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The couples sit down to have some snacks and coffee and stat to play around. It seems that since one couple is getting a little playful and handsy that the other sees and also does the same. Yume has such great tits that her boyfriend has his hands all over them and kisses her neck from behind. It also seems that each couple is looking at the other thinking how hot they are. Then the girls go for the dicks and pull them out to suck on them not caring if the other couple can see them sucking off their boyfriends. They can not control themselves and just end up fucking right there in the livingroom. It seems that each couple was very interested in the other as they then decide to swap partners and they end up doing a bit of swinging as each couple is now with the other partner and they just go for it and fuck. The whole event devolves into a fuckfest for all of them as they switch back and forth and even all get together to play together at one point in their now ongoing orgy.

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Later, Aliya and Mike relax in his living room, where Mike is going over all the offspring he has provided to so many women across the world. Aliya is amazed at how... busy he is. He even follows up with each and every one of them- as a licensed inseminator, he needs to keep solid records. Mike then asks if Aliya's wife will be showing up to witness the insemination, to which Aliya replies that she will not. Unfortunately, Aliya's wife is a little at odds with this entire process and would rather let Aliya take care of it on her own.

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A few moments later, everyone is seated at the table, partway through the meal. Victoria tries to smile, but it's clear she's still annoyed at being the target of Liv and Daya's teasing from earlier. When the group decides to go view an object of interest in the backyard for a moment, Victoria decides to hang back until they leave the room. She then crawls underneath the table, waiting for everyone to return. When the others return and take their seats, nobody notices that Victoria is hiding just under their noses- EXCEPT for Will and Seth, who can't help but notice that Victoria has unbuckled their belts and taken out their cocks.

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Angelo is so absorbed in the paperwork that at first he doesn't see what Serina is doing. She has time to strip out of her dress and throw it to the side before Angelo even looks up. He barely has a moment to register his hot assistant in her sheer bra and thong and her tall high heels before she is strutting across the room to shove him backwards into the couch and climb into his lap.

Since Angelo didn't get where he is by being a stupid man, he wraps his arms around the gift of Serina and goes for it. Their kisses are deep, but the just of Serina's generous breasts is a message Angelo knows better than to ignore. He relieves her of her bra and then goes to work worshipping her nipples. When Serina climbs higher on the couch so that her twat is level with Angelo's face, he gives her a good licking.

Serina isn't about to take without giving back. She shimmies to her knees in front of Angelo and unzips his pants so his fuck stick can spring free. Taking him in hand, she sucks the tip while stroking the shaft and root. Her blowjob is slow and steady, with no inch of Angelo's cock going untouched.

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Description: Kyle Nathan Bronson and his stepmother Maria Alura Jenson are kissing on the couch, when his brother Paul Tyler Cruise arrives and asks What's going on here?. They separate, and Kyle gets up, saying Oh nothing. Just teaching mom something about love. He kisses her and picks up his duffel bag to leave, and Maria asks Why are you doing this?. Because it's easy, he says insolently. I trusted you, stepmom says. You should know by now you shouldn't trust people, Kyle says.

Kyle, what did you do?, Paul asks him. Just getting a little revenge, Kyle responds and slaps Paul on the back as he leaves. I should get dressed, Maria says. What happened, mom?, Paul asks. She gets up from the couch and says to him Come with me. All right, he replies. They go to her bedroom and she takes off a blanket from the couch covering her, revealing her huge breasts bulging out of her bra, as well as her black lingerie. Paul turns away, covering his eyes, declaring Dad would never let us in here.

Dad's not here anymore, Maria says. She puts on a robe to cover herself. Are you going to tell me what happened?, Paul asks. Your brother is just like your father, she states. Yeah, I know, he replies. She exhales wearily and says Come here, taking Paul's hand. They sit together on the bed. I thought...I tried just..I don't know how to say it -I've done something terrible, she admits hesitantly. It's fine. You don't have to tell me. I know you mean well, Paul says. You're not like them, she claims. Thanks. I try, Paul responds.

I've done something unforgivable, she says. I don't believe it, he says. You promise you won't be repulsed?, she asks. You know I love you like you're my real mom, he maintains. I made love to him -Kyle, she admits wearily.Kyle, why?, he asks. Because he said it would help. He said he was open to love and that I needed to show him, she says. That asshole, Paul responds. It's not his fault, she says, placing her hand on Paul's knee. He doesn't know any better, she asserts.

Of course he knows better, Paul contends. I know better too. It's wrong, stepmom says. No, he took advantage of you, Paul claims. I can make my own decisions, Paul. I'm not some wilting flower. I mean I could have stopped it, she insists. I didn't mean to insinuate. I know you just did it out of the kindness of your heart, he says. Why are you looking at me like that? Are you mad?, she asks. I just don't know why you picked him, Paul says.

When I look at him I see your father, she explains. And what about me? I don't? Am I not good enough?, he asks. Of course you are. I love you, Paul, stepmom says. Women -they don't want men like me. They think I'm weak. They only go after guys like Kyle, who are just assholes and monsters. Why is that?, he wonders. Oh honey, you're not weak, she says, wrapping her arms around him. You are strong, you are so strong, she says. Then why him?, he reiterates.

Do you remember the first time we met?, she asks. Yeah, it was 2 years ago, I'm not sure, he says. Yeah, you were wrestling..., she begins, and Paul nods Yes. I think you were on the college team, she recalls. Yeah, he agrees. And all I remember is it was during your first match I think, and you were, you began sparring, you were up against this kid, at least that's how I remember him, and all of the sudden there was this scream. It was like the air had been sucked out of the room. He'd been injured, and there you were. You were trying to help him -you were the only one. That was you, she recalls.

Well, that was no big deal. Anyone would have done it, Paul claims. Kyle wouldn't have done it. Your father wouldn't have done it, she asserts. What about you?, Paul asks. Well I mean, I would like to think that I would have, but honestly I think I would have been scared, she concedes. I don't think I've ever seen you scared, he claims. I was scared today, she asserts. Scared of Kyle?, he asks. She shakes her head. No. I was scared of myself, she says. You're a good person, Maria, he says.

I don't feel like one, she despairs. You're the best person I've ever met, he enthuses, and leans over to kiss stepmom on the lips. She breathes heavily and then breaks away, saying Paul. Please, I've wanted this for so long. I'm not like them, he insists, as she covers her face. I'm not gonna hurt you, Paul murmurs. It's not me that I'm worried about, she exclaims.

You understand that if people find out they'll judge you forever, stepmom emphasizes. I don't care. I love you. Isn't love worth the risk?, he insists. Are you sure you understand? You'll be ostracized, she points out. We'll move somewhere where no one knows us. I mean, who's holding us back? There's really nothing left for us here, Paul says. We could sell the house, she suggests. We'll get a house by the ocean, he predicts. Yeah, I can see it now, she smiles. Yeah, he agrees and they kiss again. He caresses her breast as they embrace. Watch the taboo romance unfold