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Samantha Reigns

Teens Love Anal - Samantha Reigns - Butt Plug Pleasure

File: ifcphnateloansamreiawemu6lxna.mp4
Size: 1.91 GB
Duration: 59:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Samantha is feeling horny so she starts masturbating but after a while, she realizes shes having trouble cumming. After looking up How to cum online, she ends up ordering a few butt plugs! Samantha then is thrilled to lube her asshole and try out her new naughty toys. Her boyfriend Clarke gets home and finds Samantha plugged and ready for him to help her cum!

Perv Driver - Samantha Reigns - You Drive Me Crazy

File: byu2rnapedrsamreiz2yxyeksfb.mp4
Size: 3.99 GB
Duration: 01:09:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Marcelo has not been loyal to his girlfriend, Samantha. When she pours her heart out to the driver, Calvin, he suggests maybe evening the score and giving Marcelo a taste of his own medicine. Intrigued, Samantha is up for anything and lets Calvin fuck her in the back seat. Samantha desperately needed a good fucking, and she loves every second of Calvin pounding her eager pussy.

Blacks On Blondes - Samantha Reigns - Samantha Answered An Add To Enroll Into A School

File: 2jffmnablonblsamreispfcsuynrq.mp4
Size: 3.08 GB
Duration: 43:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Samantha answered an add to enroll into a school to further her education in the sexual arts of becoming a porn star. Isiah Maxwells School For Future Gifted Porn Stars. Isiah is the Dean of this school and also is here to figure out what girls need to learn more of for girls future careers in porn. Samantha came in super exited to pick her classes with Isiah. So Samantha and Isiah got started on the chore of her try out to see what classes she needed. Samantha sucked Isiah's dick
with lots of drool and was deep throating him like a champ. Then Isiah proceeded to fuck Samantha as he was taking notes on what classes he could place her in. Deep throating AP classes was a for sure class she qualified for. Then she qualified for deep picking 101. Then when Isiah finish off on her face, he knew she would be a great candidate for facials 101. After all was done Samantha was accepted into the school and all was good with the world.

Evil Angel - Samantha Reigns - Next Gen Anal, Facial

File: cupxknaevansamreiymwl2tcsfi.mp4
Size: 2.41 GB
Duration: 52:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Young sex starlet Samantha Reigns wears fishnet stockings and skimpy swimwear in a sassy opening tease. The pale vixen flaunts fleshy tits and a round rump, stripping and posing to start. Samantha shows off for co-directorkinky MILF Francesca Le, touching her twat as Francesca frisks her from behind the camera. When co-directorstud Mark Wood enters view, Samantha opens her mouth widely for his big cock, drooling and choking as she gives a nasty blowjob. Raunchy cocksucking leads to intense, doggy-style pussy fucking. Samantha moans as Mark plows her cunt. Next, she spreads her thick butt cheeks for anal reaming! Hardcore sodomy includes rowdy backdoor riding, spit-soaked ass-to-mouth fellatio, and lewd rectal gaping! Samantha farts when she spreads her sphincter. Finally, she takes a messy cum facial.

Girls Way - Samantha Reigns & Spencer Bradley - The Plumber's Apprentice

File: b6yzgnagiwasamspeuixvewucvy.mp4
Size: 944.63 MB
Duration: 32:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: A plumber, Hazel Paige, arrives outside a client's home along with her apprentice, Spencer Bradley. Hazel warns that this particular client's family has a bratty 18-year-old, Samantha Reigns, and instructs Spencer to keep Samantha at bay so Hazel can get her work done in peace. Spencer promises to remain professional, but when Samantha opens the front door to let the plumbing duo inside, Spencer is awestruck by her beauty...

Samantha leads them into the kitchen, where Hazel begins fixing a leak under the sink. While Hazel is busy working, Samantha starts making lewd gestures and suggestive comments to Spencer, who tries to resist temptation and stick to her job by handing Hazel tools when she asks for them. However, Samantha turns up the heat by flashing her breasts and then masturbating for Spencer, who becomes so enticed that she finally gives in. As Hazel works, Spencer touches Samantha's breasts, and then Samantha eagerly eats out Spencer's pussy.

Eventually, Spencer ends up so distracted that she hands Hazel the wrong tool. Oops! Hazel comes out from under the sink to see what's going on, and catches the naughty duo in the act. Hazel is furious and tries to fire Spencer, but Samantha fires HER instead. After Hazel leaves in a huff, Spencer and Samantha go back to having fun, touching and tasting each other in various positions. This is not how Spencer expected her apprenticeship to work out, but with pleasure THIS good, she's certainly not complaining!

My Younger Lover - Aaliyah Love & Samantha Reigns - More Than One Way To Get An A

File: e59aknamyyoloaalsampvbtjhptgl.mp4
Size: 1.15 GB
Duration: 38:05
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Aaliyah Love is tutoring her young student, Samantha Reigns, for an important biology test the next day. Though she tries to keep Samantha focused, the student can't seem to stop staring at Aaliyah seductively. Seeing that they aren't making any progress on the course materials, Aaliyah puts her papers down and asks Samantha why she can't seem to focus.

Samantha opens up to Aaliyah, admitting that she finds her tremendously pretty. She just can't focus when Aaliyah's beautiful face is across from her. Samantha has been thinking a lot about girls, and she knows that Aaliyah has experience with lesbian sex, so she wonders if Aaliyah could teach her a few things. She is her teacher, after all.

Aaliyah protests slightly, reminding Samantha that she's almost twice her age. But she also remembers being Samantha's age and not having anyone to guide her. She made a lot of mistakes, and maybe she can keep Samantha from making the same ones herself. After a bit more convincing, Aaliyah agrees to guide Samantha in a lesbian sexual experience, right there on the couch.

Whether Samantha aces tomorrow's test or not, she'll definitely know a lot more about biology after Aaliyah's through with her. A scene from My Younger Lover.

True Anal - Samantha Reigns - Samantha’s Anal Reign

File: quy9pnatransamreitc4csiaskh.mp4
Size: 1.66 GB
Duration: 45:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It always feels good when a big bottomed babe like Samantha Reigns opens up her booty for some heated anal fucking! This slut will have you ready for action as she strips down to show off her goods. She perks her ass up when she gets that dick injection! Samantha opens up, gapes it good gets that hot creampie deep inside her throbbing ass!

Teeny Taboo - Samantha Reigns - Creampie Step-Daughter

File: sx2bgnatetasamreipi7369lo8o.mp4
Size: 1.99 GB
Duration: 37:37
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Samanthas stepdad had naughty intentions when he set up a staycation for the two of them. He couldnt be sure she would reciprocate his affections even though she had been flirting with him since he moved in. After they went to bed, he decided to find out if she was up for more than just teasing, and it turned out she was up for way more. He ended up shooting his load in his step-daughters tight little 18 year old pussy, and she loved every minute of it.

Will Tile XXX - Samantha Reigns - Bad Medicine

File: k4qcznawitixxsamreitq6nyhmf4i.mp4
Size: 1.35 GB
Duration: 31:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Samantha is having trouble with her body. She just cant stop having a wet pussy and being constantly horny. Its gotten to be a problem when she masturbated twenty seven times in one day. Now she is at the hospital seeing if she can get some relief from her issue. With a little help from Nurse Tile...

Swallowed - Samantha Reigns & Lolly Dames - Samantha and Lolly Aim to Please

File: bltainaswasamlolhdgv7igkwm.mp4
Size: 1.55 GB
Duration: 42:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Meet Samantha Reigns Lolly Dames, 2 very enthusiastic dick suckers who aim to please! This big tit duo keep a healthy rotation of slurping, gagging choking on dick with their slutty mouths or their big, bouncing tits! Either theyre tonguing each other's asses or their scarfing down on balls. When it comes to dick sucking dream teams, these 2 swallow the competition!

Strippers In The Hood XXX - Samantha Reigns - No Title

File: 5upahnastinthhoxxsamrei6oaixprcki.mp4
Size: 651.23 MB
Duration: 32:51
Resolution: 852x480
Format: mp4
Description: Today S.I.T.H.XXX brings you the pretty red head Samantha Reign. Watch how we have a breif discussion with the shapely Samantha Reign before her BBC stripper arrives. When Samantha Reign greets her BBC stripper at the door and he sees our pretty, shapely client he stares at her sexy body before heading into the bathrrom to get changed. After getting changed Samantha Reign's BBC stripper appears from the bathroom as Samantha Reign stares at her strippers BBC and muscular body wrapped in his unique outfit...

Samantha Reign's BBC Stripper starts off her show by relaxing her by grinding on her sexy, shapely body before laying her on her back and sucking on her pussy as she cums on his mouth. Then Samantha Reign peels her strippers BBC from his g-string so she could feel his rock hard BBC in her mouth. After Samnatha Reign pleases her BBC stripper with her mouth he lays her on her back so she could stuff her strippers BBC in her tight pussy as she submissively takes every inch. After pumping open her creamy pussy with his BBC Samantha Reign's BBC stripper commencing to slam fucking her creamy pussy until her explodes his cum all over her ass!!!

True Anal - Samantha Reigns - Samantha’s First Anal

File: khwqsnatransamreifprzhrbz7e.mp4
Size: 1.39 GB
Duration: 38:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Samantha Reigns is revved up ready to get her luscious ass banged out! This beautiful babe loves anal any time she can have it, so shes here for it! She gets the dick prepared with a killer bj then she rides up on it for a perfect gape! You better believe she gets the anal dick drilling she came for!

Naughty Mag - Samantha Reigns - Samantha Loves Dick

File: 4nw8hnanamasamreiyito8mlx2r.mp4
Size: 1.76 GB
Duration: 33:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Samantha is a redheaded cutie originally from South Carolina but now living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She goes swimming every day, likes pole dancing to keep in shape, and she's a total horn dog.

Samantha told us that she loves masturbating. I make myself cum probably twice a day. I'll slip in a buttplug, have a dildo or something inside my pussy and another toy vibing on my clit. It's sensory overload, but that's how I have the biggest orgasms.

As much as I love my sex toys, nothing can replace a cock. The look and the feel of a real, live dick is irreplaceable. My favorite part of fucking is the cum shot at the end. I love watching hot cum shooting out of a thick cock. It's especially nice when the guy is kind enough to coat my titties. Read More

Innocent High - Angel Youngs & Samantha Reigns - The Brunch Club

File: esodsnainhiangsamv3a9xawge5.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 39:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rebel school girls Angel Youngs and Samantha Reigns get put in detention, supervised by nerdy professor Bobby Beefcakes. Mr. Bobby has a hard time keeping the girls quiet, so he threatens to use a paddle on them if they keep disobeying. But these kinky girls actually like the idea, and start coming on to Mr. Bobby, taking charge and sucking his cock dry!

Teamskeet Labs - Samantha Reigns & Maya Woulfe - Concept: Current Events

File: yx1oknatelasammayqzigqrgbtj.mp4
Size: 2.76 GB
Duration: 32:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What is Current Events? These are scenes based on the latest popular events happening in the world. Things that everybody is talking about, will take a sexual turn for everyones amusement. In todays update, Zac Wild plays the part of Jeff Bezos who is holding auditions to choose a girl to go to space with him on his rocket ship. First he interviews nerdy girl Samantha Reigns who cant seem to stop talking about the science of rockets, which is not exactly what Jeff was looking for. Next, he sees the beautiful Maya Woulfe who fully understands that in order to ride Jeffs rocket he must first ride Jeffs rocket. Jeff immediately puts Maya to the test and after a good fuck sesh, concludes that shes the chosen one to go into space with!

Nympho - Samantha Reigns - Insatiable

File: xurqinanymsamrei738qiathun.mp4
Size: 1.78 GB
Duration: 48:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Samantha Reigns wants to get her pretty shaved pussy filled drilled with a big, fat cock! She loves playing with herself, but she loves playing with a cock down her throat up her cunt even more. This playful kitty gets stuffed to the max screams with delight as she cums over over, getting a thick creampie in the end!

Mommy's Girl - Natasha Nice, Hazel Moore & Samantha Reigns - Asking The Right Way

File: nmtttnamoginathazsamaj5zuqlt1r.mp4
Size: 1.65 GB
Duration: 40:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two teen friends, Samantha Reigns and Hazel Moore, want to go on a fun road trip together. Unfortunately, Samantha's stepmom, Natasha Nice, is too afraid for their safety and doesn't give Samantha permission to go, which means BOTH of the friends are stuck.

After Natasha leaves, the teens are bummed. However, it doesn't take long for them to hatch a mischievous plan to win Natasha over... and they soon eagerly make their way to Natasha's room.

Once inside, they get back to trying to convince Natasha to let them go on the trip. THIS time, however, they're playing dirty. As they start begging, they BOTH start calling Natasha 'Mommy' which catches Natasha off-guard and makes her unexpectedly flustered. It's obvious to see that their begging, mixed with them calling her Mommy, is stirring something inside of her... but then the teen friends push her even further!

The teens begin lamenting about what they'll be missing out on, like cuddling up together during cold nights or giving each other massages after a long drive. The more they talk about getting physically close, the more flustered Natasha becomes. Now Natasha can't keep her eyes off them and her attempts at protesting are feeble.

Seeing Natasha's willpower crumbling, Samantha and Hazel know that now is the time to strike! They make Natasha a sexy offer if she lets them go on their fun road trip, then all THREE of them can have fun right now!

Bad Daddy POV - Samantha Reigns - Step Daughter On A Mission For Dick

File: saomrnabadaposamreir5a6zthxwk.mp4
Size: 1.05 GB
Duration: 18:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Chubby redhead, Samantha Reigns, is chilling on her bed when her horny stepfather enters her room. The tight white tank top and blue shorts she's wearing made the lustful old man aroused. He wants to fuck his irresistible stepdaughter right there and then. Samantha is not against the idea because she is feeling a little horny herself. The sweet girl gets down on her knees and starts sucking her stepdaddy's throbbing cock. She uses her soft lips and warm tongue to tickle every inch of his dick until it's all wet and ready...

After slobbering the huge cock, Samantha bends over on the bed. She sticks her thick ass out, tempting her stepfather to fuck her from behind. The horny old champ shows no sign of hesitation as he slides his hard cock into his stepdaughter's wet cunt. Samantha looks back at her stepdaddy as he pounds her pussy from behind. Her teasing eyes make her stepdad hornier. He pounds his cock faster and harder into her pussy in the doggy style position before letting Samantha ride him cowgirl style. Samantha's big tits graciously dance while she slides up and down the big cock. She spreads her legs wide while rubbing her clit, making her stretched out pink pussy more visible for her stepfather. The two change their position to missionary. The aggressive old man plays with Samantha's huge breasts while relentlessly sliding his cock in and out of her shaved cunt. Samantha can't help but moan out loud as she cums over and over again. After a few intense pounding, her stepfather feels that he is also about to cum. He lets Samantha suck and jerk off his cock before unloading his warm cum all over his stepdaughter's cute face. Samantha gives her stepdaddy a warm smile as his cum drips down from her face onto her big tits.