Hussie Pass - Camila Cortez - You Have To Roll The R

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Description: Tattooed and tanlined 20-year-old Camila Cortez makes her Hussie Pass debut this week, and we paired her up with the one-and-only Filthy Rich for this week's RRRREALLY great update! During the interview portion of the program we get to know a little about the lovely Latina newbie as Johnny Robbins brushes up on his Spanglish. Camila then warms herself up by rubbing away at her clit and meaty vag. In slides Rich with some lube and before you know it, Camila is writhing away as he feverishly massages her slit...

Camila turns around and lets Rich finish lubing up her phenomenal ass, which she then twerks for us in a mesmerizing fashion Rich slides his head under Camila as she's bouncing her butt and begins to lap away at her coed cooch He turns her over and continues to munch away at her spread-eagle vagina until Camila returns the oral favor by deepthroating his stiff prick. Camila follows this up by eating Rich's ass and giving him a slippery footjob Then it's time for the fucking, where we get to see all the different versions of Camila's OH FACE She takes all of Richs big dick cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, piledriver, and doggystyle until he can hold out no longer and finishes himself on Camila's cute little face Afterwards, we caught up with Camila in the shower to see how things went... Until next time STAY SAFE! or

Jacquie Et Michel TV - Jade - A very playful slut

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Description: Sure of her beauty and crazy physique, the beautiful Jade has many suitors who dream of bringing her to their bed, which allows her to be selective. But one guy in particular interested him more than others, namely his friend Antho and his Mediterranean and macho side ... It must be said that the contrast between his blondness and his white skin contrasts with the appearance of the guy! But they obviously manage to find a middle ground, and the young lady with the superb big breasts then reveals her very playful nature ...

Yngr - Vivian Taylor - Lets A Fat Cock Explore Her Pussy On A Hike

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Description: Vivian Taylor loves to hike on the weekends, especially when she can dress up like a hot explorer and see the wilderness. She is 22 years old and wants some fat cock today deep in her throat. She sucks him off deep in the woods before going back to his place and lathering up in owl and getting pounded out raw.

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Description: Spencer Scott doesn't normally meet her fans in hotel rooms, but I'm no ordinary fan. I made her a very generous offer and she accepted. Now I want Spencer to do to me what she does to the guys in her videos. I want her lips around my cock, both of them. She happily obliges. Money really does buy happiness.

See Him Fuck - Harley King - He Likes Sluts And Whores

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Description: We have another double debut for you this week featuring a legend, 17-year industry vet Richard Mann and a newbie, 20-year-old juicy blonde Harley King, each making their 1st See HIM Fuck appearances. The scene starts with our 2nd ever pre-interview, where director extraordinaire Johnny Robbins helps us get to know a little about the Urban X Hall of Famer Richard then starts to remove his sharp blue suit, pausing when he gets to his baby blue See HIM underwear to tease his big 9-inch prick, which looks ready and raring to go!...

In slides Harley with some lube for HIM, making sure to reach around from behind to make sure Richard's rock-hard cock is nice and slick. Harley licks and sniffs both of Richard's armpits, jerking HIM off all the while. Richard takes a seat so Harley can remove his socks smell his feet, and gag on his toes Then it's time for the ass-eating as Harley licks and tongue-fucks Richards asshole in 4 or 5 different rimming positions. Richard stands up so Harley can suck and slobber on his big stiff prick before he returns the favor by going down on her so he can taste her coed coochie Then the fucking begins, as Richard positions HIMself on the couch so Harley can first ride HIM amazon style, then cowgirl, followed by some front and backwards piledriver deep-dicking and muscle-flexing. Richard puts Harley on all fours for some doggystyle action, then flips her on her back so he can choke-fuck her. Harley puts her ankles behind her ears and takes all Richard can give her until he pulls out and unloads his creamy goodness onto her eagerly awaiting face and tongue As usual, we caught up with our new friends in the shower after to see how things went... Until next time, as always STAY SAFE!

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Description: Camila Palmer and Roma Amor are two young people who love sex and who love to make a nasty GangBang Creampie. In this historical scene, they fuck all the participants until they are exhausted, and then Camila Palmer stands with her legs spread to receive all the loads of cum in her precious little pussy. Roma Amor is on her knees cleaning the youngsters' semen that spills out of Camila's pussy, and swallowing everything that falls from her cocks. Later they will change places and Roma will receive her cum in her pussy, and Camila will swallow it all, like two good little friends. Is not it wonderful?

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Description: Vanessa Vega is so stressed from work. Paperwork and more paperwork. This girl needs some relief! What is a better way than to spread open those legs and let those fingers work their magic on her clit and deep in her shaved pussy. If Vanessa is not careful she will make a mess on her chair and worse yet she may get busted by a coworker or the resident mail stud Alex...

One way to really move up in the company though is to prove your loyalty to your boss and show her you have the skills to help relieve her of that stress especially when she directly asks for the help! Take the opportunity and get that face wet with some pussy juice! Alex fucks Vanessa hard and she is so glad he stumbled in her office on that late afternoon. That cock of his will be in an office soon for her to get whenever she needs it! The mail room is no place for a man with such a hard on for success!

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Description: Oliver Davis has been living up to his name. The Legend, as we call him here, is undefeated. Today, we are going to heckle him by having his real life girlfriend ref his match. Avery Black is our guest Ref, Avery Jane is our female wrestling. Avery Black talks a lot of trash to Oliver and is cheering for Avery Jane the entire time. Oliver feels the frustration while he is trying his best to sex fight only to be heckled by the ref. Avery Jane, meanwhile, is having the time of her life. She's diving in to suck his dick when she can, she's stuffing his submission attempts and laughing at him. By the end of the wrestling, Oliver is exhausted. The Avery's have given him more than he can handle. The winner is called at the end of 3 rounds of wrestling and it's a heavy ass pounding for the loser.

Hoby Buchanon - Catalina Ossa - Needs Tanning Oil & Rough Sex

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Description: Hot Colombiana Catalina Ossa came over to tan by the pool. She says she needs some tanning oil. I tell her I'll help her put it on but don't wanna ruin her suit so she takes it off. I oil up her tight sexy body and she starts rubbing my cock. She takes it out and begins sucking it. I tell her to play with her pussy as I begin face fucking her. I tell her to look at the camera POV and slap her twice. I put my cock all the way down her throat and spit on her...

I bend her over the lounge chair and fuck her from behind. I take her inside and she gets on her knees and throats my cock and I put my fingers down her throat. I fuck her from behind on the couch and put 3 fingers in her tight pussy and stretch it. I flip her upside down on the couch and throat fuck her and she eats my ass while I sit on her face. I zoom in as she bends over me on the couch and sucks my cock and throats it. She rides my cock and I pound her pussy more. I have her sit on my face for being a good girl then take her to the bedroom for her POV deepthroat training. She rides my cock and I fuck her face in a 69. I POV fuck her from behind and creampie her tight pussy. Catalina was a good girl for Daddy!

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Description: Playful blonde Hanna Rey decides to give her lover a spicy surprise. She comes to his workplace to show the beauty of her body. She puts on a sexy lingerie set with stockings and a garter belt but forgets to put on her dress. So, when she takes off her coat and shows the beauty of her curvy body, her man forgets about all his chores and important issues. He puts away his papers and takes Hanna Rey into his strong hands. He bends down and gives beautiful blonde cunnilingus to get a deep blowjob in return. Hanna Rey could keep sucking his dick till he cums but she prefers to open her pussy and tell the dude to give her a satisfying fuck in a couple of positions right on the working table.

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Description: Liz Jordan knows how to take a big dick up the ass with a smile! This perky brunette beauty is eager as ever to get her ass plowed into a pretty gape. She sucks spits on the dick before letting it slip slide in her tight backdoor hole-- working it up to that load shes been begging for!

Pascals Sub Sluts - Gia DiBella - Does exactly as she's told

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Description: Gia DiBella is a self-described Filipina Barbie fresh out of the box as well, joining us at the tender age of 19. She's only been in porn a few months, but Gia is a natural submissive. This particular little fuckdoll gives a pitch perfect performance for us following every command, indulging every whim, and giving you, the voyeur, exactly the right amount of attention. In the interview, she tells us her best feature is her eyes. And though we wouldn't stop there she's bangin' from head to toe she definitely gives good eyes in her scene. Check it out, you'll see exactly what that means.

Bratty Sis - Paris White - Giving My Step Sister The Finger

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Description: Paris White and her stepbrother Zach Wild don't get along particularly well. They argue about everything! When they are together in the kitchen searching for a snack, they fight over the last banana. Zach thinks he has it, but in a rage, Paris smashes it before walking out with double deuces. Later, they get to the couch at the same time, which leads to a race for the remote control and more colorful insults...

Still later, when Zach walks in on Paris doing yoga, he sees that she has a big hole in her leggings. Zach points out that he can see Paris's meaty twat, and she responds by taunting him. They get back to the middle finger parade, and as Paris is hoping around flipping her stepbrother off she manages to land on his outstretched finger. She's surprised at first, but then she decides that if Zach is good for one thing it's finger fucking her greedy snatch. Zach is game, so it's not long before Paris is kneading her titties and moaning with delight. She isn't about to leave her stepbro wanting after that nice climax, so she shoves him back and pulls his pants off to reveal a big boner. Getting back to her feet, she turns around and slides down to ride the D.

Turning around as she peels most of her clothes off, Paris resumes riding Zach in cowgirl. She cools it down a hot minute as she gets on her knees and devours that cock in a sloppy BJ. Then Paris climbs onto the couch so that Zach can give it to her in doggy. Her moans guide Zach's thrusts as he gives her the harder and faster pussy pounding she craves. When Paris flips onto her back and spreads her thighs wide open, Zach slides back home to get his horny stepsis off one last time. Then he pulls out to pop his shot all over Paris's bald muff. Paris licks her fingers clean of Zach's impressive load and then instantly goes back to flipping him off to provoke him once again.

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Description: Adalind Gray has a golf cart business that she runs on the weekends to make some extra cash. She gives rides to the local community, but she's got a problem on her hands today. Her golf cart breaks down and she needs some help! Luckily, Roadside is here to give her a tow, but only in exchange for some of that fine pussy in lieu of cash payment.

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Description: Alyx Star has a pair of the hottest natural titties you have ever seen. She loves to play with her big titties and rub her nipples. She can cum all on her own just by rubbing her amazing nipples. Today she wants a big dick to stuff her deep inside her bushy pussy.

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Description: Beautiful brunettes Baby Nicols and Mina Moreno are naked, wrapped in each others arms, as Andrej Lupins hot lesbian movie Essence Of Harmony begins. Facing each other on a low bed surrounded by romantic drapes, the lovers kiss tenderly. Latina cutie Baby drizzles oil over Minas gorgeous breasts and massages it in, making her skin glisten. They press their sexy bodies together, both getting slippery with oil, hands roaming amorously. Now Baby pours more oil over Minas shaved pussy, so it floods her smooth slit. Mina moans with arousal as Baby sucks her nipples, strokes her clit and eases fingers into her slick slot, driving her wild. They grind on each other in a languid scissors position, Babys perfect ass rocking until Mina shudders through a powerful orgasm. Baby lies face down and Mina massages her peachy ass cheeks, fingering her oily pussy. Finally they sit face to face, legs entwined, and frig each other to a harmonious mutual orgasm.

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Description: Chloe Temple was getting ready to meet Brickzilla. Brickzilla whose monster cock was bigger than a brick!!! She brought a big ass glass dildo to stretch out her pussy first. Lets hope it would help a little. Then Brickzilla came. His dick was
bigger than her face, bigger than her arm, bigger than her leg!! She could only fit a small part of it in her mouth as she was sucking it. Then he tried to squeeze it into her pussy. It was stretching it so much! Poor little pussy. Meow. Then he fucker her
harder. It was hard for her to breathe. He tried to pick positions that would make him penetrate her extra deep. She was a good girl. She took it all. He came into her mouth and she swallowed it all.

Viv Thomas - Ryana & Mirabella - Right Ingredients

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Description: Gorgeous blonde Ryana is busy in the kitchen, looking irresistible in sheer white lingerie, as Alex Iskans hot lesbian movie Right Ingredients begins. Shes so absorbed in her cooking she doesnt notice her sexy girlfriend Mirabella masturbating while watching her. Ryana is startled when she catches sight of the horny brunette, but they are soon sharing a loving kiss, hands wandering all over each others beautiful body. Ryana sucks Mirabellas hard nipples and her sweetheart repays the favor, fondling her perfect breasts. Leading her to bed, Ryana tugs Mirabellas white silk panties aside and licks her shaved pussy, parting the prominent lips with her tongue so they spread open like butterfly wings. Now the curvaceous blonde goes face down ass up, inviting her lover to rub her clit and eat her pussy. Wrapped in each others arms, they kiss as Ryana fingerbangs Mirabella to a breathless orgasm. She lies back against the pillows, playing with her breasts while Mirabella fingers and licks her pussy, then encourages her girlfriend to grind on her face while she masturbates so they climax together.

Purgatory X - Chloe Amour - Beauty and the Priest Vol 2 E2

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Description: The young fiance Chloe Amour learned a lot in her first visit with Father Rock Donnie Rock but she wants to learn more to make sure shell be ready for her honeymoon night. She visits with her handsome priest, intent on convincing him that shes in need of another lesson. A hesitant Father Rock tries to resist but a Chloe-for-the-taking proves to be too much of a temptation. So the horny priest introduces his sexy pupil to the arousing pleasures of cunnilingus and the art of a good fucking!

Vixen - Kenzie Anne, Emily Willis & Alina Lopez - Breaking Through

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Description: Kenzie. Alina. Emily. Girlon girl on girl. Kenzie thinks she has what it takes to keep up with Vixens elite lineup of porn queens, but shell have to prove herself first. And Emily and Alina know just how to audition the new blonde on the block.

Hot Guys Fuck - Ty Cream - HGF Superstar Chase Arcangel Pipes Down Miss Big Booty

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Description: Damnnnn miss BIG booty! Ty Cream don't come to play honey child! Chase Arcangel is definitely an ass-man so he was licking his CHOPS anticipating this scene. Ty loves some big cock and she's got the skills on the head game and the twerk game... Ooooo! Chase knows the bigger the booty, the harder he can FUCK. Brace yourselves, these two BOTH got something to prove this scene!

Family Hookups - Katie Monroe - Busty Blonde Milf Bonds With Her Stepson By Fucking Him

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Description: Katie Monroe is losing hope, she just can't connect with her stepson. Today she decided to get him a gift, brand new gaming headphones, hoping it will help but it barely did anything, he just kept on playing his game and ignoring her. She talks to her girlfriend who had success with her stepson by... giving him a handjob! Katie's not sure but figures it can't hurt, after all they aren't blood related. She puts on some sexy lingerie and strips down in front him, he's never put down the video game controller so fast! It starts with a handjob but it doesn't take long before it turns into a blowjob, deep fucking, and his hot cum all over her huge tits!

50 Plus Milfs - Mrs Robinson - Remakes The Graduate.With A Creampie

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Description: In this cinematic tour de force, we finally find out what happened behind closed doors in the classic 1967 movie The Graduate. Of course, we know that Mrs. Robinson, played by Anne Bancroft who was only 36 at the time, has sex with the recently-graduated college student Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman who was actually a lot older than he looked. We know that she sucked his cock and gave him the fuck of his life. How do we know this when it was never shown on-camera? Well, he kept coming back for more until and this never made any sense to us he fell for Mrs. Robinson's daughter. What kind of idiot trades hot sex with a MILF for boring sex with a 20-year-old?

Well, leave it to Hollywood to fuck everything up. Once in a while, they get things right, such as in American Pie, and Summer of '42, but most of the time, Hollywood directors and producers have no idea what men want. Hmmm...deep-throat blow jobs from MILF Mrs. Robinson or Read More

Brazzers Exxtra - Katrina Moreno & Sheila Ortega - Escandalo! 3 Sister Sabotage

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Description: The beautiful Sheila Ortega is on her honeymoon with Jordi and they're over the moon. When Sheila disappears to change out of her dress into sexy lingerie, Jordi is jumped by another woman who looks very much like Sheila her man-stealing siren of a sister, Katrina Moreno!! Sheila quickly finds out about her sister's ploy and a catfight breaks out between the ladies. The sisters start competitively fucking Jordi one by one to try to win him over. Will Jordi stay with the true love he just married or can the evil Katrina steal Sheila's man away? Find out on this week's episode of Escndalo!