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Jia Lissa

Slayed - Jia Lissa & Scarlett Jones - Scarlett Jilted Jia Forget All About Boyfriend

File: timqjnaslajiascazmadrichfy.mp4
Size: 3.19 GB
Duration: 36:49
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Remember, when the universe closes a door, it opens a dress Jia has just been dumped at the side of the road, but girls are like automobiles, there's always a better model on the road. That's where Scarlett rolls along...

Freeze - Jia Lissa - The Bully Gets Bulled

File: episonafrejialisc8xmi5eyic.mp4
Size: 1013.80 MB
Duration: 17:03
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Everyone gets what he deserves! So happened with our beloved Jia Lissa. Spoiled by life, she bullies Tommy all the time, when this guy truly gives his best to survive in this harsh world. But we believe in Karma! Tommy gets his revenge and fills Jias mouth and pussy with shit ton of cum.

Futanari - Rae Lil Black & Jia Lissa - Locker Room Pt 1

File: vhv1bnafutraejia5frvbpi7mb.mp4
Size: 416.43 MB
Duration: 14:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Rea Lil Black is the leader of the female sports team but her performance has been lacking during todays game. Jia Lissa, Jennifer Mendez, and their friend are not happy about the situation.

To be fair, Rae is not a team player even though its a team game, and its time for some reprogramming. The moment they get into the changing room, the girls gang up on Rae. Jia gets behind Rae, snatches her phone away, and holds Rae from behind.

The other girls grab her legs and get her over to the bench. Theyre going to show Rae what real teamwork is. They start by tickling her, and while theyre fooling around, her shirt gets lifted up and a set of juicy tits are exposed.

You bitches are going to regret this, says Rae. However, Jia is unfazed. She grabs Raes tits and starts squeezing them while kissing her neck. Then she moves her hand lower towards Raes crotch and rubs the bulge in her panties. Needless to say that Rae is getting aroused.

Now were going to show you the real teamwork, says Jia, while pulling down Raes shorts and exposing her big meaty cock. Jia starts stroking it, while the other two girls slam their futa cocks straight into Raes face to suck them.

She takes turns blowing those stiff fucksticks of her teammates, who stuffed her throat full of dick. Rae hardly has time to catch a breath, and its not like shes against it. This hottie craves cocks and can take every last inch for however long it takes.

All the girls are moaning but Jia is getting a bit bored just toying with Raes cock, she wants to put that throat of hers to the real test. Jennifer steps away to grab a hold of Raes head and thrush it on top of the cocks as she pleases.

Jia is finally putting Raes skill to the test with her incredibly fat dick. The two girls are taking turns pounding Raes throat in a real showing of teamwork. Their teammate is ready to blast a load, and it gets all over Raes face in a majestic fashion.

Now its time for Jia as well, shes so close to cumming, and wouldnt you know it, her thick load of cum goes on top of the previous creampie, stickying up Raes face. Jennifer gets her turn as well, her hard cock creampies Raes face.

All covered in jizz that streams down her chin and all over her melons, Rae is not finished yet. Remember, being a part of the team means there has to be a team effort, and as a part of the team, Rae wont be left hanging dry.

Jia promptly gets on her knees and starts sucking Raes cock. She strokes it while her tongue is massaging the tip, and the skill with which she does it makes Rae cum in a matter of moments. An entire load of cum, of course, shoots on Raes face and inside her mouth.

This is what real teamwork looks like, everybody needs to be pleased. Well that, and Jia has a few words for Rae at the end. Its obvious shes only thinking of herself and her futa cock, so next time she better think of the game instead or else theres another round of hazing incoming.

Hentaied - Jia Lissa & Rae Lil Black - Possesion

File: wf8venahenjiaraeg5ybt7ognr.mp4
Size: 480.65 MB
Duration: 17:34
Resolution: 2048x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Huge slimy tentacles are tied around two exhausted, beautiful bodies. Bodies which are fully covered in warm, sticky cum. Bodies that had been fucked all the way through each other. Their minds had been enslaved and broken by the alien bastards

Jia didnt have a really good relationship with her landlord Rae. So, nobody could ever imagine that they can get that close as it happened this evening. Jias mind was possessed by alien parasites. She got completely naked, ran into the Raes apartment and jumped directly on her. Both girls were abducted by alien monsters.

They woke up in an empty dark room. Their minds were clouded, but they were still trying to fight. Naive silly girls. The tentacles were already crawling towards them. They mercilessly penetrated their sweet vaginas and began to fuck them hard. Finally, one tentacle crawled through Jias body and continued its way deep into the throat of Rae. Exploding with cum they were thrown to the floor in convulsions. There the huge monsters tied around them, giving no chance for a single movement. Pussy to pussy, Jia and Rae were getting fucked at once. Meanwhile, other tentacles were going deep inside their throats. Finally, exhausted Jia lied on Rae. Both of girls explodes with a ton of cum from destroyed holes

Parasited - Jia Lissa & Tiffany Tatum - Gamers

File: jw5spnaparjiatiftbocbwqkei.mp4
Size: 257.60 MB
Duration: 12:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Jia and Tiffany are the best gamers around, day and night girls putting the boy in the doggie. Winning them time after time. Finally, Jia got bored and took a break and went to take a quick shower. And there a new fun awaited her A parasite of lust and tons of slime... This little black monster jumped right into her cunt and made her mind full of lust and desire there. Jia returns to Tiffany, to taste her pussy and feed her with hot sweet slime...

Parasited - Jia Lissa - Date

File: 2vtkpnaparjialish86frnlbwr.mp4
Size: 230.04 MB
Duration: 11:04
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Third date and our humble Jia finally invited Mark to her house for a movie night. After a couple of glasses of wine, Mark got braver and wanted to kiss our red-haired beauty... but she wasn't ready and ran off to her room from embarrassment, full of desire but also insecurity... at this point, the parasite was already on his way to her sweet mind... A couple of minutes later as he jumped into her sweet pussy, with tons of slime and some masturbation, Jia was ready to fuck that cock until her boyfriend lost his mind.....

The White Boxxx - Jia Lissa - Blind Date

File: 5xm7mnathwhbojialiskyugmqx8bp.mp4
Size: 899.81 MB
Duration: 34:32
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jia enjoys any kind of kinky game and especially to be teased before she is allowed to enjoy a big dick. While blindfolded her pussy gets teased with a vibrator making her wet and ready to be fucked from behind while standing. After her hands are free she immediately starts to passionately pleases that big dick making it even harder before she gets fucked some more and rewarded with a cumshot in her mouth that she swallows like a good girl.

The White Boxxx - Jia Lissa & Marilyn Sugar - Threesome Fantasies

File: pnjulnathwhbojiamarykovxugoly.mp4
Size: 514.09 MB
Duration: 33:22
Resolution: 854x480
Format: mp4
Description: Everybody loves selfies and our two beautiful models want to capture a few sensual shots of themselves but when they are so hot it is meant for more to happen. You can see how much they like each other from the kissing and pussy licking. Not missing the chance, Kristof wants to take a few pictures of the lesbian action and as a reward his dick gets royally treated by the two girls, draining his cum out of his balls into Jia's mouth which she shares with Marilyn Sugar.

Blacked - Jia Lissa & Little Dragon - Jia Episode 2

File: daeuhnablajialitlvfrtjuu1e.mp4
Size: 2.84 GB
Duration: 50:12
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: We catch up with Jia a year later living a swingers life on the azure coasts of Greece. Now in a relationship with the statuesque Little Dragon, Jia starts to get familiar feelings of stagnation. Knowing her part in their relationship has run its course, Jia seeks one last shared experience with Little Dragon in the arms of a wandering photographer.

Tushy - Jia Lissa - Jia Episode 4

File: gunsvnatusjialist1bnotbebg.mp4
Size: 2.75 GB
Duration: 47:23
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Jia finds herself back where it all began, the Italian Alps at her ex-boyfriend Christians villa. After years of travelling the world, and melting away her subconscious naivete, Jia is ready to close the door on that chapter of her life, while opening a much more desired one.

Vixen - Jia Lissa & Agatha Vega - Jia Episode 1

File: ipcwsnavixjiaagafi6mjmgx1m.mp4
Size: 2.74 GB
Duration: 47:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: After spontaneously breaking off a long-term relationship, Jia thrusts herself at the world, ready to experience anything and everything it has to offer. Her first order of business, booking a one way ticket to the Maldives. Expecting some time to reflect and relax, Jia is instead met by the mysterious and refreshingly generous, Agatha. Emphasis on generous.

Vixen - Jia Lissa & Sonya Blaze - Jia Episode 3

File: kclapnavixjiasonyap8nqtg8y.mp4
Size: 2.74 GB
Duration: 47:10
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: The next stop of Jias erotic odyssey finds her in Paris, living a life of luxury and untethered inhibitions. After meeting her not old friend Manuel for some croissants and coitus, he asks her to show his latest fling, Sonya, around town. They hit it off, and then some. A combination of Manuels approach to past relationships and Sonyas carefree lifestyle motivates Jia to tie up some loose ends.

Brazzers Exxtra - Jia Lissa - Fucking The Hotel Staff

File: hvwaynabrexjialiss5kr5qjck9.mp4
Size: 1021.43 MB
Duration: 36:45
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy redhead Jia Lissa is checking into a hotel room with her husband. Jia's down to get fucked right away, but hubby wants to go to the bar... leaving an opening for sneaky bellboy Jordi! Jordi takes Jia's bags into the room and, when he gets a minute alone, starts rummaging through them. He finds panties, as well as some naughty toys, like handcuffs and a big dildo. Jia catches Jordi, but instead of being mad, she decides to use Jordi for sex. Jia gets fucked hard and ends up with a face full of cum.

Viv Thomas - Eve Angel, Jia Lissa & Emily Mayers - Perfect Date

File: qidbinavithevejiaemi5sjxr8hy8q.mp4
Size: 1.24 GB
Duration: 22:20
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Viv Thomas superstar Eve Angel returning here in a cameo role sets up her friends on a Perfect Date. As Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie begins, cute brunette Emily Mayers and stunning redhead Jia Lissa are eager to meet they hang out at the park, flirting and having fun. Things evidently go well as they are soon stripped down to their lingerie in the bedroom, kissing passionately. Playful beauty Emily pushes Jia onto her back on the bed, sucking her stiff nipples. Jia arches her back, moaning with arousal and grabbing the opportunity to lavish attention on Emilys big breasts as they dangle above her. Emily moves up to straddle Jias face, grinding her shaved pussy on her new lovers mouth and getting eaten to an intense orgasm. She dismounts and kisses her way down Jias slender body, nuzzling her red bush as she licks her wet slot voraciously. Jia tugs at her hard nipples as Emily drives her wild she goes face down ass up and Emily eats her from behind, giving her a powerful orgasm that leaves her trembling from head to toe as they lie in each others arms

Viv Thomas - Lika Star & Jia Lissa - Lingerie Lovers

File: ij6jcnavithlikjialsaxodkcec.mp4
Size: 801.43 MB
Duration: 27:43
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy redhead Jia Lissa and her cute blonde girlfriend Lika Star are wrapped in towels, choosing underwear for each other, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Lingerie Lovers begins. Lika picks out red lace for Jia, admiring her gorgeous body as she puts it on. Jia selects a tiny black thong and mesh bra for Lika. They stand together at the full-length mirror, studying their reflections with pleasure. Next, Jia chooses a pretty flowered lingerie set for Lika, followed by strappy panties that leave her curvy ass exposed. They touch playfully as they dress up, until Jia cant take any more teasing, and pushes her girlfriend up against the mirror to kiss her. She caresses Likas lovely small breasts and sucks her nipples, squeezes her ass, and licks her way down to her shaved pussy. Lika moans with excitement as Jia starts to eat her pussy slowly and sensually, tongue flickering over her puffy clit to drive her wild. Jia spins Lika around and eats her from behind, giving her a powerful orgasm. Now Lika is eager for a taste of her lovers sweetness, peeling off Jias panties and nuzzling her natural red bush as she eats her pussy voraciously. Jia tugs at her stiff nipples as Lika pushes her onto the bed and licks her to an intense climax. Hide