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Description: Gianna Dior greets Hazel Grace, a friend who has arrived to stay over for the night. They're both 19 and haven't seen each other for a while. Gianna's step-mom Katie Morgan joins them to greet Hazel as well and it becomes immediately obvious that Katie and Hazel have the hots for each other. Gianna becomes stressed, breaking them up by leading Hazel away to drop off her stuff.

Later that night, Gianna and Hazel are watching movies together. Katie joins them. But when Katie starts to move to sit in the middle of the couch to be closer to Hazel, Gianna sees this and panics, quickly scrambling to the middle of the couch, almost getting sat on. Katie and Hazel are both surprised and Gianna beams seated squarely between Katie and Hazel. Katie reluctantly sits on the end. Gianna looks pleased with herself while Katie and Hazel look dejected.

Later, Gianna and Hazel get ready for bed. Katie visits to give a goodnight kiss to Gianna and Hazel asks for one, too. Gianna interrupts them and shoos Katie away.

A short time later, Gianna is still laying in bed with her eyes open. She glances over and sees that Hazel has her eyes closed.

'Oh my god, FINALLY! Now I don't have to worry about keeping an eye on her,' Gianna whispers to herself.

Gianna hurries quietly out of the bedroom.

Gianna freshens up in the bathroom, but when she arrives back at the room, she catches Katie and Hazel enthusiastically fucking. Gianna is exasperated. There are a confrontation and Gianna accidentally let's slip that she doesn't want Katie and Hazel to be involved...because SHE wants Katie!

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I want to travel and see more of Europe. I want to go to Scandinavia, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. Of course, I'll need to have enough money to do that comfortably. I may take an office job at school or in a business but that does not pay so well. I've tried dancing in nightclubs so I'll probably do that for a while. A girl can make a lot of money stripping. Once I have enough saved, I will start to visit the places I see on television. That was then. In the meantime, Martina changed her look and moved on to hot sex videos. This is a non-stop hard-fucking scene with stud Steve. So now we know what she's been up to.

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