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Only Tarts

Only Tarts - Alice Murkovski & Alice Xo - Wet Pants And Summer Vacation

File: 2vc8bnaontaalialiwdoaklkr7p.mp4
Size: 1.59 GB
Duration: 45:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alice Murkovski and her best friend Alice Xo are so close that people joke about them being sisters, twins even. They have long shared everything and are so tight that Alice even calls her best friends new stepfather daddy. It just playful of course, until the girls are alone on summer vacation with him while Alices mom is busy shopping. They sit at the poolside in tiny bikinis wondering if they can get his attention by being a little naughty.

After rubbing lotion all over each other, but failing to catch his eye, they attack him with water guns and when he is finally paying attention, they flash him some cute little boobs and tight coed asses. He cant believe what he is seeing but quickly agrees to join the girls inside the house. Now that they have him where they want him, they quickly get his cock out and take turns sucking it. He loves the way their mouths feel and decides to show them a trick where they hold their own feet behind their backs while they give head. He is going to train them both to be submissive little sluts. To do that, it takes more than sucking and regular sex. They need to be ready to take a mans dick in their asses. Neither of them have ever tried anal sex, but he is experienced and teaches them how to do it properly. It is a tight fit and feels super naughty, pushing both of them over the edge time and again. Both girls want to be his anal princess and work hard for his nut. He pulls out of Alice and feeds his stepdaughter his cum, ordering her to spit it back into her friends open backdoor. What a mess and she knows exactly who stepfather is going to make clean it up.

Only Tarts - Nicole Murkovski & Lilith Liber - Her First Big Cock

File: wsritnaontaniclil1v4vxwea6x.mp4
Size: 1.46 GB
Duration: 42:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Murkovski and Lilith Liber have an appointment with their favourite college professor in his office after class. As they wait, they discuss non-academic matters. Nicole has seen her best friend having sex with her stepbrother and wonders if she might be ready to try a man with a bigger dick this time. As luck would have it, Lilith has heard that their professor has a thing for cute coeds and also sports a massive dong. Shy, but horny, Nicole is very intrigued about the idea and also turned on at the thought of sharing a cock with her sexy blonde friend.

When the professor comes into his office, he begins the tutoring sessions, but the girls cannot focus on anything but his crotch. He tries to ignore their obvious flirtation, but his dick begins to rise, making the girls even more determined to get a look at his legendary love log. Since Lilith has more experience, she drops to her knees and sucks his cock first, letting Nicole watch and take notes while she uses her tongue to make the sexy older man moan. Having learned her lessons well, she opens her mouth and lets the professor fuck her face while Lilith holds her arms to teach her proper submission. He is quite pleased with their efforts and wants to sample their other willing holes. The girls take turns as their professor pokes them from behind with long deep strokes. Lilith was right. He is much bigger and better than what Lilith was used to. Of course, having a friend to lend a helping tongue on her clit didnt hurt either. He puts the two coeds together and sprays his load all over their faces. From now on, their tutoring sessions must be together and he tells them not to bother with panties next time.

Only Tarts - Lilith Liber & Nicole Murkovski - Her First Big Cock

File: rduohnaontalilnicttfpu8hj22.mp4
Size: 1.11 GB
Duration: 29:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nicole Murkovski is a very shy girl with limited experience with men. Lately, she has been checking out porn sites and realized that the dicks she sees are much bigger than anything she has experienced. Nicole is fascinated by the size but also worried she wont be able to hand a big one if she ever meets a guy who is packing. She confides this to her friend Lilith Liber who assures her that there is nothing better than a big cock and that she shouldnt be afraid. In fact, Lilith has a surprise for her best friend. As it turns out, she knows a guy with a really big cock and who knows how to use it. Nicole is unsure at first and then shocked when she finds out that the well-hung stud is Liliths stepbrother...

She doesnt have time to question their relationship because he pulls out his cock and it is even bigger than Lilith said it was. Getting a close look, she watches as her friend lovingly sucks her stepbrothers big fat dong. Watching her struggle to take it in her tight pussy makes Nicole nervous but excited. She likes how it looks, but is just not ready to try it herself. Instead, she moves in close to watch every stroke. They stun her again when he pushes the head into Liliths tight asshole. Nicole has never tried anal but is amazed at how her friend can open up for that fat meat. She cant keep her hands out of her panties as she watches her best friend get ass fucked by her huge dicked big stepbrother. Lilith gets on her knees and lets him spray all over her face while Nicole cums on her fingers. This show is a freebie, but if she wants to watch it again, she is going to have to at least put that big cock in her mouth.

Only Tarts - Hot Pearl - Hubby Understands Her Needs

File: hu9ranaontahotpeaytbi44eusm.mp4
Size: 1.62 GB
Duration: 47:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It was just a typical morning for Hot Pearl. She woke up early, got the coffee ready and sent her handsome husband off to work. No sooner is he out than door than Hot Pearl is on the phone to her lover to invite him over for some daytime fun between the sheets. While she waits for him to arrive, Hot Pearl gets dressed up in sexy lingerie and her highest heels. Her lover wastes no time getting right down to it. They are in the middle of passionate sex when her husband unexpectedly comes home.

He is angry and hurt by her infidelity, but also turned on watching her with another man. Curiosity turns to shock as he sees the stranger stick his cock right up his wifes tight ass. She has never done that with him. Deciding to act on his passion rather than his anger, he decides to join them. Hot Pearl puts her mouth on his cock and moans while her butt gets fucked hard from behind. When she has the men switch places, her man finds that her pussy is soaking wet from the kinky pounding she is taking. Two studs taking care of her at once is more than she could have hoped for and she rewards her man by sliding her asshole down on his long dick. It is better than he ever dreamed it would be and soon he is on the edge of blasting a big load. Hot Pearl gets on her knees between her two lovers and works them with her hands and mouth until they cover her face with huge loads of cream. She has discovered a new morning routine that she wants to repeat every day.

Only Tarts - Emily First & Britney Dutch - For Onlytarts

File: kfhwrnaontaemibrivb1m6vyoln.mp4
Size: 337.18 MB
Duration: 10:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Emily First and Britney Dutch have been best friends since they were teens. They do everything together, except share men. After a few near disasters, they have agreed to completely leave a guy alone if they both like him. No man is worth ruining such a great friendship. They meet up after college, both excited because they have been shopping. As luck would have it, they both met a new guy and are hoping a sexy outfit might catch his eye. As they describe their new crushes, the girls laugh. They realize quickly that they are talking about the same guy. Rules are rules. This means they both have to give up. But since they bought outfits, they might as well try them on. As they strip to put on their new clothes, they cant help but stare at one another. There is nothing in the rules about playing with each other while thinking about the same guy. A little nipple play and they forget all about getting dressed up. Who needs sexy clothes when you look so hot naked? Rolling over, they open their legs and start to rub their pussies. Watching each other get turned on is a huge turn on in itself. Their fingers slip into their pussies and they can hear the wet sounds of sexual arousal. It is time to share something for the first time, a simultaneous orgasm. Best friends can get even closer when they find that they share such a strong sexual attraction. Maybe its time for a new rule. They can only be interested in the same guy if they fuck him together.

Only Tarts - Stella Flex - Delicious Revenge

File: iffsinaontasteflekcq2ahvpie.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 47:09
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Stella Flex has been in a relationship for quite some time. Things are going well and her boyfriend seems to satisfy all her needs. But recently Stella started noticing that he has become more distant and doesn't pay that much attention to her. To make it even worse, he seems to have lost interest in sex and this is something Stella absolutely cant put up with. While her boyfriend is at work, she finds a VR device and the photos of a sexy model in his closet.

Now when she understands the reason of him refusing a good fuck with her, Stella is pissed. She is really annoyed with her boyfriends actions, but there is no way she would tell him about it now. Instead, she wants to teach him a good lesson. She's been chatting with a handsome guy on a dating website and decides to invite him to her place. When he comes and sees her upset and half naked, he gets the point. He doesn't want to disappoint Stella and takes out his cock. She cant believe how much bigger his cock is and how hard it is as it slides down her throat. She is no longer interested in her boyfriend and doesn't care about his VR passion. Stella bends over to take his big stiff prick right into her tight pussy. As she rides him, she realizes that she doesnt want him to stop fucking her. The new guy makes her feel like a sexual beast and she loves the feeling. She is lost in her own orgasm and asks him to shoot a big load all over her mouth. Her boyfriend may enjoy his virtual sex, but she would definitely prefer to stay offline.

Only Tarts - Era Queen - Gold Digger Prank

File: vyv9znaontaeraquezzwow7qrmp.mp4
Size: 1.52 GB
Duration: 38:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Era Queen is a posh girl. Fancy clothes, expensive drinks and only rich guys around. She works her ass off to get a sexy body like this and knows that her hard work should be properly rewarded. While she is out enjoying a sunny day, some random gardener bumps into her and starts to have a chat. Era doesnt even want to give him a second glance, while he chases her down and tells him that she has a boyfriend and is not interested in his annoying attention.

The guy sees her arrogance and decides to teach her a lesson. He comes back dressed in a suit, driving a fancy car. He starts hitting on her and Era happily accepts when he invites her to his place. She is impressed by his car and good looks and flashes her perky tits when he asks. He likes what he sees and pulls out his cock. It is just as big as his fancy apartment, so she sucks on it until he starts to moan. She moves around and shows him her tight ass, stripping off her tiny shorts. He bends her over the sofa and slides every inch into her wet pink slit. She likes the way he fucks her and every time he thrusts, she asks for more. He flips her over and shoves his meat into her while grabbing her hair. He gives it to her hard, but also has enough cock for her ride until she creams all over him. He orders her to her knees, cums on her tongue and makes sure Era swallows. She never does it for her boyfriend, but for this rich guy she is open to anything. Suddenly his phone rings, the guy picks up and it turns out it is his boss who asks his driver to bring back the car. Era is pissed as she was dreaming already to be his girlfriend, but now it will definitely not happen. The guy smiles at her because he knows it was a very good lesson for this gold digger.

Only Tarts - Leyla Fiore - Pussy Payment

File: sa5cznaontaleyfioh69rbtvbeb.mp4
Size: 986.94 MB
Duration: 54:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Leyla Fiore and her boyfriend are in some serious trouble thanks to his gambling addiction. She knew it was a problem, but was unaware of just how deep until she opened a series of final notice bills. They are on the verge of being kicked out of their place, losing their cars and being completely broke. Unwilling to let him drag her down and unable to pay even a single of these bills, she calls her ex boyfriend for help. He is a hugely successful lawyer with plenty of money to spare. He also still has the hots for Leyla. She squeezes into a tight dress and invites him over. The look in his eyes tells her that he is going to like her proposition. She lays the bills out on the table and while he is going over them, she takes off her dress. As he turns around to tell her he cant help them, he gets a look at her nearly naked body. He accepts her deal right away, taking her into his arms and tasting her naked flesh. Leyla knows if she wants all the bills paid, she is going to have to give him a fuck to remember. She sucks his cock just the way he likes it, deep and sloppy getting him ready to slip into her from behind. It has been a long time since she has been fucked this way and she remembers quickly why she stayed with him for so long. After cumming on his dick, she puts him in her mouth, sucking her juices from his pole and working her tongue until he explodes all over her pretty face. If being his fuck doll is the price she pays to stay out of debt, Leyla will happily pay him on a regular basis. Read less

Only Tarts - Emily First & Britney Dutch - Desperate Girls

File: mchzgnaontaemibriijo4adqn7a.mp4
Size: 1.89 GB
Duration: 48:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Britney's mom married a very rich man. That meant that she led a pretty good life. Her stepbrother on the other hand, had things really easy. His trust fund had him set up with a nice home, cars and plenty of money to travel. During one of his vacations, he asked Britney Dutch if she would watch after his apartment. She was happy to do so and invited her friend Emily First along to help. While they are there, they decide that he has more than enough money and plan to steal some to pay for a vacation of their own.

The idea is fun and they get all dressed up for a sexy playful heist without realizing that her stepbrother has come home early. The girls are embarrassed but feel better quickly when he tells them that they dont have to steal the money. He is happy to give them enough for a vacation. They are so happy that they insist on thanking him the only way they know, with their hungry mouths and tight bodies. He is happy to take them up on it, especially since he has had the hots for his slutty stepsister for a while now. Emily loves the added kink of watching her best friend suck off her own stepbrother and is so wet that she nearly screams for him to fuck her. He fills both pussies with long deep strokes, loving the way it feels to move from one wet hole to another. The girls are impressed by his cock and happily suck on it together. He cant decide who he wants to cum in so instead has them kneel and share a big load on their eager faces. There is only one thing more that they want, for him to bring his big cock with them on vacation.

Only Tarts - Mia De Vil - Stepbrother Joins The Show

File: bevdgnaontamiadevilkzjxcqebsg.mp4
Size: 1.16 GB
Duration: 42:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mia De Vil is a popular college student who does live cam shows in her free time to pay for college. One of her most popular themed shows happens whenever she get a gift from a fan. Mia likes to open her gifts life and then change into what they buy her for the show. Todays outfit includes fishnet stockings, a tiny bikini top and a naughty collar. To complete the look, she does her hair in pigtails and gets ready to entertain the horny guys and girls watching at home. Things are heating up pretty quickly with Mia rubbing her clit and encouraging her fans to jerk off along with her...

All of a sudden her stepbrother walks in and sees the whole thing. She leaves the camera rolling and begs him not to tell their parents. He agrees, but like the true pervert he is, he wants to get in some of the action with his sexy step-sister. His cock isnt half bad and with the fans watching she goes for it. Turning her face to the camera, she gives him a blowjob that has him moaning like he might lose his load right in her mouth. Wanting to make sure it lasts for the entire show, she makes him slow down and eat her pussy for a while. His tongue is surprisingly good and by the time he finished, she is ready to fuck. She climbs on top of his dick and makes sure that the action can be seen by her audience. Fucking on camera for the first time is great, but banging her stepbrother only makes it hotter. She wants to try something special when its time for him to cum so she lets him fuck her tits until he explodes all over her face. This may have been an unplanned show, but the huge tips coming in tell her that taboo fucking is the way to go.

Only Tarts - Emily First & Princess Alice - For Onlytarts

File: yhq6mnaontaemipriq5bifnuwby.mp4
Size: 585.56 MB
Duration: 14:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Emily First and Princess Alice have been friends for a long time. Recently they have started posting sexy pictures on social media to gain followers and earn a little money. The skimpier the outfit and the sexier the pose, the more their accounts grow. Since they help each other with photos and picking out outfits, they also shoot their content at the same time. Todays matching outfits consist of tight booty shorts and crop tops so think that their nipples are clearly visible. Emily cant help but notice that her friends are getting stiff as if she is getting turned on. They decide that today might be a good day for a more risqu set for their profiles. The shorts come off and then so do the tops...

A few sexy poses later and the girls find themselves chest to chest. As their nipples rub against one another, Emily and Alice are overcome with desire and share their first kiss. Their lips meet and they both feel their bodies flush. They decide that this kind of content might be really good and keep the camera going while they touch each other. It is such a turn-on that they both start touching themselves at the same time. Neither of them has ever masturbated in front of anyone and certainly not on camera, but they cant help it. Their pussies are so wet and they can both feel an orgasm coming on quickly. They finger fuck themselves to a loud climax, telling themselves that it for their audience, but both of them know the truth. They are hot for each other and next time nothing will hold them back.

Only Tarts - Milancheek & Novella Night - For Onlytarts

File: 1hitvnaontamilnovhbhumupp8u.mp4
Size: 394.10 MB
Duration: 15:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Milancheek and Novella Night have been best friends for a long time. They have always done everything together, including going to the same college, taking almost all of the same classes and sometimes even their feelings for the same guys. Through the years, they have developed a tradition, a weekly sleepover. They have also developed feelings for each other that go beyond normal friendship. On warm summer nights, their sleeping attire becomes rather skimpy which always sparks mutual interest...

The besties cant keep their hands off of each other and cant wait to crawl into bed. They both love having their nipples licked and sucked. Guys always seem to forget this part, so they make sure to spend a lot of time teasing one anothers perky breasts. By the time they get around to stripping off their panties, both young women are soaking wet and ready to explode. Their tradition is that whoever is hosting the sleepover, eats pussy first. It just seems like good hospitality and it never matters who goes first, but they are both happy to please one another over and over. They have both learned tricks to make it fun and the orgasms last all night long. The scary movies are long forgotten as they savor each other and get lost in the waves of pleasure only the love of another woman can bring. It doesnt matter if they are dating guys and having regular sex, their nights together are always the most passionate, fun and explosive. Even if they have to keep it a secret, they both know that this is what best friends are for

Only Tarts - Tiffany Tatum - You’re Always Late, Honey

File: plesvnaontatiftatzpx5sjztld.mp4
Size: 1.02 GB
Duration: 36:27
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tiffany Tatum has been dating her boyfriend for quite some time and things have been perfect so far. She seems to have found a true soulmate, who is both handsome and generous. The only fly in the ointment is that he has a new job and irregular working hours. Tiffany likes to go out and it freaks her out when her boyfriend cant make it on time because of his job. Today she has prepared something special for their date and is waiting impatiently for the evening to start.

She becomes furious when her boyfriend tells her he is late again because of the work meeting. Tiffany decides to call his boss and ask to let him go earlier, otherwise she may need a replacement. Right in the middle of her angry thoughts, the boyfriends boss rings the doorbell. He is shocked to see the sexy girl so upset and half-naked, but he quickly gets the point. He doesn't want to disappoint her and takes out his cock. Tiffany cant believe how much bigger his cock is and how hard it is as it slides down her throat. She is no longer interested in her boyfriend and once he is back home, he objects to what is going on and begs her to give him another chance, but she pushes him away. He can stay and watch though if he wants. Tiffany bends over to take the bosss big stiff prick right into her tight pussy. As she rides him, she realises that she doesnt want him to stop fucking her. With her boyfriend watching, she is lost in her own orgasm and doesn't see the boss shooting a big load into her pussy. Well, now Tiffany's boyfriend knows what's the price of being late for your date.

Only Tarts - Kama Oxi - Homeless Catches A Gold Digger

File: jynainaontakamoxit66b7hoglm.mp4
Size: 1.46 GB
Duration: 40:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kama Oxi is out doing some shopping and enjoying a lovely day. She encounters a homeless man and doesnt even give him a second glance. He chases her down and tells her that he is actually rich and is conducting a social experiment. She is skeptical, but he shows her his car and invites her inside. Her opinion of him changes rapidly and she happily accepts when he invites her back to his place. The apartment is even more impressive than the sports car and she is happy to show him her tight, sexy body when he asks. He likes what he sees and pulls out his cock. It is just as impressive as his home and car so she sucks on it until his moans tell her that he is ready for more.

She pulls off her panties and is surprised as he aggressively bends her over the table and slides every inch into her wet pink slit. He is a good fuck and every time he thrusts, she looks around and wonders just how much money he has. This guy might be perfect for her. He flips her over, eats her out and then shoves his meat back into her while grabbing her neck. She doesnt usually like it rough, but for a guy like this, she is willing to do anything. He gives it to her hard, but also has enough cock for her ride until she creams all over him. When he tells her to kneel, she knows what he wants. She almost never lets guys cum on her face, but for this rich stud, she opens wide and feels the blast from his balls. Kama is happy and ready to be his girlfriend, but he kicks her out. He has no use for gold digging sluts.

Only Tarts - Leanne Lace - My Cuckold

File: 3lufnnaontalealacydunuauhcv.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 37:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Leanne Lace has been dating a new guy for a short while. They have a good time together and she decides it is time to invite him over. He is impressed with her lovely house, but cant understand how she can afford such a place just from her job as an assistant. She tells him to forget about it, but the more she avoids the question, the more he insists. Finally she agrees to show him, but tells him he has to wait in the other room. Leanne comes out dressed in a very sexy outfit.

Her boyfriend is confused, but moments later her boss walks into the room. Both men are confused, but Leanne sets everything straight by making her boyfriend sit down while she gets on the table and lifts her dress for her boss. She works for him and is also his favorite fuck toy. All her boyfriend can do is watch as her boss takes out his big cock and lets her suck it. He is big and hard so his deep thrusts fill her up and make Leanne moan in ways her boyfriend never hears. They fuck right in front of him and dont even care. Lean loves having her man watch helplessly almost as much as she loves her handsome boss big cock stretching out her pussy. This is how she got her job and how she keeps it. She takes that huge cock twice a week and sucks her boss off any time he asks. Something else she does for her boss that she never does for her boyfriend is swallowing his cum. Her man kneels beside her and gets a good view as he pumps his semen into her mouth and covers her face. She loves her new job and her boss cock even more than she loves her boyfriend.

Only Tarts - Milancheek & Novella Night - Scary Movie Night

File: di65pnaontamilnovbhfxwvjeoq.mp4
Size: 1.37 GB
Duration: 45:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Besties Novella Night and Milancheek are much more than just friends. Though they both have boyfriends, they are also lovers. It isnt always easy to find time to hook up, so they create opportunities. Scary movie night always works since they can be alone in the dark and huddle together until nature takes its course. Usually, they have plenty of privacy, but tonight, Milancheeks stepbrother is in the house. He is home from college and decides to play a prank on the girls. He sneaks up behind them in a creepy clown mask and scares them half to death. When the lights come on, he sees them half-naked and wonders what might be going on. They decide to show him by flashing their tits. Playing along, he whips out his cock. It is big and hard. Novella moves right in to suck it...

Shocked that she would cheat on her boyfriend and a little jealous, Milancheek decides to get some as well. For all that they have shared over the years, the girls have never shared a cock and it is a huge turn-on. He cant believe how lucky he is to have them take turns on his big rod. He wants to fuck them and makes sure that they stay busy eating each other while filling their horny young pussies. The only thing Novella likes better than having her twat stuffed is having her girls sweet slit to eat while it happens. Milancheek cant believe how naughty it feels to fuck her stepbrother with her secret girlfriend behind their boyfriends backs. When he pulls out and shoots his load on their faces, the girls swap his jizz back and forth, already knowing that their movie nights are going to include a big hard cock from now on.

Only Tarts - Olivia Sparkle - Cuckold Story: Sex With Rich Ex

File: rgq3dnaontaolispara5u9vpdla.mp4
Size: 1.18 GB
Duration: 34:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Olivia Sparkle and her boyfriend are on vacation in a city where her ex-boyfriend lives. She wanted to stop by and see him to show him how well she is doing. He offers to let them stay at his place and she expects something mediocre. Instead, she gets a shock when she finds out that he is now quite wealthy. Her new man is clearly a little jealous, but that doesnt give Olivia any pause. While her man is putting away their luggage, she puts the moves on her handsome ex, asking him if he misses her sweet body.

She is stunned when he barely notices her, taking a call and completely ignoring her. Unwilling to be looked over, she pulls some lingerie out of her bag, puts it on and calls her ex into the bedroom. Now that he can see her body he is reminded of the great times they had in bed. She has a boyfriend now, but if she is willing to cheat, he is more than happy to give her his big hard dick one more time. She is busy sucking his big cock when her boyfriend comes into the room. He is shocked and sad, but quickly sees how turned on Olivia is. He decides that maybe he can learn something so he sits and watches as her ex plows her juicy pussy. She never moans like that with him and she makes sure to let him know how much bigger and better her ex is. She calls him close and hopes it is his turn, but Olivia asks him to hold her hair away from her face while her ex blasts his load all over her. She lets her boyfriend know that this is going to be a much longer stay, whether he likes it or not.

Only Tarts - Penelope Quente - Fuck Me Like A Sex Toy

File: xpaq5naontapenque2uhvlcebie.mp4
Size: 1.14 GB
Duration: 40:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Penelope Quente has been away for a month abroad. The lavish vacation was a reward for how well she has done in college. She had a wonderful time but missed her boyfriend and her stepbrother, who had to stay home to catch up on work for his new job. As soon as she gets home, she is anxious to share all of her stories with him and show him some of the amazing new outfits she purchased on her trip. He is not especially interested until she suddenly begins changing right in front of him. Intrigued by her outfits, he notices something interesting in her suitcase...

She has bought some very unusual things that she seems embarrassed by. There is a special outfit she has picked out for roleplaying with her boyfriend that includes a bone-shaped gag. He tells her to try that one on as well. It was supposed to only be for her boyfriend to see, but she is quite anxious to try it on so she agrees. Once she has the gag in place, Penelope gives her stepbrother the leash and is stunned when he puts her over his knee and starts spanking her exposed ass. Putting her on her knees, he puts his hard cock in her mouth. He is treating her exactly the way she hoped her boyfriend would. It is such a turn-on that she cant help but rub her horny pussy while he fucks her face. By the time he rams his meat into her, she is dripping wet and on the verge of climax. He can feel her body trembling and lets her ride him hard until she cums. When it is his turn, he shoots a load all over her face. He tells her to go on her date with her boyfriend but to come see him again when she is finished.

Only Tarts - Kate Quinn - Hot Mathheads

File: u8ibpnaontakatquifvt8ym4wvd.mp4
Size: 1.51 GB
Duration: 42:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kate Quinn has always been a good student and has been tutoring her boyfriend in math. Even with her help, he is still really struggling so she decides to ask her professor for some additional assistance. The professor had been one of Kates favourite teachers and always did well in his classes, so he is happy to help. When she is alone with her boyfriend, Kate confesses to having a crush on the handsome older man. She tells him to trust her and not to be jealous.

Confused, he watches as she changes her outfit in front of him. Slipping into a special outfit she bought just for him, Kate is showing off her body when the professor returns. He clearly likes what he sees and she takes full advantage, dropping to her knees and taking his cock out of his pants. She gets it nice and wet and tells him that she wants to fuck him and also wants her boyfriend to pass his class. Her boyfriend is happy about the news and eager to join in the fun. Kate is happy to satisfy both men with her mouth. She is surprised when the professor picks her petite body up and fucks her in midair. The men seem to be in a bit of a competition to see who can fuck her best and that means more pleasure for her tight teenage holes. When her boyfriend gets a little too eager and cums in her pussy, his professor immediately wants to follow. Kate gets a second load inside of her hot slit and cant stop cumming from just how naughty and hot it is to bang them both.

Only Tarts - Molly Little - Little Giftie

File: tvwqjnaontamollitczegglpchz.mp4
Size: 1.68 GB
Duration: 38:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Molly Little has invited her boyfriend over for his birthday. She has promised something special and he is filled with anticipation. He is somewhat confused when she comes out after dinner with a cupcake. He is appreciative, but also a little disappointed. Her surprises are usually a little more exciting than just a sweet baked treat. He smiles and tells her he loves it before realizing that she is standing in front of him in nothing but a tiny red bra and panty set. She giggles knowing that he was fooled, but can see from his smile that he is very happy with his real surprise. While he finishes his dessert, she puts her mouth on his big cock and starts sucking it all the way to the base...

She is good at baking, but even better at giving head. When every inch of dick is slick from her spit, she takes off her panties and sits right down on his long hard pole. Super turned on, she cums almost immediately and then turns around to taste herself on his meat. That is just the start because now that she is warmed up, she bends over and tells him to fuck her as hard as he can. It may be his birthday, but she is getting a treat as well. She loves taking every inch he has and then tasting herself on him after each orgasm. He loves going hard and she takes his best shots. He gives it to her hard, even grabbing her throat like she likes. When he can take it no longer, he pulls out and shoots all over her pretty face. She is smiling up at him and he is already planning what to do for her birthday surprise.

Only Tarts - Eva Generosi - Pants Down, Stepdaddy!

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Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Eva Generosi has always been able to get any guy she wants. She is cute, sexually adventurous and willing to do whatever it takes. When her mom married a new guy, she noticed him trying hard to avoid looking in her direction. Knowing that he would never take notice of her with the normal teasing, she set in motion an elaborate plan to get her moms man. She slips into a sexy fishnet outfit and tiny shorts. Then she pulls a pink ski mask over her face to conceal her identity.

When her stepfather comes home, she jumps out, pointing her fingers at him. He is shocked and scared by the intrusion. Taking off her mask, she lets him know it was a joke but also stands in front of him half-naked. Eva uses his confusion to her advantage. The bulge in his pants tells her he likes what he sees and he cant resist when she asks him to come to her. His cock is hard and he grabs her by the hair while his dick slips between her lips. Before either of them can change their mind, he turns her around and starts fucking her wet pussy with long, hard strokes. He picks her up and carries her into the bedroom where he tears off her outfit and starts fucking her harder than she could imagine. This is just what she needed and she is surprised when he gets on top of her and fucks her tiny titties until her shoots all over her face. Who knew her moms man was such a kinky fucker? Read less

Only Tarts - Rebecca Volpetti - Sex To Forget My Ex

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Description: Things are going really well for Rebecca Volpetti and her boyfriend. At least that is what she thought until she went through his pockets looking for forgotten money before doing laundry. Instead of cash, she found condoms. Since she is on the pill, they dont use them and she knew right away that he was cheating on her. Furious, she packs his stuff and throws it down the stairs, telling him to get out and that she never wants to see him again. Not content with just breaking up and being sad, she immediately hits a dating app and invites a stranger over...

If her man can so easily fuck another, why cant she? Finding a match is easy. She has a new guy to play with in no time. He has her naked on the kitchen table and is enjoying the taste of her sweet pussy before she can even think about her cheating ex. Leading him to the bedroom, she cant remember ever being so turned on. His big cock slides easily into her pussy as she climbs on top and thrashes her hips back and forth. Before she knows it, she is kicking her feet in the air and cumming all over the strangers dick. Turning around to face him, she enjoys the look of lust in his eyes as his thrusts become more frantic. It has been a long time since she has felt this wanted and even longer since she has wanted to fuck like this. Though she never wants this to end, she can feel him getting close and begs to taste his load in her mouth. He is only too happy to oblige blasting her with a big load of cock cream.

Only Tarts - Jadilica - Real VR Porn Experience

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Format: mp4
Description: Jadilica works hard on her body. She loves looking good for her man and makes sure he is always happy sexually. At least that is what she thought. One day when she was off to the gym, she left her boyfriend home alone. Forgetting her training shoes, she came home to get them. She comes into the house and is shocked to find her boyfriend watching porn on his VR headset. He hasnt touched her in a week and as soon as he is alone, this is what he does?

She needs to see what he is watching to get him so worked up. Taking a look at what he was watching, she notices that the girl in the VR video is pretty, but what stands out is the way she is dressed. Jadilica would never have guessed that her man would like to see her in something so brazen and slutty. She decides to do something fun with this new information and finds her naughtiest outfit. Newly dressed, she pops in on her man and loves the look of shock and lust on his face. If this is what it takes to get his dick hard, then she is ready to be his VR porn slut in person. Taking this cock into her mouth, she sucks him deep and harder than ever. His cock seems so much harder and he is far more attentive as he grabs her body and thrusts deep into her wet pussy. As they pick up speed, she talks dirty and even grabs her throat for some light choking while they fuck. After cumming uncontrollably on his cock, she dutifully kneels in front of him while he sprays her down with a huge load of cock cream. If she knew slutty clothes would make him fuck her like this, she would have dressed up for him long ago.

Only Tarts - Charlotte Lapiedra - Nerd Trap

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Description: Charlotte Lapiedra is a very bad girl with a huge crush on her stepbrother. She has been waiting for the perfect time to let him know how she feels. With their parents away, she makes her move. While he is studying in the kitchen, she serves him some donuts and tries flirting with him. He is too busy studying to notice, even when she sits on the table in front of him and spreads her legs. He is so oblivious that he sticks his fingers inside of her while reaching for his breakfast.

She thought he might be turned on, but instead, he scolds her and runs off to his bedroom. Not ready to take no for an answer, Charlotte breaks out her secret weapon. A fishnet bodysuit that she wears whenever she really wants to catch the eye of a lover. When her stepbrother returns to scold her for her inappropriate behaviour, he sees her in the pink outfit and is suddenly speechless. Seeing her dressed this way makes his cock hard and she moves quickly before he changes his mind. Dropping to her knees, she takes his big dick into her mouth and shows how much she really wants him. He loves the way her mouth feels on his cock, but wants more. She is happy to let him taste her pussy and then slide his long shaft deep inside of her. It may have taken him a while to get the hint, but now that he knows what she is really like, he cant stop fucking his slutty stepsister. She rides him long and hard, stopping only to suck his cock again until he blows his load in her mouth. Now that she knows how to dress for him, Charlotte will be banging her stepbrother often.

Only Tarts - Sophie Weber - Plan Gone Wrong

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Format: mp4
Description: Sophie Weber is a very industrious young woman who knows how to get what she wants. She lives with her mom, stepfather and her nosey stepbrother who is always trying to get in her business. This weekend she has planned to make some extra spending money by having a carwash. While making a sign for her event, he bugs her about how he can help. He suggests taking some photos to promote her carwash and encourages her to get changed into her special outfit.

She wants him to leave her alone, but promotion photos seem like a good idea. While getting changed for the photo shoot, she notices him staring and sees a bulge in his pants. As she slips into her sexy clothes, she can see him staring. By the time she is ready to pose, he can barely hold the camera steady. Sophie doesnt mind and lets her skirt ride up until her naked pussy is visible. He follows suit, opening his jeans to let his cock spring out. It is so big and hard she cant help herself. Suddenly Sophie finds herself on her knees with the throbbing head of his cock hitting the back of her hungry throat. She has never thought of him in a sexual manner, but from the way he fucks her pussy, this has been on his mind for quite some time. Sophie doesnt mind. When the dick is this good, she doesnt care where it comes from. Using the juices from her wet pussy as lube, he sticks it right into her tight asshole. She has never had a cock there before but loves the way her stepbrother bangs her butt. By the time he puts her on her knees and sprays his load on her face, she has forgotten all about the carwash. All she wants now is round two with her stepbrothers big dick.

Only Tarts - Jessie Ames - Anal Sex Bell

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Description: Jessie Ames is very curious and not very patient. When her stepbrother puts a box down near her and forbids her from looking inside, she instantly has to know what is in the box. He tells her that it is stuff that belongs to his ex. He has to give it back to her and again forbids Jessie from looking inside. It is just too much temptation and as soon as he leaves the room, Jessie opens the box and peruses the contents.

She cant believe how slutty the clothes are. She has met his ex-girlfriend and she always seemed like a bit of a prude. There is also a sex bell in the box. She rings it and is shocked when her stepbrother returns to the room angry with her. He told her not to open the box. Now that she has, she can see that he is turned on by her in the slutty clothes. How turned on? He pulls out his cock and it is rock hard. Its also huge and inches from her face. The bell is special and whenever someone rings it, he gets to do anything he wants to them. Jessie happily agrees to the terms and seconds later is gagging on her stepbrother's big cock. She knows he wants to fuck her but after a few strokes from behind she can feel him pushing into her butthole Jessie has never let a guy fuck her ass before, but she agreed to the rules and lets him slide in deep. It is a very tight fit, but he has clearly done this before and gives her pleasures she has never felt. He fucks her ass until he pulls out and shoots his load all over her. She loves being his new anal fuck toy and cant wait to do it again.

Only Tarts - Peachy Alice - Vacation Mood

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Format: mp4
Description: Peachy Alice loves her boyfriend, but she is growing frustrated. Her boyfriend is very studious and though he gives her the attention she needs, he has no time for work. Without a job and living with Alice's parents, he has no money to spoil her. All of her friends are going off on exotic vacations and she wants to go on one as well. He knows they cant afford it, but has a rich friend who might be willing to help. When the guy shows up, he has a gift for Alice that she finds confusing but intriguing. It is a pair of fuzzy kitten ears with a matching tail attached to a butt plug. She tries it on and gets so horny that she just has to touch herself. The guys walk in on her and her boyfriend is unsure, but his friend wants Alice to keep going...

If she plays with him, he will pay for their vacation. Alice is all in and bends over and takes his big dick into her pussy. Her boyfriend is jealous, but she takes his dick out of his pants and sees that he is throbbing. It is turning him on to watch her fuck another man. Alice has never had two at once, but she loves being stuffed at both ends. She has also never had a cock in her ass, but the plug has her opened up and she wants to get fucked in the ass. They pump her holes raw and then she treats them to something special. Her big tits fit perfectly around their cocks until they are both ready to unload all over her face and jugs. She cant wait to go on vacation and fuck them both every day.

Only Tarts - Alecia Fox - Your Boyfriend Doesn't Worth You

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Format: mp4
Description: Alecia Fox cant figure out her boyfriend. They have been together for a while and she takes great care of him. She is easygoing, low maintenance and loves him completely. In the bedroom, she gives him everything he wants and is always down to try new things. Even with all of this going for her, she cant seem to get any extra attention from him. When she wakes up horny one morning and starts texting him, she is upset that he ignores her messages. Upset at first, she decides to forget all about her boyfriend and hook up with a stranger using a new app. She has absolutely no trouble finding someone willing to come over and they waste no time getting to what they both want. Alecia wanted attention and this stud is happy to give it to her...

He also has a hard cock that is way bigger than her boyfriends. She is overjoyed to have that fat thing in her mouth and shows him just how good she is at sucking cock. He enjoys the head and flips her around for 69. The handsome stranger grabs her by the hips to show her just how much he wants to fuck her tight pussy. She cant believe how good it feels and drags him right into her bed so he can bang her even harder. Showing off a little bit, she spreads wide, using her gymnastics training to really impress her new playmate. Sex hasnt been this good or this much fun in a long time and Alecia enjoys every hot stroke. She sucks him again, this time letting him shoot his load all over her face. Alecia wonders if she will even miss her boyfriend when she kicks him out.

Only Tarts - Milka Way & Hot Pearl - For Onlytarts

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Format: mp4
Description: Hot Pearl and Milka Way have come up with a special arrangement with their professor. They show up once a week to have some naughty fun with him and they get passing grades without having to study. It works out well for everyone. He has some specific desires and likes the girls dressed in very skimpy and slutty outfits. The more they get together, the more they find themselves turned on by how they look and feel in their clothes. Before this semester, neither of them had been with another girl, but the Professor loves it when his two favorite student sluts play together. This has led to an awakening of lesbian desires in the two sexy coeds. As they are getting ready for this weeks session, they decide not to wait...

They get started without the professor, kissing and touching each other. Hot Pearl never dreamed that dressing so slutty would make her horny. Shy Milka Way never thought that kissing another girl would drive her insane with desire. But both are true and the girls know just how to tease and please each other. By the time he shows up, the girls are in the middle of some very intimate pleasures. He doesnt want to stop them and instead sits down to watch. The girls dont stop as he starts to stroke his cock. They love eating each other and he knows that will only make them wetter for whats to come. When they are finished they look up to find him hard and ready to fuck their willing young pussies. Just what everyone needs to make them happy

Only Tarts - Lya Cutie, Liz Ocean, Milancheek & Alexis Wilson - Solo

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Duration: 27:42
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Format: mp4
Description: Alexis Wilson and her three best friends Liz Ocean, Lya Cutie, and Milancheek hit the stores early for the big holiday sales. They spent hours going through a dozen shops and came home with bags of new outfits. One of the stores they spent time in specializes in sexy lingerie and Alexis suggests they all try on what they bought and model it for each other before wearing it for their boyfriends. Everyone is in a good mood, so they agree to try them on and Alexis is very happy with what she sees. The other girls share her feelings and they all stare awkwardly at each other for a bit. As the sexual tension in the room rises, Alexis makes the first move, grabbing one of her friends and passionately kissing her. The other girls follow suit and soon all four of them are making out and helping each other get out of the sexy new clothes they just tried on. A few of the girls have played around before, but not together and Alexis had no idea her friends would take to lesbian sex so quickly. It is a pleasant surprise, however. She had hoped to maybe get one of her friends to go along, but instead, she was getting her pussy licked by all three. The girls are just as happy as she is, taking turns making out and licking one another to climax. Their boyfriends are in for a great time when they get home with their new hot clothes, but todays post-shopping sex is all about girl time. And it is a good time to be had by all four of these horny hotties.

Only Tarts - Hot Pearl & Mia Grandy - For Onlytarts

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Duration: 01:11:42
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Hot Pearl and Mia Grandy met on their first day of college. The roommates were both very good students and came from sheltered homes. They quickly became friends and realized that they had a lot in common. Beyond their similar upbringing, both girls were very sexual with a kink for getting dressed up in super-slutty clothes that their parents would never approve of. At first, they shared outfits and helped each other perfect their naughty looks. Before long they found themselves drawn to one another. They started having dress-up dates where they would model new outfits for each other and admire the naughty looks...

Their sessions got longer and longer with several outfit changes and oftentimes were followed up by intense masturbation when they were alone. Sex with another girl was new to them both, but the sexy outfits, the forbidden naughty side, and their mutual attraction made hooking up inevitable. Their play dates have become more intense and far more frequent of late. Dressing up and having sex with each other has become the most important thing in their lives. Who needs to date when you have a perfect partner already at home? They are learning so much about each other and themselves. Playing and cumming is a lot more fun than classes. Slutty clothes and masturbation was a lot of fun alone. Together, they get to dress up, turn one another on, and then feel the warm touch of another gorgeous girl. While their studies have suffered, they are enjoying reaching new heights together. Why would they ever want to stop?

Only Tarts - Una Fairy - Anal Angel

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Duration: 48:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Una Fairy is the star swimmer for her college team. She trains hard, gets good grades, and has little time for a social life. With so much time spent around the team at the training facility, she has developed a huge crush on her handsome coach. Taking a break from her rigorous schedule, she asks him to shoot pool with her and does her best to let him know that she is interested in him. She flirts and even flashes him her tits, but he shoots her down. She is a student and he is a coach. They cannot be involved in that way. Not willing to just give up, Una breaks out a special outfit she bought just in case. She has heard that the coach has a thing for very slutty girls he meets in bars. Slipping into fishnets, heels, and a choker, she adds a special touch, a specially designed swimsuit in the schools colors. Surely the coach cant resist now. He gets one look at her body in the revealing suit and the sexy fishnets with slutty heels and he no longer sees her the same. Una knows she has him now and his dick is ready to give her what she craves. He stuffs it into her throat and is impressed by how well she sucks. Bending her over, he goes right to her ass. If she wants to dress and act like a slut, he is going to fuck her like one. She has never had such a big cock in her, but her body responds as he takes control and stuffs her holes. His aggressive thrusts match her filthy fantasies perfectly. He tosses her around, fucks her until she cant cum anymore, and then shoots his load all over her pretty face. She cant wait for their next private training session.

Only Tarts - Aliska Dark & Bella Grey - For Onlytarts

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Duration: 20:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Best friends Bella Grey and Aliska Dark are not lesbians, but they do enjoy playing with each other. When they dont have boyfriends, the two love to get together for special date nights that include dressing up in sexy outfits and trying out new toys on each other. Bella loves shopping for clothes, often choosing matching outfits that are far sluttier than anything they would wear in public or even for their boyfriends. Aliska is in charge of buying toys and lately, she has been going for bigger and bigger dongs. When they get dressed up in pink vinyl, the girls are instantly turned on just from looking at each other. Aliska tosses a massive toy onto the bed, promising to make her best friend cum hard on it...

First, it needs to get wet and does her horny little pussy. Thats what tongues are for so Bella licks the dong while her friend dives in to eat her slit. Once everything is nice and wet, she slowly slips it in. Bella cant believe how big it is and how much it stretches her tight hole. She wants to feel it from behind so Aliska holds it against her hips and thrusts in until her cute friend cums all over the toy. Before they switch, Bella lets her friend taste her cum on the head of the dong while she goes down. It is so much bigger than any guy she has ever fucked and she loves every deep, stretching stroke just as much as Bella did. After both of them have cum on the toy, they lie together in bed and finger themselves to one final climax together. Best friends really do make the best lovers.