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Description: Dear Diary Guys, I am still not 100 and had a bad night. I decided to go to a hospital and do some more checking. So, for today, I gave you a special model creampie shoot that I had preserved for the FlightClub with my Thai top model that does porn, Nori. This was an awesome shoot and she looked stunning. Enjoy and dont worry about me!

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Description: Its International Day of Yoga, and fit fiances Nicole and Jonte are here to guide us in a sun salutation sequence in their bright garden. Although they have plenty of experience with meditation and spirituality, this is actually the first time theyve actually explored the world of mountain, down dog, and cobra poses. After a few run-throughs, the gorgeous lovers get so hot in the LA sun that decide to move inside and strip down for some naked meditation. Their spiritual connection soon transitions to a physical one, however, and they are soon embroiled in a tantric marathon of oral, mutual masturbation, and plenty of sensual lovemaking involving plenty of positions and two cumshots!

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Description: All the office girls are shocked when Billy walks in wearing shorts, flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt! He thought it was dress down Friday but it turns out that is only the end of each month. When boss Charlie walks in she is furious. She tells him that he either wears a suit or nothing at all and orders...

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Description: Casey Calvert, an erotic fiction writer, has never had a problem diving into the depths of human perversion. Both with her characters... and herself. When it comes to writing, she draws both from her own life experience, as well as her own imagination. And when she really wants to have a good time, she can summon an imaginary woman Kira Noir to help fulfill her every desire... no matter how wicked. As if by some magic, Kira appears before Casey. Like a tempting specter, she leads Casey to a bed. Casey's giddy with anticipation- she can hardly wait to experience the sultry intimacy that her imagination has in store for her. They have rough, sensual sex together, which includes plenty of wild and intense strap-on play and soaking-wet 69.

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Description: Anna wakes up with a kink in her back, so her mom sends her to go see her stepdad Ryan at his massage parlor Kinky Spa. When she arrives two hours late Ryan is not pleased, he doesnt want to give her massage since she fucked her last two stepdads but the girl that was going to do it is gone for the day. Anna begs him for the massage and swears thats all she wants but that quickly changes once his hands are on her she cant help herself. When a girl like that offers you her body you take it just like Ryan does giving her everything he can until he pops all over that tight shaven pussy.