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Lika Star

Blacked - Amber Moore, Anna Claire Clouds, Lika Star & Ivy Wolfe - Deluxe Service

File: vsfcunablaambannlikivynmnvtr4pfw.mp4
Size: 3.43 GB
Duration: 39:33
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Anna. Ivy. Lika. Amber. How many beautiful blondes does it take to screw our man Anton until he's satisfied? If you can multiply 4 times 11, then you'll get the idea.

Girls Only Porn - Lika Star & Lovita Fate - The Gift That Keeps Giving

File: szwrdnagionpoliklovsyghoeaxiq.mp4
Size: 1003.06 MB
Duration: 20:57
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lovita Fate waits impatiently for her girlfriend Lika Star. She has a gift that she just knows Lika will adore. When Lika arrives, she takes a VR headset from the bag and admires it with all proper respect.

Later, Lika puts the VR headset on and tunes it to something on the racy side. Sliding her hand up her torso, she palms her tit through her shirt. As Lika slips her other hand into her shorts. Lovita lets herself in. She knows just what to do.

Caressing her hands up Lika's thighs, Lovita settles between them. She peels Lika's shorts off, unveiling her girlfriend's bare twat. Leaning forward, she licks the flat of her tongue right up that cream filled slit. Lika takes the opportunity to pop her juicy tits out of her shirt so she can really go to work on them.

Peeling the headset off, Lika lays eyes on her own sexy reality. Lovita has already relieved herself of her own shorts, clearing the way for Lika's hands to do some exploring. Working her way up the couch, Lovita arranges herself so that Lika can tip her head back and enjoy a pussy feast. Climbing forward just a touch, Lovita leans down and complete a lesbian 69.

That's just the start for these two blonde lovers. Lika rolls Lovita onto her back and urges her to bring her knees to her shoulders. That opens Lovita for a proper oral exploration and fingering. Since Lovita is already on her back, Lika can easily crawl up her body for another round of pussy licking.

Getting Lika on her knees leaning over the chair, Lovita does some real deep diving with her fingers and tongue. Lovita lets Lika give her the same treatment as she lays on her back, legs splayed nice and wide. The girls finish their afternoon delight with some pussy tribbing that leaves both blondes sated, for now at least.

Dorcel Club - Lika Star - First Dorcel Scene

File: 45slknadoclliksta8krj6vqhwh.mp4
Size: 3.08 GB
Duration: 25:08
Format: mp4
Description: After a difficult breakup, Lika asked her best friend to come and see her to talk and sort out her affairs. Her friend had a very precise idea to make her forget her ex, the remedy is called Kristof who has undeniable qualities to comfort people. And Lika intends to take advantage of it as much as possible to have fun...

Nubile Films - Lika Star & Lucky Bee - Maid Services

File: df7fynanufilikluczd5wyvq9ya.mp4
Size: 1.56 GB
Duration: 28:39
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Sexy maid Lika Star is cleaning with her feather duster and rags. She's diligent in her work, which her employer, Lucky Bee, appreciates. Charlie Dean come home from his date with Lucky to find Lika still hard at work. Lucky tells Charlie that she knows he's always wanted to fuck a cleaning lady, and that this is his lucky day.

Beckoning Lika over, Lucky cuddles close on one side of Charlie while Lika takes the other side. The two ladies immediately put their hands to work, stroking their fingers up and down Charlie's chest. Their hands move lower, eventually settling on Charlie's stiffie...

Liking what they feel, the girls sink to the ground so they can unzip Charlie's pants and go to work indulging all three of their fantasies. Sucking Charlie's dick together gets their party kicked off. Eventually, Lika and Lucky begin taking turns gobbling that D while the other sucks the balls.

Helping Lika out of her maid miniskirt, Lucky makes the next steps clear. She gets Lika onto her knees on the couch, leaving Lika's ass and pussy wide open for Charlie to lick and nuzzle. When Lucky pulls Lika's ass cheeks apart, Charlie uses two of his fingers to deliver a pussy pounding that gets her squealing.

Lucky kneels beside Lika, presenting Charlie with a double pussy buffet to finger bang. Since Lika is still on her knees, it's simple enough for Charlie to take his hardon and guide it into her soft twat. Doing his maid in doggy is a super turnon for Charlie, but it's somehow almost hotter to do his wife in doggy while the maid occasionally steps in to suck the goo off his fuck stick. The girls ultimately give Charlie a double stack to keep on banging as Lika kneels beneath Lucky.

Taking a seat on the couch, Charlie pulls the girls towards him. Lucky takes a seat on her hubby's dick, riding him in reverse cowgirl. Cuddling close to Charlie's side, Lika kneads one tit as Charlie sucks the other. His hand wraps around Lika's waist to rub her clit as Lucky keeps her ride going.

Lucky takes Lika's place, bouncing her booty to ride in cowgirl while leaning forward to lap the musky juice from Lucky's fuck hole. Turning around, Lika hangs on for the ride as Charlie pistons hard into her tight twat. Lucky kneels beside them, doing anything she can to ensure their ultimate pleasure.

On her side with one leg in the air, Lucky throws her head back in delight as Charlie slides back home into her cooch. Lika kneels between Lucky's thighs, licking and sucking Charlie's balls as he bangs his wife. When Charlie is ready to cum, the girls lay on their backs so they can each get a facial and mouthful of cum. Sharing a tongue-heavy kiss, they indulge in their salty treat together.

Vixen - Agatha Vega, Lika Star & Freya Mayer - Couple Crush

File: 7yritnavixagalikfreu6xuderqul.mp4
Size: 2.85 GB
Duration: 49:03
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Agatha and Freya get in on the action wherever they go, and when they laid eyes on Lika in the pool, they knew they chose the right hotel. But Lika is a package deal, and seducing her will mean an orgy with her partner as well if hes game to get it on with three sizzling vixens.

Penthouse Gold - Lika Star - Lika Star's Rebound 4

File: sanurnapegolikstapwkb8fyxwq.mp4
Size: 903.09 MB
Duration: 30:31
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: When your relationship ends because of an overly jealous boyfriend, what better way to help get rid of the breakup blues than with another man? That's exactly what banging hot Ukrainian beauty Lika Star does in this steamy cheaters' Penthouse porn. The naughty blonde babe gets dolled up in pretty pink lingerie for her lover who quickly cheers her up with pussy licking that gets her soaking wet. Then the sex kitten hungrily gives a phenomenal blowjob followed by deep fucking with his huge cock.

Viv Thomas - Lika Star & Catherine Knight - Sleep With Me

File: 1mi5gnavithlikcatbob3toprd3.mp4
Size: 1.30 GB
Duration: 23:22
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Gorgeous brunette Catherine Knight is reading in bed, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Sleep With Me begins. Shes joined by cute blonde Lika Star, who starts massaging lotion into her silky skin, grabbing her girlfriends attention. The lovers kiss tenderly, before Lika pushes Catherine onto her back and tugs at her sexy lingerie, exposing her pierced nipples and sucking them eagerly. She goes down to lick Catherines shaved pussy, zeroing in on her clit to drive her wild. Getting naked, Lika straddles her sweetheart in a sixty-nine, so they can eat pussy in unison. They are both breathless with arousal as she spins around to sit on Catherines face, and grinds to an intense orgasm. Lika rolls Catherine over and eats her from behind, tonguing her tight asshole to give her a powerful climax.

The White Boxxx - Lika Star - More Than A Massage

File: bhfsqnathwhbolikstalvptwxlahn.mp4
Size: 1.18 GB
Duration: 27:36
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lika Star has booked a massage session to help her relax and as soon as she lays days, the hot oil and Kristof's soft hands are already getting her in a relaxed and slightly horny mood. Luckily Kristof only does full body massages and never misses a spot, slowly making his way to her pussy, rubbing and fingering it sensually. She invites him closer to the front of the bed to give Kristof a massage with her mouth to his dick making him very erect, ready to fuck her until he ejaculates over her small and pretty ass.

Tushy Raw - Lika Star & Liya Silver - Double Act

File: dzevinaturalikliyhayimgfahb.mp4
Size: 2.76 GB
Duration: 47:29
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Duck and cover, because double trouble is hitting the town Liya and Lika are looking their hottest and they cant keep their hands or their lips off of each other. But theyre also on the prowl for a third, and a lucky man might just squeeze his way between these sexy, ravenous girlfriends.

Love Her Feet - Lika Star - French Pedicure Footjob Lesson

File: adx9knalohefelikstadxy18pxydh.mp4
Size: 694.68 MB
Duration: 42:39
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: Today is Lika's French lesson and she is more than ready to go. After he arrives and begins asking her if she remembers the previous lesson, the French tutor cannot stop looking at her french pedicure on her sexy little toes! He's seemingly distracted when she asks him, How do you say 'lick my feet?' He cannot wait to start sucking on her toes and licking her gorgeous feet. He starts by licking her toes then smelling her sexy stinky feet. After that, she wraps her sexy soles around his fat cock and starts giving him a french pedicure footjob he will not forget! He gets to pound her shaved tight pussy for a while and then gets a special handjob-footjob from this beautiful babe. After bringing her to orgasm he finally blows a cumload all over her perfectly soft feet.

Porn World - Lika Star & Stefany Kyler - Naughty Teen Gf Lets Boyfriend With Bbc Plough Lesbo Friend

File: m3yd8napowolikstegdfl6lsbku.mp4
Size: 1.97 GB
Duration: 59:34
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: While her rich black boyfriend is off at work, Lika Star brings her new friend Stefany Kyler over to her place for a bit a fun. After fingering, licking, and fucking each other with a dildo the two friends are interrupted by Likas boyfriend Darrel, who arrives home after a long day of work. Although at first hes surprised at what he sees, after his initial shock wears off which happens to be quite quickly he joins the two sexy teens on the couch and whips his BBC out. Darrel then slams his GF and her friends tight, teenage pussies before blowing his load into their mouths.

Lez Cuties - Lika Star, Romy Indy & Jayla De Angelis - Simply Glamorous

File: yx5vpnaleculikromjaymr86brssh2.mp4
Size: 1.39 GB
Duration: 26:31
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Three gorgeous girls Jayla de Angelis, Lika Star and Romy Indy in sexy lingerie put on sexy masks. They touch and caress each others bodies before steamy lesbian sex starts. Jayla, Lika and Romy takes turns eating and fingering each other's wet pussy in pleasure. Wow simply gorgeous.

Babes - Lika Star - Maid To Order

File: cs3vvnabablikstapub7gayk1v.mp4
Size: 848.57 MB
Duration: 31:12
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lika Star has the house to herself, but she's hard at work. Ever the dutiful maid, Lika works to get the house in order just to the owner Alberto Blanco's liking. Finishing her work quickly, Lika decides to break the rules and lounge by the pool. Alberto returns home and catches her completely in the nude! Alberto can't stay mad, not when Lika is so eager to make it up to him...

Exxxtra Small - Lika Star - Major Pain

File: cccnsnaexsmlikstakjp3jgb9ap.mp4
Size: 1.03 GB
Duration: 37:38
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Tiny blonde Lika Star is going through army boot camp and following orders from sergeant Jimmy Bud, who trains and drills her relentlessly until Lika falls exhausted to her bed. Turns out sergeant Bud has one more exercise that she needs to complete, and it involves getting naked and opening wide!

Lez Cuties - Shalina Devine, Lika Star & Lana Roy - Noisy Brats

File: e65oinalecushaliklan9wgc2cadze.mp4
Size: 715.66 MB
Duration: 33:32
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: It all started with a cute girly pillow fight between Lika Star and Lana Roy while Shalina Devine was observing them from the top then walked down the stairs and screamed at them both to stop. She asked them both to make peace with each other after that fight. They went way farther than peace and the three of them ended making love

Blacked - Lottie Magne & Lika Star - Lottie Episode 3

File: t3zcsnablalotlikyrwj4hhydm.mp4
Size: 2.38 GB
Duration: 40:58
Resolution: 1280x720
Format: mp4
Description: VIXEN, TUSHY, and BLACKED bring you, Lottie Magne, like youve never seen her before. You wont want to miss a moment of her eye-opening, erotic adventure catch Episode 1 on VIXEN, then follow her bottom over to TUSHY for Episode 2 and finally see how far she goes in Episode 3 on BLACKED. Red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, petite frame there are plenty of beautiful sights in Ibiza, but now that Lottie is in town, shes putting them all to shame. And since shes collecting once-in-a-lifetime experiences, her host decides to set her up with his stunning blonde friend, Lika, and two guys shell never be able to forget.

A Girl Knows - Lika Star & Agatha Vega - Unexpected visitor

File: pfqzqnaagiknlikagangoy7xwshh.mp4
Size: 1.43 GB
Duration: 33:28
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lika was enjoying her early evening when an unexpected visitor knocked at the door. Agatha's scooter broke so she came asking for help. It was love at first sight, the timing couldn't be more right. So Lika invited her to take a shower and offered Agatha a hot chocolate to warm her up. That's when their lust rose up and the attraction got them kissing hot. They undressed and Lika started to taste Agatha's sweet pussy, as she felt horny. Then both licked each other's clit sensually, fingered their naughty pussies deeply and had a kinky scissoring until they came passionately.

Viv Thomas - Kaisa Nord & Lika Star - Focus Of Attention

File: bol8bnavithkailikfdfrh67a7o.mp4
Size: 1.42 GB
Duration: 25:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Curvaceous blonde Kaisa Nord is stressing out over her college work, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Focus Of Attention begins. Cute Lika Star is the perfect distraction, pretending to fall off the bed in her efforts to catch her girlfriends eye. Her sexy dancing fails to do the trick, so she opts for the direct approach, removing her shorts, sweeping Kaisas books to the floor, and presenting her pussy to be eaten. Her passionate kiss is enough to ensure she gets what she wants, and Kaisa is soon sucking her stiff nipples avidly, then licking a trail down to her shaved pussy. Lika moans with pleasure as Kaisa eats her until shes at boiling point, then offers her own pussy to her horny lovers lips. Lika laps at the prominent folds of Kaisas shaved pussy, getting her to the same state of arousal, then lies on the floor, legs spread invitingly. Kaisa sucks the pigtailed sweeties nipples as she fingerbangs her, then eats her pussy until shes shuddering and squealing through an intense orgasm. Now Kaisa straddles Likas pretty face, rocking her hips as she grinds to a breathless climax.

Brazzers Exxtra - Lika Star - Blind Date

File: pvzevnabrexlikstam2clhhyvpc.mp4
Size: 969.60 MB
Duration: 34:19
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: There's nothing Blonde bombshell Lika Star loves more than a blind date. And by blind date, she literally means having a date while being blindfolded. This time, the lucky man who hooked up with lusty Lika is Raul Costa. He can't be happier when Lika tells him to do whatever he wants with her while she wears the blindfold. He starts by stimulating her clit and making her moan. Then, Raul sticks his tongue deep inside Lika's eager pussy. It doesn't take long before Lika asks for a good pounding. The girls seeks pleasure, and Raul is all about giving her what she needs.

Hands On Hardcore - Lika Star & Anissa Kate - Virtual Reality Becomes Real Threesome When Camgirl Fucks Her Landlords

File: q88fdnahaonhalikaniv66y97kblp.mp4
Size: 3.20 GB
Duration: 01:06:26
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Petite blonde college student Lika Star needs to find a way to pay her tuition, so she rents a cheap room from couple Anissa Kate and Kristof Cale while working her tiny pink gash and backdoor with toys for customers online. But Anissa and Kristof think she's fucking a boyfriend all day long in her room. Curvaceous MILF Anissa knocks on Lika's door while she's in the middle of a particularly intense fingerpainting session, telling her that her husband can't work over the sounds of her orgasmic moans. But when Lika shows her what she's really doing, Anissa is captivated by the sight of Lika's huge array of dildos and the girl's nubile young bod. Soon Lika's teaching Anissa all the secrets she's learned regarding pussy pleasing by stimulating her in places she's never felt before. An enraged Kristof bursts in on them, wondering why the moans are continuing when Anissa's supposed to be giving Lika a warning, but seeing the two gorgeous babes baring their perfect bods on the bed is too much for him, and he adds his veiny cock to their session, nailing both of them in their needy holes when they're not slobbering on his knob. It looks like Lika will be staying after all -- and probably getting a discount on her rent!

Viv Thomas - Lika Star & Stefany Kyler - Fresh Love

File: ssahenavithliksteqicazfy72g.mp4
Size: 1.51 GB
Duration: 26:53
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Cute Stefany Kyler takes a relaxing bath, as Sandra Shines hot lesbian movie Fresh Love begins. While shes soaping herself up, her gorgeous girlfriend Lika Star strolls into the bathroom, looking irresistible in sexy lingerie. As Lika brushes her teeth, their eyes meet in the mirror and Stefany grabs the perky blondes ass with her soapy hands. Within moments they are kissing passionately. Stefany steps out of the tub, slippery wet, and pulls down Likas babydoll so she can suck her nipples...

She kisses her way down to Likas shaved pussy, licking her slowly and sucking her clit, driving her wild. Lika leads Stefany to bed, where the adorable brunette gazes up at her, huge eyes mesmerizing as she continues eating her pussy, giving her a mindblowing orgasm. Now she straddles Likas face to get licked, nipples hard as diamonds. Pleasure rising, she lies back against the pillows and lets Lika spread her wet pussy open with her skilful tongue, making her quiver through an intense climax.

Tight and Teen - Lika Star - Lika Star, Rich Blonde Fucks The Gardener

File: f7ujbnatiantelikstayn1qzwh3hr.mp4
Size: 1.70 GB
Duration: 29:56
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: Lika Star is next in line as one of Privates Spoilt Rich Girls and after taking daddys car out for a spin at the beach this incredible blonde heads back to the mansion for a piece of the gardener Potro de Bilbao. A girl as sexy as Lika always gets what she wants and today is no different as she seduces Potro into giving her the fuck shes been craving, starting the fun off with some deepthroat and pussy eating action before taking a hard pounding that her has moaning all the way until her perfect ass is covered in cum

Tight and Teen - Lika Star - Lika Star, Sex By The Pool

File: l37lanatiantelikstarzl7jakpoz.mp4
Size: 1.61 GB
Duration: 28:21
Resolution: 1920x1080
Format: mp4
Description: In Private Specials, Balearic Summer Love, the sexy blonde teen Lika Star is feeling burnt out from her new job working for businessman Christian Clay in the island paradise of Ibiza. Fortunately for her however, her boss knows it and decides to treat Lika to an afternoon of fun and prove why mixing business with pleasure might not be so bad after all. So watch Lika and Christian get horny by the pool on www.private.com as they treat each other to some oral fun before they go on to enjoy a spectacular outdoor fuck that has this teen sensation moaning all the way to facial cumshot.