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As her poses get bolder, his cock gets bigger until she cant help but notice it. She wants to take care of it for him and promises not to tell his wife. He cant resist and loves the way it feels to have his dick in her sweet mouth. Never in a million years could he have dreamed that she would be so brazenly slutty. She gives him a taste of her pussy and asks him to put his cock into her tight hole. It feels amazing as she rides him, sliding up and down until every inch is buried. She tells him that she wants him to fuck her harder than he fucks his wife. He gets aggressive, grabbing her throat and stuffing her pussy. It is better than either of them could have imagined and he explodes all over her face. He promises to keep her secret and she promises to let him fuck her any time he wants.

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Description: Back to School Part 1 The fall college semester is upon us and Rachael Cavalli is beside herself because her daughter's boyfriend, Lawson, is still in the picture. She thinks Lawson is no good and a big distraction for her daughter. She'd be so ecstatic if they broke up. So when Rachael catches her daughter fucking Lawson and sees that big dick of his, Rachael comes up with a little plan. After her daughter goes out for the night, Rachael has Lawson stop by and makes a deal with him -- if he agrees to break up with Rachael's daughter then Rachael will make sure his balls are always empty. It's a win-win for her she gets some good dick from time to time plus he's out of her daughter's life. Lawson can't turn down such a hot MILF with years of experience. He gives in so quickly and fucks Rachael on the same bed where he was fucking Rachael's daughter earlier.

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I feigned protest to my stepdaughter, while my private thoughts were more illicit. She seemed to have read my mind and teased me, licking her lips with her tongue while pressing those boobs together. She allowed me to touch them, and she touched my crotch, feeling my hardness. She promised she wouldn't tell her mom as she got onto the floor, pulled down my pants, and put my cock between those big full lips of hers. I bent her over the bed, pulled down the bikini bottom and plowed her, gripping her butt cheeks firmly in my palms as I pushed my dick harder into her youthful pussy. The view got even better when we laid in bed and she straddled me as I watched her boobs bounce up and down in my face. I couldn't hold it in any longer and came quickly after that, re-iterating this should be our secret.

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I'm at the homie spot waitin for traffic to clear out he already bounced cuz he don't give AF and finishing this blunt when dude lil sister Zerella come walking up to me smiling wit a book...

She just got outta class, I saw her come in wit her backup. Now her uniform look a lil different, I guess cuz she go to public school. But she in school, and this bitch know I finished college. I already know whats coming.

CaN yOu hELp mE wiTh mY hOmeWorK? she said. BRUUUHHHH! I spent soooo long in school I DO NOT wanna look at them textbooks again. I been working my ass off all day too, I'm tryna finish smoking and head home so I can smoke some more. Nah, I got a lotta shii to do. This bitch Zerella pretty AF but I ain't no fuqn simp. I ain't doin nobody homework. I paid my dues! And ain't shii she can say to change my mind! One thing about me is I stay busy. I'm usually always doin sumthin. I lowkey just finished up this project wit the homie at his spot.

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Description: It's just another day in the neighborhood. Like any other day Kyla is hard at work trying to keep everyone safe. Some call her a busy body and a little unhinged, but what do they know? Now she has to deal with two security officers telling her that the insane number of calls she sends to their office...

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Description: It's Saint Pattys day time! Get out the green and pinch somebody. Nikki is looking forward to doing all the celebrations until her friend calls. Bummed and in need of a wing man, she turns to her creepy roommate. He resist with an excuse that the will be meeting a girl and might get laid. Nikki knows...

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Description: Kenna James and Ana Foxxx are spending yet another night working late at the office. The same old security guard comes by to ask if they need anything, and they cooly tell him that they're fine. Once he walks away, they start bickering about him. He does this every single night, and it's clear that he's angling to get lucky with them. Little does that persistent security guard know, he's totally barking up the wrong tree.

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Description: Carmela has been working so much a lately has had much time to unwind. She is getting ready for another scene and decided to call Will over to get some of that pre-work jitters over with. Will was more than happy to give her a deep hard fucking and make her hot wet pussy squirt over and over again until...

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Description: Victoria was caught having sex with a stranger in one of the dressing rooms. The stranger made their big escape, but Officer Dorian was able to get a hold of her. Once in the office, the guard tells her to take her shades off, immediately recognizing her as the famous actress Victoria Zdrok, someone who cant really afford the bad publicity. Dorian threatens to tell the news outlets about this and to charge her with indecent exposure. Victoria begs for a backdoor exitexactly what Dorian has in mind! Anal sex is the only way Victoria can keep this incident private.

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Description: Shay has been trying to get in shape for the past year. At first she was using one trainer who was granting her great results. She then heard about another that would grant her even faster results and lived closer to her place. During one of sessions with the second trainer the first one showed up. At...