaughters breasts. Rachael suggests that Marcelo explore those feelings deeper, so both Crystal and her take their tops off and offer Marcelo to feel them up. Soon after, Marcelo gives in to his true desires and ends up fucking both his stepdaughter and the therapist!

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Description: Jennifer White shows up at a New Years Eve party, left on her own after her friends ditch her. The partys hostess, Harlow Harrison, greets her and gets flirty, hinting that this isnt going to be a typical bash, while fellow partygoers Ailee Anne Jazmin Luv, Oliver Flynn, Will Pounder and Xander Corvus dance and grind increasingly aggressively in the background. When the clock strikes midnight its time to set this party off! Tits, pussies and dicks come out and Jennifer cant believe her eyes shes at a swingers party! Tempted but shy, Jennifer is approached by Xander and Oliver, who want to help her ring in the New Year with a double penetration threesome that will go down in history!

My Pervy Family - Roxie Sinner - Hand Comes In Handy Again

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Description: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. When Spikey overhears his older stepsister Roxie Sinner has been invited to a New Year's party, he's a little jealous of her. She looks great in her outfit, but wants Spikey Dee to help her look perfect for some dude at the party. Of course, he can't resist and tries to cop a feel of his stepsister's fat tits, resulting in a quick smack to the face! But what if it didn't? What if, instead, Roxie liked her stepbrother feeling up her juicy boobs!? What if she decided to stay home and fuck Spikey instead of going to the New Year's party!!?? She'd pull out her stepbrother's cock and slurp lick it until it was nice and hard. She'd use her amazing tits to jerk his dick off. Then she'd climb on top and slide her soaking pussy on to Spikey's raging boner. Her beautiful knockers would flop around in his face as she bounced on him. She'd rub her hairy muff as her stepbrother pounded away at her eager hole. Then she'd let him cum all over pretty face. What if!? What if she caught Spikey jerking off to those thoughts IN HER ROOM??? I hope you bros have a better New Year's than Spikey did!

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Description: Helena Hope will make you bust a nut. It will be unavoidable.

Wearing a sexy bra and panty set, stockings and high heels, Helena's in her bedroom and ready to heat up. She rubs and squeezes her big tits that are topped by pierced nipples. She's a teaser and a pleaser who makes powerful eye-contact and loves it when guys jack to her photos and videos.

Helena warms up with some pussy and nipple play in bed until Mr. Hard Cock enters the room and gives her the dick in her mouth and pussy that she craves. Eye-banging, jacking and deep-throating her stud gets Helena hot for the big shaft to fuck her hard.

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Description: Crystal chase is in distress! she needs dick so she proceeds to order it and the place she staying has NO signal and no wifi! Crystal now is fed to go to her neighbor and hope he's friendly enough to give her access to his. Tony opens his door to see Crystal's amazing set of titties at this point whatever she want tony is happy to oblige. Crystal wants to order dick? well she's found it and its ready to dick her down.

She Seduced Me - Braylin Bailey & Kay Lovely - A Lovely Lesbian Christmas Day

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Description: Bonus Christmas double feature! Beautiful Kay Lovely seduces her blond bestie Braylin Bailey by giving her a dildo for Christmas. How will the petite teen react to Kay's present? Will Kay's lesbian longings for her hot friend be satisfied? Tune in and find out

My Babysitters Club - Cherry Fae - The New Year You Deserve

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Description: Loyal babysitter, Cherry, has a crush on her boss, Peter. She fantasizes about kissing him and what her body would feel like against his. When Peter learns Cherry has the hots for him, he decides to make her New Year's dreams come true. Peter takes it all the way and blows Cherrys mind by fucking her hard. This nerdy babe is anything but innocent and shows Peter she can fuck just as well as any other girl.

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Description: Melissa Stratton is spending her new year's eve late at work and she just finds out they surpassed their quota for the year. Being that it's midnight and time to celebrate, her co-worker breaks out all the drinks and party supplies... plus his big hard cock for Melissa to enjoy!

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Description: Czech sweetheart Alexis Crystal and young cutie Vyvan Hill celebrate the Summer Solstice in Serbia. Badly in need of dick, they're thrilled when heavily hung stud Charlie Dean arrives -- the two dolls await him naked on the bed, bent over and ready for reaming! Charlie gets the message. He wastes no time whipping out his big cock and jumping into action. Alexis and Vyvan open their hungry mouths for his massive meat, giving a nasty double blowjob. When Alexis bends over, Charlie rims her gaping bunghole, and the dirty blonde farts lewdly! Charlie pounds butthole from behind as Alexis and Vyvan share lesbian pussy eating. Both girls drool as they give crude, ass-to-mouth head, Charlie rudely fucking their faces throughout. This freaky anal threesome includes backdoor riding, sphincter stretching sodomy, and a messy cum facial climax.

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