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Dick Drainers

Dick Drainers - Jessica Marie - Teaching My Racist Tutor To Watch Her Fuqn Mouth

File: uc6ranadidrjesmarqtej8bnvig.mp4
Size: 3.16 GB
Duration: 51:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Why should we have to go to class if we come here to play basketball! We ain't come to play SCHOOL!!! I ain't tryna be no doctor, I'm goin to the league And wit all the bread we make for these schools they at least shouldn't be forcin niqqas to study they ass off all the time! We got games to play!

But this Academic Advisor we got over here said I ain't gonna be able to play if I don't pass this fuqn test So they got me a tutor. And get this. They got me a tutor who still in high school Bitch look like she just started there too. Wat this lil ass girl gonna teach me??

Good ass question rite? I ain't kno how good of a question until this lil girl tried to explain this shii. She smart yea but this bitch can't even tutor She actin like a niqqa spose to know this shii off rip. No, bitch I don't know about the periodic table cuz I'm studying how to defend this big ass niqqa from that school down south this weekend

Won't surprise me if this bitch go to that school down south when she graduate from high school. They racist AF down there and that's the vibe I was gettin from this lil bitch

So when she went to the lil girls room, I made sure I ain't go too far. Had a feelin this bitch was lying and I was rite. This lil girl pull out her phone to call sumbody...sound like she got a lil diq white boyfriend. And she was sayin sum shii The type of shii u would expect a lil white bitch from that part of the state to say Heard every N word. Hard R too

Could get her fired from this lil tutoring job But nah. I ain't no snitchI'ma take care of this racist white bitch myself Lets see what this bitch say when she chokin on my big black diq!

Dick Drainers - Sloppy Fantasy - Broke In Lookin For Sumthin To Suck On

File: s7el3nadidrslofan9wmscvjbpr.mp4
Size: 1.63 GB
Duration: 26:14
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: I'm always up late. A niqqa can take dabs, count sheep, whatever. But the mind like to stay busy so sumtimes it's hard to sleep.

I was tryna watch the news tonight to get them z's goin and issa good thing I did.

Niqqas was talkin bout sum break ins in my neighborhood. Sumbody breakin in niqqas houses, cleanin em out. Shii's crazy.

Crazier that like 30 mins after I saw that shii....I heard sumthin.

Heard one of the doors opening up and I KNOW I ain't imagine that shii.

Got sum glizzy's in the spot....but once I see who TF breakin in my shii...once I see them lips....I kno the glizzy ain't gonna be neccessary.

This bitch been cleanin niqqas out? She bout to drain me.

Dick Drainers - Selena Blaze - New Year But My Diq Stayin In Her Mouth!

File: naie3nadidrselblaplqytjwqwo.mp4
Size: 3.66 GB
Duration: 59:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Every year niqqas make all these resolutions Save money, work out, eat healthier. Everybody always tryna change sum shii. New year, new me, right?

It make sense yea....but sum shii from last year I need to carry over into this new year

Like the way this bitch suck my diq. I need that then, now and forever. Throat on 44,000 every time

Pussy tight and wet too. Grippin my shii like my diq belong in there. Cuz it do

All year round

Dick Drainers - Kamille Amore - Titties And Throat Are Enough For Me!

File: fzbkrnadidrkamamotxilg7vvn9.mp4
Size: 2.39 GB
Duration: 01:05:40
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: You Had A Good Christmas? I didn't. Was waitin up all day and night for a fuqn gift and I ain't get shii

I'm a simple niqqa to please too. Lowkey only wanted one thing. Sum throat. Wat can I say, Ima ho.

But You Know How After Christmas sometimes u get the shii u wanted on Christmas? Thats what happened this year

Cuz this huge titty bitch-BRUH I'm talkin HUGE TITTY BITCH came thru still in the Christmas spirit and decided to bless a niqqa

Gave me sum of them BIG ASS TITTIES That sloppy toppy Cleaned a niqqa ass up And I blasted in this bitch mouth too

That's the type of gift I'm talkin bout I love the fuqn holidays

Dick Drainers - Dixie Lynn - A Phat Booty Snowbunny Is Best Present

File: xwyfmnadidrdixlyngnaztczhog.mp4
Size: 3.71 GB
Duration: 59:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Dixie Lynn is a pretty blue eyed blonde wit freckles a phat juicy ass. So much ass.

That's a lotta fire qualities in her lil frame. But with all that ass, she just on her phone chillin.

It's the holidays too! So much goin on this week! But Dixie just sittin in her room chillin. Nobody else around but her...

And me. Dixie Lynn too fuqn pretty, ass too dam phat to be alone durin the holidays.

I'ma keep her cumpany.

Dick Drainers - Jezebeth - Ima Take My Arabic Girlfriend's Virginity

File: ybdufnadidrjezekreu1rkvk6.mp4
Size: 2.81 GB
Duration: 45:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Me and Jezebeth have been dating for about 6 months now. She pretty asl and she got a PHAT ASS...but she still ain't let me fuq

Nooooo it's not cuz I haven't tried. Ass too phat to not try my guy. But Jezebeth and her parents religious. I barely see her on Friday. She wear her hijab all the time, covering up all that pretty hair Niqqa can't even get no throat from them pretty lips she got. And she def don't be tryna let me get sum pussy

Every time it's no we have to wait til we get married! Nah fuq that. A niqqa need sum pussy NOW. I KNOW that virgin pussy she got tight asl And that phat bubble bouncin while that tight virgin pussy squeezing my diq???? BRUUUUHHHHH! I will NOT pull out

But 1st I got to get in But I got faith I'ma corrupt my good...pure...Arabic girlfriend. I need that purity. So I'ma take her virginity. This bitch love me too??? Bet. Just a matter of time before a niqqa clappin cheeks

Dick Drainers - Lydia Black - No Pussy. Throat and Asshole Only

File: 9l9zfnadidrlydblajp5gzwpmpp.mp4
Size: 2.73 GB
Duration: 44:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lydia is a simple girl. Yeah she's pretty AF but not stuck up at all.

Lydia only needs 4 things to be happy, really.

The 1st? A big fat black diq. That's a requirement.

Cuz the 2nd thing she needs to be happy is that big black dick deep in her throat. BALLS DEEP. She can take it.

The 3rd? That phat BBC deep in her asshole. No pussy neccessary cuz her asshole is better. You can pound her shiihole out just like a pussy after all. It's what she needs.

And the 4th and final thing she needs? That cherry on top? A thick creamy nut. Deposited directly into gaped out, dripping, ruined asshole.

4 simple things right?

Dick Drainers - Callie Black - 3 Holes For The Holidays!

File: xjppjnadidrcalblafcnz27t3hs.mp4
Size: 4.09 GB
Duration: 01:05:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It's the holiday season! The air is crisper, the pumpkin spice is sweeter. You can feel the joy in the air!

But even though it might seem like everybody is in the holiday spiritnot everybody is.

Theres people like Branden for instance. Branden doesnt hate the holidays, nah he loves them. But for an entirely different reason than most.

Branden likes the holidays because thats when pretty white bitches open they door to strangers the most, especially white bitches in good neighborhoods.

He been knocking on doors in this neighborhood wit no luckuntil this pretty redhead bitch open the door.

B can see her nipples poking out through her thin lil shirt. And her nipples hard AF. Just like his big black diq is gettin. Cuz Branden luv redheads. And he can already see her phat booty hanging out them booty shorts too.

Branden starts his pitch asking her to donate to his organizationbut the whole time he thinking about hoe he gonna donate some nut deep inside this pretty big booty white bitch for the holidays

Dick Drainers - Crystal Chase - Barely Legal Teen With HUGE 32GG Titties

File: 6mhe4nadidrcrychagvxkjrh7bk.mp4
Size: 3.46 GB
Duration: 55:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Crystal is your typical 19 year old girl. She likes dressing cute. She likes the apps on her phone. She likes anime. And she likes video games.

Yea Crystal's a pretty typical girl. Except for the fact that she has a phat juicy ass and some HUGE 32GG titties.

Normally she hides all that ass titties under sum baggy clothes....but not today.

Today Crystal just got back from a really cool convention. I know cuz I been waiting for her.

I saw her sexy ass leaving. Ass hanging out. Big ass titties busting out that shirt. Talkin bout all the cool shii she gonna see. Well guess wat? She finna see something else up close and personal. BIG BLACK DICK.

Dick Drainers - Leah Lee - I Have The Nastiest Dreams!

File: 4ld5znadidrlealeebkvegzvur3.mp4
Size: 2.62 GB
Duration: 43:42
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Ionkno if its wat I been eatin, if its the energy I been around or wat...but the dreams I been havin this week are CRAZY!!!

I'm def not complainin tho. My dreams bomb AF. Cuz in these dreams...I feel everything. It's like some alternate super virtual reality type ish.

Iondream about superpowers or being president or shii nah. I dream about big booty white bitches.

Last dream I had had a big booty blonde white bitch in it. Guess who was in this one? A BIG BOOTY BLONDE WHITE BITCH! I'M LIT!

This big booty blonde white bitch tho...she was a lil different....a lil nasty...she made sure a niqqa had a wet fuqn dream!

Dick Drainers - Jayden Black - I Have The Best Dreams!

File: klfrcnadidrjayblazyxi7tbrfl.mp4
Size: 1.95 GB
Duration: 28:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: I love goin to sleep in my bed. For one my bed comfortable AF. So when I go to sleep, I sleep good AF and when that happen, I dream...usually about flying or spaceships or shii like that. But every now and then...my dreams are EXTRA lit.

Tonight I had this dream and the 1st thing I saw was a big booty white bitch That's how u know a night gonna start out pretty good, right?...

So this big booty bitch say that I can control the dream. Like u know how u dream and its like u in a movie cuz u just goin wit the flow? Nah this bitch said that I can switch up the reality on some Matrix type shii.

Now I'm no Einstein but I'm kinda smart. If she said I can control EVERYTHING in my dream...and issa big booty white bitch in my dream...that mean I can make her do ANYTHING I want...

Dick Drainers - Vile Vixen - Be Wary of VILE Behavior Today

File: w1eglnadidrvilvixxul9pftaro.mp4
Size: 4.01 GB
Duration: 01:50:33
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Why go out today? It's just going to be tons of people blocking traffic, acting silly. Why deal with all that when you can just stay home where its calm.

Besides, have you seen the news lately? Crime is out of control. Best to stay home where its safe.

That's what she's thinking. That's her plan.

There's just one problem. A big black problem. A problem with primal urges that MUST be released.

That problem is going to change her plans for the rest of the day and into the night.

Everyone has a plan...til they get slapped in the face.

Dick Drainers - Zerella Skies - Exorcise The Devil In Her Throat

File: d7e1bnadidrzerskigr8asnpf7r.mp4
Size: 2.92 GB
Duration: 01:20:12
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I been having the weirdest dreams lately.

I keep hearing voices. They talk to me....whispering....its like hundreds of messages burrowing into my brain. I cant shut the voices off. Unless I

Nothing shuts them off. Except her. The pretty girl wit the braces...

She always come out of nowhere wit that pretty metal smile....always the same question.

If I say no, the voices keep going on and on and on and on...but if I say yes....the voices stop for a price....

This pretty lil metal mouth girl....she got sumthin inside her...somethin DARK. I gotta get it out to make the voices stop.

But while I'm gettin it out of her...wats she draining from me?

Dick Drainers - Cleo Clementine - Studying Ass Today Cuz There's A Test Tomorrow!

File: wdwewnadidrcleclelml5sc4ed6.mp4
Size: 2.04 GB
Duration: 30:16
Resolution: 3840x2160
Format: mp4
Description: Cleo's been chillin all day. Normally thats a good thing. But today? Nah.

Because tomorrow Cleo has a VERRRRRYYYY important test. And Cleo hasn't studied at all.

But Cleo 's in luck. Cuz Branden studied! He's such a good student who always takes great notes.

With his help, Cleo will ace that test no problem.

But in order to get him to share his notes with her, Cleo's gonna have to share something with him

Dick Drainers - Bess Breast - I've Been Watching Her All Night

File: rwgbhnadidrbesbreyfecfdzrbe.mp4
Size: 3.11 GB
Duration: 41:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: She just got home. I know her routine. Because I've been watching her.

Watching her when she wakes up naked. Her pale skin reflecting the sunlight as it shines on her juicy milky white titties...

Watching her when she goes to sleep...her big phat juicy white booty shining in the darkness....

Watching her right now as she tries on lingerie. Big ass titties look so good. Got my dick rock hard.

I'm done watching. Now its time to get some

Dick Drainers - Yumi Sin - Yumi's Not Home Alone Anymore

File: rqtifnadidryumsinxnosqdle4p.mp4
Size: 2.14 GB
Duration: 59:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Looks like a regular day. But it's not. If today was a regular today, Yumi would be in school.

Instead, she's at home. She said she wasn't feeling well.

If she knew there was a strange black man in her house, she might feel a bit worse.

But the man in her house...he has something to make her feel better.

Big Black Dick.

Dick Drainers - Nadia White - Hotel Manager Doesn't See Too Many Black Men In This Town

File: 5ru52nadidrnadwhizc1ihylnql.mp4
Size: 1.93 GB
Duration: 28:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Nadia is a hotel manager at a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Not too many visitors. So Nadia can basically do anything she want talk on the phone, play loud music, watch sitcoms....anything. And she gettin paid for it too. Life is good.

But life can always get better. Cuz on this night, in this hotel in the middle of nowhere, Nadia's all by herself as usual. But things are a lil different cuz tonight? No one's around of course. And Nadia's feelin a lil...adventurous...

So adventurous that Nadia decides to turn off her reality tv show and turn on some XXX flicks. Nadia's fave? Interracial porn. Really taboo Interracial porn. She loves playing with herself while watching big black dicks thrash pretty white girls.

Nadia gets really into...she wishes there was a fat black dick for her to suck right now...and when she opens her eyes, she realizes she's not alone anymore.

There's a black man in front of her...a confused one because he's clearly seen the hotel manager playing with her pussy.

Slightly, embarrassed, Nadia checks him in....noticing that he's kind of cute...

He didn't say anything about it....and even though he looked confused, he also looked kinda curious....

Maybe he'll let her suck his big black dick tonight

Dick Drainers - Willow Ryder - Big Booty Party Girl Learns How To Stay Out Of Trouble!

File: nhlwdnadidrwilryduswbt9tppq.mp4
Size: 3.42 GB
Duration: 45:07
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Perfect weather, parents out of town...yes, this weekend is about to be lit! That's all Willow been thinking about all week as she gets ready for the party she's throwing tonight! And wats a party without some fire music? The volume gets cranked ALL the way up as Willow starts to pre game.

However, it would appear as though Willow's neighbors aren't fans of Drill music because a few of them sent complaints to the management office about how loud Willow's music is. And they sent up a security officer to check things out.

When he gets there he finds out two things that Willow's having a party in violation of the lease agreement...and Willow's parent's aren't home....

Branden's seen Willow around. Who could miss her? That pretty face....all that pretty curly hair....and that PHAT ASS. That juicy phat ass Willow got bounce every time she move...and she always be wearing booty shorts. Yea Branden's seen Willow around plenty times....he wanna see wat she look like naked with his diq in her mouth tho.

If Willow don't wanna get in trouble she gonna have to be a good girl

Dick Drainers - Kate Dee - Stacked Blonde Pawg Fuqs The Repairman!

File: qvdfanadidrkatdeepngmymdbck.mp4
Size: 2.29 GB
Duration: 30:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kate loves to travel. South America, Europe, Asia...she's been all over. This week she's got yet another fun trip planned with her also hot friend Jamie. They're going to get into all sorts of trouble!

As an expert traveler, Kate's bags are packed and she's all ready to go hours before her flight.

Just one problem though. Her fridge decided to go on the fritz right before she's supposed to leave. And now Kate has to wait and hope that the repair man gets to her before her flight.

It's her lucky day though. Branden, the repair man on duty does make it to her spot. And he's happy he did.

Remember that part about how Kate's all ready to go? Well she is extra ready cuz Kate's dressed for the beach! Booty shorts wit her big ass out, HUGE MILKY TITTIES bouncing in a tiny lil swimsuit...sexy phat ass white girl! Branden gettin EXTRA horny lookin at this sexy bitch!

It's a good thing Kate's already packed...cuz there's sumthin else she gotta do before her flight ride BIG BLACK DICK!

Dick Drainers - Tristan Summers - School Just Started But There's A Test On BBC Today

File: 6pslinadidrtrisumw1oieciqwl.mp4
Size: 2.02 GB
Duration: 55:29
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: I can't believe they got us back in this boring ass school already! School JUST got out a few months ago and now we gotta go back??? Bullshii. I miss all that virtual stuff where I could just stay home. But nah, we got real school again. Yay.

And because we got real school, that mean we got real work to do. After the 2nd day of class this bitch ass teacher Miss Newton talmbout Lets see wat you learned this summer! Bitch I sure as hell ain't learn about The Era of Good Fuqn Feelings that's for sure.

But because I'm on the basketball team and because I fuqd up last year as my tutor Tristan keep reminding me every test for the next few months is extra important cuz I got to maintain my eligibility. If I fail another test, I gotta sit out, everybody gon be on my head, team prolly gonna lose the next game, all that whack shii. So yay. Time to study.

But even though we got to study, this lil tutor girl Tristan who cute AF ngl aint really makin this study shii fun. Niqqas watch National Geographical and Discovery and be hooked for hours binging that shii. Learning can be fun.

I'm not even gon hold u. Wat I REALLY wanna learn about is how tight Tristan pussy is. She always be actin all serious and studious cuz she got a 4.6 or whatever GPA. But u kno wat I think? I think she a freak. I already peeped she not wearin no panties. Niqqa observant!

I seen the lil white boy she talkin too and I already kno he not thrashin her shii like it need to be. Prolly why she always got a attitude to begin wit. That's why i think lil Miss Tristan need to study sumthin too. She need to study this black diq. Cuz it's bout to be a test on how much of my meat I can fit up in this pretty lil metal mouth white bitch. Hope she pass.

Dick Drainers - Ziggy Star - Ziggy's Under Arrest for Eating Too Much Ass & BBC!

File: s1x62nadidrzigstavvqyrlxznk.mp4
Size: 3.24 GB
Duration: 47:15
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ziggy's got a lot on her mind. So many racing thoughts about sizes...colors...just a lot!

Ziggy's so preoccupied that after finishing her beverage at the hotel bar, she doesn't even pay her bill! She just...walks out.

Thankfully, her crime doesn't go unnoticed.

There's somebody watching her. An officer hired by the bar to stop people just like Ziggy.

But when the officer catches up to Ziggy...he finds out exactly whats on Ziggy's mind...and its something that he can help her out with!

Dick Drainers - Mia Kay - Mia's BBC Throat Training Day!

File: 9dn3jnadidrmiakaybazorlzhez.mp4
Size: 3.49 GB
Duration: 46:02
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Mia Kay's been a good girl all week! All her chores done on time, cleaning up her room, no bratty episodes...she's been a lil angel!

So today she gets a very special reward for lunch BBC! Her favorite!

And it gets even better. Mia gets to have some black ass too! But on one condition once she starts eating BBC...she has to keep eating it and the ass until she's told to stop. No matter how deep it goes. No matter how much is crammed into her pretty lil mouth.

Good thing Mia loves chocolate.

Dick Drainers - Gia Dibella - Pretty Asian Teen Needs Help Getting Into College!

File: qnlmmnadidrgiadib5bi4eoqlcr.mp4
Size: 4.21 GB
Duration: 01:01:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gia's been having so many problems in school lately. Falling grades, distracted attention...its's so unlike her when she's always been such a good student.

Mr. Richards, her assistant principal, is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Hes always had a soft spot for Gia ever since she started school here. He feels the need to help Gia out

And when Mr. Richards finds out that Gias parents are consistently out of town, leaving their pretty young daughter all alone, hes even more determined to help.

See Mr. Richards has always been.drawn to his pretty young student Gia. He thinks about her a lotespecially about how pretty she would look deepthroa

Dick Drainers - Zerella Skies - Show Me Wat That Dragon Throat Do!

File: 4bcjonadidrzerski2cyps1qtue.mp4
Size: 1.71 GB
Duration: 46:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: If u lucky you know a bunch of pretty girls.

If you really lucky you know pretty girls who like to suck diq.

Zerella Skies is a pretty girl who like to suq dick. She even got some special shii she learned called the dragon throat.

TF is a dragon throat???

I learned this day

Learning is fun AF.

Dick Drainers - Kamille Amore - Huge 36I Titties Are On A Special BBC & Ass Diet!

File: q2btnnadidrkamamoujwzqjsqcc.mp4
Size: 3.29 GB
Duration: 36:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Wats better than titties? BIG ASS TITTIES. Phat. Soft. Juicy. And BIG AF.

How big is BIG AF? 36-I That's a whole lot of titties.

U gotta eat a special diet when the titties that big. Issa requirement.

Simple diet tho sweaty black ass. And big black diq.

Good thing her mouth wet.

Dick Drainers - Jessica Marie - There's A Black Man In His Daughter's Room

File: emd23nadidrjesmar69srcruacb.mp4
Size: 3.90 GB
Duration: 40:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4

Jessica's dad always told her monsters were real.

He would tell her about goblins and ogres and manticores....terrifying creatures that would always end up somewhere in her room. The stories would scare her so much.

But the scariest ones were the ones her dad talked about the most. Her daddy really doesn't like these ones. He said that these monsters are dark and evil. And they LOVE to take lil blonde blue eyed white girls like Jessica away to someplace called the hood where they do...unspeakable things to them.

Jessica had heard so many bad stories about the hood. She definitely did not want some monster to take her there and do bad things to her. So she always listened to her daddy when he told her to stay away from them. Cuz they're always lurking.

So when Jessica hears a noise under her bed...she thinks it could be a monster. But it's nothing. She's safe. Or so she thinks.

Because she did hear something under her bed. There's someone in her room....and he wants to do very bad things to Jessica's tight young teenage pussy and throat.

Dick Drainers - Jackie Hoff - Her Husband Is Out Of Town This Weekend

File: dbnmdnadidrjachofqmx9nlgqo7.mp4
Size: 1.56 GB
Duration: 43:01
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: It's a long holiday weekend. So u kno wat that mean PARTY TIME!

Jackie isn't much of a party animal though. She's staying home, keeping the house together while her husband is out drinking with his college buddies. They're only in town this weekend so Jackie knows he's gonna be out a while catching up.

She's going to wish he came home early today tho. Cuz during these long holiday weekends....niqqas is out here scammin...and sumtimes more.

Branden been lurkin around Jackie neighborhood for a few days. Checking out shii. Watchin people. He been watchin Jackie. He seen her go to the store a few times...he can't help but notice her cuz this white bitch got sum big ass titities. Branden know her pussy tight...at least its gonna be until he put his BBC in there.

He just seen her again. Thats gotta be a sign. This bitch out here parading these big ass titties all around. She beggin for a niqqa to fuq her up. And that's exactly what she gonna get.

Dick Drainers - Selena Blaze - Gimme That Demon Time Treatment!

File: gq4ibnadidrselblaelsn3nzp9g.mp4
Size: 1.12 GB
Duration: 01:22:11
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: It happen to all of us. It's late at night....but u not sleepy...the opposite really. Ur wide awake. You're UP. Bricked up.

Ain't no beatin off gonna do it this time. Nah. This diq need something else. Something WET.

Times like this call for that SPECIAL TREATMENT. And when you need that SPECIAL TREATMENT...U kno who to call.

Sumbody who kno how to suck diq. Somebody wit some WET throat. A bitch wit a big phat juicy ass and a lil tight pussy.

U gotta call a demon.

Dick Drainers - Scarlet Skies - Brace Face Redhead Studies BBC Before Her Exam!

File: zqqnpnadidrscaskiibjr6cl9ya.mp4
Size: 2.31 GB
Duration: 01:03:53
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Scarlet has had such a long day at school. Final exams are coming up so it's study study study all the time Scarlet has to get an A in this biology class in order to get her college scholarship for her freshman year this Fall and there's NO WAY she's losing out on that. So even though biology sucks, she's gotta put in that work.

There's just one problem. Scarlet doesn't have her biology book. She was with her friend earlier...and she must have left it in her friend's car.

Well actually it's her friend's brother's car. Branden. Scarlet's met Branden before she doesn't think he'll have a problem bringing the book he's a nice guy.

Scarlet's right he is a nice guy...usually. But sometimes Branden gets REALLY horny. Uncontrollably horny. And one of the things that gets him REALLY horny is pretty lil girls like Scarlet. He's been watching her ever since she became friends with his sister. He's real familiar with that slim lil body...that pretty metal smile...her long pretty hair...bet she has a pretty hairs down there too...or maybe she doesn't...

Branden been doin more than watching tho. He been thinking too. Thinking about his big black dick sandwiched between her pretty braces. He's been thinking about how dark his black dick gonna look next to her milky white skin...before he shove it deep inside her lil pussy. He been thinking about her moaning and screaming while she struggle to take his dick....her cute lil braces glistening every time she open her mouth...

Normally when Branden has these thoughts, he knows all he can do is think. Maybe beat his meat while fantasizing. But today's different. Branden has the book with all Scarlet's notes...the book she needs to study for her test. That book is valuable to her. And there's only two things he'll exchange for this book deep throat and young white pussy.

Dick Drainers - Mia Kay - Mia Learns Not To Hook Up With Strangers Online

File: o9nhenadidrmiakay8qpzpi9a8y.mp4
Size: 2.78 GB
Duration: 01:15:50
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Mia Kay is sooooo excited! A couple of weeks ago, Mia downloaded an app to talk to cute local boys. Her parents DO NOT know about this and would absolutely flip if they found out! They don't think Mia is old enough to talk to boys.

But Mia thinks she's old enough for anything. She just started driving, college applications are around the corner...she's a big girl now. She can handle talking to boys. In fact, she's been talking to this one guy for the longest. His name is Branden and he's sooooo cute. He's from Greenwich, Connecticut, 6'1, blond, blue eyes and he surfs and plays Lacrosse! He's so dreamy!

He's been wanting to see Mia for the longest, asking her to come see him but its always in this part of town where her parent's told her never to go because it's too dangerous. Mia's wondering why Branden is always over there he says that's where his friend lives but it makes him even more exciting to her!

Today they don't have to worry about meeting spots tho because Mia's parent's are out of town til tomorrow....so she's going to be all alone. Perfect time to send Branden her address! She's so excited to see him!

It's going to be really, really exciting. Because Branden...isn't who he seems. He's not from Greenwich. He can't surf. He doesn't know what Lacrosse is. He's not blonde. His eyes aren't blue. His eyes are black...just like the rest of him...including his FAT...THICK...SWOLLEN BLACK DICK. Branden's been waiting a long time to meet Mia. He loves little snowbunnies like Mia. Pretty faces...soft skin...tight WET YOUNG PUSSY. Yea Branden can't wait to introduce himself to Mia...every single inch

Dick Drainers - Zerella Skies - Take A Field Trip Down Her Throat!

File: axxirnadidrzerskiyjujlzp2ay.mp4
Size: 2.41 GB
Duration: 01:06:11
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: You never know how your day gonna go. I'm chillin in my hotel headin back to my room needed to get some and I decide to take the stairs cuz you know health and shii. I'm headin up the stairs and wat do I see chillin in the stairwell? A pretty lil girl all by herself dressed in white.

She cute asl. Say her name Zerella and that she here wit her school for a tennis tournament. I remember I did see some buses outside the hotel but if I had knew it was a bunch of sexy school girls on that bus I woulda paid closer attention. I got one of em in front of me now tho....

I know this pretty girl Zerella was smokin out here on the stairwell by herself. I also know she definitely not old enough to be smokin that stuff. So she must be a bad girl. And bad girls usually like doin bad things.

I'm gonna see how much nasty shii I can get this pretty lil girl to do before her curfew

Dick Drainers - Liz Jordan - Liz's Anal Nightmare!

File: tq2conadidrlizjorplslhkglk9.mp4
Size: 4.63 GB
Duration: 47:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Liz has been so stressed out lately. Her friend Cathy is involved in sooooo much drama like you would not believe, Liz's ex boyfriend Jake is trying to creep back in the picture again. And of course there's exams. Because all good girls have to go to college right?

Exams are still on her mind after her long day hanging out with her other friend Marissa who of course brought up Cathy's drama. Maybe a long day at the mall after school wasn't a good idea because Liz really has GOT to study. She doesn't know anything going on in her Criminal Justice class...

Before studying though...Liz has GOT to close her eyes for a second. Her and Marissa were walking around A LOT so she is kinda tired. And she had to fend off so many guys! Liz didn't know her skirt was THAT short but she didn't have time to change and the guys looking at her bubble booty bouncing around sure didn't mind...especially that one black guy.

He was staring at her so hard. Liz swears she could see the imprint of his dick while he watched her. A print MUCH bigger than Jake's. That's why Liz didn't give him her number. She can't even imagine getting that thing inside her pussy....

But enough freaky thoughts. Liz is gonna close her eyes for a second and take quick nap. She needs to relax

Dick Drainers - Skylar Vox - Big Titties Need To Be At Every Party!

File: p9bwinadidrskyvoxxekhwt77ve.mp4
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Duration: 36:51
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: There's a party tonight! And Skyler's invited! For some reason guys are always inviting her places!

There's just a lil problem tho Skyler doesn't know where the party is. Its at a top secret location. U kno the bullshii that promoters do to hype their events up.

Skyler's friend Brianna was supposed to get all that info to her but she got caught up. And now Skyler's in limbo.

Everybody's gonna be at this party so Skyler really doesn't want to miss it. Fortunately for Skyler, Brianna's brother Branden knows where the party is. And he's gonna tell her...in exchange for a few things