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Description: Poverty is the !m!!other of art. That's what I see every time I go around the houses I own to collect my weekly rent. Take Carol, for example. Three weeks ago I turned off her electricity for non-payment, so she got a truckload of candles somewhere and turned my house into a church. Two weeks ago, I put hungry dogs on the property. Carol fucked the butcher and now feeds doggies fresh meat every day. They've already become tame to her! Well, now I've turned off her water supply. We'll see what wins her greed or my persistence. Everyone needs money, dearie!

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Anna Claire isn't done with her naughty come-ons. She comes out and blatantly flirts with Whitney beneath the table in spite of Whitney's obvious discomfort. Oblivious, Robby volunteers Anna Claire to give Codey a massage to help him relax. Anna Claire is happy to oblige and turn her sights to Codey. Meanwhile, Robby lets Whitney know that he's aware of what she and Anna Claire did in the bedroom earlier and that he's totally down with it.

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