Mommy's Girl - Kendra James, Nina Elle & Haley Reed - 2 Too Many Honeymoons!

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Description: Kendra James is having a hard time finding the perfect wife. Nina Elle is her FOURTH wife and they are about to have some romantic time to themselves on their honeymoon, although Kendra is nervous. Kendra's brought her stepdaughter, Haley Reed, along but is worried that it will drive a wedge between her and Nina, just like it has with her past wives. But unlike her past wives, Nina genuinely doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

They start to get frisky, though are soon interrupted by Haley. Like usual, Haley wants ALL of Kendra's attention for herself. Kendra is even more worried now, especially when she starts explaining to Nina how Haley usually only calms down after having sex. But unlike the wives before her, Nina invites Haley to join them for a threesome with open arms -- there's plenty of love to go around for EVERYONE.

It looks like Kendra FINALLY found the one!

Mad Fuckers - Kendra James & Indica Monroe - Robbed Of Her Dignity

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Description: Indica Monroe has broken into a house and creeps through the master bedroom. As she looks for things to steal, she appears unsatisfied until she notices a box of jewelry. She grins, knowing she's hit the jackpot. She fills her knapsack but stops when she stumbles upon an exquisite engagement ring. Mesmerized by it, she attempts to put it on her finger when she accidentally drops it under some furniture. She bends down to try and grab it and ends up getting STUCK. She tries to wriggle free, but it's no use. She's not going anywhere.

To make matters worse, Kendra James, the homeowner, arrives. She makes her way to the master bedroom and recognizes Indica stuck under the furniture. Perplexed, Kendra privately makes a phone call to Indica's parent. When Kendra tells them about the situation, the parent bitterly expresses that they want nothing more to do with Indica and that Kendra can do whatever she wants with her.

Though Kendra remains perplexed, she decides to confront Indica without revealing the conversation she just had. Indica pleads innocence, but Kendra notices Indica's knapsack filled with her jewelry. It becomes clear to her that Indica was stealing. Kendra manipulates the situation, saying she will call Indica's parents unless they arrive at an arrangement. Indica falls right into her trap by saying that she will have sex with Kendra in return for her silence.

With Indica still being stuck, Kendra begins to spank her while pulling her shorts like a bridle. She then removes Indica's shorts and continues to spank her now bare ass, after which she rims and anally fingers her. Kendra then gets fully undressed and scissors Indica from behind.

Kendra finally helps Indica get un-stuck, but the fun isn't over. Kendra fully undressed Indica, lies her on her back, and facesits on her. Kendra then slides down between Indica's legs and eats her out while fingering and occasionally pussy-slapping her. Kendra then gets Indica to suck on her breasts before shoving her face between her legs from some cunnilingus. Indica's face is covered in Kendra's juices as they kiss deeply, before getting into a 69 position. They climax together.

Indica may have done a good job at pleasuring Kendra, but will it be enough to wipe her slate clean?

My Family Pies - Talia Hanson - Scary Movie Night With My Stepsister

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Description: Codey Steele and his stepsis Talia Hanson are having some stepsibling bonding time watching a scary movie. Codey handles the jump scares better than Talia does. As the movie goes on, Talia inches closer and closer to Codey's strong presence. She grabs his hand, then later falls into his lap to hide her face between his legs. Codey has always known his stepsister is hot, but having her face down on his dick gives him an instant boner. When Talia notices, she freaks out and storms out of the room, leaving Codey confused.

Later, Codey barges into Talia's room to talk to her. Talia is in the middle of changing, so she whips around in just a thong with her arms covering her tits. Even as she once again loses it on Codey, Talia begins to feel badly for how she's treating him. He turns as if to go, but Talia stops him and claims that they should talk about what has happened so it's not awkward. Talia goes on to say that it's only natural for a guy to get hard when a girl lays her head in his lap. She has him sit down on the bed so she can demonstrate, which just embarrasses Codey further. Once Talia feels her steprbro get hard, she tells him she doesnt want him to leave with a stiffie and get blue balls. She helps him out by letting him feel up her tits and stick his hand down where panties before dropping to her knees to give him a blowjob.

It turns out that Codey actually has a really nice cock that Talia wants to enjoy a lot more than just a BJ. She gets on her hands and knees in bed and invites Codey to take her from behind. Next up, Talia wants to ride the D. Codey is happy enough to lay down and let his stepsis go to town in reverse cowgirl. Dropping onto her back with Codey settled between her thighs, Talia moans as her stepbrother reenters her and goes back to thrusting for both of their pleasure. The position lets him knead Talia's bouncing titties as he fucks her. It feels so good that Codey gives in to Talia's insistence that he cum, glutting her with a creampie in the process.

Devil's Film - Madi Collins - Swapped For A Younger Lover 1

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Description: John Strong has his eyes on a stunning younger woman, Madi Collins. The problem is, they're both married! That's when he gets in contact with Madi's husband, suggesting that they swap wives. Although the husband is unsure at first, he's soon convinced since he wants a piece of John's wife for himself. When the husband brings Madi over, he soon leaves her with John. Madi is unsuspecting at first, although John soon makes it very clear what's going on... When Madi learns that her own husband is likely fucking John's wife as they speak, she decides she's going to make the most of the situation herself!

Simply Anal - Antonia Sainz & Ella Martin - No Title

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Description: Gorgeous babes Ella and Antonia are feeling super horny and immediately kiss on the airbed in the loft. They lick each others nipples and strip naked while Ella rims Antonia's tight ass with her tongue! Using a sex swing, these horny girls enjoy some pussy licking and ass fingering fun! Ella gets her turn and her ass is fingered hard while is gets nice and loose, ready for what awaits for her! Using a big green dildo, Ella slides it into Antonia's ass while she masturbates at the same time. Ella gets treated to a big red jelly dildo. Both girls absolutely enjoy their girl-girl ass play and we loved filming their connection!

My First Sex Teacher - Dee Williams - Sexy Milf Professor Has Revenge Sex With Her Student

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Description: Professor Williams is dating another professor on campus but one of her students, Brick, knows a big secret! He tells Professor Williams that he saw her boyfriend fucking another professor. She's livid and now she wants revenge by fucking her student.

My Younger Lover - Aaliyah Love & Samantha Reigns - More Than One Way To Get An A

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Description: Aaliyah Love is tutoring her young student, Samantha Reigns, for an important biology test the next day. Though she tries to keep Samantha focused, the student can't seem to stop staring at Aaliyah seductively. Seeing that they aren't making any progress on the course materials, Aaliyah puts her papers down and asks Samantha why she can't seem to focus.

Samantha opens up to Aaliyah, admitting that she finds her tremendously pretty. She just can't focus when Aaliyah's beautiful face is across from her. Samantha has been thinking a lot about girls, and she knows that Aaliyah has experience with lesbian sex, so she wonders if Aaliyah could teach her a few things. She is her teacher, after all.

Aaliyah protests slightly, reminding Samantha that she's almost twice her age. But she also remembers being Samantha's age and not having anyone to guide her. She made a lot of mistakes, and maybe she can keep Samantha from making the same ones herself. After a bit more convincing, Aaliyah agrees to guide Samantha in a lesbian sexual experience, right there on the couch.

Whether Samantha aces tomorrow's test or not, she'll definitely know a lot more about biology after Aaliyah's through with her. A scene from My Younger Lover.

Penthouse Gold - Leigh Raven - Tattooed Babe Begs For BBC

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Description: One look at the array of tattooes that decorate Leigh Raven's sexy body, and it's obvious that this former Penthouse Pet of the Punks and Outlaws issue is clearly badass. If anyone is going to subdue this touch chick and have her begging for more, it's black masseur Isiah Maxwell at the kinky spa. Watch this premium interracial porn scene quickly go from a relaxing massage to a gagging blowjob and hardcore fucking until the petite inked babe has her neatly trimmed pussy sprayed with BBC cum.

Dick Drainers - Mia Kay - Mia Learns Not To Hook Up With Strangers Online

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Description: Mia Kay is sooooo excited! A couple of weeks ago, Mia downloaded an app to talk to cute local boys. Her parents DO NOT know about this and would absolutely flip if they found out! They don't think Mia is old enough to talk to boys.

But Mia thinks she's old enough for anything. She just started driving, college applications are around the corner...she's a big girl now. She can handle talking to boys. In fact, she's been talking to this one guy for the longest. His name is Branden and he's sooooo cute. He's from Greenwich, Connecticut, 6'1, blond, blue eyes and he surfs and plays Lacrosse! He's so dreamy!

He's been wanting to see Mia for the longest, asking her to come see him but its always in this part of town where her parent's told her never to go because it's too dangerous. Mia's wondering why Branden is always over there he says that's where his friend lives but it makes him even more exciting to her!

Today they don't have to worry about meeting spots tho because Mia's parent's are out of town til she's going to be all alone. Perfect time to send Branden her address! She's so excited to see him!

It's going to be really, really exciting. Because Branden...isn't who he seems. He's not from Greenwich. He can't surf. He doesn't know what Lacrosse is. He's not blonde. His eyes aren't blue. His eyes are black...just like the rest of him...including his FAT...THICK...SWOLLEN BLACK DICK. Branden's been waiting a long time to meet Mia. He loves little snowbunnies like Mia. Pretty faces...soft skin...tight WET YOUNG PUSSY. Yea Branden can't wait to introduce himself to Mia...every single inch

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Description: Looking at Liz Jordan you know she is 1 hot fuckable anal treat. Shes so fucking horny she doesnt even want it anywhere but in her sweet supple ass! She gets as naughty as ever stuffing that cock down her throat! She gets it hard so she can then stuff it into her gaping ass! Liz loves a good hard cock up her ass so she can cum home with a smile!

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Description: Daisy Ducati strips and teases in her beautiful lingerie, and sexy sequined boots. She lures her submissive, Skylar Snow inside. She guides Skylar through an exploratory anal session with ass toys and vibrators alike. Both babes take turns in each others holes. Daisy delivers a hard ass pounding to Skylar with a huge strap-on dildo. Skylar loves the feeling of her ass being filled so much that she squirts all over the floor. Daisy creates a gigantic geyser of squirt as she reaches climax while vibrating her clit.

Pascals Sub Sluts - Taylor Nicole - Rough me up, consensually of course

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Description: Taylor Nicole is porno as fuck. She nonchalantly chats about her aspirations for double anal penetration as if she were at a fancy dinner party. She was previously a fetish event planner, orgies, gang bangs, whatnot, and she carries herself in the way a celebrity wedding planner would super confident and knowledgeable without bragging. Taylor brought her own toys for the shoot and she puts them to expert use. While she's showcasing them in the interview, watch how deftly she pops a dildo into her mouth it's seamless in the way only a true slut can pull off. She also prefers anal to vaginal, and you can tell why in the scene with Richard. With vaginal, Richard seems like a little much for her, but when they switch to anal, it's more like Come on in!

Fake Driving School - Adriana Rys - Changing Gears And Sucking Cock

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Description: Adriana Rys had her exam in two days, so we got into the Mean Orange Machine for her final lesson. She was doing very well, and I was very horny, so while she drove, I took out my dick and hid it behind my clipboard as I wanked myself. I asked Adriana if she had a boyfriend, and she informed me she liked sex too much so she did not do the whole monogamy thing. I took a risk, and put her hand on my cock. To my delight, she took over stroking it. We pulled over and she gave me a sloppy blowjob, then she climbed on top of me and took my dick in her pussy. She bounced her big ass on my cock, then we fucked missionary. Finally, I pulled out, and came on her pussy!

My Babysitters Club - Mia Kay - Please, Mr. Miles

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Description: Mr. Miles hires Mia Kay as a babysitter and instructs her to take care of his son Jimmy while hes at work. After Mr. Miles leaves, Mia makes sure that Jimmy is still napping and heads over to the main bedroom to send nudes to her boyfriend. Unfortunately, she accidentally sends them to Mr. Miles instead, who rushes back home to scold Mia about it. Mia begs him not to tell her parents about it, and Mr. Miles agrees, but only if she lets him have his way with her!

Big Tits At School - Scarlett Jones - Cheating With The Cheater

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Description: College girl and unrepentant cheater Scarlett Jones has an important make-up exam, and she shamelessly decides to cheat, sneakily writing the answers on her tits. As soon as Professor Danny D has his back turned, Scarlett pulls out her tits and sneaks a peek at her answers. Danny ends up catching her red-handed, but hell soon find himself getting seduced by his horny student and fall victim to her thirst trap, leading to intense classroom sex!

Zebra Girls - Hazel Grace, Jessica Starling & Naomi Foxxx - What Really Goes On In A Model House

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Description: What really goes on in a model house? Good question. After all, we see them on tv all the time. Young adults locked in a house with 24 hour cams running to broadcast their fights and loves. Such drama. Trust me there is. All these young models come to LA to shoot tv shows, modeling, porn etc and they get tossed into these houses where they pay for a bed for the week, month,whatever. Shit goes down. Take young neophyte Jessica. Blonde,
sexy and a newbie hoping to break into porn and be something. She hails from the mountains of Canada and has never been to the big city before. Now she starts her first week in porn and she is booked in lesbian scene. Oh my god, Jessica has never been with a woman. She has never had her nose buried in snatch. This can be traumatizing for a young girl. Lucky for her a couple of hot black girls at the model house are more than happy to let her try their pussies out. Get your tongue in here girl, we will show you the way. This is a teary eyed cumming of age story that is sure to melt even the most jaded of hearts. Jessica gets to bond with two of her new short term roommates, Naomi from Jamaica and the Southern Belle Hazel Grace. Soon Jessica discovers what all girls discover when they move to LA. All girls are lesbians deep down inside.

Hot And Mean - Alexis Tae & Nicole Kitt - Workaholicked By Her Girlfriend

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Description: Petite Alexis Tae is dating a total workaholic, all Nicole Kitt ever thinks about is work, work, work! Alexis is sick of it and hatches a plan to keep Nicole all to herself. Gorgeous Nicole is running out the door when horny Alexis pins her down and handcuffs her to the bedframe! Nicole can forget about that morning meeting, her schedule is going to be filled with pussy instead. Alexis finally gets some uninterrupted time with Nicole in the sheets, and Nicole learns to give in to her most carnal instincts!

Rk Prime - Luna Roulette - Toes Tease

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Description: It's all for you as gorgeous Luna Roulette does a slow, sexy tease in her bright red lingerie and her sexy stockings. Luna makes sure to give you a good look at her feet before rubbing your bulge with her toes, then taking out your cock and giving you a foot job! Luna oils up her big tits and rubs her pussy, then eagerly fucks you till you cover her pussy with cum and asks for more! Luna rides your cock then moans as you fuck her deep, and she wants your second load all over her pussy too!