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Description: Diego Perez shows up to the New Year's Eve party late, and Breyana Moore decides he's the one she wants to kiss when the ball drops. After she finds out Diego always used to have a crush on her in college, she takes the bespectacled stud inside to suck his cock in the kitchen, then bends over the counter to get fucked doggystyle. Diego cums on her face at the stroke of midnight!

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Description: Today is the end of the year dinner with the office staff and the boss is a little upset. The employees are all here and eating and drinking but the host of the party seems to have forgotten to invite some female entertainment. It turns out that the pretty kimono clad hostess is just running late and will be there soon. The boss has emphasized that it is important for all the men to replenish themselves for the coming new year and that includes sexually. When the hostess arrives they suggest that they play a game with her called Who is the King? The one who is the king gets to make the rules and do as he pleases. He decides that as the king he wants to kiss the hostess on the lips and he reaches over and grabs her and French kisses her deeply for several minutes. The next one chosen as the king decides that he wants to see her panties for one minute. So the hostess must stand up and spread her legs and lift her kimono so he can get a look at her panties for one minute. This is fine until she lifts her kimono and they see she has no panties on. The men are now very excited as they are all happy to get a good look at her hairy bush as they get her to spread her legs some. She helps them out by reaching down and spreading open her pussy so they can get a good look deep inside her pussy. This game is going very well and the drunken office workers are getting more bold as they ask the hostess for more and more outrageous things as they become king. The next king insists on seeing the hostess masturbate. So she sits back and spreads her legs and opens her pussy to slip a hand down Go watch the full video to see what happens. It is so much better than reading about it!

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Description: When Peter Green bumps into fellow student Erin Everheart he gets a feeling that shes one of those naughty nerds so he decides to bring back her book to her dorm. Erin appreciates how attentive and romantic Peter seems to be, so she lets him have some naughty fun with what shes hiding under her skirt!

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Description: Big boss Darrell Deeps is slamming his slutty secretary Martina Smeraldi in his office when the two are interrupted by Steve Q. and Josh two of Darrels business partners. Instead of discussing the planned business merger, however, the three business buddies take turns slamming Martina in all of her holes....

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Description: Harley King thinks she has the house to herself. Grabbing her favorite vibrator, she makes herself comfortable on the couch and then goes to work masturbating her cum loving bod. Popping her all naturals out, she kneads them while squeezing her nipples. She tugs her panties aside and presses the vibrator to her clit, creating just the level of delight that is really going to get her off fast. It's all looking like orgasm city when Harley is interrupted by her stepbrother, Jayden Marcos. Harley has just enough of a heads up to put her tits away, but she has nowhere to go with the vibrator.

Coming to sit beside his stepsister, Jayden kicks his shoes off. He hits Harley with one of them, which just pisses her off. When Jayden gets on his knees to grab the shoe, he sees the outline of Harley's vibrator and assumes it's a dick. Harley doesn't swing that way, so she insists that Jayden come look to see for himself that it's not a dick. When Jayden refuses, Harley grabs her stepbrother's hand and puts it right on her wet twat. That gets Jayden's attention. He's always thought his stepsis was hot, but now he's faced with the opportunity to tap that and he's not about to let that slide. With Harley's encouragement, Jayden finds himself on his hands and knees with his face buried between his stepsister's thighs.

Now that he's had a taste of Haley, Jayden isn't about to stop anytime soon. He gets to his feet and answers Haley's call to action by slamming home in her tight twat. Haley takes a hot minute to suck Jayden off, deep throating her stepbrother to her heart's content before climbing on his fuck stick and sliding down to ride him in reverse cowgirl. Jayden's hardon is so much better than her vibrator that Haley can't wait to keep it up. On her hands and knees, she watches over her shoulder as Jayden gives it to her in doggy and ends it with a creampie that drips out as Haley enjoys the feeling of being well and truly banged.

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Description: Charles Dera teaches BMX lessons. Today he has showed up for a scheduled lesson with one of his students, but the student's stepmother shows up instead. Caitlin Bell claims she has booked the lesson for herself because she really wants to learn how to ride. A bit confused, Charles tries telling Caitlin she might be more comfortable with yoga or Pilates since Caitlin's sexy outfit isn't really appropriate for a BMX outing. Caitlin eventually makes it clear that she's interested in a different and much sexier kind of ride, for which her scandalous outfit is very appropriate.

Once Charles gets the hint, he's not exactly saying no. He takes them to an alley that his married friend has used in the past for similar liaisons. Caitlin is a bit concerned that it's okay to fuck in the alley, but Charles reassures her and that seems to be good enough for her. This horny mama can't wait another second before she gets Charles's pants off to reveal his big dick. She is so cock hungry that she dives deep to devour that hardon.

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Description: Laney Grey greets a new massage client, Brad Newman, when he enters the massage parlor. He seems a bit curious, so she asks him if this is his first massage. Brad confirms that it is indeed his first. He explains that he works for a company that does sustainable seaweed harvesting, including the seaweed used to make NURU gel. He's interested in getting a NURU massage, so he can see why it's so popular.

Laney is very intrigued and appreciative of Brad's hard work, since NURU is one of her clients' favorite treatments. Without Brad's efforts, her parlor might not even be in business! She promises to thank him with a really great massage. Brad has no idea how NURU massages work, so she explains that they have to get undressed, otherwise the gel would get on their clothes. Brad partially undresses, and is surprised to see that Laney is completely naked. She tells him that it's best to take off all of his clothes, because it's a full body massage.

Once they're both naked, Brad gets onto the mattress, and Laney gives him a sensual NURU massage. Eventually, Brad says that he now understands why NURU massages are popular, because it feels amazing. Laney still wants to thank Brad for his hard work, so she suggestively offers to make him feel REALLY amazing. Brad happily accepts, so she rubs his cock, kisses him, and bounces up and down on his dick. Great work deserves to be rewarded with great pleasure!

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Description: Voluptuous blonde Savannah Bond seduces in stockings, heels, garters and lingerie. Toy in butt, the lush-lipped Australian bombshell shows off for LeWood's married co-directors, Francesca Le and Mark Wood. The temptress fingers her clit and shows off her massive tits. Hall-of-Fame MILF Francesca trades lesbian boob worship with the Sapphic Savannah. Francesca spreads the Aussie gal's legs and sucks up her sweet pussy flavor. Francesca then exposes her hairy mound for Savannah to eagerly slurp. Francesca eats Savannah's asshole in a tasty rim job. She fingers Savannah's rectum and eats her cunt from below. The women join together to service Mark Wood's rod in a dual blowjob. Savannah takes his dork in her mouth and trades it with his wife. Mark invades Savannah's rear port for doggie-style anal reaming. Francesca tastes Savannah's asshole on his cock, ass-to-mouth! Savannah feasts on Mark's wet tool, fresh from her fully fucked butthole! The wicked threesome includes Francesca riding Mark's big cock. Mark sprays Savannah's sexy face in a copious cum facial. Francesca lends her silky tongue to lap spunk from pretty Savannah's face.

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Description: More than 350 scenes were shot during 2021. More than a million of followers on Twitter. More than a dozen actresses debuted. Thanks to all of you for your preference. To say goodbye to this year, we bring you an orgy with Jessica Sodi, Malena Doll, and Diann Ornelas....

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Description: Emily Addison and Skylar Snow have made a new years resolution to be celibate, but it's not 2022 quite yet. The girls decide to have one last fling with each other and their favorite boy toy, Will Pounder. It takes them time to deck themselves out in their NYE attire since they can't keep their hands and mouths off of one another! Once they're all dressed up, it's just a matter of waiting for Will to arrive for what he thinks is a big party.

When Will finally shows up, he's confused about where everyone else is. The girls explain that they've only got a little bit of time left to get in all the orgasms they can before the clock strikes midnight. It's a lot of pressure, but Will has to agree. The girls instantly make it worth his while.

Reaching out, they palm Will's cock through his pants. Finding him nice and hard, they spend some time stroking and then go about exchanging heated kisses. Of course both Skylar and Emily's big boobies come out as they all explore each other's bodies with their hands and mouths. Eventually, the girls lead Will to the bedroom so they can have fun while they still can.

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When the girls have finally decided it's time to get themselves off, Skylar helps Emily seat herself in reverse cowgirl on Will's hardon. Then she swings her thighs over Will's shoulders so he can hang on to her hips and go to work eating her out. Emily's moans of delight as she ounce away on the D are the perfect musical accompaniment for Will's pussy feast.

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Description: House of Hedonism is a realistic fantasy series which follows a group of rich housewives that are set on throwing a New Year's cocktail party to escape the usual boring celebrations. And this time, they are planning on everything to go wrong in all the right ways. A return to their previous swinger lives full of hedonism, excitement, and trust. All in the backdrop of a typical suburban upper class that just has too much time on their hands. Now, the first step is convincing mastermind Angela White's husband, Mick Blue, that it's in his best interest to go along with their adventurous plans. Thankfully, the stunning Lily Lou will help her convince her man.

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Description: Once again step son Codey comes in the house slamming doors and sexy milf step mom Jamie reminds him to stop that as he storms past her. Now concerned Jamie finds Codey to see whats going on with him. Codey tells her his buddy fucked his girlfriend and is tired of it. Since Jamie knows his buddy wanted her she decides to let Codey fuck her deep and hard and fill her hungry mouth with his cock for a puddle of cum on her belly so now he can brag to his friend he got his step mom first!

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Description: Brock Cooper fills in for another teacher and teaches on safe sex. Kiara Cole and Scarlett Hampton are highly interested in the subject and cant stop thinking about how hot Brock is. When he notices the girls whispering to each other, he interrupts, only to find they have a bevy of questions for him. Like a good teacher, Brock takes a hands-on approach and helps Kiara and Scarlett learn all about sex.

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Description: After showing customer Chuck 69 different houses without making a sale, real estate agent Aubree Valentine is at her wit's end. Chuck constantly finds new things to complain about, whether the place is too big, too small, too warm, or too cold, he is impossible! Exasperated, Aubree tells Chuck she will do anything to sell him a house, even suck his dick. This gets Chuck thinking, maybe if he can relieve some stress, he will be able to purchase. Aubree strips off her smart suit to show off a matching purple bra and panties set that really shows off her big boobs and bigger booty. She lies back on the bed and plays with her pussy, then Chuck fingers her and licks her. Aubree gives Chuck a blowjob, then rides his cock until he's ready to buy! As an added bonus, Aubree hops off and swallows the satisfied customer's load!

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Description: Kylie Rockett is the life of the party, especially when it comes to New Year's Eve events. Dark-haired Kylie loves flirting with anything and everything that moves she can't help herself! Even though she arrived with her gorgeous girlfriend, Katie Kush, the ever-horny Kylie sets her eyes on Ricky Johnson even before the countdown is over! The only thing that would make this night any better is if petite Katie joined in the fun. Buckle up because 2022 is about to be one wet and wild year!

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Description: Mike Tyler Nixon helps out his stepmom Lana Syren de Mer. He thinks she's using his dad and she admits that she is, but they both get something out of the arrangement. Mike is impressed and wants to see what Lana has to offer desperate to show off her skills, Lana gives into his sexual dare.

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Description: Shay Sights is getting ready for bed when she hears her stepdaughter Maya Woulfe moaning passionately from the other side of the wall. Seems like Maya is giving herself a little night-fap, totally unaware that her stepmother can hear pretty much everything. Shay quickly grows aroused and settles into her own bed, masturbating in unison with her stepdaughter, listening to every breath and squeal...

As Maya masturbates, she begins to moan out her STEPMOTHER'S NAME! Hearing her own name from her stepdaughter's lips gets Shay even more turned on, prompting her to dive deeper into this unfolding fantasy while she moans out Maya's name in return. Shay and Maya can't get enough of it. They call out each other's names louder and louder, each thinking the other can't hear when they finally realize that they've been masturbating to each other the whole time!
Maya timidly makes her way to Shay's room to find her stepmother sweaty and ready for more. Maya can't get her eyes off of her, taking in Shay's naked body for the first time and loving every inch of it. Like any good role model, Shay invites Maya into her bed and offers to show her a few of her tricks.
When you're living in the same house, accidentally eavesdropping on family can happen. For these two however, it's certainly nothing to moan about!

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Description: I love having a chill and relaxing day off. I really love it when I run into a hottie that also has the day off. We both needed to blow off some steam and lets face it, she had that hot girl-next-door look about her that had me excited. I knew if I got her number I was going to pop a hot load in her. And, I got her number...

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