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Martina Smeraldi

The White Boxxx - Martina Smeraldi - Squirt POV

File: 5bvyxnathwhbomarsmeifgtoutiru.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 32:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Martina Smeraldi is incredibly hot as she plays with herself in impossibly pretty pink lingerie. Kristof Cale works her slowly with his tongue, fingers, and cock to bring the brunette beauty to ever higher levels of intense pleasure. The build-up to this epic finale is unbelievably sensual, and relentless and takes both models to extremes of intimate pleasure. Once Martina has cum she repays the favor on Kristof's shaft also taking her time to ensure her lover is brought to a slow, inevitable exploding orgasm.

Brazzers Exxtra - Martina Smeraldi - Summer Squirting

File: ogypynabrexmarsmeg5zthj36ul.mp4
Size: 1.24 GB
Duration: 30:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Petite Martina Smeradli is one spicy woman! She shows off her perfect body in a tight, black dress. Before stripping down to a thong bodysuit and lounging poolside. When Danny D arrives all she wans to do is wrap her plump lips around his fat cock. Dark-haired Martina wants Danny deep inside her perfect pussy, so she can squirt all over his hard dick. And, once she's done with that, she begs Danny to put it in her tight ass! Truly the perfect way to spend an afternoon outside, and the cherry top is when Danny pops all over Martina's gorgeous face.

Teens Love Huge Cocks - Martina Smeraldi - Worshipping Martina

File: rpeswnatelohucomarsmewtdma1ukdt.mp4
Size: 1.28 GB
Duration: 29:43
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Horny brunette Martina Smeraldi gets herself ready for her assignation with a pink toy almost as pretty as she is sucking it, then fucking her pussy and even her ass. When she can't wait any longer, she brings a tray in to the bedroom where Maximo Garcia eagerly waits for her, and he oils up her tight body. Martina sucks him, and he makes her squirt as he fills her pussy and ass even better than her toy did!

Horny Hostel - Martina Smeraldi - Side Hustle

File: dljiinahohomarsmebijlcwu3pg.mp4
Size: 678.43 MB
Duration: 26:08
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: A horny college girl craves some hot sex so she crawls from the laundry section to the kitchen, searching for a cock. The crawling ends under the table where her boyfriend is studying. The guy is surprised to see her girl under the table staring at his big dick bulging in his pants. He lets it out to enjoy a slippery blowjob. He quickly grabs the petite colleague, undresses her, and drills the tight pussy until she squirts everywhere, soaking the entire table. The intense fucking almost ends after they hear someone approaching. They rush to the hostel room, where they resume the fuck and squirts all over the floor until that big dick lets out a big load of cum into her mouth and like a good girl she swallows every drop.

Her Limit - Martina Smeraldi - Extremities

File: b5ox7nahelimarsmegtzf7yjyhf.mp4
Size: 852.19 MB
Duration: 32:26
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: The charming Italian porn queen graces the screen by playing with a big dildo to prepare for the oncoming anal gonzo session. She must be longing for deep penetrations judging by the way she sucks the dildo allowing it down the throat. Luckily, her partner joins the scene to quench her prolonged cravings of a big cock. She never disappoints, as she takes it deep into her ass hole while also squeezing that big dildo into her pussy until she squirts. She likes tasting her own juices and loves taking that big dick out of her ass to polish it with her wet mouth until he ejaculates over her face and tits and a bit into her mouth to swallow.

Bang POV - Martina Smeraldi - She Loves To Squirt From Anal

File: de5ksnabapomarsmehoyytvecnz.mp4
Size: 2.70 GB
Duration: 38:30
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Yanick Shaft fucks Martina Smeraldi in her pussy and her ass. She strip teases, then sucks dick, and before you know it she's squirting up a storm. Fucked in the pussy then that dick came round the corner and fucked her ass to gaping perfection. Not to mention but impossible to ignore, to top it all off she gets a load of cum on her face.

Bangbros Clips - Martina Smeraldi & Ariana Van X - Threesome With A Squirter

File: kicagnabaclmararizdaibtjnls.mp4
Size: 3.31 GB
Duration: 47:01
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ariana Van X and Martina Smeraldi were hanging out with Alberto Blanco, showing off their hot bodies. He oiled their butts to make them look even more sexy. Everybody got undressed. The girls sucked his dick and then they fucked. Alberto lined up

both asses in front of him. Then fucked one pussy, then the other. Put on your raincoats! When Martina was riding him, she pulled out his dick and started to squirt. From then on every position she would squirt. The girls were switching who got fucked. They did the

doggies, Ariana was choking Martina. In the end Alberto came into Arians mouth and on Martinas pussy.

The White Boxxx - Martina Smeraldi - Dirty Fantasy

File: fmcgknathwhbomarsmehsmptcppk5.mp4
Size: 720.39 MB
Duration: 27:32
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: She is waiting tied up and with a plug deep inside her ass hole, ready for him to give her a good fuck but first she gets teased with a whip and gets her pussy licked and fingered until she squirts. Not long after that her tiny ass hole is getting stretched by a dick making making her squirt again. The more she gets fucked, the more dirty things she is ready to do including ass to mouth and swallowing his cum.

Porn World - Polly Pons & Martina Smeraldi - Interracial Doctor’s Office Dp

File: rv91knapowopolmarqiimrkancr.mp4
Size: 2.48 GB
Duration: 01:15:02
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: After fooling around and pleasuring each other on the doctors examination table, Polly Pons and Martina Smeraldi add Darrel Deeps BBC to the mix, before going on to let Vince and Kristof stuff their cocks inside of them too. The interracial DP ends with Polly and Martina eating the three guys white cum....

Porn World - Martina Smeraldi - Boss With Bbc Lets Business Partners Dp Slutty Secretary

File: bgsihnapowomarsme3wjnndrjxt.mp4
Size: 4.70 GB
Duration: 54:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Big boss Darrell Deeps is slamming his slutty secretary Martina Smeraldi in his office when the two are interrupted by Steve Q. and Josh two of Darrels business partners. Instead of discussing the planned business merger, however, the three business buddies take turns slamming Martina in all of her holes....

Nubile Films - Martina Smeraldi - Make It Up To You

File: lidaananufimarsmezrfqwbpges.mp4
Size: 1.91 GB
Duration: 31:13
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Raul Costa knows he's fucked up with Martina Smraldi and that he needs to apologize, pronto. He goes all out, buying Martina flowers and getting down on one knee to beg for forgiveness. Martina is initially unwilling to hear Raul out, but after a while she finally relents and softens towards him.

Raul isn't finished with his apologies. Rising up from his knees, he captures Martina's lips in a gentle kiss. When Martina responds with enthusiasm, Raul knows just what he has to do. He slowly works his way down her lithe body, tugging Martina's top down to free her breasts so he can worship them with his hands and mouth. As Raul licks at Martina's nipples, his hand slips lower to lift her miniskirt and trace patterns across her hot twat...

Easing Martina onto her back, Raul keeps up his apology as he tugs her panties aside. Leaning in, he breathes hot air on Martina's clit and then gets busy with his tongue. Finding Martina nice and wet, Raul eventually brings his fingers up to join in the fun as Martina squirms and moans beneath his touch.

Martina demonstrates that Raul's apology is accepted as she gets to her feet and leans her nude body in against his. Dropping down onto her knees on the ottoman slowly, Martina springs Raul's hardon free from his pants. She leans in to suck just the tip at first. Her BJ picks up in pace, going faster and deeper the longer she sucks.

All revved up and ready to go, Raul helps Martina onto her back and hooks one of her ankles around his neck to really open her up. From there, it's a simple thing to guide himself into her tight twat. Martina's moans are all the direction Raul needs to go harder, faster, deeper. When he joins Martina on the couch to spoon behind her, the angle of penetration changes and her gasps of delight grow even sweeter.

Raul takes Martina's place on the couch so that she can have her turn ravishing him. She begins her time in charge by straddling Raul's thighs and sinking home in cowgirl so she can ride him while he suckles her boobs. Turning around, Martina keeps on bouncing in reverse cowgirl while rubbing her clit for the ultimate pleasure.

Raul takes back control as he helps Martina onto her hands and knees. Reentering her from behind, he lets his hands roam her lovely ass. Rocking back to meet each of Raul's strokes, Martina ensures he gets as much out of their frantic coupling as she does. Once Martina's pussy has finished pulsing, Raul pulls out to cum all over that lovely bottom as the last hurrah of his apology.

Monsters Of Cock - Martina Smeraldi - The Squirt Champion Does Anal

File: elelynamoofcomarsmevlrw8ek2dt.mp4
Size: 2.19 GB
Duration: 52:03
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Martina Smeraldi was an amazing girl. She loved to squirt. Best place to squirt was the bathtub as there wouldnt be a mess. She cuddled in the warm water, her fingers went for her g-spot and there came the fountain. She closed her eyes to relax. When she opened them again there was Freddy! With her in the bathtub! With a giant cock smiling at her. She was horny anyway. She grabbed the cock and started to suck it. Then Freddy fucked her. Still in the bathtub. She squirted at him. They went to the bedroom. Freddy fucked her ass! Even with the ass fucking Martina had to squirt. Seemed like almost every minute. Or more. Everything was wet. A lot more anal and squirting later Freddy came in her mouth.

Porn World - Martina Smeraldi & Veronica Leal - Sexy Housekeeper Takes Dp Initiation During Swingers Party

File: seavbnapowomarvereslfajn3oj.mp4
Size: 1.64 GB
Duration: 49:28
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Vince Karter and his wife Veronica Leal have just hired Martina Smeraldi, a new sexy housekeep from Italy, and theyre about to have their weekly swingers party with a few of their friends. When their friends Kristof and David arrive Martina heads into the kitchen to make the group some drinks. After a little bit of chitchat and flirting between the friends, Vince and David head into the kitchen to subtly invite Martina to the party. Meanwhile, Vinces wife Veronika and his friend Kristof start fucking in the living room. Later on, after Vince and David have successfully seduced Martina, they join Kristof and Veronica in the living room for a hardcore orgy.

The White Boxxx - Martina Smeraldi - Pussy selfie

File: n771bnathwhbomarsmehybnzlwlil.mp4
Size: 478.23 MB
Duration: 31:09
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: This beautiful couple was sleeping when Martina began waking up slowly while checking on Christian who was in a deep dream. After she found the instant camera, Martina started to take selfies of her rich pussy before waking up Christian to show him the photos. They start kissing and she goes down to his dick to suck it balls deep until it was hard enough for a lusty ride. He fucked licked her smooth pussy graciously, pushing in out with power until his cum covered her juicy holes.