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Description: Angelina is excited about Easter, and all she wants to do is spend it with her stepson, Rion. But Rion feels like hes too much of an adult to spend his Easters frolicking around the grassy outdoors, being cheery and chipper with his stepmom. Rions disinterest breaks Angelinas heart. Shes a smoking hot milf, after all, what stepson wouldnt want to spend time with her? Angelina is no quitter and wont take Rions disapproval lying down. If shes going to take anything lying down, its going to be a big cock.

So the sneaky Easter milf puts a little plan into action, If Rion is such an adult now, shell show him how adults hunt for Easter Eggs. Angelina adorns herself in the cutest and kinkiest white lace lingerie. She surprises Rion in bed, crawling from the bottom of the bed up towards him. She knows if she pulls down the covers, shell reveal his cock and balls, perfect! Rion is shocked, as he knows he shouldnt be getting his cock sucked by his stepmom. But its too hot to resist, and when she looks up into his eyes, hes completely captivated by her beauty. Rion had never known how badly he wanted to fuck his stepmom until that very moment. It was like having something awakened inside of him, but now, with Angelina drooling on his shaft and balls, he knew he needed her. Angelina leads Rion to the couch, and thats where their adult egg hunt really kicks off. Angelina shows off her already wet pussy. Shes been turned on ever since she put her stepsons cock down her throat, and now she wants him to take their fling all the way. The stepfamily gets down on the floor, where Angelina rides Rions cock. It feels like it was made for her pussy, the deeper it gets, the more connected Angelina feels with her stepson. Rion still cant believe hes doing something as fucked up as he is, and it will need to be a secret for the rest of his life, but for now, he just needs to focus on not cumming too quickly. Rion and Angelina have fun in various positions before Rion builds up a massive load. When he does cum, he busts all over his stepmoms sweet face. She guzzles as much of his cum as she can but lets some coat her face, too. Itll be an Easter tradition, and both will be happy to carry on forever.

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Description: Vanessa had to run away from home after her dad married an awful woman that treated her like shit. Shes been hiding away in the mall and stealing food to survive. Eventually, Officer Pounder catches her and takes her to his office for questioning. The guy sympathizes with the girls tragic story, but he has to act accordingly and conduct a thorough cavity search. Plus, he has a soft spot for young girls with untouched pussies.

After stripping her, the security guard buries his finger deep inside Vanessas snatch, ensuring theres nothing concealed inside. Noticing how awkwardly aroused the girl is, he pushes harder, making Vanessa uncomfortable and hot at the same time. After the process is over, Will tells the girl that he has security footage of her stealing and she will have to face the consequencesunless she lets him do the cavity search once more with his cock. Vanessa feels equally disgusted and attracted to the idea, so she ends up accepting it. The officer pounds the young girls pussy, enjoying the power he has over her.

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Description: Penny Barber has invited her old friend, Lexi Luna, over to her house to catch up. It's been ages since they've seen each other, so they have LOTS to talk about. After making themselves comfortable in the living room, they start dishing out all the hot gossip that they've amassed over the last few years. It turns out that they've both gone through messy divorces, which isn't that bad since they both ended up with lovely stepdaughters, whom they love dearly. The hottest piece of gossip yet, however, is that they're both currently in relationships with sugar babies!

After bragging about each other's sugar-babies for a bit, Penny reveals that HER sugar-baby stayed the night. In fact, she can hear her stirring upstairs... Would Lexi like to meet her? Lexi says that she'd LOVE to, so Penny calls her sugar-baby, Natalie Brooks, downstairs. But when Natalie comes into view, Lexi and her are shocked to see each other, since Natalie just happens to be Lexi's STEPDAUGHTER! To make matters worse, Penny's stepdaughter, Chloe Surreal, comes home from work and immediately recognizes Lexi, who happens to be her SUGAR MAMA! Oh no... this can't be happening... Penny and Lexi's sugar-babies are each other's stepdaughters! What are the odds?!

All four of them try to sit down and diffuse the situation, but it only ends up making things more awkward. Having had enough, Natalie runs off to Penny's room, with Penny following her in desperation. Lexi lingers for a moment, but then runs off to follow Penny and Natalie, leaving a stunned Chloe downstairs. But when Lexi stumbles into Penny's room, she finds Penny and Natalie making out! Wow- the nerve on these two! Things take an interesting turn, however, when Natalie invites her stepmom Lexi to join in for a threesome. It's a wild suggestion, but Lexi can't help but eventually give in to temptation... having a steamy sex session she'll never forget.

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Description: This season on Lil Sis we're running a love your family hotline hosted by love coach Alex Coal. Today's caller is Parker Ambrose, and he's got a doozy of a situation to share with Alex. Parker shares that he and his stepsister Lulu Chu got caught making out by Lulu's mom, Brooke Barclays. Brooke told Parker that she'd tell his dad and make sure he'd get kicked out of the house if she ever caught him making out with Lulu again.

The problem, Parker confesses to Alex, is that Lulu hasn't been taking the situation seriously. She's been teasing Parker with her body, flashing him while her mom is in the room. When Parker tried to defend himself, Lulu didn't really believe that his dad would kick him out. Parker decided to punish Lulu, grabbing her for a rough kiss.

The next time Lulu tried to get Parker in trouble, the punishment started with Parker eating her pussy and then having her suck his dick. Lulu had to hold the moan as she mounted Parker's hardon in cowgirl, even as they almost got caught by her mom. Parker dicked Lulu down in doggy and then flipped her onto her back to give her one final orgasm before he finished, too. Lulu still tried to get Parker in trouble by stealing his clothes, but thankfully he got out. Alex advises Parker to tell Lulu no, especially since it's his ass on the line.

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Description: Yenifer hasnt been herself since she became a mother. Shes dealing with postpartum depression and she doesnt feel as sexy as she used to. Her husband isnt fucking her and she is having trouble feeding her newborn, as her tits arent delivering as expected. Desperate to solve all her troubles, the MILF calls Mike to help her out. She needs someone who can suck her juicy nipples for milk and make her feel like a real woman again. Mike is up for the task, biting those delectable buttons to milk them out.

Horny as fuck, Yenifer thanks her male friend by sitting on his cock and bouncing like a mad cowgirl. Feeling the tip of Mikes cock pushing deep inside of her, Yenifer starts feeling her old self again, squeezing the guys dick with her pussy. Nothing like a good pussy-drill to make the Latina mom feel sexy again!

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Description: Johnny's friend owes him money. He is so fed up that he goes to Kevin's house looking for him. He's not home but his hot mom Brianna Bourbon is. Johnny is determined to get his money back so he sneaks off to the MILF's room and attempts to take money out of her purse. Brianna catches him red-handed! Even though he was in the wrong, Brianna figures they can make an arrangement that satisfies both their needs.

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Description: The best person to ask for opinions is from someone knowledgeable. Rissa May is walking around the house when she spots her sister's boyfriend, Milan, drinking coffee in the kitchen. The gorgeous brunette in a skimpy dress asks the man to help her choose what shoes to wear. She lets him look at her black stilettos and light purple high heels. Milan can't hide how much he loves the situation, and Rissa teases him for it. The naughty guy compliments the beauty's feet and keeps staring at them.

Still, he doesn't forget about the favor she asked of him. The dashing stud eventually chooses the black heels, saying they're more elegant on Rissa. Seeing the longing in the man's eyes, Rissa places her foot between his thighs. This action flusters Milan, especially since it's his girl's sister who's making a move on him. However, when he gets the hottie's permission to touch her sexy feet, all reasons fly out the window. Milan takes off the brunette babe's shoes and starts smelling and kissing her feet. He then shrimps her lovely milky white polished toes, his slick tongue dancing between her digits. After that, the lady with big tits delivers a footjob, blowjob, and rim job to the horny stud's throbbing cock and tight hole. Their foreplay continues with Milan facefucking, rimming, and licking Rissa's shaved pussy. When Rissa's hole and Milan's cock are ready, the couple proceeds to fuck in missionary. The man's hard pounding makes the busty beauty moan in pleasure. After that, the lady rides her sister's man's hard rod in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The ecstasy makes them want more. Milan continues to pound the hottie's wet pussy in doggystyle and spooning until he's almost at his climax. When he pulls out, Rissa gives his stiff dick a footjob-handjob combo until he cums. Milan's thick jizz shots all over his thigh and on the couch.

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Description: Christmas morning is always something that everyone looks forward to, but the naughty Kayley Gunner wants to make it extra special for her lover. Clad in a sexy Santa Claus costume, the blonde with big tits and a round ass waits for Donte Inferno to wake up and find her. It was easy for Kayley's husband to spot her in the middle of the living room on the ottoman, which is placed by the Christmas tree and fireplace.

Donte does not waste time beating around the bush, immediately falling to his knees and kissing her latex high-heeled thigh-high boots. Kayley helps him slide her shoes off and watches with lustful eyes as he goes on to worship her bare smelly feet, fitting as much of her toes into his mouth before sucking them. Knowing how hard he is, the daring Santa slides the pads of her feet against his bare shaft before getting on her knees to give him a handjob-blowjob and be facefucked. After sliding off the straps of her red dress, Kayley gives him a titjob with her soft jugs, then lays back to deliver a much-awaited footjob. She slides the wrinkled soles of her feet against Donte's hard cock and balls as he slides his fingers against and inside her wet pussy. He does not hesitate to lick his wife's slit, making her moan in pleasure as he sucks and rubs her clit. Eager to start their Christmas morning on the best note, Kayley gets fucked in missionary as her toes get licked and sucked. Her round ass shakes and jiggles as she rides his length in cowgirl before squealing in delight while getting rammed in doggstyle. They switch to spooning and then sideways missionary, the busty blonde rubbing at her clit as she gets fucked and her feet worshipped. Close to cumming, Donte thrusts into Kayley's wet pussy in missionary while smelling and licking her feet before pulling out and spilling his hot cream all over her dirty soles.

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Description: Claire has always had a crush on her boss, Joey. She has even caught him and his wife having sexThey have a really active sex life, so Claire thinks she doesnt really have a chance with him. One day, she drops some water on her skirt, and as she tries to use the dryer, she takes off her skirt and puts it in. Suddenly, she is stuck and she cant go anywhere. When Joey arrives, he mistakes Claire for his wife and starts to play with Claires pussy while shes stuck.

Claire enjoys the confusion in silence as she feels her boss warm fingers rubbing her snatch. Joey slaps Claires ass and lusts all over it, eager to use the babysitter as a fuckhole. Hes even surprised by how tight his supposed wifes pussy is but decides to go in anyway, drilling that hole with passion. Suddenly, Claire comes out and Joey is shocked, but the naughty babysitter swears to keep it a secret if he finishes what he started and stuffs her up real nice.

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Description: Sinatra Monroe wants to surprise her girlfriend Ameena Green with a dildo, but instead it ruins the mood! Sinatra decides to use the toy herself later while she's alone. But when Ameena gets home unexpectedly and wants to fuck, Sinatra has to hide that there's a bright pink dildo in her pussy! When Ameena finds the toy, she decides to see what the redhead likes so much about it, starting with sucking it before finding out what it feels like inside her. They take turns cumming on the toy, then 69 and trib, and Ameena thanks her GF for proving her wrong.

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Description: Whats up, TeamSkeet fans? We love a Selects update, so lets jump right into the fun! This time around, were celebrating some of our favorite riding babes moments. In porn, sometimes the best moment is when the chick climbs on top and rides dick like her life depends on it. Seeing a chicks tits bounce up and down while she rides hard is a godsend, and we knew we had to put a compilation together showing off some of the best TeamSkeet riding moments.

We have a fantastic collection of moments, so youre in for a treat with this one. See performances by Aria Valencia, Fiona Frost, Octavia Red, Sophia Leone, and more! Are you curious to see where these clips came from? Check out the full scenes here, My Eager Assistant, There Is No One Like Haley, Valentine Reversal, Sexting in Class, The Leaked Video, Two Blown Out Backs, Feelin Good on New Years Eve, Tiny New Years Eve Surprise

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Description: Still as resplendent as ever, Georgia, 28, is euphoric when she sees the camera moving towards her again! The beautiful blonde with piercing green eyes remembers her first filmed experience, during which she was able to discover unique sensations. A big consumer of sex, the sexy hairdresser now enjoys being a protagonist in her own right, in order to realize the fantasies that drive her every day. With Phil and Hiro, she wastes no time and begins her mischief in the forest, before being manhandled indoors by these two lucky studs...

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Description: Evie Christian is a cute slut with short blond hair and she's got stories. We went for a bike ride with her where she told us about herself and how much she loves to fuck. Then, we had a short interview with her while she undressed and we threw in a vibrator so she could get herself ready while we talked. After that it was dicking time, and she got eaten out and then went to town sucking her stud's dick. After a good pounding, she got a facial she loved to slurp up.

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Description: It's double trouble when hot blonde The Dan Dangler and sexy brunette Baby Gemini knock on the door of casa Cum Fiesta. These horny hotties have the password ready and are eager to cum in and get down to it. They have a chat about what gets them off before they start touching their pussies and licking each other on the couch, so it's time to call in Hollywood Cash and his big cock. Baby Gemini and Dan are happy to share!

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Description: Connie Perignon has an amazing body. Johnny Love was the lucky guy who would fuck her in this update. But first she showed off her big tits and big ass. She spread some oil on it to make it shiny and us horny. When Johnny entered he politely shook her hand. Then he licked her pussy and she titty fucked him and gave him a bj. They fucked like there is no tomorrow. Johnny knows how to use his instruments and he made Connie scream in delight. They fucked until he came all over her tits and face.

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Description: Sexy redhead Kendra Cole is playing pinball at her friends house when her friends hot dad, Vince returns home. Kendra has a massive crush on Vince and flirts with him before he heads upstairs. This insatiable slut gets her glass dildo out of her handbag and takes off her denim hotpants to play! She bends over the gaming machines and is fucking her pussy when Vince walks back in the room, catching her in the act! He questions her actions and Kendra comes onto him, hoping to make her dreams come true. This naughty nympho takes out his thick cock and slurps on it before she takes a doggystyle pounding! Kendra squirts from so much pleasure and gets both holes stuffed as they head into the bedroom to continue their fun. Kendra kneels down with her mouth open wide, ready to receive Vince s hot cum

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Description: Charlotte Lapiedra was a horny girl from Spain. She had the most amazing tits and a cute little ass. She was only 20 years old but already a big slut. She loved to fuck all day long. It was her lucky day when she met Freddy Gong. Freddy had a big dick and he knew how to use it. Charlotte was amazed how big his dick was. She was even more amazed that she could barely fit half of it in her mouth. Luckily her pussy was hungry and that dick went almost all the way. They fucked in doggy, missionary, riding and spoon until Freddy came all over her face.

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Description: Welcome to Sara Villegas' binge! The day I met this beautiful Colombian in that mythical episode of PILLADAS she already let me know that one of the things that gave her the most curiosity in life and it was a sexual fantasy that she had to fulfill, was being able to get together a lot of guys. to have a good feast of hot semen! I guess it goes without saying that the light bulb quickly went on and I told her that I would call her in a few days to organize a loving BUKKAKE for her alone!

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Description: Wearing sexy, black lingerie, stockings and heels, dirty blonde temptress Summer Vixen flirts via online livestream. When maintenance worker Richard Mann comes into her room to report an electrical problem, Summer unzips his fly and grips his big Black cock for a hand job. The slim beauty gives Richard a dynamite blowjob. Next, he nails Summer's sweet pussy from behind. 'I love being your fuckin' whore!' she shrieks.

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Description: Mia is concerned about her stepsons ability to talk to and interact with girls. Joshua is a sweet guy, but he has no game, and if thats the case, hes never going to get laid. Mia sets a plan into action and calls a friend. Mia thinks that her friends daughter, Skyler, would be a perfect playmate for Joshua. Mia sets up a date for Joshua and Skyler to mingle and see where the day takes them. However, when Mia sees just how little game Joshua has, she is forced to intervene.

Mia shows Joshua and Skyler the type of fun they should be having. Mia pulls out Skylers tits and has Joshua get down on his knees to eat Skylers pussy. But Skyler isnt the only one who should be having fun, Mia wants her pussy eaten, too. Joshua is taken aback and knows he shouldnt eat his stepmoms pussy, but the more she tempts him, the harder it is to resist. Soon, Joshua has a faceful of Mias pussy, and he laps up all the juices he can. Its a wild sensation, but he feels like hes learning a lot. Next, Mia and Skyler work together to suck Joshuas cock. They need him hard a s rock before they give up their pussies to him. Fucking Skyler is one thing, but when Mia wants a turn bouncing on Joshuas cock, he realizes again how wrong it is to fuck his own stepmom. Mia seduces him once more, showing Joshua how an experienced woman rides cock. Mia wants to make sure Joshua has the best experience, so she lets him fill up her pussy with his load. Joshua cums hard, making sure to shoot his shot deep into his stepmom. To put the cherry on top of their threesome, Skyler eats the cum out of Mias dripping pussy.