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Turning Twistys - Luna Star & Lilly Bell - Shave Me

File: qfeiqnatutwlunlil22mfhinba7.mp4
Size: 767.78 MB
Duration: 38:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: After a nice bubble bath, cute blonde Lilly Bell prepares for her date by shaving her legs, as her roommate Luna Star joins her in the bathroom. When Lilly nicks herself, Luna offers to help, but she's just hoping to get close enough for a taste of her roomie's pussy! Lilly's never thought about branching out from her relationship before, but Luna's tongue on her clit and her big tits rubbing against Lilly's own feel so good... And she wants to make Luna feel good too...

When Girls Play - Angel Youngs & Aria Taylor - If The Bra Fits

File: 1phr6nawhgiplangaribdbn4xazyc.mp4
Size: 1.15 GB
Duration: 31:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Bra store proprietor Angel Youngs is immediately smitten when brunette Aria Taylor comes in to browse. She can't hold back from peeking as Aria tries on a bra, and is elated when Aria invites her inside the change room to help out. She's not the only boob-crazed babe in the store, and the sultry brunette asks if she can touch Angel's tits. Soon the babes are kissing and sucking each other's nipples! They strip down and hungrily lick each other's pussies, and Angel scissors Aria to give this customer an extra-special experience that's sure to make her cum back again and again.

Turning Twistys - Alyx Star & Maddy May - More Than Friends

File: r18xenatutwalymadryydixoxwp.mp4
Size: 681.88 MB
Duration: 21:44
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Maddy May will give her bestie Alyx Star whatever she needs, whether it's a pep talk before her first date in months or a toy in case the night doesn't go well! Alyx is nervous about not having kissed anyone in so long, so Maddy puts her lips on hers to help calm her down... but it soon fires both of them up! Alyx's date will have to wait, because Maddy wants to claim her as her own, teasing her pussy with the toy as she kisses Alyx's big tits and licks her clit. Then it's Alyx's turn to lick her BFF's pussy and her pierced tits before they scissor and she sits on Maddy's face!

When Girls Play - Kira Noir & Brooklyn Gray - Happy Campers

File: ldcvjnawhgiplkirbrobsinjfevao.mp4
Size: 1.13 GB
Duration: 31:41
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Brooklyn Gray thought she'd enjoy the beautiful day with a hike, but she's not enjoying herself when she gets lost! Luckily, experienced camper Kira Noir comes to her rescue and brings her back to camp. Brooklyn may not have experience in the outdoors, but she shows Kira her experience with other things, kissing her beautiful rescuer and undressing her. The babes suck each other's tits, and Kira fingers Brooklyn, licking her asshole till she cums, then Kira looks into the short-haired beauty's eyes as she orgasms with Brooklyn's fingers inside her pussy. These happy campers really enjoy the great outdoors as they sit on each other's faces!

When Girls Play - Eliza Ibarra & Lulu Chu - Fortified

File: nlqqlnawhgiplelilultlclawff7b.mp4
Size: 1.37 GB
Duration: 33:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Ensconced in their blanket fort, Eliza Ibarra tries tossing a popcorn kernel into her bestie Lulu Chu's mouth, but it's harder than it looks! These babes don't have any luck catching the snacks, but Eliza feeds some popcorn to Lulu, who starts feeling some unexpected butterflies for her BFF! Lulu tells Eliza to close her eyes, and kisses her. Soon these gorgeous girls are making out and sucking each other's breasts. Lulu gets her first taste of her bestie's pussy, and then Eliza takes her turn licking Lulu! It turns out these friends have been crushing on each other for a while, and they make up for lost time with their eager scissoring and 69ing!

Turning Twistys - Whitney Wright & Mona Azar - If The Shoe Fits

File: ii5l1natutwwhimonbpdqvcw8ny.mp4
Size: 980.24 MB
Duration: 27:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When Whitney Wright goes shoe shopping, salesgirl Mona Azar wants to show Whitney that the high heel she picked out isn't the only thing that fits her! As Whitney's boyfriend ignores her to play on his phone, Mona massages and kisses her client's feet, then the babes suck each other's tits before licking each other's pussies. Not only does Mona make Whitney cum harder with her tongue than her guy can, she shows her another fun thing he can't do as they trib!

Turning Twistys - Hazel Grace & Natasha Nice - April Totm A Taste Of Sugar

File: fbnkqnatutwhaznat4xpe5nu64j.mp4
Size: 1.18 GB
Duration: 37:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Twistys Treat of the Month of April, Hazel Graze, has had enough of the guys with no game on dating apps, so she decides to make a profile looking for a sugar daddy so she can at least get treated right. But when her date turns up, she's surprised to find it's gorgeous older babe Natasha Nice, who promises she can do everything a guy can do and more... and pulls out a strap-on to prove it! Natasha blows Hazel's mind as she lets the dark-haired beauty play with her huge natural tits, then licks Hazel's pussy. The beauties trib before Natasha puts on the toy, and Hazel eagerly sucks it, then gets her pussy fucked just right. But that's not enough for the horny girl, who asks Hazel to fuck her ass too!

When Girls Play - Jewelz Blu & Eve Marlowe - Girl Crush: Eve & Jewelz

File: 9yviynawhgipljewevekvsa1vnypp.mp4
Size: 675.89 MB
Duration: 31:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Blue may be considered a cool color, but it can be extremely hot, as blue-haired babes Eve Marlowe and Jewelz Blu will show you! These stunning women are attired in lingerie in their favorite hue for Eve's first ever girl-girl scene. Eve and Jewelz talk about their first experience with another girl and how excited they are to work together before making some blue magic together! Jewelz is eager to suck Eve's big tits and rub their breasts together before she takes off her co-star's panties and licks her pussy. Then it's Eve's turn to get a taste of Jewelz, and the babes 69 and scissor, making Eve's first girl-girl scene one she's sure to remember forever!

When Girls Play - Amari Anne & Lacy Lennon - Naughty Angels

File: bo8ncnawhgiplamalacd79ilpkb1v.mp4
Size: 681.80 MB
Duration: 29:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Amari Anne and Lacy Lennon have planned matching angel costumes that are sure to make everyone at the party stare at them all night, but their lingerie, stockings, and wings are a little too sexy, because they can't stop checking each other out! The hotties decide to stay home instead and engage in some very wicked behavior as they suck each other's tits and eat each other's pussies, then have a heavenly trib session and 69!

When Girls Play - Mona Azar & Anna Claire Clouds - Satisfied

File: cbnxdnawhgiplmonann5kprb5usnr.mp4
Size: 644.20 MB
Duration: 36:47
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Your March Twistys Treat of the Month Mona Azar spends every waking moment thinking about sex, whether she's playing with herself as soon as she opens her eyes in bed, penetrating her pussy with a dildo in the shower, or watching lesbian porn on the couch. But nothing satisfies her like a beautiful woman making her orgasm. When Anna Claire Clouds lets herself in to find Mona masturbating, the hotties just have to please each other, licking and sucking each other's tits. Mona cums as Anna eats her pussy, and then it's her turn to taste the stunning blonde. Mona's got a surprise in store a pink dildo that the horny beauties use to make each other squirt! Mona's satisfied... for now!

When Girls Play - Aidra Fox - Make Her Up, Fuck Her Good

File: v2ed7nawhgiplaidfoxopyangy8v8.mp4
Size: 566.33 MB
Duration: 30:34
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Make-up artist Aidra Fox is having a rough day when her first model is over an hour late... and when Charlotte Sins finally walks in, it turns out the hot blonde was Aidra's hot anonymous hookup the night before! Aidra tries to keep things professional, but when Charlotte strips off to change, the babes can't help going back for round two. The hotties start kissing and suck each other's tits. Charlotte licks Aidra's pussy in the makeup chair, then Aidra bends the blonde over and eats her slit from behind before Charlotte fingers the brunette and licks her ass! Aidra sits on Charlotte's face for one last orgasm before it's time to get back to work.

Turning Twistys - Paige Owens & Jane Rogers - Mountain Bike Bang

File: tteexnatutwpaijan5sungdfj68.mp4
Size: 652.97 MB
Duration: 21:25
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cute redhead Jane Rogers hits the trail for her first ride, but when she falls off her mountain bike, luckily experienced rider Paige Owens is nearby to patch her up with her first aid kit and offer some encouragement. Paige kisses the newbie on her blanket and strips her out of her cute outfit to let Jane ride her face instead! The hotties lick each other's pussies and trib under a tree until they're fully satisfied.

When Girls Play - Gizelle Blanco & April Olsen - Watch Me Move

File: pzo3rnawhgiplgizapr1gkzlqehq7.mp4
Size: 785.39 MB
Duration: 32:55
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: As Gizelle Blanco rehearses her pole routine and twerks her ass on stage in her hot red lingerie, she notices new girl April Olsen in white lace watching her! April wants to learn to dance just like Gizelle, and the sexy blonde invites the shy brunette up onto the stage to show her all her moves. Soon, the babes are sucking each other's tits, and then Gizelle is tasting April's pussy! April unties the stripper's thong and finally gets her hands on the ass she likes so much.

When Girls Play - Charlotte Stokely & Lyra Lockhart - Read My Lips

File: oyj4wnawhgiplchalyrasee84bgv7.mp4
Size: 685.54 MB
Duration: 25:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Curly-haired brunette Lyra Lockhart is panicking about her exam tomorrow, and it's even stressing out her chilled-out blonde gf Charlotte Stokely. Charlotte knows exactly what Lyra needs to relax... an orgasm! The helpful babe licks Lyra's pussy till she cums, and Lyra thanks her by eating Charlotte's too. Lyra gets an A in sitting on Charlotte's face, and the hotties trib and passionately kiss, making it the perfect study break.

When Girls Play - Aila Donovan & Petra Blair - Submission To Temptation

File: hdra5nawhgiplailpetpaixbiiemg.mp4
Size: 719.12 MB
Duration: 31:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: When her gal pal Petra Blair is skeptical that Aila Donovan could take on the domme role she's auditioning for, Aila Donovan decides to show her she's not as much of a sub as Petra thinks. She ties the raven-haired beauty's wrists, kissing her and choking her a little. Then it's Petra's turn to show Aila how she does it, pushing Aila down on the ottoman and exploring her body with her mouth. Aila does love being a sub, especially when a hot domme like Petra is playing with her, but she flexes her domme muscles some more after Petra licks her pussy. Aila wraps a glove around the other babe's throat as she spanks her perfect ass, then pulls Petra's hair as she fingers her pussy, showing that she's got what it takes after all!

When Girls Play - Kylie Rocket & Maddy May - In My Office, Now

File: yebacnawhgiplkylmad8kbqvsxunc.mp4
Size: 658.18 MB
Duration: 25:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Boss bitch Kylie Rocket never seems to be satisfied with her receptionist Maddy May, whether she's answering the phones or bringing her coffee, but there is one way the pretty brunette can fully satisfy her employer! Kylie makes Maddy pick up a pen off the floor, watching her ass, then undresses her and sucks her tits on the desk. The babes lick each other's pussies and Maddy manages to impress her boss with her scissoring skills!

When Girls Play - Kira Noir, Paige Owens & Lilly Bell - Stuff Her Stocking

File: tsp71nawhgiplkirpailillpktxziehi.mp4
Size: 609.55 MB
Duration: 34:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Happy couple Kira Noir and Paige Owens are full of Christmas spirit as they decorate the tree and smooch under the mistletoe, but their roommate Lilly Bell just got dumped by her gf. They decide to give her some holiday cheering up with a gift... of strap-ons! Kira and Paige dress up in red lingerie and make Lilly feel all better as they run their hands over her stunning body, sucking her tits and licking her pussy, then they put on the strap-ons so Lilly can get well and truly stuffed! Paige doesn't want to get left out, so Kira fucks both babes under the mistletoe.

When Girls Play - Ana Foxxx & Alina Ali - Smudged Lipstick And Other Stains

File: x5vcknawhgiplanaalive1ydkoclf.mp4
Size: 669.78 MB
Duration: 30:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Bombshell Ana Foxxx takes her time dressing in a hot outfit and admiring herself in the mirror, but her bestie Alina Ali is in the same cotton lounge gear as always. Ana asks her friend to trust her and try on something a little racier, lending her a tight pair of leggings, tiny top, and heels. After Ana puts some lipstick on her friend's pout, the girls start kissing, and soon they're slipping out of their outfits to lick each other's pussies! These horny babes sit on each other's faces and 69, then trib, turning their plans for a night out into a night in.

When Girls Play - Vanna Bardot & Brooklyn Gray - December Totm Entrechat

File: adjztnawhgiplvanbroyortu5mi8h.mp4
Size: 423.12 MB
Duration: 28:06
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Your December Treat of the Month Vanna Bardot loves showing off her dancer's body, and what better setting than in the ballet studio? Clad in only a white lace bodysuit and her pointe shoes, Vanna teases you with her slender, flexible form and her perky tits, putting on a show for Brooklyn Gray, who wears her own black lace version of Vanna's outfit. Vanna leans in, nearly brushing Brooklyn's lips with hers before leading her to an ornate couch. The babes slip out of their lingerie and kiss and caress each other before they taste each one another's pussies and finger each other in an intricate pas de deux, then trib as their bodies move in a passionate dance!

When Girls Play - Charlotte Sins & Spencer Bradley - Sheen On Me

File: d3muknawhgiplchaspeeaiezfczkg.mp4
Size: 644.30 MB
Duration: 24:52
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: In their sparkly eyeshadow and shiny bikinis, red-haired Charlotte Sins and brunette Spencer Bradley can't take their eyes off each other. These babes kiss passionately, and Spencer pushes Charlotte's top up so she can suck the redhead's pierced nipples, then they take turns licking each other's pussies. Spencer moans with pleasure as she sits on Charlotte's pretty face, then it's the redhead's turn to enjoy the same treatment. Spencer gets loud as Charlotte licks her ass while fingering her pussy, and all she can say is, Wow!

When Girls Play - Laney Grey & Anna Claire Clouds - Girl Crush: Laney & Anna Claire

File: awarjnawhgipllanann5fqqmhunkw.mp4
Size: 688.55 MB
Duration: 38:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Both Anna Claire Clouds and Lainey Grey have known they liked girls for a long time, but their first experiences couldn't be more different. The babes are extremely excited to work together again today, because they each have a big crush on the other! They hang out in their lingerie, and soon start kissing and touching each other's bodies, excited to taste one another's soft tits and wet pussies! They even sit on each other's faces, and they want to do this every day!

When Girls Play - Gizelle Blanco & Destiny Cruz - November TOTM

File: zgijynawhgiplgizdescnitxjgkk5.mp4
Size: 980.85 MB
Duration: 38:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gizelle Blanco's friend begs her to be his wing woman when they see Destiny Cruz walk into the bar, but Destiny is much more interested in Gizelle! The girls slip away to a quiet lounge where Gizelle can kiss the gorgeous blonde, lick her perfect tits and rub her pussy through her lacy underwear. Destiny is so glad she got Gizelle all to herself as the sexy babe licks her clit till she cums, and then it's Destiny's turn to spread Gizelle open and bury her face in her pussy! Destiny's so horny she sits on Gizelle's face and tells her exactly how to make her cum, then eats Gizelle out as she rubs her own clit, then they moan loudly as they trib!

When Girls Play - Adira Allure & Hazel Grace - Late Night Snack

File: 8ci2cnawhgipladihazb4cvoioxm4.mp4
Size: 741.31 MB
Duration: 31:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Adira Allure invited her bestie Hazel Grace over for a cupcake party, and they go down to the kitchen in just their little tops and panties for a late-night snack. The girls sample the different cakes, licking up icing from each other's lips, then dabbing sweet creamy frosting on each other's nipples and sucking it off. The girls bring their treats to the living room, but they would rather devour each other instead, eating each other's pussies as they 69 and then scissoring to feel just how turned on they are!

When Girls Play - Aidra Fox & Aria Lee - Girl Crush: Aidra & Aria

File: aitounawhgiplaidarita6peqqhnu.mp4
Size: 692.94 MB
Duration: 36:35
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Aria Lee and Aidra Fox have liked girls for a long, long time. They tell the stories of their first girl crushes as well as describing their instant connection ever since they first met one another. These hotties kiss and canoodle on the couch, undressing each other and embracing passionately. Watch the fireworks between these Aidra and Aria as they play with each other's pussies and lick each other's clits until they orgasm over and over.

When Girls Play - Abigail Mac & Demi Sutra - Sun's Out, Buns Out

File: rua9lnawhgiplabidemmdpnbwz4gm.mp4
Size: 919.41 MB
Duration: 33:10
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Bikini-clad babes Abigail Mac and Demi Sutra have a little fun in the sun as they sit out by the pool. The busty beauties anoint each other's tits with oil and kiss playfully, rubbing their perfect bodies together to make sure that every inch is nice and oiled up! These babes' bottoms come off and their buns come out to get kissed by the sun... and each other!

When Girls Play - Kira Noir & Alexis Tae - Showing Her The Ropes

File: jqwqhnawhgiplkiraleefcq9mucgf.mp4
Size: 698.90 MB
Duration: 31:40
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Your October Treat of the Month Alexis Tae gets some much-needed instruction in bondage from Mistress Kira Noir, who wraps her in pretty pink ropes and teases her body with a riding crop! Kira spanks Alexis till her booty is as pink as the ropes, and Alexis eagerly licks Kira's clit. This firm-but-fair mistress makes Alexis beg for every orgasm as she stimulates the sub's pussy with her fingers, a vibrator, and finally fucks her with a strap-on.

When Girls Play - Kylie Le Beau & Kendra Sunderland - Thursday Throwback Thots

File: hfpoonawhgiplkylkenjvhby9kccv.mp4
Size: 652.00 MB
Duration: 25:51
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Kylie Le Beau and Kendra Sunderland are looking for a little action. Feeling nostalgic, they decide to throwback to some of their favorite looks. They have fun trying on outfits they haven't worn in a while and have even more fun taking them off!

When Girls Play - Jane Wilde & Aiden Ashley - Girl Crush: Aiden & Jane

File: osvexnawhgipljanaidpy1xoxdpss.mp4
Size: 1.17 GB
Duration: 42:00
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Aside from being beautiful and a chill person to talk to, Jane Wilde loves that Aiden Ashley is really into women and likes to have sex with women. Aiden could say the same about Jane. She loves that Jane just oozes sex, and is effortlessly sexy. The two can't wait to share their girl crush and rub their wet pussies together!

When Girls Play - Jenna Foxx & Jewelz Blu - Her Biggest Fan

File: ycplanawhgipljenjewxvdrfraltn.mp4
Size: 679.99 MB
Duration: 26:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: The delectable Jewelz Blu is a famous pop star and sweet Jenna Foxx is her biggest fan. Jenna sneaks backstage to get a peek of her idol, spying on Jewelz in her dressing room. Jenna is surprised when Jewelz invites her in and gives her some one-on-one attention she'll never forget!

When Girls Play - Alina Lopez & Alexis Tae - Girl Crush: Alina & Alexis

File: qbns2nawhgiplalialenpjbkpxmvg.mp4
Size: 624.68 MB
Duration: 27:11
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Alexis Tae can't wait to fuck her beautiful scene partner Alina Lopez. What Alexis likes most about Alina is her beautiful lips and long tongue because that's what's important! Meanwhile Alina admires Alexis' ambition, she can't stop hearing about Alexis and is eager to take her for a ride!

Turning Twistys - Emma Starletto & Brooklyn Gray - Walk In Nudes

File: enkq9natutwemmbronxb1cjnbfj.mp4
Size: 514.60 MB
Duration: 30:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Horny Brooklyn Gray walks in on sexy Emma Starletto taking nudes and she can't help but slip her fingers down to her pussy. Brooklyn pleasures herself, tugging on her bush as she's transfixed by Emma sultry photo session. Emma likes an audience and rewards Brooklyn for her attention by letting her taste her wet pussy. Brooklyn couldn't have walked in at a better moment!

When Girls Play - Sabina Rouge & Lilly Bell - In The Darkroom

File: sbrkknawhgiplsabliljfu2xqzeyp.mp4
Size: 499.74 MB
Duration: 24:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: CategoriesPussy Fingering,Pussy LickingTwistys Treat Of The Month the stunning Lilly Bell is working in her darkroom. She's developing photos she took of beautiful Sabina Rouge when she begins to fantasize about everything she'd do to Sabina's perfect body. As Lilly is lost in her reverie, her muse appears as if in a dream to seduce her in real life.Release DateAugust 14, 2021

When Girls Play - Demi Sutra & Hazel Grace - Planting A Kiss

File: p5dw1nawhgipldemhazqtrvvkhans.mp4
Size: 1011.93 MB
Duration: 24:59
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Demi Sutra is an earthy goddess who loves gardening. She soaks up the sun, letting the rays wash over her perfect body as she takes care of her tranquil garden. Demi is taken out of her reverie when Hazel Grace, the new employee at the local garden center, drops off an order of herbs. Once Hazel meets Demi it's all she can do to keep the encounter professional. Demi is no help and Hazel soon gives into her free-spirited advances, letting her perky tits be set free under the afternoon sun. The two stunning babes are soon planting a kiss on each other's sweet wet pussies.

When Girls Play - Ana Foxxx & Lulu Chu - Make Me

File: tdcfqnawhgiplanalul6f97o1qpbk.mp4
Size: 689.79 MB
Duration: 27:50
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Twistys Treat Of The Month Lulu Chu is not as innocent as she looks. Clad in skin-tight latex, there's nothing she wants more than to submit to her beyond sexy dominatrix Ana Foxxx. Ana has her way with Lulu, whipping Lulu's perfect perky butt before she slips her hard strap on down Lulu's throat. Everything is sexier in latex!

When Girls Play - Emily Right & Alexia Anders - Girl Crush

File: trivvnawhgiplemialezc6jankihp.mp4
Size: 985.67 MB
Duration: 36:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: What happens when a major studio acts like a match-maker to bring two insanely hot women together to explore the reaches of their crushes and bring each other to levels of pleasure that only another woman can provide? Find out by watching Girl Crush brought to you by Twistys. This scene features the unimaginably gorgeous Emily Wright and the jaw-droppingly sexy Alexia Anders. Enjoy!

Turning Twistys - Olive Glass & Ashley Lane - The Honor Is Mine

File: 7crmtnatutwoliashgublyoenlz.mp4
Size: 860.63 MB
Duration: 34:58
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Two beautiful ladies, Ashley Lane and Olive Glass, are getting all dressed up for their friend's wedding ceremony. But the tension and competition between these two ladies is hard not to notice. Olive hogs the mirror, claiming that as the maid of honor, she needs to look good, unlike Ashley, a lowly bridesmaid. Ashley doesn't take this well and claims that Olive doesn't have the experience required to be a maid of honor, specifically, lesbian experiences. Olive is determined to prove she has all the life experience needed to be a maid of honor, and she's going to do whatever it takes to make her point clear.