Lustery - Ariel King - Dinette Sex

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Description: Adorable kinksters Ariel King and Kirk Ryner welcome us back into their home with another fantastic sex tour, this time showcasing their kitchen. As Ariel was feeling more submissive, Kirk happily takes charge and starts eating her out on the dining room table before guiding her to her knees to suck his dick til he's ready to start pounding. Following a bit of tableto...Read more

TMW POV - Molly Devon - It's Getting Hot In Here

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Description: While Molly Devon is waiting for her boyfriend to get home from work, her flatmate decides to try out a trick that will make any girl take off the clothes. He turns on the air conditioner for heating and waits for Molly gets stuffy and she starts to undress. When Molly finally realizes what's going on, she asks him to turn the heat off, but he refuses and asks her to show him her tits. Then Molly decides to take off her shirt and show him what he wants. Now the sneaky guy cant take his eyes off Mollys naked tits, but it looks like the heat is getting to her because she doesnt mind getting completely naked and enjoying some horny and sweaty fucking.

Lustery - Irenka - In High Spirits

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Description: Whether reaching near religious levels of sexual ecstasy or flinging open the doors of sexual perception with deeply in-tune psychedelic trips, Polish lovers Tadzio and Irenka arent afraid to explore new highs together. Their energetic Lustery debut is a vigorous display of passion at its most primal full of gasps and screams, teasing bites and spit and hair-pulling...Read more

Anal Introductions - Jennifer Mendez - Busty Babe Enjoys A DP Threesome

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Description: Brunette, curvy and big beautiful tits, were of course talking about Jennifer Mendez, and today this busty beauty has come to DP Fantasies to prepare a special salad, but since her cameraman, Stanley Johnson, cant stop staring at her tits, its time to get fucked instead! Theres no better way to take a break from filming than with a deepthroat blowjob and a titfuck, and the envious Erik Everhard soon joins in on the party for a spectacular threesome that includes relentless anal and DP action all the way until Jennifers pretty face is covered in cum!

Up Close - Anna Claire Clouds - Up Close With Anna

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Description: If there's anything that could compare to Anne Claire Clouds' beauty, it's her quick wit and wacky sense of humor. It goes hand-in-hand with her eye-popping tie-dye dress, her sexy curves wrapped in layers of blue, orange, and pink that are just begging to be explored. Her scene partner, Will Pounder, asks her what her perfect day would be like, and her response is not what one would expect although it certainly gave us a chuckle. In any case, there's one thing that's bound to make this day more perfect for Anna, and that's her and Will coming together for intimate, sensual sex.

My Pervy Family - Dee Williams - Welcome To Your New New Year's Plans

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Description: Breaking up is tough, especially around the holidays. When Ricky Spanish gets dumped on New Year's Eve, he's really feeling it. His new stepmom Dee Williams can't help but notice her stepson moping around on a day he should be excited. Dee tries to comfort Ricky and asks him what's wrong. Once she's caught up, his stepmother tells Ricky that SHE can help him get over his ex. Ricky is shocked to hear his stepmother say this, but even more so when she pulls out her big MILF tits.

She feeds her knockers to her stepson before pulling his cock out and giving him a sloppy blowjob. Dee boards her stepson's dick and rides him hard with her big beautiful ass. Ricky fucks his stepmother from behind while he watches her butt ripple sway with every thrust. He does a good job and his stepmother creams and cums all over his stiff dick. Dee lets her stepson cum on her face and even in her mouth! Things are looking up, Happy New Years everyone!

Hot Guys Fuck - Brylee Summers - College Star Fucks Shy Blonde

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Description: Kolby Gigante was a star for his ball handling skills on the court, but his skills in the bedroom are unmatched! Brylee Summers has always been too shy to talk to a star like Kolby so when he approached her and asked if she wanted to film together, she lit up and said yes! There must have been more conversations behind the scenes because as soon as the scene starts, Kolby takes full control brings the dom daddy right out. Brylee's not used to feeling so small and you can tell, she clearly loves it.

Porn World - Anissa Kate, Kitana Lure & Brittany Bardot - Temptation Trilogy P1

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Description: Part 1

Raven haired hottie Anissa Kate is feeling pretty horny and gives her friend Emmanuel a call to let him know that her husband is away on business. She invites him over for some fun and once he arrives, this busty babe makes her advances and pulls out her big tits. Being married and in the same group of friends doesn't stop Anissa from sucking off Emmanuel after getting her pussy licked. She climbs on top of his shaft and rides him in the cowgirl position, then continues their illicit fling by letting Emmanuel fuck her pussy and ass in all sorts of positions! Slutty Anissa takes his load of cum in her mouth and over her big tits to finish!

Lez Be Bad - Alison Rey & Ember Snow - Tricks Of The Trade

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Description: An experienced dancer at a strip club Alison Rey is impressed with a new dancer Ember Snow's sensual moves, and invites the new dancer back to her place after their shift. They praise each other's steamy performances, and realize that they could both do even HOTTER performances if they learn each other's techniques. They teach each other some moves, grinding together and touching each other's bodies to provide guidance, until they become so turned on that they decide to take a break. They then enthusiastically enjoy some well-earned raunchy fun, tasting plenty of pussy and giving each other a delicious pounding with strap-ons.

Woodman Casting X - Lilien Ford - A Hungarian Girl

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Description: A hungarian girl, Lilien Ford has an audition with Pierre Woodman.
She will answer general questions about her life and sexual fantasies and experience.
Then Lilien Ford will undress to show her body naked.
She will be asked to show her body in doggy style and missionary position on a sofa.
Then Pierre convince Lilien Ford to have 100 real sex,and he will make her an Anal demonstration of his secret technic. She will cum like no others !
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Gloryhole - Kitana Montana - Kitana Worships One Blessed Big Cock

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Description: Kitana Montana is a 4 foot 11 inch fireball who can not seem to find enough regular dick to keep her hunger at bay. Some of her best slutty girlfriends told her about a place where she can always find enough dick to keep her happy at the Glory Hole. Her luscious voice is seductive to any man so at least a guy on the other side of the wall has a chance of resisting cumming too fast if they can't simultaneously see her curvy tight body at the same time. But our lucky man Coach Cardher today struggles to hold off many times throughout her making savage love to his Prick. She giggles each time knowing her power to make men cum at her slightest effort. But she puts his cock though it's paces fucking and sucking it with abandon until the final drop to her knees to milk that Cock onto her face and tits. With her level of passion I would not be surprised if she waited around for the next one too.

Lustery - Dana - Lather Up, Get Off

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Description: Nobody takes getting clean as seriously as Lustery couples or getting dirty, for that matter! In our latest steamy shower quickie, its nomadic cuties Dana and Kuka helping each other lather up before all the soap-slick bare skin, slippery crevices, warmth and wet take on a decidedly sexier flavor. Naturally, be the time the passionate pair are done pleasuring each...Read more

Penthouse Gold - Athena Fleurs - She Farewell Fucks Her Man

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Description: College-bound Athena Fleurs is ready to leave home, but not before farewell fucking her boyfriend Robby Echo one last time to help put him at ease. He happily fingers and licks the blonde babe's shaved pussy and gets that awesome ball-licking blowjob that he loves so much before she sits herself down on her man's huge cock for a final joyride. Then it's balls-deep fucking from the side and in doggy style before he shoots a cumload all over her curvy ass. It's all here at

Brazzers Exxtra - Kira Noir & Xxlayna Marie - New Dick Resolution

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Description: Kira Noir and Xxlayna Marie are looking to get an early start on their New Years resolution by picking up one of the men at their party. Unfortunately, they may have ruined a relationship in the process. Van Wylde and a few other partygoers find it hard to ignore Kira and Xxlayna all over one another. Who will take the bait?

Moms Teach Sex - Kathryn Mae - Ill Show You What Girls Want

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Description: When Kathryn Mae walks into her home after work, she finds her stepson Max Fills moping on the couch. She's instantly concerned. Sitting beside Max, Kathryn tries to suss out what's going on. It takes some time, but eventually Max opens up.

It turns out that Max is depressed because he keeps getting dumped. He's sure it's because he's not good at sex. Kathryn can help with that! After all, she taught Max's father how to make her cum so she can teach Max, too. She begins by saying that he needs to warm the girls up and insists he come lick her pussy. On his knees, Max lets his hot stepmom guide him through eating her out and then loving on her titties. In return, Kathyrn shows how a real woman blows a hard cock.

Kathryn isn't finished with her sex lesson yet. She slides her thong off and twerks onto Max's hardon before mounting him in cowgirl. Getting onto her knees, Kathryn gives herself to her stepson in doggy. When she rolls onto her back, she instructs him in ways to finish her off and then how to pull out and blow his nut all over her stomach. Licking Max's cum off her fingertips, Kathryn smiles with the knowledge she's been very helpful.

Shame 4K - Julia North - Good Neighborly Relations!

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Description: Some men love their cars more than their family and friends. The wife warned this man that it could end badly for him. He continued fiddling with his favorite ride and didn't notice his wife had a lover. The irony is that this young guy was sent by the husband himself to his naked and heated wife, ready to give herself to anyone with a hard cock between his legs. Did this teach our old man anything? Alas, he continued to fondle only his automobile. But maybe it's better that way.

My Daughter's Hot Friend - Krissy Knight - She Has An Oral Fixation

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Description: Krissy Knight and Monica had a party last night, and someone broke a cabinet door. Monica called her dad to come and fix it. The next day Mr. Rich got there, but Krissy was the only one home to tell Filthy what happened. After fixing the door, she asked if he could fix a wobbly table where he found a hookah pipe, and he didn't like anyone smoking, especially her daughter. She tells Filthy that she has a big problem, she has an oral fixation and needs something in her mouth most of the time, and now she wants Mr. Rich's cock in her mouth to stop the oral fixation craving.

Sneaky Sex - Zaawaadi - It's Not Cheating

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Description: Zaawaadi's husband has had enough of her spending, so he's annoyed when she didn't tell him she booked a home massage with Jordi El Nino Polla. At first he spies to make sure everything is legit while Jordi rubs her back, but once he leaves, Zaawaadi has Jordi massage her big ass, and then her tits. Zaawaadi tells Jordi to use his other massage tool, and he's more than happy to rub his cock on her boobs, booty, and clit. Zaawaadi devours his dick and then tells him to fuck her! After Zaawaadi gets her pussy massaged just like she wanted, it's time for her husband to take out his wallet...