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Description: THE FOSTERS

18 Year Old Shy Girl is Fostered and Fucked by Overbearing Parents

SCENE OPENS on Jamie, an 18-year-old girl with a troubled past. Abandoned by a drug addicted mother when she was very young, the teenager has spent most of her life bouncing between orphanages, juvenile detention centers, and the street. She is very introverted and socially challenged, barely able to look someone in the eye when she speaks.

Out of concern, her social worker has reached out to a church program that helps integrate high risk young women into adulthood. Seated on the couch beside two parental volunteers, 'Daddy' Ron and 'Mama' Mary Foster, the social worker explains Jamie's case while they study the shy girl with great compassion. She stares at her feet awkwardly, not knowing how to react with a real family. The Fosters reassure her that they will look after her just like real parents, even joking how much they live up to their family's last name.

When the social worker seems satisfied and says goodbye, Jamie looks up for the first time, silently longing for her not to leave. Daddy Ron escorts the social worker out and Mary leans in to put her arm around Jamie. 'It'll be just fine, sweetheart!' She coos. Jamie slowly nods and pushes a smile. Daddy Ron comes back into the room and sits down, tapping his knee. 'Now you be a good girl,' he says. 'And come sit on my lap!' Jamie slowly turns her head and looks at him in surprise.


The next day. Jamie sits at the kitchen table, peeling potatoes, while Mama Mary cooks behind her. The woman is lecturing her about the family and their history with foster daughters. Life is easy going but, also, strict. There are chores to do, appointments to keep, and a firm commitment to their faith. Church four times a week, twice on Sundays, and daily bible readings. Jamie nods absently, as she struggles with the potatoes. Daddy Ron comes home from work and greets his wife with a big kiss. As they embrace, Jamie catches the man pinching his wife's behind and she blushes red. She isn't used to such intimacy. Mama tells him that dinner will be ready shortly and Daddy Ron excuses himself to freshen up. They will do their bible study after dinner.

CUT to the living room, in front of a roaring fireplace. Mama Mary is listening, eyes closed and swaying, while Daddy Ron reads a passage from the Bible. Jamie is sitting on his lap again, looking terribly awkward.

Colossians 320 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them. Children, obey your parents in all things for this is well pleasing unto the Lord. Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged. Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh not with eyeservice, as menpleasers but in singleness of heart, fearing God.

Daddy Ron finishes and asks his foster daughter what she thought the moral of the passage was. Jamie doesn't say anything. Mama instructs her to be respectful and respond. Jamie looks up at Daddy Ron and mumbles something about needing to obey your parents. Mama kisses her on the forehead proudly while Daddy smiles on. 'Time for bed,' he says to his family.

CUT to the middle of the night. The camera opens on an ECU of Jamie's face as she slowly wakes up. She lays on a small mattress at the foot of her foster parents' bed. As her eyes flutter open, the camera leans out to reveal Daddy Ron and Mama Mary fucking on all fours on the bed above her. They don't realize she is awake and she overhears them dirty talking about her. She lays, eyes peeled and nervous, as they fuck inches from her for a few intense minutes before she closes her eyes again to try and drift off.

CUT to several hours later. Jamie is screaming as Mama wakes her up. Startled and sweaty, the girl looks up to see the foster mother very concerned. 'You were having a nightmare, sweetheart!' She says, clutching her tightly. Jamie can't remember if what she saw a few hours earlier was just a dream. 'I'm scared ... can I stay with you?' she asks. Mama suggests she share the bed with her new parents. When she pulls back the covers to tuck Jamie in, Mama exposes Daddy Ron. He is lying on his back naked, with a half-erect penis, staring calmly at Jamie. She averts her eyes nervously and lays down close to Mama. There is a long silence.

'Do you want to know what I do when I'm scared?' Mama says quietly. Jamie shakes her head no. 'I cuddle up to Daddy Ron ... like this!' She puts her arms around both Jamie and Ron and pulls them all together to create a family sandwich. Jamie can feel Ron's penis brush up against her leg and it makes her feel very funny. She takes a deep breath to calm her nerves. 'Daddy is big, isn't he?' Mama continues, smiling. 'You should touch it and see how big it can get!' Jamie doesn't know what to do. She is incredibly nervous but also strangely turned on. She has never been so close to anyone before and looks deep into her foster mother's eyes before slowly nodding. She reaches her hand down and wraps it around Ron's shaft. Mamma kisses her forehead and looks over at Daddy Ron, smiling, before putting her own hand down and wrapping it over Jamie's. Together, the women slowly jerk him off. Jamie's breath quickens as she gets excited, wedged between the couple. Sensing her new daughter's quiet enthusiasm, Mama then instructs them both to perform fellatio on him. After all, the Fosters believe in traditional family values where the man of the house deserves to be taken care of. BGG sex scene. Throughout the sex, Jamie is shell-shocked but consents to everything her foster mother asks her to do, wanting to please the overbearing parental volunteers and not being able to explain her own sexual curiosities. Daddy Ron ultimately cums on her stomach, as Mama sucks it up and spits it back into Jamie's mouth like a baby bird.

After they have finished, the parents put Jamie in between them. They say a prayer and turn off the light. As they drift off, Jamie stares up at the ceiling ... her eyes peeled. The shy, introverted girl has begun a new life.

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Cory initially tries to tell Codey that he needs to go to the ER. When he refuses, she tells him that he needs to cum right away. The girls step out into the hall to wait it out, but Codey is taking forever to blow his load. Eventually, they go back into the room to see what's taking so long. Cory eventually suggests that since Tallie isn't really related to Codey, she should show some skin to help him out. Tallie agrees after a brief debate and flashes little titties. Cory pops her boobs out, too. Codey still can't cum, so the girls move on to trying their hands at jerking him off. Stroking and sucking together doesn't work, so the girls move on to more drastic measures.

Peeling off their clothes, the girls decide to try fucking the orgasm out of Codey. Tallie climbs on first with Cory's help, seating her bare pussy on Codey's fuck stick to ride him. Mommy wants a turn next, so she takes Tallie's place on Codey's man meat and goes to town while Tallie cuddles close behind her to double down on Cora's fun. The girls go down side by side on their knees next so Codey can have a pussy buffet to bang doggy style. Then Tallie lays down so Cora can feast on her greedy snatch as Codey bangs her from behind. Scooting forward, Tallie welcomes Codey back between her thighs as Cora lays down beside her. When it's Cora's turn to enjoy Codey's charms once again, she's all delighted moans as Codey brings her off. He's finally ready to blow his load, so Tallie leans in to make sure she gets her brother's love juice all over her face.

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While Kenzie is at work, Whitney discovers that Kenzie's left her cellphone at home. She's about to get ready and return it when a curious app catches her attention. She doesn't know it yet but the app allows remote control of the butt plug Kenzie's wearing. When Whitney starts playing around with the app, it has very thrilling consequences for Kenzie...

Kenzie's mind is blown when the butt plug seems to take on a life of its own in the middle of giving a presentation. She tries to hold it together as it vibrates away inside of her, although her coworkers start to get suspicious. She tries to lock her trembling knees and quiet her lustful moans but it's too much! She hastily dismisses the meeting, hoping her coworkers are none the wiser...

Not long after, Whitney arrives at the office, mischievously greeting Kenzie while waving the phone. It didn't take long for Whitney to figure out what that app was for and she had a blast tormenting Kenzie! Of course, it's all in good fun and when Kenzie says it's time for HER to do the teasing, Whitney is game.

Kenzie soon bends over the desk as Whitney dives in, playing with her ass and pussy. But true to her word, Kenzie soon turns the table so that she can play with Whitney in return. Even though Kenzie managed to avoid getting caught this time, will it really stop her from doing this all over again in the future?

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