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They try to resume cleaning but can't concentrate. Feeling like they need a little emotional boost, they toy with the idea of making love in the homeowner's bed as a way to 'visualize' their dreams. After a bit of hesitation, they soon convince themselves to have sex in the bed while pretending this is THEIR house!

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Hurt, Scarlett tries to understand. Aubree explodes, telling Scarlett that she wants her to be rough with her. Dress up in sexy outfits, spank her, be the boss sometimes. Scarlett confesses that she doesn't think she can do that. She thinks it's silly and doesn't understand the appeal. At that point, Freya proves that she's masterful at her job by helping Scarlett to understand that it's kind of like cosplay with a sexy twist. Scarlett can get behind that.

Later, Scarlett shows up dressed as a sexy space princess. She finds her girlfriend dressed as an evil space villain and Freya cosplaying as a sexy version of her favorite space warrior. When Scarlett admits that she's feeling sexy, Freya is right there to help them take things a step further.

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