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Description: The wonderfully sensual Emma Magnolia and beautiful sex kitten Tommy King have both been to Rickys Room before, just not with each other. I had to make this happen! I mean, just those booties alone are enough when these two team up on you. Trust me on that. They had me going before they even pulled me into the mix.

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Description: Ania Kinski is a busty MILF boss that always gets what she wants, and today she orders employee Jay Snakes to give her a massage pronto. The dedicated stud skillfully works the raven-tressed bombshell's shoulders making her hornier and wetter by the second, so that soon his fingers and hungry tongue are plunging into her shaved pussy. The big titty babe gets on her knees atop the desk to give him a blowjob and then gets fucked for a premium Penthouse office porn video you don't want to miss.

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Description: One more week, I go out to the streets of Madrid again in search of a girl who wants to try her luck in the mysterious world of fashion, you already know that girls go completely crazy when you bring up the subject of photos, clothes, and everything he has with the possibility of making a living teaching palmetto. Today I met a tremendous brunette named Karol Ferraz. At first, I thought that this girl could be a Spanish compatriot, but I was pleasantly surprised when the girl confessed to me that she is Brazilian!! ! Apparently, he has been walking around Madrid for a few days, getting to know the city and absorbing all the magic that the capital of Spain has. After a brief negotiation, I end up convincing her to accompany me to my studio, in principle I am going to do a supposed photo session, but I can tell you that everything is going to end like the Rosario de la Aurora. We arrive and she sits at the foot of my bed, I ask her to please take off her clothes... and damn what a great body! This promises great things, I have triumphed again... and with nothing less than a canarinha! You have to see the rest of this CATCH with your own eyes... because it's awesome! I love Brazilian girls!

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Description: Well October just keeps trucking along doesnt it and when I said all treats and no tricks everyone? Well just feast your one-eyed monsters sweat tooth on todays treats because Roxanne and Trinity Olsen went at it today full throttle and at a take no prisoners approach to muff munching in this behemoth of a whopping video thats over 2 hour and 9 minute long. I mean who wouldnt want to lick and fool around with either one of these two, or be in between the shenanigans as they go at it in a full out assault on each others beautiful girly parts. And when I say beautiful? I mean spectacularly beautiful because Roxanne has one of those bodies and pink pussies that would make any father of a sexy tight teenager want to lock up their daughters if they looked like her...

Trinity is also Trinity and brings out the best of every girl that makes their way onto our bed but there is just something special about the interactions between these two and sparks begin to fly once they get naked. Now if you want to hear about how Roxanne likes girls more than guys, or how shes only had GirlGirl sex with straight girls and all her back-story, which is fucking awesome by the way, then listen to your heart's content. But I know you all want to fast forward to the good stuff so by all means do because both these girls are into spitting in each other mouths and kinky shit like that. Its not for everybody Ill admit, but when they do this you know theyre into each other, and to be honest the more I try to tell you how great I think this scene is the more I think you need to just watch it. I will say though its hot as fuck to witness Roxannes first of 6 Orgasms at 4053 as her ass is arched up in the air with the wand dancing on her clit and Trinity much to her enjoyment just smiles as Roxannes O face is plastered onto her slit in Picture and Picture. Poetry, absofuckinglutely its poetry in the making. Oh, and the festivities today didnt end on the bed either because it was off to the shower for more shenanigans and it made up almost 13 of the video. I know and as they cleaned all their naughtiness down the drain at 14609 Trinity squirted into Roxannes mouth as she munched muff under the warm water and I dont think she minded at all. So I hope everyone enjoys the show. Cheers

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Description: I'm thankful for whores. The kind that help me punish other whores. And the kind that look beautiful while they accept such severe punishment that they start leaking natures lube from their eyes. Today Rachell helped break Beba more than she's ever been broken before. Enjoy yall

Only Tarts - Aliska Dark & Bella Grey - The Exchange Students

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Description: Best friends Bella Grey and Aliska Dark are very excited. They have joined an exchange program and are in a new town for college. They arrive a few days early and find that their lodging is not ready yet. Their professor offers them a room in his place until they can find a place to stay. They both like older men and decide they want to kick off their semester by seducing their professor. Figuring he cant resist a couple of beautiful young college girls in short skirts, they tease him to get his attention. They are shocked when he turns them down flat...

It is wrong for students and professors to engage in such relations. Shocked and alone in the room, the girls make a shocking discovery. The drawers are filled with sexy lingerie and sex toys. Their professor is a freak, but he has specific tastes. If that is what he wants, that is what the girls are going to give him. They get dressed up in tight pink outfits and start playing with the massive toy. When the professor returns to the room and finds them this way, he suddenly forgets that it is wrong and just wants to fuck them. He takes out his huge cock and lets them each suck on it. They have never seen a dick this big and cant wait to feel it in their other holes. That suits his needs just fine. He bends Aliska over and puts it right in her tight asshole. Bella has never tried anal sex but follows her friends example and takes it in her backdoor. They put their faces together to share a big load of cum. No need to find another place to stay. He loves fucking college sluts in the ass and they love being his slutty fuck toys.

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Description: Lina Sun, Margo Von Tesse, and their mutual friend are planning to enjoy a long walk. Cuties choose outfits to underline their gorgeous bodies and to let them walk a lot. Though Lina Sun and Margo Von Tesse are best girlfriends, they are very different when it comes to choosing clothes. Margo Von Tesse is fast at finding the best dress, but Lina Sun needs more time to think about the best lookover. She keeps looking through her clothes, but Margo Von Tesse gets tired of that and makes a decision that satisfies all three of them.

BJ Raw - Various - Pretty Faces Cumpilation

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Description: So many pretty faces have passed through my door, and I have coated them all with a thick layer of cum. Of course, I have some favorites. How could I not? So, I wrapped them all up into one cumpilation for one incredible viewing experience. I hope you enjoy these facials as much as I did!

Ashley Lane, Andi Rose, Mia Moore, Angel Youngs, Brynn Michaels & Kiki Klout

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Description: Leana Lovings looks up at the camera with a bright, shining smile as she chats with Seth Gamble about all the things that turn her on. She particularly enjoys the feeling of fingertips running up and down her skin, stimulating her to her very core. From there, she describes a sensual escalation of exciting sensations, from breath-play to body-grinding, finishing with her begging for deep penetration. With this erotic roadmap laid out, Leana and Seth come together to put Leana's plan into action. Watch it in our new split-screen view that's sure to capture these intense sexual moments in the most memorable, and intimate, way possible.

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Description: Tyler is over helping his friend's mom, Laura Bentley, get her garage cleaned out. Laura is thankful for the help and wants to pay Tyler for his hard work, but Tyler refuses to take any form of cash payment...but he can't turn down Laura's pussy when she offers it to him.

Mom's Boy Toy - Sasha Pearl - Drawing Straws

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Description: Sasha Pearl knows her stepson Juan Loco and his friend Jay Romero find her super hot, and she takes advantage of the situation. She makes sure to show some booty as she unloads the dishwasher, prompting the guys to stare and then fight for her attention. Telling the boys she only needs one of them at a time, Sasha has them draw straws. Jay gets to help Sasha fold laundry first, and then Juan holds the dustpan while Sasha sweeps...

When the boys have helped Sasha complete all her chores, she has them pull their dicks out. Once she confirms that they can stop competing and share, she goes to work for both of them. A double handie is the beginning, but soon Sasha is sucking each cock in turn. Helping the boys to the couch, Sasha goes for the real delight.

She begins with Jay spooning behind her while she blows Juan's hardon. Getting on her back, Sasha watches Juan give it to her as Jay masturbates behind her. She rides Juan's fuck stick in cowgirl while slurping Jay's hardon and gobbling his balls. Then Jay fucks Sasha in doggy as she devours Juan's hardon. Just after Jay pulls out to cover Sasha's ass in cum, Juan delivers a nice mouthful of jizz for his stepmommy to enjoy.

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Description: They say a wedding is the most important and most difficult day in any woman's life. Heck, have you ever thought about the young man who has to propose? On one hand he is pressured by the anticipation of his favorite girl. On the other hand he fears the judgment of a whole bunch of parents and grandparents. On the third hand he seems a traitor to his unmarried friends. It's a nervous wreck! And what a blessing if there is someone who will support the guy in such a difficult moment in his life. And it is doubly good if this someone has huge boobs and a corset...

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Description: Cute girlfriends Blu Chanelle and Ellie Shou stroll down the road hand in hand, as Sandra Shines erotic lesbian movie Afternoon Walk begins. Settling on a bench in their backyard, their flirty kissing grows passionate vivacious English blonde Ellie pushes her sweetheart onto her back and unties the halter neck of her dress, baring her perky breasts. She sucks Blus stiff nipples and kisses her through her sheer panties before peeling them off too. The gorgeous Venezuelan brunette moans softly as Ellie licks her shaved pussy, giving her an intense orgasm. Switching places, Blu gets Ellie naked and kneels to lavish attention on her soft breasts and hairy pussy Ellie tugs her hard nipples and rocks her hips as her lover eats her to a powerful climax, right there in the sunshine.

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Description: Getting stuck in a waiting room while your stepmom is getting tests at the doctor is about as exciting as it sounds. Ethan Seeks and his stepsister Carolina Sweets are totally bored as they mope around waiting for their stepmom's tests to be done. Ethan starts bugging his stepsister to pass the time, he paws at her and films her with his phone. One thing leads to another and that playful pawing turns into some handsy touching. Carolina is worried the secretary will see them, but she is also horny and bored, she lets her stepbrother finger her little wet pussy right there in the waiting room! Carolina gets into it and starts to tease her stepbrother, which prompts Ethan to pull his cock out. Carolina is dumbfounded by her stepbrother's big cock, she sneakily sucks jerks him so nobody can see. But when the secretary heads to lunch, they're left all alone while their stepmom is getting tested. Carolina slides her tight shaved pussy down her stepbro's thick dick. She rides him hard to orgasm before Ethan flips her over and pounds her in missionary on the waiting room couch. Ethan fucks her hard and she begs for his cum so he creampies her pussy right there! The step siblings have to scramble as they hear someone in the distance!

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Description: A stunning blonde with some experience in modeling steps in our studio lights. She looks amazing with her shiny heels and sexy body and you can easily tell that she likes the attention. After some great poses she must admit that she also likes hard cocks. Her orgasms are so intense and obvious! Super hot!

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Description: Black Friday Part 3 of 3 In the exciting conclusion of the series, Chanel finally has to pay the consequences of her excessive spending. After spending more than fifty thousand dollars shopping, Chris decides its time for her to pay for what shes done. Yet, money is not the answer here Chanel will have to play out the guys most scandalous fantasies with Penelope to get herself out of her sticky situation.

TeamSkeet X Harmony Films - Tiffany Doll - Tiffany’s Extra Lessons

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Description: Tiffany is worried about being equipped with the knowledge necessary to pass her sex education exam. Luckily, Ryan is there to assist her. She may present herself as innocent, but her dick-sucking skills say otherwise. By the end of their session, there isnt anything Tiffany doesnt know, and shes about to pass her exam with flying colors.

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Description: Skyler Storm is sunbathing while Tommy Pistol watches nervously from afar. Finally, he works up the courage to join her and tell her that their secret relationship HAS to come to an end. He doesn't want people finding out about them and starting trouble. But more than that, he doesn't want Skyler to get bored of him and cast him aside...

As Tommy tries to break up, Skyler isn't having ANY of it. To distract him and give him more reason to stick around, she pops out her perky breasts from her bikini, asking him if he's SURE he wants to give them up. She further tells him that she doesn't WANT to break up with him because she thinks all of this -- and HIM -- is hot.

Tommy is pleasantly surprised, especially that she's really into him. Suddenly, all his reservations are out the window. Well, sure, he'd still like to keep everything on the downlow, but it looks like they're not going to quit their fun any time soon. With that in mind, Skyler gives Tommy a sultry look and leads him inside...

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Description: The end of the world found BFFs Jenna and Kayla in the worst place ever stuck in detention! The girls hear explosions and soon understand that civilization is over, so theyll have to defend themselves from any threat that might come up. However, theres just one little thing they need to handle first Jenna is still a virgin and Kayla cant let her friend go out like that, risking herself to die without having tried sex. The girls enjoy a hot initiatory fuck sesh so that Jenna can now face this new world as a new woman!

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Description: Lexis CM loves pleasing her man. It's so wonderful to see with how much adoration and love she looks at Alexi. She's absolutely enamoured with him. And he knows it. She's his pretty little fucktoy. You've never seen a more obedient girl. The way she's attuned to his every need, his every move, it looks like she can truly read his mind.

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Description: Bikini babe Shalina Devine heads down to the pool while on vacation when she is approached by a local guy, Marco. They start chatting when Marco suggests that he shows her to a hidden gem in the area. They head to a viewpoint by the sea and Shalina asks if Marco wouldn't mind massaging some oil into her body. She gets topless and sighs as Marco rubs her tits, making her nipples nice and hard. It doesn't take long before he is giving her pussy some attention too and these strangers treat each other to some oral action! Shalina takes a hard pussy pounding before her ass gets a drilling too!...

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Description: After a story about a notorious local dominant circulates in the press, it brings a former lover out of the woodwork. Vic couldn't cut it last time, but this time she's ready to lower her guard and raise the bar for all his other aspirants.